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Glimpses of life

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»" This story participates to the Writober of "
»Prompt: Believe
»Words: 330



She pressed the stop button to end that last recording as well and took the tape out of the recorder, putting it back in its case. She was aware that she didn’t have much time left to live and therefore felt compelled to leave her last words to that daughter whom she would have never seen growing up. She felt guilty about this and the least she could do was giving her an explanation, hoping that she would have understood as soon as she would have reached the right age to understand certain things.
She lined up the four tapes and numbered them from one to twenty, dividing the numbers into groups of five. She would have entrusted them to her eldest daughter, the one who, still too young, would have had to carry the burden of looking after her little sister, but she had faith that both her daughters were strong enough to get by on their own, despite everything.

“The truth is your mom is working on a really terrifying drug right now. My lab mates are thrilled by this project, they say it’s the drug of dreams: this is why your father and I are placing all our hopes in this project and we call it "The Silver Bullet". But to complete this drug, your father and I have to leave you and your sister. Please try to understand, Shiho..."

She thought back to the words she had just recorded for her newborn daughter and a tear escaped her control. She would have only listened to them only on her eighteenth birthday, a birthday that they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to celebrate together. By now, their project would probably have been completed for some time. She truly believed that the Silver Bullet would have been the bullet of justice, something that would have revolutionized the world by changing it for the better. But sometimes firmly believing in something doesn't necessarily mean that it will come true.