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Adventure into wonderland

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The sun was bright and warm in the Alola Region, as Serperior and I bathed in the sun. As I looked through my Rotom phone, checking off the region challenges I had completed. So far I have completed Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, and Galar. There were still a bunch of other regions to explore, ones that I have yet to learn the names of.

"Can you look at that Serperior, where only a few trials away from the Alolan champion?" Yuu smiled as they patted She loyal starter pokemon.

Serperior smiled as she leaned her head into Yuu's soft palms. Yuu L/n is the official champion of Unova, after taking the title from Alder, they worked with the elite Four to maintain the region. Though Yuu usually left it in the hands to handle, Yuu and Serperior were always looking for a new challenge to strengthen themselves or her mind. But the downfall of being the champion was that not many trainers even make it to them. So they are left with very little to do, and paperwork and politics were not her forte.

So when a girl named Hilda from Nuvema town, came and challenged them for the title. The battle was fierce and came down to their last pokemon. The winner, in the end, was Yuu, though it was a close shave. Yuu and Serperior never felt more alive, causing them to release how much they missed fighting new and strong opponents and the excitement of the unknown.

Know Yuu knew Hilda was no ordinary girl, she took down team plasma and was acknowledged by the legendary dragon Zekrom. In Yuu's mind, she was more qualified to be a champion than they were. So Yuu stepped down from her thrown, though, because they weren't beaten in battle Yuu was still the official champion. So sadly, they were still stuck in the spotlight of champion no matter where they went.
Yuu frowned slightly as her Pokemail was flooded with invites, and requesting for her attendance to talk shows, interviews, and even large events. It wasn't just from her home region, but from the other ones she visited. Yuu never really cared about such things, so she would delete them.

As Yuu continued looking through her Pokemail, a very clingy wild Eevee jumped onto her belly, demanding attention and food.

"Well hello again, back to demand more Malasada?" Yuu smiled as she picked up the fluff ball.

"Eevee!" The pokemon nodded.

Serperior huffed as she coiled her tail around her trainer, not liking that some random pokemon stealing their treasured trainer away. Yuu noticed her partner's distress and quickly turned to comfort Serperior.

" It's okay Serperior, I could never imagine going anywhere without you," Yuu said as she rested her forehead on Serperior's."Alright, so spoiled. Serperior return."

Eevee is beyond excited for more food and quality time with his favorite human, began to cross the street. As Yuu happily followed behind, she noticed a black carriage dashing towards Eevee. Before she could comprehend what was happening her body was already reaching for Eevee. When things suddenly went black.
Ah, my lovely Lord,

The noble and beautiful flower of evil,

You are the most beautiful, number one in this world.

ーMirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most…

ーFor thee, guided by the Mirror of Darkness,

Follow thy heart and take the hand of the one reflected in the mirror.

Flames that turn even stars into ashes,

Ice that imprisons even time,

The great tree that swallows even the sky,

Don’t be afraid of the power of darkness,

Come now, show your power.

Mine, theirs, and yours,

There’s only a little time left for us.

Do not let go of that hand, at all costs.
As Yuu kept hearing those words repeat, she felt a pair of paws pushing on her chest and the frightening calls of a pokemon.

"Vee, Eevee!!" Eevee cried.

"Ah! Eevee your okay! Thank goodness," Yuu sighed in relief as she hugged the pokemon.

"Darn, people will come soon! I have to wear the uniform, fast…Nggggh!!! This lid is so heavy. If it has come to this… gonna have to use my last resort! Ngg…. there!!" Shouted a voice, as blue fire erupted.

Eevee shrieked in panic as light suddenly burst into their tiny box. Yuu quickly grabbed her bag that was in the coffin and Eevee and quickly ran from the room. Not even looking back to see what was the cause of the blue fire, only hearing a voice yelling out-

"Hey! Don't you dare run from the great Grim!"

But Yuu kept running as she tried to figure out where she is. She quickly opened her bag and turned on her poke box link, she quickly pulled out any winged pokemon.

"Altaria, I need your help!" Yuu called as she tossed the Pokeball into the air. A blue, avian pokemon with cloud-like wings and feathers appeared and chirped happily.

"It's so good to see you Altaria. I need you to scout ahead and see if there is any danger," Yuu ordered.

Altaria nodded and took to the sky, as Yuu and Eevee continued to wander around the large building. Eventually stopping at a large library, when suddenly a voice and blue fire stopped them.

"Did you think you could run away from me!? You lowly human!" Said a strange-looking cat-raccoon creature.

"Aahh! What! A talking Pokemon!" Yuu gasped.

"I'm not a pokemon, I am the great Grim! Now, if you don’t want to be roasted whole, give me those clothesーFugya!? It hurts! What’s this string!?" Grim shrieked as a cord wrapped around them.

"It’s not a string. It’s the whip of love! Aah, I finally found you. You’re this year’s new student, right? That’s not good. To arbitrarily get out of the gate! Plus, to have a familiar that you have not tamed yet is against the school rules," The crow man said to Yuu.

"Let me go~! I’m not this kinda guy’s familiar!" Grim Growled.

Eevee growled at the cat monster as he hopped on top of Yuu's head.

"Two Familiars? How many do you possibly need?!" The crow man gasped.

"I only have... A couple," Yuu said hesitantly.

"Really. It’s unheard of for a new student to arbitrarily opening the door and coming out by themselves. Sigh… how impatient are you? Come, come, the opening ceremony has started long ago. Let’s go to the Mirror Chamber," The crow man said.

Without many options, Yuu and Eevee quickly followed. The crow man introduced himself as Crowly and explained they were in Night raven college in twisted wonderland.

"Twisted wonderland huh, never heard of this region, so what kind of Pokemon do you have here?" Yuu asked.

"Pokemon? What is that? I don't believe we have such things here," Crowley said simply.

"What!?" Yuu gasped.

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"Then, I guess this is the end of the dormitory division? Listen to me, new students. In the Heartslabyul Dorm, I am the rule. I will behead anyone who disobeys, so remember that" A red-haired boy threatened.

"Fuaa~ah. Finally, the tiresome ceremony ended. We’re going back to our dorm, immediately. Savanaclaw Dorm, follow me," A man with lion ears yawned.

"All new students. Congratulations on your enrollment! So you can experience fulfilling school life, I, as Octavinelle Dorm’s dorm leader, shall support you with all my might," A boy with glasses smiled.

"Even so, I wonder where the headmaster went? He suddenly ran out in the middle of the ceremony," A beautiful man wondered.

"Maybe he got stomachache or something?" A boy in a turban suggested.

"Not at all," Crowley said as he burst through the doors. " Good grief. One new student is missing, so I went to look for them. Now, you’re the only one who hasn’t gotten to your dorm yet. I’ll take care of Raccoon-kun, so quickly go in front of the mirror."

Yuu slowly walked into the hall, not liking all the eyes that were suddenly on her. But she could hear the whispers from them as they wander about the strange dog on the person's head. Yuu slowly stood in front of the dark Mirror, slightly freaked out by the face in the mirror.

"Speak thy name." The face demanded.

"I'm Yuu," She said with a slight gasp.

" I could only feel a tiny bit of a magic wavelength from this one, Not a very strong one. Therefore, this one is unworthy for any dorm!" It said firmly.

"There’s no way the black carriage would pick up a human who can bearly use magic! In 100 years, there has not been any mistake in student selection. Why in the world," Crowley wondered as Grim struggled out of his hold.

"Mggh…. puh! Then, give that seat to me! Unlike that human over there, I can use magic! That’s why put me into the academy instead! If it’s magic you want, I’ll show you an extraordinary one now!" Grim said as he spat fire.

Yuu watched horror as blue flames spread across the room. Bust she soon noticed that one individual was walking towards the creature. Grim noticed him and shot blue fire towards the boy's face. Yuu reacted quickly and tackled the boy out of the way.

"Are you okay?" Yuu asked in a worried tone." Walking up to a flame-breathing creature is foolish."

"JUST WHO DO YOU THINK YOUR SPEAKING TO!" The redhead boy shouted as he pushed Yuu aside.

Suddenly another wave of fire was blown in the direction of the two, but before Riddle could react. Eevee used a rage tackle on Grimm, causing him o slam into the wall. Everyone stood in shock at the powerful head but the small creature did. Eevee looked back to Yuu, waiting for a command. Yuu smiled and quickly got to her feet.

"Ready Eevee?" Yuu asked as Eevee gave a confident nod." Alright, use quick attack!"

As Grim got back on his feet, he gasped when he saw Eevee appearing again and slamming him to the ground. "Quick use Iron tail,"

Eevee jumped into the air as its fluffy tail became hard as steel, he twisted his body to slam his tail down hard on Grim, knocking him out. Everyone just stared in awe or confusion at what they just witnessed. Eevee wagged its tail in pride as he dashed into Yuu's arms.

"That is a strong creature, for something so small," The beautiful man commented.

"Aww, It's so cute! It looks like a puppy of sorts," The boy with the turban awed.

"What an interesting individual," The glasses boy said to himself.

"Amazing work, Yuu. What you lack in magic you make up for with taming skills," Crowley clapped. " But Do something! It’s your familiar, right!?
Discipline it properly."

"That blue fire creature is not mine, not my responsibility," Yuu said coldly.

"Not yours...Well then, let’s throw him out of the academy. I will not turn him into stew. I’m nice, after all. Someone, please," Crowley said as he picked up the unconscious grim.

"Please don't, Just put him outside or something," Yuu suggested.

"There was a little trouble, but with this, the opening ceremony is closed. Each dorm leader, please bring the new students with you and go back to your dorm.… Nn? Come to think of it, I haven’t seen Diasomnia Dorm’s dorm leader, Draconia-kun at all," Crowley wondered.

"Are we not going to talk about this, he made a mess of this whole ceremony. He is guilty of serious misconduct!" Riddle shouted.

"This is the first day, and like the mirror said. Their magic is too weak to remain in the school, I'm sure we can let them off the hook," a boy with green air defended.

"That is enough, Dark mirror returns them to where they belong," Crowley commanded.

"The plane of the word they reside from... does not reside in this world," The mirror said.

"As expected, it’s not here. I cannot find your birthplace’s name anywhere on the world map, since the dawn of history.
You came from that place, did you? You’re not lying, aren’t you? If it’s come to this, then there’s the possibility that perhaps, due to some trouble you were called here from a different planet… or another world," Crowley suggested as he passed back and forth in the Library.

"Well you don't have pokemon in your world, I'm sure that is pretty telling," Y/n said as she emptied her bag.

Her Pc link, Trainer license, Keystone, gigantamax band, and z band came out.

"This is a problem. I cannot let someone who cannot use magic stay in this academy. However, to throw away a penniless youth without any way to contact their guardian extremely hurts my heart as an educator. I’m kind, after all.

Hmm~…. that’s right! In this academy, there’s a building that’s unused now. In the past, it was used as a dorm, so if you clean it you should be able to at least lodge there. If it’s there, I shall lend it to you as temporary lodging for a while. In that time, you should look for a way to return to where you came from.

Aah, how kind am I! I’m such an exemplary educator. Well then, let’s strike when the iron is hot. Let’s go to the dorm. It’s a bit old, but it’s a tasteful building," Crowley smiled.
It was not, the building was old with many parts ready to fall apart. Mr.Crowley.
"Oh, before we go in, I need to call back someone," Y/n said before entering the building.

"Call Who?" Crowley asked confused.

Yuu whistled into the wind and stood waiting for something. Crowley slowly stepped outside to see what would happen, when suddenly a big cloud landed in front of them. He gasped in shock at the giant cloud bird creature standing in front of them.

"w-what is that creature?!" Crowley screamed.

"This is Altara, one of my many loyal friends," Yuu smiled as Altara hugged its trainer close.

"I-I see, well, Yuu how many of these Pokemon features do you have?" Crowley asked hesitantly.

"Well about maybe 200 of them," Yuu said as she tried to count all her pokemon in her head.

"200!! Who needs that many Familiars!!" Crowley gasped, almost having a heart attack.

"Well in my world there are 900 different species of pokemon. And many more are still being discovered, so I barely scratched the surface," Yuu said simply as she summoned Altaria back into its Pokeball.

"What a strange device, but so useful for bringing your familiars with you. Well, let's get inside before it rains," Crowley said as they stepped into the dorm.

" If it’s here, you can at least shield yourself from the rain and wind. I’m going to continue investigating some things, so pass time as you like. Don’t loiter around the academy! Well then!" Crowley said as he turned to leave. " Oh and one more thing before I leave. Please keep your pokemon, secret and to yourself."

"Huh? Why?" Yuu asked.

"I Don't want to start a panic, not in just the school but also the public. This world knows nothing about these creatures, and we don't know how dangerous and unpredictable these poke creatures can be. Luckily the fluffy one on your head could pass as a dog in this world, so I'm not worried about him, but the others and certainly that bird who not fair well. So if possible keep it as secret as possible," Crowley said in a whisper.

"I'll try," Yuu said, as Crowley gave her a thankful nod.
"Alright team, time to stretch your limbs," Yuu said as she released her main team.

The pokemon gasped as they looked at their new living space. Dragonair was staring at the old building with curiosity. While Florges and Gardevoir stared in disgust at the dust and moss growing around the rooms. Salazzle just wanted to stay away from the water leaking in from the roof. Lapras was just relaxing as the water dripped on her body while Eevee curled up to the bigger pokemon. While Serperior was studying her trainer, needing to know if Yuu was okay.

But Gardevoir suddenly got defensive as she stood ready in front of her trainer. Suddenly three ghosts appeared all snickering at the new souls.

"Hihihihi…. Ihihihihi…It’s been a while since we’ve gotten a guest," One of them laughed.

"Everyone who lives here all got scared of us and leave. We’re always looking for new ghost comrades. What about you joining us?" The other asked creepily.

"Garde, Gardevoir!" Gardevoir shouted as she shot a shadow ball at the ghosts.

"GAHH!" The ghost screamed in pain.

"H-Help us!" The other ghost called.

Suddenly a figure flew past Gardevoir and used X-scissors on her back. She screamed in pain as she fell to her knees. "Serperior, Arial ace,"

Serperior's tail glowed a faint blue and stuck down the strange attacker. It was very effective as the creature fell to the ground after it fainted. Yuu slowly approached the mystery pokemon too it was a Shedinja.

" That strange, I thought Mr.Crowley said Pokemon don't exist in Twisted wonderland," Yuu wondered as she pulled out a hyper potion. " Excuse me Shedinja, but how and why are you here? Pokemon don't exist in this world.

"She- She Shedinja," The feature explained, as Yuu nodded.

A strange whole sucked you up and you found yourself here," Yuu repeated.

As Yuu tried to think of a possible phenomenon that could allow this to be possible, Something in Alola had a topic about this. Sadly her thoughts were cut off when Crowley returned with dinner for Yuu and her pokemon. When he got close he gasped in surprise at the many large pokemon standing in the living room. He slowly and delicately approached the creatures and Handed Yuu the dinner as he quickly backed away.

"I-I see you and your pokemon familiars are setting in well, just remember what I said. Keep them here or in your ball devices when out in the public. Actually, why hasn't this one ever has been returned to its device?" Crowley asked as he pointed to Eevee.

"Well Eevee isn't my pokemon either, He's wild. Like that Grim creature, Eevee belongs to no one and simply chose to follow me," Yuu explained as Eevee climbed up Yuu's body and settle on her shoulder.

"I see, well I still need time to find a way to send you back. So you can stay here till then. But I can't let you just lounge around, you need to earn your keep," Crowley stated.

"Alright, what did you have in mind?" Yuu asked.


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"Even though you were hurled here from another world, you’re tough, very good! Well then, now that that’s out of the way, I want to talk about your job for today," Crowley's words echoed in Yuu's mind. "Today’s work is to clean the inside of the academy.… Even if I said so, the academy is very vast. It will be impossible to finish cleaning the whole place without magic. That’s why, for today, please clean Main Street starting from the main gate to the library. Do you understand, Yuu-kun? And make sure to keep your poke creatures a secret."

Yuu sighed as she stared at the long street, knowing it will take a very long time to finish. She wished she could bring out some helpful pokemon to aid her. Yet she did promise to try to keep her pokemon a secret, Crowley was "Kind enough" to let Eevee stay out in public. As Eevee rested on top of Yuu's head, she turned to get started on the first statue. The plate on the base read The queen of hearts. The queen had a massive physique, hair tied in the back with a headband, She dresses in a gown with stripes, and Atop the queen's head is a small, gold crown, signifying her authority. 

"Hmm, what do you think Eevee? You think she was a popular celebrity or something?" Yuu asked her wild companion.

"Vee," Eevee shrugged.

"You've gotta be kidding! You don't know the queen of hearts," A voice mocked.

Yuu turned to see a boy with messy, dark orange hair and red eyes. Over his left eye, he has a red patch shaped like a heart. "Well I know the name, but not her significance," Yuu said simply.

"She was a queen who ruled the rose labyrinth ages ago," The boy explained, soon explaining all the other statues.

"Interesting," Yuu said simply. " So who are you?" 

"Ace Trappola, A brand sparking new first-year student. Nice to meet ya," Ace smiled. " Are you the guy who was acting up at the ceremony?"

"Guy?" Yuu said with confusion.

"The mirror of darkness summoned a guy that can barely use magic! Man, I was trying so hard not to laugh!" Ace teased.

"Don't be so rude to someone you just met," another boy said. This boy had dark blue hair and teal eyes, his hair brushed mostly to the side while a portion hangs down on his left side. Over his right eye, he has black makeup shaped like a spade.

"The names Deuce spade, Nice to meet you," Deuce smiled as he held out a hand.

"Oh, I'm Yuu L/n from Unova," Yuu smiled as she shook his hand.

"Unoova?" Deuce said slowly.

"Never heard such a place," Ace commented.

"Well it is a land from very far away," Yuu lied.

"Must be, so your so despite to stay in the school you became the school's janitor. Man, you just made yourself much lamer than you already are," Ace laughed. " Is wrangling that raccoon a chore of yours?"

"I am more than some chore," said a familiar voice. Suddenly something jumped off Ace's head and landed on the queen of hearts of statue. 

"you again, I thought you were thrown out," Yuu commented as Eevee growled at him.

"THAT'S GRIM FOR YOU!! Anyways what are you still doing here? If you're still here then I can't enroll in the school," Grim growled. "If I could go home I would, but something is preventing me from doing so. I would rather be going on my journey than being stuck at a school," Yuu said nonchalantly. "Then I'll Just Kick You out My Self!" Grim growled as he shot a ball of blue fire.

"Watch Out Yuu!" Deuce shouted. The blue fire collided and exploded picking up dust and smoke, completely engulfing Yuu and Eevee. Ace, Deuce, and Grim watched in anticipation as the smoke began to clear. Their eyes widened as they saw Yuu and Eevee unscathed and was protected by a light blue bubble.

"W-wha How?!" Grim gasped.

"So you wanna play rough huh? Alright. Ready for round two Eevee? " Yuu asked the pokemon in front of her. As a strong aura surrounded her and Eevee.

"Vee!" Eevee nodded with a smirk.

Grim growled as he shot another ball of blue flames.  "Eevee, Dodge it, and then use Double kick," Yuu commanded.

Eevee dodged the attack and quickly kicked Grim in the face with great power. Grim spat fire at the Eevee as he took the two kicks, burning Eevee's feet. Eevee screeched in pain as he jumped back to Yuu's Side. She knelt and focused her energy at Eevee's feet, soothing the burns.

"You okay Eevee?" Yuu asked. Eevee nodded as he hoped forwards, back into the battle. "Alright, Use sand attack and follow up with a takedown."

Eevee charged at Grim who readied himself for the next attack but was shocked when Eevee turned and kicked dirt into his eyes. Grim quickly tried to rub all the dirt from his eyes, but Eevee ran full force into him sending Grim flying into a tree. Yuu quickly dug into her pocket and pulled out an empty Pokeball and tossed it at Grim. The ball bounced off his head but didn't react, and just rolled on the ground.

"OUCH! What was that?!" Grim growled as he kicked the Pokeball back.

"Huh?" Yuu and Eevee gasped. "Hmm, so you're not a Pokemon."

"Pokemon! Is that what that thing is?!" Grim groaned as he pointed at Eevee.

"That was amazing Yuu and Eevee," Ace cheered.

"So much strength in a small body," Deuce commented.

"Besides why do you even want to go to this school?" Yuu asked Grim.

"I've waited for a long long time for the Black Carriage to come and get me, and yet...and yet it refuses to acknowledge me. So I have to do something myself. I'm never gonna give up, I'm going to be the best wizard," Grim said with great determination. 


"Snivy, well are you sure you don't want a different starter. Most trainers end up returning snivy just end up returning this one. And have to admit this Snivy is a bit frail," The professor's assistant suggested.

a young Yuu turned to Snivy, only to see the hurt in her eyes. She was promptly pushed back when Oshawott and Tepig pushed forward to be picked instead. Snivy's eyes began to water as she watched this new trainer look back and forth between the water and fire pokemon. With a broken sigh, the grass snake slumped away when suddenly a pair of gentle hands picked her up.

"I pick Snivy,"  Yuu smiled. " You and I are gonna take on the world."

"Sni, Snivy," Snivy smiled with shacky confidence.


"EEVEE!" The pokemon called.

Yuu gasped as she was pulled from her thoughts when she looks up to see that Deuce summoned a giant pot to crush Ace, in hopes of stopping him and Grim from fighting. Sadly it did little to break up the fight as Grim spat more fire, but Ace being carless used his wind magic to send it elsewhere. setting the heart queen statue on fire. The Grim monster had long ran from the scene, as headmaster Crowley arrived and he was pissed off.

"I thought earlier I’ve told you to 'not cause an uproar’? Furthermore, to burn black the Great Seven statue! It seems like you want to be expelled so much," Crowley scolded.

"Wait! Not that!" Ace and Deuce gasped. " Well then, Trappola-kun. Deuce-kun. And Yuu-kun.As a punishment, you are all expelled!" Crowley glared at the three.

"E-expelled!? After I finally came this far to get into this school. W-what am I going to tell my mom?!" Deuce panicked. " Surely there is A way to Make Up For What I Have done! Please I'll Do Anything!"

"Anything huh?" Crowley said. "Then I will offer you one chance to make amends. There is a special Chandelier in the cafeteria, its candles burn indefinitely. But the magic crystals that power it are losing their strength. You have to first light of tomorrow to bring a crystal. The gems can be found at Mt.Dwarf."

"We will not let you down," Deuce said. Little did they know, not too far away, Grim listened in closely. With a smirk, he decided to get the crystal for himself, that would prove the mirror right.


(HeadMaster Office)

"Thank you for coming Dorm head Riddle roseheart, at such an hour," Crowley greeted as he explained the whole situation.

"Ace and Deuce burned the queen of hearts statue?! I sincerely apologize for my dormmate's troubles," Riddle bowed.

"They are currently heading to Mt. Dwarf as punishment, they will be back by morning," Crowley explained.

"Certainly," Riddle said as he left the office. But when the doors closed Riddle was furious and wanted to see their heads roll.


After trailing deep into the deep dark and dense woods, the three soon found a long-abandoned cottage not too far from the mines. They searched around the cottage for clues but found nothing, except the blue flamed cat Grim Waiting for them. With a smirk, he easily lit all the candles in the cottage.

"Why didn't you guys think to lit the candles. You guys have magic right?" Yuu asked her human companions.

"W-well using fire is complex, so time and practice is needed," Ace said looking away.

"So you not so amazing as you claim to be after all," Grim mocked.

"Anyways why are you here Grim?" Deuce asked.

"I've come to get that magic stone to make myself more powerful," Grim smirked.

"So why aren't you? You won't find them in this place," Yuu pointed out as Eevee nodded in agreement.

"I-i-i- It's not like I was afraid of anything. I thought I should take pity on you, so I decided to be your caption on this expansion. So follow me to the mines," Grim said proudly as he lead them into the mines.

They dug for hours but sadly found nothing. As the boys grew more and more frustrated they began to argue with each other. Their ego's getting the better of them and not admitting to their faults. Yuu and Eevee simply rolled their eyes as they wandered deeper into the mines. As She did she heard a voice, one was calling out for help, but the other sounded wrong and monstrous. Yuu quickly turned to warn the others.

"Guys get down!" Yuu whispered shouted to them as she pulled them against a sidewall of the cave. Before the boys could ask what was wrong, they heard the monstrous voice. Repeating over and over, " Stone belongs to me".

"Did it say stone, There are still some. We need to follow it!" Deuce said as he turned to follow the voice.

"Are you insane! I'm not risking my life for a rock," Ace said as Grimm nodded in agreement.

" Let's just turn back and through in the towel, getting expelled is better than fighting that thing."

"Screw you... LIKE HELL I'M GONNA QUIT WHEN THE GEMS ARE RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!!" Deuce shouted as he charged the monster.

He tried to face the monster with his fists but failed as he got buried under fallen rubble. The monster turned to the others and charged in a blind rage. Ace grabbed Yuu's arm as h turned to run, but Yuu ran towards the monsters.

"What are you doing!!" Ace screamed as he summoned his wind magic, saving her from falling rocks.

The monster ran towards Grim and Ace as Yuu ran to Deuces' aid. As She helped Deuce to his feet, she heard the scared voice again. Looking down the tunnel, at the end was a small cage with a terrified pokemon! A pokemon with a vaguely humanoid appearance. Its lower body is a conical, gray rock with a large, pink diamond on the side. Its upper body has two arms and is covered by a white material that resembles a dress. Its small, mitten-like hands poke out of the sleeves. Around its neck is a golden, half-circlet with a pink diamond in the center. Its head is gray with purple eyes that have red sclerae and pointed ears. On top of its head is a collection of pink crystals forming a headdress. It was a Diancie!! And in its hands was the magic crystal.

"Deuce look!" Yuu pointed.

"What is that creature, but- wait there's a magic crystal! We found it!" Deuce said in joy.

But it was a bit too loud as the monster turned in rage and charged. Yuu, with a heavy heart, retreated and ran from the monster. They soon managed to outrun the monster, and Ace ripped Deuces a new one with his shouting.

"Guys we need to get that crystal and save that pokemon," yuu said sternly.

"The what?" Ace asked. " What even is that?"

"Are you referring to the monster that was in the little cage?" Deuce asked.

"Yeah, that was a pokemon, a creature from my," Yuu said slowly.

"Does it belong to you?" Grimm asked.

"No, it is wild, but it was calling for help!" Yuu said with urgency.

"All I heard was it repeating "Diancie". Are you sure?" Ace said.

"I am Positive, and it was also holding the magic stone. So two pigeys with one stone," Yuu smiled, but the three looked at her with confusion.

"What is a pigey?" Grim asked.

"Not important, all we need to do is play it smart and work together," Yuu said, but Ace and Deuce refused to.

"No way I'm working with Mr.Reckless," Ace growled. 

"Same to you!" Deuce spat.

"Stop fighting or I'm taking the crystal for myself and leave you in the dust," Yuu scolded.

"Like you could do this by yourself," Ace mocked.

"I have my ways, and to be honest. I may lack magic, but be expelled on the first day, is pretty lame of you," Yuu said as she stood up to leave. Before she could walk further away, the two boys stood up and chased after her.

" So what's the plan then Yuu. If I gotta help you then fine," Ace said.

"Anything but expulsion," Deuce added.


Ace, Grim, and Eevee lead the monster out of the cave and into the forest, as Deuce and Yuu freed the Diancie and quired the stone. After Duece broke the cage, he quickly scooped up Diancie as Yuu grabbed the gem and quickly exited the cave. With the combined efforts of Ace, Deuce, Grim, Eevee, and surprisingly Diancie the monster was crushed. As they stared in awe, as they soon comprehend what happened they cheered and high-fived each other.

"You guys were amazing, good teamwork," Yuu smiled as Eevee hopped onto her shoulder.

"I-It's not like that!" "Don't get the wrong idea!"

"We won cause of my Genius, not cause we worked together," Grim said.

"Whatever you say," Yuu sighed with a chuckle.

But the moment was short-lived as the monster was not done yet. It roared and tried to reach for the Diancie when a powerful burst of fire magic destroyed it for good. Everyone turned to see it was Riddle, with two other boys behind him.

"Dorm head, You came to our rescue!? Thank you so much!" Deuce thanked.

"I did not come here to rescue you. I do not support transgressors," Riddle said coldly. " Ace Tappola, and Deuce spades. You Have Violated Rule 304! On The Day A Hedgehog Sneezes, All Card Soldiers Are to Gather and Sing!! OFF With Your Heads." Riddle waved his magic pen when suddenly a giant pink Gem blocked the magic from reaching the boys. Everyone's eyes widened in shock as the gem slowly disappeared.

"Di Diancie," the little pink crystal pokemon said. Everyone just stared in confusion as the little pokemon continued to speak, but was not understood by the wonderland residence.

"Umm, Diancie said that " She won't let you bring harm her knight in shining armor," Yuu translated.

  "Who?" Riddle asked As Yuu pointed to the pink pokemon.

" And who is... it referring to, the knight thing?"  Ace asked as Diancie pointed to Deuce and continued to speak, and Yuu quickly translated.

"She says that "Normally when a knight saves a princess they are greatly rewarded, not beheaded like a barbarian," Yuu translated.

"Well a creature like you would know nothing of the rules set by the queen of hearts," Riddle spat. " Probably wouldn't be able to comprehend either."

"Don't you dare talk to her that way," Yuu said as she stepped forward. Standing face to face with Riddle.

"This has nothing to do with you or that crystal monster. This is a heartslubuyl matter, and if you don't want to get beheaded as well, then return to the school," Riddle commanded.

"And who are you to tell me anything?" Yuu challenged.

"Excuse me?! I am Riddle Roseheart Drom Leader of Heartsluybl. I have all the authority over you," Riddle glared, his very skin turning red.

Yet Yuu remained calm, and even wore a soft smirk on her face as Riddle screamed in her face.

"You seem a bit tense, why don't you take a nap," Yuu smiled.

"What are. You.. going...On?" Riddle said sleepily as he fell forward, but Yuu quickly caught him before he fell to the ground.

Everyone gasped in shock and they question what happen to Riddle. Yuu smiled and lifted her arm up for a large Butterfly creature to gently land.

"Nice work Beautifly, I was beginning to think the sleep powder wasn't going to work," Yuu smiled.

"Sleep Powder!? What did you do to Riddle senpai?!" Deuce panicked.

"He's sleeping, he'll wake up in the morning feeling great," Yuu said as she handed him over to the green-haired boy.

"Dia Diancie," The jewel pokemon spoke as she pulled at Yuu's pants.

Yuu knelt down and listened to Diancie who whispered in her ears. The Heartslyubl students stood in absolute confusion as they watched Yuu and this gem monster having some sort of conversation, only understanding Yuu's side of the conversation.

"Hey, Grim can you understand that Thing, since your both monsters?" Ace asked.

"No! It's talking gibberish!" Grim spat.

"So how is Yuu able to understand its strange language?" Deuce wondered.

"So Diancie wants to ask you..Mr..."

"Trey clover," Trey smiled nervously.

"Trey, Diancie asks that you don't tell Riddle about what happened. Cause she doesn't want Deuce to get in trouble, but be rewarding for saving her," Yuu translated.

"O-oh, well I guess good acts do deserve some leeway. But He better upholds the rules next time," Trey sighed with a relieved smile.

"No arguments here," The other orange-haired boy smiled.

"Yes, Thank you...Um," Deuce paused and looked to Yuu for an answer.

"Diancie," Yuu answered.

"Thank you Diancie," Deuce thanked.

Diancie whispered something to Yuu, as the human slowly moved Diancie closer to Duece. With a soft chuckled Diancie kissed her hand and tapped Deuces cheek. Deuce jumped back in shock as his cheeks and ears turned a bright red. The group laughed at Deuce's reaction as the Heartslubyl students soon left for the school, leaving Yuu, Diancie, and Grim by themselves.

"Well Your highness, seeing crystal-obsessed monsters live here, you're more than welcome to live in ramshackle with me. It's not wise to leave a princess out in the open like this," Yuu smiled, as Diancie cheered with joy. " Same for you too Grim."

"W-what me?!" Grim stuttered.

"Of course, you did help us beat the monster. So maybe with some haggling, we could convince Crowley to enroll you," Yuu suggested.

"YEAH! I-i mean, you should feel honored that the great Grim will be living with you in the Dorm," Grim Laughed, as Eevee and Diancie rolled their eyes in annoyance. 

Chapter Text

After Presenting Headmaster with the magic crystal, Crowley happily dropped the expulsion he put against us and even allowed Grim to attend as a half student with me. He even gave Grim his own magic gem and gave me a Ghost Camera, thing. He promptly sent us back to our dorm, once again reminding me to keep my pokemon a secret. Good thing I left Diancie at Ramshackle before I came to Him. He would have Assumed that It was mine, and maybe get mad. But as I walked back to the dorm, a bright light appeared in the sky the night sky. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I was able to see what it was. An Ultra Wormhole, and I could have sworn something did come out of it.


CARD GUARDS: Hurry and paint the roses red.
CARD GUARDS: If we don’t hurry, the flowers will wilt!
ACE OF CLUBS: Hurry, hurry! There are still some that aren’t painted!

ALICE: Why are you painting the white roses red?
TWO OF CLUBS: Why you ask? Well, to tell you the truth, we made a mistake and accidentally planted white roses.
ACE OF CLUBS: The Queen loves red, so if she sees white, then it’s off with our heads!
ALICE: Is that so?
THREE OF CLUBS: Yes, it is. That’s exactly why we’re painting them red.


I slowly opened my eyes, only to see that is it was still dark. I tried to lift up my arms, but something was keeping me down, literally. I blinked a couple of times to clear my eyes to see Serperior had her coils wrapped around me. I tried to at least stretch my arms, but my struggling caused Serperior to only snuggle tighter. 

As I sighed and excepted my fate, one of my pokemon came to my room, Chandelure.

"Chandelure!" The Luring pokemon said.

"Who could be visiting at this time? Okay, Serperior I need you to let me go please," I said as I pushed Serperior's head off my stomach.

Quickly making my way down the stairs I could hear the constant banging on the door. With Chandelure lighting my path I was able to make it to the door safely.

"I'm Coming!" I shouted as I finally reached the door.


" It’s me, Ace… Can you let me in for a bit?" Ace asked from the other side of the door.

Yuu sighed as she opened the door to see a pissed-off ace, with a strange collar on his neck. "Ace? Why are you here at this hour…? And what is with the collar?" 

"Geez! I’m never returning to Heartslabyul. I’m gonna be a member of this dorm from here on!" Ace stated out loud.

"Chandelure!" Yuu's ghost pokemon screamed, spooking the poor boy.

"AAAHHH!!" Ace screamed as he hide behind Yuu. "Yuu! What is That?!"

Yuu thought for a moment and just sighed since the Meowth is already out of the bag.

"Chandelure, he's one of my pokemon," Yuu explained. " As long as you don't do anything mean, he'll leave you alone."

"You'll make sure he won't hurt me? Right, Buddy?" Ace smiled nervously.

"I don't know, what do you think Chandelure?" Yuu asked as Chandelure giggled.

Chandelure lead the two to the living room, where Grimm and the other pokemon were waiting for them. Ace stared in awe at the many creatures lounging about the dorm. Chandelure quickly settled above the living room, illuminating the dorm with its purple-blue flames.

"So these are all your Pokemon...Creatures?" Ace asked slowly as many of Her pokemon came in closer to see this strange new person.

"Yep, though these are just a few of them, Since this dorm is small, I have to switch out my pokemon. Just so all of them can stretch their limbs," Yuu explained.

"More?! And what's that Giant snake thing?" Ace asked as he sunk away from Serperior.

"My most trusted friend, Serperior," Yuu smiled as she patted her loyal pokemon's head. " So why are you here anyway?"

"I Ate a tart," Ace began.


Ace went on to explain, how and why he was collared by Riddle. So He came to Ramshackle to avoid Riddle's wrath and hopes in finding aid in Yuu.

"Let’s go apologize to him tomorrow, okay?" Yuu said,

"You’re also at fault for eatin’ his food," Grim added.

"I get it. I just have to apologize, right? You suggested it, so you better come with me, Yuu," Ace said.

"Alright," Yuu agreed.

"In the meantime, where can I sleep?" Ace asked.

" You’re serious about stayin’ the night? The other rooms aside from ours are still full of dust. If you’re gonna sleep here, you better clean it yourself," Grimm said as he went back to his room.

"Ugh, I don’t wanna clean at all. Yuu~ Let me stay in your room~ I’m a pretty handy guy so I won’t take up much room! Please~?" Ace asked as he side hugged Yuu.

"Um no," Yuu said with an embarrassed blush.

"Geez, what's your deal. Were both Dudes, what are you so afraid of? Fine then. I’ll sleep all by my lonesome on the lounge’s sofa. Good night!" Ace sighed.

"Don't worry, Altaria will keep you company Ace," Yuu smiled as the cloud Bird happily approached the boy.

"H-Hey! Wait, Yuu!!" Ace screamed as Altaria enveloped Ace in her cotton cloud wings.

"Goodnight You two," Yuu yawned.

"Yuu Don't Leave Me Alone Here!" Ace tried to call out, But Altaria was already sleeping with her wings tightly wrapped around Ace.


Ace found Altaria surprisingly soft, as he soon dozed off to sleep. Morning arrived quickly after when there was a loud pounding at the door. Altaria quickly woke up and dashed off somewhere, leaving Ace awake and slightly cold on the floor. 

"What the, who the hell’s pounding on the door so early in the morning?" Ace groaned, as Chandelure slowly lowered down to Ace and Chuckled at Ace's rude awaking.

"Hey Chandelure, wanna play a prank on someone?" Ace asked with a smirk.

Chandelure chuckled as it nodded and listened closely. As Yuu sat at her window, enjoying the warm morning sun as Serperior rested her head on Yuu's lap. As the two friends enjoyed the calm, it was abruptly interrupted by a loud Scream from the front door. With a sigh, Yuu and Serperior quickly made their way down the stairs to find Deuce on the floor shaking like a leaf in the wind, as Ace and Chandelure were laughing at him.

"What did you two do to Deuce?" Yuu sighed as she helped the poor boy off the ground.

"Yuu what is that, and That?! What Are All These Creatures n Your Dorm?!" Deuce Asked in slight fright.

Deuce looked around frantically at the wondrous and strange creatures, never seeing such things before, he didn't know how to react.

"These are my friends from my wor- um home," Yuu smiled.

"Why did you bring so many?" Deuce asked in shock.

"Well I'm the one who takes care of them," Yuu said simply as a pokemon rubbed up against her.

"You take care of all of them?! Amazing," Deuce said, very impressed.

"Anyways why are you here Deuce?" Ace asked.

"I heard about the situation from our dormmates. You ate the Prefect’s tart, so now you’ve got that collar on, haven’t you? You’re an outright idiot," Deuce commented.

"Shut it! I don’t wanna hear that from you! So… Is the Prefect still mad at me…?" Ace asked.

"Not completely. He’s in an irritated mood and about three people who didn’t follow the waking up routine suffered the same fate as you," Deuce said slowly.

"So still angry. Got it," Yuu nodded. " Well nothing like the present, so let's get going. Dragonair, Gardevoir, Serperior, Florges, Salazzle, Lapras front and center, please."

"wow wow, Why are you bringing them? Isn't your Eevee dog, strong enough?" Deuce asked.

"Yes, he is strong. But not as strong as some of my others. No offense Eevee," Yuu said, Eevee pouted slightly.

"More...Powerful than Eevee?!" Grim, Ace, and Deuce gasped.

"Wow, I wish I could learn more about them," Deuce said as he looked over the pokemon.

"Really?" Yuu asked, slightly shocked.

"Yeah, but I'm sure you don't know everything," Deuce said.

"Well I can't, but," Yuu said as she pulled out her backpack.

Ace, Grim, and Deuce watched curiously as Yuu started digging through her bag. Soon she pulled out a strange phone-looking device. With a light tap, the device lit up, and a simple face. Two large oval blue eyes and a simple smile, as it chuckled and begin to float.

"Wha! Your phone is Alive?!" Ace gasped.

"This is my phone, but it also serves as a Pokedex. It has info on all the pokemon in the world," Yuu explained. " This device is powered by a pokemon named Rotom."

"Really?!" Grim gacked.

"yep, know if you want to access the Pokedex, just say " Rotom, Pokedex please". And Rotom will activate that setting. Then you just point the camera at any pokemon and Rotom will pull up all the information about the pokemon," Yuu explained.

"Really! I wanna try, Gime gime!" Grim said as he snatched the device, and pointed it to Eevee.

"Eevee, the Evolution Pokémon, Type: normal. Eevee is a unique Pokémon that can adapt to its environment by changing its form and abilities when evolving. Eevee is rarely seen and can adapt to severe habitats by evolving, changing its capabilities and form. Because of its unstable DNA, Eevee possesses a wide variety of evolutionary possibilities hidden inside," 

"My turn," Ace smiled as he snatched the Pokedex from Grim.

As Grim whined Ace pointed the Dex to Chandelure, and Rotom quickly pulled up info on the ghost pokemon.

" Chandelure, type Ghost/fire, the Luring Pokémon and the evolved form of Lampent. Chandelure uses its dancing flames to hypnotize opponents. Being consumed in Chandelure's flame burns up the spirit, leaving the body behind,"

Ace slowly looked up at Chandelure with a slightly frightened." You don't plan on burning me right?"

Deuce slowly took the Dex from ace and pointed to Serperior.

"Serperior, type grass, the Regal Pokémon and the evolved form of Servine. Serperior's glare can halt its opponent's movement. It increases the solar energy it absorbs. They raise their heads to intimidate opponents but only give it their all when fighting a powerful opponent."

"A-amazing!" Deuce said with stars in his eyes.

"Alright that's enough for today, lets get going. Oh and try keeping what you saw here a secret, 'cause I was technically not supposed to share this with you," Yuu said as she recalled her pokemon into their pokeballs.


The group made their way to the halls of mirrors and entered the Heartslabyul's mirror. Inside was an extravagant castle-looking dorm with a card, red and black patterns all over.

"Whoa~! This is super fancy! It’s completely different from our dorm!" Grim awed, as Eevee nodded in agreement.

As they wandered in, they soon found themselves in the rose maze. 

"Oh, no. I gotta hurry and paint these roses red. Oh, someone’s over there. Whoa there~ If there are some left unpainted, it’s off with my head," A voice said from in the maze.

As the boys went deeper into the maze towards the voice, Yuu noticed movement in a nearby bush, and Eevee seemed really excited as he hoped towards it. Without thinking Yuu quickly followed Eevee into the maze. Pushing through the hedges and bushes Eevee and Yuu quickly found what was lurking in the bushes.

It was a Sewaddle, its caterpillar-like shape and leaf hood were recognizable. Eevee happily greeted the baby pokemon and Sewaddle did the same but became nervous at the sight of Yuu. She slowly got on her knees as greeted the bug pokemon, by lightly putting her forehead against Sewaddle's forehead.

"Sewa! Sewaddle!" the sewing pokemon smiled.

"Hello, little one I'm surprised to see that pokemon are in the other dorms. Are you all by yourself?" You asked.

Sewaddle shook its head and said his mother and a few others were hiding in the maze with him. Sewaddle happily leads Yuu and Eevee to a very hidden part of the maze. At first glance, it would have looked like any part of the maze, but on really close inspection the leaves were held together by strong silk.

"Sewa! Ddle! Sewaddle! " Sewaddle called as the wall of leaves were moved to the side, revealing a Leavanny.

The thin, yellow, bipedal insectoid smiled and hugged her baby close to her. As She looked up at Yuu, she gasped in slight shock. Sewaddle quickly reassured his mother that this human was good, and could even understand them. Leavanny stared at Yuu and Eevee for a bit, and with a shy smile welcomed them into the hidden section of the Garden maze. It was a pretty wide-open area with a few arrays of pokemon lounging about. Two Skiddo galloped about the open space, a Mareep, a Dearling, and a Large Gogoat.

The protector of this small group slowly got up from his shade and slowly approached the strange human and Eevee. It waked with a regal strut as it gazed over the two. He slowly lowered his horn to Yuu's hands, wanting her to touch them, and feel what kind of human they are. Upon feeling her gentle hands on his horns, he could feel the gentle patter of her heart, a very kind heart.

"What are you all doing here?" Yuu asked.

The old Gogoat explained of a strange hole opening up out of nowhere and sucked in pokemon, many got away, yet some ended up here. Yuu looked around to see more clearly know, that some of these pokemon were hungry. Being thrown into another world and environment with different foods is dangerous. Just As Yuu was about to say something-

"YUU! YUU Where Are You?!" Ace, Deuce, and Grimm called out.

"I'll be back, and I'll try to bring some food with me," Yuu promised as she turned to return to her group.

Yuu quickly ran out of the hidden garden, and back to the entrance where the boys were waiting.

"Geeze, Yuu. Where did you run off too?" Ace asked as they ran to their first class.

"I'll fill you in later," Yuu said, as they all turned to get to class.


[LOCATION: Laboratory]
[FIRST PERIOD: Magical Alchemy]

" I see you’re the fresh new faces who will be joining my class today. Hmm ~ What an unusual hair color. Not bad at all, I say. Be careful not to take too long to finish, understood? My name is Divus Crewel. You shall refer to me as Master Crewel if you please," The teacher Crewel said.

" Come, take your seats. It’s time for class to begin. First off, a few disclaimers. I shall have your tiny brains remember hundreds of names of medicinal herbs and poisonous plants. And mushrooms are a whole different topic. I’ll have you remember them so that you don’t accidentally poison yourself if you eat some when you go for a walk. Dogs love to eat anything they see, after all. I don’t want to see anyone getting a failing mark during the exam, so I shall be as strict as I can," he continued.

"I see. By the way, what are “’ shrooms”? " Deuce asked.

" Ugh… I’m pretty bad with memorization…" Ace groaned.

" If it’s grass, we just have to figure out if it’s delicious or not, yanno?"

"Well no, you eat the wrong plant. You could end up poisoning yourself," Yuu said sternly


[LOCATION: Classroom]
[SECOND PERIOD: Magical History]

"I am Trein, the professor in charge of Magical History. And this is my familiar, Lucius. I shall have you learn the history behind the magic that you are using now," The older man introduced.

"(meow) Greetings," Lucius meowed.

"I do not only grade by your reports, but also by how you behave in my classroom. I will not tolerate sleeping in class. Now then, please turn to page 5 of your textbooks. This is related to the magic stone that was discovered inside the Dwarf Mines," Trein said simply. "The discovery of this jeweled to magical energy being able to spread worldwide. It could also be considered as the 1st year magic was made possible."

"(Get on it)" Lucius meowed.

As Yuu and Deuce listed closely to the lecture, Gim and Ace were all ready to fall into dreamland.


[LOCATION: Sports Field]
[THIRD PERIOD: Physical Education]

" I’m Vargas and I’m in charge of watching over your physical education. Excellent magic starts with excellent bodies! Behold…! These muscles that I train every day! A magician with no stamina is unspeakable! First, do 20 laps around the field! And then, 100 sit-ups!" Vargas smiled as he flexed his muscles.

" Eh… I don’t hate exercise, but I can’t handle teachers like him," Ace sighed.

" I have confidence in my physical abilities," Deuce smirked.

" What’s so fun about running around? I’m not a hamster, yanno?" Grim scoffed.

" I walked across continents, I think I can handle this," Yuu smiled as she stretched.


[LOCATION: Cafeteria]

" Yeah! It’s finally lunch time~~~!!! I see a lotta delicious stuff already~! A fluffy omelet! Grilled chicken and a bacon & egg tart!!!!!!!!" Grim shouted in excitement. " Yuu! I wanna have some grilled chicken! Come on, there’s only one more left! Oh, and omelets, too! And bread and jam! Go get them all!"

"Alright alright. What do you want Eevee?" Yuu asked as she began to put food on her tray. But as she did, she accidentally bumped into someone.

STUDENT A: AH!? Hey, you bastard! My pasta’s soft-boiled egg is on the floor ‘cause you bumped into me!

STUDENT B: Oh, man~ The soft-boiled egg’s the best part of carbonara.

STUDENT B: How’re you gonna pay for that, huh, punk!?

STUDENT A: Guess I’ll just have to make do with you giving me that grilled chicken you’ve got there.

"You're threatening us over an egg? That's beyond childish and stupid," Yuu sighed.

STUDENT B: Huh? That how a freshie should talk to his senior? HOW RUDE!

"And Why should I care about how you feel," Yuu said as she rolled her eyes.

"S-senpai, using magic for personal gain is against the rules…" Deuce said, stepping in front of Yuu.

STUDENT A: Personal gain? This is a lesson from your seniors, you punks!

STUDENT B: Grit your teeth!

Eevee growled and puffed up his fur as he hopped down from Yuu's Shoulder and glared at the two boys. The two boys stared down at the little creature and chuckled. As they stepped closer Eevee quickly used hyper voice, sending the two seniors flying across the room. Shaken the two quickly ran from the Cafeteria, everyone just stared in shock for a while, but slowly started to return to their conversations.

"Well know that's done, lets get a seat," Yuu said as she picked up Eevee. 


Chapter Text

"Heh! All bark and no bite! Serves them right!" Grim smiled proudly.

"In any case, let’s just eat some lunch. I missed breakfast and I’m about to pass out, man," Ace groaned.

"That was quite the predicament. To think that there would be such brutes in a prestigious magic school," Deuce sighed in disappointment. 

"Alright, let’s get back to business! I’m digging in~! Oh! This is so good! The omelet is so fluffy, and the cheese is so melty~!" Grim smiled as he munched on the food. "By the by, I saw your guys’ dorm a while ago, but what do the other dorms look like?"

"Yeah, do all the dorms look like that? Or at least that grand?" Yuu asked as Eevee at a donut.

" You’ve seen the statues of the Great Seven by Main Street, right? This school has seven dorms based on them," Said a voice.

"Ugh! You’re the dude from this morning!" Ace shouted.

"He’s the guy who tricked us into painting the roses red!" Grim growled.

"Paint... The roses... Red?" Yuu asked slowly.

" I didn’t trick you, you know~? It’s not like I wanted to do that either. I only did it ‘cause it’s the Dorm’s rules," The boy explained.

" You looked so happy about it though," Deuce glared.

"There, there, Deucey~ The rules don’t matter outside the dorms so, Cate here is just your very gentle senior~," The boy smiled.

" So your name is Cate?" Yuu asked.

"Oh no no, My name is Cater, Cater Diamond," Cater introduced.

"Oh, nice to meet you. My Name Is Yuu and this is Eevee," Yuu smiled. 

"Oh, so you're the guy from the ceremony, so this is your Familiar? He's so cute, mind if I take a picture?" Cater asked.

'Do I look that much like a guy?' Yuu wondered to herself.

"Haha. That’s how Cater expresses his affection, you know? Cater, the newbie’s backing away. Keep it to a minimum," The green-haired boy said.

"And you are?" Grim asked.

"Oops, my bad. My name’s Trey, Trey Clover. I’m a Heartslabyul 3rd year alongside Cater," Trey smiled.

"Ahaha! Sorry, sorry~! So, you guys were asking about the Dorms? That’s nice~! A fresh convo! Big bro here will tell you everything~!" Cater smiled as he explained all of the other dorms and their differences. 

As Cater did that, Trey pointed out the main features of each dorm student. Like how Savanaclaw was mostly beastmen, Pomfiore is full of people who value beauty, and Ignihyde is full of creative and smart investors. This is where Yuu learned that this was an all-boys school, so many revealing her gender isn't a good idea.

" TBH, Malleus is sorta like, the most awesome of the awesome. Well, our Prefect’s pretty dangerous, too~," Cater smiled.

"You’re telling me! He puts a collar on someone just for eating his tart? He’s the worst, no doubt!" Ace growled.

"Hm~? I’m the worst?" Said a familiar voice.

"Yeah. Only a tyrant will keep up with those kinda rules. Gimme a break." Ace continued.

"GEH! Prefect?!" Ace gasped.

" Hey there, Riddle! You look super cute today, too~." Cater complemented.

" Hmph. Keep talking like that, Cater, and it will be off with your head, too," Riddle threatened 

" Come on now~ Please go easy on me~," Cater chuckled nervesly.

" Ah!? This is the guy who put that weird collar on Ace!" Grim gasped.

" You two are the ones who caused a ruckus yesterday, aren’t you? Would you refrain from referring to someone’s unique magic as “a weird collar”? Good grief, the Headmaster is too soft. Letting someone off the hook for not following the rules once will break the foundation. All those who don’t follow the rules should just say goodbye to their heads," Riddle threatened.

"His words don’t match his cute face," Ace whispered to Eevee, who chuckled.

"The Headmaster may have forgiven you, but the next time you break the rules, I won’t let you off so easily," Riddle glared.

"Um… By the way, Prefect… Is it possible for you to remove this collar?" Ace asked nicely.

"After what he heard, I think your chance of a quick resolve is long gone," Yuu deadpanned.

"Yuu is indeed correct," Riddle said simply.

" I’ll have you walk around like that for a while longer. You don’t have to worry. The 1st years’ lessons are focused more on classroom learning rather than magic training. If you can’t use magic, then something like yesterday’s ruckus should be impossible. It’s perfect, isn’t it? Now, if you’re done eating, hurry and go to your next class. Rule #271 of the Queen of Hearts: “You must not spend more than 15 minutes sitting at the table after you’ve eaten.”You know what happens when you break the rules, don’t you?" Riddle continued.

"Such an odd rule," Yuu commented.

"Answer me with “Yes, Prefect!" Riddle commanded.

"Yes, Prefect!" Deuce and Ace shouted.

"Now, now. I’ll see them off, don’t worry," Trey smiled nervously.

"Hmph. You’re the Vice Prefect, so you better do your job properly. As stated by the Queen of Hearts’ Rule #339, “After-meal lemon tea should have nothing more or less than 2 sugar cubes in it.”To protect that rule, I shall need to buy more sugar cubes at the school store. I’ll be taking my leave now," Riddle stated as he walked off.

HEARTSLABYUL STUDENT B: Did the Prefect leave…?

HEARTSLABYUL STUDENT A: I completely forgot to follow Rule #186: “Never eat hamburg steak on Tuesdays.” so I was wondering what he’d do if he found out…

HEARTSLABYUL STUDENT B: (sighs) Giving us a bit of freedom won’t hurt him, you know?

"So for Riddle to forgive Ace, we need to make another tart then? I'm guessing?" Yuu asked.

"Yep, return what you stole after all," Cater nodded.

"Still, isn’t a whole tart a little bit expensive?" Deuce commented.

"Ugh… I don’t have that much money though," Ace sighed.

"Then why not make some~? Those tarts were all made by Trey here, y’know~?" Cater said.


Thankfully Trey is an excellent baker and was willing to Help Ace make. Thou, only if we help him gather the ingredients.

"Go, go~! We’re goin’ chestnut picking~!" Grim Cheered. " Whoa! There are a lotta chestnuts here! If we have this much, then it’s all-you-can-eat marron tarts for us! Gehehe… Let’s hurry and—Ouch!!" Grim cried.

"You okay Grim?" Yuu asked.

"Gah! The chestnut’s thorns dug into my paw pads!" Grim cried.

" Looks like it’ll be impossible to pick them up with bare hands. I would also like to have a bucket to place them all in, too," Deuce thought.

" Maybe we can find those things in the botanical garden?" Ace suggested.


[LOCATION: Botanical Garden – Temperate Zone]

The Garden was larger on the inside than what could have been assumed on the out. If Crowley would let her, she would have let her pokemon rest inside here instead.

"Hey, come look at this. It looks like there’re tonsa of fruits here! They smell so good!" Grim smiled.

"maybe I could grow my fruits in here," Yuu mumbled as she took in the grandness of the garden.

As She walked about the bright garden, she was unaware of a tail laying in front of her path.

"Ouch!" A voice growled. 

Yuu quickly looked down to see that she had stepped on a tail. A long one that looks similar to that of a Pyroar's, but a dark brown chocolate color. Soon a tall muscular young man with brown skin with thick, messy brown hair with two braids on either side and lion ears towered above her. His green eyes glaring at her E/c colored eyes with a growl.

"Hey. You’ve got guts stepping on someone’s tail without apologizing," He growled."I went here thinking I can have a peaceful nap, but then my tail gets stepped on. This’s the worst."

"Umm, well I apologize and I guess next time don't sleep on the ground," Yuu said as she tried to walk around him.

"You… Ah, you’re the little herbivore that the Mirror said can’t use magic. Hmph," Leona scoffed as he grabbed her arm, and pulled her close.

He slowly began to sniff her, but Yuu froze, unsure of what this weirdo was doing. As the lion boy took in the smell, he found many strange smells on this bo-.... No girl?!

"What is a female doing in NRC?" The lion boy said with a stern glare.

"What?" Yuu asked in surprise.

"Don't play innocent. Who are You?! Are you a spy?!" The lion boy growled.

"No, and why would I spy on you. You don't seem to be anyone of importance," Yuu glared back.

"You... Have no idea who I am?" The boy asked with a scoff.

"No," Yuu said as she pulled her arm free from the lion boy. 

"Fine, so if your no spy. Then what are you doing in this school?" The boy asked.

"Cause I'm stuck here and I only learned that this was an all-boys school... Like an hour ago," Yuu said simply. " So when I do learn how to return home then I will gladly leave and return to my adventures," Yuu said.

"Your Adventures?" The boy asked, with suspicion in his tone. 

"yeah, I was in the middle of something, being stuck in a school is not a part of it," Yuu said as she scooped up Grim. " Also, are all beastmen able to smell... Genders?"

"The smart ones at least, and all the strange smells on you are distracting enough. But still, you should be more careful in this school. We don't exactly have the friendliest group of people, so why hasn't the headmaster Done anything to help you?" Leona asked.

"Not sure, probably he thinks I'm a guy, like everyone else," Yuu mumbled.

"You didn't tell him?!" Leona growled.

"Well, what if he kicks me out, then I will have nowhere to go," Yuu said," And You know Ramshackle isn't too bad. Just needs a few fix-ups."

"Ramshackle?! You mean that dump, he stuck you there? What is that idiot thinking," Leona sighed?

"You changed your tune when you realized I'm a girl, Why?" Yuu asked.

"Were you born under a rock, that is not how you treat females, it is just an unsaid rule," Leona explained, but Yuu just stared in confusion.

"Alright, but I think I should get going. Have fun at doing whatever it was," Yuu said as she turned to leave.

"Don't get caught," Was all Leona said." What a strange girl,"


[LOCATION: Kitchen]

" Welcome back. I see you’ve picked a bunch," Trey welcomed them with a smile.

" You can make a gigantic tart with these!" Grim said with a proud smile.

" Though, you’ll end up doing more work, but… Do your best," Trey said as he handed everyone an apron. 

" All of this, huh… I feel like we’ll be here for a long time," Deuce sighed.

"Preparing beforehand is necessary when making dessert," Trey said simply.

" Yeah, yeah, I get it. Let’s just get it over with!!" Ace said with fire in his eyes.

(an hour later)

"Ah…!! We finally finished peeling them all!" Ace sighed in relief.

"My arms hurt…" Deuce whined.

As Yuu finished peeling the last chestnut, she couldn't help but feel like they were being watched very intently. It certainly wasn't the kitchen ghosts, but Yuu just couldn't put her finger on it.

" Haha. Great work. I’m sure that your hard work will all be worth it," Trey smiled. "The marron base uses butter and sugar. And then, I also added some oyster sauce as a secret ingredient."

"Oyster sauce?!" Everyone gasped.

"Exactly. The savory flavor of the chestnuts gives the cream a rich flavor. And then, to make it better, I use this “Walrus-brand young oyster sauce.” There’s no famous pâtissière who doesn’t use this for their tarts, you know?" Trey smiled.

"Really…? It’s a pretty salty sauce, isn’t it?" Deuce asked.

" You know how they put chocolate in curry, too? It kinda makes sense," Ace said as he started to pour the sauce.

Suddenly a pink, yellow, and blue blur rushes past Yuu and swipes the Oyster souyse from Ace's hand.

"Alcre! Emie! Alcremie!" the Cream Pokémon screamed.

Everyone else in the room screamed in shock at the blob of the living milk and cream monster. Yuu and Eevee just stared wide-eyed at the whole situation as Ace, deuce, and Grim hide behind Yuu. While Trey and Cater quickly backed away from the creature in shock.

"Yuu! What Is That?!" Ace screamed.

"Did one of Your creatures get out!?" Deuce asked in shock.

"What is that thing?!" Trey and cater asked.

"Ugh, Rotom, Pokedex mode please," Yuu sighed as her rotom phone appeared.

"Alcremie, type fairy, Rainbow Swirl form. The moment it evolved, it took on a complex flavor. This is because of the way its cells spontaneously shifted during evolution. When it trusts a Trainer, it will treat them to berries it's decorated with cream, When Alcremie is content, the cream it secretes from its hands becomes sweeter and richer," The dex explained.

"It's nothing to be afraid of, Alcremie is just trying to prevent Ace from ruining the tart," Yuu explained.

"What?" Ace asked.

" Alcremie is a pokemon that greatly appreciate backed sweets and candies, She didn't want you to put the wrong ingredients in the mixer," Yuu continued.

"S-so it was just helping?" Deuce asked.

"Yes, Alcremie are generally friendly and harmless pokemon. Alcremie wanted to help with the baking," Yuu smiled.

"Wants to help?" Trey asked

"Yes, she says " we want to help make the tarts," Wait we?" Yuu asked the cream pokemon.

Alcremie smiled and began to call out to the others within the Kitchen. Soon bursting out from their hiding places 8 other Alcremie, all different flavors appeared and climbed onto the table. The boys just stared wide-eyed as the little creatures moved about the table and began to mix the cream, clean the chestnuts, and mix the dough.

"W-what is happening right now?" Cater smiled as he started recording.

"Umm, apparently cream monsters are helping us make tarts," Trey said slowly, having a hard time believing what he is seeing.

As they watched in absolute confusion, an Alcremie that was a faint blue with berry sweets in its crown quickly ran over to Trey.

"Alcre Alcremie," Alcremie mint said.

Trey slowly side-eyed Yuu, asked silently for some sort of Translation. "Oh, Alcremie mint is saying that there isn't enough Cream for all the chestnuts," Yuu translated.

" The fresh cream—Ah!  I got carried away with the chestnuts you picked that I went overboard with making the marron base. We’re a little short on fresh cream," Trey gasped in realization. " Thank you Alcremie."

"Alcremie," Mint chirped.

"I’ll go buy some. Do they sell it in the school store?" Deuce asked.

"That shop sells pretty much anything, so I’m sure it should be there. Can I ask you to buy some other stuff while you’re at it? Two packs of milk, two cartons of eggs, silicon cups, and five canned fruits," Trey asked.

"I don’t think I can carry all of that alone… Yuu, will you come with me?" Deuce asked.

"This is gonna be my first time visiting the school store though. So Sure why not," Yuu shrugged.


[LOCATION: Mr. S’s Mystery Shop]

The shack seemed old and even unkempt, but the inside was even strange with seemingly random items on display cases.

"Pardon us! Whoa, what an amazing shop… Crystal skulls, magical texts, and… wh-what sort of animal is this…? Can we really find some fresh cream here?" Deuce asked.

"Hey! Little lost lambs, what can I help you with? Welcome to Mr. S’s Mystery Shop. What is it that you wish for today? A charm against cheating? An ancient king’s mirror? Or maybe, some cursed tarot cards?" The strange Sam person said, appearing out of nowhere.

"Wha–!? You startled me!" Yuu gasped.

"Um… We would like to buy the things written on this note," Deuce said, slightly startled.

"What do we have here~? Fresh cream and eggs… Oh, my! What a pretty sweet line-up~ OK! I shall bring them out now," Sam smiled as he went into the back.

"That is a very... Interesting person," Yuu said slowly as Sam returned.

"Here, thank you for the wait. It is rather heavy, so are you sure you can carry them all?  If you act now, I can throw in a special bag to carry all of those things for 30% off of its original price~!" Sam offered.

"W-we’ll have to decline!" Yuu smiled as she picked up the stack of eggs.

"OK, OK! Then, I shall be waiting for your return, lost little lambs! Bye, ~!" Sam waved.


[LOCATION: Main Street]

"Yuu, the bag with the canned fruits is heavy, isn’t it? I’ll hold it for you. I’m experienced with carrying heavy loads," Deuce said as he took some of her load.

"You have experience?" Yuu asked in confusion.

"Yeah, Mother always takes me with her during timed sales. She buys a lot, so I end up helping her with the bags. I’m the only man in the family, so I’m used to helping a lot with hard labor. Ah, I’m sorry… I keep talking about myself," Deuce said bashfully.

"No that's nice that you helped your mother. I like to spend time with my grandparents, but I never helped out much since they had servents," Yuu smiled a little ashamed.

"What about your parents?" Deuce asked.

"Oh, I- Ouch!" Yuu screamed as she was pushed back, dropping a few eggs.

"Yuu are you okay?  Damn it! All the eggs in the carton broke! The plastic bag’s now reeking with eggs…!" Deuce growled as he turned to the culprit.

STUDENT A: That hurt! Where the hell’re ya lookin’ at—Wha—

STUDENT A: You’re the guys who ruined my carbonara’s soft-boiled egg during lunch today!

STUDENT B: Damn, it’s you guys again. Ya better give us a break~

"Aren’t you the ones at fault for bumping into me? Even during lunch. The egg wasn’t really that badly harmed, but you made a huge scene out of it. Our carton of eggs is totally ruined, though," Deuce glared.

"Deuce, it's alright. Most of the eggs are okay," Yuu said, trying to calm Deuce.

STUDENT A: The hell? You sayin’ it’s my fault, then?

"Yes, please pay us back for the eggs. And also, please apologize to the chickens," Deuce growled.

STUDENT B: Hah~? Makin’ a ruckus over eggs, are we?

STUDENT A: It didn’t hit the ground so you can still eat it. Stop makin’ a fuss over little things.

STUDENT B: Ya better be thankful they broke inside the plastic bag!

STUDENT A & B: (laugh)

"I told you to stop laughing, damn it!! You ain’t got no choice but to apologize for something that’s your fault! these eggs will be used to make a delicious tart in place of turning into chicks, bastard!! Do you understand me, huh!?" Deuce shouted in Anger.

STUDENT B: Wh-what’s with him all of a sudden…?!

Soon it turned into a full-out brawl as Deuce single-handedly defeated the jerks, quickly sending them packing.

"Apologize to the eggs a hundred times before you stuff your faces next time, dumbass!!" Deuce shouted at the running students.

"Deuce, Calm down," Yuu said."What happened to you!?"

"I-I did it again… I promised myself that I’d be a model student for sure this time, and yet…!" 

"Would you, like to talk about it?" Yuu asked.

"I wanted to be different from who I was back in middle school… I always skipped classes, and I got into fights every day. I didn’t show respect to teachers and I hung out with a bad ilk of seniors. Even my hairstyle was pretty wild back then, too. I fought with anyone who I could fight with… I used magic even on guys who couldn’t use magic. I was an overall bad person then," Deuce explained.

"Wow, You sure didn't seem like the person," Yuu said slowly. " Though I feel like I caught a glimpse of it here and there."

"But one night while I was hiding from view… I saw my mother cry and talk to my grandmother about it. She was asking her where she went wrong with raising me, and about whether she was a bad parent for how I turned out. But that’s not it at all. She’s not to blame! Everything’s my fault!" Deuce shouted as his eyes watered slightly.

" That’s why, when the black carriage from the prestigious Night Raven College came to pick me up, I made sure that I will never take that smile away from my mother again.  I made up my mind to become a model student that my mother can be proud of. And yet… Damn it…!" Deuce continued.

"Yet you did show some restraint, and you beat up those guys cause they hurt me right?" Yuu asked.

"Yeah, for the most part," Deuce mumbled.

"Even model students have the right to be angry sometimes," Yuu smiled.

" I see… Hehe, the chicks will probably feel at ease now, too, huh?" Deuce smiled.

"This is kinda hard to say, but those eggs don’t turn to chicks. Those eggs aren’t fertilized, so they won’t hatch into chicks in the first place," Yuu said, sadly breaking the news.

" Wh-what?!?!?! You’ve gotta be kidding me!!!!!!" Deuce gasped,  his mind completely blown.

"But umm, if it makes you feel better, I have a Pokemon egg that will hatch sometime soon. Which I am carrying, so at least you saved that one," Yuu smiled sadly.

"I did? wait!? Why are you carrying it around?!" Deuce asked in a panic.

"Cause it helps the hatching process," Yuu said simply. " But when the time comes, I'll make sure you'll be the first one to see it."

"Thank You, Yuu," Deuce smiled,

Chapter Text

As Deuce and Yuu entered the Kitchen. They quickly paused when they saw Trey surrounded by the Alcremie, seemingly chatting with them about baking and all sorts of things. Some of the Alcremie rested on his shoulders, others hugged his arms, while the rest were trying to help him mix the dough.

"So what's going on?" Deuce asked Ace.

"Well as the pokemon was helping out, some of them were having trouble and Trey started to help them. Then he started talking to them, and that's how that happened. Oh and Cater took a bunch of Pitcures," Ace explained.

"You know, I think you guys would like sugar-coated Lavenders. next time I should bring you some," Trey said to the Alcremies, as they cheered with excitement.

He seemed to be enjoying their closeness and help, even if his clothes were getting a little dirty. Yuu couldn't help but smile at the little interaction.

"Umm, we got all the ingredients," Yuu called.

"Oh, great the Alcremie and I were able to get most of the other ingredients ready. And the Alcremie were so helpful, it was like having an entire baking team," Trey smiled.


"Alright, the last step is to sprinkle some powdered sugar on top and then," Trey said as Alcremie Lemon sprinkled sugar.

"We’re done~!!" Ace and Grim cheered.

"Hooray!" Deuce and Yuu shouted.

"Who knew that making desserts would take this long? I’m so tired…" Ace sighed.

"Nice work~ ♪ Did you finish the tarts? The decoration looks so cute~! It’s totally ‘grammable! Let me take a pic~," Cater smiled.

"AH! Where did you go when we were baking?" Ace asked.

" I came to check on my cute little juniors ‘cause you were doing your best~ Ahaha, you look dead tired!" Cater chuckled.

"Doing things you’re not used to can be tiring. In any case, sweets are the solution for a weary body," Trey said as all the Alcremie agreed.

"Have some of our freshly made marron tart.'' is what Alcremie salted cream says," Yuu translated.

"You know Yuu, I think it's pretty cool how you can understand them. How did you learn to speak with them?" Trey asked.

"Ummm... I don't know actually. I just could," Yuu shrugged.

"Maybe that's thanks to the tiny amount of magic you have," Cater suggested.

"Maybe, it's a mystery that may never be understood," Yuu smiled.

"I mean it's not that amazing, many strong wizards can understand nonhuman language," Ace sighed.

"Well if that's the case then you should be able to understand them in no time," Yuu said. " I can finally stop being your translate."

"He did say strong wizard, so Ace won't be able to get a hold of it anytime soon, or at all," Grim said simply.

"Wanna Say That Again To My Face, Grim?!" Ace growled.

"… Alright! The night is deep. Let’s give the tart to the Prefect at the unbirthday party, okay? 2 days from now is the Unbirthday Party. Don’t be late, got it?" Trey said, trying to stop the fight.

"Yuu, can we sleepover again~? It seems like this bully senpai won’t let me back in yet~?" Ace asked.

" Oh, my~ What passive-aggressive wording~," Cater smiled.

"Hey, Ace. Don’t rely on Yuu too much," Deuce interrupted.

"He’s right! You better pay rent if you’re gonna stay with us again! Ten canned tunas!" Grimm added with a shout.

" Eh?! Am I supposed to sleep outside then?!" Ace gasped.

"How about we have Deuce stay over in Yuu’s dorm, too, to help keep an eye on Ace. I’ll give you permission as the vice head of the dorm," Trey smiled.

"Aren’t you being too soft on them, Trey-kun!? How nice~ Hey, Yuu, can I stay with you guys, too?" Cater asked with a smile.

"You’re not included. Then, I’m sorry for leaving our two boys in your care again, Yuu. See you soon," Trey waved.

"Same to you too," Yuu nodded.


(1day later)

As Yuu wonder the halls of the school, she noticed a little stable out in the fields. So with great haste, Yuu made her way to the wide-open field to check out the range. It seemed that no one was there, and the animals resting in the stable seemed to be minding their own business. 

'this would be a great place to bring'- "Yuu what are you doing here?" A familiar voice asked. 

Yuu turned to see it was the heartslyabul dorm head Riddle, on a horse.

"Oh, hello Riddle. Nice seeing you out here," Yuu greeted.

"I hope you're not causing trouble," Riddle said simply as he climbed off his horse.

"Still rude as usual. So why are you out here?" Yuu asked.

"Simple. I'm a part of the Equestrianism club," Riddle answered. " Why are you out here?"

"Well, I just happened across this place. And I was thinking maybe I could bring my filly familiars out here. You know to stretch their legs," Yuu explained. " Maybe I could bring them later tonight."

"Why at night, are you up to something?!" Riddle asked with Suspicion. 

"No, just want to a quiet place for my poke- Familiars to run around. Mr.crowley doesn't want me to let them roam in the open for people to see," Yuu said quickly.

"Why would Mr.Crowley want you to hide your Familiars. If there is anything like your dog familiar, then it shouldn't be a problem," Riddle said.

"Yeah, but I'll just play it safe, and come later at night," Yuu shrugged.

"Well, how can I trust that you will follow the rules around the stables and stay within School curfew?" Riddle asked with a slight glare.

" If you want to watch like a weirdo, your free to come. I'll be here at 6 pm. See ya Riddle," Yuu said as she quickly walked away.

"Wha- Hey, I-I didn't agree to anything!" Riddle called out.


(Later that night) 

Riddle returned after that night, not cause he was invited or so He told himself. Quickly making his way to the field, he saw a lone figure standing in the middle of it. As he slowly approached, the moon's glow broke through the clouds revealing it was Yuu.

"So you here, hurry and do what you need to. Even if you may not be a Heartslyabul student I won't have you break the rules," Riddle said.

"Oh, you actually came. Well alright then. Come on Out Ponytas," Yuu shouted as she tossed two Pokeballs into the air.

As the red and white Pokeballs flew into the air. The capture tools opened, releasing two horse-shaped pokemon. Two Ponyta's appeared one had red flaming main while the other has blue flames. Riddles eye's widened in awe and shock as he watched the two filly pokemon dash around the field as their manes light up the dark.

"W-what are those and why are they on Fire?!" Riddle asked the pokemon trainer. 

"That's how they are, they were born like that," Yuu said simply as the blue-maned ponyta approached them. "These creatures are called Ponyta. Its mane is made of intense flames."

"They look beautiful, but the flames must make them dangerous. How could one even ride them?" Riddle asked, completely puzzled.

"Like this," Yuu said as she climbed onto the blue flaming Ponyta's back.

Riddle wanted to scream in concern, not wanting them to get horribly burnt. But once his eyes saw that Yuu was not burning at all, his mind began to race with even more questions. Before he could even ask more questions, Yuu and blue were already running apps around the perimeter of the field. At speeds that not even normal horses could dream of moving at. As he was trying to gather his thoughts the orange-maned Ponyta quickly approached him. The Ponyta pranced happily over to him, wanting to have a rider too.

"Ummm, h-hello Ponyta?" Riddle said slowly as the horse pokemon jumped excitedly, trying to get riddle onto her back.

"She wants you to get on her back. She thinks you are being left out and wants you to join in!" Yuu shouted from a distance.

"Umm, is her flames safe?" Riddle asked shakily.

"Yeah, she trusts you, so her flames won't burn you," Yuu explained.

Riddle hesitated, but he slowly put his hand out while closing his eyes, waiting to be burned. Yet Ponyta was too excited to wait and put her head in his palms. Riddle flinched but slowly opened his eyes to see his hands on the flaming mane, not burning. He breathed a sigh of relief as Ponyta started to push a little more into his hand. 

"Alright alright, just hold still," Riddle said as Ponyta slowly settled down.

Riddle slowly climbed onto the flaming ponies back, as Ponyta neighed in excitement. Riddle held on tightly as Ponyta started to trot very quickly around the field, and made their way over to Blue and Yuu. Riddle was still in awe at the fact that he is riding a flaming pony, almost at night.

"Hey, Riddle how about a little race. Winner gets one question," Yuu suggested.

"Why would I do that and what kind of reward is that?" Riddle asked with an unimpressed glare.

"Well, if you are too intimidated then that's alright," Yuu said sarcastically.

"Fine, just one race, and you should watch what you say to your senior," Riddle said his head held high, and Ponyta happily copying him.

Yuu and Blue couldn't help but chuckle at the sight as they lined up for a race. Riddle was indeed a very skilled rider and was able to Beat Yuu and Blue by a full neck.

"Satisfied first year?" Riddle asked with a smirk." Since I am the victor, I guess I get that one question... So... Where are you from? I know it's not from anywhere in Twisted wonderland. Your creatures aren't like any in this world. So, Who are and where did you come from?" Riddle asked.

Yuu hesitated for a moment. " I am Y/n l/n, but I liked to be called Yuu. I am the champion of Unova, my home country," Yuu said with a straight face.

Riddle smirked and laughed as he got off Ponyta. " huh If you were going to tell such a bald-faced lie. You could have made a more realistic lie."

Yuu at first wanted to growl and shout that he was wrong when a strange feeling of nostalgia washed over. Memorise of the past washed over her, when she first started her journey, so many relatives and rivals in her life would laugh at her. Her goal is to beat every champion and gym leader in the world. She almost forgot to forget that feeling when she became champion herself and got to rub it in their rivals' faces. Suddenly Blue snorted in anger as he stomped his hooves into the ground. Riddle was about to grab his pen when the red flamed Ponyta quickly got in between her rider and her brother.

"Wow, Wow Blue, everything is okay. Blue return," Yuu said as she summoned Blue back into his Pokeball. " You did a good job at staying cool Tart."

"Tart?" Riddle asked.

"That's her nickname," Yuu said simply. " Blue is her brother, so I give them nicknames to differentiate when calling. Tart is her name cause she's sweet with a bit of sass."

"I... See. Anyways maybe I should have worded my statement better. If you choose to be dishonest, could it have been a bit more realistic?" Riddle asked.

" You can believe what you want, but I know what I say is true," Yuu said as Ponyta nuzzled Riddle a goodbye. " Tart really seems to like you. Normally she stays away from any new person."

"I always had a small effect on creatures, maybe that's why," Riddle said simply as he patted Tart's head.

Tart neighed and nickered as at Yuu, who nodded in understanding. " Tart wants to ask you to ride again, She says she has a good feeling that you two will be good friends," Yuu translated.

"Again? Well... If time allows it, maybe," Riddle said hesitantly as he turned to leave. " Oh and Schools curfew is upon us, so it's best you hurry back to your dorm." 

"See ya soon," Yuu waved.


Tomorrow is the unbirthday party.









Chapter Text

QUEEN OF HEARTS: How dare you defile my roses! You better prepare yourselves!

3 OF CLUBS: Oh, please spare me, my Queen! The one to blame is him–!

2 OF CLUBS: It is not my fault, it’s Ace’s fault!

QUEEN OF HEARTS: Was it you?

ACE OF CLUBS: No, my Queen! It was 2!

QUEEN OF HEARTS: So, it is 2’s doing?

2 OF CLUBS: It is not me, I swear! It’s 3!

QUEEN OF HEARTS: Enough! Off with your heads, the three of you!

CARD GUARDS: (shrieks and whistle)


2 OF DIAMONDS: We have no other choice because you got the colors of the roses wrong.

3 OF SPADES: Mistaking white for red was a foolish mistake.


"Is it okay to punish them just because they got the color of the roses wrong? Why does no one stop the Queen?" Yuu wondered as she petted Serperior's head.

"Wake up, Yuu. Today is the Unbirthday Party, remember? It’s off with our heads if we’re late," Deuce knocked on her door.

"Give me a minute," Yuu sighed. " Could you feed my pokemon in the meantime? The food is on the kitchen counter," 

Deuce agreed and quickly made his way down the stairs and to the kitchen. Like Yuu said on the counter was a large container of what looked like kibble. Ace and Grim were messing with Rotom phone and checking out all the pokemon hanging around Deuce, who was trying to feed everyone. 

"Diancie Jewel Pokémon, Fairy/rock type. A sudden transformation of Carbink, its pink, glimmering body is said to be the loveliest sight in the whole world. It can instantly create many diamonds by compressing the carbon in the air between its hands," The Dex said.

"Wow! So your the pokemon from the cave, and know you're just hanging out in Yuu's dorm," Grimm commented as Deuce finally made it over to her.

"Hm? It looks like someone’s here," Ace sighed.

" Good morning~! How was yesterday’s sleepover~? Did you experience youthfully by playing cards and other games~?" Cater smiled, but gasped as he looked up to see a whole bunch of strange creatures.

"Good morning, Cater-senpai. Yeah, we played some cards," Deuce smiled as he put down the kibble.

"Grim didn’t know the rules so he kept picking old maid," Ace laughed.

"Damn it…! I couldn’t win at all!!" Grimm groaned as Chandelure laughed from his perch.

" Your face completely shows when you get the joker card, you know?" Deuce stated.

But Cater was too busy looking over all the creatures that were busy eating and playing with each other. Yuu soon came down dressed and ready, with Serperior back in her Pokeball ready to go.

"Yuu, are you keeping all these... Creatures inside the dorm?" Cater asked in slight worry.

"No, most of them like to be outside most of the time," Yuu said. " So How is Riddle's mood?"

"Oh- umm. Better, surprisingly. He was out somewhat out late yesterday, and came back in a lighter mood," Cater smiled nervously. " Then, shall we hurry and bring the tarts we made to apologize to Riddle? Oh, I want you to hurry and come with me because we’re lacking manpower for the party."

"Man-power?" Ace asked.

"It’s nothing, I was talking to myself~ Let’s hurry and go to the Unbirthday Party, boys~!" Cater smiled as he lead the boys out of Ramshackle.

Yuu silently stayed back and gathered Extra Pokemon Food and stuffed it into her backpack. Just as She was about to step out, Tart whinnied for her attention. Yuu stopped to turn and listen to her flaming horse pokemon.

"You want to come with me? I can't promise you that will interact with Riddle but alright," Yuu smiled as she let salazzle stay at Ramshackle. In her place, Tart took that slot.


Once again, as soon as the group entered the maze, Yuu sneaked off from the group and into the secret section of the maze. Where she was happily greeted by all the pokemon hidden in the rose maze. They were, even more, happier too when they could smell food coming From Yuu's backpack.

Of course, Yuu's disappearance did not go unnoticed. Well after all the painting of the roses they noticed that a pair of hands missing.

"What Yuu ran off again?!" Ace groaned.

"Sorry!" a voice called out as Yuu ran around the corner.

"Where were You?!" Ace scolded.

"I had to chase Eevee case he was running in the wrong direction," Yuu smiled as Eevee gasped in shock and slight betrayal, but played along.

"You did great~♪ Oh! It’s almost time. Me army, we’re done for the day~!" Cater smiled, as a bunch of other Caters cheered.

"I feel like I missed a lot," Yuu said in shock as she stared at the many Caters.


[LOCATION: Heartslabyul Dorm – Tea Garden]

HEARTSLABYUL STUDENT: Make way for our leader, the Red Ruler: Prefect Riddle!
HEARTSLABYUL STUDENTS: Three cheers for Prefect Riddle!

"Indeed. The roses are red and the tablecloths are white. Truly a perfect Unbirthday Party. The Dormouse is sleeping inside the teapot just as planned, correct?" Riddle said as he examined the tables and teapot.

"Of course. The jam to put on one’s nose is ready, should the need arise, too," Trey smiled.

"Umm, what?" Yuu mouthed in absolute confusion.

"Whoa…! What’s with that get-up! He looks so cool!" Grim awed.

"Fufu~ The Heartslabyul dorm uniform is super cool, isn’t it~? It’s totally fashionable and very ‘grammable~! ☆ I’m gonna go get changed, too. The Queen of Hearts states that a dress code is necessary for party days, after all, ~ I’ll coordinate your clothes for you as a special service for today~," Cater smiled as he wavered his pen.

Ace, Deuce, and Yuu's clothes changed to look like the rest of the Heartslabyul dorm. While Grimm and Eevee got Heartslabyul ribbons tied around their neck.

"This is a very interesting design," Yuu commented.

"Don’t forget to offer him the tart, got it~? Alright, off to the party!" Cater smiled as he readied his phone.

"Let us toast before we proceed with the croquet match. Does anyone have their teacups already?  Now then, a toast to a day with no birthdays. A toast to the Unbirthday Party!" Riddle said as he raised his teacup.

Tarts Pokeball started to rattle in excitement, she just want to come out and greet her new friend. Yet Yuu quietly and gently patted the red and white ball, calming the happy pony pokemon. All the while watching as Ace handed Riddle the tart he made, things seemed to be going well. When Riddle shot up from his seat angry and shouting at Ace. Ponyta's Pokeball suddenly stopped rattling, but Yuu could sense it. Sense Ponyta's sadness.

Yuu's attention was pulled back when she Riddle swiped the tart off the table in anger. He went on and on about some absurd rules and the next thing she knew Trey and Cater were Ordered to toss the first -years out of the dorm.

"That’s kinda a rude thing to say to someone who did his best to make that for you," Yuu spoke up.

"He’s right. I’ve had enough of hearing all those ridiculous rules. Aren’t you being kinda stupid?" Ace spat.

"Hey, stop! That’s an absolute taboo word…! Also, Riddle, these guys are just some freshies who got accepted to the school," Cater tried to defend.

"I agree with Ace. Of course, I admit that breaking the rules is not a good thing, but… This is too much already," Deuce spoke up.

"How bold of you to talk back to me. Listen well. Breaking a small rule will result in a big problem someday," Riddle growled.

"Would you be so kind as to give an example?" Yuu asked sarcastically.

Riddle so frustrated could properly think of anything, and the doubtful whispers of the other classmates were not helping his temper. " DO You Also question me?!" Riddle growled at the others.

HEARTSLABYUL STUDENT A: N-no, it’s not true, Prefect! We do all we can to follow what you say, Prefect!

Riddle smirked at that response and turned back to the troublesome first years. "Ever since the year I became the head, not one student from Heartslabyul has ever repeated a year nor was anyone expelled. And that’s counting all the dorms in this school. That means that I am the most exceptional and the strongest!  That is why I am the only one who’s always right! There is nothing wrong with following what I say!" Riddle glared.

"It’s not like I’m doing this because I enjoy it. Aren’t you the ones at fault for breaking the rules?  If you’re not going to obey me, then it’s off with your heads!" Riddle shouted in anger.

"Everyone, come on. Just say “Yes, Prefect~” Cater smiled trying to deescalate the situation.

"I will not," Deuce said simply.

"He's not my Prefect," Yuu stated.

" I’ve had enough playing along with this selfish tyrant!" Ace shouted.

"He said that you’re an irritable and selfish little tyrant whose unreasonable with trivial things like food!" Grimm Shouted.

"OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!!!!" Riddle screamed as he waved his pen.

"AAAAHH" Grim, Ace, and Deuce cried as a collar clamped around their necks.

"You Too! All of You! Get Out Also!" Riddle shouted at Yuu. His face was a fiery red.

"Alright, no need to get whiny," Yuu glared and followed Ace and Deuce out of the maze.

"I’m sorry~ We can’t go against the Prefect~☆" Cater said as he put on a smile.

"I'm sorry," Trey said with a frown.


[LOCATION: Heartslabyul Dorm – Rose Maze]

" Damn it! I’m so pissed off! That little red-haired menace! Does he plan on turning into the Queen of Hearts himself?!" Ace shouted in frustration.

"Getting thrown out for disobeying the Prefect… I’m slowly drifting away from becoming a model student," Deuce sighed.

" Ugh, this collar is so suffocating and heavy, yanno?" Grim Whined.

" What’s up with all of ya~? Wearin’ all those collars like that~," A voice said when suddenly a floating head appeared.

ALL: WHA–!!???

"GYAHHHH!!! A HEADLESS GHOST!!" Grim screamed as he jumped into Yuu's arms.

"Oh, oopsies~ I forgot to show ya my body," The bodiless boy said as his body appeared.

" Wh-what the… So you’ve got a body, too… You are?" Deuce asked, still recovering from the shock.

" I’m Alchemi Alchemivich Pinkaa. I got kitty magic, but also human magic. I’m sorta a weird guy," The boy smiled.

" Alche—Come again?" Ace stuttered.

" Ufufu, everyone calls me Che’nya~ At the very least, I’m super different from those guys in their ~," CHE’NYA smiled.

"Hmm, do you even go to this school?" Yuu asked as she studied the boy.

"Try guessin’ what dorm I’m from~," Che’nya said.


"Boo, boo, wrong~!" Che’nya smiled.

"I’m in a bad mood ‘cause that little tyrant was being unreasonable. Go away," Ace grumbled.

"Riddle’s a tyrant… Fufufu, well I guess there’s some truth in that~. That guy’s been a little stickler for the rules since he was little… Fufufu," Che’nya chuckled.

"Did you know him?" Yuu asked.

"I guess you could say that I do, but then at the same time, I can say that I don’t~ go ask that glasses guy~," The cat boy suggested.

"You mean Trey?" Deuce asked.

" That guy’s known Riddle since he was a kid. If I were you, I’d go ask him if I wanted to know more about Riddle~," Che’nya nodded.

"So they’re childhood friends? They didn’t give off that kind of atmosphere…" Ace grumbled.

" If that’s what you think, then maybe that’s what it is~ I guess ya don’t need me anymore, so I’m going," the strange boy said as he slowly disappeared. 

" That was a very weird dude. Ah…! I just sounded like him!" Grim growled as Eevee nodded.

" We can’t go to classes properly if we keep wearing these collars. Let’s go ask Clover-senpai about it. Plus…" Deuce said.

" It’s super lame to go and apologize, so I’m not doing that!" Ace spat.

Yuu and Eevee sighed and shook their heads at these boys' stubbornness. Since she knew wouldn't be able to talk Ace out of not apologizing, she decided to hunt down Trey for answers. With Eevee's help, they tracked him into the library a few days later. With some talking and slight haggling and the mention of Che’nya. Trey finally decided to talk about Riddle.

"His parents are very famous magicians that there’s no one in town who didn’t know their names. His mother is especially well-known that she wished for Riddle to be the same. That’s why everything from what time he wakes up to what time he goes to sleep, and even what academic programs he’ll do is decided for him," Trey explained.

"What he can eat, what he should wear, and what sort of friends he can make were all decided for him. To answer his parents’ expectations, Riddle kept quiet and did his best. And by the time he was 10 years old, he had perfected that unique magic of his. It’s been determined that he should get continuously 1st place in school ever since he was in elementary. I can’t even imagine how difficult that could be," Trey continued.

As Yuu Listened, memories of her past started to resurface again. Coming from a well-off household, with 2 other siblings. Her being the youngest, her mother tried to relive through her. Making her do contests and pageants she didn't care for, trying to fulfill old hopes and dreams through Yuu's life. She was not too different from Riddle, but she was lucky thanks to her grandparents getting her out of there. Riddle wasn't as fortunate.

"in other words, the Prefect acts like that because of his parents," Yuu said slowly.

"Riddle thinks that being harsh will benefit everyone in the long run. He believes that being bound to harsh rules and obeying them out of fear will make people grow Because that’s how he was raised. And he thinks that breaking the rules is a bad thing because…"

"That is what he was taught to fear and believe," Yuu cut in.

"I understand why you’d think of him as a tyrant, and I understand that the way he does things is a little wrong, too. But, I… I still can’t find it in myself to go against him at all," Trey sighed.

"So there are multiple parties at fault then," Yuu stated.

"Dorm Head can’t do anything about his parents because he didn’t choose to have them as parents. But at the very least, you’ve always thought that the way his parents treated him was unfair, right? If you think that the Prefect’s making the same mistakes as his parents, then tell him directly. Fix your mistakes.  What’s gonna happen to him if you just feel sorry and spoil him? So you’re just gonna watch everyone hate him and alienate him from a distance?" Ace asked as he looked at Trey. "You call yourself his childhood friend, but the way things are, you’re not even his friend at all!"

"YOU BOYS! THIS IS THE LIBRARY, SO KEEP IT DOWN, PLEASE!!!" Mr. Crowley shouted at the students.

"You’re the one shouting here," Yuu sighed.

"Oh, pardon me," Mr. Crowley apologized as he clears his throat before whispering. "Good grief, the library is meant to be a quiet place where people can study and enjoy reading."

"Why are you here, Headmaster?" Yuu asked.

" I was researching ways on how to get you back to your world. I didn’t forget it at all, see? Oh, how kind of me~ Research starts at the library, after all," Crowley smiled.

"I wasn't doubting you before, until now," Yuu said simply.

"However, I’m not here because I wanted to read the latest addition to a certain novel earlier than anyone else, no sir, not at all," Crowley said, completely ignoring her. " Ahem. So, what is everyone doing here all gathered with such troubled faces?"


The group explained the whole situation to the headmaster. After hearing his student's worries and troubles, he simply recommended that the first years challenge Riddle to duel for the title of Dorm head. It was a straightforward solution, but Yuu knew better. She could tell Riddle didn't become Dorm leader just cause he knew all the rules, he had to have strength in magic to back him up. Yet Ace and Deuce were too cocky to think things completely through, and quickly excepted the challenge. The duel was set for tomorrow.

"When I become the Prefect, I’ll have him say “It’s all my fault, I’m sorry.” to me! And I’ll make him stop enforcing all those dumb rules!" Ae smirked.

"At least have to strategize first," Yuu warned.

"You don’t have to be so worried," Ace smiled as patted Yuu's head.

Yuu smacked Ace's hand away, all too aware that the two are going to get crushed within the first minute.


ALICE: I’ll give you a piece of my mind. What kind of a queen are you!?
ALICE: You’re just a selfish and evil tyrant who does what she wants.

QUEEN OF HEARTS: What did you just say, girl?

CHESHIRE CAT: She called you a selfish tyrant~ ♪


CARD GUARDS: (cheering and shouting)

KING OF HEARTS: It’s the Queen’s orders! Off with her head~!


"Why does no one stop the Queen? If only someone stopped her before she turned out like that," Yuu wondered.

Today is the fated day, where she will watch Riddle crush those two overconfident first years.

[LOCATION: Heartslabyul Dorm – Rose Maze]

HEARTSLABYUL STUDENT A: Hey, did you hear? Someone challenged Prefect Roseharts to a duel!

HEARTSLABYUL STUDENT B: THE Prefect?! I can’t imagine it. It’ll probably be over in a flash.

HEARTSLABYUL STUDENT C: But this is the first challenge he’s ever gotten. Let’s go watch~

Yuu could feel the trouble in the wind, not even just her but her pokemon and the ones in the maze could feel it too. Many if not all hide in the bushes to witness what was happening, blending in well and out of sight. Riddle, Ace, and Deuce stared each other down on the opposite side of the field.

Crowley quickly cleared his throat and spoke. " Now then, I shall be watching over the duel about to take place here in the Heartslabyul Dormitory. The challengers are Ace Trappola and Deuce Spade. The one who accepted the challenge is the current Prefect Riddle Rosehearts. Now then, please remove the collars to start the duel with no handicaps for both sides," Crowley Ordered.

Without hesitation Riddle lifted his spell, freeing them from the collars. "The damn thing’s finally off…!" Ace sighed in relief.

"It will be back on you in a little while, so I’d say you best enjoy it while you can. I almost doubted it when I heard that you had challenged me to a duel. Are you really serious?" Riddle mocked.

HEARTSLABYUL STUDENTS: You can do it, Prefect! Please settle it quickly~!

Yuu only sighed, the one-sided fight was blatantly obvious to her and almost everyone. Sadly, As she predicted Riddle simply used his most powerful spell and simply resealed Ace and Deuce's magic.

"Hmph, that didn’t even take 5 seconds. I’m surprised that you went and challenged me with your skill level. Aren’t you embarrassed? I knew it. Anyone who breaks the rules will always amount to nothing. It is as Mother said," Riddle smirked.

"It’s true that rules should be protected. But, strictly implementing every single nitpicky rule you can find is called oppression!" Deuce growled.

"Huh? There is a punishment for rules that are broken. And I am this dorm’s absolute rule. That’s why those who break the rules have no right to complain to me!" Riddle shouted.

"You can’t keep using the rules as an excuse to do whatever you want! You have become so delusional to think that you are the rules itself," Yuu spoke up.

"No one will follow rules that are lenient! What sort of lessons were you given that you can’t even understand something so simple as this? You were born from parents who can’t even use magic. I’m sure that you didn’t receive any good education before you stepped foot in this school. How pathetic, truly," Riddle smirked but was irked by how eerily calm and quiet Yuu was.

"You say I'm delusional, You believe your a champion of sorts in your home country," Riddle laughed, yet there were no noticeable signs of annoyance, yet a strange aura surrounded Yuu.

" I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ace shouted as he punched Riddle in the face.

HEARTSLABYUL STUDENTS: He… He punched the Prefect?!

"Ah, I’m tired. I don’t care about you or this duel anymore.  Kids aren’t their parents’ trophies. Your parents aren’t the ones who get to decide what you’re worth.  I finally understand that you being a trashy person isn’t your mom or dad’s fault at all! You’ve been in this school for a year. And the one to blame is the bastard you call a friend who did nothing but turn a blind eye to your selfishness!" Ace spat.

"And I understand that your mom raised you the way she did, but is “Mama this, Mama that” all you can say?! You’re not capable of thinking for yourself!? To hell with that “Red Ruler” bullshit! You’re just a baby who happens to be gifted with magic!" Ace continued.

"Baby, you say…? Me…?! You don’t know anything about me and yet…!" Riddle growled.

"Yeah, I don’t. I don’t know a damn thing! Do you think I’d know anything with that attitude of yours? Don’t be stupid," Ace glared.

" Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP!! QUIET!!! Mother is right! That’s why am also right!!" Riddle screamed.

"Riddle, calm down. The duel is already over!" Trey said, trying to calm Riddle down.

HEARTSLABYUL STUDENT: I agree with the newbie! I’ve had enough of this, too!

Then suddenly an egg was thrown at Riddle's face. Everyone gasped in shock as everyone went silent. A dark Aura surrounded Riddle as his face slowly started to turn red.

"HAHAHAHAHA! You’ve had enough? I’m the one who’s had enough!! No matter how much I warned you, no matter how strict I’ve gotten, you all kept breaking the rules! Every single one of you… You’re all just idiots who think about yourselves! Very well. If no one will admit, then I’ll have you all take responsibility! OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!!" Riddle shouted as his magical gem started to turn black.

HEARTSLABYUL STUDENTS: Urk…!! The collar is…!!

"Desist, Rosehearts! Not following the rules is unlike you at all!" Crowley called out to the redhead.

"Trey, this is looking bad… If he uses any more of that magic, he’ll…" Cater gasped.

"Hey, you! Not everything will go the way you want, you know!? You throwing a tantrum like that is exactly why I called you a baby!" Ace shouted, just fueling the fire.

Riddle growled at that, as suddenly the sky darkened and the rose bushes raised into the sky. The thorny vines grow out of the shrubbery. With a wave of Riddles wand, the vines shot towards Ace. Time slowed down for everyone as the vines got closer and closer to Ace when suddenly a large figure jumped in front of Ace. A bright blue wall blocked the vines with great ease. 

"This is…!?" Riddle gasped.

" H-huh…? I’m alive…? " Ace gasped as he opened his eyes.

"What is that?" Trey asked in awe, as Cater slowly pulled out his phone.

Standing in front of Ace in a protective stance was Gogoat. The strong elderly Pokemon stood proud and tall as he glared down at the angry Riddle. Ace could only stare at the raw strength and kindness this pokemon should, he couldn't even utter a word no matter how much he tried.

HEARTSLABYUL STUDENT A: He was serious about skewering him…
HEARTSLABYUL STUDENT B: That’s going too far…
HEARTSLABYUL STUDENT C: He… He’s a monster…! A-and what is that thing?!

"Yuu I told you to Keep your creatures out of sight!" Crowley scolded.

"Gogoat isn't mine. Mr.Crowley, I think Pokemon are leaking into your world. There are many pokemon leaving in this school while you and the students were none the wiser. Gogoat and many others in this dorm have been here for months now," Yuu explained, while Crowley could only stare in shock as he turned to look at the creatures slowly coming out of hiding.

Many students backed away in fear, while were frozen in place in awe and wonder as some braver pokemon slowly approached the students.

"This creature was blocked by this... This thing?!" Riddle spat. "Does that mean that his magic is stronger than mine…?"

" There’s no way that’s true! Riddle, calm down and listen to what they’re saying," Trey tried to reason.

"Are you saying that I’m wrong, too? Even after I did my best to protect all those strict rules?! " Riddle shouted as his body transformed.


Chapter Text

Everyone stood in fear as the Dorm leader changed and as I large inky shadowy monster loomed over the know mysterious Riddle. 

"I am…! I ALONE AM–!!! I’M THE ONLY ONE WHO IS RIGHT!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!! I do not need anyone who defies me in my world. I am my world’s absolute ruler. My world itself submits to me!  I will not tolerate any answer aside from, “Yes, Lord Riddle.”!! It’s off with the heads of everyone who defies me! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!" Riddle cackled in insanity the sky darkened.

"Ah, how could this happen?! How could I let a student go into Overblot while I am here?!" Crowley shook in horror.

"Um, Explain please," Ace said.

"Overblot is the one situation that all magicians should avoid. Right now, he has been enveloped by so much negative energy that he’s lost control over his emotions and magic," Crowley explained. "If this goes on, Riddle’s life will be in danger!"

"His Life," Grim gasped in shock.

"The other students’ lives take more priority. I’ll go help with the evacuation! Rosehearts must come to his senses before his magic consumes him. Losing his life is an absolute bad scenario, but even worse is… In any case, you boys go get the rest of the staff and dorm heads to help control the situation–"

Crowley was cut off at a scream. He turned to see One of Riddle's thorny vines had wrapped around a student and was dragging the boy towards Riddle. Before Crowley could react, a yellow dog dashed at lightning speeds and tore through the vines like paper. The poor boy gasped in relief as the pain finally stopped and the vines went slack. The Dog pokemon quickly ran over to check the shaken student.

"Y-your a good boy, thank you," The student stuttered as he shakily got to his feet. 

"TAKE THIS!!!" Ace shouted as he shot his magic at Riddle.

"COME FORTH, CAULDRON!" Deuce shouted as he waved his wand.

"You guys… Got it! I can overwrite Riddle’s magic for a short time.  When that happens, I’ll leave it in your care. Headmaster, please escort the others to safety," Trey said.

" Wait a minute, you boys! That is dangerous!" Crowley warned.

" He’s right! What are you saying, Trey? There’s no way you can win against Riddle!" Cater stated.

"Yeah… I can’t lose him yet. I… There’s something I still have to tell him!" Trey said with a determined look on his face.

"So this is a battle huh. It's about time we can finally show what we are capable of," Yuu smirked, a strong aura surrounded Yuu as she summoned her most trusted partner, Serperior.

Yuu's eyes were no longer a E/c (eye color), but a firey amber. Her aura grew and washed over Serperior, as she gave off an empowered battle cry.

"Eevee, I have to ask. But if you don't want to, you're free to leave and not fight, but... I want you to tap into your special power?" Yuu asked softly.

Eevee's eyes widened as his ears drooped downward, as his body shook in fear. Yuu quickly patted Eevee's head softly and smiled kindly with her amber eyes, as she placed Eevee down on the ground.

"You don't have to," Yuu smiled as she turned to Serperior. " You ready to do this?" 

Serperior smirked with a nod as she turned to glare down at the monsters in front of her. "Let’s combine our powers and stop Dorm Head Riddle!" Yuu shouted at Serperior's eyes turned the same firey amber as her trainers.

"Ah, damn it! I get it already. There’s no other way, huh!" Cater sighed in defeat as he joined Trey.

As Trey messed with Riddles magic, Ace, Deuce, Cater, and Grim dealt with the vines that were ready to rip them apart. Serperior ducked and dogged Riddles attack with superior ease, all the while delivering heavy blows to the monster queen.

"Serperior, Dragon tail," Yuu shouted, as Serperior quickly leaped into their, and slammed a blow on top of the ink monster's face.

Riddle growled in pain as Serperior kept attacking with great speed, and Gogoat rammed into him with great power. Riddle in ager flared about wildly as magic flew everywhere. A stray bolt of magic was heading towards Eevee, but Gogoat shielded him with his body and was slammed into a tree hard. The Elderly pokemon groaned in pain, not being able to recover as fast as in his youth, as vines wrapped around the pokemon. The vines tighten, strangling the goat pokemon.

"GoGoat!" Yuu gasped as she tried to reach him, but the vines and wild magic prevented her from getting any closer.

Ace, Trey, and Cater tried their best to help, but Riddle's onslaught was too much to split their attention. Eevee stood in horror at the vines tightened at pulled at the pokemon as it thrashed about to try and free itself, crying in pain. Eevee hesitated but steeled its nerves as it wiggled its left ear, activating a device implanted there. Eevee's body transformed, as his brown fur turned bright orange. Transforming into a Flareon.

With One breath hot flames spewed from his mouth, burning off the evil Vines and freeing Gogoat.

"Alright, it's about time we end this," Yuu glared at Riddle.

"What could power could you possibly have to beat me," Riddle panted, trying to cover up the pain he was in. " All of you try so hard and still have yet to take me down." Riddle laughed.

Flareon jumped in front of Yuu, surprising Yuu for a second. Flareon turned his head slightly and flicked its left ear slightly. Yuu smiled and Nodded at Flareon, as the pokemon readied itself. Serperior smirked and ready herself as Gogoat slowly stands next to Serperior. 

"Alright let's do this," Yuu smirked as her aura grew and glowed brighter.

All three pokemon could feel Yuu's raw determination as the aura surrounded them. They could feel the power within them growing stronger, as their eyes turned a fiery amber.

"Alright, Gogoat, use sunny day," Yuu commanded.

Gogoat's body glowed brilliantly as it forced the dark clouds to part and reveal the sun. The sudden light blinded riddle as he covered his eyes in pain. The other boys covered their eyes as they felt the intensity of the heat of the light.

"I don't remember the sun being that bright or this hot," Deuce panted as he began to sweat.

"Geez, can these pokemon control the weather?! What Is Yuu even planning?" Ace asked as he shielded his eyes to watch Yuu's next move.

"Serperior solar beam!" Yuu cheered. " And Flareon use helping hand on Serperior."

Serperior slowly began to absorb the sunlight as Flareon hopped on her back and used helping hand. As the Heartslabyul boys watched in anticipation and awe, energy began to gather around the snake pokemon's mouth. With the boost of Yuu's aura, sunny day, and helping hand Serperior released a powerful solar beam directed directly at the giant ink monster. The monster screamed in agony as its black inky tendrils slowly evaporated off Riddle's body.

"Was... I wrong," Riddle groaned as he slowly fell unconscious.

As she was about to breathe a sigh of relief, suddenly something forced itself out of her bag. It was the ghost camera, and it quickly shoved itself into Yuu's hands and pointed at Riddle. Yuu slowly clicked the button and suddenly, everything went dark.



RIDDLE’S MOTHER: Congratulations on your 8th birthday, Riddle. For this year, your birthday cake is a sugar-free one filled with nuts. It’s made from soy flour with lots of lecithins since it’s good for the brain.

"Thank you, Mama. But, um, I…," Young Riddle hesitated. " Just once is okay, but… I want to eat a tart filled with lots of red strawberries…"

RIDDLE’S MOTHER: My, how can you say that! Desserts filled with sugar like that is basically like poison for the body.  Just one slice will make you exceed your quota of calorie consumption. Come now, this one is filled with docosahexaenoic acid and icosapentaenoic acid. It’s much healthier. Ah, but the recommended calorie intake for an 8-year old is… It’s only 600kcal for one meal, so don’t eat more than 100 grams, understood? Am I understood?

"Yes, mama," Riddle said sadly.

Yuu felt her heart drop as she watched things play out. His mother was truly awful after Riddle meet Trey and Che’nya riddle got to eat his first tart. The smile on his young face warmed Yuu's heart, but sadly all good things have to come to an end.

RIDDLE’S MOTHER: How could you! Not only did you skip your self-study, but you also ate something so sugary!? So those two tempted you into doing it? I shall never allow you to play with both of them again!

"I’m sorry, Mother! I’ll never do it again, so please forgive me…!" Riddle cried.

RIDDLE’S MOTHER: Quiet! You’re the one at fault because you broke the rules. Ah, I knew I shouldn’t have given him time for himself. He must be trained more to become more perfect… 

'This is almost a spitting reflection of what mother was like,' Yuu thought to herself, as Tart the Ponyta's Pokeball began to rattle.


As the memory came to an end, the world soon turned dak again. Yuu was left to wander around in the dark when suddenly a spotlight shone down on a child Riddle. Who was sadly trapped in a golden birdcage, he was curled in a fetal position as thorny vines slowly wrapped around the outside of the cage. Yuu tried to approach, but the vines whipped at her.

"Riddle?" Yuu called.

"I’ve always wanted to eat tarts filled with red strawberries. Just like the one displayed on the shop window of the bakery that we pass by," The child said suddenly.

"Playing with Trey and Che’nya was very fun. We played a lot of things I didn’t know how to play. They both taught me a lot. During my one hour of free time, I always snuck out of my room without my mother’s knowledge," Riddle said mindlessly.

"The bright red strawberry tart on top of that white plate… To me, it looked more dazzling than any kind of jewel I’ve seen. The one bite I took was so sweet, and it was so delicious, unlike anything I’ve ever tasted before… I finished the entire slice while savoring every bite. I lost track of time," Riddle whimpered.

" I broke the rules, so even those fun times were taken away from me. That’s why I had to listen to every rule that Mother said. Because my mother, who was known by everyone in town, will always be right. But, you know, Mama… I wonder why?" Riddle said as he began to sob as he curled up tighter, and so did the vines.

Yuu knew Riddle was not in a state to listen and would need a different approach. Yuu thought and thought when an idea came to mind.

"For some reason, my heart feels so heavy…  I want to eat a lot of tarts even if it’s only on my birthday. I want to play outside a lot… I want to make lots more friends," Riddle sobbed when he suddenly felt a gentle nudge.

He gasped and looked up to see Tart sitting down next to him. The pony pokemon sat silently and laid her head on his knees. At first, Riddle just stared in slight shock, but slowly eased up and started to stroke Ponyta's fiery mane.

"I think I somewhat figured out why Tart was drawn to you," Yuu said.

"W-why?" Riddle asked, his form slowly turning into his blot form.

"We both can relate to you in some form," Yuu said as she sat in front of the two.

"Having an abusive person striping away your freedom, to fulfill some sort of insecurities and personal agenda," Yuu said somberly. " Ponyta had a trainer would force cruel training onto his pokemon. And when they couldn't perform, he would perform some sort of punishment. One day he just left Tart tied to a post to waste away," Yuu sighed as she patted Tart's head. 

" W-why would anyone do that?" Riddle growled as he hugged Tart's neck.

"I'm not sure, when I found her I took her to a Pokecenter, and set her free. Yet she followed me to the next city," Yuu smiled. " I always thought pokemon had a special sense and could read people." 

"What about you?" Riddle asked.

"Let's just say, my relation with my mother is not too different from yours. But I was lucky to have others who helped me escape her," Yuu explained. 

"But I... I have to follow the rules or bad things happen," He said as vines started to wrap around him." What rule should I follow to make this sadness disappear…?"

"Riddle," Yuu said as she hugged the crying boy, trying her best to ignore the pain from the thorns. " No one should use rules as an excuse to strip you of your freedom. Your mother was wrong, and you don't have to be like her. That is something she can never take you," Yuu smiled.

Riddles eyes widened at those words as the ink started to wash off, and the world turned to a blinding light.


"Riddle!" Trey called.

" He’s awake!" Ace gasped

" I panicked… I don’t know what we’d have done if you didn’t wake up…!" Cater Gasped.

"What in the world… have I done…?" Riddle panted in short breaths.

"What a relief. You’ve gained consciousness again," Crowley sighed in relief.

The dorm students and headmaster gathered around Riddle, to make sure he was alright. A few feet away Serperior, Gogoat, and Eevee stared down at their trainer in worry. Yuu remained motionless in Serperior's coils, but Ponyta had ready gotten up and went to check on Riddle.

"… I… I wanted to eat that marron tart, too," Riddle said slowly as his eyes began to tear.

"Eh?" Ace gasped.

" I like white roses, too. And pink flamingos are totally fine…And I prefer honey over sugar in tea. I like milk tea more than lemon tea… I wanted to talk with everyone after meals a lot, too," Riddle began to sob.

"Riddle," Trey frowned in concern.

"I’ve always… Always wanted to play with you more, Trey," Riddle continued. 

"I’m sorry, too. I always knew you were suffering but I kept quiet… That’s why I’ll say this now. Riddle, you were wrong. You should apologize to everyone here," Trey said gently.

"I'm sorry,  I'm so sorry!" Riddle sobbed.

Ponyta slowly pushed past the dorm boys and slowly approached Riddle. She gently rested her forehead against his, as he quickly hugged her snout in return. The others were just flabbergasted and in awe by the flaming pony, but soon they noticed they were surrounded by other very different pokemon, all watching on in concern and confusion. Grim slowly hide behind Deuce's leg as the other students and pokemon draw closer to see the wreckage of the rose maze.

Yuu slowly started to wake up as Eevee jumped in excitement and Serperior tightened her coils in happiness. "Ah Yuu, I see you have finally awakened. So Mind explained how you think your worldly creature are leaking into my school?" Crowley asked.

"The ultra wormholes. Small tears in the fabric in space and time, that can lead to ultra space which is a plain between alternate universes. So far the pokemon claim that they were sucked in and ended up here. And there are many things pokemon in this school who were here longer than I have," Yuu explained.

"Ultra... Worm... Hole?" Crowley said slowly. " S-so how many Pokemon are there?" 

"Well there is a bunch of pokemon in this dorm, and 9 of them in the school kitchen," Yuu said slowly.

"The Kitchen?!" Crowley gasped.

"But I think the ghost chiefs don't mind them cause they help make the desserts for the students," Yuu said.

"R-really?" Crowley stuttered in shock. " W-well, do you know how to wrangle up all these pokemon?"

"Umm, they seem pretty comfy here, and they haven't caused any trouble. But since your 'so kind' you won't let these poor pokemon out on the streets. So maybe if they help around with the clean-up, you'll let them stay?" Yuu smiled. " And I think there is already a friendship forming between some."

Crowley was at first confused, but when he looked up he noticed some pokemon slowly greeting the humans, while a few would happily approach them in a friendly manner. Many of the boys reciprocated the greeting and were very curious about the wonderful creature of all shapes and sizes.

"Well, Maybe. We'll just have to wait and see," Mr.Crowley said slowly. 

Chapter Text

During the week Riddle was recovering Trey and Yuu were left in charge of the dorm clean up. Though on the first day of clean up the Heartslabyul students were shocked to see a good portion of the mess was already cleaned. Only to learn that most of the pokemon wee to thank for that. With both students and pokemon working together, the dorm was restored in one day. As Yuu hung around and acted as the translator for the students, many students took an interest in many of the pokemon. Many of the boys loved playing with Boltund and the Skidddos, as a fun way to stretch their legs from so much studying, Like Ace and Deuce. Some were happy that there were some pokemon who were very tidy, like Minccino for all the neat freak students. While a small few who like animal caretaking were very interested in becoming friends with the sheer pokemon such as Mareep, Sewaddle, and Deerling. Or helping the elderly pokemon like Gogoat and Leavanny.

"The pokemon are settling really well, and the students are seeming to be taking things well," Trey smiled as he and Yuu stared down from the dorm balcony.

"Things are going really well," Yuu smiled as she watched Ace and Deuce play ball with Boltund.

"Hey, guys! Leavanny is finished with patching up all the table cloth, and everything is set up for the do-over unbirthday," Cater smiled as Leavanny followed behind him.

"Thank you Cater, Leavanny. Could you please paint all the white roses red, while I go get Riddle?" Trey asked.

"Leave it to us," Cater smiled.

"Leavanny," The pokemon nodded.


[LOCATION: Heartslabyul Dorm – Tea Garden]

HEARTSLABYUL STUDENT A: Make way for our leader, the Red Ruler: Prefect Riddle!
HEARTSLABYUL STUDENTS: Three cheers for Prefect Riddle!

The Heartslabyul students and pokemon happily cheered from their tables or spot on the ground and watched Riddle walk towards the front and inspect the tables along the way.

"Indeed. The roses are red and the tablecloths are white. Truly a perfect Unbirthday Party. And the Dormouse is inside the teapot like planned… Well, I guess it doesn’t really matter now," Riddle said slowly.

" You don’t have to change so suddenly, you know? And we can just use the jam on the scones if you’d like. We don’t have to stop altogether at once. We can take things slowly," Trey smiled as Riddle nodded.

"In the end, we did all the cleaning up and preparations for today’s party…" Ace sighed as he patted Boltund's head.

"There, there. It couldn’t be helped since the Prefect had to recover," Deuce said as he patted Ace's back.

"The garden’s back to being its photogenic self, so I’m already satisfied," Cater smiled as he took a selfie with a Deerling.

"Wait a second!" Riddle shouted. "That white rose…"

Everyone quickly froze in fear, even the pokemon froze and stared at the dorm head.

"Eh! Did we forget that one!?" Ace gasped.

"Aaahhhh!! Acey, Deucey, you said you painted them all red!" Cater screamed.

" You’re blaming us!?" Deuce gasped.

" Don’t tell me…!?" Yuu gasped in her head.

"I’m joking~ I won’t get mad over every little thing again," Riddle smiled, causing everyone to breathe a sigh of relief. "It will be quicker if we all painted it, after all."

"Are you sure you’ve changed?" Ace asked with suspicion.

"Now, now. Even so, it’s really… Yup, you’ve changed, huh, Riddle," Trey smiled.

"I can’t bear one second of this any longer! Let’s hurry up and start the party!" Grim Cheered.

" Alright, everyone. Are you ready?" Riddle smiled.


Yuu watched from the side as the boys used their magic to change the white roses red. But she was distracted by another student who needed help feeding the pokemon. That's when she remembers the pokemon food she forgot at the Ramshackle dorm. So she and the other student hurried to Ramshackle. Sadly means she wouldn't be there to try Riddle's tart, which may have been a good thing. But after they settled, Cater Noticed that Yuu was nowhere to be found. But as some of the other students explain where the student went, Grimm noticed Yuu's bag. Curiosity getting the better of him, he wanted o see if she had any good snacks.

Yet as he dug through this surprisingly large interior bag, he found a bunch of foods stuff. Though seemingly random, like cheese, a can of beans, brittle bones, some mushrooms, and bread. With some sort meant of other random objects, when he found some interesting-looking books.  

"Hey! Grim That is Yuu's stuff. don't dig through his things!" Deuce scolded as Grim pulled out one of the books. 

"What is that? Looks like his diary or something," Ace said as he pulled the books out of Grim's paws.

"Ace put it back in his bag," Deuce said.

But sadly Ace had already opened the Book and started reading the first page.

"Today is the day, I'm finally 10 years old, Granny managed to get mother and father to let m go on my pokemon Journey, without them realizing. Though I did get a good thrashing from Mother when she found out she was bamboozled. Yet I won't let her stop me. Today professor Aurea Juniper came by and brought 3 pokemon with her, the starter pokemon. They were all so cute, but one of them looked so sad, Juniper's assistant said that Snivy was returned on multiple occasions from previous trainers. So they just gave up on her. So, I chose Snivy, she and I will show the world how strong we can become, maybe even Champion level." Ace read all the while Riddle, Trey, and Cater listened in.

At the bottom of the page was a small photo of a young 10-year-old Yuu and what looked like a small Serperior, or snivy. 

"Wow is that Yuu when he was Ten?" Cater asked as he looked at the photo.

"And that pokemon he is holding books familiar," Trey commented.

"Yeah, and what's this champion stuff?" Ace asked.

"Champion Level?" Deuce and Grim gasped.

"I remember Yuu telling me that he was Champion of his home country. Maybe this was some time before?" Riddle suggested.

Suddenly the Rotom phone flew from out of the bag and began to play a video of sorts. The screen turned to a woman with a name by her, Juniper.

"Hi, there! Welcome to the world of Pokémon! My name is Professor Juniper. Everyone calls me the Pokémon Professor! That's right! This world is widely inhabited by mysterious creatures called Pokémon! Pokémon have mysterious powers. They come in many shapes and live in many different places. We, humans, live happily with Pokémon! Living and working together, we complement each other. We help each other to accomplish difficult tasks. Having Pokémon battle one another is particularly popular, and it deepens the bonds between people and Pokémon. And that is why I research Pokémon." Juniper smiled.

"The moment you choose the Pokémon that will accompany you on your journey, your story will truly begin. The champion trails are no walk in the park. You will journey across this great region and challenge Eight Gym leaders. Once you have acquired all 8 gym badges, defeat the elite 4. You will have the chance to battle the champion for the title of the strongest trainer.

During your journey, you will meet many Pokémon and people with different personalities and points of view! I really hope you find what is important to you in all of these travels… That's right! Befriend new people and Pokémon and grow as a person! That is the most important goal for your journey! Let's go visit the world of Pokémon!"  Juniper smiled as the video ended.

"Wait so he started his champion journey at 10?!" Cater asked in shock.

"D-Did Yuu ever beat Chamipon?" Trey asked.

Rotom phone seemed to nod and flipped the screen to a video clip of The news.

"Shocking New's, Champion Alder is overthrown!" Said a female reporter said in shock.

"Good morning Unova, Today we come to you live with shocking News. Today Our long-time running Champion Alder has been dethroned," The male reporter said. " By who you asked, Well by the youngest daughter of the L/n company Y/n L/n or Yuu L/n according to her trainer's license." 

"DAUGHTER!?" The boys gasped.

"Cindy is at the champion celebration, live. How is everything going Cindy?"

The screen switched over to another lady, who was standing in a large crowd. Behind her was a stage and there was Yuu holding a large trophy surrounded by powerful-looking Pokemon. Standing next to her was an older-looking man, a tall, powerfully-built man with long flaming red hair tied back in a spiky ponytail, tan skin, and dark eyes. He wore a tan cloak-like vestment with a black collar, red and orange trim on the sleeves, and orange and black trim across the middle.

"That man looks powerful," Deuce awed.

"A-And Yuu managed to beat him? He was the previous champion?!" Grimm Gasped.

"So the story of hi- or um Her being champion was...True?" Riddle said slowly, his mind being blown.

The Man soon handed a young Yuu a ribbon, the Champions Ribbon. The boys could only stare in awe as Yuu and Alder turned to wave to the crowd of people and Pokemon.

"A-according to her diary, she became champion when she was about 11 and a half," Ace said, as he searched deeper into the diary.

"Hey, guys what are you guys looking at?" Asked a familiar voice.

"YUU!" The boys gasped as they tried to quickly act innocent.

"So you decide to rummage through my things while I'm gone?" Yuu asked, seemingly not all that upset.

"It was Ace and Grim," Deuce snitched.

"DEUCE!" Grim and Ace growled.


After everyone settled down, Yuu simply smiled and sat down and was willing to answer a few questions they may have. Like Why she started such a difficult journey at such a young age, or why she didn't say anything about her real gender before.

"Well 1, All pokemon trainers start at 10, or at least 10 and older can begin their journey. So it is normal back home to travel across the region at 10. 2, I noticed that this school is all boys. So I was worried I would have been kicked out if I was found to be a girl, so I never said anything. Plus a small part of me wanted to see how long it would take for you to realize my true self," Yuu chuckled. 

"This... whole time you were a girl," Deuce said slowly as he held his head.

"You okay there Deuce?" Yuu asked as she patted his shoulder.

"He'll be fine once he gets over it," Grim said simply as he at the bread from Yuu's bag.

"Besides where did you go?" Riddle asked.

"Oh, I meant to bring pokemon food for the dorm, but I forgot them at Ramshackle. So I and A few students went to go grab it," Yuu explained.

HEARTSLABYUL STUDENT A: That place is a real dump, I feel sorry for you.
HEARTSLABYUL STUDENT B: But it also makes me happy that I'm not in your shoes.

"You, why don't you just transfer to Heartslabyul, Yuu. I could get the paperwork set," Trey suggested.

"Yeah, It would be great. You can finally Dorm with us," Ace smiled as he patted a Red-faced Deuce.

"Yeah, no," Yuu said. " I have gotten quite comfy in the old dorm. And I like to eat hamburger steak on Tuesdays, or drink lemonade with honey past 8 PM." Yuu chuckled.

" Yeah, you would defiantly not make it here," Ace laughed, while the seniors rolled their eyes.


[LOCATION: Savanaclaw Dorm – Leona’s Room]

" Ah-ah~ Must be nice. Looks like Heartslabyul’s having an all-you-can-eat party. I wonder if Savanaclaw has a filling tradition like that, to ~," Ruggie sighed.

"Hmph. What’s so fun about a party where you just eat cake until the sun goes down? It’s a good recipe for heartburn. More importantly, Ruggie. About that thing I asked for…" Leona said quietly.

"Leave it to me~ It’s moving forward smoothly~ Shishishishi~" Ruggie laughed.

"Let’s start that revenge plan on Malleus while those guys are busy with their afternoon tea. He better be ready…Hahahahahahaha!" Leona laughed.

In the distance of the housing of Savanaclaw, a large makeshift cave that was hidden in the distance sat. At the cave's mouth, a Pokemon covered in coarse black fur, though its chest and belly are patterned with shorter gray fur. Its upper snout, palms, and rings around its eyes are devoid of fur, and its skin is a light gray. It was a large and intimidating Zarude, but this one has a pink scarf with Celebies Pokedex number wrapped around his neck. 

The Pokemon stared at the Savanaclaw dorm with a glare of suspicion. He had witnessed the rowdiness and violence of the boys in the Dorm, so he stood guard of this shelter. For his son and the smaller weaker pokemon. As he stared out into the night sky he noticed a couple of pokemon making their way to the cave. Luxray, a male and female Pyroar, Absol, and an Arcanine. Zarude nodded and let them past to rest and see their children when a tan human boy with white marking imitating Zarudes came out.

"Dada?" The human boy called.

"You should sleep Koko, you will need your rest. I'll make sure those strange pokemon don't draw near," The Zarude said to his adopted son.

Chapter Text


"What in the world was that roar? That was quite a magnificent dream," Yuu mumbled as she slowly woke up.

[LOCATION: Cafeteria]

" Ugh… I think the only magic Professor Trein can cast is one that makes his students fall asleep. No matter how hard I struggle, I still end up sleepy!" Grimm whined, Yuu and Eevee simply rolled their eyes.

" You were asleep 5 minutes after class started. You didn’t struggle at all," Deuce commented.

" It’s finally lunch~ What should I eat~? Huh… Looks like there are a lotta people in the cafeteria today…" Ace commented.

CAFETERIA GHOST: Today is a once-in-a-month special day! The famous bakery from the foot of the mountain is doing business here for the day!
CAFETERIA GHOST: Early bird gets the worm, so go now if you don’t want the goods to sell out!

HEARTSLABYUL STUDENT A: I’ll have 3 chocolate croissants!
HEARTSLABYUL STUDENT B: Score! I managed to buy some! This shop’s egg sandwich is seriously good~!

CAFETERIA GHOST: The egg sandwich is now sold out! And there’s only one more deluxe minced cutlet sandwich left!

" Heh~ They all look good. I wonder what I should buy~," Ace smiled.

" It looks very popular. What will you buy, Grim and Yuu?" Deuce asked slowly, his cheeks turning slightly red as he side-eyes Yuu.

"That deluxe minced cutlet sandwich is mine!" Grim shouted as he tried to cut the line.

But Yuu quickly grabbed him by the collar and held him off the ground. " I'll get you that sandwich, but you'll have to share half with Eevee since you were about to cause trouble," Yuu scolded.

"AUGH! Fine," Grimm Pouted.

"Phew, luckily that bomb was defused," Ace smiled in relief. "Ah, I’d like some grilled roast beef sandwich with lots of lettuce~♪"

"Aw, man~ I’m completely late for the cafeteria food wars, huh…The deluxe minced cutlet sandwich Leona-san asked me for is completely sold out now…" a small Hyena boy sighed.

As he looked around a sound caught his ear." Nyahaha! I’ll indulge myself in the taste of victory!" Grim cheered.

"No, remember to share with Eevee as you promised," Yuu said as she cut the sandwich in half.

"Augh!" Grim groaned as he swiped his half.

Eevee smiled as Yuu moved his portion towards him. Just as the two beasts were about to chow down, a strange boy approached their table. He eye's the two sandwich halves as a smirk on his face.

" Ah… Hey, you’re pretty amazing~! I’m surprised you managed to buy a deluxe minced cutlet sandwich~!" The boy smiled. 

"Who the heck are you?!" Grim spat as Eevee's fur began to stand on end.

"Hey, I really have to buy that bread today, but they’re all sold out. So, I came here with a proposal. Would you trade me your deluxe minced meat sandwich for the mini red bean bun I have?" The boy offered.

"No Way!" Grim growled.

"Aw, come on, don’t say that~ Here you go~♪" The boy said as he handed the food over.

" Wha–!? What’s this, my arms and legs are moving on their own–!?" Grim gasped as he suddenly lost control of his body.

The boy slowly reached for Eevee's slice, when suddenly Eevee transformed into Flareon. He growled as his fur flared up and bore his teeth. Deuce, Ace, Grim, and The Hyena boy stared In shock at the transformed pokemon. Eevee growled and spat a small puff of fire in the Hyena's direction. Hyena boy didn't think it was worth it, so he quickly ran off. Once he was gone Eevee slowly transformed back and went back to munching on his sandwich.

"What did Eevee do?!" Ace gasped as he stood back in shock.

"What happened to him?!" Deuce asked.

"Well... umm... Something you should know about pokemon is that when they reach a certain strength or other special conditions that are met. Many pokemon undergo a special metamorphosis and change their form into something stronger, permanently. Something we call evolution," Yuu explained. " But Eevee here is special, he can transform into his evolution form and revert back."

"Evolution? That sounds pretty cool," Ace smiled nervously.

"My deluxe minced cutlet sandwich!!!!" Grim cried."(munching) This is the worst day yet… (munching) My bread was taken from me…"

"I’m kinda curious about that guy from earlier…" Yuu whispered to Eevee.


[LOCATION: Botanical Garden – Temperate Zone]

"Leona-san, I bought you your lunch~," Ruggie called. " Well umm, more like half a lunch."

" Noon already?" Leona grumbled.

"Have you been sleeping since this morning? You’ll fail your required subjects again this year if you keep that up," Ruggie glared.

"Oh, looks like you brought what I asked you for properly," Leona said as he sniffed the air. " Why is there only half a sandwich?" 

"Geez, you keep asking for the expensive bread, Leona-san. Here’s the deluxe minced cutlet sandwich and iced tea that you ordered," Ruggie said as he handed him the food. " As for the sandwich, I wasn't risking a hand for you. So I was only able to get half."

"I’m the type who’ll eat anything as long as it’s edible. Well, Prince Leona will never understand that feeling~," Ruggie continued.

"Hmph. That only applies to the first prince. I’m the second prince so I’m pretty much treated the same as any commoner," Leona scoffed.

"I’ll never forget the day you said, “I thought it was a dog house,” when you saw the picture of my hometown," Ruggie glared.

"Did I say something like that?" Leona yawned.

"Yes, you did! Ah, geez… I wanna try living in a castle just once to the point that I’d say the same about my own house," Ruggie sighed.

"Hah! Being a royal is no joke. Effort and talents don’t matter. They only care about who was born first," Leona laughed.

"Hm~ Is that so? Oh, yeah. Today’s the Prefects’ meeting for the Magical Shift tournament. Don’t forget to show up, okay? You get to have the biggest dorm room ‘cause you’re the Prefect, so do your duties properly," Ruggie said.

"I’m sleepy now that I’m full. Wake me up when lunch is over," Leona yawned as he rolled over and went back to sleep.

"I’m not your alarm clock though… Ah, you’re already sleeping!" Ruggie growled.


During that time, Yuu and the others visited headmaster Crowley to discuss a few topics. How overblot worked and how deadly it can really be, but easily avoidable. Next, the topic of pokemon came up. Mr.Crowley was quite happy that the heartslabyul dorm and the pokemon residence were getting along nicely. He even said if pokemon are this peaceful he wouldn't mind them roaming the school, but that is a naive thought. He still preferred them to stay on the down-low. 

Then the topic of his search on how to send me home was briefly touched upon. Now I'm certain, he wasn't looking all too hard to send me home. Next was this special game of this world, magic shift. When Grim learned that the games were filmed for the world. He was all on board with participating, but cause my dorm doesn't have enough human players we couldn't play.

Which was a little disappointing.


"So not only is grim to miss out on the games, but also at a spot at the champion hall. That sucks," Yuu sighed. " Magic shift dose sound fun thou."

"Even if you did participate, I would not go down easy," Riddle smirked.

The two were out for a somewhat late-night ride with Ponyta and Tart, and the take of Magic shift came about.

"Are all schools like this. It's been so long since I've last been in school," Yuu smiled bashfully.

"I still can't believe that you haven't been in school for 7 years. How does anyone learn and become a functional adult for the workforce?" Riddle asked.

"Well, most trainers either lost interest in the challenge, Couldn't progress further, or never beat the champion. They soon return to school for a career outside pokemon training," yuu explained. " So how's the pokemon in your dorm, are there any issues that need assistance?"

"No, the pokemon are just fine, they really improved the atmosphere in the dorm. I'm glad that they are all getting along, and Tart really seems to like Heartslabyul," Riddle smiled as he patted Tart's head.

"It's good to see you two getting along," Yuu smiled, as Tart Neighed in agreement. 

"Yuu, If you really want to participate, you could become a part of Heartslabyul and play on my team," Riddle suggested.

"Ummm, No," Yuu said, as Ponyta and Yuu suddenly dashed away. Leaving a surprised and slightly disappointed as he and Tart quickly gave chase.

As the two pairs dashed across the field, a sudden flash in the sky grabbed their attention. Yuu's eyes widened as she recognized the familiar rip in the night sky. Riddle gasped in shock as he stares up at the hole in the sky as multiple strange creatures started to quickly emerge from it. All but one dashed out of sight. 

Yuu and Ponyta quickly got in front of Tart and Riddle. slowly the jellyfish-shaped creature lowered to the ground and floated silently.

Riddle stared at the strange creature in confusion. He wanted to ask what kind of pokemon was it, but he noticed the serious expression on her face.

"W-what is it? is it a pokemon?" Riddle asked quietly.

"No, it's not. That is an Ultra Beast," Yuu whispered back. " They are very dangerous beings."

The Nihilego screeched and dashed towards the humans with its tentacles outstretched. Yuu gasped as she pushed Riddle aside as Ponyta and Tart dodged the strange creature. Riddle groaned as he pushed himself off the ground, as the ultra beast turned its attention towards Yuu, who stood in front of him, acting as a shield. The ultra beast Nihilego screeched in anger. It wanted to fight.

"Tart, Ponyta quick use flame charge," Yuu commanded.

The two-horse pokemon kicked up the dust and burst in flame and charged the ultra beast. With their speed boosted they slammed into the creature, but the flames did little damage to the jellyfish-shaped monster. 

"Ponyta use high horsepower and Tart use protect and keep Riddle safe," Yuu shouted.

Tart quickly ran over to riddle and activated her shield to keep riddle out of the line of fire. Yuu quickly moved to Ponyta's side and readied for a rough battle. Yuu internally cursed herself for not bringing any other pokemon. Blue the Ponyta charged towards the ultra beast, but the creature dodged and dashed towards Yuu with unbelievable speeds.

Time seemed to slow down as Riddle watched helplessly as the Nihilego's tentacles reached out towards Yuu. Blue skitted on the ground from the power of his missed attack. Blue quickly got back up as he tried to reach Yuu in time. The distance seemed so far away as the gap between Yuu and the ultra beast quickly got smaller and smaller. Blue pushed his legs harder than ever before as he tried to reach his trainer. 

Suddenly Blue's body began to glow brilliantly. His body began to grow and stretch as a new surge of power flowed through him. Riddle and Tart watched in awe as Blue transformed into a powerful Rapidash! Blue lowered his horn as he focused on the power of the earth and learn Drill Run, and ran full force into the Nihilego. Forcing it to release its tentacles that were wrapped around Yuu's wrist, and sent it flying across the field.

The Ultra beast screeched but bolted of as another wormhole opened, and the beast quickly dashed through it. Yuu breathed in shakily as she stood and hugged Blue the now Rapidash and thanked him for his rescue. Riddle quickly got up on his feet and ran over to Yuu and tackle hugged her.

"Yuu are you alright?! What even was that? What happened to blue?!" Riddle as with tears welled up in his eyes.

"Yes, I am alright. What we just witnessed was an Ultra beast named Nihilego, it comes from a whole other world, a world not like yours or mine," Yuu explained as she tried to calm Riddle. 

"As for Blue, he evolved and became a stronger version of himself. Upon reaching a certain level, using certain stones, learning certain moves, or being traded, evolves into a different kind of Pokémon. To some Pokémon, evolution means growing up, while to others, it just refers becoming another species or getting upgraded. However, many of them retain the memories of their life during their pre-evolution form," Yuu explained.

"So Blue still remembers use, right?" Riddle asked.

"Of course, he may look different but he is still the same blue we know and love," Yuu smiled.

"W-will Tart turn like Blue someday?" Riddle asked slowly.

"Well, maybe. Some requirements need to be met first, and we can never truly know when that happens. There are some pokemon who never evolve or simply refuse to, know on can truly say," Yuu said. " But we should be heading back to our dorm. It's almost-"

"You should come back to Heartslaybul, at least for the night," Riddle interrupted. " We don't know if  that... thing will come back and attack again."

Yuu was about to object, but she paused when she looked into Riddle's eyes. They were full of concern and worry, so with a sigh agreed to stay the one night.


HEARTSLABYUL STUDENT A: The try-outs for the Magical Shift Tournament is soon, right?

HEARTSLABYUL STUDENT B: Have you thought of a magical exhibition that will appeal to the Prefect yet?

HEARTSLABYUL STUDENT A: Of course! When I showed it to Professor Crewel the other day, he was so amazed! I’m excited to show it to Prefect Ro—Wha–!?? (groans) That hurt…
HEARTSLABYUL STUDENT B: H-hey, what happened!? You suddenly jumped from the stairs!


HEARTSLABYUL STUDENT B: What?! Come on, I’ll take you to the infirmary first…!

???: Shishishishishi~♪


Chapter Text

Yuu fulfilled her promise and stayed for the night at Heartslaybul, Ace and Deuce were more than happy to share their three-student room. Well, Deuce was still a bit of a nervous boy around Yuu, much less than sharing a room with her. Even though she was a guest, she was still expected to follow the strange rules of the dorm. She missed like 7 of them, each as outlandish as the last, but luckily she was somewhat saved by Mr.Crowley. Even if Riddle is calmer about rules, she still didn't want to hear his rant.

"It looks like you’re getting along well with the dorm of Heartslabuyl. How magnificent~," Crowley smiled. " Are you certain that you don't wish to transfer to this dorm? Riddle seems adamant about you joining them."

"Why did you call me?" Yuu asked.

"I came here to ask you for a favor. Talking outside won’t do, so let us head to Ramshackle," Crowley whispered.

[LOCATION: Ramshackle Dorm – Lounge]

"What favor do you want? We’re not your errand boys anymore, yanno?" Grim asked.

"Oh? Have I not told you that I haven’t guaranteed your permanent necessities for living here yet? Manual work is a very wonderful thing, Grim and Yuu," Crowley smiled.

" Are you threatening me?" Yuu glared.

"Ahem. Then, let me start again. There has been an increasingly concerning amount of people being injured in accidents around the school.  I want you to please investigate this matter," Crowley said.

"People getting injured?" Grim asked.

"Indeed. Falling from stairs, getting scalded by boiling water, etc… The reasons vary, but the fact that more people keep visiting the infirmary due to accidents still stands. There was another incident by the staircase yesterday. That makes him the 10th victim. Unfortunately, there were very few witnesses…" Crowley said slowly.

"Aren’t they just being clumsy?" Grim asked.

"The Magical Shift Tournament is nearing and students are indeed getting restless. Even so, the number of accidents compared to last year’s is too much. Even more, all the people that were injured were students who were the top candidates for the Magical Shift Tournament," Crowley explained.

"Doesn't sound like a couple of accidents," Yuu commented.

" Excellent deduction, Yuu. However, we have no evidence to suggest otherwise. All the accidents happened with at least one witness. And all those who fall, victim, all say the same thing.  None of the ones injured were acting differently before," Crowley said.

"Then, that means they were just being clumsy. Alright, solved~," Grim Said hastily." I mean, this doesn’t concern me! I won’t even be able to participate in the competition either way.  I don’t care what happens to the tournament now."

"Is that so…? And here I went all the way to prepare a special reward for you…" Crowley sighed.

"Hah! I’m not falling for that again! I won’t cooperate if you don’t give me at least a hundred canned tunas," Grim spat.

"Then what about… allowing you to participate in the Magical Shift Tournament? Should you manage to solve the case, I will allow your dorm special rights to participate in this year’s tournament. How about that? Oh, how very kind of me, is it not~?" Crowley asked with a smirk. " The winner of the tournament will be shown on TV internationally. It’s a chance to be showered with praise and applause~, You might even get the chance to announce what a great newcomer you will be~!"

' Smart bastard, luring Grim in with his ego,' Yuu thought to herself.

"However, you said you won’t be cooperating, did you not? How unfortunate. Let’s pretend I didn’t say anything about the matter." Crowley shrugged.

"Wait for a second! I’ll do it! I’ll help out!  If you’re gonna let me in the tournament, then it’s a yes! Right, Yuu?" Grim asked with excitement.

"I thought we needed 7 players to participate… And you said my Pokemon aren't allowed to join," Yuu said.

" Well, as the Headmaster, I will perform a very magical miracle and do something about the remaining five players. I’ll be counting on the both of you." Crowley smiled as Grim Cheered.

Yuu and the pokemon simply shook their head, knowing at the headmaster had no real intention to hold his end. After talking to the Heartslabyul and Pomefiore dorm, Yuu and Grim couldn't find any evidence of foul play. As they were about to head back when Ace and Deuce came running informing them that Trey was injured.

"It’s hard to imagine him being careless," Yuu gasped.

"Let’s go ask him what happened!" Grim shouted.


[LOCATION: Trey’s Room]

"Hey, Glasses! We came here to check on you!" Grim stated as Yuu flicked his nose.

"Oh, it’s the A-Deuce combi~ You even brought Grim and Yuu with you~," Cater smiled as Boltund barked in greeting.

"Hello~ Wait, what’s with the “A-Deuce” thing, Cater-senpai?" Ace asked.

"Eh? You both have “-ce” at the end of your names, so I just combined them~," Cater explained.

"More importantly, what exactly happened to Trey-senpai?" Ace asked.

"Ah, I missed a step on the stairs. I tried to be cautious during the fall, but my right leg ended up getting the worse of it. I’ll have to be on crutches for a while. It looks like I won’t be able to participate in this year’s Magift Tournament," Trey explained.

"I thought of letting it slide if it was just a small injury, but… Here, have some canned tuna as a get-well present," Grim said as he handed a can of Tuna.

Trey smiled and thanked grim as he took the can from the cat monster.

"Geez, give me a break. It’s already tough without our star player Trey, and now we’ve gotta re-do the player selection," Cater sighed.

"Oh!? Player selection!?" Ace and Deuce asked, in excitement.

"Now. What are you all doing gathered in an injured person’s room?" Riddle asked as he walked in.

"Ah–!! It’s the irritable Riddle!" Grim gasped.

" Irritable, you say? I won’t get mad if you don’t break the rules. Trey, how’s your condition? Is there something you want to drink or eat?" Riddle asked when he remembered. " Oh, and these cream Pokemon, seem to be here to visit."

Riddle stepped aside as the 7 Alcremie came in all helping each other to hold up a platter with food and desserts on it for Trey. Yuu smiled and helped them out by picking up the try and handing it to Trey as the Alcremies climbed onto op his bed to comfort him.

" Oh, hey guys," Trey greeted with a bashful smile, as the Alcremie started hugging his cast foot. "  You don’t have to be so worried. I told you, I’m feeling okay."

"But… You got injured because of me and…" 

" What do you mean?" Yuu asked.

"I had to go to the 3rd years’ classroom because I had business with them. But then…" Riddle mumbled.


RIDDLE: I’ll be a little late, but go on ahead and practice for the Magical Shift Tournament.

TREY: Got it.

RIDDLE: I’ll leave it to you, then. Wh-whoa–!!

TREY: Riddle, watch out!


"He covered for me when I fell down the stairs and he got injured himself… " Riddle said.

"I think you’ll have been able to break your fall, you know? I covered for you on my own, so don’t worry about it," Trey smiled.

"Come on, Riddle-kun~ No need to be so gloomy! I feel bad about Trey-Kun's injury, but we just have to do his best in his place~," Cater smiled.

"Y-yeah, you’re right," Riddle nodded, as everyone followed him out of Trey's room.


"I see… The Headmaster asked that from you," Riddle repeated.

"Yep, and if we find the culprit Grim can compete in the Games," Yuu summed up.

"See? I knew that Grimmy won’t be visiting without a reason," Cater smiled.

"I thought that something was amiss, too, so I asked to Cater to gather some information," Riddle explained.

"And then we found out that the only targeted people are the top players like Riddle-kun or Trey-kun," Cater explained.

"It is true that I hadn’t slipped nor had someone pushed me from behind that day. However… I don’t know how to explain it, but it felt like my body just moved around on its own," Riddle said.

"The other guys who got hurt said the same thing, too," Grim pointed out.

"I think it would be a good idea to narrow our list down to the tournament players," Yuu said.

"You mean to say that they’re injuring strong players so that they’ll have fewer rivals for the Magical Shift Tournament?" Ace asked.

" Well it is a Tournament, so I wouldn't be too surprised if someone was trying to give themselves an advantage through unfair means," Yuu explained.

"The tournament is connected to a guaranteed way to secure one’s future, so it’s not unthinkable that people will use any means necessary to win," Riddle explained. " I didn’t feel any sort of impact at all. We just have to extract that statement from the culprit. We will help you search for him."

" Thank you, Riddle," Yuu bowed.

" If that’s the case, we’ll lend a hand, too," Ace smiled.

"We’ll be avenging Clover-senpai!" Deuce shouted.

"you guys are aiming for the open player position, huh~," Yuu smirked.

"N-no, I wasn’t thinking that! We do want revenge!" Deuce denied.

"Good grief. Well, I will consider it if you manage to apprehend the culprit," Riddle sighed.

So the group of amateur detectives made their way to Pomfiore to scout out any possible suspects. Cater's first person of interest was a blond boy by the name of Rook hunt. Yet when the group found him, he was talking with some other dorm members. All very pretty people, but one of them did not look all too happy to be there. Even though Rook hunt looked strong along with the other tall boy, they were too worried about their makeup. As Cater and the others looked at their next possible person, Yuu heard something that caught her attention.

"Rook, have you found out what has been all the ice and poison around the garden?" The beautiful boy asked.

" I'm so sorry Roi de Poison, but I couldn't. Who or whatever is causing them is more elusive than I thought," Rook responded.

Yuu turned to her group only to see that they had left without her, so she silently slipped away from her corner. Sadly not stealthy enough, for a certain hunter did notice her presence.

"Excuse me, beautiful Vil," Rook said, excusing himself.

Rook quickly followed after Yuu, all without her knowledge. As she stepped out of the dorm, she felt a hand place itself on her shoulder. She panicked and her body reacted before her brain. Her body quickly turned around and punched the person in the face. Yuu gasped as she realized what she did, as the poor boy was Rook.

"I am so sorry," Yuu said as she tried to see the extent of her damage.

Yet Rook didn't seem offended at all but was simply holding his nose with a pained smile. " No no, forgive me. I should have known better than to sneak up on you. You had such a beautiful form with that punch."

"Is your nose okay?" Yuu asked.

"Oui, I'll be fine. I was simply curious on why you were sneaking around our lovely dorm?" Rook asked.

"Well, I was simply exploring, I couldn't help myself," Yuu chuckled nervesly.

As Rooked looked her over, he noticed the strange furry creature on Yuu's head.

" quelle belle créature," Rook said in awe.

"Excuse me?" Yuu asked.

"What a beautiful creature, such lovely fur," Rook said in English.

Yuu and Eevee glanced at each other for a second, feeling slight creep vibes. They two quickly dashed of before Rook could say anything else.


[LOCATION: Courtyard]

" Next up’s Octavinelle Dorm. The ones to pay attention to are those 2nd years, Jade and Floyd Leech. My info says that their strongest point is their coordinated playing. I’ve heard that anyone who plays against them is always at a loss," Cater explained. " Oh, hey Yuu. Where were you?"

"Uwah…! They both have the same face," Grim awed as he pointed to a pair of really tall twins. "They look lanky, but those legs are probably no joke."

"Hm… If I were the culprit, I’ll go after them last. Those two are, well… I especially would not want to get too close to Floyd," Riddle glared as he pulled everyone behind a tree.

"Ah, ~~~~~~ It’s Little Goldfish~~~!" A voice said.

"Uff…!! He saw me!" Riddle gasped.

"Little Goldfish, what are you doing here? Playing hide-and-seek? That sounds like fun~," Floyd smiled.

"F-Floyd, how many times have I told you not to call me by such weird nicknames," Riddle grumbled.

" I mean, you’re small and red, so obviously you’re a goldfish~," Floyd laughed.

"Wow, creative," Yuu mumbled.

"Eevee," The pokemon agreed.

"Awww, a fluffy dog creature, You look interesting~ Hey, hey, can I hold and squish you~?" Floyd asked with a smile.

"Oh, my. What is everyone from Heartslabyul doing gathered here? Are you perhaps observing the enemy for the coming Magical Shift Tournament?" Jade asked. 

" Um, we have a lot of reasons, so uh…" Cater said slowly.

"We simply cannot let spies go, can we?  Can we hear in detail the reasons why you were observing us?" Jade chuckled.

"This guy looks so zen, but his eyes are not laughing at all…" Ace said nervesly.

" Cover your eyes," Yuu shouted to her friends suddenly.

The group quickly did as she said as Eevee jumped up and flashed a blinding light. The twins groaned in pain as their vision was badly impaired and all they could see was white.

" Run!" Yuu said as she and the others booked it.


"That was scary… What’s up with those guys?" Grim panted.

"Don’t ask me. Those two have always been so difficult to grasp that I can’t understand them," Riddle sighed. " Nice quick-thinking Yuu."

"Your welcome, but thank Eevee," Yuu smiled as she pointed to her friendly wid pokemon. Those two seem like they’ll target you for revenge if you hurt them," Yuu panted.

"I probably won’t go after them, then…" Ace commented.

"Alright, the sun’s setting so the next one’s our last observation for real. It’s Savanaclaw’s Jack Howl. He’s the 1st year. He’s pretty athletic and there’s a rumor that he got a flurry of invitations from various athletic clubs," Cater said as he looked through his list.

"He might be back in the dorm around this time, huh," Deuce suggested.

"Oh, it’s already 5 PM. According to Rule #346 of the Queen of Hearts, “One must not stay and play croquet in the gardens past 5 PM.”  I’ll return to the dorm for now. If I take my eyes off them, there will surely be people breaking the rules," Riddle said.

" I thought you’d gone soft, but you’re still the same as always, yanno?" Grim pointed out.

"I-I think I’m being a little bit lenient on the rules lately, though…" Riddle stuttered.

"Baby steps, baby steps," Yuu smiled.

"Yup, yup~ He’s been nicer lately~ But his seriousness is one of his charm points, too~♪Alright, then. Good luck back there, Riddle-kun~," Cater smiled.


[LOCATION: Savanaclaw Dorm]

"Whoa… So this is Savanaclaw’s Dorm?" Deuce awed in amazment.

" Their dorm looks like it’s made from really scraggy rocks! Hey, what do you think those bones are from?" Grim wondered.

"So… Jack, was it? What kinda guy is he?" Yuu asked, trying to stay on task.

"He’s tanned and got silver hair. It seems like wolf ears and a tufty tail is his trademarks," Cater described. 

As Yuu looked around she spotted the boy that was described, Jack howl. " The one jogging by himself over there," 

"Right on the mark. That’s him, alright~," Cater smiled.

"First the tall twins, and now we’ve got another dude who’s so macho!?

"Let’s go and talk to him, then," Yuu smiled.

" Hey, you. Spiky-head!" Grimm Shouted. "You might get targeted by some bad guys, so we’re here to protect ya! That makes you happy, doesn’t it?"

"Who the hell are you? Don’t get in the way," Jack growled.

" There’s a big problem with your communication skills, Grimmy!" Cater scolded." Sorry about that~ Can you listen to what we have to say for a bit?"

"Who the hell are you guys? You’re saying you’re going to protect me?" Jack asked with suspicion. 

"There’s been a lot of accidents at school involving the Magical Shift players. And we’re searching for the bad guy behind it," Deuce explained.

"And what’s that got to do with me?" Jack asked.

" To put it simply, we’re looking at potential targets in hopes of finding the culprit. How ‘bout it? Will you cooperate with us for a bit~?" Cater asked.

" I refuse. I can do something about it on my own. I don’t need your protection," Jack said simply. "Plus I probably… won’t even be targeted. See you."

Yuu eyed him suspiciously as she watched the wolf boy continue his run. Said they weren't the only ones to be caught as a rough growl broke her concentration.

SAVANACLAW STUDENT A: Hey, what’re you guys doing over there?

SAVANACLAW STUDENT B: Ah, they’re from Heartslabyul, man.

SAVANACLAW STUDENT C: Hehehe! They’re followers of that Red Spoiled Brat.

SAVANACLAW STUDENT A: Don’t think you’ll get home in one piece after stepping in our territory.

SAVANACLAW STUDENT B: Aw, come on. Play with us a bit!

SAVANACLAW STUDENT C: Hehehe! Let’s play a hunting game! ‘Course, ya guys’ll be the prey!

"Stop it," Said a familiar voice.


SAVANACLAW STUDENT B: These guys were trespassing on our turf.

SAVANACLAW STUDENT C: Let’s make them pay for it, hehe!

"Oh? You’re the guys I saw at the cafeteria," Said a familiar hyena boy.

"Ah, you, deluxe minced cutlet sandwich!" Grim gasped.

"Hey, don’t just make my name sound delicious.  I’ve got a manly name, y’know? It’s Ruggie Bucchi," The boy scoffed.

"Ah, now that I look at you closely. You’re the herbivore that stepped on my tail in the greenhouse the other day," Leona said as he looked over Yuu.

SAVANACLAW STUDENT A: What?! He stepped on your tail, Prefect?!


"We already apologized for that incident," Yuu said simply.

SAVANACLAW STUDENT A: We don’t need yer sorry here!

"Ah, I see. I thought I’d seen you before… So that was you guys, huh," Ruggie smirked.

SAVANACLAW STUDENT B: Leona-san, Ruggie-san, let’s knock ‘em out!

"Stop yapping, you idiots. We’ll be disqualified from playing in the tournament if you get in a fight. Do you want that to happen?" Leona growled.

SAVANACLAW STUDENT C: Are you saying we should let such tasty prey go, sir?!

"No one said anything like that. Let’s treat them to some Magical Shift then," Leona smirked.

"With Magift?" Yuu asked.

"Not You!" Leona said to Yuu." Using magic all we want during a practice match isn’t against the rules." 

"Shishishishishi~ You’re such a bully, Leona-san~ These wimps won’t last one game, y’know? Besides I didn't know that you have a soft spot for him," Ruggie chuckled as he pointed to yuu.

"I do not!" Leona growled. " He has no magic, so he's useless in this game."

As the boys played their game, Yuu stood by the bleachers with a slight pout of annoyance. 

In the distance, a pair of mischievous baby pokemon had wandered far from the den and decided to check out the Stadium. Rockruff, Shinx, and Litleo all cautiously sneaked their way closer to the Stadium when a yummy smell caught their noise. The pokemon quickly followed the trail.

Back at the den Zarude stood to watch when his adopted human son noticed a few pokemon missing.


"Dada! Shinx, litleo, and Rockruff are missing!" Koko gasped as he informed his father.

"What?! H-How did they get past us?" Zarude panicked slightly.

"Don't worry, I'll find them," Koko said as he dashed out of the den.

"Stay safe Koko," Zarude called out.


Shinx, litleo, and Rockruff slowly approached Yuu as they could smell the yummy snacks coming from her bag. Eevee heard the three approach and happily greeted them. Yuu quickly turned to see Eevee chatting with these three new pokemon. She slowly lowered herself down to their leave with a gentle smile as she listened to the conversation.

"So you were simply looking for snacks?" Yuu asked the three baby pokemon. 

The pokemon cheered in agreement as Yuu dug in her bag and pulled out three PokePuffs for them. As the pokemon chow down, Koko hide behind the rocks and watched from a distance. A part of him was alert and worried for the baby pokemon, but the other was in awe to see another being like him.

" Hey, what’s wrong? Already giving up?" Leona asked with a smirk.

" Shishishishi! What happened to your attitude from a while ago?" Ruggie laughed.

" Hey, herbivores. Stand up. Let’s play one more game," Leona demanded.

"This is straight-up bullying," Yuu said as she ran over to her friends.

"What are you all doing?" Jack asked as he heard the commotion.

" Hah? We were just playing around with people who trespassed on our turf," Leona said.

"What’s so fun about bullying helpless people?" Jack growled.

" What~? Look at you playing the cool hero of justice, Jack-kun~ Shishishishi!" Ruggie laughed.

"  I was just saying that I can’t stand looking at this any longer," Jack said simply.

SAVANACLAW STUDENT A: Hey, Jack! Stop being a snarky, ya 1st-year brat!

"Look who’s talking. Is this something an upperclassman would do?" Jack spat.

SAVANACLAW STUDENT C: What’d you say!? Ya wanna end up like them, huh!?

"Hah, you sure have guts, you 1st-year brat. Forget it. I’m bored already. There’s no meaning in fighting against you. Let’s go, Ruggie," Leona sighed.

SAVANACLAW STUDENT B: We won’t letcha off easily the next time you come here.

" Are you guys okay?" Yuu asked.

"Ahahaha, you sure saw us look uncool, huh," Cater laughed bashfully.

" Jack, was it? Thanks for the help," Deuce thanked.

"No need. I didn’t come here to help you," Jack scoffed.

"Then why did you help us?" Yuu asked.

"Alright, Jack-kun, we’re going back now, but be careful not to get hurt, okay?" Cater said as he slowly pushed Yuu away.

"I said I don’t need your concern. Hurry up and go," Jack said simply.

As Yuu and the gang left, jack sighed in slight relief but had an idea of who the culprit was. 

As the baby pokemon finished their snacks, they licked their lips in content. Sadly their bellies still craved more. As they looked around the nice human, they noticed her leaving through a mirror, without a second thought the pokemon chased after her. Koko, after losing sight of Yuu then turned his attention back to the baby pokemon. Only to see them making a mad dash towards the mirror.

Koko gasped in surprise as he quickly ran after them and through the mirror. Yet as he passed through the mirror, he found himself in a whole new world. The NRC students stared in confusion and shock as Koko dashed past them.


[LOCATION: Ramshackle Dorm – Your Room]

"I can’t fall asleep because Grim keeps sleep-talking…" Yuu sighed.

As Yuu wandered out of her dorm and strolled the grounds, she heard someone call out to her.

"Who goes there?" a strong voice asked.

Yuu quickly turned to see a very tall man with horns on top of his head.

"  Oh my, what a surprise. You are a human child," The man said.

"Do you live here? This place is supposed to have been abandoned long ago.  I quite like to wander around here during my nightly walks for it is a quiet place," The man said

" Umm, Who are you?" Yuu asked as she slowly approached him.

"Who, you say…? You do not know of me? Really? Hm, I see. Oh my, this is quite unusual, indeed," He said in surprise.

"My name is Yuu. I believe that telling me your name would be proper manners, too," Yuu smiled.

"My name, you say? Fufu, it will be better for you not to know. If you knew who I was, it would certainly leave a chilling impression. Let us have you stay ignorant of the world’s ways, shall we? Feel free to call me whatever you want. Though, it might someday make you regret that decision," The man smiled.

" Alright, but you might not like the name I might come up with," Yuu chuckled.

"Hm, even so…Now that people are living here, this ruins isn’t completely abandoned anymore. How unfortunate. I must find another abandoned place on my next walk, then. I shall excuse myself now," The man said as he vanished from sight.

As Yuu stare in confusion, she heard rustles from a bush behind her. Yuu turned to see the three baby pokemon from Savanaclaw slowly crawl out. All of them looked famished. Yuu quickly took them inside to feed them.

[LOCATION: Savanaclaw Dorm]

"Where are you, Koko?" Zarude asked himself in worry.

Luxray, Pyroar, and Lycanroc were also nervous, some even angry. Zarude had to calm them down, not wanting to start a fight with the dorm residence. 

"Koko please hurry," Zarude asked quietly.


Chapter Text


SCAR: The earth will rumble and a new era will begin.
SHENZI: And what about us hyenas?
SCAR: Listen to me first.
SCAR: We will kill Simba together with his father.
SCAR: And then I will be the King!
BANZAI: All hail the King!
HYENAS: All hail the King!
SCAR: Yes, my teeth and ambitions are bared.
SCAR: Be prepared!


"Oh awake, Yuu! Breakfast is already starting, come on!" Grimm called.

Yuu sighed as she gather her bag and helped the baby pokemon into the infinitely internally large backpack, and quickly dashed out of Ramshackle.

"Did you go out somewhere last night? I didn’t see you in bed when I woke up to go to the bathroom," Grimm asked.

"I decided to take a walk around Ramshackle and ran into someone along the way. A  tall man with horns," Yuu explained.

"You met a strange guy with horns on his head? What was his name?" Grim asked.

"He told me to call him whatever I liked," Yuu sighed.

" Hm, then… How about “Tsuno-tarou”? He can’t get mad if he told you to call him what you want! We might run into him if he’s a student here. If we do, you better introduce me, too, got it? I’ve never seen a guy with horns on his head!" Grimm laughed. " Hey, why is your bag bigger than before?"

" I meet some pokemon back in Savanaclaw, and I need to sneak them back into Savanaclaw," Yuu explained.

"What?!" Grim gasped.

"Mornin’, mornin’ Yuu-chan~," Cater called out, as he seems to be chasing after Riddle. Who was making a b-line towards Yuu.

From the trees with branches that hung over the main street. Koko had tracked the baby pokemon down and is watching Yuu. To make sure she didn't harm them. 

But as he watched, he failed to notice the branch slowly begin to break. With a large snap, Koko began to fall. Yuu looked up at the sound only to feel a weight come crashing down on her. Riddle and Cater come to a halt as they stare in shock. Koko stared in shock at just how close he was suddenly to Yuu or another human before. Even though their faces were a semi-okay distance from each other. From the perspective of Riddle and Cater, it did not look too clean and PG.

Riddle's heart squeezed tightly as his fist tightened. He was about to give this strange boy a piece of his mind, but Cater stopped him by holding the smaller boy back. Koko soon snapped out of his stopper and moved off the girl. Riddle got out of Cater's hold and dashed over to Yuu in worry.

"Yuu are you okay?!" Riddle asked as he helped her to her feet and straightened Her tie.

"I'm fine. Just surprised is all," Yuu smiled as she turned to the strange boy on fours.

Riddle pulled out his pen and pointed it at the tan boy. " Who are you!? What Are You Doing In This School?!" Riddle demanded.

 The boy bared his teeth at Riddle as he jumped on top of the Queen of Heart's statute and growled. "Za Za Zarude!!" The boy shouted.

Riddle and Cater could only stare in confusion as continued to speak nonsense. Cater was trying to hold back his laughter at this whole situation, while Riddle was not happy that this strange boy is defiling the queen's statue. 

   "Don't mind them, I am in the same situation as you. I'm from the same world as you," Yuu said as she got in between him and Riddle.

  "You can understand him Yuu?" Grim asked with pure confusion.

  "Come down please, It's not safe up there. My name is Yuu, who are you?" Yuu asked as she held out her hand to the boy.

  "Name in Yuu," The boy repeated with a smile.

  "yeah," Yuu smiled.

  The boy smiled brightly as he celebrated ecstatically, hoping down from the statute and spinning on all fours. All the will talking in pokemon speech, as Yuu simply chuckled, while Riddle, Grim, and Cater continue to watch in pure bewilderment.

  "And you are?" Yuu asked again.

  The boy smiled and settled down as he turned to face her. "Koko," He said.

  "Nice to meet you, Koko," Yuu nodded as she held out her hand.

  Koko stared in interest as he slowly aligned his hand against hers. The fingers align perfectly with hers. Riddle having enough of this whole thing called the two to attention.

   " We have a criminal to catch," Riddle reminded them.

   " Yes, but we can't just leave Koko alone. Hey, Cater you used your magic to transform clothes right.


"Let's see...Jamil-Kun is tan with long black hair... Ah! There he is," Cater said as he pointed to a table.

Yuu looked over and sure enough, the boy Cater described. Koko itched and scratched at the uncomfortable NRC uniform as Eevee rested on his shoulder. As they made their way over, Grimm once again barges on them with no tact or sympathy about Jamil's injury. Starting this conversation really awkward as Kalim recognized Grimm as the raccoon that set his butt on fire that one time. Kalim was surprisingly carefree and was just a ball of smiles. As Riddle and Cater Talked to Jamil, Yuu happily introduced all the neat food NRC had to offer to Koko. Who happily gobbled everything down before Grim could grab any of it. 


As Gri thought and thought, something came to mind as he gasped. Yuu and Koko jumped in shock when Grimm suddenly yelled, saying that he figured out who the culprit is.

"The culprit is Ruggie Bucchi!" Grim shouted.

"By Ruggie, you mean… The one from Savanaclaw?" Cater gasped.

" Let’s catch him and ask him directly," Riddle said simply.


"We’re intruding! Where is Ruggie Bucchi?" Grim shouted as he busted into a classroom.

" Yeah? Ugh, it’s you guys again… No matter how much you beg, I’m not paying you back for that deluxe sandwich~," Ruggie sighed.

"Ruggie Bucchi. There’s something we would like to ask you about the consecutive incidents regarding the injury of selected players," Riddle said.

"Oh…? That doesn’t sound like a friendly accusation," Ruggie smiled.

"Won’t you come with us for a bit~?" Cater asked.

" I get it already! So please, don’t hurt me or anything…" Ruggie grumbled.

[LOCATION: Interior Hallway]

"Now then.  I know that he won’t easily confess, but it will be troublesome if we fell victim to his unique magic. With my “Off with your head,” I will–"

"Oh, what’s this~? Will you be okay using such strong magic without your magical pen, Riddle-kun~?" Ruggie chuckled.

"Hey, Cater! Your pen’s gone, too!" Grim Gasped.

"No way? Really!?" Cater panicked.

"Shishishi! You guys are spoiled rich kids through and through, huh~? You’re both so wide open! So vulnerable~," Ruggie chuckled.

"Wha–!? When did he use his magic to get your magical pens!?" Grim pointed.

"Aw, come on~ I don’t have to use magic to do something so simple! And so, I feel like I’m gonna get jumped if I stay, so I’m gonna dash~! Bye-bye~!" Ruggie smirked as he ran.

"Wait! It’s off with your head if you don’t stop at once! Off with–"

"Wait for a second, Riddle-kun! You just recovered from Blot, so you shouldn’t use magic much!" Cater stopped him.

"We Have To Stop Him!" Yuu shouted as they all ran after the hyena.

Yuu and Koko dashed after the Hyena boy at amazing speeds, leaving Riddle and Cater in the dust. As Ace and Deuce came from down the stairs finally done feeding the flamingos while wearing pink. Yuu and Koko quickly dashed past them, leaving the two in shock.

"W-what just happened?" Deuce asked in surprise.

"Was that Yuu? And who was that other guy?" Ace asked.

"Ah, Acey and Deucey! Perfect timing!" Cater panted as he ran over to them.

"The culprit behind the consecutive accidents and the guy who stole our magical pens ran away! Go and capture Ruggie Bucchi right now! You know what will happen if you fail, don’t you!?" Riddle panted from lack of air.

" We just got done with work though!?" Ace complained.

Ruggie chuckled as he looked back. Only to gasp as he saw Yuu and Koko hot on his tail and closing in on him fast. Ruggie tried to push his legs harder as he tried to keep the gap between them.

But suddenly something wrapped around His ankle, causing him to eat the cement as he face-planted. He quickly turned back to see the strange boy has lassoed him. Ruggie quickly chewed at the vines, breaking them and running off, leaving the pens behind.

"You Did it, Koko. You were amazing," Yuu smiled as she side hugged him.

"How are you two not tired after running so much…?" Ace panted.

"He’s not only a fast runner, but his ability to jump from high places is no joke either…!" Deuce said with a heavy breath.

"I traveled across continents and walked for days on end," Yuu said with a smirk, While Koko hide behind her.

"Prefect Rosehearts will have our heads now…" Duece sighed.

"Besides, who is this guy?" Ace asked as he pointed to Koko.

"Oh, this guy is Koko. He's new," Yuu said slowly.

"What?" Deuce and Ace gasped.

"I thought, you can only enter NRC at a certain time," Ace said, not really believing Yuu.

"You’re still playing detectives?" Jack as he appeared out of know where.

"Wha—You should’ve helped instead of just watching. Your dorm senpai’s a total bad guy, y’know?" Ace gasped.

Koko gasped as he recognized the strange eared boy. 

Chapter Text

"Why are you so desperate to try and help others?" Jack asked.

"For others’ sake?" Deuce asked in confusion.

" Hah? What’re you on now?" Ace asked with a smirk."Who said we’re doin’ this to help people?"

"We simply want to prove our worth by catching the criminal," Deuce said.

"Exactly. We just wanna be players in the coming tournament. Plus, we just wanna show off," Ace smirked.

"I’m gonna catch that guy so I can be on TV, too!" Grim cheered.

Yuu and Eevee shook their head in disappointment but were not entirely surprised.

" Hey, you lot. Duel with me," Jack said."Before I give information away, you have to beat me first. If you prove to me that you can do more than just bark, I don’t mind telling you everything I know."

"Why do we have to fight you to get answers?" Yuu asked.

" I don’t mind. It’s an easy negotiation!" Deuce smirked.


"You put up a pretty decent fight," Jack panted.

"You, too… Not bad at all…" Deuce smirked.

"You’re getting too carried away… I don’t care about being a player anymore. It’s too tiring…" Ace panted.

"This whole thing was stupid," Yuu sighed.

" Alright… Now that we’ve settled this, I’ll tell you everything that I know," Jack said.

"What exactly did we settle?" Yuu asked sarcastically.

"The conflict that’s been raging in my heart. Since I’m practically betraying my dorm. But I can’t bear it anymore!! The real essence of a fight is winning by pure effort no matter how tough it gets! I tried to test how far I could go in our fight, too. Choosing to win by lowly methods makes me want to puke! That defeats the purpose of a competition! I wanted to reach the top by winning using my power!" Jack said, pouring his heart out.

"So, you’re just doing this for your own sake, too?" Yuu asked with a sad sigh.

"I get it! I understand that feeling!!" Deuce shouted, as Koko just stared in confusion.

Koko looked to Yuu for some explanation, but Yuu just shrugged with a bashful smile.

"Ruggie-senpai’s unique magic is…  It’s making people mimic whatever he’s doing. He controlled the person he wanted to control and made it look like the accident was only because they were being careless," Jack explained.

"I see now. That’s how he managed to trade Grim’s bread for his without looking suspicious back at the cafeteria," Ace said, connecting the dots.

" Wouldn’t it be suspicious if he started pretending as he fell down the stairs near the target?" Deuce asked.

" I'd imagine that Ruggie isn't acting alone," Yuu said. "The other guys from Savanaclaw are probably in on it, too."

"Exactly, If they’re around, he won’t stand out too much even if he did his unique magic. That’s why the other students acted as Ruggie-senpai’s wall so he wouldn’t be seen," Jack agreed.

"A conspiracy caused by a whole dorm… Why go so far…?" Yuu asked.

"Hm… The Magical Shift Tournament’s beneficial to your future if you win, right? Hm… The Magical Shift Tournament’s beneficial to your future if you win, right?" Ace explained, but Jack Growled at this. "You’re so scary, man! Don’t bare your fangs like that, I was just joking!"

"Hmph! The present matters more than the future! If you can’t show what you can do now, your future doesn’t matter! The one I really can’t stand is our Prefect Leona Kingscholar! He’s a great player, but he doesn’t put in the effort at all!" Jack snarled.

"True… That guy looked lazy, but he was crazy strong," Grim commented as Eevee nodded.

"Right?! He’s so powerful, but why doesn’t he use it!? I hate those kinds of people the most! The plays that Leona-senpai did in the tournament three years ago were amazing. That’s why I entered this school…  I got into Savanaclaw and I thought that I would be able to draw out his full potential in a game, but…" Jack hesitated.

"Hey, Yuu. I only keep hearing complaints about their Prefect, but…" Ace whispered.

" He houses some respect for him," Yuu nodded.

"The incidents so far are like child’s play to them. I know that they’re still after something bigger," Jack sighed. "It’s Diasomnia’s Prefect, Malleus Draconia. He’s got monstrous power and brought two consecutive victories for Diasomnia.  Thanks to him, Savanaclaw keeps getting eliminated in the first round. I bet that my seniors all have a grudge against him."

"Losing at the first round without scoring points… As previous top-placers, that must have been frustrating…" Deuce frowned sadly.

" Yeah. They stopped being the center of attention ever since then. They’re trying to gain that back… But they’re using such cowardly means…!" Jack frowned. " That’s why I want to break their plan!"

"I’ve heard enough," Riddle said, finally catching up. "To think that they would trample on such a traditional event. How unforgivable."

"What do we do, Riddle-kun?" Cater asked.

"We can’t apprehend Ruggie right now because we lack proof. We’re dealing with the sharp-witted Leona-senpai. I doubt that we’ll get them to confess smoothly," Riddle stated.

" In other words, we have no choice but to catch them in the act?" Ace asked.

"I have a plan. First, let’s…" "Wait. I only told you what I know, but I have no plans on joining you," Jack said, cutting Riddle off.

" Eh~? You’ve gone this far and yet you’ll still say that?" Cater asked.

" I’ll handle my own dorm’s problems by myself. See you," Jack said as he turned to leave.

"You do know you haven’t stopped anything yet, right?" Yuu asked.

"Huh?!" Jack growled as he up and close to Yuu.

"Th-there it is again… This guy’s sharp tongue…" Grim gulped as Jack glared intently at Yuu. Yet she remained calm and unfazed.

" You should cooperate if you want to stop them. The lone wolf will only be hunted by the crowd," Yuu glared back, all the while giving off a superior aura.

Jack could tell that this strange student was not intimidated at all.

" ….. Very well. I’ll listen to what you have to say. But, I’ll do something on my own if I don’t like it," Jack huffed as he backed away.


"It wasn’t a cowardly plan… I’ll be cooperating with you just this once," Jack huffed.

"I will overlook your petty fight even though it goes against the school’s “personal agenda” rule because it gave us valuable information, but…The next time you do it, it’s off with your heads. Am I understood?" Riddle said sternly.

"… Yessir…" Jack said nervesly.

"Very good. Then, let us head back to the dorm," Riddle said.

"I thought he was a weakling, but your dorm’s Prefect is pretty scary…," Jack commented.

"He is! He looks like a helpless little hedgehog, but he’s a super-strong porcupine…! It’s better to listen to what he says. And Yuu is nothing to sneeze at either," Ace said.

"Ah, Jack I need your help with something. This has nothing to do with the situation at hand. I need your help getting into Savanaclaw," Yuu said.

"Why would I do that?" Jack frowned.

"To help these little guys get back to their parents," Yuu said as she opened her gym bag to reveal the baby pokemon.

"W-what is that?!" Jack gasped.

"There baby pokemon and they got separated from their parents. Who happens to live in Savanaclaw," Yuu explained.

Jack stared at the baby pokemon, who were using baby doll eyes as they stared up at jack. Jack's heart clenched at the sight, he couldn't say no to them. So with a sigh he helped sneak Yuu and Koko into Savanaclaw. Koko quickly leads Yuu and Jack away from the main part of the dorm, and the farther edge of the plain. As the three slowly approached the cave Koko ran and started to call out into the cave. Yuu lowered the bag allowing to allow the baby pokemon to crawl out of the bag.

The baby pokemon quickly ran after Koko and ran to their mothers. Jack just stood in shock and surprise at the wide array of pokemon that emerged from the cave. The mother pokemon quickly rushed to greet their babies, as a simian-like Pokemon resembling a baboon primarily covered in coarse black fur, though its chest and belly are patterned with shorter gray fur. The pokemon greeted his human son with a small smile but turned to look at Jack and Yuu.

The Zarude growled, slowly as he slowly approached the two strangers. Koko quickly intercepted his father and explained to him and the others that these people mean no harm. Jack was frozen in place as he stared at all creatures that that were coming out of the cave to examine Yuu and Eevee. He didn't know how to react to everything as the large Zarude commanded that everyone return to the cave for the night.

"W-what was that?! What were those?!" Jack asked in shock.

"Those were pokemon. They've been hiding in this part of the dorm for some time. They came from someplace I'm come from, and like me ended up here in some mysterious way," Yuu smiles. "Anyways, we have big plans tomorrow, so get some rest, Jack."

With a smile Yuu walked off, leaving jack to his thoughts.


SCAR: Oh, stop it, Zazu. That’s just depressing.

ZAZU: Hah… King Mufasa would never allow–

SCAR: What?! What did you just say!? I am the King!

BANZAI: Hey, Boss. Everyone’s complainin’.

SHENZI: There’s nothing to eat or drink. We’re all gonna die of hunger!

SCAR: I don’t care. Eat Zazu.

BANZAI: Tch. Mufasa’s reign was better.

SCAR: Is that so? You’re an eyesore! Get lost!

ED: Hyahahahaha!

"f he’s gonna get mad about getting compared, he should do his job better.  Did he lose his drive even before he became king…?" Yuu wondered.

"Hey, wake up," Said a familiar voice.

Yuu gasped awake she pulled sheets over her shoulder and somewhat glared at Jack. "What are you doing in our Room?"

"I was doing my jogging around here. Today’s the day of the tournament so I couldn’t sit still," Jack explained.

"You could have at least knocked," Yuu groaned.

" Hmph, see you in the arena then. Don’t you dare go back to sleep," Jack said as he left the room.


"Koko? What are you looking at?" Dada Zarude asked his human son.

"I... I'm just wondering when I'll see Yuu Again. She and her friends seemed worried about something? I wish I knew how to help," Koko sighed.

"I'm sure they can figure things out themselves, it's not our place," Zarude said as he patted the boys back.

But Koko didn't agree with that statement and looked ahead at the Savanaclaw dorm in the distance. with the huff, Koko quickly ran to the savanaclaw stadium to help in some way.


[LOCATION: Savanaclaw Dorm – Magift Stadium]

"I did it, Leona-san…! Did you see it on the broadcast?" Ruggie panted.

"Hehe. Long live the King! Shishishi!" Ruggie cheered.

From behind the bleachers Koko listened in and glared as he recognized the hyena boy from yesterday. But before he could do anything, a voice called out.

"I feel like we’ve heard enough," Riddle said sternly.

"Oh? What’s everyone from Heartslabyul doing here? I see you’ve got our 1st year with you, too," Leona smirked. "Did you transfer to Heartslabyul, huh?"

"I just don’t want to stand by your side today!" Jack growled.

" You traitor!" Leona roared.

"An act that tarnishes tradition. As Heartslabyul’s Prefect whose motto is “austerity,” I cannot let this act slide," Riddle glared.

"Hey, little master. Can you play your heroes of justice game over there?" Leona smirked.

"Are you all drunk or something? Coming all the way here with your friends just to spy on the enemy?" Ruggie asked.

" Off with your head!" Riddle shouted as he easily defeated Leona's goons.

SAVANACLAW STUDENT E: Prefects are no joke…

"Hmph, all bark and no bite. Ace, Deuce, can you still do more?" Riddle asked. the two boys nodded

"Shishishi! Even if you do this, it’s already too late to help Diasomnia!" Ruggie chuckled.

"Pray do tell, I am quite interested in that story," Said a petite man.

"Who said they were too late?" A tall man glared.

" As you can see, us Diasomnia players are safe and sound. And it’s all thanks to them," a Silver-haired man spoke up.

"Eh, what!? You guys should’ve been swallowed by the crowd a while ago…!" Ruggie gasped.

Three of the supposed trampled Diasomnia member turned out Cater in disguise

"Too bad~! Those were all the clones that I dressed up to look like them~! And Help with a sneaky friend," Cater smirked.

"H-How are you okay?" Leona gasped as "Malleus" smirked down at the lion.

" I’ve always admired Diasomnia’s dorm uniform, y’know~? I’m so lucky I got to try them on~" Cater smiled.

"Dear me. You should have just said so, and I would have lent you mine," Lilia smiled.

"Hey, what’s going on?" Leona growled.

" I’ve heard of your plan from Riddle, and we decided to put on a little act," Lilia smirked.

"Th-then, Malleus is…" Ruggie grasped.

The tall Fea that looked like Malleus suddenly shrunk and stretched and turned into a little black fox creature.

"He is safe, of course! And all the spectators were safely released using magic. You better be grateful!" Sebek shouted.

".. Ah, I’m done," Leona sighed in defeat. " I give up."

"What?" Ruggie gasped in disbelief. "Wai—Leona-san… What do you mean…?"

"Idiot. If Malleus is gonna play in perfect condition, we have no chance of winning. There’s no point in playing now. I’m gonna sit this one out," Leona said, giving up entirely. 

"N-no way…! Malleus aside, I did what you said and injured all those players… And yet… You said you won’t play. I doubt we’d even place at all now… What’s going to happen to our dreams now…?" Ruggie asked in anger and betrayal.

"No matter how much of the world watches, in the end, it’s just a students’ game. You guys just got delusional about that dream and I just played along," Leona spat.

"Why…? Weren’t we going to overturn the world…?" Ruggie asked, slowly losing hope.

"Ah, stop nagging… Then, let me tell you the truth. You are a hyena raised in the trashy slums and I’m the loathed second prince who will never be king! No matter what we do, the world won’t be overturned!" Leona Roared.

"Wh-what the hell!? Don’t mess with me! We did all this and now you’re giving up!?" Ruggie growled back.

SAVANACLAW STUDENT D: That’s going too far, Leona-san!

SAVANACLAW STUDENT E: We’re gonna have you play even if we have to drag you there!

"Ah, you’re so irritating… Shut up, you imbeciles!" Leona boomed as he raised his pen.

The ground began to creak and spread, the area around them started to become dry and suffocating. Everything was turning to sand.

"Wh-what’s going on? My nose feels dry… and my eyes hurt!" Yuu groaned.

"Everything that Leona-senpai touched is turning into sand…!?" Jack said in a worried tone.

"This is my unique magic, King’s Roared. How ironic, isn’t it? The magic that the loathed Prince of the Savannah was born with… It turns everything I touch back into sand!" Leona laughed harshly.

" Leona… sa… It… hurts…!" Ruggie coughed as he hed his neck.

"There are fissures in Ruggie’s arm!" Deuce gasped in horror.

" Wait… His magic works on humans, too!?" Ace gasped.

Riddle tried to stop Leona with his magic, but the prince avoided the spell.

"I don’t care if you’re a genius or whatever, but don’t underestimate your seniors. Unfortunately for you, I score high with offensive magic." Leona smirked. "Haha! How do you like this, Ruggie? Does it hurt? Your mouth must be so dry that you can’t laugh like you used to, huh!" 

"Haha! How do you like this, Ruggie? Does it hurt? Your mouth must be so dry that you can’t laugh like you used to, huh!" Jack growled.

"Let’s stop him even if we have to resort to violence!"  Yuu glared.

The battle was fierce and mostly was a battle between Riddle and Leona, as Riddle questioned Leona's motive.

" Why…? Does the reason even matter to you? Or what, are you saying you’re going to comfort me? There are a lot of things in this world that we can never have no matter what effort we put into it. Look. Ruggie can’t even struggle against me anymore. How pitiful, isn’t he…?" Leona laughed as Ruggie writhed on the ground. 

Just as Jack was about to use his special magic a grew blurr dashed past them. Leona noticed that it was coming at him and protected himself with his forearm. The blur bite hard and burned Leona's skin. Leona roared in pain as he tossed the furr thing hard onto the ground. 

The creature was a quadrupedal being that was similar in appearance to hyenas.  Its body is primarily gray with a black face and throat, paws, and belly. Its eyes are red with yellow sclerae, and it has a red nose. It was a Poochyena.

"Leona’s distracted! Off with your head!" Riddle shouted as a collar clamped around Leona's neck.

"Nice one, Riddle-kun~! Leona-Kun's magic stopped, too!" Cater smiled.

Ruggie coughed as Poochyena quickly ran over to the boy, as Ruggie patted the pokemon as if they knew each other.

"Damn you…! A collar on a lion like me!? And what even is that... That Thing, Ruggie?!" Leona growled.

"It's... My friend," Ruggie coughed, as Poochyena growled at the lion.

"That tiny thing," Leona scoffed.

" I’m not one to talk, but I can’t bear to look at you right now. Go into solitary for a while and cool off," Riddle ordered.

" What do you know…? Don’t order me around as my older brother does…" Leona scoffed.

"A man like you suits a collar more than a crown. I am tired of hearing that the king of the Savannah is the lion," Lilia smirked.

"Given your talents, I had always lamented the fact that you could never become king, however, You now live a life full of sloth, and every time you betray someone’s expectations, it is the other party that you find fault in. And you think you can become king with that attitude? Compared to our dignified king, Malleus, that is truly laughable. Even if you have defeated Lord Malleus if you do not rid yourself of your rotten heart… You can never become a true king!" Lilia spoke with a sour frown.

" Hahaha… Yeah, you’re right. It’s exactly as you say… Hahahaha! I will never be king no matter how hard I work…!" Leona laughed, finally snapping.

" Leona’s magical energy is skyrocketing… I—I can’t keep casting my magic on him like this…!!!" Riddle panicked.

"No, this is not magical energy. This ominous negative energy is… No, it can’t be…!" Lilia gasped.

"I’ve always been loathed ever since I was born. I had no place to call home nor did I have a future. No matter how hard I worked, I will never be acknowledged. This pain, this despair… THERE’S NO WAY YOU’LL UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!" Leona roared as his magic gem turned inky black.

Chapter Text

An ink lion monster emerged from the darkness, as a transformed Leona roars with newfound power. Blowing sand and dust at Riddle, Jack, Ruggie, and Yuu. A good mount flew into Yuu's eyes, blinding her as she rubbed her eyelids. The Ink lion raised its massive paws, ready to squish the human girl. Riddle gasped as he finally realized what was going to happen, but as he ran, Koko dashed past him and shoved Yuu out of the way.

"Thank you, Koko," Yuu thanked.

"Oh, even more mice to crush," Leona laughed.

" I dunno what’s going on, but Leona-senpai will come back to his senses if we beat him up, right?" Jack said as he readied himself.

"I… I’ll help you… I won’t let him get away with what he said…" Ruggie coughed as Poochyena quickly joined him.

"A hyena like you is disobeying me? Hahahaha… That’s not a funny joke! All of you will never see the light of day again!" Leona laughed maniacally. 

Poochyena barked and shot a Shadow ball at Leona. The lion growled as he blasted another attack at the enemy. Yuu quickly summoned trusted partner Serperior. The snake pokemon glared down at the lion. 

" W-What I the world, Even more of those... Pokemon things?" Jack stuttered, slightly intimidated by Serperior.

" Hey, pay attention to the fight at hand," Ruggie coughed. 

The fight was fierce and tough as the air became so hard to breathe with all the dust. As Ruggie tried to regain his breath when Leona decided to stick the vulnerable hyena. 

"Ruggie watched Out!" Yuu cried out.

Ruggie gasped as he watched as the blast dashed towards him at breakneck speed, why suddenly he was tackled out of the way. Before he could even process what happened, a pained filled howl as Poochyena skitted across the ground.

"Buck!" Ruggie cried as he ran to his pokemon friend. "Hey, Buck!"

The Poochyena remained still and silent. Koko and Yuu watched in sorrow as Ruggie hugged his friend close. Yuu continued to wonder how long have these two known each other, as tried to wake the pokemon. Koko and Yuu were suddenly forced aside as the ink Lion roared and pounced at the two. 

Ruggie Gasped and used his body to shield Buck the Poochyena from the blow when suddenly Poochyena began to glow. The students watched in awe as the tiny Poochyena grew and stretched. Ruggie gasped as the puppy-sized pokemon grew to a size of a large dog. 

The light burst to reveal a new pokemon, Mightyena. Ace and Deuce pulled out the Pokedex and pointed the device at Mightyena.

"Mightyena, the Bite Pokémon. Mightyena is the evolved form of Poochyena. They move primarily in packs, working together to capture their prey. Mightyena gives obvious signals when it is preparing to attack. It starts to growl deeply and then flattens its body. This Pokémon will bite savagely with its sharply pointed fangs. Mightyena is prone to licking the faces of the people it's fond of," The Pokedex explained.

"W-What happened to Buck?!" Ruggie asked in confusion as, Buck the now Mightyena, ran in front of Ruggie in a defensive stance.

Leona growled as he could feel that the hyena pokemon's sudden boost in strength. Mightyena growled as suddenly a bunch of Mightyena appeared, surrounding him. Leona roared to try and scare off the pokemon, but Mightyena remained firm. As Yuu watched in awe, Eevee dug through her bag and pulled out the Dynamax band. Yuu noticed that the stone in the middle was glowing brightly, they were on top of a Dynamx field point. She quickly slipped one the band and turned to Serperior who smirked and nodded.

Leona roared as he sent another powerful blast, trying to finish all his enemies off. Yuu quickly activated her band as Mightyena put up a shield to stop the attack.

"Yuu what are you doing?!" Ace asked.

" Why did you callback Serperior?!" Deuce asked.

"Just watch," Was all Yuu said as her band glowed a radiant red.

The NRC boys watched as the baseball-sized Pokeball quickly grew to a size large beach ball. The boy's eyes widened in shock, and could only stare speechless as Yuu tossed the large Pokeball into the air. Emerging from the Pokeball was a leviathan-sized Serperior. The boys gasped in horror as the now giant Serperior glares down at the ink monster as Serperior let out a powerful battle cry that rattled the sky.

" WHY IS IT BIGGER?!" Jack shouted in horror.

" Why is it so big now?!" Ace asked Yuu in a panic.

"Let's end this quickly Serperior," Yuu smirked as Serperior's coils wrapped around the savanaclaw stadium.

" Yuu what are you planing?" Riddle asked Nervesly.

"Serperior, use hyper beam!" Yuu shouted.

Serperior and Mightyena roared loudly as energy gathered around their mouth and fired a powerful blast of energy at the ain't ink lion monster. The blast force sent Leona flying and sitting against the ground. Rotom left the phone and quickly took control of the ghost camera and quickly snapped a photo of Leona.


"Ever since I was born, all I could ever see was an immovable rock in front of me. If I were the First Prince, I’m sure this is what they will say…“The First Prince Leona is so prudent and can use such strong magic. He’s completely different from his carefree younger brother.” Leona said.

Yuu walked through the darkness as Leona's voice echoed around her.

"But since I was born second, this is all I get, “Everything the second prince does is sloppy and the first prince is left to clean up after him.” No matter what I do, I can’t become number one." Leona said.

"Why did I have to go through all of that just because I was born a few years younger? No matter how hard I studied, no matter how much I perfected my magic…From the day I was born until the day I die, my brother will always be looked up to, and I can never be king. Why was I born second? Why can I never become number one…?Life is unfair." Leona continued.

Y/n wondered around in the dark, but soon found the second prince. He was in a thorny cage, his back facing the cage door. The cage itself was in the shadow of a pedistal with a crown on top of it.

" Life is unfair, but Why do you want to become king?" Yuu asked.

Leona, didn't answer, he couldn't answer. His whole life the position of king was glorified and seen as someone special. He wanted to be seen, to be appreacted. 

"What could you possibly understand, a commoner like you," Leona spat.

"Quite a bit actually. I may be no royal, but I was born into a family with a lot of power. Like you I was a spare, a second born if you will," Yuu said slowly. " I was compared to my older sister often, heck my mother saw no future for me, so she tried to strip me of my freedom and force an identity."

Leona turned his head slightly, his ear twitched as he listened. "So what did you do? It seems like this doesn't bother you anymore?" Leona asked.

"I managed to break free. I stopped yourin to rival my sister, to try take her place and cavered a path for myself. You are still staring at a possablitiy that has long past, and now new paths are opening," Yuu said.

"What new paths?" Leona scoffed.

"That is something your going to have to find yourself, I mean the keys are right next to you. you can leave that cage at anytime, but it's you who has to do it," Yuu explained.

"Just who are you, herbavoir?" Leona asked.

"I am Yuu L/n, champion of Unova. A friend to pokemon, and someone who wishes to prove to the world, that she is the strongest," Yuu smirked playfully. " Who are You Leona?"

"I am Lona Kingscholar Second prince of the Afterglow Savanna," Leona said simply.

"I am Yuu L/n, second daughter of the L/n foundation company. But that isn't who I am, and their is deffinatly more to you than just that. Something a crown wouldn't show," Yuu smiled as the black void started to fill with light.


Chapter Text

[LOCATION: Savanaclaw Dorm – Magift Stadium]

"Finally, he’s awake! We didn’t know what to do if you stayed unconscious, yanno? Alright, confess to all your crimes now," Grim smirked.

" Huh…? What’d you say?" Leona said groggily. 

"Kingscholar. You went into Overblot after all those negative feelings consumed you. Do you not remember?" Crowley asked.

"I went berserk… Overblot? You’ve gotta be kidding me," Leona said.

" Forget that! The Magical Shift Tournament is about to start! If you don’t confess now, I won’t be able to participate in the match!" grim growled.

" Huh? What the heck?" Leona groaned.

As They talked about the consequences, Riddle, Koko, and Ruggie were busy watching over Yuu, who was still unconscious. Serperior held her in her coils as she waited for her trainer to wake up. 

"Mm, why is it so bright," Yuu said with a yawn.

" Yuu," The three boys gasped.

"Your Okay," Koko smiled as he hugged Yuu.

"Oh... Oh hello Koko," Yuu smiled sleepily.

"Your okay, thank the seven," Riddle sighed in relief.

" Good to see you're dead," Ruggie stated as Mightyena sniffed Yuu's face.

"What do you-"

Before Yuu could ask, the ground began to rumble. Yuu quickly got to her feet to see a dust cloud heading their way. Leona quickly got to his feet as he readied himself. When it got closer it turned out to be the Savanaclaw pokemon, they looked horribly frightened and were running for their lives.

" Dada!" Koko called out.

The horde of pokemon came to stop as Zarude stooped to speak with his son. As the Nrc Students and Crowley watched in confusion and shock, Yuu and Koko gasped as they quickly Followed Zarude and a couple of other pokemon back out into the savanna. 

"Yuu! Wait, Where are you going!" Riddle called out to.

"Buck! Hold up!" Ruggie called, but Buck was already following Yuu and the others.

Ruggie quickly chased after Mightyena as Ace and Deuce quickly followed. As the NRC students chased after Yuu and the pokemon, they soon froze in fear of what they saw. A giant beast, Its main body is primarily spherical with a large, yellowmouth in the center. The top and bottom of the mouth are lined with two rows of teeth; the front row is yellow, while the rear row is black. In the second row of the upper jaw, two teeth curve out of the mouth similar to tusks. Its tongues resemble long arms with pincers protruding from its lower jaw even when its mouth is closed. Just above its mouth are two glowing, blue eyes with a yellow, diamond-shaped marking between them.

"Yuu! What in Word Is That?!" Crowley screamed in horror.

"It's is an ultra beast, Guzzlord," Yuu said nervesly. "A dangerous Ultra Beast, it appears to be eating constantly. It has gobbled mountains and swallowed whole buildings, according to reports."

"That is an Ultra beast. It looks so much different from that smaller one we faced before," Riddle gasped.

"Smaller one?!" Ace gaped.

"Before!?" Deuce Chocked.

"WE need to stop this ultra beast before it consumes this whole Island," Yuu said as she reached for her pokeballs.

Koko Quickly joined her side as Buck the Mightyena quickly joined. Crowley tried to guide the rest of the NRC students out of the area, Riddle stood his ground and readied himself for a fight.

"As Dormhead, it is my responsibility to keep the student body and school safe. So I shall not run," Riddle said in a serious tone.

"That is a very fancy way of saying you want to protect your friends," Yuu smiled playfully.

"Uh... W-well that is a bit too simplified," Riddle denied.

"I won't abandon Roseheart Senpai and Yuu," Deuce said as he pushed past Ace.

"This is my territory, I won't let some creature come and destroy it," Leona growled.

Savanaclaw student A: We won't let that thing destroy our dorm

Savanaclaw student B: Let's teach this monster a lesson!

Guzzlord Stopped munching down on the pokemon den and slowly turned to the small group of humans and pokemon. It suddenly let out a large roar, showing off its too many rows of teeth. Crowley already was running for the hills as the NRC students and Yuu stood their ground. Many still trembled as a powerful aura surrounded Guzzlord as it stomped hard on the ground.

"Florges, please aid us in battle," Yuu said as she summoned her trusty fairy pokemon.

"HUH?" everyone gasped.

"What even is that?" Leona asked with a glare. "It's a bit small don't you think."

Savanaclaw student B: what in the world is that tiny thing going to do?!

Florges didn't like this one bit as she quickly turned to Yuu, waiting for the first order. "Alright, Florges let's start this off with Moonblast," Yuu stated.

Florges focused her energy towards her hand and summoned a powerful ball of moonlight fairy magic. Will all her strength she tossed it at Guzzlord, who cried out in great pain.

"Serperior keep up the pressure with Dragon pulse!" Yuu said quickly.


The battle was tough as Y/n and her pokemon fought off the mighty Ultra Beast, the wild pokemon of Savanaclaw soon joined the battle. The Guzzlord roared in pain, as the attacks seemed unending. The students of Savanaclaw began to cheer on the small army of pokemon. Behind Guzzlord, an ultra wormhole opened. 

"Push it back into the portal!" Y/n commanded.

With a victory in sight, some of the Savanaclaw students started firing off magical attacks at the monster. With Everyone's combined efforts, Guzzlord was pushed into the portal and out of NRC.