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Ghostober: Humphrey Dumpty Neck Slice edition

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“No, it’s mine,” Thomas whined, “I had it first.”

“You have first, but I find first.” Robin countered, referring to his initial discovery of the slice shortly after Humphrey's death.

Pat’s head was flicking between the two of them as they argued as though he was watching a tennis match. The neck slice lay abandoned on the grass of the lake bank as the argument erupted between them.

“That is beside the point!” Fantastic, all Pat needed was for the Captain to get involved.

Mary elbowed her way into the group and exasperatedly grasped the neck slice, snatching it from the ground. “This how it be done!” she exclaimed, pausing the conflict in motion as she drew the flesh circle behind her before propelling it forwards, perfectly flat against the water’s surface. It bounced once, it bounced twice, it bounced a third time before flopping and sinking into the murky depths.

“Oho! The first triple skip. Brillopads, Mary!”

Robin flashed her an encouraging grin as she clapped her hands gleefully.

“Go and get it then, Thomas.” said the Captain in a bored voice, pointing nonchalantly with his swaggerstick towards the bottom of the lake.

This was not the first time Thomas had had this job.