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Adventure into wonderland

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"Why are you so desperate to try and help others?" Jack asked.

"For others’ sake?" Deuce asked in confusion.

" Hah? What’re you on now?" Ace asked with a smirk."Who said we’re doin’ this to help people?"

"We simply want to prove our worth by catching the criminal," Deuce said.

"Exactly. We just wanna be players in the coming tournament. Plus, we just wanna show off," Ace smirked.

"I’m gonna catch that guy so I can be on TV, too!" Grim cheered.

Yuu and Eevee shook their head in disappointment but were not entirely surprised.

" Hey, you lot. Duel with me," Jack said."Before I give information away, you have to beat me first. If you prove to me that you can do more than just bark, I don’t mind telling you everything I know."

"Why do we have to fight you to get answers?" Yuu asked.

" I don’t mind. It’s an easy negotiation!" Deuce smirked.


"You put up a pretty decent fight," Jack panted.

"You, too… Not bad at all…" Deuce smirked.

"You’re getting too carried away… I don’t care about being a player anymore. It’s too tiring…" Ace panted.

"This whole thing was stupid," Yuu sighed.

" Alright… Now that we’ve settled this, I’ll tell you everything that I know," Jack said.

"What exactly did we settle?" Yuu asked sarcastically.

"The conflict that’s been raging in my heart. Since I’m practically betraying my dorm. But I can’t bear it anymore!! The real essence of a fight is winning by pure effort no matter how tough it gets! I tried to test how far I could go in our fight, too. Choosing to win by lowly methods makes me want to puke! That defeats the purpose of a competition! I wanted to reach the top by winning using my power!" Jack said, pouring his heart out.

"So, you’re just doing this for your own sake, too?" Yuu asked with a sad sigh.

"I get it! I understand that feeling!!" Deuce shouted, as Koko just stared in confusion.

Koko looked to Yuu for some explanation, but Yuu just shrugged with a bashful smile.

"Ruggie-senpai’s unique magic is…  It’s making people mimic whatever he’s doing. He controlled the person he wanted to control and made it look like the accident was only because they were being careless," Jack explained.

"I see now. That’s how he managed to trade Grim’s bread for his without looking suspicious back at the cafeteria," Ace said, connecting the dots.

" Wouldn’t it be suspicious if he started pretending as he fell down the stairs near the target?" Deuce asked.

" I'd imagine that Ruggie isn't acting alone," Yuu said. "The other guys from Savanaclaw are probably in on it, too."

"Exactly, If they’re around, he won’t stand out too much even if he did his unique magic. That’s why the other students acted as Ruggie-senpai’s wall so he wouldn’t be seen," Jack agreed.

"A conspiracy caused by a whole dorm… Why go so far…?" Yuu asked.

"Hm… The Magical Shift Tournament’s beneficial to your future if you win, right? Hm… The Magical Shift Tournament’s beneficial to your future if you win, right?" Ace explained, but Jack Growled at this. "You’re so scary, man! Don’t bare your fangs like that, I was just joking!"

"Hmph! The present matters more than the future! If you can’t show what you can do now, your future doesn’t matter! The one I really can’t stand is our Prefect Leona Kingscholar! He’s a great player, but he doesn’t put in the effort at all!" Jack snarled.

"True… That guy looked lazy, but he was crazy strong," Grim commented as Eevee nodded.

"Right?! He’s so powerful, but why doesn’t he use it!? I hate those kinds of people the most! The plays that Leona-senpai did in the tournament three years ago were amazing. That’s why I entered this school…  I got into Savanaclaw and I thought that I would be able to draw out his full potential in a game, but…" Jack hesitated.

"Hey, Yuu. I only keep hearing complaints about their Prefect, but…" Ace whispered.

" He houses some respect for him," Yuu nodded.

"The incidents so far are like child’s play to them. I know that they’re still after something bigger," Jack sighed. "It’s Diasomnia’s Prefect, Malleus Draconia. He’s got monstrous power and brought two consecutive victories for Diasomnia.  Thanks to him, Savanaclaw keeps getting eliminated in the first round. I bet that my seniors all have a grudge against him."

"Losing at the first round without scoring points… As previous top-placers, that must have been frustrating…" Deuce frowned sadly.

" Yeah. They stopped being the center of attention ever since then. They’re trying to gain that back… But they’re using such cowardly means…!" Jack frowned. " That’s why I want to break their plan!"

"I’ve heard enough," Riddle said, finally catching up. "To think that they would trample on such a traditional event. How unforgivable."

"What do we do, Riddle-kun?" Cater asked.

"We can’t apprehend Ruggie right now because we lack proof. We’re dealing with the sharp-witted Leona-senpai. I doubt that we’ll get them to confess smoothly," Riddle stated.

" In other words, we have no choice but to catch them in the act?" Ace asked.

"I have a plan. First, let’s…" "Wait. I only told you what I know, but I have no plans on joining you," Jack said, cutting Riddle off.

" Eh~? You’ve gone this far and yet you’ll still say that?" Cater asked.

" I’ll handle my own dorm’s problems by myself. See you," Jack said as he turned to leave.

"You do know you haven’t stopped anything yet, right?" Yuu asked.

"Huh?!" Jack growled as he up and close to Yuu.

"Th-there it is again… This guy’s sharp tongue…" Grim gulped as Jack glared intently at Yuu. Yet she remained calm and unfazed.

" You should cooperate if you want to stop them. The lone wolf will only be hunted by the crowd," Yuu glared back, all the while giving off a superior aura.

Jack could tell that this strange student was not intimidated at all.

" ….. Very well. I’ll listen to what you have to say. But, I’ll do something on my own if I don’t like it," Jack huffed as he backed away.


"It wasn’t a cowardly plan… I’ll be cooperating with you just this once," Jack huffed.

"I will overlook your petty fight even though it goes against the school’s “personal agenda” rule because it gave us valuable information, but…The next time you do it, it’s off with your heads. Am I understood?" Riddle said sternly.

"… Yessir…" Jack said nervesly.

"Very good. Then, let us head back to the dorm," Riddle said.

"I thought he was a weakling, but your dorm’s Prefect is pretty scary…," Jack commented.

"He is! He looks like a helpless little hedgehog, but he’s a super-strong porcupine…! It’s better to listen to what he says. And Yuu is nothing to sneeze at either," Ace said.

"Ah, Jack I need your help with something. This has nothing to do with the situation at hand. I need your help getting into Savanaclaw," Yuu said.

"Why would I do that?" Jack frowned.

"To help these little guys get back to their parents," Yuu said as she opened her gym bag to reveal the baby pokemon.

"W-what is that?!" Jack gasped.

"There baby pokemon and they got separated from their parents. Who happens to live in Savanaclaw," Yuu explained.

Jack stared at the baby pokemon, who were using baby doll eyes as they stared up at jack. Jack's heart clenched at the sight, he couldn't say no to them. So with a sigh he helped sneak Yuu and Koko into Savanaclaw. Koko quickly leads Yuu and Jack away from the main part of the dorm, and the farther edge of the plain. As the three slowly approached the cave Koko ran and started to call out into the cave. Yuu lowered the bag allowing to allow the baby pokemon to crawl out of the bag.

The baby pokemon quickly ran after Koko and ran to their mothers. Jack just stood in shock and surprise at the wide array of pokemon that emerged from the cave. The mother pokemon quickly rushed to greet their babies, as a simian-like Pokemon resembling a baboon primarily covered in coarse black fur, though its chest and belly are patterned with shorter gray fur. The pokemon greeted his human son with a small smile but turned to look at Jack and Yuu.

The Zarude growled, slowly as he slowly approached the two strangers. Koko quickly intercepted his father and explained to him and the others that these people mean no harm. Jack was frozen in place as he stared at all creatures that that were coming out of the cave to examine Yuu and Eevee. He didn't know how to react to everything as the large Zarude commanded that everyone return to the cave for the night.

"W-what was that?! What were those?!" Jack asked in shock.

"Those were pokemon. They've been hiding in this part of the dorm for some time. They came from someplace I'm come from, and like me ended up here in some mysterious way," Yuu smiles. "Anyways, we have big plans tomorrow, so get some rest, Jack."

With a smile Yuu walked off, leaving jack to his thoughts.


SCAR: Oh, stop it, Zazu. That’s just depressing.

ZAZU: Hah… King Mufasa would never allow–

SCAR: What?! What did you just say!? I am the King!

BANZAI: Hey, Boss. Everyone’s complainin’.

SHENZI: There’s nothing to eat or drink. We’re all gonna die of hunger!

SCAR: I don’t care. Eat Zazu.

BANZAI: Tch. Mufasa’s reign was better.

SCAR: Is that so? You’re an eyesore! Get lost!

ED: Hyahahahaha!

"f he’s gonna get mad about getting compared, he should do his job better.  Did he lose his drive even before he became king…?" Yuu wondered.

"Hey, wake up," Said a familiar voice.

Yuu gasped awake she pulled sheets over her shoulder and somewhat glared at Jack. "What are you doing in our Room?"

"I was doing my jogging around here. Today’s the day of the tournament so I couldn’t sit still," Jack explained.

"You could have at least knocked," Yuu groaned.

" Hmph, see you in the arena then. Don’t you dare go back to sleep," Jack said as he left the room.


"Koko? What are you looking at?" Dada Zarude asked his human son.

"I... I'm just wondering when I'll see Yuu Again. She and her friends seemed worried about something? I wish I knew how to help," Koko sighed.

"I'm sure they can figure things out themselves, it's not our place," Zarude said as he patted the boys back.

But Koko didn't agree with that statement and looked ahead at the Savanaclaw dorm in the distance. with the huff, Koko quickly ran to the savanaclaw stadium to help in some way.


[LOCATION: Savanaclaw Dorm – Magift Stadium]

"I did it, Leona-san…! Did you see it on the broadcast?" Ruggie panted.

"Hehe. Long live the King! Shishishi!" Ruggie cheered.

From behind the bleachers Koko listened in and glared as he recognized the hyena boy from yesterday. But before he could do anything, a voice called out.

"I feel like we’ve heard enough," Riddle said sternly.

"Oh? What’s everyone from Heartslabyul doing here? I see you’ve got our 1st year with you, too," Leona smirked. "Did you transfer to Heartslabyul, huh?"

"I just don’t want to stand by your side today!" Jack growled.

" You traitor!" Leona roared.

"An act that tarnishes tradition. As Heartslabyul’s Prefect whose motto is “austerity,” I cannot let this act slide," Riddle glared.

"Hey, little master. Can you play your heroes of justice game over there?" Leona smirked.

"Are you all drunk or something? Coming all the way here with your friends just to spy on the enemy?" Ruggie asked.

" Off with your head!" Riddle shouted as he easily defeated Leona's goons.

SAVANACLAW STUDENT E: Prefects are no joke…

"Hmph, all bark and no bite. Ace, Deuce, can you still do more?" Riddle asked. the two boys nodded

"Shishishi! Even if you do this, it’s already too late to help Diasomnia!" Ruggie chuckled.

"Pray do tell, I am quite interested in that story," Said a petite man.

"Who said they were too late?" A tall man glared.

" As you can see, us Diasomnia players are safe and sound. And it’s all thanks to them," a Silver-haired man spoke up.

"Eh, what!? You guys should’ve been swallowed by the crowd a while ago…!" Ruggie gasped.

Three of the supposed trampled Diasomnia member turned out Cater in disguise

"Too bad~! Those were all the clones that I dressed up to look like them~! And Help with a sneaky friend," Cater smirked.

"H-How are you okay?" Leona gasped as "Malleus" smirked down at the lion.

" I’ve always admired Diasomnia’s dorm uniform, y’know~? I’m so lucky I got to try them on~" Cater smiled.

"Dear me. You should have just said so, and I would have lent you mine," Lilia smiled.

"Hey, what’s going on?" Leona growled.

" I’ve heard of your plan from Riddle, and we decided to put on a little act," Lilia smirked.

"Th-then, Malleus is…" Ruggie grasped.

The tall Fea that looked like Malleus suddenly shrunk and stretched and turned into a little black fox creature.

"He is safe, of course! And all the spectators were safely released using magic. You better be grateful!" Sebek shouted.

".. Ah, I’m done," Leona sighed in defeat. " I give up."

"What?" Ruggie gasped in disbelief. "Wai—Leona-san… What do you mean…?"

"Idiot. If Malleus is gonna play in perfect condition, we have no chance of winning. There’s no point in playing now. I’m gonna sit this one out," Leona said, giving up entirely. 

"N-no way…! Malleus aside, I did what you said and injured all those players… And yet… You said you won’t play. I doubt we’d even place at all now… What’s going to happen to our dreams now…?" Ruggie asked in anger and betrayal.

"No matter how much of the world watches, in the end, it’s just a students’ game. You guys just got delusional about that dream and I just played along," Leona spat.

"Why…? Weren’t we going to overturn the world…?" Ruggie asked, slowly losing hope.

"Ah, stop nagging… Then, let me tell you the truth. You are a hyena raised in the trashy slums and I’m the loathed second prince who will never be king! No matter what we do, the world won’t be overturned!" Leona Roared.

"Wh-what the hell!? Don’t mess with me! We did all this and now you’re giving up!?" Ruggie growled back.

SAVANACLAW STUDENT D: That’s going too far, Leona-san!

SAVANACLAW STUDENT E: We’re gonna have you play even if we have to drag you there!

"Ah, you’re so irritating… Shut up, you imbeciles!" Leona boomed as he raised his pen.

The ground began to creak and spread, the area around them started to become dry and suffocating. Everything was turning to sand.

"Wh-what’s going on? My nose feels dry… and my eyes hurt!" Yuu groaned.

"Everything that Leona-senpai touched is turning into sand…!?" Jack said in a worried tone.

"This is my unique magic, King’s Roared. How ironic, isn’t it? The magic that the loathed Prince of the Savannah was born with… It turns everything I touch back into sand!" Leona laughed harshly.

" Leona… sa… It… hurts…!" Ruggie coughed as he hed his neck.

"There are fissures in Ruggie’s arm!" Deuce gasped in horror.

" Wait… His magic works on humans, too!?" Ace gasped.

Riddle tried to stop Leona with his magic, but the prince avoided the spell.

"I don’t care if you’re a genius or whatever, but don’t underestimate your seniors. Unfortunately for you, I score high with offensive magic." Leona smirked. "Haha! How do you like this, Ruggie? Does it hurt? Your mouth must be so dry that you can’t laugh like you used to, huh!" 

"Haha! How do you like this, Ruggie? Does it hurt? Your mouth must be so dry that you can’t laugh like you used to, huh!" Jack growled.

"Let’s stop him even if we have to resort to violence!"  Yuu glared.

The battle was fierce and mostly was a battle between Riddle and Leona, as Riddle questioned Leona's motive.

" Why…? Does the reason even matter to you? Or what, are you saying you’re going to comfort me? There are a lot of things in this world that we can never have no matter what effort we put into it. Look. Ruggie can’t even struggle against me anymore. How pitiful, isn’t he…?" Leona laughed as Ruggie writhed on the ground. 

Just as Jack was about to use his special magic a grew blurr dashed past them. Leona noticed that it was coming at him and protected himself with his forearm. The blur bite hard and burned Leona's skin. Leona roared in pain as he tossed the furr thing hard onto the ground. 

The creature was a quadrupedal being that was similar in appearance to hyenas.  Its body is primarily gray with a black face and throat, paws, and belly. Its eyes are red with yellow sclerae, and it has a red nose. It was a Poochyena.

"Leona’s distracted! Off with your head!" Riddle shouted as a collar clamped around Leona's neck.

"Nice one, Riddle-kun~! Leona-Kun's magic stopped, too!" Cater smiled.

Ruggie coughed as Poochyena quickly ran over to the boy, as Ruggie patted the pokemon as if they knew each other.

"Damn you…! A collar on a lion like me!? And what even is that... That Thing, Ruggie?!" Leona growled.

"It's... My friend," Ruggie coughed, as Poochyena growled at the lion.

"That tiny thing," Leona scoffed.

" I’m not one to talk, but I can’t bear to look at you right now. Go into solitary for a while and cool off," Riddle ordered.

" What do you know…? Don’t order me around as my older brother does…" Leona scoffed.

"A man like you suits a collar more than a crown. I am tired of hearing that the king of the Savannah is the lion," Lilia smirked.

"Given your talents, I had always lamented the fact that you could never become king, however, You now live a life full of sloth, and every time you betray someone’s expectations, it is the other party that you find fault in. And you think you can become king with that attitude? Compared to our dignified king, Malleus, that is truly laughable. Even if you have defeated Lord Malleus if you do not rid yourself of your rotten heart… You can never become a true king!" Lilia spoke with a sour frown.

" Hahaha… Yeah, you’re right. It’s exactly as you say… Hahahaha! I will never be king no matter how hard I work…!" Leona laughed, finally snapping.

" Leona’s magical energy is skyrocketing… I—I can’t keep casting my magic on him like this…!!!" Riddle panicked.

"No, this is not magical energy. This ominous negative energy is… No, it can’t be…!" Lilia gasped.

"I’ve always been loathed ever since I was born. I had no place to call home nor did I have a future. No matter how hard I worked, I will never be acknowledged. This pain, this despair… THERE’S NO WAY YOU’LL UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!" Leona roared as his magic gem turned inky black.