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Glimpses of life

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»" This story participates in the Writober of "
»Prompt: Wine
»Words: 216


I take the glass by inserting the stem between the index and middle fingers, supporting the cup on the palm of my hand and swinging the red liquid inside. I bring it to my mouth and sip that flavored wine that bears my own name, the only one that I can truly call mine. I'm not Sharon anymore, I'm not Chris anymore. There is nothing left of who I was. I'm just Vermouth, the witch with a thousand faces, the boss' favorite.
Suddenly the wine seems to have turned bitter, but I continue to drink it in the hope that the taste will change, in the same way that I wait for the Silver Bullet to come and save me.
Vermouth is the basic ingredient of many cocktails, just as I am precious and indispensable for this Organization.
Thanks to the blend of aromatic herbs contained in it, Vermouth can taste the same as an aged wine while still being young, just as my body stays young due to a drug as the years go by.
I'm old inside, a rotten apple.
I take the bottle and pour more wine into my now empty glass. I wish it would help me forget but it doesn't. I hate these cold, melancholy nights that make me feel vulnerable.

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»" This story participates in the Writober of "
»Prompt: Hope
»Words: 248


I walk down the crowded street of Beika with the shopping bag in hand, headed home. I want to make something hot for dinner, I think dad will like it too.
A sudden gust of cold air hits me, forcing me to better adjust the light scarf I put around my neck: apparently summer has now come to an end. You too are a bit like the wind: you come out of nowhere, without warning, and with the same speed you disappear again to reappear no one knows when. We haven't seen each other since the school trip to Kyoto, we just exchanged a few messages and a couple of phone calls. I know you’re very busy with your cases to solve, but I miss you so much Shinichi. Now that we're officially a couple, I wish we could do all those things that a couple do: holding hands, going to the cinema, sharing an ice cream.
Suddenly I become paralyzed and my eyes widen: I seem to see your figure in the crowd. I almost run to catch up with you, but in the end I discover it's not you. Lately, I often mistake complete strangers for you. I always see you, I see you everywhere.
I squeeze a hand on my chest to try to calm the fast beating of my heart. Even if in the end I’m always disappointed, I don’t stop hoping even for a moment.
You'll be back before winter Shinichi, won't you?

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»" This story participates in the Writober of "
»Prompt: Wax
»Words: 216


I'm cleaning the gun in the semi-darkness of my apartment. I lit a few scented candles hoping it would help me relax, but it's not working. I still get cold shivers down my spine when I think back to how I risked everything today: just one small drop would have been enough to transform that wave into a tsunami directed towards me. I never imagined that Korn, the most taciturn of all, had so much to say in a few simple words. He knows the face of my accomplice, the man who should have died trying to take me away from them. If he could connect all the pieces of the puzzle together, that would be the end for me. I can't let that happen, I don't want to end up like my father.
As I ponder all this I keep staring at the flame of one of the candles, which is slowly melting the wax as it burns tirelessly. I can't help but think that my life too is like the wax of that candle: apparently solid but ready to melt in the face of the devouring fire. Who knows how much time I have left before it runs out completely.
I blow on the flame and extinguish it: for today I have won again.


This chapter is set the night of the case narrated in chapters from 1061 to 1066

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»" This story participates in the Writober of "
»Prompt: Thread
»Words: 251


I look in the mirror and hardly recognize myself with this new haircut. Not that it's bad, Ms. Yukiko did a great job, but I'm no longer used to not having long hair. Also, all my colleagues keep laughing and making comments when they see me and I feel embarrassed. Akai apologized, but it's not his fault: sometimes you have to sacrifice something to get something else. He saved my life with his guidance, I could never be angry with him.
I notice that there is still a hair left on the shoulder of the white tank top I'm wearing. I take it between my thumb and forefinger and observe it, an almost invisible thread. Today even my life has remained hanging by a thread for hours, as I escaped from the Organization and hid wherever possible on that desert island. When I think back to the fact that I buried myself alive underground I still get the chills. The worst moment, however, was when I was shot: even if the reams of paper cushioned the blow and prevented the bullet from reaching my heart, the impact was strong and I really feared that the end had come.
From now on I will have to live as a ghost, Akai said that neither he nor I should exist in this world. If those of the Organization recognized my face it would be the end.
I let go of the hair and watch it as it falls gracefully to the ground, slowly.

This story is set after the facts happened in chapters from 1061 to 1066

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»" This story participates to the Writober of "
»Prompt: Snow
»Words: 265


I am looking out the window of my apartment, with my elbows resting on the sill, while Haro looks at me curiously.
- Unfortunately we can’t go out for the moment - I tell him smiling.
Today it seems not to want to stop snowing, the flakes fall lightly covering all Tokyo with a white blanket like milk, making things the same and unrecognizable.
The snow hides the secrets and brings back memories.
Elena's skin was also white as the snow, along with her blonde hair making her easily recognizable as a foreigner in the eyes of the Japanese. She looked so delicate, an angel descended to earth. But life had taught him that even angels can fall to hell if they make the wrong move and this was the fate of Hell Angel. Yet he still had a good memory of that woman, the only one who had understood his feelings and his condition as a hāfu, because she too had experienced them on her own skin.
When she left the doctor's office she ran with her husband, he had wanted so much to see her again. On snowy days like this, he would sit at the window staring at the white, hoping to see her appear. Then one day he realized that Elena wasn't coming back and he stopped hoping.
He sighed and closed the window panes, bringing his attention back to little Haro.
Hell Angel wouldn't be back today either, the flames had melted the snow her skin was made of. Because once you end up in hell you can't go back.

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»" This story participates to the Writober of "
»Prompt: Dream
»Words: 289


Hidden in a corner where no one can see me, together with Chianti I silently wait to receive orders from Gin. We have to kill someone, as always.
I observe that gigantic iron circle with a colored sign in the center and many spheres ready to accommodate anyone who wants to enjoy a view from above. More than watching it, I'm just staring at it. My attention is totally focused on it, so much so that I don't even notice that behind me Chianti has just received a message on the cell phone and is babbling about something that comes to my ears as a set of incomprehensible sounds.

- Come on, let's go- she tells me dryly.

I should answer her, I should ask her why we have to leave, if the plan has changed and what that message said, but all I can is to stand there, motionless as a statue staring at the Ferris wheel.

- What's up? Do you want to take a ride on it? - she asks me.

I blush at those words: as a good sniper she is, she hit the mark. I certainly can't tell her the truth, how could I confess that I would like to drop the mission for a moment and take a ride on the Ferris wheel? As a child I wanted it many times, but my dream never came true.
I try to come back to myself and when the redness on my face has completely disappeared I turn to her.

Of course not- I answer, lying to her and to myself.

I set off slowly, leaving that dream behind for the umpteenth time and go back to being simply Korn, the sniper of the Organization.

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»" This story participates to the Writober of "
»Prompt: Lace
»Words: 340


She looked one last in the mirror, satisfied with the result. Although nature hadn’t given her a generous cleavage, that white bra decorated with lace fit her just fine, it seemed tailor-made for her. She wore a very simple short-sleeved shirt over it and completed the look with jeans, light trainers and a leather jacket. She took her helmet and left the hotel room where she was staying, headed for the cafe where she had to meet with Ran and Sonoko.
After about fifteen minutes driving her motorcycle she arrived at the appointed place. Her friends were already waiting for her. They were dressed very nicely, in pastel colored dresses. Sonoko had said that that cafe was a trendy place and that they had to dress well, in a feminine way, to adapt to the atmosphere of the place.
She took off her helmet and greeted her friends with a beaming smile.

- But how did you dress?! - the heiress asked her - I said "feminine" - she remarked that word.
- In fact, I feel very feminine today- she replied proudly.
- And what's different about your clothes than usual? - her friend asked skeptically.
- I'm wearing a lace bra! - she winked at her - Look-

She tried to lower the collar of her shirt as far as she could, leaning forward, until she could show a piece of the bra.

- That's enough, that's enough! - Ran stopped her, before all the passers-by saw it.
- So, what do you think? - she asked satisfied - Don't I look nice to you? -
- Well... - the two girls said in chorus.
- What's up? Don't you like it? - she assumed that expression of a beaten puppy to which it was impossible to say no to.
- No, no! It fits you very well! - Ran replied, shaking her hands.
- I think so too- she nodded, smiling again - Now let's go inside, however, I want to taste the cake with strawberries! -

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»" This story participates to the Writober of "
»Prompt: Incision
»Words: 294


He bent down for a moment to place the bouquet of fresh flowers he had just bought on the ground in front of the tombstone: gerberas of various colors. He had never been good at picking the right ones, so he had always left that task to Jodie.
Returned to an upright position, he folded his hands and stared at the incision on the granite slab. That was he who had chosen it along with the color of the tombstone, because Jodie was too small and bewildered to do so.

Ryan Lewis Starling
1957 - 1995
Beloved father and husband
FBI Special Agent

He visited his old friend whenever he could, prayed that he could rest in peace and reassured him that his beloved daughter was okay. It wasn't easy being a father and he often wondered if Ryan up there was satisfied with how he had raised this girl in his place.
Sometimes while he was there, in the absolute silence of the cemetery, he seemed to hear the echo of the laughter they did together, when neither of the two could have ever imagined what would have happened shortly thereafter. He missed his friend, but in front of that helpless girl he couldn't show his pain, because she was the one who was suffering the most.
He greeted him one last time, touching the tombstone with his fingertips; then he turned and walked towards the exit of the cemetery.

"What a beautiful mustache you have today"

Ryan's voice rang in the air: he had always enjoyed teasing him about that mustache.
He laughed loudly until the tears flowed from his eyes, but he couldn't understand if they were tears from too much laughter or from nostalgia for a time that wouldn’t return.

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»" This story participates to the Writober of "
»Prompt: Lily
»Words: 541


She drove slowly through traffic, like every morning on her way to work. She was standing in line at a traffic light and drumming her fingers on the steering wheel waiting for the blue light to go off. She looked around and it was then that she saw her husband standing in front of a flower shop not far from her car. He was talking to the florist, who then showed him some types of flowers. She felt her heart beating fast in her chest: that day was their anniversary, so it shouldn't have been a coincidence that Goro was there. What else could he need flowers for if not to give her a gift?
She smiled happily and even when she got to work the enthusiasm didn’t leave her even for a moment. Who knows, maybe Goro would have come to bring her flowers to the office or maybe he would have surprised her by inviting her to dinner.

- I see you in a good mood today, Ms. Kisaki- said her assistant.
- Yeah, today is a special day- she nodded.
- Really? And what day is it? -
- I think you'll find out soon-

In her daydream, however, she hadn't considered for a moment that things could go differently than she had imagined. She waited all day to receive those flowers, which never arrived. When the setting sun lit her office orange, it also took away her last hope that Goro had remembered their anniversary. Those flowers must have been for another woman.
Angry and disappointed, she turned off the computer and left her office. She took the elevator and when she reached the ground floor she went out the door of the building, directed to her car. There she found the person she had been waiting for all day: her husband. He stood with his back against the door of her Mini Cooper as he smoked a cigarette. He was wearing an elegant dress and in his left hand he held a bouquet of pink lilies.

- Goro, what are you doing here? - she asked surprised, even though in her heart she already knew the answer.
- Don't tell me you forgot! - he grumbled, throwing his finished cigarette on the ground and rubbing his foot on it to put it out - Don't you know what day it is today? -
- Of course I know! - she replied piqued.
- Here, these are for you- he held her out the bouquet of lilies, pretending not to show enthusiasm as he did it.

He was still the same proud old grouch.

- Thank you, they are beautiful- she smiled, while smelling the perfume - Have you already had dinner? -
- Well, actually... - he scratched the back of his neck, visibly embarrassed.
- There is a restaurant nearby, a nice and not too chaotic place where you can eat well. Would you like to keep me company? - she proposed.

She didn’t know how the evening would have gone, if that scruffy detective would have ruined it as usual or if he would have behaved well for once. She just knew that she didn't want to spend that evening with anyone but him.

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»" This story participates to the Writober of "
»Prompt: Tattoo
»Words: 186



In Japanese culture it is said that butterflies are the souls of dead people who remain on earth to lead other souls to the afterlife. Obviously I don't believe in Heaven or anything like that, also because I'm sure I'll end up in Hell, but when I chose to tattoo this butterfly around my eye, I thought about this: even my task is to send people to the other world, when I shoot at them with my rifle. I know very well that there isn’t the same romance, but honestly do you think I care?
The Organization pays me to be a bad girl, not a princess. And then butterflies are ephemeral creatures, they die right away, just like people. You know when you touch the wings of butterflies and they can no longer fly? Here, the same thing happens to people: if a bullet touches them in the right place, they can no longer move. This thought excites me!
Who knows, maybe I should get another tattoo...maybe just a bullet, or a shotgun, or better still the severed head of Vermouth. I can’t stand her!

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»" This story participates to the Writober of "
»Prompt: Purity
"Words: 857



- Well guys, today we will do a different exercise than usual: you have to think of a single word that best describes your classmate. Then write the word on a piece of paper without your classmate seeing it and fold it up. Once you have finished you will read the words you wrote in turn and explain why your classmate made you think of that specific term - the professor finished the explanation.

Kazuha smiled and immediately bent over the paper to write the word she thought would describe him. He was surprised how she hadn't thought for a second before writing it, whatever it was, as he stood there with pen in hand staring at her. Her pale skin, her innocent smile, her rosy lips…actually he too knew very well which word to associate with her, but he was afraid that writing it on that white piece of paper would have exposed himself too much and he didn't want to do it in front of everyone. He had been wanting to confess his love to her for a long time, but he certainly didn't plan to do so in front of their classmates. If he wrote what he really thought they would have laughed at him and he was too proud to bear it. Eventually he wrote another word that would have saved him from public humiliation.
When it came time to read their words, Kazuha went first.

- Ms. Toyama, what word did you choose to describe Mr. Hattori? - the professor asked.
- "Strenght" - she replied, without hesitation - Heiji is strong. He always knows what to do, he's brave and doesn't give up. You can count on him-

He stared at her with his mouth open, amazed by the nice words she was spending for him. Unlike him, Kazuha wasn’t afraid to show her feelings. He heard some whispering behind him and realized that their companions were mocking them.

- What about you, Mr. Hattori? What word did you choose to describe Miss Kazuha? - asked the professor.

He hesitated for a moment, not knowing what to do. He could no longer change the answer and in any case the looks of his companions dissuaded him from doing so.

- “Naivety” - he finally said - Kazuha is easily fooled, she trusts even those who shouldn't be trusted. She should pay more attention and understand that not all the people are good-

He had assumed a pedantic attitude, as he did when he behaved like a braggart. He threw a quick glance to look at her and realized that she was standing with her head down, with the fringe lowered over her eyes. He couldn't see her face clearly, but surely that smile from before was gone from her face. He felt terribly guilty: he knew he had hurt her.
During the remaining hours of class, Kazuha didn’t even look at him once. When it was time to go home, he approached her to ask if she wanted a ride, but her response hit him like a punch in the stomach.

- Sorry Heiji, I have to pay attention to whom I trust. Not all the people are good-

Now that she had quoted his own words he could finally understand how much they hurt if spoken by the person you love. He had made a big mistake in not writing the truth on that paper and now he was paying the consequences.


That same evening, lying on the bed in his room, he couldn't stop thinking about that stupid word he had written. If he could have gone back in time he would have written what he really thought.
Suddenly he had the enlightenment on what to do to obtain Kazuha's forgiveness: he took a sheet of paper from his desk and wrote the right word on it. He folded it and put it in his pocket, then headed to her house.
When he arrived it was late and he didn't want to ring the bell so as not to disturb her parents: so he sent her a message on her cell phone:

“I'm outside your house, I have to tell you something important. Could you please come here? "

He wasn't sure she was going to come, maybe she would have deleted the message or even worse she would have ignored it. Instead, after a few minutes of waiting the door opened.

- What do you want? - she asked sharply.
- I don't want to hold you back long, I just wanted to give you this - he replied, handing her the sheet.

Kazuha took it and opened it, revealing the word written on it.

- What does that mean? - se asked, not understanding.
- It’s the word that I should have written today in class - he admitted - You’re not afraid to tell the truth, you’re not afraid of people's judgment. You’re pure of heart, not naive-

His cheeks turned red as he said those almost sugary things to her and watched her smile again. He felt like an idiot, but a happy idiot.

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»" This story participates to the Writober of "
»Prompt: Gold
»Word: 323



Locked in his hotel room, he was turning over in his hands that gold medal he had won a few hours earlier, yet another in a long series. He was happy with that victory and satisfied with himself, but he felt that something was missing. What's the point of achieving success if you then have no one by your side to share them with? He didn’t regret the path he had chosen to take, but in moments like this he felt alone.
He took his cell phone and took a picture of the medal, then he sent it to the only person with whom he wanted to share that moment.
Shortly after the cell phone rang: it was her.

- Hello? - he replied.
- You did it, you won! - exclaimed the girl from the other end, with her lively and crystalline voice - Was it hard? -
- My opponent was good, but it wasn't the hardest match I've ever had-
- When are you going back to Tokyo? We absolutely must go and eat a slice of cake in a very nice place that I recently discovered! -
- I hope to be back soon-

Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible for him to choose where to go, otherwise he would have flown to her immediately after the match. He really wanted to see her smile.

- I dedicate this medal to you, Sonoko- he said suddenly, standing with his back straight as if he were giving an important speech in front of an audience.
- Are you serious? Thanks! - she was excited.

He wanted to tell her more, he wanted to tell her that in his eyes she was much more valuable than that golden circle and that she shone much more, but he wasn't as good with words as he was with kicks and punches.
So in the end he simply replied "It’s me who has to thank you".

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»" This story participates to the Writober of "
»Prompt: Breath
»Word: 237



The room was immersed in darkness, the only light that filtered through the window was that of the moon made even more faint by the curtains that Yumi had wanted to put to "embellish" the bedroom. They had started living together again for nearly two months, after she agreed to marry him as soon as he managed to collect all the seven shogi titles. He was no longer used to having someone in his bed and occasionally he woke up and stood watching her while she slept soundly. Yumi was funny when she slept, she often opened her mouth and sometimes he even heard her snore.
He rested an elbow on the pillow to keep his chest slightly raised and put his hand in a fist on his cheek, staring at her with a smile on his lips. His girlfriend was beautiful and he was looking forward to the moment when she would have become his wife. Since they broke up, he had never felt a similar feeling for any other woman. He had waited patiently for her, confident that sooner or later their paths would have met again.
He gently stroked her head, being careful not to wake her up. In the silence of the night he listened to her heavy, whispering breathing, thinking how much he had missed hearing it. Without even realizing it, he closed his eyes and sleep came to visit him too.

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»" This story participates to the Writober of "
»Prompt: Hide
»Word: 282



I have been living in your house in disguise for months now, hidden behind these big glasses and the fear of not being able to see my real face reflected in the mirror again. You don't know how much it hurts me not to be able to tell you the truth, I'm deceiving you and I feel like a traitor of the worst kind. Sometimes even a white lie can be hard to bear. I repeat to myself that I'm doing this for your sake, for your father's, for everyone around me. If I fall, I don't want to drag you with me.
I often wonder what you would think of me if you knew the truth...Would you still love me? Would you forgive my lies? It’s easy to forgive a child, with his innocent eyes that don’t distinguish good from evil: the difficult thing is to forgive an adult who pretends to be a child because he has been the victim of a dangerous game greater than him. Several times you have come close to discovering my true identity, but each time I have managed to change your mind. "Conan is just Conan" you told Sera the last time she tried to insinuate doubt in your head, but Conan doesn't exist.

- Conan hurry up or you'll be late for school! - I hear your voice outside the bathroom door.
- I’m coming! - I answer you, in my new seven-year-old voice.

I stare at my reflection for the last time and sigh, lowering my head. Even today will be another day like all the others in which I will have to hide my secret from the world.
I am Shinichi.

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»" This story participates to the Writober of "
»Prompt: Armor
»Words: 323



- Once the enemy's objective has been discovered, one must not get excited but only calmly defend oneself. "Be as immovable as the mountain!" -

I lift the helmet with my right hand and show everyone my face, leaving even Uehara stunned. No one expected to hear a samurai armor speaking, especially if until recently it was still and immobile in its rigidity. I found a great hiding place, perfect for the plan.
I stand up helped by my crutch that I had carefully hidden next to me: it’s not easy for my leg to carry the weight of that mountain of iron, but I have to resist. I can't let these criminals win.
One of them orders the others to take us all out before the police arrive, but I promptly throw the helmet I have just taken off and hit him in the face. We begin a short fight in which the boy with the dark skin and the Kansai accent also takes part. He’s very good at using the katana, I’m surprised.
I knock out another clan member with my fist while Tatsue Torada, the evil mastermind behind the murders, tries to shoot us with her rifle. In the end we manage to put them all out of action, just in time before hearing the police sirens outside the house. Now I can take this armor off.

- Do you need help, Kan-chan? - Uehara asks me, approaching.
- No, I can do it alone- I answer, starting to remove piece by piece.

I still don't feel like treating her like my childhood friend Yui, or my ex-subordinate. It's too early, we both need time. I realize only now, after seeing her years later, how dangerous she is for me. In front of Yui I have to continue wearing my invisible armor, because she is the only one who can hit me and hurt me if I don't protect myself.

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»" This story participates to the Writober of "
»Prompt: Belladonna
»Words: 419



None of them were on duty that day, so they decided to go out and do something. He knew that Naeko liked flowers and to make her happy he took her to a botanical garden.
Together with the other people in the group they walked among the flowering plants, admiring colors, shapes and scents, while a guide explained the various types to them.

- These flowers, on the other hand, are Amaryllis, also called "Belladonna" - she explained, stopping in front of pink goblet-shaped flowers with slightly curved pointed petals - In the language of flowers they express shyness-
- How beautiful! - said Naeko, amazed by those plants.

He looked at her out of the corner of his eye, blushing: they were definitely the right flowers for her. It had taken her a long time to tell him who she really was and every time she saw him she hid behind someone or blush and stammer. She was really pretty, just like those pink flowers.


- So, did you have fun with Chiba yesterday? - Yumi asked as they walked to their lockers.
- Yes, we went to a beautiful botanical garden - she replied enthusiastically, still mindful of the past day.
- You have fun with little things, eh! -
- Why? Don't you like flowers? - she was amazed.
- I prefer other things, like chocolates or jewels-

Yumi had always been more materialistic than her, she wasn't a great dreamer. Yet to her that date with Chiba had seemed so romantic...
She stopped in front of her locker and opened it: the first thing that appeared in front of her was a small bouquet of Amaryllis Belladonna, the same as those she had seen in the botanical garden the day before. Her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open, emitting a sound of surprise that caught the attention of her colleague.

- What’s up? - Yumi asked, approaching.

She totally ignored her question, she wouldn't have been able to say anything logical right now. It was the best surprise she had ever received and she knew exactly who had given it to her.

- Look at our Chiba, he's really serious! - Yumi teased her after seeing the contents of the locker.

She blushed enough to feel her cheeks warm, took the bouquet of flowers and smelled its perfume. "In the language of flowers they express shyness" she remembered the guide's words.
Yes, those were definitely the perfect flowers to describe her and Chiba.

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»" This story participates to the Writober of "
»Prompt: Dragon
»Words: 501



The swirl of colors, music and voices that enveloped them made that place a kind of magical and timeless place. That day the owner of the Poirot had decided to keep the place closed to go too to see the "dance of the golden dragon" which was held only twice a year in the temple of Kinryū-zan Sensō-ji: the 18h March during the Honzon-jigen-e ceremony and the 18th October during the chrysanthemum memorial ceremony. The temple was located in the Asakusa district of Tokyo and was the oldest in the city, as well as one of the most important Buddhist temples in all of Japan.
Amuro had asked her if she wanted to go too and in the end she accepted, although she was reluctant to be seen with him on certain occasions: she wanted to avoid rumors about a possible relationship between them as this could lead to the loss of several female customers at the Poirot. Amuro was very popular with the girls, who went to the cafè more to see him than for the dishes he served them; if they learned that he was engaged and, moreover, to the waitress of that same cafè, it would have been a disaster for her and for the profits.

- So, do you like it? - the latter asked, seeing how she looked around in amazement.
- It's always very exciting to come and see Kinryu no Mai- she smiled.
- Do you know how this dance was born? -
- I know it’s related to the goddess Kannon, to whom this temple is dedicated. But I don't remember exactly the origin - she admitted embarrassed.
- Kinryu no Mai, known as “the dance of the golden dragon”, originated in 1958 to celebrate the reconstruction of Kannodo Hall. It’s based on a legend which says that the goddess Kannon descended to earth from heaven in the guise of a golden dragon. During the night the goddess gave birth to a forest of a thousand pines, which symbolized a prosperous harvest. One of the dancers controls a lotus flower shaped sphere that represents the goddess, while other eight dancers move the dragon around the sphere, which he must guard. Just think that the dragon is eighteen meters long and weighs a good eighty-eight kilos!- he explained.
- Wow, you’re really well informed! - she was amazed - You know everything! -
- Well, let's say I love my country and I want to know everything about its culture- he replied, scratching his neck embarrassed.
- Of course, however, it must be difficult for dancers to move carrying all that weight - she reflected.
- They’re trained for it-

Their conversation was interrupted by the hayashi group who began to play the typical accompanying music of the dragon dance. Shortly thereafter the dancers entered the scene and the golden dragon appeared, shining as ever.
Thanks to Amuro's explanation, from that day forward she would have watched that celebratory dance with even more admiration.

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»" This story participates to the Writober of "
»Prompt: Path
»Words: 463



“The young detective walked alone that path that ran along the river, wrapped in the shadows of the night. The moonlight reflected off the water, illuminating its ripples. He too was looking for enlightenment, the last piece he was missing to solve that intricate case ".
He wrote those few lines on the computer but then, rereading them, he wrinkled his nose and erased them. He was close to finishing his new novel, he just had to find the right ending that was neither too obvious nor too little credible: a detective novel had to surprise the readers without leaving them perplexed. Yet he seemed to be unable to find what he was looking for, a bit like the detective of the story.
He sighed, leaning back in his chair and putting his hands behind his head as he stared at the blank page on the computer screen.

- Here's your tea Yu-chan- the shrill voice of his wife caught him by surprise from behind.

He thanked her and took the cup, taking a sip: it was still too hot to enjoy it.

- Huh?! But you haven't written anything yet! - she pointed out, looking at the blank page too.
- I know- he replied angrily, making a face and glaring at her.

He didn't need his beloved wife to point out that his inspiration had gone on vacation and it didn't seem to want to come back.

- Why don't you take a break? - she suggested - Maybe you’re so obsessed with the ending of this novel that the more you think about it, the less the right idea will come. Sometimes you need to look for inspiration elsewhere, pull the plug - the woman smiled, placing her hands on his shoulders and then hugging him from behind.

Actually she wasn't all wrong, he probably really needed a break and didn't care about the deadline for the delivery of the draft. Writers are people, not machines.

- You're right, but where could I go to look for inspiration at eleven in the evening in Los Angeles? -
- Why don't we take a nice little trip down Route 101? - she proposed excitedly.
- Now?- he looked puzzled.
- The night is young! - she clapped her hands - I know it's not your detective's riverside path, but it's still a path in its own way. The view is breathtaking! -

Despite being skeptical, he eventually had to indulge his wife's whim, carried away by her euphoria. So it was that he found himself riding Yukiko's motorcycle along the most famous federal road in the United States, with the rocky mountains on one side and the ocean on the other. It was definitely better than his young detective's riverside trail.

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»" This story participates to the Writober of "
»Prompt: Silver
»Words: 221



Sitting in the living room of Kudo’s mansion, they reviewed the information they had collected up to that moment and the mistakes made during the implementation of their plans, so as not to repeat them again. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, they knew this well, but like everyone else they preferred to win. There were so many things at stake and they couldn’t afford to lose them, no more than those they had already lost.
Outside the window, the cold wind and rain had already sanctioned the arrival of autumn. They had been working together for months now, they could define themselves as a team in all respects, with various allies attached. Jodie, Camel and James with their fellow FBI colleagues; Hidemi alias Kir, infiltrated in the Organization and a member of the CIA who now also passed information to the FBI; Tooru Amuro, another infiltrator of the Organization who now worked in disguise at the Poirot café but whose real identity is that of an agent of the Japanese secret police and finally the Kudo couple. An exceptional cast, but whose spearheads always remained them. The most feared by the Organization, the wittiest, the most far-sighted: the "Silver Bullets", as Vermouth had nicknamed them.
They were the silver bullets capable of reaching the hearts of the evil wolves.

Chapter Text

»" This story participates to the Writober of "
»Prompt: Upside down
»Words: 352



He jumped to grab the cat but it was faster than him and leapt away, resulting in him falling to the ground like a sack of potatoes, smacking his face. He tried to get up slowly, his body shuddering with rage. That "damned beast", as he had called it several times in the last two hours, was putting a strain on his nerves. It wasn't the first time that Eri had entrusted her kitten to him and it usually behaved quite well, but that day it seemed to have been possessed by the devil and in a short time it had managed to turn his entire office upside down: papers scattered all over the floor, books fallen off the shelves, the telephone receiver dangling from the desk, a glass overturned on the coffee table. It seemed that a tornado had passed through that office.

- If I catch you I swear I'll put you in the oven and you will become my dinner!!! - he railed against the animal.

The latter replied with a meow and then ignored him and started playing with a ball of paper that it had obtained by overturning the trashcan under his desk.
Before that kind of chase-escape resumed, the door of his office opened and Ran and Conan entered, returning from school.

- Oh my God dad, but what happened?! - his daughter looked around worriedly - Don't tell me the thieves have come! -
- What thieves! It's all the fault of that beast!!! - he pointed the finger at the kitten, who had stopped playing and had approached Conan in search of cuddles.
- Are you saying that it’s Goro who made all this mess? I can't believe it!- replied the girl.
- I swear it's the truth! -
- Maybe you did something to him and he got upset?- Conan asked.
- I didn't do anything!!! - the famous detective got even more angry.
- Okay, but now let's clean this mess - Ran said, starting to collect some sheets of paper and gather them.

"Here we go again!" thought the little detective.

Chapter Text

»" This story participates to the Writober of "
»Prompt: Bow
»Words: 274



I’m here, lying on the ground and unable to move. My dried blood surrounds me, as well as the leaves fallen from the trees that have now covered my body. I have serious injuries, including a hip injury that prevented me from getting up, but now I hardly feel the pain anymore. To be honest, I hardly hear anything, not even my breath. Without food and water for a week, my wasted body is failing.
Inside this dark precipice no one will find me, the sunlight doesn’t reach this place and no one ever passes around here. I’m completely abandoned to my fate.
"So this is how you will end your days, Agent Kai Kuroto," I repeat to myself. I’ve never been interested in popularity, but I didn't think my death would have been so sad and lonely. Next to me there is my poor horse, which passed away before me.
I ‘m still holding my bow in my hand, the living symbol of the reason why I’m dying. I've never missed a target and that must have bothered someone. I never thought Mrs. Tatsue Torada would have gone that far. When I found her in front of me with the rifle in her hands, I didn't realize that I was her target. One shot, one single shot fired between my horse's legs and we both fell into the precipice under her smug gaze.
However, I’m not afraid. I know I've left capable agents behind me who will be able to solve the case.
With this thought to warm my heart, I close my eyes and stop suffering. Now I can rest in peace.

Chapter Text

»" This story participates to the Writober of "
»Prompt: Escape
»Words: 391



She ran along that dark, deserted street as the pouring rain soaked her from head to toe, sticking her hair to her face and her clothes to her body. The tears clouded her vision and mingled with the falling drops. She ran, she ran without stopping and aimlessly, scared to death and unable to think clearly. The only thing she knew was that she had to flee from her enemies. She was once part of them, but then she had betrayed them and now they hunted her down to get her out of the way. Her existence had become a continuous escape and fear accompanied her as a faithful travel companion.
During her run she spotted an alley and as soon as she was in front of it she slipped inside. She stopped abruptly when she realized that there was no way out. It wasn’t one of those open alleys that led to another street: it was a dead end. The wheel of fortune hadn't turned her way.
She turned slowly, her eyes were wide and her heart was about to burst in her chest, aware that her escape was over. She would have never gone out of there again, at least not with her legs. Her lungs burned and she couldn't breathe: that little girl's body wasn’t made for physical exertion of that kind.
She heard the footsteps of her pursuers approaching, until they reached her. It was then that she found herself in front of Gin, her number one enemy, the one who most of all wanted to see her dead. Behind him, Vodka, his faithful right arm, laughed and waited for the silver-haired man to pull the trigger of the gun he held in his hand.
Gin spoke to her, but her ears were ringing too much to understand even a word. She dropped to the ground on her knees like a condemned man on the gallows silently accepting his punishment.
The last thing she heard was the sound of a shot.

She woke with a start, drenched in sweat and panting. The light in the room came on, probably she must have screamed waking up the Doctor, who was now staring at her worriedly and asking her if everything was okay. She realized it had all been a nightmare.
She was still there.
Her escape wasn't over.

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»" This story participates to the Writober of "
»Prompt: Omen
»Words: 230



"Some people believe that ravens guide travelers to their destinations. Others believe that the sight of a solitary raven is considered good luck, while more than one raven together predicts trouble ahead”
Lucas Scott (One Tree Hill)-

I'm trying to call you on your cell phone but you don't answer, despite my prolonged rings. I’m aware that sometimes you isolate yourself and prefer to stay on your own, but given the recent situation we are in, the fact that you’re gone makes me worry. Camel argues that you may be sleeping to make up for the hours of sleep lost during the case, but I’m doubtful.
I ask Conan if he wants to go back to the hospital with us, but he replies that it’s Friday the thirteenth and therefore it’s better for him to go home. I think back to the words you said to me before I left the room we were in with James:

"Ah, Jodie?"
"What's up?"
"Be careful. Today I have a bad feeling..."
“Oh, because it's Friday the thirteenth, right? But I don't pay attention to these things."

Your look was strange, as if you were worried but at the same time also sorry, but I didn't pay much attention to it. If I had known what was going to happen a few hours later, I certainly wouldn't have taken your omen lightly.

Chapter Text

»" This story participates to the Writober of "
»Prompt: Wood
»Words: 248



Sitting in front of my laptop I’m reading the latest article of the most discussed blog of the moment: apparently the author of the articles has retracted everything. In the first article posted a few days ago, she claimed to have seen Shinichi Kudo, a high school detective who has disappeared from the radar for some time, solving a case in Kyoto; but in this new article she claims instead that she was wrong and that the person she saw wasn’t him. Shinichi Kudo, who suddenly disappeared into thin air and then reappeared like a flash in the night, has now disappeared again. My instinct tells me that there is something underneath.
After reading, my gaze shifts to that piece of wood from which I never part and which once belonged to you. You said it was your good luck charm, you always kept it in your pocket, but it was never found at the crime scene.
A shogi piece.
A bishop.

"With a bishop standing guard there is always a good move! Despite this, do you say that I will be killed anyway?"

These are the last words you said to me before you died, still ringing in my head like a deafening noise.
I put my hand on my right eye and hold it down: every time I think of you it hurts more than the silent scars on my arms and back.
Eventually you died even though you had your bishop next to you.

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»" This story participates to the Writober of "
»Prompt: Sigh
»Words: 379



The crowd is pounding, hundreds of people around me scream and raise their hands loudly acclaiming the names of their favorite idols. I don't judge them, in the end I'm here too for the same reason: to see my beloved Yoko singing live. Today is my day off and I couldn't help but take advantage of it to come to the idol festival.
I wear a light t-shirt and I tied a headband with the words "I ♥ Yoko" to my forehead: if my colleagues saw me it would be the end, they would make fun of me forever. Only Mr. Furuya is aware of my passion for Yoko, since I got to know her while carrying out an investigation on his behalf.
At the microphone they announce her entry on the scene, just a few more seconds and I will finally be able to see her live. My daydream is interrupted by the cell phone vibrating in the pocket of my pants. Without even looking who it is, I answer the call.

- Hello? - I say, almost annoyed.
- Kazami? I'm Furuya. Is today your day off? -

On the other side of the phone there is my boss, I have to moderate my tone and not be annoyed.

- Yes, I'm at the idol festival. Soon Yoko Okino will sing- I answer, without bothering to hide the weakness I have for her.
- I'm sorry but you'll have to postpone- he replies, but the screams of the fans cover those words.
- Sorry but there is a lot of confusion here and I didn’t understand what you said to me-

This time I cover my other ear with a finger to muffle the sounds, trying to concentrate on his words.

- I said you have to come here immediately! - repeats Mr. Furuya, raising the tone of his voice.

Those words fall on me like a millstone. I know he's my boss but…what does he want from me on my day off and especially while Yoko Okino is about to sing?!
I sigh, knowing I can't escape my duty. I turn my back to the stage and push my way through the crowd to leave. Yoko, unfortunately I'll have to wait to see you sing live.

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»" This story participates to the Writober of "
»Prompt: Fragment
»Words: 397



By now the sun had completely set and the first shadows of the evening had fallen over the city. Hidden behind the curtain, she observed the street from the window of the hotel room where she was staying. Masumi hadn’t yet returned: she had probably stayed with those two friends of hers, the daughter of the famous sleeping detective and the rich heiress. Every now and then it was right that she enjoyed her last years as a teenager, she couldn’t force her to live constantly as an adult in search of information and a solution to get her back to her real age. That little girl's body was getting tighter and tighter with each passing day.
She walked over to the dresser and opened one of the drawers where she had placed her new 12-year-old clothes. She moved some sweaters and a square box appeared in the corner, thin and not very big. She took it and carried it to the bed, lifting the lid: inside there were some old family photos. One with her, Masumi as a child and Shuukichi, one with Shuichi and Shuukichi as children, one with her, Tsutomu and Shuichi as a newborn and finally one with just her and Tsutomu when they were still only a couple about to get married. She lined them all up in chronological order and stared at them for a few seconds. Memories that time couldn’t erase. The sad thing about those photographs was that none of them had the whole family. There was always someone missing. This was the thing that hurt her most of all: being unable to keep the family together.
She knew it wasn’t her fault, yet she couldn’t find peace to the idea that Masumi had grown up without a father and that her eldest son had died trying to find out the truth. Sometimes she wondered if there would have ever been justice and especially if this justice would have been able to give back what they had lost.
She took the photo of only her and her husband who had disappeared seventeen years ago, a fragment of a time that would have never returned. They were both smiling, unaware of what would have happened years later in their lives. A tear escaped her control, running down her cheek.

- Tsutomu... - she whispered in the silence of the room.

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»" This story participates to the Writober of "
»Prompt: Sunset
»Words: 326



The setting sun is painting the landscape with an orange light that perfectly matches the golden yellow of ginkgo leaves in autumn. Under this tree, in this special place dear to me, I’m waiting for you again as I’ve been doing for years. Last time you arrived late, I thought you wouldn’t come like all the other times; instead in the end you found me, after forty years from our promise. This time it will be different: you already know where to find me, there are no more complicated clues to solve.
From the day I left you that letter and left without even saying goodbye, I promised to return to this place every ten years with the hope of meeting you again. I've never forgotten you, Hiroshi. I wish I could tell you what I feel about you, but I'm afraid you would laugh knowing that for all these years I haven’t loved other men but you. You, who have been able to see beyond my non-typically Japanese appearance and who have appreciated this hair that I hated with all of myself.
When we met again two years ago, the emotion I felt was indescribable. For a moment, seeing you with your grandchildren, I felt sad at the idea that you had moved on with your life and had forgotten me. I’m such a fool. Getting back in the car I told myself that I would have never gone back to this place, but then your words made me change my mind, coming straight to my heart.

"I love ginkgo leaves, now more than ever!"

In the end, I couldn't wait another ten years before seeing you again.
I look around left and right, eager to see you appear among the ginkgo leaves that dance in the air falling from the trees. But you, as always, manage to surprise me.

- Fusae- I hear your voice behind me - Here I am, sorry I'm late-

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»" This story participates to the Writober of "
»Prompt: Touch
»Words: 325



I watch my teammates play while the spectators cheer for them and I can't help but feel left out, even though I know perfectly well that it couldn't have been otherwise. For today I will remain on the bench to be a spectator too, unfortunately the injury I suffered in the last game didn’t allow me to participate in the match against Tokyo Spirits in person.
As I wander around the stands wearing a cap and sunglasses to keep me from being recognized, I notice someone I seem to know. A little girl with auburn hair, half hidden by the blue hat she’s wearing, intent on staring at a puppet she holds in her hands.

- Is that you? - I ask her, catching her attention - You're the girl I met during the Asuka restaurant case-

She stares at me wide-eyed, caught off guard. Her cheeks are tinged with red, she's probably shy or maybe she's just embarrassed because a famous person is talking to her. I don't like calling myself famous, but I know that in people's eyes I don't look like an ordinary person.

- Y-yes- she finally replies, sketching a smile.

Now that I can take a closer look at her puppet, I notice it's me. Probably the stands must have added these strings to be hung on the mobile phone among the gadgets. Sometimes I forget that football is no longer just a sport but also a way to do business.
Without asking, I take the puppet from her hands to look at it better, lifting my sunglasses for a few seconds.

- He doesn't look much like me but he's cute- I say, and then I give it back to her.

She got even redder and that makes me smile. Her face is so innocent, it makes me feel at peace. I never even remotely imagined that just touching that puppet that portrayed me could make her so happy.

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»" This story participates to the Writober of "
»Prompt: Saturn
»Words: 292



He watched the night sky outside the open window as he smoked a cigarette in the silence of Kudo’s mansion. He had taken off his mask and wig and was back to being himself, at least until the sun rose again. Subaru during the day, Shuichi at night: that had become his life.
Millions of stars were shining in the sky, tiny and white glowing dots that many people loved to turn their deepest desires to. One point in particular, bigger and brighter than the others, caught his attention: it must have been Saturn, which in those days was also visible to the naked eye. In ancient times it was said that Saturn was the personification of Chronos, the Greek god of the time, the most ancient of the deities. The thousand-ringed planet symbolized many things, including duty, deprivation, logic, the ability to concentrate, and old age. He wasn’t the type to believe in legends, astrology or horoscopes, but when thinking about it he too was a bit like Saturn: dedicated to his work to the point of putting it in front of everything, depriving himself even of his own happiness. Focused on his goal, rational, as wise as a person twice his age. Probably in the eyes of others he could have looked like one of those thirty-something who were old inside and perhaps he had really aged inside, consumed by the silent pain to which life had subjected him. The only difference was that Saturn could shine free in the sky, while he was darkened and lived in the shadows. Subaru might have existed, but he…he didn't.
He took a last drag on his cigarette before putting it out and closing the window, with his back to the starry sky.

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»" This story participates to the Writober of "
»Prompt: Enchantment
»Words: 424



- Wow Ai, you won again! - exclaimed Ayumi in amazement.
- Congratulations, you're really good! - Mitsuhiko congratulated her.
- Ugh, that's not fair! - complained Genta, eating another salty cracker, the umpteenth of the evening.
- Maybe if you stop binging and concentrate you can win too! - the winner replied piqued.
- Come on Ai, don't be bad- the Doctor resumed her, but without any malice.

They were all still gathered at Doctor Agasa's house, even though it was dark outside. He had invited them to stay for dinner and then test a new video game all together and in the end the grandfather clock had struck ten.

- Maybe it's better if we go home now- said Ayumi.
- Yes, it's late - the scientist noted.
- No, I want to win at least one game! - objected Genta.
"He really took it personally!" Conan thought, but without saying it out loud.

A blast from outside the house abruptly interrupted their conversation, forcing everyone to turn to the window to understand what had happened. Another blast followed the first, then two more.

- They look like fireworks - observed Conan.
- Let's go and see! - exclaimed Genta, who had already forgotten about the video game rematch.

The three children ran to the door, oblivious to the poor scientist who kept telling them to wait. They rushed out into the garden, just in time to admire the colors of those explosions that lit up the night sky.

- Wow, what a sight! - they said in chorus.

Shortly after they were joined by the Doctor and the other two children, calmer and apparently disinterested. It was precisely in moments like those that the difference was noticed: who among them was really a seven year old kid had the ability to see the magic of the world even in simple things like fireworks, while those who were kids only apparently had lost that ability along the way.
For Conan and Ai, the enchantment and light-heartedness were just a memory, but they smiled anyway at the enthusiasm of their friends. Sometimes they envied them, like adults envies children because they knows the latter can see things that have instead become invisible to them.

- Come on, come here! - Ayumi invited them to join them.

Ai looked at Conan and the latter, without answering, walked towards their three friends. Eventually she followed him too.
For one night they could pretend they were really seven and try again to marvel at the commonplace.

Chapter Text

»" This story participates to the Writober of "
»Prompt: Believe
»Words: 330



She pressed the stop button to end that last recording as well and took the tape out of the recorder, putting it back in its case. She was aware that she didn’t have much time left to live and therefore felt compelled to leave her last words to that daughter whom she would have never seen growing up. She felt guilty about this and the least she could do was giving her an explanation, hoping that she would have understood as soon as she would have reached the right age to understand certain things.
She lined up the four tapes and numbered them from one to twenty, dividing the numbers into groups of five. She would have entrusted them to her eldest daughter, the one who, still too young, would have had to carry the burden of looking after her little sister, but she had faith that both her daughters were strong enough to get by on their own, despite everything.

“The truth is your mom is working on a really terrifying drug right now. My lab mates are thrilled by this project, they say it’s the drug of dreams: this is why your father and I are placing all our hopes in this project and we call it "The Silver Bullet". But to complete this drug, your father and I have to leave you and your sister. Please try to understand, Shiho..."

She thought back to the words she had just recorded for her newborn daughter and a tear escaped her control. She would have only listened to them only on her eighteenth birthday, a birthday that they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to celebrate together. By now, their project would probably have been completed for some time. She truly believed that the Silver Bullet would have been the bullet of justice, something that would have revolutionized the world by changing it for the better. But sometimes firmly believing in something doesn't necessarily mean that it will come true.