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October Castlevania Prompt Challenge

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    It was such a small thing. 


    And yet, the little folded pieces of paper never failed to light up her eyes when he brought them to Lisa. 


    Dracula looked over the small paper he held in his hand, folded to resemble a bird of some sort. Chō had told the lord vampire it was a crane from her homeland when she brought it to him. A "gift" from some monk she had feasted on during her early travels. The white material almost seemed to glow in the darkness of his fortress. Much like she was such light in his life when he met her. Taught her medicine at her request when she came to his castle. 


    The glow seemed to burn as he thought of her wrongful execution. The paper cut into his hand as he crumpled it in a flash of anger. Before he could even scent his own blood the cuts were gone. Movement to his left and right distracted him from the thoughts of war he would unleash upon Wallachia in a few more months. 




    A voice tinged with worry. Dracula could hear it in that one simple title from Hector. “Worry not. There is more parchment should I feel the need to have Chō fold another for me.” The slide of fabric against the body and chair was heard as the vampire stood. “Continue your work on the army.”


    His boots sounded heavier than they felt as he crossed from his sitting chair to the window. In the distance, the sleeping town of Targoviste bathed in moonlight and murderous ignorance. 


    “We shall strike soon.”

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    Each evening it was the same. Alucard would come home from his foraging in the forest outside of his castle, a basket under one arm and a bucket filled with water in hand. The birds silent, with only his footsteps and the wind rustling leaves and the clothes of his corpse signs to make noise. He’d enter into the castle and store away the food before heading into one of the numerous rooms made into a bed chamber. His room, a guest room, it made no difference. 


    The half-vampire blond would see echoes of his father looming over him. Judging him silently. Sneering in that cold manner that could’ve chilled the twins dead had Dracula been alive when they had arrived. 


    It was almost like a ghost before him, haunting the castle, haunting Alucard. “No, you’re dead. Leave me be, Dracula!” He wanted to shout for the spirit to leave him be and go find his mother. No, he wouldn’t wish for Lisa to see what her husband had become. A man that had been hellbent on wiping out the entire human population in revenge for her inexcusable death. 


    Blond locks swirled for a moment around him as Alucard looked away from the ghostly visage of his father and slammed his hands down on the vanity. Was this his room? His mother’s? It made no difference anymore. Not in a castle this large, this empty, abandoned by anyone that had any sense left in their head. 


    “Leave me be, father! Trouble my mind no longer!” 


    And somewhere, in that large empty castle, in a long hall abandoned by people that had sense, Alucard swore he heard his father’s laugh echo.

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    It was amazing that the family Hold had survived for so long, and even more amazing that things were still intact within. Trevor felt the weight of a family legacy after attaching the morningstar whip to his hip. Even down here in library he could feel Leon’s eyes on his portrait watching him. Almost as if trying to whisper to him to not tarnish the family name any further than it had already been dragged. 


    Sypha’s enthusiastic tone took him from Leon’s invisible gaze. “Trevor, come look at what I found!” 


Leaving the ruined segment of shelving and hunting through the labyrinth of intact ones filled with monster trophies and magical artifacts, the man finally found the Speaker. She had a different chest opened since it’s lock had rusted open. “Look, more weapons from your clan.”


    Inside nestled on fabric that looked to have once been velvet, were covered in some dust from the time before they had been locked away.


    Sypha swiped a hand over one, disturbing the dust that had settled on the silver-blue cross that nearly seemed to glow. A large pocket-watch sat next to it, followed by a knife, a bible, a multi-colored stone and-- 


    Trevor reached down to pick up a stopped bottle, the water shimmering in the flickering candlelight around them. The cork was a piece of bronze or copper from the look of it, shaped into a cross. “Actual holy water. With all of the corruption in the world, from night creatures to priests, I thought such a thing would never be seen again.” 


    Trevor pressed it to her hands. “I want you to keep this water with you. I don’t doubt your prowess as a Speaker magician, but it’ll be handy in a pinch. It does a great deal of damage to a night creature’s eyes.”

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    There was no hiding in this room. The shimmering shards of glass floating in the center of the room reflected both Alucard’s flushed visage and his soft noises. Noises that carried through the magical communication mirror before him, to the dimly lit corner of the library beneath the ground of the Belmont Hold. Through it, he could see Trevor Belmont, alone with his breeches open and a hand roughly fisting at his hard cock. 


    “Can you…. Can you really see me like this?” came the breathy question, sealed off by a grunt as a calloused thumb stroked over the head. Alucard could only smirk a little, squeezing himself just a hair as he watched. “Mm, I can. I rather enjoy it as well. Slow down. It doesn’t seem like your stamina rolls over to games like this.”


    He heard an annoyed hiss, but watched as the human nevertheless obeyed the half-vampire’s order. “That’s better. Pull your breeches down and face away from the mirror.” As Trevor adjusted to do as asked, Alucard moved closer to the mirror, pulling the plush chair closer. The lights reflected by the mirror helped give his white skin a ghostly look. “Yes, I do miss this ass sometimes, even when you’re being aggravating.”


    A pause. 


    “Press a finger into yourself, and imagine it’s my own.”

    “You really think I’d allow a monster like you to fuck me like some brothel wench?”


    The thought of Trevor moaning for him like a slut like Alucard was going to pay him, had him finally let out an honest moan. His fist started to move faster around his cock.


“Yes… yes, I do think you would.”

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    This light… Trevor was certain that it was from the final blow on Death itself. Or maybe it was the light that was a swarm of colors blazing past him at speeds he had never experienced. Definitely light, creeping in where his vision had gone dark like candles snuffed out. Maybe it was some sort of 

    But no, this bright light was different . It was warm. And he was laying on something warm. He hoped it wasn’t another body. Surely he was dead and the bright light was just Heaven or some shit like that. 


    No, it couldn’t be that, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to think of the word ‘shit’. 




    Okay, it must not be Heaven. Or not the kind that the Church crowed about. 


    With a pained grunt, Trevor impressed himself by sitting up. His right arm hurt like he had taken the final blow there instead of Death’s head, but that was good. That meant it could possibly be healed and get back to normal. His eyes adjusted to the world around him - it wasn’t a body he was laying on but the bank of a river. The strength of the current - the Danube River it seemed like.


    And then he looked up, seeing the streaks of bright morning light break through the clouds above. A feature he thought he’d never see again, right up there with Alucard and Sypha, and possibly a mug of good ale. 


    Trevor should’ve been celebrating his victory over that last foe, proclaiming to the world his escape from Death himself thanks to St. Germain’s last act, but no.


    The only thing the last member of the famed Belmont clan could do, was sit on the northern bank of the Danube River, gazing at the soft, colorful rays that made up this world’s newest sunrise.

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    “You linger here? Still?” Hector looked up from where he leaned against the balcony to the sound of Isaac’s voice somewhere in the room behind him. The once naive Forgemaster had come out here at sunset but from the chill and position of the moon, it had to be midnight. The sound of swirling wind had the beat of his friend’s steps coming to him. “It is late, Hector. Near midnight.” That confirmed it at least.


    “I know. I was just… getting a bit of fresh air. For… a few hours it seems.” Feeling foolish, Hector turned his face away from Isaac’s gaze. 


    Few stars twinkled above, most of them washed out in the moon’s glow. Hector recalled how her skin had looked, the brilliance of her skin almost as white as the snow that covered the castle. And now she was gone, just another layer of dust settling somewhere in the castle rooms—


    Hector .” 


    Again, Isaac’s calm voice broke the shadow of memories creeping in. That tone that was calm yet firm. His hand as warm, Hector could feel it through his tunic when it was placed on his shoulder. He felt almost dazed as his friend led him back into the room, closing the door behind them. 


    “It will not do well for you to keep doing this to yourself. She is gone, Hector, of her own will. She knew what she was and what her fate would be. You must move on or you will be no better than Dracula was.” Tea was poured. Was offered. Hector accepted it and took a sip. It helped keep his mind away from where it should not go. 


    A light smile around the brim. “Of course, I am not surprised that you are right, Isaac. Her time is past, and I should leave her in mine.”

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    Sypha sat before the mirror, the silence of the room only interrupted by her own small movements. Her blue eyes looked over the fall of her hair, which was longer now since she had taken care of watching Trevor’s back than her own appearance. How had she not noticed it before it had gotten down to her shoulders? 


    Opening the middle drawer of the vanity, a simple pair of scissors were brought out. The last time she had a haircut, it had been done by the Elder Speaker. Then she had teamed up with Trevor to combat monsters and a drinking problem. 


    Yes, Sypha could see how she could lose track of something as simple as hair.


    The scissors were lifted, with a few snaps of the blade. They sounded as sharp as she would need them. Breathing out and lifting them again, Sypha held some hair in one hand the scissors in the other. 


    “I pray to God you’re not actually going to do that.” 


    Trevor startled her, the scissors clamoring to the floor as she looked to the door. Wrapped up in her own thoughts, she hadn’t even heard the door open. Another on the list of things that slipped past her. “I thought you were off showing off the Belmont knack for drinking, or maybe fighting some thugs in an alleyway, so I figured I would do it instead of waiting for you to return.”


    Trevor sighed, going over to pick up the scissors. “You know, it was one time I fought some men in an alleyway. And it was those shoddy priests from that town we don’t talk about. Now try to hold still.”


    Strawberry blonde locks fell to the floor as Trevor snipped them away, until a half-formed ring of them encircled the stool where Sypha sat. The scissors were put on the vanity and he put strong hands to her shoulders. “Not the best, but better than doing it yourself.”


    The Speaker put her hands onto his, a smile showing on her face. 


    “Thank you, Trevor. Looks like you can add another skill to your list.”

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    “I miss the castle. Hell, I almost miss the hovel before we left Styria.”


    Morana sighed and put her book down into her lap. It had been months since they had found a small farmhouse to settle into, far enough from town that there wouldn’t be much suspicion. Striga had fortified the walls and had a better door made and installed for protection. For now, the Slavic vampiress stood at a window to watch the little lights of the town slowly go out as the people finished burning the night oil.


    Hands, warmed from a few glasses of stored blood they had, wrapped around Striga’s midsection. “Come away from the window. Sit with me, and let us go over the plans of infiltration we started last night.” 


    With a huff, Striga did as asked after pulling the blackout curtains shut. No need for it during the night, but very helpful during the day. Ever since Styria’s fall, that’s how Striga had been. On the defense until the sunrise, and then the same when the sun went to sleep. Morana found it aggravating, but she understood. What she also understood was that she couldn’t really fix the problem for her lover, but she could be by her side to help her through it. Months were not enough time to fix things. 


    Striga sat in a plush chair, resting her head against a hand as her lover went to fetch the plans. Instead, both were distracted by one small sound.


    “ Myau.


    A cat. How did a cat get into their home? Morana stood at a table, Striga sat in her chair, both staring at the black creature. It sat, staring back at the two of them with green marble-like eyes with its tail wrapped around its front legs and flicking. The plans forgotten, Morana approached it carefully. She was a vampire, she had no fear over such a simple being. 


    “Morana. Did you let that cat in here?”


    Her grey eyes flashed in response. “Do I look that foolish? No. It must’ve followed you in here at some point.” The cat sniffed the economist’s clawed fingers before walking over to Striga to rub against a leg. “And it seems that it likes you more than me.”


    As if to answer that claim, the feline jumped into the warrior’s lap to sit there instead. Striga looked a little baffled, carefully running a hand down its back. “... I suppose a small companion wouldn’t be bad.”

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    She wasn’t sure how it happened, or why, but Lenore knew when it happened. She felt very cold and could feel her body living and dying at the same time all around her. And when she opened her eyes, all she could see was that she was in Hector’s cell with her own body on the outside of it, with her red eyes looking down at her hands. 


    Had they… had they swapped bodies! Looking down, Lenore saw Hector’s body, his scarred hands with her slave ring on one finger. She was in this accursed mortal body and he was in her immortal one! “Hector!” oh and she had his voice too. While she usually liked the sound of it, it was right now she loathed that it was her own. “If you did this, change us back!”


    Her own mouth forming a smirk made her feel sick. “No, no I don’t think I will, Lenore.” Those red eyes had a glint and the hands flexed. Hector’s hands grabbed the bars and reached, but the forgemaster in her skin moved out of her reach. “But… I suppose I can repay you for your hospitality.”


    Oh, oh that’s what it felt like to have the color drain. Lenore could only watch as Hector removed the luxurious fur cape, and took a seat. Her legs were spread wide, right where she could see what Hector was no doubt not going to hide. “Don’t you dare!”


    “What will you do to me when we switch back, Lenore? Kill the one man that you’ve deceived into slavery by means of using his body so that Carmilla can get her army? If that is how it’ll be, then this will be a small price to pay for it.”


    She shrieked, watching the skirts be lifted and pooled around petite hips. Hector didn’t bother with her stockings, or even her underwear. Just simply pushed the lace fabric aside to press a dainty finger in. A little hiss at that. “So that’s what it feels like.” The finger pressed in further, the second one joining it soon after. 


    Lenore could only helplessly watch as Hector began to masturbate with her body, pressing fingers in and fondling at her own breast as though giving a show. 


    “I’ll call for my sisters! They’ll—”


    “Ignore the sound of my own voice calling for help. O- oh - Now I see why you kept asking for me to hit that spot that night.” Lenore rattled the bars with Hector’s hands as he continued to ravage her body with her own. Damn him!

    “Now you know how it feels, Lenore. Now you know what it feels like to be just a pretty man in a box .”

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    Alucard was impressed. Despite all he had gone through, from Sypha and Trevor going to fight the lingering night creatures to the foreign duo who had betrayed him in his own bed, there was one he didn’t have to worry about. 


    The horse that had made its way to the castle with just its dead rider. How it found the castle without a guiding hand on the reins, or even why it stayed was still quite the mystery. Alucard set down a bucket for the creature to drink the fresh water from. 


    A nicker with a slight flick of its ears before it did just that. Alucard brushed a hand gently over the midsection and shoulders with a careful hand. “I don’t know why you stay really, but you are far better company than the dolls in the castle.” A pause. Was he, the son of Dracula, really talking to a horse of all things?


    Alucard made a face. It wasn’t as if this was his lowest point. Now he sighed and the horse looked to him, almost as if questioning what was wrong. “No, it’s nothing. Just beginning to question my sanity while I speak to horses and dolls. Though it’s not like there is anyone else about that I can trust to speak with any longer.”


    He reached into the bag he had strapped across his chest. After fumbling for a moment, he pulled out an apple to offer. “For listening to me. And not betraying me. Well, yet I suppose. Perhaps if you decide that I’m not sharing enough food with you, maybe you’ll kick me.”


    The apple was eaten with no hesitation, the horse’s tail flickering as the fruit was munched on. “Well, you’re welcome to stay as long as you wish I suppose. No fields to plow or battles to run to here though. I’ll make you a space in the castle.”


    The vampire started towards the aforementioned place, the equine following after a few moments. 


    “Just don’t chew on the tapestries. You’re not a goat and my mother happened to like them.”

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    “Are we even supposed to be here?” Sypha‘s hand touched Trevor's elbow as they made their way through the base of another tall tower. She was tired after traversing all the stairs leading up here. What was Trevor even looking for?


    Trevor sighed, his glare evident even in the low light of the short hallway they were in. “I thought it wouldn’t hurt to look around this castle but…” He crossed his arms in quiet frustration. “It would seem I’ve gotten us lost.”


    Sypha pressed the fingers of one hand to the bridge of her nose. The other formed a fist on her hip. “How long have you, or we for that matter, been lost, Trevor?” It was difficult to keep her own annoyance in line. The Speaker tried to focus on the beauty of the rooms they had already passed. She hated to admit it, but Dracula did have nice taste in stained glass. 


    “Since we got into this chapel area I suppose.” Trevor turned the knob on the next door, ushering them within. “At least There aren’t any night creatures here. I’ll count that as a blessing.”


    Sypha stopped at the sight of the room. “Funny you mention blessings.” A gesture to the room before them that was clearly a confessional. She went to the chairs to look at them - both had cushions of plush red velvet attached to high quality wood frames. A curtain was drawn back by a thick rope, but it could easily hide the two people from each other and anyone else should it be loosened.


    Trevor barked out a laugh at the sight before flopping into one of the chairs. “I didn’t expect a confessional in this castle, that’s for damn certain. Sypha, take a Seat. Forgive me mother for I have sinned.” He gave a mock dramatic pose in the chair before she walked over to smack him on the head. 


“If I did that, we‘d die of old age before you were halfway through.”

    “Ah, Sypha, you wound me!”


    She turned to him with a smirk, hand on the doorknob. “Well forgive me then, father, for I have sinned.”

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    She watched the guards shift in discomfort at the sound of her sharp nails against the glass in hand. The blood in it was cold, but Carmilla sipped on it anyways. It helped keep her thoughts focused on the goal she had outlined in various pieces of parchment before her. 


    Lenore had her little forgemaster pet down below; Morana and Striga were working on supply lines and battle strategies. And what did she do as the head of all this? She sighed and took a seat, the glass still in hand with the red liquid swirling in it. 


    Carmilla knew was the glue for all of this. The driving force that would give the world what it needed after all this time. Not a man hellbent on suicide under the guise of genocide. Not a religious cretin herding the masses to the open jaws of the wolf. 


    No, the world didn’t need more idiotic men in charge. They needed a strong woman with a vision. A vision of peace clasped in a strong hand. Carmilla wanted the power Dracula had barely begun to taste. She deserved it with all she had been through! 


    The chair scraped the floor as she got to her feet and listened to her heels mark time when she crossed to the balcony. The cold wind whipped at her white hair. The world stretched out before her, bathed in the moon‘s luminescent glow. 


    Carmilla drained the remnants of her blood drink before smashing the glass against the outer wall. 

    The world would be hers .

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    It was supposed to be just a simple trip down to show Sypha his father’s laboratory. Her curiosity had been contagious and Alucard found himself wondering about contraptions and items as they explored alongside her. She was far more vocal about it than he was. 


    And even now, she was vocal. This room was far enough away from anywhere Trevor would go that he wouldn’t hear her. Alucard’s fangs brushed tantalizingly against her neck. She was supported by his strong frame, arms trapped by one of his own. No matter. The Speaker didn’t want to escape his clutches. 


    “A… Alucard, what if Trev—”


    “Let him see,” his cool voice interjected. His free hand, really not free, had pushed past her clothing to contrast his cooler skin against her own hot and wet folds. “Let him see how I can ravish you. Let him see the want I have for you in my eyes.” 


    He teased another bite to her neck, following the gesture with his tongue to soothe it. All his ministrations drew gasps from her, and had his Speaker wiggling with pleasure. “Please… please keep going—”


    “I can smell that you’re close.” The arm holding hers captive moved so that the vampire could push her chin so their eyes could meet. Gold to blue. His mouth crushed against hers as his fingers sped up, pushing and pulling the pleasure against her outer sweet spot. She cried out as his fangs bit into her lower lip just enough for blood to pool. 


    “You’re so sweet for me, Sypha.”


    And then her world crashed around her in white pleasure.

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    Such might held in a singular chair. Carmilla could recall standing down before it with her head tilted back to look at Lord Dracula on high. The chair‘s tall imposing frame with the red cushions was the most eye catching thing in the room—


    Unless you counted Carmilla herself now. 


    Sensing no one nearby - the vampire court dismissed elsewhere and Dracula having talks with Hector and Isaac about only God knows what - the vampiress decided to indulge. Her heels echoed through the empty, high ceiling hall as each step was climbed. She moved through the space with both elegance and command, then seated herself upon the throne. 


    A throne for a sad man forcing the world to partake in his own suicide. A scoff and Carmilla crossed her legs at the knees with her hands on the armrests. This throne, even this castle, was wasted on Dracula. All the light and power and he simply sat here in wait. 


    No, no need to get angry here. If she left claw marks on the throne he would grow suspicious. 


    Quickly she stood back up, but didn’t move from the front of the throne. 


    Dracula had become what Carmilla feared he would. Another man in a place of power he didn’t deserve. 


    “Soon, you shall be dethroned from your ill gotten place, Ţepeş.”


    Carmilla smiled to the empty hall, savoring the power that would soon be hers.

    “ Soon .”

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    Trevor… was tired. He could feel how the weariness set in his bones since he and Sypha left the wastes of Lindenfield to head back towards Targoviste. They stopped at small villages that didn’t even dot a map, helping with rogue night creatures (Sypha’s insistence) and also with tasting the local tavern brews (Trevor’s insistence). The alcohol helped a little, but the exhaustion lingered like a curse. 


    “Sypha, we should leave in the morning,” the vampire killer said instead of a greeting when he made his way through their room door. The boots and his fluffy cape were the first things to be removed. That helped more. “The ale isn’t nearly as good as the barkeep hawked at me. Do they even grow hops in this ar—”


    The question was stopped short. 


    On the bed was Sypha, but not in her usual garb of blues and blacks that hid her figure. No, that figure was on display with the chemise she wore laying on the bed - fitted around her figure with the hem rucked up to her knees. The collar of it was low to her breasts, the straps that were usually hidden now loose about her shoulders. Even in the low candle light of the room he could see her nipples hard under the fabric. Could see the darkened section between her legs where she was already wet.


    Trevor could only stare at her. The terrible alcohol was forgotten, all he could do was just drink in those curves like he drank in that ale. He crossed the space between them as his cock hardened. 


    “You’ve been tense since we left that town,” Sypha said, the sheets shifting beneath her as she moved. Trevor swallowed thickly with his eyes trained on her movements. “Ale won’t help with that, but I can Trevor.”


    He removed his outer tunic quickly, throwing it over the footboard of the bed. She looked appealing like that, spread out for him on threadbare sheets with only three measly candles to light the room. The man crawled over her on the bed, grinning as he pressed his forehead to hers.


    “Sypha, was a terrible line.”

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    It still smelled of smoke and ashes in these ruins. No matter how many flowers she brought, Mrs. Djuvara couldn’t get the smell out of her nose here. It lingered, like a curse. Maybe it was. With how angry Lisa‘s husband had been, maybe he put it there. 


    With a pained groan brought on by old age, she took a seat on a makeshift bench she had put together over the years. The ruins were quiet, but she could still hear Lisa‘s voice talking to her. Echoes of a ghost maybe. The church warned about this place and the Devil‘s work within it, but how true were those warnings? Lisa didn’t deserve her fate, but what could one old woman do against a mob of ignorant men? 


    Mrs. Djuvara‘s old, grey eyes looked somber at the remains of the fireplace hearth. She could still see the warm house around her in her memories, smell Lisa’s light perfume. A smart woman that happened to be beautiful as well. Didn’t she have a son somewhere? Mostly likely a handsome lad with his parents. She sighed, the memories fading around her like mist dissipating in the sun. Just a husk of a home with a husk of an old lady to keep it company.  “I’m sorry I couldn’t do more for you when you did so much for me.”


    White lilies, Lisa‘s favorites when she was alive, were laid on the ground. Not the best place, but they wouldn’t attract attention from the road and the wind wouldn’t blow them away as quickly. 


    A few drops of rain fell, followed by a weaker rain that soaked into her thinning hair. 


    “I miss you, Lisa.”

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   This had to be a nightmare. Alucard knew there was no way that his father’s castle was directly connected to Targoviste. Yet somehow he had gone from the halls to the darkened streets and moving past people. The people moved aside for him, paying him no mind as he approached the bound figure of—



    Lisa struggled in her binds, even as fire was set to the straw and wood beneath her. She shrieked in dismay, and the people between them acted as a barrier that Alucard simply couldn’t push past to get to her. What was going on?!


    “A-A...Alucard! You must despise humans for this! Make them your prey for punishment!” The flames were growing now, but the shock of her words threw the fear to the side. Why did she say such things? She started screaming as the flames crawled up her skin to her clothing. “Do it, do it now! Start with the masses before me, the ones who put me here! Drink your fill of them, make them fear you!”


    His hand tightened into a fist, baring his teeth at the woman bound to the stake. “My mother never said such things! The only ones that would say such things are demons!” 


    The nightmare of people and flames disappeared in a flash of light, and Lisa was gone. In her place floated a red-haired woman with pale skin on display from her skimpy clothing. Her wings framed her figure as she moved in closer. “You broke free of my spell…” she mused, brushing a claw under Alucard’s chin. He jerked away and swiped at her with a fist. “What a shame, I thought you’d be fun to toy with a little longer here.” 


    “Death is too good for you, demoness!” His sword came to his hands, ready to take down this night creature, this demon that had the gall to masquerade as his mother. Lisa had been so full of light and curiosity for the world around her. She would never have wanted such a thing to befall mankind. To befall her son . Alucard knew her memory didn’t deserve such smearing from a creature such as this. 


    She hissed in response, flying up higher. “Come here then, little boy . You broke my spell but can you break free of this nightmare?”


    Even as Alucard lunged to her, he heard the truth of her words echo in his mind. 


    Would he ever be free of his nightmares?

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    There was once a time where the Bishop had realized that the robes of power he wore were the heaviest thing he had ever worn on his body. The responsibility to lead God’s flock as well as he could while keeping them safe from the night creatures sent by that disgusting vampire and those sorcerer heathen Speakers. Such taints on the world that was given to them by God and he had to snuff them all out to make their world a paradise to live in. 


    Then he died before his work was finished. Stripped of his spirit as a man of God before having his body killed. There had been no heaven afterwards. Only darkness in a void that he had lingered in. 


    Now the void had turned into something out of his control. The Bishop had been reanimated into his body yet there was no control over it for him. Glances at his reflection showed a corpse starting to rot where Blue Fangs had left him in the cathedral. 


    A command tightened around his brain, moving him where the vampiress commanded. When had he gotten into the river? Here he was, slouched over the water that felt neither cold or hot. Only wet. 


    “ Bless the river, Bishop ,” the woman had commanded. “ Bless it and make it holy .”


    He could do that. Did he want to? All of these events had spawned from his one judgement? The Bishop straightened up over the water, lips forming words that began to hurt his reanimated flesh. “In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti—”


    A familiar sacramental used to help cleanse a body of sin. That was what he had done in his time as the living right?


    “— Amen .”


    The effect was instant as blue flames swirled around him and ripped through the water. It was burning, cleansing his contaminated skin of what Hector had done to it with his Forgemaster powers. His lips kept repeating the sacramental like the good Catholic man he was, but as the blue holy flames consumed him, the Bishop heard Lisa’s screams in his mind. He had no control over his fate like he had taken the control from her. 


    As his flesh was burned away and his mind started falling into the void from whence it lay, the Bishop finally understood what she had gone through. Why Dracula had punished them so harshly. 


    And the Bishop’s final emotion that he could find any control over as he passed for a second time, was regret .

Chapter Text

    It didn’t hurt. Vlad had told her it didn’t, but he was a vampire while Lisa herself was just a mortal. A mortal who had been accused of witchcraft and died for it, then found her husband in the Realm of hell. At least they could know some sort of peace there, in that desolate land void of color. 


    Then Lisa and her feared husband were pulled away from that peaceful realm, their spirits stuffed into a husk of a body made to house both of them. The dichotomy of their spirits was too much for the body to bear, and Lisa felt like she and Vlad were being ripped apart from the inside out. It hurt so much! Why were they here, who summoned them?! Why did it hurt?!


    She could see the room. It looked familiar, though fleeting as she and her husband sought to control the stitched vessel they had been pushed into. Then the control was ripped away. Vlad had the control again, struggling to keep his powers and spirit in the only body they had. “I… I cannot stop this!” his voice cried out in the room as they writhed in agony. 


    Lisa had control again. “I recognize this place! Vlad, it’s—” And there he was. Lisa could see in just beyond the room, beyond a barrier that painted him in a red light. Her son. Her Alucard. He looked so much like her with terror in his eyes as he saw what his parents had been forced into. 


    Whatever happened next happened far too quickly. That red barrier was gone, the room was collapsing under something powerful, and then a Belmont was hurtling a whirling weapon doused in holy water at them. It burned! It hurt! Lisa and Vlad screamed together, the disharmonization tone the last thing from them before everything lit up in a blinding white. 


    Then it didn’t hurt. Just like Vlad told her. They were somehow awake, alive, in the mortal world. Naked, but alive. Stealing some clothes from a line outside, the two dressed quickly and moved on. Their resurrection made no sense to them, going from the plains of Hell into a Rebis, then to their own flesh and blood bodies, but neither would question it now.


    Neither wanted to question their own second chance.

Chapter Text

    If someone had told her she’d be in a situation like this a week ago, Sypha would’ve called that person a filthy liar and maybe set their shirt on fire. Tonight, she would’ve had to go apologize to them, because where she was, wasn’t where she ever thought she’d be.

    “Oh, there’s a good girl,” came Alucard’s smooth voice, from behind, in her ear. Trevor’s lips kept leaving heated little marks on her neck as he traced a path from her jaw down to her shoulder. All three of them were very naked, and very warm. The Speaker magician squirmed a little as Alucard’s careful hands smoothed over her ribcage upwards towards her breasts. 


    God, he was always so careful with his strength. He’d used his words to kill her before ever using his strength. 


    “Right, she can be that sometimes.” Trevor hummed before biting a bruise where it’d be covered later. She gasped, arching her chest outwards and right into the blond vampire’s waiting hands. With his hands at her chest to keep her from moving, Trevor immediately used a knee to part her legs and move between them. Unlike Alucard’s smoothness, he was too rough from the years of his trade. Sypha felt like she was just right in between smooth and rough. And just right in between them


    “And for being such a good girl, we think we can give you a treat.”


    “Trevor, I swear if it’s another word of advice like not running with matches—”


    Her remark was cut off with his mouth to hers, drinking in the words to silence them. She felt Alucard’s chest move as it rumbled with laughter. “That was not you being a good girl. Maybe I’ll give my cock to Trevor to play with.”


    Trevor pulled back with that smug grin she loved on his face. “Or maybe we’ll tie you up and make you watch us instead. Would you like that? Watching me suck on Alucard’s dick or maybe me fucking him in the ass with mine? Unless you want to be a good girl for us?” 


    She hadn’t been paying attention and felt two fingers - one cool, one hot - tease at her folds. Her blue eyes went wide at the sensation. “Y-yes! Yes, I’ll be good! Please don’t leave me to just watch!” 


    Alucard’s golden eyes lit up and he grinned to the hunter over her shoulder. “It sounds like she’s not opposed to being tied up though, Belmont…”

Chapter Text

    The wind was cool, far cooler than Hector expected at this time of day with the sun so high. He had been to this cemetery so many times, and had been chased away just as many. Yet still he returned, finding the solace in the peace of the yard. 


    The untamed greenery around the unkept markers showed how no one had been around in years to care for the graveyard. A shame. If he had been left alone, Hector thought he could’ve done a fine job. Maybe he could’ve used his talents to bring people back, if only to clear air before the soul left again. 


    He sat on the grass, noting the fresh spot next to him. It was so small, almost the size for an infant. But there was no marker for one. A large rock that could weather the elements, and a strip of leather with a buckle. No doubt someone’s cherished pet. 


    Thoughts of digging up the corpse to revitalize it crossed his mind. Someone knew the cemetery was here, and thought of burying their pet. But if he put the dirt back… 


    The sun was moving below the treelines in the west as he finished digging, unearthing the body of a short haired dog. It was a small canine, with brown fur that had white socks. Surely a cute animal, whether in life or death. The Forgemaster removed the body carefully and replaced all the dirt so no one would suspect anything. The evening insects were chirping as he left with the body in tow, mind set on giving the pet a new companion in a second life. 


    Surely if such a creature had been loyal and loved enough to warrant a grave in a human burial site, it would be the same to Hector. 


    And with the humans that he knew, the man could use a good companion.

Chapter Text

    What happened to waiting for Sypha to return with the wagon and horses? Trevor thought about her momentarily even as Alucard ran hands under his tunic and over the front of his trousers. They shouldn’t be doing this, even in an alleyway where he hadn’t seen anyone else…


    “You’re awfully stiff for someone who’s against fucking in an alley, Belmont.”


    Shit. He had said that last bit about not doing this out loud. Trevor felt himself flush even as Alucard opened their trousers - Trevor’s first and then his own -  to press their hips together. The sensation of another man’s cock against his own straining length was enough for a moan and a buck of his hips. The vampire pressed closer with the curtain of blond hair pulled to hide the hunter’s face. “I do prefer the look of arousal on your face, though I can smell the scent of it like this.”


    The human grunted with a snarl, almost wanting to take some sort of offense, but tried a different tactic instead. Snagging those stupidly clean, pristine locks in a hand, Trevor smashed their lips together in a kiss that drove out thought. No thoughts of frotting with a vampire in a back alley in this stupid town with stupid people; or thoughts of Alucard’s hands flexing on his hips; or even thoughts of how close those teeth were to bite and tear into Trevor’s lips. It fueled him to try and top from the bottom, thrusting against his family’s enemy’s own dick. 


    There was a rush of blood through Trevor’s body as the kiss broke so Alucard could moan out, “ Belmont .”


    “Alucard,” was all he could get out in return. The hand not fisted in golden locks went between them, curling fingers into a fist around them both. “Fuck my fist, vampire . Fuck it like you would my hole.”


    Alucard snarled and began to thrust, biting kisses onto his lips and jawline before teasing down his neck. No marks. Sypha didn’t need to be involved yet. “I would mark you so the world would know my personal harlot. But not yet, Belmont. I’ll keep you as my secret for now. A hand over your mouth and bruises hiding just under your hemlines. With marks on your hips from where I’ve held onto while I’ve fucked you like you’ve begged.”


    Out of nowhere, the thoughts of what Alucard described pulled his orgasm out of him, hot and covering his fist and the other’s cock. It was only a moment after that the vampire followed suit to add to the mess. 


    Trevor smirked. “I hope you make good on what you said there, Alucard.”

Chapter Text

    “I think it’s been a very long time since the kitchens smelled like this,” Alucard remarked as he kneaded at the dough as asked. Sypha looked at him, a soft smile on her face as she sliced the last couple of apples. Trevor was out doing… whatever Trevor does when he is alone, so the two of them had decided that apple tart making was in order. 


    “It will really start to smell good once we bake the tarts.” 


    Alucard smiled at the thought. He recalled his mother would bake little treats for him to nibble at while he studied, or how she’d let him help with cooking meals. God, his life had been so simple then. So easy. 


    He didn’t notice that his hands had gone still in kneading, but Sypha did. “Ah, you’re done! Go ahead and roll out the dough and I’ll finish with the apples!” Such a blessing she was, noticing how he got lost in his head and bringing him back out without ever calling attention to it. No wonder Trevor was sweet on her. Alucard pulled out the rolling pin to flatten the dough out. Sypha added the apples to a mixture of salt, honey, and lemon juice to stir. 


    The two continued to work in amicable silence. Sypha with the fruit, Alucard with the dough. Flattened and cut to size, the two worked at placing the apples just so on the dough and then the little tarts onto a baking tray. The work kept him from the memories that threatened to steal his attention. Mother was everywhere in this room, and the vampire wa the only one that could feel her presence. 


    The tray was pushed into the oven where the fire was already blazing hot. “There! Now we wait for twenty or so minutes and they should be done! As long as they’re puffy and golden brown anyways.”


    Alucard wrapped his arms around her shoulders, pulling her carefully into an embrace. A glance and he could see the scars leftover from— No . Don’t think of that. 


“If you’re as good at baking as you are with magic, I’m sure they’ll be quite delicious, Sypha. You’ll probably have to stop me from eating them before Belmont gets back.”


“Don’t be ridiculous,” she grinned, turning in his arms. “I wouldn’t even let you get that close to them.”

Chapter Text

    First there was silence. There was always silence. The fauna had all darted away as fast as they could, leaving nothing in their wake. Then the earth trembled, upsetting the stream close-by, the rocks and plants before there was a crack of bright blue lightning. It scorched the ground in that one spot before it was instantly replaced by the castle. The ground shook and clouds of dirt and earth blew away from the epicenter in unavoidable waves. 


    The animals that were fleeing but still too close were decimated easily, with rock and branches tearing through their flesh in a wave and the wind ripping away what was left. Clouds of dirt swirled around the castle in its wake, the various angles lit by moonlight. 


    The hold was its own complete entity now, how it loomed over the countryside like a Goliath. It was the tallest structure as far as the eyes could see, even higher than the mountains. The spires, fitted like lances pointing at the sky, skimming and defying against God’s kingdom just barely out of reach. 


    This was a structure made of seemingly architectural chaos, with rooms seemingly upside down from the view outside and spires coming from them. This fortress looked as though Dracula could simply invert it if he so wished. Maybe one day he would, because he knew enough of the science to make it happen.


    And now Dracula’s castle loomed in the countryside, just out of reach of the city’s citizens. But they could still see it. Could still fear it. 


    As the moon dipped behind its towers, its shadow fell across the city.

Chapter Text

    Water dripped. Candlelight flickered. The air was thick with moisture and sulfur, and yet Prior Sala prayed. His robes were soaked with standing water as he prayed fervently on his knees in a puddle of it. The other monks of his monastery did the same from behind him. They prayed to their Visitor, the one that would bring back their Lord Dracula. 


    The Visitor shifted, its numerous eyes looking over the monks before it. The humans that prayed to it like God. A low growl rumbled from its throat, and its limbs flexed under the nails that bound it against the cross. They were so easily manipulated, so easily pulled from the path of God to work for it. 


    Sala looked up from his mantras, meeting the luminescent gaze of their Visitor. So many eyes, nowhere to hide. It could keep one on every monk before it, to make sure they didn’t stray from the path it was guiding them on. Sala had been gifted so many visions, so much knowledge and yet he needed more. He needed more knowledge to make sure the Harvest would go smoothly for the Visitor. 


    They had to open that Corridor for it. To release Lord Dracula. 


    Sala’s head dipped back down to pray once again. The creature shifted once again, the multi-eyes blinking. It’s many-fanged mouth broke into a grin and growled again. It stirred a wind around it, shrouding the monks in that sulfur scent to match the alchemical symbol upon their armbands.


    As the scent penetrated into their senses, clouding their sanity more, the crosses around the monks’ necks snapped in two.

Chapter Text

   Dracula’s castle was filled with such odd things. During a trek through the Long Library, the young boy named Alucard had found a strange area of it. A basement, almost. In the depths of the darker shelves and books, there had been a grate, easily and quickly passed with his mist ability to orb? No, this was a relic, like his father was teaching him about.


    Quickly, Alucard made his way through the castle to find his father and held up the red orb with the shadowed image of a bat on it. “Father, look what I’ve found!” The lord had looked up from his thoughts as he sat before a fire to take the object. “One of my relics I see. Here, take it in your hands.”


    Alucard carefully held it, making sure his grip was secure to keep it from falling. “Whenever you hold this, my son, you will be able to transform into the creature you see upon it. After practicing for a while, you won’t need the orb and will be able to do it without its help.” The count shifted in his seat, all attention on his heir. “Now, I want you to concentrate, and picture what you would look like as a bat. It does not have to be anything splendid. Just a simple bat will do, Adrian.” 


    Alucard closed his eyes tight and focused all his thoughts on bats. Being a bat, flying like a bat, sleeping like a bat and—


    The air around the boy shimmered, the light angling in weird ways around him before the human form was gone and a small bat flapped its wings in his place. It screeched as though trying to speak, then perched on his father’s shoulder. “Ah! Your first try and you’ve succeeded! Truly you are mine and your mother’s son, Adrian.”


    The air shimmered and warped again, with the child plopping down in Dracula’s lap. 


    If only Lisa could see how their boy had grown.

Chapter Text

    Hector took in the sight before him within the room. Dracula fully clothed, hands holding onto Isaac’s arms as the vampire lord fucked into him from behind. The two forgemaster humans had been summoned after a court had been adjourned, the silence now filled with the grunts of the two men.


    The white haired man shifted where he had been bound on a plush chair with only his hands free. Isaac’s doing at Dracula’s command. Red eyes met blue over the dark skinned man’s shoulder. “This is how I repay loyalty, Hector. Both of you get to keep your lives in the war, but only the most loyal will be allowed my cock within them. You’ve been cold, Hector.” 


    A sharp thrust had Isaac’s eyes bright and a gasp almost stuck in his throat. Dracula leaned forward to carefully bite at an ear with his dull teeth. After all, he did like Isaac. “That’s it, Isaac. Let Hector know just how good it feels to be loyal to me.”


    A long nailed hand slipped around the long neck, and a pretty flush colored the man’s cheeks. A flex of the muscle against it and Isaac did moan this time. The power behind it, knowing that Dracula could simply crush his windpipe, was intoxicating for a brief moment. Hector’s own cock jumped from where it was hard against his lower belly. “Master Dracula… I wish for Hector to touch himself,” he whispered, though it felt like he yelled it in the room. 


    Dracula hummed and looked again to Hector bound to the chair. “Touch yourself Hector. Thrust into your hand like I thrust into Isaac.” The thrusts became harder, causing Isaac to moan louder. “He gets rewarded for being loyal. And you get to masturbate to his reward.” Hector could only do as command, the color high in his face even as he did so. His hips jerked as he continued to watch, fisting over his cock and smearing the precum about the head. 


    With a grunt Dracula thrust once more into Isaac before releasing his seed within him, which Hector could see drip a little to the floor. The sight of all of it was enough for him to climax, spilling over his hand and the ropes that kept him bound. 


    As Hector’s world went white, all he could think of was how he wanted to be more loyal to his Master.

Chapter Text

    This room was usually one of solace for Dracula. To get away from the court, from his generals, from his forgemasters. But today there was a pest, and the head vampire was going to put him in his place.


    Godbrand felt the wind leave him as Dracula slammed him against the wall, blood dripping from his lips where he had bit it. “Here is the attention you’ve ordered, Godbrand,” Dracula sneered, with a hand clamping around the smaller vampire’s throat. Not enough to hurt, but enough to keep the focus on the lord’s eyes. Long talons ripped at the clothing around his subordinate’s hips, the linen of his wrap and pants falling to the floor. Red eyes looked down, and then back up with a smirk on his lips. 


    "You're just a little man with a big title to make up for a little cock, Godbrand. What god are you? None to me .” The words were very nearly spat out. The trapped vampire hissed his disdain, but before he could choke out some stupid retort, he was pulled and turned around to be shoved back against the wall. 


    Godbrand felt the pain in his nose - broken, probably. More blood slid down over his upper lip and he hissed again. “A God of cock, Dracula! And a God should not feast on animals when there are plenty of humans! It’s stupid to kill all of them!”


    “If you’re a God of cock, then you should have no trouble in taking mine.” 


    The usually quiet room, filled with only the crackling of a fire and Dracula’s mental voice, was now filled with Godbrand’s yells as the master pushed between his legs and thrust into him. The man had so many years and experience, the younger one could almost believe he’d hit home on the first try. “Not your cock you suicidal maniac,” he choked out as Dracula curled long nails into his hips and slammed both wrists up over his head to the wall. “Let me go!”

    “Your silhouette will be branded on my wall by the time I'm done fucking you, Godbrand. You’ve been vying for my attention for months. I’ll not take away what you’ve wanted for now." He leaned in close, with his fangs brushing at that pointed ear. 

    “Now let me hear you beg for me, Godbrand. Beg for me like the whore we both know you are.”

Chapter Text

    Alucard always remembered living in the dark. Ever since his mother had been burned at the stake, Dracula had kept the castle so dark, void of any candles to illuminate anything. Even in his room it felt like the stone walls were sucking away any light he used for reading in his room.


    And then he had slept in that coffin, safe and in the dark. 


    So much darkness in his life. 


    Now there was so much of it. His father gone, and he looked through the various titles in the Belmont hold. Sypha had lit numerous candelabras around the library with her magic, and the vampire could hear Trevor shuffling around a few rows away. Everything was cast in a warm glow with a soft amber light blanketed on almost everything. 


    It reminded him often of his mother and the light that she had been in the castle. ‘It makes sense,’ Alucard thought, ‘that the castle was so dark after she was murdered. It is hard to light a castle when your light has gone out.’


    He pulled down a title that seemed to be a biography of some man that only went by the Master Librarian. The pages told of how he ignored the Belmont clan when they came for aid, muttering under his breath about serving only the Ţepeş clan and no one else’s needs. It sounded strangely familiar. 


    “Alucard!” Sypha’s cheerful tone attracted his attention and he snapped the book shut to look at her. “You should come see what I found about magic! It talks about shapeshifting in it!” 


    Golden eyes widened in surprise at that. Actual books on one of his own powers? Seems as though the Belmonts had encountered it before. She took his hand, warm like the candles that illuminated her face as she tugged him along. They reflected off the orangey tones of her hair, almost radiant like a halo. 


    It was really in that moment that Alucard could understand the kind of light that Dracula saw with Lisa.

Chapter Text

    “Well, aren't you just a pretty one.”


    Trevor stopped in his tracks, almost to the door that led to the back rooms that he had just paid for access to. Turning to look at the man in the low light, he squinted a little. It was a man older than he was with blond hair, blue eyes, and a coin pouch in hand. Did this man?...


    “I don’t know what you’re thinking entirely, but… I can assure you I do not work here.”


    “Ah, that’s what all of the newbies say when they see me,” the man assured, waving his empty hand in a dismissive fashion. He closed some of the already short distance between them. “I come to this brothel often. I know the new meat when I see it.”


    Trevor felt his face flush and he staggered a step or two back. “No, I’m a patron here same… as… you.” Maybe there was a reason the new workers tried to stay away from this man. Trevor would probably feel safer naked in Dracula’s castle than this man. He held up a hand in case the other got closer again. 


    Instead, the harasser looked offended by Trevor instead. “Stop denying that you work here! Service me, boy!” Trevor sneered this time and took a firm step forward with his hands curling into fists. “And I’m going to let you know right now, one last time that I do not work here .” 

    A grunt and then struggling as this man was picked up by his collar. “In fact… I don’t think these people will be needing your patronage any longer if this is how you treat the other guests.” With long strides to the door while carrying this older man as though he were nothing, the monster hunter kicked open the door and threw the man out. “And don’t come back!”


    “I’ll have you run out of town for this boy!”


    “Yeah, yeah, ask the Church how that went when they excommunicated the rest of the Belmont Clan. Have a nice night!”

Chapter Text

    Isaac’s cool gaze watched his fellow forgemaster companion before him. As curious as Hector was, the man was tired of him interrupting his own work when the silver haired man could be working on the army in his own rooms. 


    So now he was to be punished. 


    Various monsters stood around the table where Hector was, with no semblance of an order. Hector was naked with his ass up, hands bound against his back, and head nestled on a comfortable pillow to keep him from injuring his neck or head. After all, Isaac was considerate of the man and Dracula still had need of him. The naive man moaned and gasped as one of the monsters continued to fuck him hard against the table. 


    Claws bore into the pale hips, holding him in place as it fucked the puffy hole that was wet with slick and seed around it. There was a mess just under the human as the cock moving in and out pulled some of the other monster’s cum from the hole. 


    Hector stiffened with a cry, his own cock dribbling out a pathetic little flow of his own cum. One monster trudged forward, its four eyes blinking out of sync as it leaned down to lap at the spend and the tip of the man’s length. “Ah! Ah, please Isaac! It’s… to… t-too much!” 


    “That is part of the punishment,” was the only thing said in response. The monster currently deep in him roared and emptied itself into its current fucktoy before removing its flaccid cock and meandering elsewhere in the room. 


    A slosh of noise from the next creature filled the room, a mass of tentacles coming forth. Tentacles snapped out like a whip, curling around Hector’s chest, midsection, and legs. The forgemaster keened as he was pulled off of the table to be held up at a better vantage point. A set of limbs slithered about, one immediately sliding around Hector’s cock, another into his throat, before the thickest shoved into his ass. Any noises the man made were immediately muffled, and the creature had no care for his pleasure. It began thrusting to deep-throat and fuck, with the one around the cock squeezing like it was sucking him off. 


    Isaac chuckled at the sight. “You seem to be enjoying this.” The chair creaked as he got up and walked over. As if knowing, the monster lowered Hector, but continued to take its own need from the holes it was currently fucking. “You’re practically glowing at this. Do you like being stuffed?”


    Firm fingers came up to tweak at the man’s nipples. The monster roared as Hector tightened around its tentacles, and two extras were produced to latch onto the little buds that had hardened under Isaac’s fingers. Hector groaned and finally relaxed. Finally gave over to the pleasure of being fucked like a human whore. Isaac disappeared from his side as the monsters crowded in. The stench of strange lust surrounded him as some of the more sentient creatures pressed their cocks against his skin for friction. 


    Hector wished his arms were free. Maybe there was something about the tentacle in his mouth that was an aphrodisiac. The man wanted to stroke what he could reach, wanted to be covered in what the monsters would give them. The tentacles stroked his cock and nipples harder, its tendrils moving faster in his hole. It was getting close. ANd from the scent around him, Hector knew they could all be close. 


    The appendage in his mouth suddenly removed itself. Hector cried out at the loss, but choked on the torrent of cum that hit him in the mouth and on the face. The one in his ass burst as well, a flood compared to what was at his mouth. It leaked out and around his hole but the ordeal wasn’t done. It continued to suck at his nipples until Hector finally came, allowing the tendril around his cock to suck down his own cum. 


    And at last, with horrendous cacophony around the man, the other monsters blew their loads about him, covering Hector’s skin and hair in various viscosities of seed. The last one, a flying demon Isaac had named Gaibon, screeched as it stuffed its length in Hector’s throat to choke him off with one last river of cum. The human was tired, laid down by the tentacle monster in a pool of seed with the monsters roaring as though cheering above him. 


    Isaac took his seat again, dark gaze on his companion completely debauched on the floor. “I suppose you should consider yourself lucky that you can’t be bred, Hector.”