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Revenge...With Some Help

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The plan was simple: stall the ghost lady, and seal her again. Naruto Uzumaki and the rest of Team Seven were confident that it was going to work. They were all prepared for the battle of their lives.

Oh, how it all went so horribly wrong.

Now, Sakura and Kakashi, hell, everybody close to him was dead, Sasuke was unconscious, and Naruto was down one knee, looking up at the Rabbit Goddess, his chakra nearly spent. Kaguya Otsutsuki was charging up an Expansive Truth-Seeking Ball and was getting ready to throw it at the Earth.

When he wasn't busy trying not to die, Naruto looked like the epitome of a bright sun. His hair was blonde, like his father before him. He had shining blue eyes that reminded one of staring at the sky. Along his handsome angular features were three whisker marks on each side of his face, giving him a more cat-like look. No wonder Hinata loved him, only he was too dense to see it.

Naruto reflected on everything that led to this moment. Everything that bastard Black Zetsu had manipulated. Indra going crazy, the Senju vs. Uchiha, Madara betraying Konoha, the Akatsuki, Obito's betrayal, the Nine-Tails Attack, the Uchiha Clan Massacre, and finally, Sasuke's betrayal. All of this, just to revive his hag of a mother. Kami, this thing was the epitome of the term "mama's boy".

Now, it appeared the creature's plan would succeed. Kaguya was about to destroy the world and everything would be wiped clean.

Oh well, at least he planned on going out with a bang. He decided to give it one last go. Once again entering Six Paths Sage Bijuu Mode, body turning a bright orange, Naruto stared defiantly at Kaguya.

"Alright, Kurama-nii, I think it's time we give it one last shot, huh?" he said with a tired grin.

A deep rumble was heard in his mind as a voice spoke.

"Yeah, kit. Let's show this rabbit who the real predator is here," the voice said with a snarl. "Throw your strongest jutsu at this white-haired bitch and let her feel the pain."

"That's the plan," the blonde smile as he said that. He quickly flashed his signature hand seal. "Shadow Clone Jutsu!"

Immediately, eight identical Narutos appeared out of nowhere and stood next to the original. All nine held their right hand in the air as a ball of swirling chakra appeared in each of them. The ball gained different effects for each clone, like lava or water.

"SENPO: SUPER TAILED-BEAST RASENSHURIKEN!" All the clones immediately launched their Rasenshurikens at Kaguya, who immediately through her Expansive Truth-Seeking Ball. The Rasenshurikens slowly combined into one massive multicolored jutsu that flew at the enemy attack.

The two enemies watched as their attacks approached each other, before colliding with a bang as they pushed against the other. Suddenly, a crack started to form in the Truth-Seeking Ball, and chakra started to leak out. Naruto looked on in concern as he noticed Kaguya's eyes widen.

"This doesn't look good..." he murmured hesitantly. "What the hell is happening? I've never seen this happen to a jutsu before. Wait, why does it feel like her chakra and mine are...interacting?" He shook his head. "JUST DIE ALREADY, YOU CRAZY THREE-EYED BITCH!"

Immediately, a spark appeared in the clash, and two jutsus exploded. In a flash of white light, all of the world was gone and everyone on it was gone, and Naruto was left floating in blankness.

As he felt a weariness wash over him, he remembered all the good that happened in his life. Meeting the old man, Hinata, kicking Mizuki's ass, joining Team Seven, saving Gaara, training with Jiraiya, making countless friends, meeting his parents...

"Well, at least I get to see Mom and Dad, and Jiji..." he mumbled, before closing his eyes for what he assumed to be his last time.




This was all wrong.

He should have been the one to die, not him.

A boy was lying in a hospital bed, his tanned muscular body prone on the white sheets. Spikes of black-green hair were dirtied and messy. What could not be seen, however, were his beautiful amber eyes, or his contagious smile that could shine as bright as the sun.

Crying could be heard in the room. If a passing nurse looked inside, they could see a boy with white, fluffy hair and pale skin, with catlike blue eyes that were red from the number of tears that he shed. Normally, his face had a cocky smirk, but now, all it held was a sad scowl, as the young man gazed over his best friend.

Next to the crying child was a girl with long black hair, dressed in a pink kimono, her greyish blue eyes looking at the boy next to her in concern, her hand on his shoulder.

Footsteps were heard pounding down the hall, and a blond-haired older teenager appeared in the doorway, panting, before his eyes widened, flashing a scarlet color before returning to their normal brown hue. He wore a blue tabard with a red hem over a white full-body training suit. Behind hip appeared a young man with spiky black hair and glasses over his small brown eyes. He wore a white lab coat over his usual suit. His tag read "Dr. Leorio Paradinight"

The blonde ran to the side of the doctor's current patient and held his hand, shaking in anger as he began to cry. The doctor shook his head and walked in slowly.

The white-haired boy looked up at the doctor with pleading in his eyes. "Leorio, please tell me he will be alright."

Leorio looked at the whole group before sighing and shaking his head. "Gon suffered severe injuries in the fight. Even Nanika's healing hasn't done enough. We managed to stabilize him but..."

The blonde stared at him intently. "BUT what?"

"He's in a coma, Kurapika...and we don't know when he is going to wake up, or even if he's going wake up." He turned to the white-haired boy, who was staring at him with horror as tears slide down his face. "Killua, I'm sorry, there's nothing we can do."

Killua started to shake. His eyes flashed. Images of the fight replayed in his mind. The duel with Pitou was dangerous, but he should have done more to reign Gon in after the revelation of Kite's fate. When Gon made that nen pact...he should have told him not to, he should have told them that they needed to retreat. Now, his best, to Killua, Gon was more than his best friend, and his heart shattered when he saw Gon's body on the battlefield. Now, he didn't know when he would see those beautiful amber eyes; that amazing smile that was omnipresent; his light ever again. All he had now that he was remotely close to at the same level as Gon was Alluka, his sister.

"Onii-chan, I'm so sorry..." Alluka was his only family now, and she too had grown close to Gon, seeing him as another brother.

Tears freely fell down Killua's face now, with all restraint having been lost. "I should've stopped him, I should've done more, I...I...I NEVER GOT TO TELL HIM! Now he's in a coma and it's ALL! MY! FAULT!"

Kurapika's eyes were now blazing scarlet, but contact with Leorio's stern gaze turned it off. They both knew about Killua's growing feelings for Gon, and Gon's semi-obliviousness to them. It was funnily painful to watch the two of them dance around each other's hearts, but it went on for far too long, and now it was too late.

"Everyone, all we can do now is wait, as painful as that is going to be, but-" Leorio was interrupted by the sound of quiet footsteps, turning around as everyone gazed at a young boy with neck-length black hair and pink eyes in a black kimono. Killua immediately glared at him with hate. "What are you doing here, Kalluto"

Kalluto stared at Gon's body, "Is he dead?"

Bloodlust flew off of Killua like a hurricane. "Why do you care?"

"Mother asked me to bring you and Alluka-nee-san back once Gon left you or died, Killua-nii-san."

"He's not dead!" yelled four voices at various levels of anger.

"You could have asked me for help, Killua-nii-san."

"Why? So you would report back to mother? So you could just knock me out and take me back afterwards? I don't think so, Kalluto. All you do is cling to mother like a doll! You're wrapped around her finger. YOU ARE JUST! LIKE! ILLUMI!"

"STOP IT!!!" Kalluto's voice was shrouded in rage, as he glared daggers at his older brother. "Don't say I'm like that bastard. All he ever wanted was to control you, control all three of us. I just wanted to be acknowledged by you, but you never did! You ignored me, walked away from me, and treated me with disdain! You abandoned me; of course, I had to conform to mother! You treasured Alluka without giving me a second glance! If anything, my being like this is YOUR FAULT!"

Killua was about to retort when he suddenly realized that his brother was right. All those times he ignored his little brother, all those times he looked at Kalluto with disgust when he was asked if he could go with Killua on missions. Killua had treated him like shit, and he knew it now.

"Kalluto...I'm so sorry...I just didn't know if could trust you. You could come stay with me and Alluka if you want..." Killua saw pink eyes widen, and a smile appeared on his little brother for the first time ever. Before Killua could smile back, a thought struck his head, and he turned to his sister. "Nanika, come out."

Alluka's face suddenly changed as her eyes turned pitch black, appearing almost hollow in nature. Her mouth turned into what appeared to be just an outline, and her skin turned pale grey.

"Nanika, I have a wish to make." Killua took a deep breath as he gazed at his friends and brother. The three of them seemed to sense his thoughts and nodded their heads. "I want all six of us to be sent to a place where we can start over...together."

"Kay" was all the four of them heard as a bright white light enveloped them, and in that next instant, they disappeared, with Gon's bed being empty, as if they were never there.