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Observations about Dick, Scientifically Speaking

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Date: July 1
Observation: Detective Gumshoe offered me some candy today. Some candy he'd found in the footwell of a squad car. I was taking a plaster cast of some footprints and declined. He dropped the candy into my plaster cast as it was setting and said, "Oops, I hope you like hard candy, pal." I replied, "Not that hard."

Date: July 2
Observation: Detective Gumshoe is the most helpful man I've ever come across, scientifically speaking, that is. Today he tried to help me while I was taking fingerprints. Together, we ascertained that:
- There were no fingerprints left within a radius of 10 feet of the crime scene.
- Detective Gumshoe has an astonishingly powerful sneeze.
It's a good thing that he is so big and cute and easy to forgive.

Date: July 3
Observation: Cute? Where did that come from? Detective Gumshoe is a fellow officer, nothing else. I don't think about any of the detectives as anything more than colleagues. Even the ones that are eager to please, delicious stubbled hunks with nice smiles, and massive hands.

Date July 4
Observation: It took me a while to get to sleep last night.

Date: July 7
Observation: Weekends are a valuable breathing space from the stresses of the job. It is not good to become too fixated on work life. Hobbies, such as practicing mud classifications, are soothing. I also spent a couple of hours reorganizing my personal study notes.

Date: July 8
Observation: Oh boy. Detective Gumshoe took off that huge coat of his today. I may have suggested there was a puddle that I needed to be saved from in the park outside the precinct, at lunch. He was puzzled at first, then played along. Not only were my stylish pumps protected from the dangerous puddle, when Detective Gumshoe laid down his coat, I discovered he has an ass like two sweet hams in a sack. Is it possible to combust from lust and simultaneously melt from the adorableness? Gumshoe is so very easy to mislead, scientifically speaking. That shouldn't be hot. But he's not only friendly, he's also a massive hairy beast who would probably grunt and sweat all over a girl as he satisfied her immensely. I'm so confused. Help me.

Date: July 9
Observation: I'm seriously considering either asking for a transfer, or propositioning Detective Gumshoe for some quick'n'dirty thrusting up against a wall. One of the two. Can't decide yet.

Date: July 10
Observation: Still can't decide. Workplace affairs usually lead to disaster, scientifically speaking. This isn't logical. Either way, I need new batteries after last night when I considered my predicament with Detective Gumshoe.

Date: July 11
Observation: Weekend tomorrow again. What a relief. I can barely take it. I've started having to bring spare panties into work in case I even brush past Detective Gumshoe in the corridor, entirely accidentally.

Date: July 14
Observation: I'm going to do it. I'm going to ask Detective Gumshoe if he's DTF. I'm going to explode if I don't get outside of that man's dick soon. Oh help. Going by the rest of him, it’s probably massive.

Date: July 15
Observation: What was I thinking?????? No!!!! Arrrghhh!!!!

Date: July 16
Observation: Please weekend, be here now. I'll never get through this.

Date: July 17
Observation: I think I'm in love lust love with Detective Gumshoe. Whatever it is, it's not just physical now. He was so considerate when he turned me down three days ago. Today, we worked together again for the first time since. Dick gave me a really kind smile, and insisted I borrow his coat when it started to rain at the crime scene. I only slightly cringed at the state of it. That means it must mean something. It's only going to take me a couple hours to wash the mud out of my white coat, and sponge it off my files. I don’t really mind much.

Date: July 17, ten minutes later
Observation: I can’t believe it. It turns out Dick thought 'DTF' was the annual fitness requirement he's been putting off taking for ages. "Detective Training Fysicals", he said. I told him what it really means, as in Down to Fuck, and then we got it on, right at the crime scene, in some bushes. Neither of us had condoms. That'll teach me always to be prepared with the right tools for the job. So I didn't have him inside me, just both of us with our fingers. But I was right. That thing is considerably larger than usual, going by any statistics I've seen already.

Date: July 18
Observation: I'm scared. I've never been with a big man before. Also, we didn't really talk, we just did it. Perhaps that one time with us is all there's going to be? I don't want it to be over already. Even though now I've seen it, I'm more nervous of it than I ever thought I would be.

Date: July 19
Observation: Seeing work colleagues at the weekend is healthy. It helps promote bonding during work hours. Neither Detective Gumshoe nor I have actually said the word date tonight. It doesn’t matter. We can just be friends, the two of us. It's probably better this way.

Date: July 20
Observation: It's one in the morning, but my observations are manifold, after much experimentation:
1. It doesn't hurt after all (the contrary!) even if there's substantial girth, if the man is thoughtful and responsive.
2. The careful scientist always makes sure to equip herself with the correct apparatus for all eventualities. Rigorous preparation is its own reward. (Note: buy many more condoms.)
3. Being on top is a fantastic position (I need to control the depth of that monster) but also from behind is good. Much more research needed in this area.
4. It was a date after all! Dick nearly blew a gasket when I said I liked him that way as well. I had to hug him to stop him jittering.
5. Dick is so beautiful when he's snoring. He’s my furry massive angel.
6. Chest hair on his back! (Or is that back hair? Must check the correct terminology.)
7. We're seeing each other again tomorrow. Or is that today? I really need some sleep now, and possibly new thigh muscles.
8. Dick has the best chest for snuggling in. No more observations for the night... his great big arms are so perfect to be held by… zzz... ahhh…