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Longing of XianYun | 羡云想念

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Now that they finally had a better idea of where the Run was to take place, preparations were underway as messages were sent to and from the other sects. However, Lan Wangji was antsy over how long this process would actually take. If they waited any longer, there was a high chance (and he shuddered to think of it) that Wen Chao would already have Wei Ying and be abusing the fox in whatever way the sick bastard thought to do. Once glance over at the Wen siblings and the dragon could tell that their thoughts were running along a similar vein.

The two lions met his glance just then and even though they couldn't boast the ability to read the dragon's expressions, they came to a mutual agreement that they needed to leave now and so one by one, they slipped away from the rest of the cultivators gathered and regrouped at the edge of a forest. Transforming into his dragon form with a cloud of mist, he gave a rather abrupt half-question half-statement of, "Illusion talismans? Black fire-breathing dragon," before crouching down in an invitation for the Wen siblings to get on. Like this, it would take much less time to reach Jiuzhaigou and give them a better chance to reach Wei Ying and Xue Changmei before anything happened to them.


"I'm on it." Wen Qing said, getting her tools out and crafting the talismans as they climbed aboard. They'd waited long enough. No more waiting. She wanted her little bro and even the crazy homicidal maniac cat back. She looked askance at her brother, knowing that despite how the two bickered, Wen Ning had...become more attached to the black nekomata than he expected. Last they had heard, both were alright....she hoped that would still hold true once they arrived.




He was dragged from the cell and stripped by beta guards, held by his arms, head pulled back as he struggled, hearing the angry yowling and screeching of Xue Yang promising to do horrible things to the alpha standing before him, smiling smugly as he held a glowing brand, looking down on the four-tails with anticipation and some lust. "Now that I think about it, I think I'll enjoy having you as one of my wives, Wei Ying. After all, now that I can actually smell you, it's pretty pleasant, and you don't have to be a male, do you? I can just have you in your female form all the time, once we've bonded. Bing Meiren, wasn't it? Yeah, that's great." He leaned in, smirk widening as he saw the fox straining to lean away, fighting the urge to scream. "And once you're fat with my pups, I'll take you with me to the next summit. Have you wear your hair up, hang off my arm as we meet that fucking dragon... Or better yet, I can do you in front of him once we conquer Gusu. Oh, so many choices-"  

Wei Ying couldn't help but scream as the burning hot brand seared into the flesh over his heart, it hurt so bad and he felt defiled and he just wanted it over with-  

The fox shuddered, rubbing his upper arms, scratching them lightly with his claws to give himself some mental clarity. Wei Wuxian was sitting behind a gate, waiting for the start of the run, for the gate to swing open so he could run... His stomach twisted, and the scar on his chest throbbed.

He was dressed in red, gauzy silks, ones that would probably even make his auntie Sha Hualing blush in embarrassment. Even worse, the crotch of said garments were already soaked with his slick, the induced heat already well underway. On his back was an intricate design and seal, acting as an inhibitor and a marking telling other alphas that he was already spoken for... So now they could see from the front or the back. His hair was loose and unbound, and he was stuck in his peeking form, one tail, ears, claws and fangs. And other than being enhanced past normal human capabilities, he had nothing else going for him, other than his wits.

The gate opened and the gong sounded, and he took off, streaking across the ground with dozens of other terrified, sobbing omegas, across the ground and along the water, heading for the forest.

He wasn't sure how long it was before he heard the first bark, but it was an instant bucket of ice water down his back. He froze briefly, just long enough to hear more barks and howling, before his rationality snapped and his primal side took over. He was now terrified and painfully aroused by this damn induced heat, probably leaving a scent trail as wide as an ox cart behind him, but unable to calm down. Dogs, dogs, the fucking bastard was using DOGS?!?! Wasn't that against the rules or something!?

Wei Ying panted heavily as he ran along the ridge of waterfalls, kicking up small sprays of water as he went. He stumbled as he reached the other side, leaning against the trunk of a tree to catch his breath, ears tilted back and twitching as they listened for the approaching sounds. His teeth ground together as he felt a clench and another rush of slick, whining slightly as he tried fighting back the heat wave he felt consuming him.

The dogs were close again. He couldn't stop here. He began running again, heading deeper into the trees, weaving himself into the thicker foliage, trying to make himself harder to track and catch. Not his alpha, not his alpha, this was not his alpha, couldn't let him get him, he felt sick, what if his alpha didn't want him, he'd been marked by the bastard, and it hurt, it hurt, he was burning up-  

By the time he realized he was being herded, it was too late. He was up against a cliff near a waterfall, the dogs having gathered in a loose semi-circle around him, snapping and barking at him whenever he tried getting past them.

One of the monster dogs was powerful enough to turn into a half form, and he called back, "Master Wen! We ran him down! He's trapped!"

Laughter rang out and Wei Ying was vaguely aware of his claws digging into his palms as the greasy, foul-smelling alpha entered the clearing, smirking, devouring him with his eyes. "Well well, Xiao Ying, can't run anymore, hmm?" He said as he advanced towards him in a leisurely manner. He was only wearing ceremonial jewelry and a pair of pants, as well as body paint markings. "Ready to submit to your new master, slut? Come here, lick my boots, maybe I'll make your first time sweeter for it-" 

The fox spat at him, snarling, ears back and tail bristling. "Wen Chao, you couldn't please anyone if you tried! If you touch me, first I'll throw up on you, then I'll fucking kill you!" He flinched as a dog snapped at him, drawing his arms in close to his body and trembling.


Based off the map that Huiyao had shown them of the region in question, Lan Wangji could tell from the sight of the mountains starting just below him that they were getting close. The actual start of Jiuzhaigou Valley was still perhaps minutes away with the vast area needing additional scouting to pinpoint Wei Ying's exact location, but finally, finally, they were almost to the Run and soon the fox would be safe again. 

Once that final distance was crossed and they were now over the expanse of the valley, the dragon felt a few taps against his scales from Wen Ning and took that as a sign that the lion was going to split off to presumably search for Xue Yang. And sure enough, soon the lion was sliding off his back and quickly mounting his sword to speed off in another direction, Wen Qing following suit soon after as well. 

Without the need to keep his body relatively upright due to carrying passengers, Lan Wangji twisted himself down closer to the treeline, keeping his eyes, ears, and nose open for any sign of the fox. Just as he was making a turn around a bend in one of the rivers, he distantly heard the sound of dogs barking and, frowning as rage and suspicion rose in him, he quickly changed course and darted in the direction of the source.

The sound of dogs barking and snarling rapidly growing closer, Lan Wangji finally caught sight of his mate upon darting past the edge of a cliff. Leaving barely enough time to pick out Wen Chao from the group surrounding Wei Ying, the dragon let out a loud, enraged roar before swooping down to land heavily on the ground between the fox and the dogs. Bringing the back of his tail to wrap securely around the terrified fox, he bared down on the dogs and breathed out a line of fire, the blaze dancing reflections across pitch black scales and hard, murderous eyes. 

Now face to face with an actual DRAGON , the dogs were rather quick to realize how underprepared they were and cowered, hightailing it out of there almost immediately after, leaving only Wen Chao remaining in the clearing. Said unsavory alpha was very obviously shaking in his boots, stuttering out a rather jumbled and broken, "B-Bl-Black...!!? L-La-Yo-Wh--A-are y-y-you L-L-Lan W-Wa-Wang-j-ji...!? Y-Y-You d-dare i-in-interrup--" 

Refusing to answer vocally to anything the greasy bastard was saying, Lan Wangji only gave an angry growl, the sound ripping loudly through his throat and causing the entitled Wen to screech and flinch away from the large, pissed off celestial (or was it a nether judging from its color?) beast.


Fire and a massive black beast (dragon?? wolf??) from nowhere all of a sudden made the fox panic a bit, struggling in the hold of the tail, claws scrabbling ineffectually against the scales there as he tried to thrash his way free. The dogs- where were the dogs?! He couldn't see them!!

Seeing how Wei Ying wasn't passively going along with this made the Wen clansman think that maybe, just maaaaaaaybe, this was not, in fact, Lan Wangji, but some interloper.

He pointed a shaking finger at him as he backed away, wet stain on his pants and stench of something foul in the air. "Th-that's- h-he's m-mine, I-I m-ma-marked h-him, h-how DARE y-you b-break the r-rules here, y-you snake-"


Uncaring for whatever trash the simple alpha was spewing (and raging all the more; he marked Wei Ying!? He dared to harm his mate!?), the prime focused his oppressive alpha aura onto the Wen brat, breathing out another stream of fire and growling as he crouched and looked as if he was going to pounce. Very nearly screaming, the weaker alpha tried to get out a few more words and demands, but another pissed off growl had scrambling the fuck away, finally leaving just him and Wei Ying in the area. Turning back towards the frightened fox, Lan Wangji let his calming pheromones wash over the omega as he gently said, “A-Ying. They are all gone. You are safe. I am here.”


It took a few long seconds for the scent and pheromones to sink in past the terror and upset, and the fox gradually stopped shaking and sobbing, going a bit slack in the hold of his tail. "A... A-Zhan..." He panted, looking up at the black scales in confusion, but accepting this was his dragon. "Y-you're here... U-uhk..." A massive shudder wracked his frame, and he bit his lower lip, tossing his head back and arching. "A-aah, A-Zhan, Alpha, it h-hurtssss, p-please-"


Pupils dilating, the dragon nudged his head against the fox's before transforming back into his human form, arms tentatively on the other's upper back and arm as the delicious sweet and spicy scent of his special one threatened to push him into a rut. Struggling to keep himself from giving in, he tried and failed to keep his voice steady as he said, "I-I should...bring you back to Maiden Wen..." But fuck his omega was suffering and in pain and he didn't like seeing his bright and joyous little fox in pain and both he and his inner alpha were itching to ease the pain and ease it now.


Tears threatened to well in his eyes as he gripped the arms of his robes, letting out a keening whine of "Hhnnooooooo~" before leaning forward and pressing up against him, breathing in his scent and trying to mark him with his own. "A-Zhan, please, please, d-don't leave me like this, I missed you, I need you, I waited for you, please I was good-" Sensing his reluctance, he felt something crack, and he bit his lip, tail tucking down and ears drooping as a hand went to cover the brand, wanting to dig his claws into the scar and rip the skin away... "I-is it because...because I le-let him m-mark me? I'm s-ss-orry, Alpha, I t-tried-"


Eyes widening, he was quick to deny that. He couldn't let his mate think that something out of his control like that would change anything in his mind. "No-! A-Ying, no...!" One hand taking the one hiding the brand and the other moving to cup one side of his face, the young dragon brought his forehead to Wei Ying's, his sandalwood scent enveloping the omega. "Love you no matter what. My A-Ying. Моя любовь. Cannot be anyone else. "


"-!! Nnnh-" He tilted his head and pressed his mouth against the dragon's, kissing him with an edge of desperation, a few tears escaping the corners of his eyes as he clumsily threaded their fingers together on the hand he was holding. "A-Zhan, please, I'm so hot, I-I can't take it anymore..." He begged as his own dragonsblood scent surged and mingled with the icy alpha's sandalwood, the hand gripping his sleeve drifting up to the side of his neck, then his jaw, then back into his hair.


With a little rumble in his throat, he returned the kiss with some trepidation given that this was his first kiss outside of dreams (that he remembered). Bringing the hand that was on his face around to cup the back of his head, he gently pushed the fox down to the ground, nudging at the fox's legs with his knee so that he could slot himself in-between.


He spread himself wider for his alpha, posture welcoming him as they continued to kiss. His heart was pounding in his chest, nipples perked against the nearly useless fabric on his body. He kept his legs spread, knees raised, soles of his feet against the ground giving him some leverage. His hands wandered Lan Zhan's back and shoulders, then to his chest, tugging at the folds of his robes, one hand trailing down to his belt, trying to get that undone next. He wanted his hands on that jade-like skin, those thick muscles, directly, with nothing between them.


With his free hand, he traced across sensitive skin, tugging fabric aside whenever he encountered it in order to properly feel his omega's heated skin. Pressed as close to the fox as he was, he could feel every minute little shift Wei Ying made as he worked to loosen his robes and he especially loved feeling the smaller beast's soaked entrance against his hard length. Soon, he'd be able to intimately feel every part of his beloved and, rather adamant to make that happen faster, he made quick work of the flimsy fabric blocking his way and discarded the freshly-torn material...somewhere he didn't care to check.


Wei Ying pushed the larger male's trousers down, chirping at him in an encouraging manner as he felt the dragon pillar sliding across his slit. He broke the kiss, holding on to his mate and looking down their bodies at where they would soon be joined. "A-Zhan, i-inside, need you in me, my Alpha-"


"Mn." Moving down to lavish the fox's neck and shoulder with kisses and nips, he tested a finger at his entrance and was surprised to find it slipping in with no resistance whatsoever. Repeating the process with additional fingers and similar results, Lan Wangji only gave his omega a few experimental thrusts with three fingers before he was pulling them out and positioning his own length at Wei Ying's slit.


It was not quite what he expected, even with the heat helping out. Sex in a dream, after all, was not like sex in real life. He squirmed a little as he felt Lan Zhan's tip sinking in, spreading him open, and groaned lewdly in a mixture of pleasure and discomfort as he was slowly filled with the very sizable alpha girth. He held on to him tightly, however, not willing to leave any space between them, wanting all of him inside, filling him up.


Moving slowly, the dragon was careful not to give Wei Ying too much discomfort, wanting this to feel as good as it was for him as he entered the fox's slick heat. With a soft murmur of "A-Ying," he trailed his kisses down his collarbone and chest, free hand moving down to play with one of the omega's pert nipples


"A-Zhan-" He replied in a nearly breathless manner, looking down to see whatever he could of the alpha as he teased his chest, one hand going to his hair to stroke through it, trying to get the long, luxurious strands all to one side so he could see his face better, then rubbing his fingers against the dragon's scalp. Then Lan Zhan's tip brushed against something that felt good deep within, and the fox jolted and chirped, head falling back against the ground as he tried pushing up against his alpha, wanting him to hit that spot again.


Taking the hint, he started moving slowly, trying to accommodate his mate and hit the spot that had brought out such a reaction from him. Shifting back up, he pulled the fox into another kiss, holding him close as he moved within him.


He kissed him back hungrily, messily, mouth open as they explored each other's mouths. He could feel the waves of heat in his veins surging, his fears and anxieties melting away, leaving just the warm security of his mate, his alpha, being there, taking care of him, filling him up. The hand on his head slid to the back, dislodging the headband, the other wrapping around his shoulders, thighs pressing against his hips in an effort to meld with the dragon.


Lan Wangji hardly noticed or cared that his ribbon was now off his forehead, more focused on his fox and exploring his body. As he tested out the best angles with each thrust, he let his hands wander across the omega's skin, filing away each and every reaction Wei Ying made. As much as he enjoyed his dreams (even though he'd be too embarrassed to admit that aloud), they just couldn't top the real Wei Ying and his real moans and reactions.


Wei Ying's sounds became more desperate the more time passed, twitching as he felt a familiar... yet, different coil building up in his abdomen. He broke the kiss, head sliding so he was cheek to cheek with Lan Zhan as he gasped and cried out against his ear. "A-aah, Alpha, A-Zhan, getting, ahhn, nn, close, so close, gonna come, please, please don't stop-"


Letting out a growl in response, he sped up his thrusts further, feeling his knot start to catch on the fox's rim and using a bit more force as a result to fully plunge within Wei Ying. Bringing his hand up to thread through the omega's hair, he nipped lightly at one of his ears as he whispered, "Мое солнце. Come for me, A-Ying."


Clinging to the larger male, he moaned and keened lustfully, feeling a sudden surge as he finally crested, letting out a hoarse shout. "A-A-Zhan-! Aaah, Alpha, knot me, breed me, please, I want it-!"


Lan Wangji was quick to follow after, groaning as his knot locked them together and he was spilling inside the fox. Flooded with emotion, he moved in to devour the omega’s mouth, swallowing every little noise Wei Ying made as he came down from his high.


The omega wanted to give it all to him. Everything, anything he might want. He melted under him, letting the alpha plunder his mouth, inner walls twitching as he was filled to bursting with hot liquid seed, the knot pressed against everything just right and keeping him lodged inside, where he belonged. His hands kept stroking and petting at him, hoping Lan Zhan was feeling just as good as he was.


Eventually, he pulled out of the kiss, breath heavy as he pressed his bare forehead against Wei Ying's and took in his post-orgasm appearance. Tenderly, he brought his hand up to caress the fox's face, occasionally brushing some sweat soaked strands of hair from it before just combing through the long locks with his fingers.


Mouth open slightly, he was still catching his breath, chest rising and falling in short, quick pants. He smiled and chirped when he felt the hand on his face, turning into it and nuzzling before his eyes cracked open to drift and look into his gold ones. His expression was a mixture of sleepy and sexy, his lips a bit red and puffy from all the kissing. The hand on Wangji’s head moved as he realized the dragon’s ribbon was now wrapped around his own wrist, and he brought both hands up to try to untangle and fix it at first, then gave up entirely. He looked at it with some amused, mild exasperation before just tying it around his arm. It was important, he couldn't just toss it aside.


Paying no mind to the ribbon for now, he instead nuzzled the fox some more, a pleased rumbling coming from his throat. Stroking his cheek with his thumb a few more times, he eventually spoke up with a soft, “How are you feeling?”


"Mmm... Still hot, but better." He murmured, lightly tensing around the dragon's knot. His brain was plenty hazy with sex hormones and he was using this chance to scent the ever living hell out of his mate. He hugged him again, glad to feel his warmth and his pulse where their skin touched. "'M glad you're here."


"Mn. I as well." He loathed to think what may have happened had they been even a few minutes later. But they had made it and Wei Ying was now safe in his arms. As he then started to leave light, chaste kisses along his face, he let his hand roam across the fox's body rather innocently, a thin layer of frost on it in an attempt to help cool the omega.


He gasped sharply before letting out a shuddering breath, his member twitching where it lay pressed between them as Lan Zhan's hand wandered. He understood and appreciated the intent, but any stroking from the dragon on his skin at the moment was translating into something else. The fox caught hold of his head gently with both hands and held him still as he began to kiss him back, starting with one on his forehead, just in the center above his brows, where the ribbon usually sat. Then his nose, his eyelids, cheeks, and so on, wanting to pay him back a little. The next wave of the induced heat was starting, dragging him back under as he began squirming a bit under the alpha, trying to test the knot to see if he could move yet.


While his knot hadn't fully deflated quite yet, by now he was able to move a bit without straining his mate and so he started rolling his hips slowly, giving short but deep thrusts and relishing in how the fox squirmed and writhed against him. Despite having just done the same to the omega, the dragon's ears flushed slightly from his kisses being replicated and in an attempt to quell his embarrassment, he tried to lean in to catch Wei Ying's lips.


He chuckled breathlessly, letting him catch his lips, kissing him back as he rocked back against him, trying to match his pace down below. The chill trail the dragon was leaving behind with his fingertips was amazing, both relieving and stimulating at the same time, causing him to shiver and tremble as he ghosted over some very nice spots.


Before long, it became easier to give his fox longer thrusts and so Lan Wangji quickly went back to driving in quick and hard, tongue invading the other's warm mouth and hands teasing every sensitive spot his cold touch passed over. While he would be too embarrassed to admit it aloud, just as Wei Ying demanded of him in the throes of his release, the dragon fucked him as if he was aiming to stuff him full of his spend until the fox had no option but to grow heavy with his-their child.


The swift pistoning movements were exactly what the fox needed, his sex lighting up with every stroke, keening and moaning, begging for everything his alpha would give him with voice and body. He- he wanted so badly, wanted to be bred, to be bit and marked and mated, wanted to be with Lan Zhan every day for the rest of his life, wanted to be with the alpha he loved, carry his children-

And like a shell had suddenly been cracked, or a pane of glass shattered, it all came flooding back. One month of time from nearly a decade ago. All of it, suddenly back, though he couldn't piece it all together right away. There was happiness, and love, and fear, and a desperate, wrenching heartache... He gasped with it, and it brought him to tears, but he refused to let go, because the important thing was still there: he loved him, and this was his mate, and he came for him, and he was here now. "A-Zhan, love you, need you, want you-" He moaned into his mouth, dizzy with intense flashes from past and present feelings. "Bite me, breed me, please, please~!"


Nearly overwhelmed with the desire to claim this-his omega, he very nearly did sink his teeth into the fox's neck but stopped himself at the last second. Not yet. He couldn't claim him yet. Not when this had never been on the discussion table before this pseudo-heat. Pulling himself away from Wei Ying's neck, he instead moved to murmur in his ear as he fucked into his love. "Soon. Soon. Need to talk first."


He whimpered, he couldn't help himself. He'd felt the warm wash of breath over one of the glands for a few moments before he moved away and it wasn't fair. "A-A-Zhaaaan, please, Alpha, please, want it, want your kits, want your mark-" He begged, his omega side not wanting to give up, not able to understand why not.


Lan Wangji bit the inside of his cheek briefly, trying to hold himself back once again. Cupping the back of his head and nosing at his hair to comfort his omega, he unlocked his jaw to say, After we talk, A-Ying. After this heat.” He hated that he was upsetting his mate by denying this right now, but they needed to be clear headed for this. He needed to make sure the fox actually wanted this.


Very, very reluctantly, the omega let the matter rest for the time being, because that's what his alpha wanted and he was being good. But he ached for it, and every once in a while, a small whine would escape, interspersed with the mewls and moans of arousal. He did nip and suck at a few places under Lan Zhan's ear and along the column of his throat, wanting to leave little marks behind as well as swap as much scent as possible with his mate to warn off any other omegas who might decide they like his alpha. He didn't want to share. He could, however, feel another peak coming on, and was sure to let his mate know, claws scratching at him a bit this time. "Alpha, gh, going to come again, will A-Zhan knot me again? Want to be full-"


Every little escaped whine pained him to brush aside but he couldn't let himself give in this time, not with something so important like this. So each time he heard it, he nuzzled against the fox to leave his own scent on him and desperately hoped that would appease his mate for now. Soon enough, however, with how persistently he was fucking into the omega, he could feel himself preparing for release. Now, he just wanted to wait for Wei Ying, wanted to force him over the edge and catch him as he fell and his eager increase in speed confirmed that. "Mn. Will fill A-Ying..." ('With come' went unspoken, as did 'with kits', too flustered to even attempt to say either of those...)


His cries of pleasure rose again under Lan Zhan's unrelenting attention, until he crested again with a hoarse shout, walls quaking and clenching around the large pillar. He called his alpha's name huskily, clinging onto him while he waited for his knot to tie them together, wanting to feel the hot splash of seed against his deepest spot again.


Groaning at the feeling of the fox spasming against him, he finally thrust in one last time before his knot locked them together and he spilled his seed deep within the omega’s womb. Holding Wei Ying flush against him, he pressed kiss after kiss against the fox’s face, enjoying the little sounds he made every time.


He shuddered in pleasure, chirping at the dragon again, head filling with fluffy omega sex hormones. His hands stroked his back and shoulders, and reveled in the heavy pressure of his body and the security of his arms wrapped around him. He did attempt to kiss him back, though he was a bit uncoordinated at the moment.


Finally, after making his rounds across the fox's face, he moved down to catch his lips in a soft, unhurried kiss, savoring the feeling of his omega against him. Hands gently skimming across Wei Ying's body, one of them subconsciously moved down towards his womb, not quite moving over it but coming in close to it, throat rumbling contently.


He hummed and smiled against his mouth, tasting him, one of his hands leaving the dragon's back to drift between them, joining his hand and pressing down a little, moving them down just that little bit more. Oh... Oh wow, was it actually- did he actually feel- "Alpha" The fox moaned, another small climax rippling through him, though he didn't come with his male sex this time, just more little contractions from his cunt around Lan Zhan's shaft.


"Mn." Swallowing the fox's moan, he gave his hips a few little rolls, pushing through the contractions that ran through the other's body. Pleased he could satisfy Wei Ying with something as small as this, he continued his quiet rumble-purring as he once again washed his scent over the fox.


More little squeaks and other sounds slipped into Lan Zhan's mouth as Wei Ying was lavished with all this affection and attention. He loved it. He was the complete focus of his alpha, and he felt loved, even if he wasn't completing the bond, it felt more solid than it ever had before. And he promised, soon. His alpha...never intentionally lied. There was no time to be anxious over the past! He was here now, that's what mattered! And, he was this full of his alpha's seed... He had to be at the very least close to being pregnant now. Maybe another round or two? The thought made him quite happy, and his hands went back to wandering, wanting to feel all of his Lan Wangji.


With his mate’s heat abated for now, the dragon switched to giving the fox attention elsewhere along his body. Pulling out of the kiss, he moved down to leave light, worshiping kisses on areas he had yet to explore with his mouth. As his hands held the fox’s sides tenderly, Lan Wangji trailed his kisses down his sternum and over to a nipple, rolling his tongue over the bud before taking it into his mouth and sucking lightly.


With his ability to think in complex structures temporarily restored, he lifted his head a bit to watch Lan Zhan's progress on his body, heart feeling full- But, then, he felt a twinge of shame and nerves and brought up his left hand to subtly slide it over the mark on his left side, just over his heart, in an attempt to cover the brand. He didn't want to see it, and he didn't want Wangji to see it. He hated it, and again the thought of ripping it off crossed his mind.


Noticing despite how sneaky Wei Ying tried to be, he moved over to first kiss the back of his hand before gently moving it away and entwining their fingers. The brand was ugly in the sense that it was still fresh and raw, angry red lines of the Wen emblem raised on the fox’s skin. Still, this was just another part of the one he loved and so any anger over the situation was only directed towards the coward that inflicted it onto his mate. (Although, disregarding how it was obtained, it was accurate in the sense that Wei Ying was his sun.) Letting his dragon features peek out, he brought his now longer, forked tongue out to lave across the mark. Once it was coated with a layer of healing saliva, he brought his lips down to kiss his heart, right over the center of the brand, the temperature of both his lips and breath colder as he tried to soothe it further.


His mate's tenderness and care brought tears to his eyes before he could stop it. He bit his lower lip lightly and let his head rest back on the ground, gripping his hand tightly where their fingers were linked, the other one stroking his head as he felt the tears slipping down past his cheeks. Blinking them away with a sniff, he looked back down, wanting to burn this image of Lan Wangji into his memory. He stroked two fingers along one ear, then gripped his horn lightly and tugged. "A-A-Zhan, can I... see you?" He asked softly after a few moments of enjoying the cool attention to the burn, it actually felt a lot better, even in this short amount of time. "I've never seen you peeking before."


"Mn." Letting the light tug bring him up easily, he fixed his now more reptilian gaze on the fox, bringing his free hand up to carefully thread through his hair and remaining mindful of his exposed claws. "Encouraged not to use in-between forms. Blend in better with just human form." Especially for the dragons of the clan; their celestial features stood out like a sore thumb compared to other beast cultivators with more common, normal animal features. As if to prove some point with that, his tail, now back to its normal white scales now that he wasn't using the talismans, made its presence known by moving to wrap lightly around one of the fox's ankles much like he tended to do whenever he coiled around the omega.


His eyes flickered all over, fingers of his free hand tracing over all the features he could see and easily reach...and smiled, laughing a little as he felt the tail coiling around his ankle, the tassel tickling a bit. He took in all his features, from the glowing gold eyes, the ears, the horns, the tail, the way his hair changed from black to blue about halfway, like seeing night turning into day... "A-Zhan, you're so beautiful." He murmured, rubbing his ear and the base of a horn. "You always are, but I love seeing you expressing like this."


His ears felt warm from the praise but, thankfully, his draconic ears couldn't blush and so it wasn't all that obvious what his reaction to that was. He did, however, clearly react in a different manner, his ears and the base of his horns more sensitive, especially in this form. Ear twitching much like a cat's would, the dragon tilted his head into the fox's touch, cock seeming to harden slightly in interest even as his eyes closed to savor Wei Ying's touch. "Not as much as A-Ying."


Well, it would have been less obvious if the fox hadn't been touching them at the time. He shuddered and shut his eyes briefly as he felt the dragon react below, swallowing reflexively before opening his eyes, the heat beginning to kindle again. He knew he'd probably be sore as hell once this was all over, but for now, his body was doing it's job and making everything feel fucking fantastic. Encouraged by his reaction, he resumed rubbing and petting the ear and horn on his grasp, leaning up to whisper, "A-Zhan, I can rub the other one too, but I need both hands for that- aigooo, but I like holding hands with you, what do I do~?"


Growling quietly, he made the decision for Wei Ying in favor of giving the fox a different sensation to hopefully enjoy. Starting to roll his hips slightly, he moved his hands down to the other's torso, touch feather light as he brushed his claws against his omega's heated skin, carefully avoiding the brand so as not to worsen the injury with his sharp talons. With Wei Ying's other hand free now, the dragon tilted his head in its direction even as he simultaneously drew him into a kiss the moment he noticed those teasing lips.


"Hmmph- hmhmhm~" He chuckled into the dragon's mouth, playfully nipping at his lips as he used both hands on the dragon's surprisingly soft and warm ears. He was a bit more used to the right motions and rhythm now to get all the right spots just so, and was able to try and help Lan Zhan out a bit as he moved while he was still fairly clear-headed... or well, as clear as he could be during a heat.


As he brushed across all the sensitive spots he remembered from his earlier explorations with his claws, he gradually sped up his thrusts, having an easier time doing so due to his knot deflating some. He had not at all expected the fox's hands on his ears and horns to feel as good as they did and as a result, his movements were quickly growing faster, more eager.


As thoroughly sexed up as the omega was now, Wei Ying found that it just kept getting better and better, but now that he'd come a few times and his peak was slower to build, so he could enjoy himself for longer. He continued kissing, nipping, petting, everything he could as his dragon continued to lovingly fuck him into the grass. Feeling playful, at one point he even wound the ribbon around his horns, as though he might use it as a way to control the direction of his head.


Anything the fox wished to do here, he indulged, only giving a bit of a questioning look when he felt his ribbon wrapping around his horns. With Wei Ying slower to reach that frantic desperation of his heat, he also made sure to take more time to explore his chest again, nipping and sucking at his nipples, running his tongue along the brand when he felt it could use another layer of saliva, letting his fangs faintly scratch against skin like his claws did occasionally, and just generally making up for not bonding him right this instant by giving him marks elsewhere.


The small scrapes and scratches were lovely, helping him to get all fired up again as the embers were stirred up into flames. The pain was lessened every time his mate attended to the burn, easing his feelings of shame and anger with each pass, so it was less sharp, less jagged on his nerves. As Lan Zhan's efforts began to wind him up to another peak, he pulled his head up to give him another kiss, and to whisper "A-Zhan, love you, my Alpha, love you, need you-"


Spurred on by his omega’s murmurings, he pressed into the kiss with gusto, hips moving even faster to try and drive him higher, giving him all the love and pleasure he deserved. Only keeping one of his hands to continue moving across the fox’s skin, he brought his other hand back up to cradle his love’s face as they kissed, touch gentle as fingers brushed across skin.


He leaned up into the kiss as much as possible, bringing a hand down from his head to place over Lan Zhan's on his face, as every jolt brought him closer to climax. Something felt a little different this time, a little more exciting, like with just a little more of something, he'd get exactly what he wanted... "A-Zhan, bite me, please." He pleaded against his lips. "N-not bond, if you don't want to yet, but- but I need, something, a little- Ahh, hhh, h-harderrrr~"


More than willing to do at least this much, he growled quietly as he pulled out of the kiss, thrusts growing rougher, deeper, less controlled as he moved his lips to a spot on the fox's shoulder, far enough from his neck to make sure he didn't accidentally bond them too soon but close enough that maybe it would simulate that sensation a bit. Latching onto the area in a bite, he moved a hand down to grip his mate's hip for better control as he pounded into him.


His eyes rolled back in his head, clutching onto the alpha as he screamed his release, spine bowing his back clear off the ground as he came. His body twitched and spasmed, clinging to the dragon tightly as he added to the sticky mess between them, as well as the one coating their groins and inner thighs. He could feel his womb being knocked against, felt the glans of Lan Zhan's cock kissing his deepest entrance (or well he could imagine it anyway) and he knew that this was it. "Alpha! Knot me, fill me, breed me, please, aaAAaah, A-Zhan, want kits, please-!" He begged as his orgasm ran away with him, flooding the air with his pheromones.


Mouth and hands holding tight onto his mate, he forced one last thrust through the tight, spasming cavern before his knot once again sealed them together and his seed coated the walls of the fox's womb. His low growl morphed into something more possessive, a nonverbal agreement that yes, this was his omega, he was his alpha, and he wanted to knot, fill, breed him, give him anything, even kits, especially kits, A-Ying was his.


He felt like his body was on fire, but in a weirdly amazing way, similar to the heat, but different. (He didn't realize it was due to the drug that had been forced onto him, it was extremely potent, a rare, grade seven elixir.) Shuddering and panting beneath his mate, the fox lost all strength in his limbs as the warm feeling of rightness flooded him. He chirped several times at the young dragon, the happy sound interspersed with little keening moans as his walls continued to flutter around his cock. He could swear that he felt like his walls were being forced to expand a little bit by the force of his seed filling him, there was no way he wasn't pregnant after this, and the omega in his brain was a very, very happy and fairly contented little thing- Then, his ears twitched as he heard the sounds of shouting, then fighting nearby, and he made a sound that was half growl, half whimper, making himself try to curl into Lan Zhan, eyes opening to look around in a cautious, tired manner.


Ears flicking in the direction of the conflict, he tucked Wei Ying in closer to him, instincts on edge and protective as he mentally commanded Bichen to unsheathe and poise for either an attack or parry, whichever was necessary to keep his fox safe. Pressing his lips to the omega's temple and distantly glad that his robes and his position above Wei Ying helped cover up the fox at least a little bit, he whispered, "Safe. Will not touch you."


The sounds of blades clashing and screaming drew closer, closer, until the smell of blood even reached them. Then, a person they probably never would have expected burst from the trees, sword out, robes billowing dramatically. "Wei Wuxian!! I'm sorry I'm so late, who do I need to kill for... you..."