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Shipficlet challenge~ V2!

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Pitters and patters of footsteps scuttled through the corridors of the Scarabia dorm, followed by a whispering wonder.

“Are you sure this is the place? Really, truly?”

A chuckle replied, creaking a door open seemingly with only a grin.

“Hey nya-ow, you asked me to bring you here, what you seek is where you’ve been~”

Tufts of silver hair nodded with loyal trust and peered through the door.

“Thank you so much Che'nya! It’s so much fun skipping school, I never thought about trying it before.”

His friend snickered, eyes lazily turning to spot someone walking down the halls.

“Call me anytime mew need to, a cat’s grin may be the thing you need most. But it won’t stick around for very long~”

Kalim turned to see the grin disappearing from view, the same voice singing a tell tale hum. He blinked, dumbfounded as he was faced with the fact he was stuck here now, when a stern voice struck him into whipping around again. Clad in a dark hoodie with limbs tinged red and gold, from beneath a draping veil of glimmering gold, Jamil folded his brown arms.

“Al-Asi- Kalim. Kalim, what are you doing here? This isn’t your school.”


Jamil held his breath, spreading the facade that it hadn't been caught by the sight of Kalim. In  his bright RSA uniform, he looked like a prince - the true heir that he was. Ivory robed his decorated shirt and blue waves draped over his shoulder, the ruby gemstone pinned to it sparkling as brightly as his eyes. 

"Jamil! You're here!"

Kalim didn't sound surprised but rather excited, a crimson flush flying across his cheeks. A huff replied.

"Of course I'm here, I'm the dorm leader."

Smirking, Jamil stepped closer.

"Did you really expect to sneak in here without the most powerful person in the dorm realising?"

Now that his ties to Kalim weren’t the same, a feeling had begun to fester within Jamil. Ever since his appointment of the position, he’d felt an urge to flaunt his power - to show off his prowess a little and impress him enough to see those ruby eyes sparkle in awe of him. 

“Most powerful person? I can believe that! You always were amazing Jamil!”

Apparently it wasn’t that hard. In fact, the dorm leader felt his own cheek tinge with red as Kalim gazed upon him adoringly, eager to see him.

“I’m not even surprised! Congratulations, you’re so awesome to be a dorm leader so quickly!”

Recovering, Jamil coughed, looking away.

“Glad to know you recognise that. But to the point, what are-”

“Though… is this really the Scarabia dorm? I thought it would be more like home but it’s a little small for so many students right? Oh! How about I send over some money so you can expand it a little? It must be hard with such little space.”


Though innocently intended, Kalim’s eyes wandered around the corridors of ungilded walls and simple decorations with a casual scrutiny. It irked Jamil, though he knew exactly why Kalim would say so. Now a little irritated, he grabbed Kalim’s arm and huffed again.

“Kalim. Focus, please. Why are you here? Are you by yourself? You realise RSA is on the other side of the island right? How did you get here?”

Underneath a crop of silver hair, Kalim’s cheeks seemed to pinken a little at Jamil’s touch, but he soon answered with a hearty laugh.

“Why am I here? To see you of course! I heard Che'nya making plans to pop by and I wanted to join him - I didn’t want to wait until the holidays to be able to talk to you again.”

Jamil sighed, tugging him along as he guided him towards the exit.

“That explains everything at least… Hm? Che'nya you say? You mean Alchemi Alchemivich Pinka?”

At Kalim’s nod, a memory floated around Jamil’s mind and he smirked. Ace had told him all about Riddle’s childhood friend - now an RSA student who was always up to mischief.

“Is he your friend?”

“Yep! He’s really fun and helps me with all of my ideas!”

Considering the fact he was enabling Kalim’s chaos, Jamil felt glad to have never met the guy. However, it was very useful to have someone he could easily use to dig up dirt on Riddle. Looking back at Kalim, he felt a scheming happiness but also… relief that Kalim was faring fine without him. Although it also struck his heart a little that he was replaced so easily, he was quite happy with the turnout. Reaching up, he fondly pet Kalim’s head with a friendly smile.

“Good job Kalim, I’m glad you made friends.”


Kalim’s face flustered instantly but he said nothing, quiet as Jamil petted his hair before letting go. After a couple heartbeats, he wondered aloud a passing thought.

“If I… If I made more friends, would you pat my head again?”


Raising an eyebrow, Jamil scoffed at the idea.

“I’m not going to do that just because you made friends. It was a single occurrence, ok?”

Puffing his cheeks, Kalim began to pout, hanging his head in disappointment. Jamil watched him and felt his heart cave - it was too adorable; he sighed and petted his head once more.

“There, happy?”

Happily leaning into the touch, Kalim beamed and nodded. A warm fuzz fizzled within Jamil’s chest and he felt his lips tug into a smile. They stayed like this for a few moments, lost within feeling the other’s touch, before remembering where they were. Jamil coughed, letting go.

“As pleasant as our reunion is, I am a dorm leader now. I have more duties to attend to rather than pampering you now.”


Kalim blinked blankly before smirking, his tone taking on a sneaky curiosity.

“What do those duties include?”

Jamil raised an eyebrow at his enthusiastic tone, morphing his face back to a serious expression as they continued to walk.

“For one, taking care of the dorm and ensuring it’s all in order-”


His seriousness was quickly interrupted as Kalim jumped to grab his arm, leaning against his shoulder with a mischievous grin.

“Is one of them to lead intruders back out of campus?”

Flustered, Jamil’s eyes flickered from the arm holding his to the eyes gazing at his, feeling his heart jump each time. 

“I-I guess so, yes. It’s most efficient for me to do it after all.”


Kalim leant his head on Jamil’s shoulder, looking up at him with adorably wide eyes.

“...If I came here often, would you always have to lead me out?”

Jamil’s heart was struggling heavily under the stare of Kalim’s cute face.

“Yes. You are not allowed on the premises unless you’re doing an official visit, you shouldn’t be off your own school’s campus anyway!”

Kalim’s laugh rang its melodic chimes down the hall as he hugged Jamil’s arm tighter, his face warming with a bright beam.

“I don’t know… I’d go anyway to stay with you, Jamil.”