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Adventure into wonderland

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The sun was bright and warm in the Alola Region, as Serperior and I bathed in the sun. As I looked through my Rotom phone, checking off the region challenges I had completed. So far I have completed Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, and Galar. There were still a bunch of other regions to explore, ones that I have yet to learn the names of.

"Can you look at that Serperior, where only a few trials away from the Alolan champion?" Yuu smiled as they patted She loyal starter pokemon.

Serperior smiled as she leaned her head into Yuu's soft palms. Yuu L/n is the official champion of Unova, after taking the title from Alder, they worked with the elite Four to maintain the region. Though Yuu usually left it in the hands to handle, Yuu and Serperior were always looking for a new challenge to strengthen themselves or her mind. But the downfall of being the champion was that not many trainers even make it to them. So they are left with very little to do, and paperwork and politics were not her forte.

So when a girl named Hilda from Nuvema town, came and challenged them for the title. The battle was fierce and came down to their last pokemon. The winner, in the end, was Yuu, though it was a close shave. Yuu and Serperior never felt more alive, causing them to release how much they missed fighting new and strong opponents and the excitement of the unknown.

Know Yuu knew Hilda was no ordinary girl, she took down team plasma and was acknowledged by the legendary dragon Zekrom. In Yuu's mind, she was more qualified to be a champion than they were. So Yuu stepped down from her thrown, though, because they weren't beaten in battle Yuu was still the official champion. So sadly, they were still stuck in the spotlight of champion no matter where they went.
Yuu frowned slightly as her Pokemail was flooded with invites, and requesting for her attendance to talk shows, interviews, and even large events. It wasn't just from her home region, but from the other ones she visited. Yuu never really cared about such things, so she would delete them.

As Yuu continued looking through her Pokemail, a very clingy wild Eevee jumped onto her belly, demanding attention and food.

"Well hello again, back to demand more Malasada?" Yuu smiled as she picked up the fluff ball.

"Eevee!" The pokemon nodded.

Serperior huffed as she coiled her tail around her trainer, not liking that some random pokemon stealing their treasured trainer away. Yuu noticed her partner's distress and quickly turned to comfort Serperior.

" It's okay Serperior, I could never imagine going anywhere without you," Yuu said as she rested her forehead on Serperior's."Alright, so spoiled. Serperior return."

Eevee is beyond excited for more food and quality time with his favorite human, began to cross the street. As Yuu happily followed behind, she noticed a black carriage dashing towards Eevee. Before she could comprehend what was happening her body was already reaching for Eevee. When things suddenly went black.
Ah, my lovely Lord,

The noble and beautiful flower of evil,

You are the most beautiful, number one in this world.

ーMirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most…

ーFor thee, guided by the Mirror of Darkness,

Follow thy heart and take the hand of the one reflected in the mirror.

Flames that turn even stars into ashes,

Ice that imprisons even time,

The great tree that swallows even the sky,

Don’t be afraid of the power of darkness,

Come now, show your power.

Mine, theirs, and yours,

There’s only a little time left for us.

Do not let go of that hand, at all costs.
As Yuu kept hearing those words repeat, she felt a pair of paws pushing on her chest and the frightening calls of a pokemon.

"Vee, Eevee!!" Eevee cried.

"Ah! Eevee your okay! Thank goodness," Yuu sighed in relief as she hugged the pokemon.

"Darn, people will come soon! I have to wear the uniform, fast…Nggggh!!! This lid is so heavy. If it has come to this… gonna have to use my last resort! Ngg…. there!!" Shouted a voice, as blue fire erupted.

Eevee shrieked in panic as light suddenly burst into their tiny box. Yuu quickly grabbed her bag that was in the coffin and Eevee and quickly ran from the room. Not even looking back to see what was the cause of the blue fire, only hearing a voice yelling out-

"Hey! Don't you dare run from the great Grim!"

But Yuu kept running as she tried to figure out where she is. She quickly opened her bag and turned on her poke box link, she quickly pulled out any winged pokemon.

"Altaria, I need your help!" Yuu called as she tossed the Pokeball into the air. A blue, avian pokemon with cloud-like wings and feathers appeared and chirped happily.

"It's so good to see you Altaria. I need you to scout ahead and see if there is any danger," Yuu ordered.

Altaria nodded and took to the sky, as Yuu and Eevee continued to wander around the large building. Eventually stopping at a large library, when suddenly a voice and blue fire stopped them.

"Did you think you could run away from me!? You lowly human!" Said a strange-looking cat-raccoon creature.

"Aahh! What! A talking Pokemon!" Yuu gasped.

"I'm not a pokemon, I am the great Grim! Now, if you don’t want to be roasted whole, give me those clothesーFugya!? It hurts! What’s this string!?" Grim shrieked as a cord wrapped around them.

"It’s not a string. It’s the whip of love! Aah, I finally found you. You’re this year’s new student, right? That’s not good. To arbitrarily get out of the gate! Plus, to have a familiar that you have not tamed yet is against the school rules," The crow man said to Yuu.

"Let me go~! I’m not this kinda guy’s familiar!" Grim Growled.

Eevee growled at the cat monster as he hopped on top of Yuu's head.

"Two Familiars? How many do you possibly need?!" The crow man gasped.

"I only have... A couple," Yuu said hesitantly.

"Really. It’s unheard of for a new student to arbitrarily opening the door and coming out by themselves. Sigh… how impatient are you? Come, come, the opening ceremony has started long ago. Let’s go to the Mirror Chamber," The crow man said.

Without many options, Yuu and Eevee quickly followed. The crow man introduced himself as Crowly and explained they were in Night raven college in twisted wonderland.

"Twisted wonderland huh, never heard of this region, so what kind of Pokemon do you have here?" Yuu asked.

"Pokemon? What is that? I don't believe we have such things here," Crowley said simply.

"What!?" Yuu gasped.