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Kinktober 2021

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Patrick is no stranger to getting fingered before he moves to Schitt's Creek. From grazing a fingertip over his hole while masturbating, through to Rachel's lean fingers working him open before pegging him during one of their many attempts to get their sex life back on track, he's well-acquainted with the sensation of a finger in his ass, whether it's his own or someone else's.

And it's... fine. It's not bad, but it's not earth-shattering either. It's one of many sex acts that Patrick somehow feels like he's misunderstanding all the hype about.

And then he breaks up with Rachel (again), and this time he quits his job (that's a first) and runs away to a town with a ridiculous name (definitely a first).

The day after he finally kisses David for the first time, after a misunderstanding over a sleepover, Patrick worries that he doesn't like anal play enough. (And sure, maybe the internet tells him that not loving anal doesn't make him any less gay, but... he still worries.) He buys better lube, and he tries again, and it's fine.

He imagines it's David's fingers moving inside him, stretching him open, and it's... better.

When they finally get privacy, Patrick comes ridiculously, embarrassingly fast with David's hand on his cock, and it's a few minutes before he's capable of returning the favour. Later, after they've eaten, David asks if there's anything he's been wanting to try, and Patrick blushes and stammers but finally makes himself ask. If David's eyes widen in surprise for a moment, the expression is quickly gone, and he presses Patrick back into the mattress with a long, deep kiss.

And oh, fuck. He makes noises he didn't know he was capable of making, he whines and begs and pleads for more.

He loves this.