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Headcannons, Thoughts, and opinions (BanG dream)

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Hello happy world

Honestly this and pastel palettes are tied because I’m mixed on them pastels cause I like their songs a little more and HHW for the group dynamic and I feel like it’s better than pastels so yeah

Favorite song I need you! (I think everyone’s favorite HHW song is this)


Yeah I’m one of those guys who on the don’t appreciate hagumi club, I’m sure she’s great but I just don’t really like her that much, I do like her dynamic with the other characters


• her and Kokoro are dating and they share one briancell and they share it like a kid would with their divorce parents. Change my mind


The very definition of lesbian panic and while that mostly seems like that’s all that is to her I really like her and her dynamics with all of her fleeting kittens (especially with chichan)

• I think Eldena Doubleca5t said it best with her video on these ships Tops (Karou) getting out topped (Chisato)
• This is more of a chisato headcannon where it’s canon that himari and rimi are in the gay for karou club (Again change my mind) I like to think secretly so is chisato but she wears a trench coat and a top hat and glasses to all of her plays


Straight up (in my opinion) Kokoro is just better than kasumi I find her more funny and her dynamic with every other character is honestly better in my opinion

• I think this is confirmed but hear me out Kokoro is a closeted genius, like she has stupid ideas but most of the time she understands people’s feelings also I believe she knows that she knows that misaki is Michelle but she treatingt like you would find your kids gay but you want them to tell you.
•also karou knows about Michelle too she just likes to play along
• and hagumi…
•she’s just clueless



What’s a good friend group without the one who’s peer pressured into every thing the group does



She just arsia but remove the tsundere and add “ Oh shit those are my idiots” and I love it, I love that is canon that she can’t live without being Michelle due the pico omori short, shes like Dora but she’s depressed




(Song wise)

I don’t hate the band members it’s just that I feel like I need more to truely like them it’s kinda the same for RAS, But the main reason why I love the music is the VIOLIN it the main factor the band at it’s so good it’s the only reason I gave the band a chance

But as for members they won’t be listed favorite to least cause I don’t have a favorite yet

Favorite song
Flame of hope ( hear the opening seconds of the song and you will see why I love the violin)
(This might change because I heard the preview song for chapter 2 on the jp channel “fly with the night” and HOLY GOD DAMN LORD IT FUCKIN’ RULES SO FAR! It might be my second favorite bang dream song I’ll explain the first in the next chapter. So I might edit this once I hear the full thing)


I really like how she is just anxiety the character but I kinda like it and that could make funny situations. Her voice is basically yukina’s mixed with aya’s And I really like it



“But first let take a selfie” the character. Got nothing left to say but I like so far.

A mix of sayo and himari and smol but I do like her and the only reason I ship her with mashiro is because of a one shot “Divinenoodles” made and it’s really cute

Link here👆🏾 it really cute and fluffy


She’s my least favorite but also my favorite, favorite because she basically moca but more awkward ( and it’s great ) least favorite because she’s basically moca




Hey tol lovers did you not like karou but you liked yukina more well here’s yukina but tol.
I still like though don’t worry


Raise a Suilen

Another band I mostly love songwise and I would say I wouldn’t know how decribe favorites if it wasn’t for the anime that is! And now I feel like I say who’s my favorite

Favorite song this changes every once in a while like earlier my favorite was HELL OR HELL so I’m going to chose the song that I liked the most for sure Drive us crazy


Best dog best dog best dog really though I did not think I would like her at first I thought she was going to be annoying the whole time but she turn out to be really funny and after seeing her backstory I ended up likeing her a lot more than I thought I did.


She got the strength for days and she’s just a badgirl with the love for plush’s and cuteness and really I think that’s what we need in the world

• she finds Locke rage mode hot
•nuff said



I love this girl’s voice and that’s it I just don’t find her too interesting she still cool though

• her and Tae are exes



Another good replacement for main character replacing kasumi even though she’s not the main character for this band its layer but she still cool I guess

• when she was on the motorcycle with masking she only focuses on her like all she sees is her and all she hears is let’s get on by marvin gaye


4 words




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