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Adventure into wonderland

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SCAR: The earth will rumble and a new era will begin.
SHENZI: And what about us hyenas?
SCAR: Listen to me first.
SCAR: We will kill Simba together with his father.
SCAR: And then I will be the King!
BANZAI: All hail the King!
HYENAS: All hail the King!
SCAR: Yes, my teeth and ambitions are bared.
SCAR: Be prepared!


"Oh awake, Yuu! Breakfast is already starting, come on!" Grimm called.

Yuu sighed as she gather her bag and helped the baby pokemon into the infinitely internally large backpack, and quickly dashed out of Ramshackle.

"Did you go out somewhere last night? I didn’t see you in bed when I woke up to go to the bathroom," Grimm asked.

"I decided to take a walk around Ramshackle and ran into someone along the way. A  tall man with horns," Yuu explained.

"You met a strange guy with horns on his head? What was his name?" Grim asked.

"He told me to call him whatever I liked," Yuu sighed.

" Hm, then… How about “Tsuno-tarou”? He can’t get mad if he told you to call him what you want! We might run into him if he’s a student here. If we do, you better introduce me, too, got it? I’ve never seen a guy with horns on his head!" Grimm laughed. " Hey, why is your bag bigger than before?"

" I meet some pokemon back in Savanaclaw, and I need to sneak them back into Savanaclaw," Yuu explained.

"What?!" Grim gasped.

"Mornin’, mornin’ Yuu-chan~," Cater called out, as he seems to be chasing after Riddle. Who was making a b-line towards Yuu.

From the trees with branches that hung over the main street. Koko had tracked the baby pokemon down and is watching Yuu. To make sure she didn't harm them. 

But as he watched, he failed to notice the branch slowly begin to break. With a large snap, Koko began to fall. Yuu looked up at the sound only to feel a weight come crashing down on her. Riddle and Cater come to a halt as they stare in shock. Koko stared in shock at just how close he was suddenly to Yuu or another human before. Even though their faces were a semi-okay distance from each other. From the perspective of Riddle and Cater, it did not look too clean and PG.

Riddle's heart squeezed tightly as his fist tightened. He was about to give this strange boy a piece of his mind, but Cater stopped him by holding the smaller boy back. Koko soon snapped out of his stopper and moved off the girl. Riddle got out of Cater's hold and dashed over to Yuu in worry.

"Yuu are you okay?!" Riddle asked as he helped her to her feet and straightened Her tie.

"I'm fine. Just surprised is all," Yuu smiled as she turned to the strange boy on fours.

Riddle pulled out his pen and pointed it at the tan boy. " Who are you!? What Are You Doing In This School?!" Riddle demanded.

 The boy bared his teeth at Riddle as he jumped on top of the Queen of Heart's statute and growled. "Za Za Zarude!!" The boy shouted.

Riddle and Cater could only stare in confusion as continued to speak nonsense. Cater was trying to hold back his laughter at this whole situation, while Riddle was not happy that this strange boy is defiling the queen's statue. 

   "Don't mind them, I am in the same situation as you. I'm from the same world as you," Yuu said as she got in between him and Riddle.

  "You can understand him Yuu?" Grim asked with pure confusion.

  "Come down please, It's not safe up there. My name is Yuu, who are you?" Yuu asked as she held out her hand to the boy.

  "Name in Yuu," The boy repeated with a smile.

  "yeah," Yuu smiled.

  The boy smiled brightly as he celebrated ecstatically, hoping down from the statute and spinning on all fours. All the will talking in pokemon speech, as Yuu simply chuckled, while Riddle, Grim, and Cater continue to watch in pure bewilderment.

  "And you are?" Yuu asked again.

  The boy smiled and settled down as he turned to face her. "Koko," He said.

  "Nice to meet you, Koko," Yuu nodded as she held out her hand.

  Koko stared in interest as he slowly aligned his hand against hers. The fingers align perfectly with hers. Riddle having enough of this whole thing called the two to attention.

   " We have a criminal to catch," Riddle reminded them.

   " Yes, but we can't just leave Koko alone. Hey, Cater you used your magic to transform clothes right.


"Let's see...Jamil-Kun is tan with long black hair... Ah! There he is," Cater said as he pointed to a table.

Yuu looked over and sure enough, the boy Cater described. Koko itched and scratched at the uncomfortable NRC uniform as Eevee rested on his shoulder. As they made their way over, Grimm once again barges on them with no tact or sympathy about Jamil's injury. Starting this conversation really awkward as Kalim recognized Grimm as the raccoon that set his butt on fire that one time. Kalim was surprisingly carefree and was just a ball of smiles. As Riddle and Cater Talked to Jamil, Yuu happily introduced all the neat food NRC had to offer to Koko. Who happily gobbled everything down before Grim could grab any of it. 


As Gri thought and thought, something came to mind as he gasped. Yuu and Koko jumped in shock when Grimm suddenly yelled, saying that he figured out who the culprit is.

"The culprit is Ruggie Bucchi!" Grim shouted.

"By Ruggie, you mean… The one from Savanaclaw?" Cater gasped.

" Let’s catch him and ask him directly," Riddle said simply.


"We’re intruding! Where is Ruggie Bucchi?" Grim shouted as he busted into a classroom.

" Yeah? Ugh, it’s you guys again… No matter how much you beg, I’m not paying you back for that deluxe sandwich~," Ruggie sighed.

"Ruggie Bucchi. There’s something we would like to ask you about the consecutive incidents regarding the injury of selected players," Riddle said.

"Oh…? That doesn’t sound like a friendly accusation," Ruggie smiled.

"Won’t you come with us for a bit~?" Cater asked.

" I get it already! So please, don’t hurt me or anything…" Ruggie grumbled.

[LOCATION: Interior Hallway]

"Now then.  I know that he won’t easily confess, but it will be troublesome if we fell victim to his unique magic. With my “Off with your head,” I will–"

"Oh, what’s this~? Will you be okay using such strong magic without your magical pen, Riddle-kun~?" Ruggie chuckled.

"Hey, Cater! Your pen’s gone, too!" Grim Gasped.

"No way? Really!?" Cater panicked.

"Shishishi! You guys are spoiled rich kids through and through, huh~? You’re both so wide open! So vulnerable~," Ruggie chuckled.

"Wha–!? When did he use his magic to get your magical pens!?" Grim pointed.

"Aw, come on~ I don’t have to use magic to do something so simple! And so, I feel like I’m gonna get jumped if I stay, so I’m gonna dash~! Bye-bye~!" Ruggie smirked as he ran.

"Wait! It’s off with your head if you don’t stop at once! Off with–"

"Wait for a second, Riddle-kun! You just recovered from Blot, so you shouldn’t use magic much!" Cater stopped him.

"We Have To Stop Him!" Yuu shouted as they all ran after the hyena.

Yuu and Koko dashed after the Hyena boy at amazing speeds, leaving Riddle and Cater in the dust. As Ace and Deuce came from down the stairs finally done feeding the flamingos while wearing pink. Yuu and Koko quickly dashed past them, leaving the two in shock.

"W-what just happened?" Deuce asked in surprise.

"Was that Yuu? And who was that other guy?" Ace asked.

"Ah, Acey and Deucey! Perfect timing!" Cater panted as he ran over to them.

"The culprit behind the consecutive accidents and the guy who stole our magical pens ran away! Go and capture Ruggie Bucchi right now! You know what will happen if you fail, don’t you!?" Riddle panted from lack of air.

" We just got done with work though!?" Ace complained.

Ruggie chuckled as he looked back. Only to gasp as he saw Yuu and Koko hot on his tail and closing in on him fast. Ruggie tried to push his legs harder as he tried to keep the gap between them.

But suddenly something wrapped around His ankle, causing him to eat the cement as he face-planted. He quickly turned back to see the strange boy has lassoed him. Ruggie quickly chewed at the vines, breaking them and running off, leaving the pens behind.

"You Did it, Koko. You were amazing," Yuu smiled as she side hugged him.

"How are you two not tired after running so much…?" Ace panted.

"He’s not only a fast runner, but his ability to jump from high places is no joke either…!" Deuce said with a heavy breath.

"I traveled across continents and walked for days on end," Yuu said with a smirk, While Koko hide behind her.

"Prefect Rosehearts will have our heads now…" Duece sighed.

"Besides, who is this guy?" Ace asked as he pointed to Koko.

"Oh, this guy is Koko. He's new," Yuu said slowly.

"What?" Deuce and Ace gasped.

"I thought, you can only enter NRC at a certain time," Ace said, not really believing Yuu.

"You’re still playing detectives?" Jack as he appeared out of know where.

"Wha—You should’ve helped instead of just watching. Your dorm senpai’s a total bad guy, y’know?" Ace gasped.

Koko gasped as he recognized the strange eared boy.