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Idol Fanfic Heaven Promptober - 2021

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For having a name that could be read as "sun," You sometimes much preferred the shadows. In a small town like Uchiura and an even smaller school like Uranohoshi, You's status as a nationally ranked diver (not to mention being a school idol!) had turned her into somewhat of a local celebrity. It wasn't exactly a status she had ever asked for, though, so the moments where she could be alone and out of the public eye were something she cherished.

It also sometimes let her overhear things that others might not normally say around her.

At the moment, You was taking a quiet moment in the shadows underneath the stairs at school and found herself in the perfect place to overhear an absolutely fascinating conversation.

"I can't believe You is actually dating that weirdo Tsushima."

"I know, right? She could have picked anyone in the whole school, and they'd have said yes."

"Ugh, it's just not fair. What does that dumb chuuni have that I don't?"

You casually stepped out from the shadows and into view. "Kindness, to start with," she said. The look of utter horror on the two girls' faces was almost enough to make up for what they were saying. Not quite, though, so You continued. "Yohane is the kindest person I've ever met, and that's something very important to me in a partner. She's genuine. She's funny. And she's really pretty, too. So I guess those are a few things she has that you don't."

After a downright stunned silence, the two girls fled without saying a word. A small part of You felt like she went a little overboard, but most of her didn't care. She had no tolerance for people being mean to anyone, especially not her girlfriend.

Further down the hall, out of a dimly lit doorway, another figure emerged from the shadows.

"Do you really think I'm pretty? That's kinda gay, You."

You looked over and saw her girlfriend standing there in a pose just shy of being her classic "giran." She blushed a little, realizing that Yohane had probably heard everything.

"Yohane, we're literally dating, of course it's gay."

"Yeah, but that was like, mega-gay," Yohane said, walking up to You. When in range, she leaned in a placed a quick kiss on You's cheek. "Thank you for sticking up for me. I didn't realize you were hiding over there, so it made for a nice surprise."

You rubbed her neck, feeling embarrassed for some reason. "I like being out of sight sometimes. Somewhere nice and dark. It's... relaxing."

"Kukuku, it is only fitting that one drawn to a fallen angel would also be a being of darkness."

This time Yo rolled her eyes at her girlfriend's antics. "I learned how to appreciate it from you, oh great Yohane-sama." Then she leaned in and returned the kiss.