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First Flight Home

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It had been a restless night for Elliot. He’d watched over Olivia, half hoping he’d keep the nightmares at bay simply by being there. She’d managed to sleep a little, at least, while tucked in his arms.

There was a peacefulness to the way she’d twisted around and slept with her head on his chest. He’d tried to shift a few times. She’d immediately moved to follow him.

Olivia jolted awake in his arms, relaxing a second later. “You kept the monster at bay.”

“I slew the monster,” Elliot whispered into her hair. He cherished the way her body fit against his. Her warmth. Proof that she’d survived. “I’d do it again to keep you safe.”

And he would.  He held no guilt over William Lewis’s death. He’d done the right thing.

There would be no visiting church to unload on his priest. Elliot had nothing to confess. If there was anything such as a righteous kill, William Lewis was it.

“Kath had the papers overnighted to me. She’s decided to stay in Italy with Eli.” Elliot felt Olivia tense in his arms. “I just want you to know there’s no going back for me. I’ve no intentions of it. I’ve talked with the kids. They’re mostly happy that their parents are going to try to be happy again. We’ve apparently been ‘miserable’ to deal with.”

Olivia relaxed in his arms again. “What am I going to do now?”

“Heal. We should check your burns and cuts. Put some of the stuff the doc gave you on them.” Elliot hesitated before bringing up the therapist. “Mark’s got the number for our company shrink.  They do good work. If you want to set up an appointment….”

Olivia rolled away from him onto her back. She stared up at the ceiling. “Probably a good idea.”

“Even if you hate it?”

“When has either of us been thrilled with unloading our thoughts on a therapist?” She nudged his arm. “Think IAB is going to cause problems for either of us?”

“Doubtful.” Elliot wasn’t worried about Tucker. They had nothing on him. Or, on Olivia. He had every intention of creating something of a public relations nightmare for them if they tried. “They’ll leave you be. Cragen said you’ve got plenty of days off to recover.”

“If they’ll let me come back.”

“They will.” Elliot would go to war for her if they tried to keep her off the force.

“Not sure I want to get up and face the world.” Olivia dragged a pillow over her head.

“Then don’t.” Elliot stretched an arm out to grab his phone from the nightstand. “Why don’t I get some food delivered for us? We’ll make sure your injuries are healing. Stay in bed and have a late breakfast.”

And I can keep you safe from everyone—including yourself until you’re back on your feet.