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spooky and sweet schitt from the creek

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“You sure you don’t want to stay, babe? It’ll be fun.” Jake is hanging party streamers decorated with plastic spiders from the ceiling. Before they started dating, Mutt never would have guessed that Jake would be so into party planning — or Halloween, for that matter.

For his part, Mutt has always found Halloween to be a cheesy and inaccurate portrayal of people like himself and Jake, but Jake is unexpectedly into being cheesy sometimes.

And Mutt has unexpectedly found himself being very into Jake.

“It’s almost the full moon,” Mutt replies.

Almost.” Jake grins. “But not until tomorrow.”

“You know how I get just before the full moon.” Mutt stands up from where he's been lounging on the sofa to help Jake adhere several fake spiderwebs to the walls.

Jake leans in for a quick kiss. It’s a brief kiss, no more than a peck, but Mutt still shivers at the heat in Jake’s eyes.

“Mm,” Jake hums. “I do. Some of our best sex has been before a full moon. I think that kind of energy would go over well on a whiskey night.”

“Don’t like feeling that out of control with anyone but you.” Mutt shrugs.

Jake smiles softly. “Okay. I’ll miss you. You headed out to the woods?”

“Yup. I’ll be back in a couple nights once it's over,” Mutt says.

Jake heads into the kitchen to grab snacks and drinks for the guests. Mutt scans the kitchen island where Jake has laid out several large bowls. There’s one filled with chips, one with pretzels, one with condoms — Mutt pushes that one a few inches from the snacks to avoid any accidental condom munching — and one with…

“Lollipops, Jake?” He gestures to the fourth bowl with a raised eyebrow. “Really?”

Jake’s face lights up. “Yes! You see, over there–” Jake nods toward the far corner of the living room. “is where people can engage in safe and consensual bloodsucking.” He bares his fangs in a grin. “And over here–” Another nod, this time toward the sofa. “is where the cocksucking will take place. Or any form or oral. All are welcome.” He winks, his smile broadening. “And here–” Jake takes the bowl of lollipops from Mutt, looking far too pleased with himself. “Everyone can enjoy suckers!”

Mutt laughs. He laughs so hard that his cheeks ache. He laughs until he's breathless. Mutt never used to laugh so much before he started dating Jake. He’s always thought of himself as a fairly stoic guy. Alexis wanted him to be more expressive. Tennessee said he was too serious. But with Jake, he laughs.

Jake sets the bowl aside and drapes his arms over Mutt’s shoulders, his eyes twinkling with amusement. He leans in for a long, slow kiss.

“Happy Halloween, Mutt.”

“Happy Halloween, Jake.”