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Twisted Wonderland Kinktober 2021 Pt. 1

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This is just a heads up on what I’ll be doing for Kinktober. That way, if there are any you’re particularly interested in, you can just come and read what I have planned for that day. This will be the full list, including parts 1 & 2. All characters are 18+.


Part 1:


  1. Idia Shroud - Praise Kink
  2. Kalim Al-Asim - Degradation
  3. Ruggie Bucchi - Mutual Masturbation
  4. Cater Diamond - Bukkake
  5. Jamil Viper - Maid Roleplay
  6. Leona Kingscholar - Domination
  7. Floyd Leech - Overstimulation
  8. Sebek Zigvolt - Biting
  9. Ace Trappola - Orgasm Denial
  10. Azul Ashengrotto - Cockwarming
  11. Jack Howl - Frottage
  12. Riddle Rosehearts - Mommy Kink
  13. Malleus Draconia - Blindfolds
  14. Vil Schoenheit - Katoptronophilia
  15. Lilia Vanrouge - Needle Play


Part 2:

  1. Jade Leech - Wax Play
  2. Trey Clover - Gagging
  3. Rook Hunt - Rope Bondage
  4. Deuce Spade - Cross Dressing
  5. Epel Felmier - Spanking
  6. Silver - Intercrural Sex
  7. Kalim Al-Asim - Ass Play
  8. Azul Ashengrotto - Tentacle Sex
  9. Lilia Vanrouge - Shower Sex
  10. Jade Leech - Electro Play
  11. Jamil Viper - Massage
  12. Ruggie Bucchi - Predator/Prey
  13. Epel Felmier - Zelophilia
  14. Floyd Leech - Teasing
  15. Leona Kingscholar - Period Sex
  16. Kalim Al-Asim - Stigmatophilia

Chapter Text

Idia’s hair tickled your leg as he kissed his way up your thigh. His nose lightly brushed your lips as he met your gaze, his yellow eyes hazy and lips slightly parted. His hands trembled as he grasped the backs of your thighs.

“You’re doing such a good job, Idia.” you purred, running your fingers through his hair. The oddly cool blue flames were an interesting sensation to say the least.  He sighed, eyes fluttering shut.

Idia ran his surprisingly long tongue up your slit, your taste flooding his mouth. He brought his hand to the front of his pants, stroking himself through his pants.

“Your tongue feels so good… It’s so hot…” you sighed, spreading your legs to give Idia better access. He pressed his tongue between your folds, slowly lapping at your clit. Your fingers ever so softly tightened in his hair as your toes curled in pleasure.

“You’re such a good boy, Idia. So good with your mouth. So good.” You babbled praises as your hips rocked against Idia’s face, trying to get even more stimulation. He flattened his tongue, lapping at you with broad strokes. By this point, he had pushed his pants down and was stroking his cock in time with his licks. A steady tension built low in your stomach, growing stronger with each flick of Idia’s tongue.

Idia pressed his lips to your clit, taking it into his mouth and sucking it while his nails gently dug into the softness of your thigh. You squeezed your legs around his head as your orgasm drew ever closer.

“I’m so close Idia… I’m going to cum all over your pretty face.” you said, arching your back as one of Idia’s sharp teeth grazed your clit. Your thighs clamped around his head as you came, fists clenching in his hair.

A muffled “I can’t breathe!” and a rapid tapping on your leg brought you around, legs releasing Idia’s head. He took a deep breath, chest heaving.

“I thought I was gonna suffocate! I can see the headlines now: ‘Local Shut-In Drowns in Pussy’!” he exclaimed.

“They would never write a headline like that and you know it. Anyway, how was it?”

A dark blush dusted Idia's cheeks as he replied, “I-I liked it…”

“Did you..?”

Idia held up a sticky, white-covered hand. “Yeah… Right about the time you called me pretty.”

“You are pretty, Idia.”

“No I’m not. I’m creepy, and gloomy, and-”

“And you’re fucking beautiful. I will fight you.”

Idia looked off to the side, but he didn’t continue to argue. He knew it wouldn’t really get him anywhere, anyway. You grabbed his wrist, making him jump a bit, brought his hand to your mouth and licked his cum covered hand clean.

“W-what did you d-do that for!?” he stammered, the ends of his hair burning furiously, matching the blush that had come over his face. Taking a peek between his legs revealed that he had started to get hard again, and you couldn’t help but smirk a little bit.

“‘Cause I’m not done with you yet, pretty boy. We have all night, let’s have some more fun.”

Chapter Text

“Look at you. You’re such a dirty little slut.” You looked down at Kalim tied to the bed. His arms were bound above his head, legs tied to separate bed posts. A cloth had been stuffed in his mouth, his hard cock pressed flush against his belly. A light sheen of sweat coated his naked body.

Kalim was breathing heavily through his nose, his beautiful ruby eyes glazed over with lust. You ran a finger down his slick chest, stopping just shy of his twitching erection. “From being born with a silver spoon in your mouth to having your own cum-stained underwear stuffed in it. Look at how much of a whore you turned out to be.” you said, dragging your finger back up his chest. Kalim muttered a response, unintelligible through the underwear in his mouth.

“What was that?” You pulled the gag from his mouth, tossing it in a random corner of the room.

“Please…” he gasped. “Please fuck me. I want to cum in you so badly.”

You chuckled. “All you think about is emptying your balls. But sure, since you asked so nicely.”

Shucking your clothes off, you climbed onto the bed and straddled Kalim’s hips. You held him steady as you lined yourself up and slowly rocked back, taking him in inch by inch.

Kalim let out a deep groan as your hips became flush with his. He tried to thrust upward, but with his legs tied, couldn’t quite get the leverage required. He whimpered as you remained still, clenching around him now and then.

“What’s the matter, Kalim?” you cooed, gently rocking your hips. “Doesn’t it feel good?”

“More, please! I wanna cum! I wanna cum!” he begged, thrusting his hips as best as he was able. He looked like he was about to cry.

Taking pity on him, you picked up the pace a little. “You’re so needy. You only get to cum after I do.” Although he wouldn’t need to wait too long. You had found the best angle to ride him, keeping his cock pressed against your g-spot and grinding directly into it.

“My little fucktoy…” you sighed, picking up the pace, feeling your orgasm building low in the pit of your stomach. “All mine…” You dug your nails into his stomach as your muscles clenched in orgasm, Kalim following behind you shortly with a loud “Fuck!”, his hips jerking as he came.

After a short breather, you climbed off of Kalim, untying his hands and feet, massaging his wrists and ankles. “Are you alright? Did the circulation get cut off?” You asked, checking to see if they were still warm. 

“I’m fine. No tingling or anything.” Kalim replied with a quick shake of his head. 

Gently laying his tired limbs down, you promptly propped him up on the pillows and swaddled him in a blanket. Reaching into the drawer of the nightstand, you pulled out a bottle of coconut water you had been saving for this very occasion. Cracking the top open, you held it to his lips, letting him slowly drink his fill.

Once he had finished, you put the bottle on the nightstand and climbed next to Kalim on the bed, wrapping your arms around him and nuzzling into the top of his head.

“Are you sure you’re alright? You know you’re not a whore or a slut or anything like that, right?” You asked, tilting his chin to meet your gaze. He smiled and nodded.

“I’m really alright, I promise. I know you don’t really think of me like that.”

“Of course not.” You pressed kisses to his forehead, cheeks, and lips. “You’re the sweetest, most precious person to me. I just want to make sure that you know that you’re loved and cherished after a scene like that.”

Kalim’s face split into the biggest grin you had ever seen, his red eyes sparkling like rubies. “It always makes me happy when you say things like that. And I do feel loved and cherished.”

“Good.” You said, kissing him chastely on the lips. “Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m starving. Want something to eat?”

“Sure. I’ll have some of whatever you’re gonna eat.”

“Alright, sunshine. Be back in a bit.”

Chapter Text

Saying Ruggie was good with his hands was something of an understatement. The way his fingers stroked the outside of your lips made your hands halt their movement on his shaft. You almost let go of it all together when he pressed his fingers between them and against your clit.

“Hey, don’t forget about me!” he teased, rubbing small circles around the sensitive bundle of nerves. You resumed your stroking, giving him a sheepish look.

“Sorry. You distracted me a bit there.” You said, squeezing him gently in apology. Ruggie quietly groaned, bucking his hips.

“I’ll take that as a compliment. But I want to cum too, ya know.” He pressed his thumb on your clit, slipping his first two fingers inside you. He twisted his wrist, your muscles clenching pleasantly at the feeling.

“Want to know what I heard the other day?” Ruggie asked as he curled his fingers upward, pressing into your g-spot. You hummed in response, languidly stroking his shaft with one hand, gently squeezing the head.

“That if you press the clit and the g-spot at the same time, the pussy takes a screenshot.”

“What the hell?”

With that, Ruggie pressed his thumb into your clit, and his fingers against your g-spot, firmly rubbing against them. Your muscles clenched, hands releasing his cock to grasp his shoulders. “Feels that good, huh?” he asked, nipping your ear. You could only whimper, clutching at his shoulders even tighter as your thighs quivered.

“Does it feel so good you can’t even stroke my dick?” he teased, rocking his hips and rubbing his cock against you. “Guess I can’t blame you. I’m just so good with my hands I keep distracting you~”

Unable to make any sort of retort, you dug your nails into Ruggie’s shoulders. He began to slowly thrust his fingers in and out of you, making sure to keep hitting your g-spot.

“I can feel you twitching… Are you close? I want you to cum all over my fingers…” Ruggie’s voice was low and husky in your ear, pushing you closer and closer to the edge.

One particularly rough thrust later, and your orgasm washed over you, muscles clenching and releasing around Ruggie’s hand. He slowed his movements, gently working you through your orgasm as you gasped and moaned.

“That was amazing…” you said once you had caught your breath. “And now…”

Ruggie cocked an eyebrow. “Now what?”

“It’s your turn.” You rolled him onto his back, crawling between his legs and propping them up, making his ears twitch in surprise. You took hold of his cock, still slick from the lubrication used earlier. “You’re not the only one around here who’s good with their hands.”

Slightly tightening your grip, you teased your fingers around the head and over the slit, smearing the pre-cum over the head. With your other hand, you cupped his balls, rolling them in your palm.

Ruggie stretched his arms over his head, eyes fluttering closed in pleasure. Although, they shot open wide as you pressed a finger into the soft spot behind his balls.

“Ah! Mmm~” he gasped, hips thrusting against your fingers. “Wh-what are you…!?” You rubbed your finger back and forth, applying a firm, yet gentle pressure.

“I’ve been doing some reading. Apparently, the perineum is an often overlooked erogenous zone. I’m guessing it feels good?”

“Holy shit, does it feel good!” Ruggie groaned, arching his back as you slid your fingers up and down his perineum. “I think I’m gonna cum!”

You picked up your pace, matching the strokes to his perineum with the ones to his cock. “Go on, then. No one’s stoppin’ you.”

Ruggie’s ears flattened, tail sticking straight up as his hips bucked with his orgasm, cum splattering on his stomach. He lay there gasping, eyes unfocused, as you gently withdrew your hands.

“You alright Ruggie?”

“I have to admit, you’re pretty damn good with your hands. Could you hand me a tissue? I can’t feel my legs.”

Chuckling a bit, you stood and walked to his desk, getting a handful of tissues and snuggling next to Ruggie on the bed.

“By the way, where did you hear that joke about the pussy taking a screenshot?” You asked as he wiped the cum off his body.

“Epel, believe it or not.” Ruggie said, tossing the used tissues into the garbage.

“You’re shitting me!”

“I promise you, I am not.”


“Yeah. Epel is one dirty little bastard.”

Chapter Text

Four hands stroked your head, caressing your face. You looked around, surrounded on all sides by the same person. Cater, using his unique magic, had split himself into four, the original Cater standing in front of you. You were a bit skeptical when he brought up the idea, but having him all around you like this was a unique thrill all its own.

Naked, you were kneeling on the floor, a couple of towels under your knees for cushioning and to catch any stray fluids. All of the Caters were naked as well, each sporting an erection aimed in your direction.

“This was a great idea, Cater.”

“Thank you, Cater.”

“You’re welcome, Cater.”

The Caters proceeded to talk amongst themselves. ‘Or is it himself?’ you wondered. ‘Are they all the same Cater? Or are they each individual Caters?’

You weren’t able to ponder this for very long, as they had finished congratulating each other, the Cater in front of you rubbing the head of his cock along your cheek. “Are you ready?” he asked, slowly stroking himself and trailing the head over your lips.

In response, you opened your mouth, running your tongue along the underside of the head. Cater shuddered, running his fingers through your hair. The Caters to your left and right began to rub their erections against your cheeks and chin, while the Cater behind you gently tilted your head back, pulling your mouth away from the front Cater’s cock. He didn’t seem to have any hard feelings as he continued to stroke himself over your face, the others following suit.

You wanted to keep your eyes open, enchanted by the sight of four Caters masturbating right over your face. However, the precum that occasionally dripped onto your face was getting dangerously close to your eyes.

All of the Caters were unusually quiet, you supposed they were too focused on the task at hand. You flicked your tongue across your lips, licking the droplet of fluid that landed there.

“You look so good… Wish I could take a picture…” Cater sighed, although you couldn’t tell which one.

“She’ll look even better covered in our cum.” Another Cater said.

“So cute…”

“So sexy…”

Each of the Caters cooed over you, their voices strained and breathless. ‘They sound close. It probably won’t be long until they cum…’ you thought, growing incredibly wet at the thought of being covered in it, squeezing your thighs together to try and ease your arousal.

You were correct in your thinking, as a short moment later you felt a hot splatter of cum land across the bridge of your nose, with another on your cheek, chin, and across your mouth. You opened your lips, letting the fluid drip into your mouth and licking your lips.

Easing your eyes open, careful to maneuver your head to keep your eyes clear, you could see that there was just one Cater now, breathing heavily and kneeling down next to you.

“That was fucking intense…” he gasped, leaning in and kissing your cum stained lips. You pressed your lips to his even harder, the ache between your legs growing even stronger. Cater pulled away, licking the cum off of your cheek before kissing you again, filling your mouth with the taste of his cum on his tongue.

“Lay back, it’s your turn.” he said, once he finally released you from the kiss. His hand on your shoulder was gentle as he pushed you back.

“Huh?” you said, a little dazed from kissing.

“It’s your turn. Your face is covered in my cum, so my face should be covered in yours. Wouldn’t you agree~”

Chapter Text

You could feel Jamil’s eyes on you as you moved about the room, dusting the shelves. Especially when you would bend over, the skirt of your maid’s uniform hiking up and leaving very little to the imagination. Glancing over your shoulder, you could see Jamil sitting cross-legged on his bed, leaning forward on his elbows, his eyes never once leaving you. You couldn’t resist teasing him a bit.

“Is there something I can help you with, Sir?” you asked, turning to face him and innocently cocking your head to the side. You had a pretty good idea of what he wanted, though. The devious grin that spread across his face confirmed it, a delightful tingle spreading throughout your body.

“As a matter of fact, there is. Come over here.”

You went and stood before him, clasping your hands together in front of you. Jamil pointed to his nightstand. “You missed a spot.”

Frowning a bit, you leaned down over the top of the nightstand, fairly certain it was spotless. This may have been a roleplay, but you figured you may as well actually clean while you did it. Not that Jamil’s room really needed it. You jumped, bracing yourself against the nightstand, when you felt Jamil’s fingers brush against you, before they took hold of your tights and tore a sizeable hole in the crotch, pushing your underwear aside.

“H-hey!” you said, honestly not expecting him to pull a move like that.

“I’ll get you new ones, don’t worry.” Jamil said, kneeling behind you and running his hot tongue over your slit.

“S-Sir, you don’t have to do-”

“Hush. Just enjoy it while I get you ready for my cock.”

Jamil pressed his tongue between your folds, using the tip to tease your clit. He slipped two fingers into your pussy, scissoring them and stretching you open. Once his fingers were sufficiently wet, he pulled them out, swapping places with his tongue.

He stroked your clit, pinching it between his fingers, tugging it a bit as his tongue licked inside of you, lapping up your fluids. Your legs were shaking so hard they threatened to give out beneath you. “F-fuck! I th-think I’m gonna-” you stammered, Jamil pulling away before you could finish. You whined at the loss of contact, looking at him imploringly over your shoulder.

“Now now, don’t look at me like that.” Jamil said as he stood, smirking as he pushed his pants off his hips. His cock looked to be painfully hard, a drop of precum beading at the head. “I have something much more appealing for you to cum all over.”

With that, Jamil thrust into you, filling you up in a single thrust, taking the breath from your lungs. The stretch from his thick cock was almost painful, but in such a good way you almost came from that initial thrust.

“Fuck, you’re so hot and wet… I bet you were aching for your Sir’s cock in your pussy…” Jamil said voice husky and a little strained. He roughly thrust forward, grabbing your shoulders and pulling you back onto him.

“S-so much… so deep…” you gasped, clutching onto the nightstand for dear life, the angle giving Jamil access to your deepest parts. You were quickly approaching orgasm, already sensitive from his previous actions.

“Do you want to cum?” Jamil whispered in your ear, the pace of his thrusts increasing.

“I want to! I want to!” you panted, feeling Jamil maneuver one of his hands down your back and around to your thigh.

“Then you should ask for it properly.” Jamil shifted his hand, so close to your throbbing clit.

“Please, Sir, please let me cum on your fat cock!” you begged desperate for release.

“That’s what I like to hear.” Jamil finally brought his fingers to your clit, rubbing it in time with his thrusts.

It didn’t take much for you to cum, arching your back and pushing onto Jamil and your muscles spasmed around him. Jamil was quick to follow suit, burying himself as deep as he could as his body trembled in orgasm.

Jamil fell sideways onto the bed, pulling you down with him. He gently pulled out of you, nuzzling into the back of your neck and giving it a soft nip. “That was fun. And you cleaned the room rather nicely as well.”

You snorted. “Like it was even dirty. But, yeah, it was fun.”

“We’ll have to do it again sometime.”

You turned your head to look him in the eye, giving him an evil grin of your own. “Of course. But next time, you will wear the dress.”

Chapter Text

The sight before you was one few, if any, other people would ever get to see. Leona Kingscholar, dorm leader of Savanaclaw and prince of Afterglow Savana, on his hands and knees, stripped down to his underwear, nuzzling affectionately into your hand. 

“Aren’t you a sweet kitty.” you cooed, stroking his ear. Leona made a sound not unlike a purr and rubbed his cheek against you.

“Are you a good kitty, Leona?”

“Yes, Mistress.” He replied, licking your palm with his rough tongue.

“Then why are you touching yourself without permission?” You asked, watching as 

Leona stroked himself through his underwear. He quickly removed his hand, looking up at you with large, pleading green eyes.

“You know the rules, kitty. Now take off your underwear and kneel by the bed.” Leona raised up off of his hands. “Did I say you could stand?” He lowered himself back down and proceeded to crawl towards the bed. You stood and walked over to the dresser. Pulling open the top drawer, you rummaged around for a moment before pulling out two items: a bullet vibrator with a remote attached to it by a long wire, and a vibrating cock sleeve.

Turning around, you saw Leona had done as you ordered, his hands held behind his back, his hard cock jutting outward. His ears were downturned, the end of his tail agitatedly swishing back and forth. He may have kept his face neutral, but his body was speaking loud and clear. ‘Well, now, if he’s going to be like that…’ You turned back around to the dresser and grabbed a few more items.

“I was going to be nice and just tease you a bit.” you said, returning to Leona’s side, dumping everything on the bed so he could get a good look. In addition to the vibrator and cock sleeve, you had brought a tube of warming lubricant, a pair of clover nipple clamps, and a thick rope. “Since you want to pout like a little brat, however, I think you deserve some punishment. Now, bend over.”

“But Mistress-”

“Bend. Over.”

Leona obeyed, his cock bobbing in excitement as the end of his tail twitched. Squeezing a generous amount of lube onto your hand, you pressed your fingers between his firm cheeks, teasing his hole a bit before sliding two fingers inside. You could feel the lube starting to warm up on your hand, imagining how it must feel in Leona’s ass.

After a moment you withdrew your fingers, the vibrator soon taking their place. You put it on the lowest setting, satisfied with how he was twitching around it. “Now sit up.”

Leona raised back up, his ass clenching at the feeling of the toy buzzing away inside of him. You grabbed the rope and his hands, bringing them behind his back and tying them together. It was tight, but not enough to cut off the circulation.

His breathing was already getting heavier as you maneuvered to his front, a flush travelling from his face and down his neck to his defined chest. You dripped more lube onto your fingers, rubbing it onto his nipples. They stiffened under the stimulation, the warmth from the lubrication increasing their sensitivity. You attached the clamps to nipples, giving the chain that connected them a tug, making the clamps tighten.

Finally you turned your attention to his cock, giving it a few strokes with the remaining lube on your hand. Leona whimpered, his hips bucking at your touch. You simply chuckled, sliding the sleeve down his shaft until it reached the base, switching the vibrator in it to the lowest setting.

You sat back on your heels, taking a moment to admire your work. Leona was panting slightly, a light sheen of sweat already covering his body, which you paused to admire. His thighs quivered as he sat back on his heels, his ass clenched around the toy. You reached out and trailed your fingers over the ridges of his abdominal muscles, Leona gasping in response.

“Alright, let’s start your punishment.” You took hold of the bullet vibrator’s remote, increasing the vibrations to the maximum setting, before doing the same to the vibrator in the cock sleeve. Lastly, you grabbed the chain of the clamps and gave it a sharp tug, the clamps tightening to a nearly painful degree. “You’re not allowed to cum until you apologize for being a brat.”

“I-it’s sho mush…! I c-an’t h-hold it…!” Leona said, slurring his words a bit. His hips bucked, making his cock bounce against his thigh, a thin string of precum trailing behind.

“All you need to do is apologize and you can cum.”

“I d-din’t mean t-to be a b-brat…!” Leona panted. His tongue was lolling out of his mouth and he was drooling, his eyes filled with tears. Even in a situation like this, Leona still stubbornly held onto his pride.

“That’s not an apology.” you said flatly, standing and walking back to the dresser. You returned with a vibrator wand, which you promptly coated with the lube, pressed it up behind his balls and switched it onto high. 

“Ahhhh~” Leona cried, his eyes rolling back in his head as you slid the vibrator back and forth across his perineum.

“You can’t cum yet, you haven’t apologized.”

“I’m shorry! I’m shorry! Pleash let me cuuuum!”Leona begged, breaking under the overwhelming stimulation, the tears in his eyes spilling over.

“And what are you sorry for?”

“T-t-touching myshelf without p-permission an bein’ a b-bra-at!”

“Apology accepted. You can cum now, kitty.”

You pressed the vibrator in your hand more firmly against his perineum, grinding it in circles and finally sending him over the edge. His cock jerked, splattering cum across his stomach and even his chest. As he came down from his orgasm his muscles gave out, and he fell against you. You quickly turned off the vibrators, pulling the bullet out of his ass and removing the sleeve from his cock. Afterwards you untied his wrists, checking for any coolness in the skin. Finding none, you unclamped his nipples, massaging the tender buds with your thumbs. For the most part Leona lay motionless, whimpering when the bullet and clamps were removed.

“Are you alright kitty?” you asked, stroking his back.

“I’m fucking tired.” he replied yawning, returning to his usual attitude.

“I would recommend a shower before you nap.”

“No shit. Make me something to eat while I’m in there.”

You pinched Leona’s ear, making him hiss. “Wanna try that again?”

“Fine, fine. Will you please make me something to eat while I shower?” 

You smiled, even though his tone was more than sarcastic. “Sure thing, kitty.” you said, pressing a kiss to his temple. Leona gently butted his head against yours before standing and heading to take a shower. 

‘Maybe he should’ve put on some pants…’ you thought, ogling his butt as he disappeared down the hall.

Not a minute later you heard Ruggie shriek, “What the fuck, Leona!?”

‘Definitely should’ve put on some pants.’

Chapter Text

“Hey, shrimpy! Wanna see what I got!?” Floyd exclaimed, pouncing on you the moment you walked into his room.

“Sure. What’d you get?” You said, giving him a quick squeeze before wiggling out of his crushing hug. Floyd scampered to his closet, tossing a few articles of clothing out of his way, before spinning around triumphantly and declaring, “Check this thing out!”

In Floyd’s hand, thrust proudly into the air, was a teal colored vibrator. Needless to say you were gobsmacked, dumbfounded, and befuddled.


“It’s a vibrator!”

“I… know that. Where did you get it?”

“You can get just about anything on the Internet!”

“Follow up question: why did you get it? You do know what that’s for, right?”

“Yeah, I watched some videos.”

“Oh my God.” you groaned, pressing your hand to your forehead.

You felt Floyd wrap an arm around your shoulders and nuzzle into the top of your head. “I bet you would look so cute with this rubbing against your clit.” He pressed the vibrator against you through your clothes and switched on to low. “We both have some time right now, why don’t we take this thing for a spin~” He moved it back and forth, making you lean against him.

The idea was more than a little tempting, Floyd’s use of the vibrator wearing away at any reservations you may have had. “Alright. Let’s get undressed before this goes any further.”

Floyd removed the vibrator, stripping his clothes off with frightening speed. He climbed onto his bed as you removed your own clothing, his cock already half hard.

You climbed next to him, Floyd immediately pulling you into a deep kiss. His long, smooth tongue swirling around yours, tickling the roof of your mouth a little. You felt his slender fingers trailing down your side, over your hip, and between your legs, stroking your lips.

“You’re already so wet~” he teased, slipping between them to stroke your clit. He took the vibrator with his other hand, spreading you open and rubbing it against your clit. It was set to low, but the vibrations still made you clench and buck your hips. You grabbed onto the sheets, squirming as Floyd increased the toy to it’s medium setting.

“Does it feel good, shrimpy? Are you gonna cum?”

“It feels good, but… I’m not really close to cumming, honestly.”

“Hmm.” Floyd hummed, withdrawing the vibrator and making you whine. You may not have been close to orgasm, but it still felt good. “Let’s try something else.”

Floyd climbed on top of you and propped your legs up, before sliding his now fully hard cock inside of you.You sighed, nothing quite like the feeling of being full. He began to thrust slowly, bringing the vibrator back to your clit, this time set to high. You clenched around him, Floyd’s thrusts and the vibrator made for a powerful combination.

“I can feel the vibrations through your body…” Floyd said, his voice tight, a dark blush dusting his cheeks. ‘He looks so cute…’ you couldn’t help but think.

All thoughts vanished, however, when he pushed the vibrator against you a little harder, your muscles contracting in orgasm.

“That’s a good shrimpy… So cute…” Floyd continued to rub your clit with the vibrator, your overly sensitive nerves continuously firing and prolonging your orgasm.

“F-Floyd! It’s too much, I’m g-gonna…!” Your pussy spasmed again, this time followed by a gush of fluid soaking his cock. The pleasure was becoming painful, the line between the two blurring as Floyd continued to fuck you.

“Didn’t know you were a squirter~” Floyd’s thrusts had become erratic, as had his movements with the toy. “I’m so close… Just a little more…” By this time you could only whimper and twitch, your overstimulated body flooded with endorphins. True to his word, a moment later Floyd thrust a final time, pressing himself fully inside, the vibrator against your clit sending you into a third orgasm.

He was gentle in turning the vibrator off and pulling out of you, you not being able to move very well. Your muscles were finally able to relax, and you laid there catching your breath. It also took you a moment to realize Floyd had been talking to you.

“Hey! Shrimpy, are you okay!?” He sounded panicked after taking so long to get a response.

“I’m fine… Just a little out of it…”

“Do you need some water or something?”

“Maybe in a bit… I just need to lay here for a sec…” Floyd laid next to you and pulled you into his chest while your body slowly calmed down.

“Did you at least enjoy it?” Floyd asked, looking a bit worried.

“I did enjoy it.” You reassured him, kissing him on the cheek.

“So… we can get more toys?” The way Floyd was looking at you reminded you of a n eager puppy.

“Sure, I’m down.”

“Great! I found this website called Bad Dragon…”

Chapter Text

Sebek moaned as you sank your teeth into his shoulder. His bare torso was littered with hickeys and bite marks. You trailed your fingers down his firm stomach and over the sizeable bulge that had formed in the front of his pants.

“Are you enjoying yourself, Sebek?” you asked, kissing your way to his chest.

“Yes…” he replied, his voice quieter than you had ever heard it before.

“Good. Now let’s give those tits some attention.” You twirled your tongue around the areola, causing his nipple to stiffen. “Your nipples are so soft…” You took it between your teeth, rolling it a bit before tugging it. Sebek’s cock twitched under your hand as you released the now red nub.

You did the same to the other one, pinching and pulling the nipple not in your mouth. Sebek squirmed as you switched between them, all while you unfastened his pants and pulled out his leaking cock. He was hot and hard, you could feel it pulsing in your hand.

His nipples were dark and swollen by the time you moved lower, sinking your teeth into his hips, drawing blood and making him whine. You slowly stroked him as you licked up the blood, teasing the slit and playing with the precum.

“Please… S-suck m-me…” Sebek gasped, pushing his pants down even farther.

“All in good time~” you replied, his cock twitching as you nipped his other hip, giving it a sharp bite. He yelped, thrusting his hips, a droplet of precum trickling down the shaft.

You jerked his pants down around his knees, turning your attention to his thighs and biting the tender flesh. They were plump and firm, supple skin giving easily under your teeth. You could feel him quiver, trying desperately to hold back. Chuckling, you finally turned your attention to his cock.

Starting gently, you licked around the head, tasting Sebek’s cock and precum, taking the head of his cock into your mouth and giving it a gentle suck. Sebek shuddered, his hand going to rest on the back of your head. 

You pressed the tip of your tongue into the slit, rubbing it in little circles before relaxing your throat and taking him inch by inch. Sebek was panting, his chest heaving as you swallowed around him. As you pulled back you gently grazed your teeth along the shaft, ever so gently pressing your teeth into the head.

“Mmm~” Sebek groaned, his fingers tightening in your hair. He was careful to keep his hips still. You took him back into your throat, your teeth scraping his cock on the way down. As you reached the back of his cock, you felt it jerk and your throat was flooded with a thick hot fluid, which you readily swallowed.

Sebek was panting, laying limply against the head of his bed. You stroked his hair, quietly getting up to grab the antiseptic you had prepared beforehand. He was still a bit dazed as you wiped the antiseptic over any broken skin. You bandaged him up, cupping his cheek once you were finished.

“Are you alright?” you asked, concerned that he seemed to be so out of it.

“I’m fine… I’ve just never experienced something so intense before.” Sebek replied, slowly coming back around. He nuzzled into your hand, smiling at you reassuringly.

“If you’re sure… But, I think you should have some water and something to eat. Will you be alright if I go get something? I won’t be long.”

“I should be fine, yes.”

“Alright. Get some rest, Sebek. I’ll be back shortly.”

Chapter Text

“You’re such a naughty boy, Ace.” you said, stroking his cock. He was sitting naked in your lap, his back against your chest. His head was bent forward, his breath coming in short pants. “Did you really think I wouldn’t find out?”

Earlier that day, Deuce had informed you he had caught Ace engaging in a certain activity last night. A certain activity you had expressly forbidden him from. It wasn’t as though Deuce knew that, though. He was just annoyed to have overheard Ace in his illicit activities. You were annoyed for a different reason, assuring Deuce you would talk to Ace about this.

“You just couldn’t keep your hands off your dick. Even though I told you not to.” You fondled his balls, using the thumb of your other hand to spread his pre-cum around the head. You traced over the crown of the head, down the vein on the underside, and down the seam of his balls to tease his perineum.

“C-c’mon! I was j-just playing a-round! I d-din’t even cum!” Ace protested, his hips arching into your touch.

“It still counts, Ace. Now accept your punishment.” You brought a hand up to his chest, circling one of his nipples. You pinched it once it was hard, rolling it between your fingers and pulling it gently. Ace whined but made no argument and you removed your other hand from his cock to stroke his thigh. You didn’t want him getting too excited too soon.

Once Ace’s breathing returned somewhat to normal, you resumed stroking his cock, nipping the back of his neck. Ace shuddered as you licked along the shell of his ear, taking the lobe into your mouth and softly suckling on it. Ace squirmed a bit, whimpering and trying to get you to increase your pace.

“W-what’s so bad ab-out touchin’ myself a-anyway!?” Ace stammered, his breath hitching as you teased the space between his cock and balls.

“There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. But, and you can call me selfish for this, I want to be the only one to touch you, pleasure. I don’t want anyone else, not even yourself, to make you cum. Only me.” you said, as you rolled his balls in your hand.

“Th-that is selfish…” Ace replied, although you were very much aware that he liked this possessive side of you, evident by the way his cock twitched in your hand.

“I know, but you’re just so cute Acey-baby.” You nuzzled into his neck, kissing and nipping your way to his shoulder.

“I’m not cute…And that name…”

“You don’t like it when I call you that?”

“N-no, I like it… It makes me happy…”

Ace rolled his head to the side, giving you better access to his neck, which you took full advantage of, kissing, nipping, and sucking. “Ah! No m-marks! Riddle will c-cut my head off!”

“I know, I know.” you replied, sliding your fingers up and down his perineum while licking up his neck. Ace was trembling under your touch, his breath heavy and labored. “Look at how you’re twitching… Are you close, Acey-baby?”

“Y-yeah… I’m so fucking close…”

“You gonna cum?”

“Acey-baby’s gonna cum!”

Just as Ace was finally about to reach orgasm, all stimulation to his body ceased. You stopped licking his neck and withdrew your hands from his cock.

“No! Please! Don’t stop!” Ace begged, futilely bucking his hips. He looked at you over his shoulder with tears in his eyes.

“I told you this was a punishment, didn’t I? Now, if you can behave yourself the rest of the day, I’ll let you cum tomorrow~”

Chapter Text

This was not going the way you expected. You thought it would be easy: just sit on Azul’s cock without trying to move. Simple, no? You figured Azul would be the one squirming, trying not to thrust up into you. But here you were, with his cock buried deep inside of you as he went over some paperwork for Mostro Lounge.

Whimpering, you tried not to clench as he shifted, brushing against your g-spot. ‘C’mon Azul!’ You didn’t think it would be so difficult to resist rocking back onto him. ‘How is he keeping so calm!?’ You glanced at him over your shoulder to see him nonchalantly reading an expense report. It kinda bruised your ego a bit.

You ignored his cock pressing further into you, or at least tried to anyway, as you leaned back a bit. You didn’t miss the twitch of him inside you, or the tiny gasp he made.

“That counts as moving.” he said.

“It does not! I was just getting comfortable.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. Besides, we outlined that ‘movement’ constitutes trying to orgasm. So there!”

Azul was quiet for a moment, before he said, “So if one of us is ‘just getting comfortable’, it doesn’t count? Is that what you’re saying?”

“That’s right!” you declared.

“Ah. Alright then.” Was all Azul said before returning to his paperwork. It surprised you he was just going to let it go like that. ‘Maybe he’s just not that into this?’ This wager was your idea, after all. Perhaps he was just going along with it to humor you?

“Well, that’s finished.” You heard from behind you. ‘Wow, he was able to finish it?’

While you were lost in thought, you were suddenly pitched forward, an arm around your waist keeping you from falling forward completely. You ended up on the floor in front of the couch, Azul pressing deep inside of you.

“W-what are you…?”

“I’m just getting comfortable.” You could practically hear the smirk on his face.

“B-but that’s-”

“Didn’t you say it didn’t count if we were ‘just getting comfortable’?”

‘Shit.’ You had handed him a loophole. ‘That’s why he let it go so easily…’ You gritted your teeth and he leaned forward even further.

“Hm. Not as comfortable as I thought…” He leaned back, pulling out of you a bit. “Nope, still not comfortable.” Azul leaned forward once again. He was just thrusting in and out of you, using the guise of getting comfortable.

‘Well, if he’s going to play dirty…’ You leaned back, pressing further onto him. “I think I need to get comfortable as well.”

And thus began your back and forth, the two of you fucking each other, all while both of you claimed to be trying to get into a comfortable position.

“It seems neither one of us can get comfortable…” Azul said, his voice sounding tight. You could tell by the way his voice strained he was getting close. You weren’t far off after craving stimulation for so long.

“I th-think… we’re both g-getting close to com-fort.” You gasped as he pressed you forward.

“Y-you may be right…” Azul leaned over your back, thrusting as deep as he could go, releasing several spurts of cum. It wasn’t long before you came as well, clenching and pulsing around Azul’s sensitive cock.

“I would say we’re both comfortable now.” he said as the two of you lay in a pile on the floor.

“So it’s a draw?”

“I believe so.” Azul replied, kissing the side of your head. “We’ll have to try that again sometime. It was a real test of my endurance to not rail you into the couch the moment I was inside of you.” You smiled, glad to know he got something out of it.

“But… What about the wager? Who’s gonna do the dishes?”

“Since we both technically won and lost, I suppose we both should do them.” Azul said, gently pulling out of you.

“Fuck! I don’t wanna do the dishes! That’s why I came up with this bet in the first place!”

“Don’t whine. There’s not even that many. Besides, the sooner we get them done, the sooner we can get even more… comfortable.”

Chapter Text

Jack could be a real pain in the ass at times. Like right now, for instance. Here you were, all dolled up, and he couldn’t even be bothered to take his attention off the movie on tv. The most he had said regarding your outfit was, “You look cute.”

Honestly, you were more than a little annoyed. ‘This took effort, dammit!’ He was sitting with you on the couch, one of his muscular arms hugging you to his side. It was nice, but you were in the mood for a little more touching and a lot less clothing. You craned your neck to see Jack with his eyes still glued to the tv.

Frowning a bit, you stood and swung your leg over his, straddling his thick thigh. You wrapped your arms around his neck, nuzzling into it. You canted your hips, allowing pressure to be applied to your clit. Really, you were just messing around a bit, but after rolling your hips, you became rather into it. You found it surprising how turned on you were by humping Jack’s leg. You were so wet you were pretty sure you had soaked through his jeans.

Your actions had not gone unnoticed by Jack. Although his gaze never left the screen, you felt one of his big, warm hands cupping your ass, urging you along. You could feel his thick, hard cock pressed against your leg, the thumping of his tail against the couch. He shifted his leg, pressing it up against you even more. The tension was building low in your stomach as you grew closer and closer to orgasm.

“You gonna cum?” Jack whispered in your ear, his deep voice giving you goosebumps.

“I’m close…” you replied, tightening your arms around his neck. Jack began to move his leg in time with the rocking of your hips. You clamped your legs around his, grinding yourself down even harder, finally bringing yourself to orgasm.

Gasping, you collapsed against his chest, your muscles feeling like jello. Jack stroked your back a couple of times before gently lifting you off his lap, laying you on the couch, and crawling on top of you. You could see a large wet spot on the leg of his jeans where you had been straddling him.

Jack’s golden eyes were blazing as he looked at you, his tongue darting out to lick his lips. “You really know how to push a guy’s buttons.” he growled, breathing heavily through his nose. He had unfastened his pants and pushed them off his hips, his achingly hard cock twitching as it met the cool air of the room. “I’m not gonna be able to wear these pants anymore, either. Your smell will never come out. I’ll get hard every time I wear ‘em.”

You were quickly divested of your pants, Jack lining himself up and filling you in a single thrust. You were gasping already as his hips snapped into yours, the stretching of your pussy being the only thing you could think about. He didn’t give you time to catch your breath, hooking your legs over his shoulders and practically bending you in half.

His pace was brutal, rough and fast as he leaned down to capture your lips in a bruising kiss, making it even harder for you to breathe. Jack pulled away from the kiss, licking your lips and nipping your chin. He ran his arms up under your back and grabbed your shoulders, pulling you onto him even harder.

“So fucking wet… Was humping me really that much of a turn on?” Jack said, nipping your neck, his fangs scraping pleasantly against your skin. As much as you wanted to, you were unable to make a retort. You could only cling to his shoulders as he fucked you into the couch. That familiar feeling of heat had returned deep in your gut, building with each violent thrust of Jack’s cock into the deepest recesses of your pussy. 

“Shit… You’re twitchin’ already… I wanna feel you cum on my cock… And I’ll give you a nice hot load of your own…” Jack was breathless, his thrusting becoming erratic. He kissed you again, his tongue delving deep in your mouth. You brought your hands to his head, grasping two handfuls of hair and scratching right behind his ears as you felt your pussy clamp down hard. “Ohhhhh fuuuuuck… That’s it…” Jack groaned, slamming his hips into you one final time as he came, your pussy milking him for all he was worth. 

He removed your legs from over his shoulders and collapsed on top of you, the both of you panting as you enjoyed the aftermath of your orgasms. After a moment, though, Jack’s weight was getting to be a little much.

“Hey, puppy, you’re crushing my ribs.” you said, tapping his arm. 

Jack propped himself up on his arms and kissed your forehead. “My bad. Sorry.” He rubbed his cheek against yours in apology. He was always incredibly affectionate after sex, which warmed your heart to no end. You ran your fingers through his hair, stroking his ears, basking in post-coital bliss. Until…

“I was serious about these pants, though. I think I’m gonna have to burn them…”

Chapter Text

Riddle’s mouth was wonderfully hot as he suckled gently on your nipple. You ran your fingers through his deep red hair, cupping the back of his head and holding him to your breast. The two of you were laid together in his bed, naked with your limbs intertwined. You kissed the top of Riddle’s head, the fruity, floral scent of his shampoo tickling your nose.

“You’re such a sweet boy Riddle.” you murmured into his hair. Riddle hummed happily in response, the vibrations a pleasant sensation on your nipple. He shifted next to you, his erection hot and heavy against your thigh.

“Have you been a good boy?” you asked, teasing your fingertips over his hip and down his thigh.

He released your nipple with a soft pop, nuzzling into your chest. “I’ve been good, Mommy. Promise.”

“That makes Mommy very happy. And good boys get rewards, you know. What reward would you like?”

Riddle pressed two fingers between your legs, lightly touching your lips. “Can I have this Mommy?” he asked, looking up at you with big grey eyes.

“Of course, baby.”

He climbed on top of you, wasting no time in lining himself up with you and thrusting deep inside. It made you chuckle how badly he seemed to want you. “My, my. Aren’t we the eager one~”

Riddle made no response as he began to thrust, his flash flushed a red dark enough to rival his hair. You just smiled, wrapping your arms and legs around him and pulling him close. You kissed his neck sighing as he hit all of your most pleasurable spots.

“You feel so good, Riddle… Such a good boy…” You could feel him twitch and his hips stuttered. His breathing grew heavier, and you knew he was getting close. It never did take him long when you two did a scene like this. “Are you close, baby? Go ahead, I wanna feel you cum.”

“C-can I do i-it inside, Mommy?”

“Yeah, baby. Go ahead.”

A couple more thrusts and you felt Riddle shudder, a warm flood of cum filling you up. He pulled out and collapsed next to you, curling up against your side. You rolled over and wrapped an arm around his shoulders pulling him close. “Did you enjoy yourself?” you asked.

Riddle looked up at you with a bashful smile and nodded.

“Are you feeling overwhelmed?”

Another nod.

“Alright. Let’s lay here for a little while. We can have some strawberry tarts later.”

Chapter Text

“So, you wish to blindfold me.” Malleus said, looking down at the strip of cloth in his hand. “Remove one sense to heighten another, am I correct?”

“Yeah, that’s right. Is that ok with you?”

“I see no issue with it. Shall I disrobe?”

“Sure, yeah.”

You couldn’t help openly gawking, biting your lip as more and more creamy pale skin came into view. Your eyes drifted over his broad chest, down his toned stomach, watching as his hands unfastened his pants.

“I assume you’re enjoying yourself?” Malleus asked, one eyebrow cocked and a small smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. You blushed, averting your gaze as he continued to undress.

“I was only teasing you, you know. Regardless, I am ready.”

Malleus had completely undressed and sat on the bed, reclining against the pillows. He had already tied the blindfold over his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest. You undressed and climbed onto the bed as well, straddling his legs and bracing yourself on his shoulders.

“How much feeling do you have in your horns?” you asked, tapping the points of said horns. You had always held a fascination with them, and now, with Malleus unable to see you, you felt like you could really take your time with them.

“I can tell when they’re being touched, but they’re not overly sensitive.”

“What would happen if I broke one of them?”

Malleus chuckled. “I would be more than impressed if you could manage to do so. But in all reality, they would simply grow back if that were to occur.”

“Ah. Good to know.” You leaned down and pressed your lips to him, immediately slipping your tongue into his mouth. Malleus groaned, tentatively placing his hands on your waist, sliding them down to rest on your hips. You grasped one of his horns, your other hand sliding down his torso and between his legs, taking hold of his rapidly growing erection. 

You stroked it slowly, feeling it stiffen and grow in your hand. Malleus trailed his fingers over your thigh and to your lips, his lack of sight ensuring his fingers never left your body. His other hand went up your side and over your shoulder to cup the back of your neck and pull you in for an even deeper kiss.

After a moment, you pulled away, breathing having become difficult. You could also feel how hard Malleus had become, hot and thick in your hand. Combined with the growing arousal between your own legs, it was making you a little needy.

“Move your hand, Mally. I don’t want to wait anymore.” You said, nipping the pointy tip of his ear.

He withdrew his hand, bringing it back to rest on the small of your back. “I’m getting rather impatient myself, darling.”

You held onto his horn, keeping yourself steady while you lined Malleus’ cock up, and sank back down onto it. You sighed, the feeling of fullness easing the ache you were feeling. Once he was fully inside you, you grabbed onto his other horn, holding onto them as you rocked your hips. 

“You certainly seem to like my horns.” Malleus teased, moving both of his hands to your ass, raising and lowering you with ease. You sometimes forgot just how strong he was. Clenching even tighter to his horns, using them to gain some leverage to let his cock hit deeper inside of you. “Not that I’m complaining. Grab any part of me you wish.”

“I intend to, don’t worry.” You replied, tilting his head back and kissing him once again. You never could get enough of the taste of his lips, running your tongue along his fangs. Malleus brought his legs up, pulling you closer into his body as he continued to help you ride him. A familiar heat was growing low in your abdomen. You could already feel yourself growing close to orgasm.

“H-hey… I’m getting close, Mally…” you said as you pulled back from the kiss, brushing your nose against his.

“As am I…” Malleus replied, squeezing you tighter and bouncing you on his lap even faster. It was almost painful, but the feeling of being so close and his skin on yours was a powerful distraction. The stimulation was overwhelming, sending you into an orgasm before long, your muscles clamping around him as he thrust into you a couple more times before slamming you down a final time. He held you still as he came, his cock jerking with each release of cum.

Your death grip on his horns finally loosened as you slumped against Malleus’ chest, muscles strained and weak. You could feel the ridges of his horns on your palms from where you had held onto them so tightly.

“Well, that was rather enjoyable.” Malleus said, pulling the blindfold off. “We’ll have to do that again sometime.” You nodded, already dozing off.

“Oh dear. Looks like I’ve worn you out again. No matter. We can stay like this for a while. At least until you get some rest, anyway.”

Chapter Text

Vil’s lips were impeccably soft as they pressed against yours, his light, delicate scent filling your nose. It was dizzying, combining with his tongue in your mouth to overwhelm your senses. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders and he pulled you onto his lap.

“I have a surprise for you.” Vil said as he pulled back from the kiss, leaving you breathless. He nudged you off his lap, taking you by the hand and leading you into his ridiculously large closet. At the back, there was an enormous floor to ceiling mirror. A large, plush armchair had been placed in front of it, facing the mirror.

“What’s this for?” you asked, looking up at him confused. Vil just smiled, leading you to the armchair, sitting and pulling you onto his lap with the two of you facing the mirror.

“I thought you might want to see what it looks like when I fuck you.” Vill said, turning your face to his and kissing you deeply once more. His other hand lifted your skirt, teasing up your thigh. You could already feel yourself growing aroused. It always turned you on hearing his pretty mouth saying such dirty things. The kiss was short lived, Vil pulling back and saying, “Look at the mirror. I don’t think you’ll want to miss a second.”

You turned your attention to the mirror, watching as Vil teased his fingers up your thigh and over the front of your underwear. You were unable to take your eyes off the sight of those slender fingers stroking your lips through your underwear, finding you were more aroused than first anticipated.

“It seems you’re enjoying this. I can feel how wet your pussy’s getting through your panties. I want to see more.” Vil hooked his fingers in your underwear, ripping them off. He was right, you were incredibly wet, his fingers spreading you open so you could get a good look. Vil then slid his fingers up and down, over your clit and teasing your hole.

You watched as he pressed his fingers inside of you, thrusting slowly and deeply. As you watched in the mirror, you could also feel Vil getting hard as you sat on his lap.

“Raise your hips.” Vil said, pulling his fingers out of you. You did as he asked, watching in the mirror as Vil unfastened his pants and pulled his hard cock out. “Lower yourself onto me.”

The sight of Vil in the mirror as he filled you up was almost as satisfying as the feeling of his cock inside you, his eyes never looking away as you sank down to the base of his cock.

“Your pussy looks so pretty stuffed full of my cock.” Vil sighed, rocking his hips up into you. You could see him stretching you open as he filled you up, your pussy hugging against him tightly. He began to thrust at a steady pace, his hand returning between your legs to rub your clit, your eyes fluttering closed at the increase in stimulation.

“Open your eyes. Watch me fuck you.” You slowly opened your eyes, watching yourself twitch around him. You clutched the arms of the chair as your legs began to shake with your approaching orgasm. Vil softly pinched your clit, tugging it a bit and rolling it between his fingers, pushing you over the edge.

You couldn’t tear your eyes away from the mirror in front of you, watching your pussy clench around Vil’ cock. Soon after, he thrust deep inside of you, stilling as he came, his cock jerking with the release. After a brief moment, he pulled out, the both of you watching his cum leak out of you.

“Now that was an experience.” Vil said, kissing down your neck. “But don’t get too comfortable, my darling. You have two other holes you get to watch me pump full of cum~”

Chapter Text

“Let me know if this hurts, ok?” Lilia said, followed by a faint pricking sensation. Far from painful, a tingling sensation radiated from where the fine gauge needle punctured your skin. The tingling increased as a metal ring was looped through the hole. “We’ll only do a couple sets, since this is your first time.” You felt another tiny puncture across from the first one.

Three more rows were added under the first, the tingling spreading across your back. Lilia gently ran his nail down the center of the column of piercings, making your back arch. It was such a strange feeling, the tingling increasing under his touch. You could feel yourself growing wet, your breathing getting heavier.

“Are you alright? Is it too much?” Lilia asked, leaning down to look at your face.

“I’m fine.” you said, shaking your head. “It’s just… Such a weird feeling… But it’s good. I like it.”

“Alright. Well, we’re not done yet. I have these.” Lilia held out spools of lime green and black ribbons. “We’re doing a simple lacing.”

The piercings in your back tugged a bit, sending little jolts of pleasure down your spine and between your legs. You tried not to fidget as Lilia’s nimble fingers laced the ribbons through the rings, his hands occasionally brushing against your back.

“So pretty…” Lilia said, leaning forward and kissing the back of your neck. He ran a finger down your back, the ribbons slightly pulling your skin.

“Really? Here, take a picture.” You handed him your phone over your shoulder, which was promptly returned after a quick photo had been taken. As you looked it over, you were inclined to agree. And though the ribbons were simply woven back and forth, you found yourself enchanted by the sight.

You were jolted back to the moment by Lilia tugging one of the ribbons, making you gasp. This was slightly rougher than his previous motions, but this only made the ache between your legs intensify. Lilia brushed his nose against the back of your neck, kissing his way down your shoulder.

He plucked at the ribbons like you were some sort of instrument, the slight vibrations travelling throughout your body. Your clit was throbbing as Lilia continued to pick out a song only he could hear, his tongue darting between his lips to lick up your neck.

“You’re really squirming around there… Are you going to cum?” Lilia asked, his lips brushing against your ear. His fangs grazed your lobe as he nipped it, both of his hands now alternating tugging on the ribbons.

“I... th-think so…” you gasped. You could feel that familiar feeling deep in your gut, building as Lilia manipulated the ribbons on your back.

“Then allow me to lend a hand.” Lilia brought one of his hands around to your front pressing into you through your clothes. It was almost embarrassing how little it took for him to make you cum, your body going rigid as your muscles clenched around nothing.

“Well, now. That was something.” Lilia rubbed your thigh as you came down from your orgasm. “How are you feeling?”

“I feel good… I’ve never felt anything like that before.”

“I’m glad to hear that. I was worried it may have been overwhelming for you.” Lilia began to gently unwind the ribbons, easy with your sensitive skin as he then proceeded to remove the rings in your skin.

“I wouldn’t say ‘overwhelming’, but certainly intense.” you said, rolling your shoulders once the last piercing had been removed. Lilia ran his hands over the holes, closing them with healing magic.

“As long as it wasn’t too taxing for you. Maybe next time we can use needles in a more… sensitive area.” You looked over your shoulders to see Lilia grinning at you wickedly. “The possibilities really are endless.”