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Birdcage (Yandere!Jotaro x Reader)

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If you were told someone will fall for you one day, you would've passed it off as a joke, but no -- it had to be a 6ft tall behemoth of a man hunting you down like you're his prey.

The subway station is home to many people coming in and out of your town where one of them is you running away from your beloved husband, or at least that's how he refers to himself as. It took a while to discover that Jotaro was the type of person to be obsessed with you, similar to those crazy manga stories you can find at a local bookstore. The only difference is that this was no fictional story, let alone be a romantic one.

Looking back, you see the crowd of many faces and while it was good that you're away from him, it wouldn't be long before that stoic face of his would swarm through. Lucky for you, the mask you're wearing helped you blend into the crowd.

The coast was clear, and the train station is a few yards away. You're almost there, you think to yourself.

You quickly pick up your bag and rush yourself to the front of the line, but it wasn't long to hear a familiar sound. The worst sound you can imagine at a time like this: an emergency from the subway.

"Attention all passengers, we are currently experiencing some technical difficulties with our current subway line."

You panic and looked everywhere again, you can see that blurry yet familiar white hat and coat in the back of the line, inching closer and closer to the front. Without a second thought, you shove yourself out of the crowd and heading to the next line nearby. It doesn't matter what the next subway line is for you, as long as he can't--

Before you could finish that thought, you trip down as you enter the next line. The fall wasn't enough to twist your ankle, but it was a hard one at best though it was much to leave a bruise on your leg. Shit.

"You should think twice before running off like that." You hear, followed by a hand grabbing onto your arm to help yourself up. It wasn't long before that voice came from, it was none other than Jotaro and he doesn't seem too nice to see you again, obviously.

You gasp before he grabbed onto your waist with a vice grip, dragging you upstairs, exiting the station, and into the small and quiet alleyway.

"What do you have to say for yourself, (Y/N)?" Jotaro sneers down at you, piercing those pair of ice-blue eyes at your small form. You avoid making eye contact and instead of looking outside, though it was short-lived before being snapped back to him by gripping your chin.

"Look. At. Me. When. I. Speak. To. You." He punctuates his words and shakes your head back and forth before you snapped back.

"You're fucking crazy, you know that?" You finally spoke. "Trying to push everyone away from me behind my back, who the fuck does that kind of shit to anyone?!"

"I'm just trying to protect you," Jotaro replies.

"Doesn't fucking excuse you to think it's okay to hunt me down like that!"

He growls. "Who was there for you when you need it? What if you're in danger and they can't help you?" You squeeze yourself against the wall. He's right, it's been months since your friends or even your family spoke to you, let alone asking when you need it most.

"Good grief." Jotaro sighs, grabbing the bags from your hand. "You should be happy that I'm the only one that's there for you."

He holds your hand and takes you back to his home, shutting you away from the world once again, trapping you inside that birdcage he calls his home.