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Kinktober Day 1

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Having Loki underneath him in such an erotic position is nothing new to Thor. Loki’s pale unblemished back shiny with sweat from the heat of their coupling is a sight Thor has had the privilege of seeing for quite some time. The familiarity in the soft sounds that spill past his usually quiet brother are a sweet harmony to Thor’s ears.

Following the sleek line of Loki’s back, down, down until Thor’s hands curve around his buttocks, a soft toned cheek cradled in each palm, Thor parts his brother's cheeks revealing the small pink hole twitching in anticipation.

It’s always such a treat when his brother allows him a taste.

Loki whines and cants his hips back in frustration, tired of waiting for Thor to just do something.

Thor chuckles at Loki’s attempts to quicken his ministrations and teases him with a quick stroke of his tongue to the inside of his cheek, missing his hole completely.

“Bastard!” Loki curses.

Thor grins, “Patience brother.” he says, finally giving a broad stroke to his hole.

Loki cried out as Thor licked and sucked at the furled skin of his hole leaving it wet and twitching for more to come. Thor blew against the wet skin causing Loki to shudder and buck against the sheets, dragging his leaking cock against the silk fabric.

“Please..Thor. More,” he begged, face resting in the pillows, mouth openly drooling in pleasure.

Thor rubbed the rough burn of his beard across his brother's backside before diving back down between his cheeks to that sweet place.

He slowly licked around the furled skin with just the tip of his tongue, Loki’s entire body buzzed with unbridled want, then suddenly breached his little brother's hole with the tip of his tongue.

Loki whined pushing back against his brother's face trying to chase the burn the stretch of his tongue gave him. A couple moments later and the full width of Thor’s tongue was inside him, wet and warm, the huffing breaths from him making Loki shiver.

Thor gripped Loki’s cheeks spreading him with his thumbs and dragged his mouth away for a second before quickly jamming his tongue back into the warmth of his brother.

It didn’t take much longer for Loki to reach the brink of orgasm. The thick warmth of Thor’s tongue playing with his insides and the soft silk rubbing against his cock was enough to finish him off. So with a muffled cry against the pillows Loki spilled his release against the sheets, pushing back into Thor’s talented mouth to chase those last shreds of pleasure.

Thor removed himself from between his brothers cheeks, giving on last lick, Loki humming in contented pleasure.

“How was that?” Thor whispered, climbing up the bed to lie next to Loki. He wrapped a muscled arm across the curve of his brother's waist, his hand resting at the small of his back.

“Good.” Loki hummed, pushing himself closer towards Thor’s larger body, resting his head on his chest.

Thor smiled softly at his brother's affection, kissing his hair before they both fell asleep.