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For Science

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“CT-9903,” you said as you passed him in the corridor.


“Yes, Doctor,” Tech said, giving you a salute.


“A word, please?” you gave the goggled clone a small smile.


He relaxed and said, “Of course.”  He nodded to his squad mates who continued in the direction they were going.


You led him into your lab.  “I need an engineer to help me with my latest project,” you said, as you picked up a datapad.  


Tech was aware that the GAR had tasked you with developing a relaxation program for the regs.


“Go on,” he said.


“My research has led me to believe that fighting has put a lot of stress on troopers,” you said.  “I am sure you are aware that months in the field can lead to fights among squads.”


Tech nodded.  He was intimately familiar with this.


“I am developing a device to help troopers release all of that tension and energy when they are out in the field,” you said.  “But I need an engineer to help design it.”


“Doctor,” Tech said, “I would be glad to help.  What is it you’re hoping to create?”


You showed him your datapad with some rough sketches and notes.


“The entire project requires two devices.  For testing purposes.”  You said, looking at him pointedly.


He swallowed.  “Naturally.”


Tech stared at the diagrams.  One was clearly a human male phallus attached to a motor while the other was a canister with an opening shaped like a human female vulva.


“I am intending to create this,” you pointed at the vulva, “for mass distribution among troopers in the field.  This,” you pointed at the phallus, “is for testing and analysis.”


Tech frowned and pointed to the vulva.  “I am sure I could help you create this without the need for the other device.  It looks simple enough.”


You laughed.  “Oh, Tech,” you smiled.  “Have you ever been to 79’s?”


He rolled his eyes at that.  “Of course,” he scowled.  “But I don’t…  I don’t partake,” he said firmly.


You smiled reassuringly.  “We scientists are so often more focused on our work.  Anyway,” you said, “The troopers go to 79’s when they can.  But when they’ve been out in the field for weeks to months on end, they’ll either pounce on the next female they find or fight amongst themselves.”


“And the GAR doesn’t want that,” Tech said.


“No,” you said.  “The Jedi Council has tasked me with developing a program to keep our troopers focused on the task at hand.  But while those monks can deny their biological urges, our troopers don’t have that kind of self-control.”


Tech nodded.  Your logic was sound.  “But why the phallus?”


You smiled.  “We want our end result to be as realistic as possible, and female anatomy is highly complex.  So we will use the phallus to take some scans.”


“Scan of what?” Tech asked.


“Of me,” you said.


“Oh,” Tech said.  “Oh!  But… are you sure, Doctor?”


“Yes, I’m sure, Tech,” you said reassuringly.


He paused for a moment.  “Well, surely if we are intent on making a realistic vulva, our phallus should be too,” he said matter-of-factly.  


“How do you mean?” you asked.


“Well,” he swallowed.  “We want a realistic and pleasurable experience from the end result.  Surely we will get better results in our testing if the initial tests are also realistic.”


“And how would we accomplish that?” you asked.


Tech swallowed nervously.  “We can do some scans…”


You tilted your head innocently.  “Of what, Tech?”


“Me,” he said quietly, looking away from you.


“You’d do that, Tech?” you asked.  “For the GAR?”


“For science,” he said, looking back at you with a look of determination.


“For science,” you said, nodding.


You handed him your datapad.  “Here, you can use the fresher to take the scans.  You’ll want to be fully erect, I imagine.”


“Yes,” he said, “That will provide the best results.”


He took the datapad from you and made his way to the fresher attached to your lab.  He listened for the telltale signs of you being occupied before he took off his blaster belt and demag-ed his codpiece.  He pulled up the holocam on your datapad and slid his blacks down just enough to pull out his phallus.


This was not his first time exploring his own male anatomy.  Like any other male, he’d discovered his own phallus as a youngling.  He’d pleasured himself on occasion to relieve tension or assuage his own curiosity.  He’d even been with women before at the urging of his brothers.  But it wasn’t a need he had very often.  Certainly not like Crosshair who regularly sought meaningless sex after a mission.  Or Hunter and Wrecker who occasionally needed to let off steam.


But Tech was still a human male.


He gave himself a few experimental pumps with his hand.  His phallus twitched pleasurably.


Typically when he pleasured himself, he would conjure images of some anonymous female.  So it was a surprise to him when the woman in his mind’s eye was you.


His phallus twitched again, and he moved his hand up and down, squeezing as he went.  A quiet groan slipped through his gritted teeth.


When his phallus was painfully hard, he took the datapad and did a full scan, creating a complete holographic image of his fully erect phallus.


Logically, his codpiece would not go back on comfortably in his current state.  He put the datapad down on the sink and aimed for the toilet as he took himself in hand again.  His phallus throbbed as thick streams of semen poured into the bowl.  He took in several deep breaths as his heart rate slowed back to normal.


“Are you alright in there, Tech?” your voice called from the other side of the door.


“Y-yes,” he said, flushing the toilet and putting himself back together.


While Tech had been in the fresher, you’d compiled a collection of motor and holo parts and tools on your lab table and hooked up the holoprinter.


Tech cleared his throat as he approached.  “Here you are, Doctor,” he said, handing you the datapad.


“Thank you, Tech,” you said, trying to ignore his distinctly male scent.


You took a glance at the holoimage before transmitting it to the holoprinter.  He was a perfect male specimen as all clones were.  As a doctor, his was not the first you had seen.  But it was a prime example of the physical prowess of the clones of the GAR.


As the holoprinter began creating a perfect silicoid model of Tech’s phallus, he set to work creating the motor.


“I’ll program the speed and depth of the thrusts to slowly increase but also be somewhat randomized,” he said.  “To create an authentic experience.”


“Thank you, Tech,” you said.  “We’ll install a series of holocams within to create the scan.”


The two of you worked in silence building the artificial phallus.  Once the phallus attachment was printed, you inserted the holocams along its length.  They lay flush to it, and the lenses and sensors were coated in silicoid so you would not feel them.


“Ready?” you asked Tech.


“Ready,” he said, setting down his tools.


You attached the phallus to the motor and switched it on, watching as it slowly thrusted.


“I’m sure you’ll be wanting your privacy,” Tech said quietly.


“Hmm?” you asked, looking over to see his retreating form.  “Oh!  Wait!”


He turned around and looked at you curiously.  You blushed under his gaze.


“I…” you swallowed.  “I may require your assistance with… clitoral stimulation.”


“I’m not sure I understand,” Tech said, stepping closer to you.


You blushed harder.  “In order for us to have an accurate model, I need to orgasm, and I can’t always do that with vaginal stimulation alone.”


He frowned at that.  “I was under the impression that most females enjoy manually stimulating themselves.  Much like males do.”


“I do…” you said slowly.  “But it may be difficult to manage at the same time.  And I don’t want to skew the results.”


“Of course not,” Tech said, nodding.  “I will be glad to help, Doctor.  For science,” he smiled.


“For science,” you said, smiling back.


He picked up the device and followed you into your quarters.


“Place it here,” you said as you laid out a blanket on the floor.


He placed the device in the middle of the blanket and stepped back.  


You handed him your datapad.  “Keep track of the results?” you asked.


“Of course,” he said, perching on the edge of your bed.


You went to your bedside table and pulled a small bottle out of the drawer.  


“What is that for?” Tech asked, looking up from the datapad.


“Lubrication,” you said.  “For my comfort.”


“Of course,” Tech said, blushing.


He watched as you squirted the liquid into your hand and stroked the phallus.


You calmly slipped off your boots and set them aside, followed by your pants and underwear.  The tunic you wore under your lab coat was still long enough to cover you, but Tech still got a good look at your toned legs.  He swallowed and turned his eyes back to the datapad.


You straddled the device and slowly rubbed your slit along the shaft.  A soft moan escaped your lips as a wave of heat flooded your center.


“Are you alright, Doctor,” Tech asked, keeping his eyes glued to the datapad.


“Yes,” you said.  “Just preparing myself.”


You lifted yourself up and slowly lowered yourself down onto the shaft.


“Turn it on and begin scans,” you said.


“Beginning scans,” Tech repeated as he tapped the screen on the datapad.


Slowly the phallus began thrusting into you, and you moaned in response as you rocked your hips in time with it.


“Kriff, Tech,” you moaned, “Feels so good.”


“So I’ve been told,” he said with a blush, but he didn’t look up from the datapad.


He was watching the screen as the holocams were capturing your walls squeezing to accommodate the device.  His own phallus strained against his codpiece, but he took a deep breath and flexed his free hand.


The pace of the device increased, and you moaned again as your ass slapped against the base.


“T-Tech!” you called out.  “Help?” you looked at him pleadingly.


He stood and slowly strode over to you as a biological urge awakened within him.


“What do you need, mesh’la?” he purred into your ear as he kneeled behind you.


“I…” you swallowed as another wave of heat spread throughout your body.  “I need to cum,” you keened.


“Why?” he breathed, nibbling at your neck.


“F-for science,” you moaned, leaning into his touch.


“That’s right,” he said.  “For science.  Imagine every trooper in the GAR kriffing off in that device of yours.”  He chuckled softly.  “But they won’t know your dirty little secret.”


“Oh?” you asked.


“That programmed orgasm will be my doing,” he said as he palmed your breasts through your tunic.


“Please, Tech!” you keened.


“All in due time, Doctor,” he said as he slipped off your lab coat and tossed it aside.  “We need as much data as we can gather.”


You nodded as he slipped your tunic up over your head and revealed your bound breasts.  Slowly he unwrapped your breasts and added to the pile of your clothes.  He closed the distance between you again, and the plates of his armor dug into your soft curves as he palmed your free breasts.


Tech watched hungrily as the device created from his own phallus slide in and out of you, making delicious noises.


“Tech!” you whined again.


You watched as he slid off his gloves and dropped them on top of your clothes.  He pressed open mouthed kisses to your neck and shoulder as his right hand slide down your belly.  His long slender fingers parted your lips and slowly began circling your clit.


“Maker!” you cried as the device increase in speed and Tech sped up his ministrations to match.  “Thought you hadn’t done this before,” you breathed.


He huffed a laugh into your neck.  “I’m no ARC Trooper, but nor am I a Jedi.”  His left hand began circling your nipple.  “But if you can still talk, I am neglecting my duty.”


He returned to kissing and nibbling your neck as you began to feel pressure building in your belly.


“Cum for me, mesh’la,” Tech purred into your ear.  “For science.”


“Tech!” you cried as waves of pleasure crashed and shook your entire body.


“That’s it, mesh’la,” he said as he held you close and continued to circle your clit through your orgasm.  “You’re doing so well.”  


He tapped the datapad, and the device slowed to a stop.  You breathed heavily as he held you to his chest, his armor digging into you.


“End scans,” you said.


“Ending scans,” he repeated, tapping the datapad again.  “Are you alright?”


“Yes,” you breathed as you slid off of the device.


Tech sat back and pulled you into his lap.  His arms wrapped around you, and he nuzzled into your neck.


“I thought about you, you know,” he said.


“Hmm?” you asked, your brain still trying to catch up.


“In the fresher,” he said.  “I typically don’t think about anyone specific.”


“Well,” you said, “I was fresh in your mind.  That’s the logical explanation.”


He huffed a laugh.  “Crosshair believes that clankers have more sex than I do.”


You laughed at that.  “I’m sure you’re a better kriff than a clanker,” you smirked.  “Or even the other troopers.”


“You have evidence for this conclusion?” he asked.


You sighed.  “Several examples.  Including just now.”


“Does that really count?” he asked.  “It wasn’t truly me.”


“True,” you said.


“Care to… do some more testing?” he asked as his codpiece pressed into your ass.


“Of course,” you said.  “For science.”


“For science,” he said.


He helped you to stand, and you led him over to your bed.  The two of you worked to remove each piece of his armor and set it in a well-organized pile next to your clothes.  When he was down to his blacks, you stepped back to take in his form.  He was taller and leaner than the other clones, but he was still well-toned from years of non-stop training and fighting.


He fiddled with the neck of his blacks and undid the hidden hook-and-loop closure, revealing his top half.  You stepped closer and traced his abs with your thumbs.  An aurebesh 99 was tattooed over his heart.  You kissed it and gazed up into his goggled eyes.


“I didn’t take you for the tattoo type,” you smirked.


“We all have them,” he smirked back.  “Some of us just prefer not to advertise them.”


“No computer socket around you eye?” you asked.  “Or a spanner?”


“No,” he said, pulling you closer.


His left arm snaked around your back as he reached up with his right thumb and cupped your cheek.  You melted into his touch and kissed his wrist as he kissed your forehead.


“May I?” he asked.


You nodded and stood on your tiptoes as his lips met yours, your arms wrapping around his neck.  You felt his cock throb against your belly as you opened your mouth to allow his tongue to explore.


“Not sure if I’m ready for a side-by-side comparison,” you said, noting the lingering ache in your core.


“Not to worry,” Tech said.  “I had something else in mind.  A taste test.”


You smirked against his mouth.  “Would you like to go first?” you asked.


“I was thinking we could go at the same time,” he replied.


You paused and gazed into the brown eyes beneath his goggles.  “You’re sure?” you asked.


“Yes,” he said.  “If you are.”


You nodded.  “Yes.”


“Then let us begin,” he smiled.


He sat back on your bed and slid to the middle, propping his head on a pillow.  He slid his blacks all the way off and tossed them aside.  His cock stood proudly at attention.  You crawled to the middle of the bed and lied on top of him facing his feet.  You felt him palm your ass and kiss each cheek.


“So beautiful,” he purred.  “Are you ready?”


“Yes,” you said.


You felt him lick a stripe along your slit, and you moaned in response.


“No trooper gets to do this to you,” he said.  “Only me.”


“Only you,” you repeated.


You took him in hand and slowly pumped him up and down.  He moaned, and you felt it reverberate through your core.  You circled your tongue around his tip and licked off the precum that had started to gather.  You kept a hand around his base and used the other to cup his balls as you took him into your mouth.


He reciprocated by circling your clit with his tongue, collecting your juices from the testing.  Occasionally his tongue would prod your entrance causing you to moan around his cock.


Your head bobbed up and down on his cock as your tongue slid along his length.  Your speed matched his, and the two of you were moaning together.  His cock twitched in your hand as your own body shook with pleasure.


“Don’t cum without me,” you said.


“Yes, ma’am,” he replied.


As he continued to lick and suck on your clit, you felt the pressure building again.  You moaned around his cock, and he felt his own pressure building.  Like the storms raging outside, you both felt waves crashing through you as you came together.  Thick streams of his cum poured into your mouth as you swallowed them down, and your own juices dripped down his chin.


You let his cock drop out of your mouth with a pop as you wiped your spit and his cum away with your arm.  He dropped his head back onto your pillow and smiled at the ceiling.


“Come here,” he said, vaguely grabbing at your back.


You complied and rolled off of him and flipped over to snuggle into his side.  He wrapped an arm around you, and you threw a leg over him.  You buried your face into his side, and kissed your hair.


“I suppose you should be getting back to your squad,” you said sleepily.


“Actually, no,” he said.  “We’re on shore leave, so I’m off duty for the next several rotations.”


“Won’t they miss you?” you asked.


“Not immediately,” he said.  “When you spend weeks on end crammed together into a small ship, you need your space after a while.”


“Well, you can help me create the prototype and do more testing tomorrow,” you said, yawning and snuggling into him.


“I’d be glad to,” he said, smirking.  “For science.”


“For science.”