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Our Atoms Collide

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"She was practically throwing herself at me." Elliot spoke, as they walked away from the Brownstone Townhouse. "Did you see that?"

"El, who doesn't throw themselves at you?" Olivia stopped walking, tucking the stray strand of hair behind her ear as her brown eyes surveyed her partner of a year and a half. 

"You don't." His blue eyes studied her face, taking in her reaction to him, trying to figure out whether or not she was going to say anything further. Instead, she stood there and her jaw clenched. "You don't throw yourself at me, Liv."

"You're married, Elliot." She shook her head, her eyes traveling from his eyes down to his lips. "I don't throw myself at married men. I learned a long time ago that nothing good can come from that."

"But if I wasn't?"

Olivia studied him for a moment, taking a deep breath as she willed the thoughts in her mind away. 

"Elliot, where the hell is my bra?" She asked, down on her hands and knees, hand stretching out underneath the bed,  fingertips trying to find the material that had been unceremoniously pulled off of her body and tossed about the room in their haste to connect. 

"I dunno, I thought you dropped it down."

"No, that was my underwear that you dropped straight down, before you picked me up and tossed  me on the bed and put your mouth on me." She sighed, standing with her hands on her hips, her underwear already on her body,  but her breasts bare to the room, nipples pebbled at the chill in the air. Skin covered in goosebumps. 

"You're so damn sexy, Olivia. Forget the bra and come back to bed." He reaches out and places his hand on her hip, yanking her down onto the bed and covering her body with his. Their lips connecting. 

"If you weren't married, I would wait for you to make the first move, but then, Stabler, you'd have to offer me something I couldn't refuse. Especially if we were partners. I wouldn't just...break up our partnership for a quick fuck."

Elliot watched as his partner began to walk away and his brows raised.

A quick fuck? 

Did she really think so low of him?

Her honesty was something he loved about her. She was always straight to the point, sometimes almost crude in her responses, but he loved that about her. The fact she didn't shy away from the conversations that most other people would avoid. 

[ YEAR 6]

"A missionary man?" Elliot asked, watching the video they'd collected as evidence.  "Why the same position?"

"I think of you as a missionary man." Olivia stated, taking a sip of her coffee. 

"You're wrong, Benson. I'm adventurous."

"Hm. What do you think of me?" She asked. "Since I gave you my opinion on you."

"I think you most likely have to be in charge of the situation. I think that you're the type of woman who has to control everything. How deep. How fast. How hard. I think you're a top." Her brow quirked, he wasn't wrong, but how the hell. "But I think if you trust your partner enough, you'd relinquish control and enjoy being taken from every possible position."

She sat there for a minute, dumbfounded. How the fuck. Yeah, the right partner. But she didn't trust just anyone. Ever. She'd learned her lesson with the few dates she'd had over the years. Don't tell them you're  a cop, they'll want to use your handcuffs. Don't tell them you work sex crimes, they'll want to roleplay. Which is just cringey if she's going to be honest about the whole situation. 

"Well, how'd I do?" He asked, taking a sip of his coffee. Her cheeks were tinged slightly pink as she blinked a few times turning toward the monitor where they were supposed to be watching the film. 

"You're wrong." She lied, unable to meet his eyes. 

"No, I'm not. You won't even look at me, Liv." Elliot paused the video and she turned in her chair, her brown eyes meeting his blue ones. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have -"

"You didn't do anything wrong, Elliot. I asked." She reached her hand out, resting it on his knee for a moment. There was a familiar pull in the pit of her stomach as the air in the room felt thick. 


"I'm sorry." He apologized again, standing abruptly and moving away from her. "So, I don't think we're going to find anything else on these videos. What do you say we call it a night and go get a beer?"

"Kathy expecting you home tonight?" She asks, as she turns off the television and pops the video out, putting it into the evidence box. 

"No." Elliot answers, his eyes studying his partner. Trying to decide what was going on in her mind. She quickly blinked and looked away.

"Good. But you're still not going to get shit-faced, Elliot. I'm not hauling your ass out of the bar by myself again. Been there, done that."

"You liked it, Benson." He teased as they made their way out of the small office space they'd been occupying and to their desks. 

"You know how you can make up for asking me stupid questions, Stabler?" She asked, smiling at him. "You're buying a round."

"Alright, but if I'm right about what I said, you buy the first round." Elliot shoots a toothy grin at her and she rolls her eyes. 

"You're getting the second one."

"Fuck." She moaned, her hands stretched out against the mattress as he thrust in from on top of her, his body pressing hers further into the sheets. His hand traveled over her sweat beaded skin as his hand wrapped around the back of hers, his lips meeting with the middle of her shoulders. "Right there, Jesus, Elliot."

"You're amazing, Olivia, so fucking amazing." He whispered between the kisses he placed against her wet skin. "I want to see your face though." 

She pressed her ass against him, pushing her elbow into the bed as she rolled them over onto their sides. His arm slung over her stomach as his hand splayed right beneath her breasts as her leg moved over his, opening herself up more for him as  she turned her torso to the side and looked into his eyes as he kept with the agonizingly slow pace he'd set this time around. Her hand rested against his cheek as his face leaned in, lips meeting her own. She moaned into his mouth as their tongues slid over one another.

She could still taste the two beers on his lips as he moved his hand down from her breast and to her clit where he massaged the bundle of nerves, while his mouth broke from hers and trailed to her neck. As he sucked on the skin there, she let out a deep moan while her whole body began to shake as her orgasm overtook her body and he watched as her eyes rolled back into her head.

"So amazing.You're beautiful. Fuck, Liv."