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Shipficlet challenge~ V2!

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Rules and Info

While requesting, please keep in mind these points.


♦ Any ship that isn't in the Don'ts list! Platonic included!

♦ Rarepairs are VERY WELCOME!!!

♦ AUS!!! I'd like to try something new so please!!! Give me aus!!! Especially fluffy or royal ones!! Refer to the Don'ts list about this as well though

♦ Poly relationships!! I will write up to 5 character relationships because that's as far as I can go. This can be broken if the ship is platonic

♦ Different pronoun/neopronoun headcanons!!! This is a fun thing I'd like to explore so feel free to ask for them.

♦ First year x Third years (aside from three third years)

♦ Staff x Staff (I will Consider Staff x Lilia as he is the oldest student as far as I can tell)

♦ RSA x NRC students

♦ Sequels/Continuations of previous chapters!

♦ Small prompts (e.g meeting the parents) - if you'd like to centre it around a scene then please tell me and I'll do my best to work from that!


♠ Any ship that has a minor (Under 18) paired with Leona, Malleus, Lilia or a Staff member

♠ Incestual ships (e.g. Tweelcest)

♠ Any romantic ships with Ortho or Grim

♠ Any AUs that include yandere (i can't write it well) or medical affairs that I need to research into

♠ Hatefics/ships centred around hating a certain character

♠ Sexual or Gory content. A bit of blood from a wound is as far as I will go

♠ Kissing
- I have a no kiss rule so just be warned.
- Kiss on the cheek and forehead won't count but you won't see any mouth to mouth.
- This is more of a lighthearted rule as I want to explore relationships without the kiss more


And that's about it!! It's not really an extensive list and more of just a formality used as an excuse to be able to post this collection! As well as to open up to new ideas people might not have considered before! For example, I'm very excited to try out AUs. I will be doing 20 one shots and might do some chapters that are sequels to chapters from V1 if requests get slow. These will count towards the 20 chapters.

So without further ado, 

Please request any ships you'd like to see!! If you'd like reference to my writing, please check out [Shipficlet challenge~ V1!] 

It has the same formatting except there is no rules page or constantly updating request counter.

And as always~ Please enjoy!!


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