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our last (hope this isn't the last though...?)

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Jimin has been waiting. 'gosh, when is she gonna show up?!?' she's been waiting there for almost what, 2 hours?! and the other girl hasn't even shown her nose anywhere.

her friends are all with their respective partners, jimin felt very lonely from looking at all the couples dancing from time to time.

right then, the gym's door was opened. Minjeong arrived. but not just as Jimin thought her girlfriend's gonna look tonight. sure the girl still wore the suit she gave her but jesus christ. what. happened. to her.

Minjeong arrived looking all bruised up, cuts and dirts all around her pretty face. slap marks on her two cute cheeks. hands full with bruises, bloods not hesitating to trail down right on her knuckles.

her bruised girlfriend slowly walks towards her. slowly cause of her harmed legs, hurts very much to the point she cant even walk straight cause of it. the girl never left her eye on her girlfriend's. who in her opinion, is the most beautiful person in the prom right now.

her wavy-well did hair, make up done very well (did the girl went to the salon before this?), her grand dress that fits perfectly on her tiny waist, making her body proportions— god Minjeong doesn't even know how to describe her. 'goddess', thats all that she could thought.

Minjeong always wondered. god, how did i get so lucky to have her mine? honest speaking! Minjeong mustve saved the earth to ever have this much luck to be with her.

Minjeong stood right in front of her, still looking at her lover's eye directly. Jimin's eyes scream horrid, crushed, like her own world fell down and break into pieces. "didn't break the promise, did i?", Minjeong spoke as she looks at the watch hiding under her arm-suit, "maybe a little late but meh, it's still alright? right?"

"what happened to you?"

Minjeong brings her bloody-bruised right hand out, "may i have this dance?"

"Minjeong, i asked yo—"

"checked the suit's price earlier and holy shit! how am i have to pay you back cause jesus christ it's very expensive i do—"

"answer my question!!". Minjeong finally shuts and gave her a lip-tight smile, "it's okay alright? just got into a little accid—"

"little?! you mean this little?!?! Minjeong i swear to god." a tear broke out of Jimin's eye, Minjeong understands. she understands how worried jimin must've been.

god Minjeong, you're such a terrible girlfriend.

using her thumb, she rubbed her girlfriend's tear right out of her beautiful face. how dare she? how dare she made the pretty girl cry? what an asshole.

"i'll explain okay? but first." Minjeong puts out her hand once again, showing the crying girl a genuine smile from her bottom heart. "gotta have to make my girlfriend's first and last prom be the best, right?"

Jimin doesn't understand what her girlfriend's thinking. it was just a silly little promise about them going to prom together, not that big of a deal (liar, Jimin has been waiting for this day to come).

due to Jimin's hardworking ass, shes never experienced these types of events. and when now shes on her last grade, tests all done just waiting for the results to come in, she's for sure grabbing this chance.

"and you'll explain?" Minjeong nodded at her words. Jimin reached out her hand, both hands now connected. minjeong guided her to the middle of the room. a few couples still dancing whilst others by standing on the side, all had the chance to dance earlier.

they closened their gap, Minjeong's hands on both side of her girlfriend's waist, and Jimin's hands moving on the other girl's nape. a new song was played, both girls dancing to the rhythm of it's. hands never leaving each other.

a few minutes have been since they started, eyes never leaving each other. both savouring this fine exact moment, especially the bruised girl. she stared at her filled with love, caring, happiness. a tear left her own eye. confuse, that's what Jimin's feeling now.

"i was attacked by the gang group from yesterday before i got here." that made jimin stopped from moving. suddenly froze on her spot. Minjeong continued her words, "they were still mad at me. and so while i was walking here, they jumped at me immediately. i fought back, of course. never letting those asses beat me!!!"

Jimin closened the gap even more, head leaning on the other girl's chest. listening to her girlfriend's heart beating rapidly. "are there more?"

Minjeong lets out a sigh she didn't even know she was holding, "the police saw us, they're after me."

if that wasn't a huge whiplash for her than she doesn't even know what it is.

"i explained to them how they jumped at me first, but with all the bad stuffs i did before, they doubted and asked me to follow them."

"did you ran away?"

"well not really, i asked, begged, everything just name it all! i did just to let me have the time to be here, granting my girlfriend's wish."

Jimin is now full-on sobbing, head's on her girlfriend's shoulder. Minjeong hugged her girlfriend tight, trying so, very hard to restrain her tears as well.

"it's 8pm right now, they should arrive any minute."

"is there no other way? Minjeong please. there has to be another way. i'll ask my dad if he cou—"

"no, Jimin. i deserved all this, i dont deserve to be here. i dont deserve anything. i dont even deserve you. i- i." she lets out a sigh, "i deserved this punishment Jimin, i'm going there."

suddenly the gym's door was busted open again, crowds immediately got scared from the polices arrival. "alright now, where the hell is Kim Minjeong!?"

"and they're here." Minjeong snickered playfully, trying to ease up the mood. jimin was clearly not having it.

"that's me sir!" Minjeong raised her hand, the police dudes came to her and pushed her to the walls, handcuffs chained on both hands. "think i gave you enough time i think to dance with your girlfriend here."

"it's a bit… short though." the police glared at her, "but ahahaha a joke of course!! definitely enough time!"

just as the police were about to escort Minjeong, Jimin stopped them. "wait! can i have a second with her, please?" they nodded and gave them their space.

Jimin held out a hand on the other girl's cheeks, fingering over the cuts that she's been dying to touch ever since earlier.

"i guess this is it?" Minjeong still had the confidence to smile at these situations. tears are now falling on her face.

"i love you, you know that right?" the girl nodded and gave her girlfriend on last kiss, a chaste one so she could savour this for a long time, she hoped.

after a few minutes they finally stopped, "i love you as well."

"alright thats it, come on now Minjeong!" they looked back at the police, now dragging Minjeong out from the room. "ow! be careful will you? im a woman, jesus."

the door closed right away, crowds all stared at the girl on the middle. her friends immediately ran to her and tried their best to calm her down.

Jimin was crushed. she knows, she knows way too well.


she won't see her in a few while.


the heart inside her hope that the other girl will be okay.

she hopes this isn't their last.