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Kinktober 2021: Whatever the hell I want

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The table was overflowing with food that both looked and smelled delicious; every main course and side dish and even dessert the restaurant served had been brought out for them, and yet the only thing San wanted to eat was Wooyoung’s ass.

“Stop staring,” Seonghwa said and picked up a piece of fried eel. “Your boyfriend isn’t on the menu.”

“Not for you,” San replied and tried hard not to sound like he was sulking. They had the whole place reserved for them, and the rest of their group, their managers, and staff were loud and in good spirits. They were celebrating the end of a successful round of promotions, and normally San would be all for it. He’d just had a different sort of celebration in mind for tonight.

“Nor you, I’m guessing, based on Wooyoung’s self-satisfied smirk.”

Seonghwa was right. Wooyoung was sitting on the other side of the table, talking with Yeosang and laughing as if he didn’t have a care in the world. As if he wasn’t wearing the jeans that San had specifically complimented when he bought them because they made his ass look phenomenal. As if he hadn’t had his hands wrapped around San’s cock when Hongjoong had knocked on their door to let them know they were all going out.

He appeared unaware of the torment San was going through, but San knew him better. He caught the looks Wooyoung kept throwing his way and didn’t miss how frequently Wooyoung squirmed in his seat.

So when he stood up and walked around the table, San knew he wouldn’t be denied.

“Woo-yah, come with me to the bathroom, now.”

Wooyoung looked up, a wide grin on his lips, while Yeosang pointedly turned toward Mingi who was sitting on his other side.

“You can’t manage by yourself?” Wooyoung teased faux-innocently, his expression not changing when San placed his hand on Wooyoung’s neck. “Or do you just want my company?”

“Yes. Let’s go.”

Wooyoung laughed and emptied his water glass. Even when he got on his feet, he kept running his mouth. “What are we, teenage girls?”

“Whatever makes you happy,” San said and grabbed Wooyoung’s hand. He led them through the packed restaurant to the back and into the single-stall bathroom. Wooyoung locked the door behind them, still grinning when he turned back to face San.

San wanted to kiss that smug smile off his face, so he did. He held Wooyoung’s head in his hands as he shoved his tongue into Wooyoung’s mouth. Wooyoung kissed back eagerly, hands clutching at San’s shirt hard enough to untuck it.

“You are such a tease,” San growled and pushed Wooyoung against the vanity. Wooyoung threw his head back with a laugh, and San took the opportunity to turn him around. He stayed still, hands on the countertop, while San unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down together with his underwear and tugged them off for good measure.

Through the mirror, San caught Wooyoung’s eyes before dropping down on his knees.

“You really couldn’t wait until we got back to the dorms,” Wooyoung said, his tone equally teasing and fond.

San spread Wooyoung’s ass cheeks with his thumbs and forgot all about replying when he caught sight of the plug nestled in between. The skin around it glistened with lube. San looked up, and his surprise must have been evident on his face because Wooyoung’s smile turned smug again, maybe even a little expectant.

“You’re unbelievable,” San exhaled. He leaned in to press a kiss onto the plug and when he licked his lips, he could taste strawberry. Not only had Wooyoung come prepared, but he had also used flavored lube.

Just like San knew Wooyoung, Wooyoung knew San.

“Did you think I spent ten minutes choosing a shirt?” Wooyoung’s laugh had turned a little breathless already.

“I didn’t think about it,” San admitted and ran his finger over Wooyoung’s rim, along the edge of the plug. “I was too busy trying to force my erection down.”

“Knew you’d be impatient.”

“Mmh,” San agreed and grabbed the base of the plug. He removed it carefully, attentive to Wooyoung’s steady breaths. When it slipped out, before Wooyoung could open his mouth to tease him again, San licked over his hole. Blindly, he reached up and dropped the plug onto the counter before really getting down to it.

Stretched out from the plug, Wooyoung’s hole gave way to San’s tongue easily. San didn’t hold back, out of patience and starved and intent on wrecking Wooyoung after all the teasing. 

“Is this what teenage girls do when they go to the bathroom together?” Wooyoung asked between heavy breaths. San removed his tongue and replaced it with two fingers that he curved against Wooyoung’s prostate. He was panting too.

“I don’t know, never been one,” he replied with a chuckle. “Now keep quiet and just admire how pretty you look while I have my dinner.”

And San dove back in. He spread his fingers so that he could better lick into Wooyoung’s hole, determined to remove all traces of the strawberry lube before he’d quit. Wooyoung didn’t say anything else either, whether because of San’s orders or because he was too busy moaning to get a word out.

San was hard, throbbing in his jeans, but he couldn’t bring himself to let go of Wooyoung long enough to touch himself. The noises Wooyoung was making weren’t helping him either, sweet moans that he tried to choke down on but failed to every time San sucked on his rim. When San lightly grazed his teeth over it, Wooyoung keened, and San wished he could see him fall apart.

And well, San didn’t go to the gym for nothing.

He got to his feet without pulling his mouth away from Wooyoung’s ass, hands still clutching Wooyoung’s hips. He used that grip to push Wooyoung further onto the counter. Wooyoung’s heavy breaths were cut off by a yelp as his feet lost touch of the tiled floor, all his weight on his forearms and chest.

“San-ah, wha-what are you—,”

San let go of Wooyoung’s hips to wrap his arms under his thighs instead. Through the mirror in front of them, he could see the flush on Wooyoung’s cheeks and the dazed look in his eyes. He straightened his legs and with a grunt, hoisted Wooyoung’s thighs up onto his own shoulders.

“Want to see you,” San replied, eyes locked on Wooyoung’s reflection. Wooyoung was panting. He had one hand pressed against the mirror, the other on the marble countertop for balance. His back curved oh so prettily, neck craned to be able to see San too, and his thighs were shaking on San’s shoulders.

“Don’t worry, Woo-yah,” San murmured and stroked his thumbs over the swell of Wooyoung’s ass, “I’ve got you.”

San pulled his ass cheeks apart and fucked his tongue into Wooyoung’s glistening, malleable hole. But now he kept his eyes open and fixed on their reflections in the mirror. Wooyoung’s chest was heaving, his lips parted and each breath briefly fogging up the mirror. Sweat was glistening on his brow, and a blush reached from his cheeks down to his neck.

He wanted to tell Wooyoung how beautiful he looked, but with his mouth otherwise occupied, all he could do was suck harder, shove his tongue in further. Wooyoung’s thighs had a death grip of San’s head, but he could still hear Wooyoung’s whines rise in pitch indicating that he was about to come.

So San pried Wooyoung’s thighs off him and lowered him back fully onto the counter. He ignored Wooyoung’s protests and unzipped his own jeans to pull out his cock. It throbbed in his hand, and San only had to jerk it a couple of times before he felt his orgasm approaching. He positioned the tip of his cock against Wooyoung’s hole and pushed it inside just enough not to spill a single drop.

He came with a low groan, cock twitching in his hand when he filled Wooyoung’s hole. San kept him still with a hand on his lower back and kept it there when he tucked himself back into his boxers and reached for the plug. It slipped in effortlessly, and San stroked the red marks his tight grip had left on Wooyoung’s ass cheeks with a satisfied smile.

“Sannie-yah,” Wooyoung whined. San looked up from his ass to meet his desperate eyes. He had considered leaving Wooyoung like this, unsatisfied until they made it back to the dorm so that Wooyoung would suffer in the same way San had, but he was too weak for his demanding boyfriend.

“Shh,” San whispered and reached around Wooyoung for his cock. “Didn’t I say I’ve got you?”

He wrapped an arm around Wooyoung’s waist and reached under him to tug at his cock. Mouthing at Wooyoung’s neck, eyes on him through the mirror, all it took was pressing against his ass to lodge the plug in deeper, and Wooyoung came.

San cupped his cock to catch his release. He held Wooyoung close until Wooyoung slumped against his chest, a satisfied smile on his face. San rinsed his hand under the faucet before wrapping both arms around Wooyoung.

“My impatient Sannie-yah,” Wooyoung murmured, head tilted back against San’s shoulder. “You know, ten minutes more and I would have asked you to come to the bathroom with me.”

San chuckled and pecked his shoulder.

“I know. Maybe we’ll get through the rest of the dinner now.”

San only had to zip himself up again so he leaned against the vanity while he waited for Wooyoung to get redressed. The blush on Wooyoung’s cheeks had barely faded, and San’s lips were swollen, and they both had satisfied grins on their faces. It was quite obvious what they’d been doing.

“I think teenage girls got it right,” Wooyoung laughed and glanced at his own reflection before reaching for San’s hand. “It’s way more fun to go to the bathroom with a friend.”

“Boyfriend,” San corrected automatically and was rewarded with a kiss. Wooyoung was still looking at him fondly when he unlocked the door.

“Especially then.”



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Wooyoung had his tongue down Felix’s mouth when San and Chan walked into the bedroom. Felix, who had been sweetly moaning, hands carefully exploring the bruises and bite marks on Wooyoung’s shoulders, pulled away and scrambled onto his knees. Wooyoung did the same, though he felt less guilty and more excited.

Unlike Felix, who liked to be taken care of and pampered and told he did well, Wooyoung liked being driven mindless with pain. As such, misbehaving came more naturally to him. They’d been told to wait quietly on their knees by the bed while their doms got ready.

Making out on the bed was definitely misbehaving.

“Please, Daddy,” Felix stammered. Wooyoung met San’s gaze. San raised one eyebrow, nothing of the surprise clear on Chan’s expression present in his. Unlike Chan, San was used to a brat. When his dom remained silent, Felix continued. “I’m sorry. Please don’t p-punish me.”

San closed the door behind them before following Chan. They stopped next to the bed and looked down at their subs, both looking powerful and handsome in their black dress shirts. Wooyoung was wearing a black leather harness; Felix had baby blue lace wrapped around his thighs and neck.

“I thought we had tonight planned out,” Chan said, stern and disappointed. “What happened?”

“I think I know,” San drawled and reached out to stroke his hand down Wooyoung’s cheek. Wooyoung expected the slap that followed but next to him, Felix gasped. “I think my cocksleeve has been teaching your baby boy some bad manners.”

From the corner of his eye, Wooyoung could see Felix nod hesitantly but he didn’t remove his gaze from San’s eyes. There was excitement shining in them as well.

Chan sighed. “I’m sorry, baby boy, but you were bad. You disobeyed me. I can’t just let that go.”

Felix hung his head in shame, and Wooyoung could see tears in the corners of his eyes, and he felt bad.

“I’ll take his punishment for him,” Wooyoung interrupted just as Felix opened his mouth. “It was my fault. He didn’t want to misbehave; I convinced him.”

“Like I said,” San said and gripped Wooyoung’s hair, then tugged harshly. Wooyoung winced but kept his hands in his lap. “Useless cocksleeve.”

Chan considered the suggestion in silence. When he touched Felix, it was to stroke his hair gently. Felix leaned into it, blinking with big eyes at his dom, hoping for mercy. Wooyoung’s neck was starting to ache from the strain of the position San kept him in, and his cock throbbed in arousal.

“It’s okay,” Chan murmured, “I can’t expect too much from my dumb baby boy. I think you'll feel bad enough just watching your friend suffer for you. Does that sound fair?" 

Felix hesitated and glanced at Wooyoung. Wooyoung nodded as much as he could with San's iron grip still twisting his head back.

"It does. Thank you, Daddy. I'm sorry." 

San stopped pulling on Wooyoung's hair, allowing him to raise his head again, and stroked his fingers firmly but gently through the strands, fingertips massaging Wooyoung's aching scalp, and Wooyoung knew this brief caress was a reward for making San proud.

Felix was laid down on his back, and Wooyoung settled on top of him, hips straddling his thighs and cheek resting on his chest.

"Baby, I want you to count the hits and remember that half of them are because of you. Twenty from us both sounds reasonable, I think."

"I agree,” San said. Chan was standing right behind Wooyoung and San next to him. “Chan, why don’t you go first. Cocksleeve, stay still and be quiet. Remember that you asked for this. I'll expect an apology once we're done."

Wooyoung nodded and grabbed the cover on both sides of Felix. Felix had his hands on Wooyoung's shoulders, and Wooyoung could feel his nervousness when his breathing stuttered in his chest. Wooyoung pressed a kiss to his pec in reassurance right before Chan landed the first strike. 

Wooyoung tensed before exhaling and relaxing again. He could take a lot worse—had taken a lot worse. Chan didn't hit as sharply as San, yet Wooyoung could feel Felix shudder under him and vowed to be as quiet as possible.

Felix whispered the first count, and Chan continued. 

Chan’s rhythm was steady, his palm heavy each time it collided with Wooyoung’s buttocks. He always waited until Felix counted before hitting again. Wooyoung couldn’t see him or San, but he knew San was there, watching him and admiring how Wooyoung’s skin turned red and redder. Wooyoung could feel it, each strike more intense than the last.

Wooyoung had his lips clamped shut to keep quiet, but he couldn’t stop himself from jerking away from the physical pain. San had of course counted on it; now Felix could feel each hit as well. Felix’s hands stroked over Wooyoung’s shoulders and neck in an effort to calm him.

At some point, the pain didn’t fade between hits anymore, and on the sixteenth, Wooyoung whimpered and briefly lowered his hips, before taking a deep breath and raising them again to accept the next hit. But Felix didn’t count.

Chan paused. Wooyoung wanted to tell Felix that he was okay, that he was enjoying this, but it was a struggle to form the words. He and Felix were basically opposites as submissives. He hoped this wasn’t too much for Felix. Despite his shaking hands, Felix was hard, cock pressing against Wooyoung’s stomach.

"Baby boy,” Chan said as the silence stretched. His tone was firm but kind. “Color?" 

Felix swallowed before replying, "G-green, Daddy."

"Then keep counting, baby boy.”

“But what about…” Felix stroked his hand over Wooyoung’s head. He whispered out the derogatory, “Cocksleeve?”

Wooyoung could hear the smirk in San’s voice and pride bubbled in his chest. He was doing well, and San knew it too.

“He deserves much more than this. But go ahead, cocksleeve, tell baby boy how you feel.”

"So green, Master. 'm okay, baby."

“Okay.” Felix kept stroking his hair, then inhaled deeply. “Sixteen, Daddy.”

Wooyoung’s body jolted against Felix with each slap, but Felix didn’t hesitate anymore. After twenty counts, Wooyoung loosened his grip on the covers briefly while Chan and San switched places. His ass throbbed, but the pain only made him moan when San stroked his hands down his buttocks.

“Is this even a punishment for painslut like you, hm?” San teased, but Wooyoung knew better than to answer. He raised his hips a little more so that San could aim for his upper thighs if he wanted to and grasped the covers again.

San gave Felix much less time to count between hits. He knew just where to strike Wooyoung to hurt him the most, and Wooyoung squirmed on top of Felix, whimpers and choked off shouts escaping him with each hit. His cock was leaking onto Felix’s thighs, and in the same way that he was out of breath, Felix was panting too.

Wooyoung had tears on his cheeks by the time San delivered the last open-handed slap on his ass. San barely waited for Felix to say the last number before wrapping an arm around Wooyoung’s waist to pull him up. Wooyoung slumped against San, chest heaving and body alive with pain and pleasure. San clicked his tongue in amusement at the sight of Wooyoung’s twitching cock and the mess of precum he’d left on Felix’s thighs. Chan reached out to pet Felix’s head. The fondness in his expression colored his stern words.

"Baby boy, thank San’s perfect cocksleeve for taking your punishment for you."

San held Wooyoung upright, the arm around his waist firm but the hand cradling his throat surprisingly gentle. Felix scrambled to his knees and bent down to take Wooyoung's cock in his mouth. Wooyoung gasped, the pleasure mixing with the pain to make his head spin. 

"It's okay, my little cocksleeve. You did so well. You can come now."

Felix hollowed his cheeks, and that was all it took for Wooyoung to spill into his mouth. Wooyoung squeezed his eyes shut, panting open-mouthed while San pressed kisses along his neck.

When Felix pulled away, Wooyoung opened his eyes. Chan was stroking Felix's back with a proud smile, and Felix licked his lips, the guilt and worry on his face replaced by a satisfied smile.

"Good boy," San murmured, thumb stroking Wooyoung's throat steadily. He was pushing his hard-on against Wooyoung’s throbbing ass. "With that out of the way, shall we get to what we had actually planned for tonight?" 

“Yes, Master. I’m sorry for misbehaving. I won’t do it again,” Wooyoung lied with a grin.



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The only light in the living room came from the end credits rolling across the TV screen. Their dorm was quiet except for the closing song of the movie and Jeno’s panting. Donghyuck stroked his fingers through Jeno’s hair right between the two black puppy ears, careful not to dislodge the headband.

Jeno had watched the movie curled up on a pillow on the floor by Donghyuck’s feet. Donghyuck had chosen the movie, but it was okay because he doubted Jeno had paid much attention to it. Donghyuck had tried his best to get immersed in the mediocre plot, but Jeno’s whining could be very distracting.

“Good puppy,” Donghyuck murmured and observed Jeno through hooded eyes. His face was shrouded in shadows, but his lips glistened wrapped around Donghyuck’s cock. “So patient during the movie. You were patient the whole week, weren’t you?”

When the movie had ended, Jeno had gotten onto his knees, mouth obediently open, eyes glazed over and expectant. Donghyuck had pulled out his half-hard cock while dragging his eyes down Jeno’s bare body. He was clad in nothing but a thick leather collar, the ears that matched his hair perfectly, and the fluffy tail attached to his butt plug. A couple of tugs was enough to make Donghyuck fully erect, and he’d guided Jeno’s mouth firmly onto his cock.

“You were so on edge after we finished filming, poor pup,” Donghyuck said, words teasing but his voice breathy. He controlled the pace with a hand on the crown of Jeno’s head, but Jeno always lapped at his cock so excitedly, it was hard to keep calm for long. “I knew you’d love sleeping in the doggie house.”

Jeno shifted his hips, moving the plug inside him, and Donghyuck kicked his thigh lightly in reprimand.

“Stop that. Take care of your owner first like a good dog.”

Jeno stilled, and Donghyuck scratched him behind an ear in reward. Jeno was always so concerned with making sure everyone liked him, but when they were playing, all he had to care about was Donghyuck’s opinion. And Donghyuck enjoyed having someone who didn’t argue with him for once. After their playtime, he always felt rejuvenated and ready for petty arguments with Renjun or whoever else in front of the cameras.

“I wanted to sleep in the proper bed in your room but,” Donghyuck said and urged Jeno to swallow him deeper, “I wouldn’t have been able to resist you. But I know it left you on edge. We’ll take care of it tonight. Right, pup?”

Jeno whined around his cock, eyes big and starry as he looked at Donghyuck with such trust and adoration, Donghyuck’s heart did a weird thing in his chest. Maybe Donghyuck too had been on edge since the filming of 7llin’ in the Dream finished.

“C’mon, mutt, you have to work harder for your treat,” Donghyuck teased, even though he was the one in control of the pace. He tugged Jeno by a grip on his hair, pushing further into his mouth. Jeno was always so easily excitable, even now spit running down his chin as he sucked Donghyuck eagerly, but Donghyuck had wanted to take it easy tonight. It wasn’t often that they had the dorm to themselves for this long.

The song faded out and the end credits stopped rolling, and now Donghyuck could really hear Jeno properly, the muffled whines and moans and heavy breaths he took before sinking down onto Donghyuck’s cock again.

“Making me feel so good.” Donghyuck didn’t mind the lack of his stamina, not when they’d have the whole night to go as many times as they wished. He wondered if Jeno’s knees were aching yet, and felt proud that Jeno hadn’t complained once. “Always so eager. Swallow everything for me like a good pet now.”

Jeno closed his eyes, but Donghyuck kept his open. He grabbed the collar to keep Jeno still when he spilled into his mouth. The collar dug into Jeno’s throat when he swallowed, and when he was done, Jeno stuck out his tongue to show his empty mouth.

“Good boy.” Donghyuck gathered his breath and slid closer to the edge of the couch, back straight and hand still holding Jeno’s collar. Despite the darkness, he could see the outline of Jeno’s thick cock hanging heavy between his thighs, hard and leaking.

“Does my pup want to come?” Donghyuck mocked with no real bite in his voice and moved one leg between Jeno’s thighs. He pressed his shin against Jeno’s cock and tugged on his collar. “Do it then. You can come, pup.”

Jeno slid his knees wider for a better angle, hands flat on the floor for support, and rolled his hips carefully. When Donghyuck didn’t move and didn’t reprimand him, Jeno’s movements got increasingly frantic. Donghyuck watched with a satisfied smile as his friend-with-benefits rutted against his leg. He held a firm grip on Jeno’s collar, occasionally glancing at the tail as it swung behind Jeno.

Jeno dropped his forehead onto Donghyuck’s thigh, panting loudly now. Donghyuck grabbed his hair and tugged his head up. Jeno looked completely out of it. Donghyuck was pretty sure that if he asked Jeno to speak, he would be unable to get a coherent word out. 

“Come, pup,” Donghyuck ordered, and Jeno’s hips stuttered when he came, making a mess of Donghyuck’s trousers. Without a word, Donghyuck guided his head down and Jeno lapped the cum up so obediently, Donghyuck’s cock twitched in response.

“Let’s go, dog,” Donghyuck said and got onto his feet. Jeno looked up at him, panting with his tongue out, and Donghyuck’s heart did that weird skipping thing again. Donghyuck ignored it and started walking toward his bedroom. He could hear Jeno follow him, on all fours like a good dog.

Donghyuck stopped to wait for him and caressed his hair gently. “So good for me pup. I’ll let you on the bed to fuck me tonight.”

Jeno nuzzled into his palm with a smile, and Donghyuck couldn’t help but smile in return, heart somersaulting in his chest. It was a new feeling, one that Donghyuck wasn’t ready to explore yet, but he was pretty sure that he liked it.



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“I got the tower, but I need more damage—yeah I’m going back.” While Jungkook waited for his champion to recall, he stroked one hand down Jimin’s bare thigh. His teammates kept talking, and Jungkook hummed in agreement, returning his hand back to the mouse. Jimin didn’t react, calm and warm where he was straddling Jungkook’s lap.

They’d been sitting like this since Jungkook started gaming, two matches ago. This third one was running long, over forty minutes already. Jimin had one arm around Jungkook’s shoulders, his cheek resting against the other. He was watching something on his phone, and if Jungkook hadn’t felt his chest move when he chuckled, Jungkook would have guessed his boyfriend had dozed off.

Jungkook loved it when they spent time together like this, doing their own things peacefully. The door to his room was locked to make sure the other members wouldn’t barge in, and the only light came from their screens and through the window, Seoul bright even during the night. Jimin was wearing Jungkook’s hoodie.

“Let’s push mid,” Jungkook said, eager to finish the game. He had full build, full mana, and all the minions he could ask for. He was distracted from his teammates’ words when he felt one side of his headset be pushed back.

“Almost done?” Jimin whispered. Jungkook pecked him on the cheek, attention on the screen as his champion approached the enemy base.

“Group up mid, guys, we need to—fucking push! Let’s end this.”

Jungkook stretched his neck to see over Jimin’s shoulders when Jimin moved to put his phone onto the table. With his hands free, Jimin hugged Jungkook closer, face pressed against his neck, and rolled his hips. Jungkook barely managed to clamp his lips shut before he moaned.

“H-hyung,” he whined, most of his attention still on killing the enemy’s Fizz. But it was hard to ignore his hardening cock when Jimin clenched around it. When the Fizz died, Jungkook had a second of respite, and he quickly muted his mic. “We’re about to win, hyung, fuck, just gimme—”

Jimin didn’t reply, but the fact that he didn’t stop moving, quickly getting Jungkook fully hard, was answer enough. Jungkook unmuted his mic and jumped into the last proper fight with renewed desperation.

He’d had his cock in Jimin’s ass the whole time he played, and it had been fine, no one had been able to tell because Jimin had kept still, perfectly satisfied with feeling full and close to Jungkook.

But it seemed Jimin had had enough, his need for intimacy replaced by a need to get off.

“Guys, just—ult, use your—what are you doing ,” Jungkook’s voice rose with each word, and he groaned when Jimin attached his lips to Jungkook’s neck. Jungkook killed Malphite, and with only the enemy's support left, he decided his team could end the game without him.

“GG,” Jungkook called into his mic before hurriedly muting it and pulling his headphones off. He immediately wrapped his arms around Jimin’s waist to pull him down onto his cock and keep him there. “You couldn’t wait five more minutes, hyung?”

“You said it was five more minutes fifteen minutes ago,” Jimin said and stopped marking Jungkook’s neck to meet his eyes. Jimin was smiling, both amused and smug, and Jungkook nipped at his bottom lip in lieu of a proper kiss. He loosened his hold so that Jimin could raise his hips again.

“You know how it is, I can’t predict exactly—”

“I know, Jungkook-ah,” Jimin said, fingers clutching at Jungkook’s shoulders when he rode him. Jungkook could hear his teammates distantly through the headset still hanging around his neck, and on the screen behind Jimin’s back Victory flashed on the screen. Jimin continued, “You could’ve kept playing.”

“You know I couldn’t. Not when you make me feel so good, hyung.” Jungkook pressed kisses along Jimin’s jawline, already a little out of breath. Having his cock warmed for hours always left him sensitive. “Could barely focus anymore and I didn’t want my friends to realize I was being distracted.”

He could hear the smile in Jimin’s voice when he said, “Fuck me then and you can get back to playing.”

Jungkook didn’t need much more prompting. He pushed Jimin’s hoodie, the only thing he was wearing, up to grab his hip and wrapped his other hand around Jimin’s cock to jerk him off. The chair creaked when he started thrusting up, hand on Jimin’s hip keeping him steady.

“Fuck, hyung,” Jungkook panted. Jimin was letting out sweet moans each time Jungkook grazed his prostate, soft ah ah ah ’s that filled the room. Jungkook caught his lips for a kiss, eager to swallow all his sounds as they both neared their climax. “Are you gonna come for me, hyung? You feel so good.”

“Gonna come, Kookie-yah,” Jimin said right before his breathing hitched. He spilled into Jungkook’s hand, and Jungkook stroked him through it. Jungkook licked into his mouth, and when Jimin’s moans grew louder from the overstimulation, Jungkook pushed his dripping fingers into Jimin’s mouth.

Jimin wrapped his lips around them and opened his eyes, dark with satisfaction and warm with love, and licked his cum off Jungkook’s fingers. Jungkook groaned and pulled Jimin’s hips down to come as deep in him as possible. He removed his fingers from Jimin’s mouth and kissed him until his cock stopped pulsing.

They kept kissing until their breathing had evened out. When Jimin pulled his mouth away, Jungkook stroked his hair gently off his forehead. The screen had gone black, leaving them in almost total darkness, but the light from the window was enough for Jungkook to see Jimin’s smile.

“So good, Jungkook-ah. Do you wanna play still?”

“We can go to bed, hyung, if you want to.”

“Not yet,” Jimin replied and wrapped his arms tighter around Jungkook’s shoulders. He kissed Jungkook sweetly before resting his head back on his shoulder. “One more game.”

“Okay, hyung,” Jungkook replied and pressed a kiss into Jimin’s hair. He loved it when they spent time like this, warm and relaxed and intimate. It made him feel so loved, so in love, sometimes he didn’t know what to do with himself. So he reached for his mouse and, noticing that his friends were still waiting for him, clicked to join the lobby so they could queue for a new game. He put his headphones back on, still smiling.

“Hey guys,” Jungkook started, then remembered he’d muted his mic, but before he could do anything about it, chuckles carried through his headphones.

Maybe make sure you actually unmute the mic next time, buddy .”



Chapter Text

One of Jeno’s bodyguards opened the door for Jaemin. Jaemin remembered his face though he’d never gotten his name. He walked past the bodyguard without a word, into the opulent suite. The balcony doors across the room were open, offering a view of the harbor. It was packed full of yachts, each bigger than the next, glimmering in the sunshine.

Jaemin dropped his bag onto a chaise lounge and walked through the sitting room into the bedroom on the left. The sun was shining in through the parted curtains. The wall paneling had gold details, the high ceiling a mural, and there were porcelain vases with fresh flowers on every mahogany table. It was a gorgeous room, but Jaemin had little interest in it when he caught sight of his boyfriends on the massive bed.

Renjun’s hair had grown longer since Jaemin had last seen him. He was wearing a white bathrobe, identical to the one lying on the plush carpet by the bed. Jeno must have been wearing it, but right now, he was spread out over the white covers, gorgeously tan. While Renjun was beautiful in an effortless way, Jeno looked like he’d been hand-crafted by the gods.

If Jaemin had had a shred of modesty, he might have felt self-conscious in their company.

“How was the flight?” Renjun greeted, glancing up before returning his attention to the knot he was tying. Jaemin walked closer. Jeno’s hands were tied to the golden bedposts, wrists wrapped in scarlet silk. Silk was looped around his waist as well, and currently, Renjun was threading another sash around his left thigh.

“I fell asleep after we got in the air,” Jaemin replied, admittedly distracted by the sight in front of him. He picked up a shorter strip of silk. "Where did you get this?"

"Last time we spoke on the phone, I told Jeno I'd bring rope with me to tie him up with. He told me he would prefer silk and wired me the money. I obliged, of course." 

"Of course," Jaemin said with a grin and climbed onto the bed. "Anything for our prince."

"I thought it would be easier to get through customs," Jeno said. He seemed out of breath already, tan chest rising and falling steadily. Jaemin hummed in amusement and stroked the strip of silk against Jeno's cheek. 

"Should we tie your eyes too? So that you can feel us better."

"I want to see you," Jeno said, tone polite and eyes hooded, "I missed you." 

Jaemin dropped his gaze to Jeno's neck. He didn’t bother with a reply, instead wrapping the silk around Jeno's neck, then tied it into a nice bow. He leaned down to place a kiss onto the corner of Jeno's mouth. 

"There. You'll feel us well anyway: we are going to take our time with you, needy prince." Jaemin got off the bed and stroked his hand down Renjun's shoulder. "I need to take a shower, but I won't take long."

The bathroom was half the size of the ridiculously sized bedroom. Jaemin chose the shower in favor of the clawfoot tub under the window. He could take his time later. The citrus in the shampoo did wonders for clearing his head and the warmth loosened the sore muscles in his shoulders.

When he was done, he felt fully refreshed. He put on one of the complimentary hotel bathrobes, and when he walked back into the bedroom, found himself to be half-hard already.

Renjun had Jeno wrapped up like a beautiful present. His calves were tied to his thighs, which were connected to the silk sash around his waist so that he was kept spread open, immobile, and vulnerable. His hands clenched in their binds as Renjun sucked on his cock, several fingers fucking in and out of his hole. 

"Fuck, that's beautiful. This should be waiting for me at every hotel," Jaemin said and joined them on the bed. 

Renjun pulled off Jeno's cock and Jaemin pulled him closer by the neck to kiss him. He knew Jeno was watching, and he could hear the squelch of the lube as Renjun kept fingering him, and Jaemin felt embarrassingly close to coming already.

Sex was always great when it was just the two of them, whether it was with Renjun in his basement apartment in San Francisco or with Jeno in Jaemin's penthouse in Los Angeles or somewhere on the road in a fancy hotel. But when they were together all three of them, it was damn near magical.

“How much time do we have?” Jaemin asked and untied Renjun’s robe to be able to touch him better. Renjun kept kissing him clearly in no hurry, and Jaemin didn’t feel like stopping either. When Renjun replied, his lips were still close enough to brush against Jaemin’s.

“He has breakfast with the Princess of Monaco tomorrow,” Renjun said and gripped Jaemin’s neck with both hands, hold slippery because of the lube. “We’ve got free reign until then. Fuck, I missed you.”

Jaemin moaned in reply and pulled Renjun closer by his hip. Everything about the situation, Renjun’s groans while they devoured each other’s mouths, Jeno’s whining while he was ignored, tied up and at their mercy; it all went to Jaemin’s head. The Grand Prix could have started, the race cars could have driven right past their window, and he wouldn’t have noticed or cared.

“Let’s give our prince the royal treatment then.”

When they parted, both out of breath, Jaemin could see the excitement he felt reflected in Renjun’s eyes. Ready to devour him, they turned to look at Jeno, who was panting as well, a blush starting to spread over his cheeks.

Renjun hummed and pushed his fingers back inside Jeno. “It’s what he deserves.”

Chapter Text

Some would say that going to a gloryhole to suck off strangers wasn’t the best way to get over an unrequited crush, which was why Wooyoung had never told anyone. It worked for him. Somewhat. At least when he was choking on a cock, he was able to forget about everything else.

That’s what he was waiting for right now. He tapped his foot impatiently, about ready to pray for a big fat cock to be pushed through the wall so that when he went home, he would be thinking about his aching jaw instead of his aching heart.

Someone must have heard his prayers because the door to the stall next to his was opened and closed, and Wooyoung could hear a zipper being pulled down.

Wooyoung got on his knees in front of the hole in the wall, ready to be of service. Seconds ticked by, and after a muffled curse, a flaccid dick was pushed through the hole. Wooyoung raised his eyebrows. Usually, people were ready to go when they entered, excited to fuck an anonymous mouth. This particular dick did look decently sized despite its soft state, though, and Wooyoung wasn’t afraid of a challenge.

He leaned forward, hands flat against the wall for support, and closed his mouth around the tip.

“Oh, fuck,” the person on the other side groaned. Wooyoung sunk a bit deeper and tongued at the frenulum, a little impatient to get this very nice-tasting cock hard so that they could really get into it. It worked, the cock chubbing up as Wooyoung swallowed more of it, sucking until it was hard and filled up his mouth.

It was a very decently sized cock indeed.

Wooyoung hummed contently when the cock twitched in his mouth, leaking a drop of precum, and shuffled closer to the wall to get it down his throat.

The cock was pulled away.

Wooyoung stared at the wall, lips still in the shape of an o. What the fuck? He barely managed to keep from saying those words out loud or peaking through the hole. It was bad form. But no one had ever before implied that he didn’t know what he was doing with his mouth.

“I’m sorry,” the man on the other side said. He sounded out of breath and somewhat familiar. “I’m sorry, it’s just—it’s not you, I mean, it is you, it’s just… there’s someone else.”

Wooyoung would have rolled his eyes and sat back on the closed toilet seat to wait for someone else who actually wanted a blowjob, but he was too busy freaking out. The man on the other side of the wall sounded too much like San, and if he sounded like San then he might be San, and if Wooyoung had just had San’s dick in his mouth then he might just combust.

The silence lasted forever. Maybe-San didn’t leave though, and Wooyoung had never been good with silences. He cleared his throat and pitched his voice lower. Husky and sexy and most importantly, not his own.

“Someone else?”

Maybe-San chuckled breathily, and Wooyoung’s heart skipped a beat. Definitely San.

“Yeah. A friend of mine said coming here might help me get over him. But I can’t stop thinking about him.”

Wooyoung could relate.

He hadn’t known San had feelings for someone. Maybe that’s why San had turned him down. However, thinking about that made his heart hurt, so Wooyoung didn’t.

“You can think about him,” Wooyoung said huskily, “that’s sort of the purpose of the wall. I can be whoever you want me to be.”

“Isn’t that kind of… rude?”

“Just let me suck your dick,” Wooyoung snapped. San was so considerate and so nice and so out of place at a gloryhole, and Wooyoung wanted to tell him to go and confess to whoever the lucky bitch was that had won his heart, but he was also selfish. If all he got was this one chance to have San’s dick in his mouth, then he was going to take it.

It probably wouldn’t make it easier to get over him, but that was future-Wooyoung’s problem.

“Yeah, okay,” San said and took a deep breath before reinserting his cock through the hole. It had softened somewhat, but Wooyoung swallowed it down right away to get it back to hardness. Now that he knew that it was San on the other side of the wall, he really wanted to do his best. He grinned around the cock when he heard San choke down a moan. “You’re really good at this.”

I’ve had practice , Wooyoung thought and relaxed his throat, ready to deepthroat the fuck out of San. He pushed forward until his nose was pressed against the wall and gagged when to his surprise, San thrust into his throat. It must have been a reflex because San immediately pulled back. Afraid that San would apologize, Wooyoung moaned and licked around the head of San’s cock before swallowing him back down.

“You—you kind of sound like him.” San was panting already, and Wooyoung felt proud in addition to horny. He reached down and palmed himself over his jeans. He usually didn’t get himself off while he was here. Walking home with cum-soiled boxers was uncomfortable. But right now, knowing that the guy he was blowing was his crush, he couldn’t help himself.

“Yeah?” Wooyoung asked when he came up for a breath. He unzipped his jeans and pushed his hand into his boxers to wrap it around his cock. He wanted to keep San talking, so he said, “Tell me about him.”

“He goes to the same uni with me. We’ve got some—ah, classes together. He’s the funniest person I’ve ever met. He even makes studying fun. And he’s so pretty. Fuck, do that again.”

Wooyoung obliged, twirling his tongue around San’s cock while he sucked. He tried not to feel jealous, instead pumping his own cock and imagining that San was talking about him. It wasn’t too difficult.

“He’s kind too. I’m just, ah, head over heels for him.”

Wooyoung pulled off to catch his breath.

“How do you know he doesn’t like you back?” He didn’t have to fake a husky voice anymore, breathless from arousal and having his airway repeatedly blocked. San had a fucking perfect cock, and Wooyoung would mourn never getting to choke on it again.

He licked the precum beading on the tip before suckling on the tip. Before he could do more, San thrust forward as much as the wall allowed. Embarrassingly eager, Wooyoung shoved himself down on his cock so that San could start fucking his mouth.

“He just got out of a relationship and he’s already talking about dating again. If he wanted me, he’d—ah, right there, just… if he wanted me, he’d ask, right? I’ve been obvious about my feelings. I’m gonna come soon, fuck, your mouth feels so good.”

San’s pace increased, and Wooyoung moaned around his cock. He felt close himself, too focused on his arousal to really think about what San was saying. Whoever it was that didn’t want San was an idiot. San was already such an attentive friend; he’d make an amazing boyfriend. Wooyoung could barely hear his own thoughts over how he gargled on San’s cock. There was spit running down his chin, and he felt filthy in the best way.

“I’m gonna, I’m gonna—I wish, fuck, Wooyoung-ah—”

Wooyoung choked when cum filled his mouth. He hurried to swallow, and normally he spat everything out, but he was too shocked to even consider it, frozen in place while San used his throat. San knew it was him, San knew —no. San couldn’t know. San wished it was him on this side of the gloryhole. Which meant…

Wooyoung’s own orgasm managed to take him by surprise. He squeezed his eyes shut when he spilled into his hand, panting heavily and absolutely euphoric. He didn’t think he’d ever had an orgasm this good.

“I shouldn't have... I'm sorry. Thank you. I'm sorry.”

When Wooyoung opened his eyes, there was no dick in the gloryhole anymore. The door of the stall next to his clanged open and San ran out of the bathroom. Wooyoung stared through the hole, out of breath and still reeling from his orgasm and the revelation both.

San liked him.

San liked him .

Wooyoung couldn’t let him get away.

He scrambled to his feet and wiped his hand on the toilet paper roll while he zipped his jeans with the other. His heart was pounding in his ears, adrenaline making his whole body shake. He slammed the door open and ran out of the bathroom.

The club was packed, strobe lights disorienting in the darkness, but Wooyoung could still spot San halfway to the exit. He pushed his way through the dancing crowd ignoring the shouts after him and grabbed San’s wrist to stop him.

San turned around, and the way his eyes widened in surprise would have been amusing in any other situation.

“Woo-yah,” San said, “I didn’t know you were here.”

“When I said I wanted to start dating, you said ‘Good luck’. How is that being obvious about your feelings for me?”

“... What?”

“When I—whatever. Do you wanna go out with me?” Wooyoung was out of breath, but he knew San could hear him. The expression on his face, shocked and a little hopeful, gave him away. It also gave Wooyoung the courage to keep pushing. “You said my name. You like me. I like you too. Do you wanna go out with me?”

“I—I do, but when did I…” San cut himself off, eyes roving over Wooyoung. And Wooyoung knew his cheeks were flushed, and his lips swollen, his knees dusty, and he was pretty sure he had a cum stain on his jeans. “Oh fuck.”

“Yeah, later hopefully. So?”

San stared incredulously at Wooyoung, who couldn’t stop smiling. This was it, this was it, this was—

The surprise on San’s face was replaced by the loveliest smile Wooyoung had ever seen. San was a little breathless too when he replied, “Fuck yeah. Hell yeah. Absolutely.”



Chapter Text

Jaebum unlocked the door, opened it, and closed it behind him carefully. The small apartment was dark, just the weak street lights shining in through the windows right below the low ceiling, barely above street level. Everything in it was second-hand, from the closet missing its doors to the torn carpet, and even though they kept it neat, Jaebum knew it was a shithole.

He’d get them a new apartment soon, one up on a hill where the city’s pollution wouldn’t reach them. He’d leave everything behind him, except for Jimin.

Jaebum left his duffel bag by the door, shrugged out of his coat and his shoes before approaching the bed. It wasn’t made for two people, but Jaebum knew there’d be space for him too. Jimin was lying in the middle, covers draped over his back. That would be the only thing he was wearing; the midsummer heat was too much for even a pair of boxers.

Besides, Jimin had promised.

Jaebum undressed and sat down on the edge of the bed. Jimin didn’t stir. Jaebum stroked his hair back from his forehead gently, then traced his fingers down Jimin’s neck, along his spine until he reached the covers. He pulled them down slowly, revealing Jimin’s body to him and him only.

The tiredness he’d felt during the flight was forgotten. The clock must have been past four in the morning, but Jaebum’s cock didn’t seem to care, stirring in his pants as he watched his boyfriend, so vulnerable and so very beautiful.

Jaebum stroked his hand over Jimin’s ass. His forefinger dipped between Jimin’s buttocks and slid over his hole, wet with lube. Jaebum smiled and pushed it inside. Jimin had played with himself, just like he’d promised.

Of course, after the filth he’d whispered over the phone when they spoke before Jaebum’s flight took off, Jaebum would have fucked him regardless.

Jaebum picked up the bottle of lube waiting on the nightstand and slicked up his cock. Jimin had one leg slightly bent, so Jaebum pushed it a little higher. He laid down next to Jimin, careful not to jostle him, half on top of him, half on the mattress, and spread his cheeks.

The tip of Jaebum’s cock slid in easily. He thrust slow and gentle until he was buried all the way inside Jimin’s tight, warm ass. It didn’t really matter if Jimin woke up, but Jaebum liked to have him like this. Asleep, he was all Jaebum’s; his body, all his reactions; it was for Jaebum only.

Jaebum began moving his hips slowly. The world was quiet around them, and he didn’t want to disturb that quietness. It was so rare in a big city. He pressed kisses against Jimin’s shoulder blades. There was a faded bite mark on Jimin’s neck, and Jaebum nuzzled his nose against it. Tomorrow he would leave more when Jimin was awake. When the city was awake. Then, they wouldn’t have to be quiet.

When Jaebum picked up his pace, Jimin stirred. Jaebum bottomed out and gyrated his hips. He had one elbow digging into the mattress for support, but with his other hand, he had had a firm grip on Jimin’s hip to keep him close and still even as Jaebum’s thrusts grew more forceful.

Jimin mumbled something, voice thick from sleep, and Jaebum let go of his hipbone and placed his hand over Jimin’s mouth instead.

“Shh,” Jaebum whispered and resumed his thrusts. Jimin’s eyelashes fluttered, but his eyes remained closed. Jaebum kissed his shoulder. “Just sleep, Jiminie. Let me have you like this.”

Jimin sighed, breath warm against Jaebum’s palm, and Jaebum didn’t know if he’d really been lulled back to sleep, or if he’d even woken up at all. Maybe he was pretending for Jaebum’s sake. It didn’t matter. Jaebum kept his hand where it was and closed his eyes to focus on his own pleasure.

It felt slow, and it felt intimate, and Jaebum stilled his hips when he came. He stroked Jimin’s cheek with a smile and settled on his side, Jimin held tight against his chest with an arm wrapped around his waist. He didn’t pull his cock out. He breathed in deep, nose buried in Jimin’s hair.

Despite their shitty half-basement apartment, Jimin smelled good. Jaebum held him tighter. Jimin shifted in his sleep, and Jaebum smiled, half-asleep already. Jimin didn’t smell like this place that they lived in; he smelled like home.



Chapter Text

The blindfold was made of leather, and the cuffs around his wrists were made of leather. It was all Xuxi could smell, the leather and the perfume Ten was wearing. The sheets were soft under his back, almost as soft as Ten's caress. Ten was trailing his hands over Xuxi's chest, nails catching on his nipples as if by accident, though Xuxi knew better. Everything Ten did was by design. 

“Poor Xuxi," Ten purred. His voice sounded like silk too, soft and expensive. He was warm where he sat on top of Xuxi, right on top of his hard cock. Xuxi wanted to thrust up against him, wanted to force some friction to help with the arousal simmering not just in his gut but his whole body. But he stayed still.

Ten had already taken his sight and his ability to touch. He didn't want to lose anything else. He was willing to be patient and wait for whatever Ten wanted to give in return.

“Got yourself tied up and blinded too. When I look so pretty. Do you want me to describe myself for you?”

Xuxi had to swallow before he got the words out. “Yes. Please.”

“I did my eyes smoky, the way you like. My hair is slicked back. I took my time with it because you can’t mess it up tonight. You’d love to, though, wouldn’t you?”

“I would. Please, gege , let me see.”

Xuxi could try, but he knew that what he imagined couldn't do justice to the real thing. Ten had tied him up and blindfolded him before he did himself up. Xuxi had waited spread out on the bed, just listening to Ten moving around and singing under his breath. He'd been hard since Ten had tightened the cuffs around his wrists.

Ten ignored his request.

“And you know what I’m wearing? Can you guess?” Xuxi could hear the smile in his voice. Ten scratched his nails down Xuxi's abs, and Xuxi clenched his hands uselessly. “Pearls, Xuxi-dear, nothing but pearls. Around my neck, my chest, my waist, down my back. Nothing else. Doesn’t it sound beautiful?”

“Yes, Ten, gege , hyung, please let me see you.” Xuxi tugged on his bindings, but his hands remained above his head, tied to the bedposts. He could hear Ten humm in amusement, and the soft chimes of the pearls when Ten moved. 

“Oh Xuxi. Your whining is boring me. Here, I’ve got a pearl for you too.”

Something was pressed against Xuxi's lips, and he opened them obediently. Ten pushed the ball gag inside his mouth smoothly, and Xuxi whined even as he raised his head off the pillow so that Ten could fasten it.

His lips stretched around the gag, and Ten licked them, teasing now that Xuxi couldn't kiss him back.

“You look pretty too, my Xuxi," Ten murmured and circled his hips once pulling a moan out of Xuxi. "We look beautiful together. It’s too bad that you can’t see us.”



Chapter Text

Ten wished he could have taken pictures, but pictures were too dangerous. So instead he took his time looking, admiring. Maybe there was something beautiful in the temporariness of the scene too.

Xuxi was laid out on the bed, black leather around his wrists and his eyes, a black ball gag in his mouth. The sheets were black too. Xuxi’s golden hair spread out over the pillow, the pearls of sweat on his toned chest. He looked so tense already, still beautiful, and all Ten had done was stroke his cock.

“You’re so sensitive. If I didn’t know better, I’d doubt whether you could last long enough to please me at all. Such a gorgeous cock, absolutely useless" Ten said, tone matching the languid strokes over Xuxi's cock. "But we know better, don’t we?”

Ten moved up Xuxi's body from where he'd been straddling his shivering thighs so that he could align Xuxi's cock with his entrance. The pearls decorating Ten's body bounced and chimed melodically.

He had taken time to admire himself before he had paid any attention to Xuxi. Maybe Ten was a little vain, but he really thought it undeniable that he looked stunning. Even better was the contrast when they were together: Xuxi toned and golden and helpless; Ten graceful and expensive and powerful.

Ten sank down onto Xuxi's cock with an airy moan. Xuxi couldn't see him, so Ten didn't hide the sounds he made. Xuxi groaned around the gag. He tried to say something, maybe protest Ten's words or plead for mercy.

"Nothing to say?" Ten teased and bit his bottom lip. He rolled his hips, letting himself adjust to the delicious stretch at his own pace. "That's okay. Toys don’t have anything valuable to say anyway."

Ten supported himself on Xuxi's pecs and dragged his hips up. This always felt so good, and Ten could tell Xuxi was getting lost in the pleasure as well. His biceps kept flexing with each clench around his cock, uselessly tugging against his restraints. But he didn’t try to thrust into Ten, even when Ten kept his pace slow.

“I should keep you like this always,” Ten suggested and set a steady pace that would get himself off. “Ready to be used for my pleasure. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

Xuxi nodded, but his next moan turned into a sob. Ten smiled and bent down so that he was able to whisper, lips inches from Xuxi’s. He continued fucking down, thumbs massaging Xuxi’s nipples. Xuxi never required any pain to cry, just a few carefully chosen words. 

“What would they think, all those fans you have, if they saw you like this? So desperate for me you’re crying. Would they love you less? Or more?”

Xuxi sobbed again. One tear trailed down his cheek, and Ten licked it away before picking up his pace. The slide had gotten wetter as the cock inside him leaked with every word he whispered to his lover.

“Stupid, beautiful Xuxi,” Ten purred with a smile. He could feel his own orgasm just a few breaths away. “Good for nothing but filling me up. But don’t worry, baby, you’re perfect at that. I’m so lucky. I have no need for sex toys when I’ve got you.”

Ten moaned when he came, cock twitching as it spilled over Xuxi’s trembling abs. He didn’t close his eyes, gaze fixed on the white over tan skin, on the way his unsteady breaths made Xuxi’s chest stutter, on the tears shining on his cheeks. He stayed still, with Xuxi’s cock buried to the hilt only long enough for his own breathing to even out.

Then he pulled off and smiled affectionately when Xuxi tried to, uselessly and unintelligibly, beg.

“You think I’d let a toy come in me?” Ten said and laid down next to Xuxi, cheek resting on one palm. Xuxi’s cock twitched, gleaming with lube and precum. Ten dragged his forefinger from the base to the tip, gaze on Xuxi’s face.  “How disappointing. How desperate .”

It was enough to send Xuxi over the edge. He moaned brokenly around the gag as strings of cum coated his stomach, adding to the mess Ten had made on his skin. Ten smiled and stroked his hand comfortingly over Xuxi's thigh.

"Beautiful Xuxi," he murmured. "Let’s get that blindfold off you and you can see just how gorgeous we are.”



Chapter Text

They had drunk the champagne, the untouched glasses still on the tray, the empty bottle somewhere on the floor. All that was left was the ice bucket, its contents melting in the intense Shanghai heat. The balcony doors were wide open and the AC was turned off. It made Sehun nostalgic, the heat and the scent of fresh sweat reminding him of days spent in a practice room.

Not all of those days had been good, but Yixing had been there.

“When do you think you’ll visit Seoul next?” Sehun asked, fingers dragging down Yixing’s stomach. Yixing’s body, though small, had so much strength packed into each muscle and limb. Currently, he was relaxed, on his back on the bed, eyes closed. If not for his breathing, Sehun might have thought him asleep.

“I don’t know,” Yixing replied, and he didn’t open his eyes but still, he somehow knew Sehun pouted in reaction. “Don’t, Sehun-ah. You know it’s not up to me.”

“I know,” Sehun replied in Mandarin. They’d fallen into a habit of switching between languages frequently. In part, it was practice for Sehun but mostly, it was so that Yixing wouldn’t always have to be the one looking for the right words. “Still. I miss you.”

Now, Yixing did open his eyes, a fond smile on his lips.

“I know.” He reached for the ice bucket and placed it on the bed next to Sehun, then laid back down. “Let’s not be sad, okay? Let’s enjoy today before you have to leave. Of course you’d pick the hottest day of the year to visit. Cool me down, Sehun-ah.”

Sehun propped himself on one elbow and picked up an ice cube. It began melting between his fingertips, but the water too felt icy compared to the air.

Yixing had closed his eyes again. The muscles in his chest jolted when Sehun placed the cube right between his pectorals. It left a wet trail behind it as Sehun slid the cube around one nipple, then the other. The brown nubs hardened because of the cold, and Sehun leaned over to kiss the one closest to him.

“Better, gege ?” Sehun asked and pushed the ice cube along Yixing’s throat. The skin pebbled in its wake, and Sehun was getting aroused as he watched. They’d fucked twice already, which was the only reason he managed to stay so calm. There were hand-shaped bruises forming on his hips, and his ass ached, so for now, he could be patient.

Yixing hummed. Even like this, completely still, he exuded power and strength. The ice cube had melted to nothing, and Sehun ran his cold fingertips over Yixing’s lips. Yixing didn’t react to his teasing, though the corner of his mouth twitched in amusement.

Sehun reached for another cube and started a trail from the same place as before but this time, heading down. Yixing was growing hard too, but Sehun slipped the cube past his cock and stroked it along his inner thighs.

“You could visit during the winter. Come and keep me warm,” Sehun murmured and brushed the back of his hand against Yixing’s balls. His legs jerked a little at that, and his cock twitched, and Sehun smiled, running out of patience. “I’ll light candles.”

He left the cube to melt in the dip between Yixing’s abs and picked up another one to pop it into his mouth. The cold made him shiver. From the corner of his eye, he could see Yixing’s eyes were half-lidded, darker now, and another shiver ran down Sehun’s spine.

“Impatient Sehun-ah,” Yixing muttered and spread his thighs. It was all the encouragement Sehun needed to move further down the bed and settle between them. The ice cube was mostly water on his tongue. Yixing placed one leg on top of Sehun and grabbed his head with both hands to guide him down.

Sehun swallowed Yixing’s cock with ease. The cold had numbed his mouth, and he couldn’t taste Yixing the way he normally could. With the lack of warmth, it almost felt like he was sucking on a silicone toy instead. His gag reflex was numb too, so when Yixing forced him down to the hilt, Sehun went smoothly.

“I’ll come visit you, don’t worry,” Yixing said and wrapped his leg tighter around Sehun. The crook of Yixing’s knee was against Sehun’s neck, strong and unmoving. Sehun looked up at him, mouth and throat full of cock; one hand cold and one hand warm as they held onto the backs of Yixing’s thighs. “They couldn’t keep me away if they tried.”

Yixing let up so that Sehun could take in a breath. He reached for an ice cube and rubbed it along Sehun’s lips before pushing it in his mouth, and Sehun moaned dutifully. Yixing’s cock followed immediately after.

Yixing fucked Sehun’s mouth, hips snapping off the bed with precision and strength. Numb and trapped, all Sehun could do was take it. He tried to stay quiet so that he could hear Yixing’s words.

“I’ll shove more into your ass next, and then I’ll fuck you there too.” His voice was even, barely breathy. “And when I visit you in Seoul, I want you to light candles. I want to drip the melted wax all over your flawless skin. It won’t be flawless when I leave and each mark will remind you of me. You’ll never forget me, right, Sehun-ah?”

Sehun protested, No I won’t, I’ll never forget you, I couldn’t , but all that came out was garbled moans. Yixing seemed to understand anyway. He smiled and stopped thrusting, cock once again buried to the hilt, and Sehun could feel it throbbing in his throat. Yixing stroked Sehun’s sweat-matted hair off his forehead.

“I love how impatient you are for me,” he murmured and dropped his leg so that Sehun could come up for air. With a grip on his hair, Yixing pulled Sehun up for a kiss. Against Sehun’s chilled ones, Yixing’s lips felt like they were burning. “Hands and knees, didi .”

Sehun hurried to obey, feeling clumsy compared to Yixing. Yixing moved slowly, confidently, kneeled behind Sehun, then pressed himself briefly against Sehun’s back. Despite being taller, Sehun felt enveloped. Yixing was scorching against his skin, and the ice cube that he ran down Sehun’s spine after pulling away was freezing.

Sehun’s thighs shivered when he felt cold water drip between his ass cheeks. Yixing’s grip on his hip was firm, his fingers exact matches to the bruises there, and Sehun moaned when the ice cube pushed past his entrance. He could hear the smile in Yixing’s voice.

“And yes, I’ve missed you too.”



Chapter Text

The senior that had been flirting with Wooyoung was standing at the bar, gaze flickering between the dance floor and them. He probably thought he was being surreptitious. San tightened his hold around Wooyoung’s waist. The flirting was for nothing: Wooyoung was sitting in San’s lap, with San’s cum in his ass, with a glass plug in his ass that San had put in there. But the senior didn’t know that.

San thought he should make a point, and what better place than a dark nightclub, with music that was loud enough to cover Wooyoung’s moans. No one would notice, except the senior if he kept watching. San very much doubted that he’d look away.

Wooyoung was talking with Yeosang, laughing about something San hadn’t managed to catch. San stroked his hand from Wooyoung’s knee along the inseam of his jeans and smiled when Wooyoung stuttered in the middle of his sentence. San was certain he could feel San’s erection against his ass.

“What are you doing?” Wooyoung whispered. San cupped his crotch and tightened his grip around Wooyoung’s waist further.

“Having fun.”

Next to them, Yeosang emptied his glass.

“I’m going to dance. Are you coming?”

“No,” San replied and dragged his teeth down the back of Wooyoung’s neck. He grinned when Yeosang rolled his eyes and left, then flickered his gaze back to the senior. He was still watching.

“Wanna go to the bathroom?” Wooyoung asked. He was growing hard under San’s touch, so easily persuaded by some heavy petting. “I really thought we’d make it home before round two.”

“No,” San said again and popped the button on Wooyoung’s jeans, unzipped them, and grabbed Wooyoung’s cock through his boxers. Wooyoung leaned back against his chest, and San took the opportunity to suck another hickey into his neck. “How would he be able to see us if we hide in the bathroom?”

“Who?” Wooyoung asked and ground against San’s cock as much as he could. San waited while he looked around the club, lips attached to his neck. “Oh. Aren’t you being mean, Sannie-yah?”

“How am I being mean? He’ll never have you. It will be thanks to me that he’ll even know what you look like when you come.” San slipped his hand inside Wooyoung’s underwear, pleased to find his cock already leaking. “I think I’m being quite nice.”

As San began jerking him off, Wooyoung’s head fell back onto San’s shoulder. San let go of his waist to grab his chin and tilt it toward the senior. He was still watching. It was dark in the club, but the strobe lights over the dance floor were enough for their show.

“I want you to look at him,” San said. “See how he isn’t looking away. Did he even know you had a boyfriend? Or were you leading him on? I know how much you love the attention.”

“I wasn’t.” Wooyoung’s voice was more air than sound, his breathing heavy. “But I guess I didn’t discourage him either.”

San smirked. He squeezed tighter around the base of Wooyoung’s cock until Wooyoung whimpered in pain, then lightened his grip and kept stroking him.

“Always knew you were an attention whore,” he said affectionately. In his arms, Wooyoung shuddered, moans slipping past his lips. “That’s why you’re getting off on this. You like that anyone could see.”

San opened three buttons on Wooyoung’s flowy shirt, exposing his chest to their audience of one. He pinched and played with Wooyoung’s nipples, eyes on the senior as Wooyoung squirmed in his lap. The senior’s expression was unreadable, but his gaze was hungry in the dark, and San was sure he was hard too.

“San-ah, I’m gonna—,”

“Good,” San picked up the pace of his strokes, other hand moving to hold Wooyoung around the waist and press him down against San’s erection, forcing the plug deeper. “I want you to come. Show him and anyone else who’s caught on to your show who it is that makes you feel this good.”

With the thumping bass, San didn’t feel the need to silence Wooyoung’s moan when he came. He kept pumping Wooyoung’s cock until his hand was dripping with cum, and licked the bruise he’d sucked into Wooyoung’s neck, eyes fixed on the senior.

“Here,” San murmured and pushed his soiled fingers into Wooyoung’s open mouth. “Clean me up. You’ve made such a mess, my shameless Wooyoungie-yah.”

Wooyoung licked his own cum off San’s fingers, then slumped back against San’s chest.

“Fuck. That was so fucking hot. Should we go to the bathroom and take care of you?” Wooyoung wiggled in his lap, but San only had to squeeze his waist to get him to stop. It was tempting, but San had achieved his goal. For a second, he was sure the senior locked eyes with him before turning away.

San smiled and pressed a kiss against Wooyoung’s neck. He was still hard, but getting Wooyoung off seemed to have satisfied himself too for the moment.

“I can wait until we get home. Otherwise, we’ll definitely get caught.”



Chapter Text


Jimin had exactly one reason to come watch the college swim team’s competitions, and that reason was the tall, handsome, muscular Park Chanyeol, two-time regional champion. Jimin didn’t care about the titles, or that he did the butterfly, or that he was probably going to the Olympics next time they came around; he’d seen the outline of Chanyeol’s cock through his tiny swimsuit, and he’d been obsessed ever since.

What did a 4.0 GPA, student body council membership, and the solo in the winter showcase matter, if he didn’t get that cock in his ass before the end of spring term?

Maybe Jimin had two reasons to come to the swim meets. The other, the one that had made him attend the first time, was currently walking toward him, wrapped in a towel and sporting a huge grin.

“Hyung! You came!” Jungkook said and stopped right in front of him. His hair was a mess, his cap and goggles clutched in one hand. He’d just won the freestyle. Together with Chanyeol, they were about to take the team to the national championships for the first time ever.

“Of course I did,” Jimin said and patted Jungkook on his bare shoulder. He would have hugged him, except Jungkook was dripping on the tiled floor and seemed uncomfortable any time Jimin showed him physical affection in public.

Really, it was a shame Jungkook was Straight with a capital S because he was very handsome too. Gorgeous in fact, with rippling muscles and doe-like eyes. But again, he was straight and Jimin’s friend, so Jimin tried not to think about his physical attributes too much.

“You did great out there, Jungkook-ah.”

Jungkook beamed, and Jimin ruffled his hair before his gaze drifted past him. The rest of the swim team and their coach were huddled by the exit leading to the changing rooms. The coach whistled, trying to get Jungkook’s attention.

“Do you wanna go and celebrate?” Jungkook asked.

“Maybe,” Jimin answered, distracted when his eyes caught Chanyeol’s. He hadn’t wrapped himself in a towel to hide his body, and Jimin dragged his eyes down the length of it before looking up to find Chanyeol smiling. “Actually, I could come with you to your changing rooms? Then we could head out together? Tae left already so I’m all alone.”

Taehyung cared even less for swimming than Jimin did.

“Um…” Jungkook glanced at his team over his shoulder, and when he looked back, Jimin donned his biggest pout. As always, it got him what he wanted. “I guess that will be okay? Since you’re not a girl or anything.”

Jimin refrained from rolling his eyes and followed Jungkook without pointing out that he was about to ogle the athletes as much as any straight girl.

He often picked up Jungkook from his practice so the coach knew him, and he was no exception to the rest of their college staff who adored Jimin. And Jimin wasn’t above using his reputation for his benefit, so he greeted the coach and entered the changing rooms without being stopped.

He sat down cross-legged on the bench next to Jungkook and fiddled with his phone while the coach spoke. Chanyeol was sitting across from him, legs parted as if to flaunt the obscene bulge in his swimwear. When their eyes met, Jimin smiled and bit into his bottom lip, then dropped his gaze back to his phone, fully aware that Chanyeol kept watching him.

When the coach left, the swimmers leaped to their feet. Conversation filled the room while they undressed what little they were wearing and headed into the showers.

“I’ll be quick, hyung, okay? Just wait for me.” Jungkook kept fiddling with his towel. He had almost fallen over when he had removed his swimwear without dropping it. Even now, he was blushing, and Jimin looked away when he lost the grip on his towel as he balanced bottles of shampoo and soap in one hand.

“I will.” Jimin wondered how Jungkook could compete in a sport that demanded he was near-naked in front of thousands of people, when he turned into this awkward mess afterward. It was cute, but Jimin didn’t tease him. He hoped Jungkook’s desire to cover himself didn’t have anything to do with Jimin personally. He knew Jungkook wasn’t homophobic, but he was from a small town, and straight men could be weird sometimes.

“Okay. Good. I’ll see you soon, hyung.” Jungkook hurried to the showers, and Jimin glanced after him before meeting Chanyeol’s gaze.

Chanyeol hadn’t joined his teammates yet. He had his towel and shampoo bottle clutched in one big hand, knees still spread, his other hand resting on his thigh. Jimin put his phone away and got on his feet with all the grace of a dancer, then walked across the floor and sat down next to Chanyeol.

“Hi,” Jimin said, sugary sweet, and batted his lashes. He was laying it on thick, but Chanyeol didn’t disappoint. He tipped his head back against the wall and tilted his face toward Jimin, tone both assured and amused when he said,

“Are you really waiting for Jungkook?”

“What else would I be waiting for?” Jimin dropped his gaze to Chanyeol’s bulge. “I’m just here to support my friend.”

“I’ve heard many things about you, Park Jimin-ssi,” Chanyeol said with a smile, “but no one told me you were a liar.”

“I don’t usually get caught,” Jimin laughed and knowing that he had Chanyeol wrapped around his finger already, stroked Chanyeol’s thigh and left his hand just shy of his bulge. He looked back up, pleased to find that Chanyeol was staring at his mouth. “So what will you do now that you’ve caught me, hyung?”


Jimin’s attention snapped to Jungkook, standing in the entry to the shower. His hair was wet, dripping onto his shoulders, and he was looking at them with a confused frown.

“I’m almost ready, hyung,” he said, and for once he mustn’t have been worrying about his nudity, because he had his towel wrapped around his hips and his arms hanging by his sides. “I’m almost ready to go.”

"Ah, actually Jungkookie-yah, I think I wanna stay for a bit and… talk with Chanyeol."

"But we were going to celebrate. Just the two of us. You always buy me meat." 

It was true, and Jimin did feel a little bad for abandoning Jungkook. But he wasn't obligated to buy Jungkook meat, and Jungkook hadn't asked. He just knew Jimin had a soft spot for him and lately, took advantage of it whenever he could.

Jimin smiled apologetically and said softly, "I know, I'm sorry. Next time?"

"Don't worry, Jungkook-ah," Chanyeol said, "I won't steal Jimin for long. Let him be doted on by his hyung for once, yeah?"

Jungkook looked between them, and his frown deepened when he noticed Jimin’s hand still on Chanyeol’s thigh. Then he huffed and walked to his spot on the bench, mumbling “whatever” under his breath. More members of the swim team left the showers, loud and in good spirits, and Jimin was able to pull his gaze away from Jungkook’s tense back.

“That’s a protective dongsaeng you’ve got there, Jimin-ah,” Chanyeol murmured, mouth suddenly a lot closer to Jimin’s ear. Jimin turned toward him, their lips now inches from each other, and pushed his fingers under Chanyeol’s wet, elastic briefs.

“He’s just pouty because I won’t be buying him food,” Jimin said, pleased to note that Chanyeol’s cock was growing harder, visible through the briefs that left nothing to the imagination. “Shouldn’t you take a shower?”

“Do you want to join me?”

Jimin nodded and scratched his fingers lightly against Chanyeol’s skin when he pulled his hand away. He looked up when Chanyeol stroked his cheek lightly, then cupped his chin, still smiling, always smiling. Despite their size difference, despite the bulging muscles Jimin had been salivating over for months, Chanyeol had never felt intimidating. He reminded Jimin a little of a puppy.

Kind of like Jungkook.

Chanyeol leaned in for a kiss, and Jimin tilted his chin to meet him halfway. Chanyeol kissed gently and only opened his mouth after Jimin brushed his fingers over his erection. They broke apart when someone left slamming the door behind them.

“You’re going to have to get undressed if we’re going to… take a shower,” Chanyeol said. Jimin glanced around the room. Jungkook was gone, and the rest of the team were pulling on their coats. They kept throwing knowing glances their way, but when Chanyeol waved his hand, they all left with shouts of “Have fun!”.

Jimin waited until the door had been closed behind the last person before he stood up and shrugged out of his jacket. Chanyeol kept watching him, quiet and smiling, while he pulled off his shirt and toed out of his shoes. Next his socks and jeans, which Jimin folded and placed on the bench. He pushed his thumbs under the waistband of his boxers and stopped.

“Your turn, hyung,” he singsonged, getting a chuckle out of Chanyeol. Chanyeol stood up, almost towering over Jimin, and pulled his swim briefs down. His cock slapped against his abs, hard and gorgeous like the rest of his body. He closed the gap between them and pushed one hand through Jimin’s hair, gripped his hips with the other to pull him close, and kissed him properly now that they were alone.

Jimin immediately wrapped his arms around him. Chanyeol’s cock throbbed against his stomach, and Jimin moaned at the thought of having it inside him soon. Chanyeol pushed his underwear down to grab his ass. In retaliation, Jimin dragged his nails down Chanyeol’s back. 

“Weren’t we about to take a shower?” Jimin teased in between kisses. Chanyeol shoved his underwear further down, and Jimin shimmied his hips until they fell to the floor. Chanyeol’s palm was warm as it slid down Jimin’s thigh to guide his leg around his waist.

“You think I haven’t seen the way you’ve been looking at me? At my cock?”

“I wasn’t trying to be subtle,” Jimin grinned in reply and slid his hands up Chanyeol’s chest to wrap them around his neck. When he picked his other foot off the floor, Chanyeol picked him up, and Jimin locked his ankles around the small of his back. “You were looking too. Never had anyone as pretty as me cheering you on before.”

“Never,” Chanyeol agreed. “Your ass is to die for. Almost got me hard in my briefs every time you waltzed past me.”

Jimin shuddered with satisfaction. Chanyeol carried him so effortlessly to the showers, and Jimin pressed kisses against his neck. “I fingered myself before coming here. Tried to imagine it was your cock stretching out my hole, but it wasn’t enough.”

“Mmh, your fingers are too small. Small and dainty and elegant. Everything about you is. Except your ass. I bet your ass can handle something big too.”

Jimin would have teased him about the horrible innuendo, but he really did want something big in his ass, so he kissed Chanyeol instead. “I can handle anything. So give it to me.”

Chanyeol propped him against the tiled wall and with both hands holding Jimin’s thighs, hiked him higher to kiss his neck and chest.

Jimin, who kind of wished he had been slammed against the wall, said, “You don’t have to be so careful with me, hyung. I won’t break.”

“I’m sure,” Chanyeol replied and kissed a trail up his neck back to his mouth. “I just don’t want to hurt you. You said you prepared yourself already?”

“I did,” Jimin agreed, both endeared and displeased by Chanyeol’s gentleness. “Just fuck me already.”

Chanyeol slipped two fingers between his cheeks and groaned when they slipped inside him without issue. The slide was dry, so Jimin fumbled for one of the bottles on the wall. He glanced through the ingredient list enough to conclude that the soap wouldn’t irritate too much, then filled his palm with it.

“You’re going to have to be quick so it doesn’t dry,” Jimin said and wrapped his hand around Chanyeol’s cock. His fingers didn’t even make it all the way around it. Once satisfied with the amount of lubrication, Jimin returned his hand to Chanyeol's neck. “And I want it hard, okay, hyung?”

“Fuck, Jimin-ah.” Chanyeol removed his fingers and manhandled Jimin so that his cock slipped between Jimin’s cheeks. Jimin clung to his shoulders, arousal heavy in his gut. Chanyeol kissed him as he began pushing inside. “You’re unbelievable.”

Jimin moaned in agreement and pleasure, white spots dancing along the edges of his vision. It felt like forever before Chanyeol was fully sheathed inside. Jimin kissed him hungrily and tugged at his hair. In response, Chanyeol pulled out and snapped his hips forward hard enough to jostle Jimin up the wall.

“Y-yeah, just like that, hyung, please, more,” Jimin moaned, and Chanyeol obliged. He began fucking Jimin hard and fast, grip not once faltering on Jimin’s thighs as he held him up. Jimin clung onto him, more vocal with each thrust.

“That hard enough for you?” Chanyeol panted. Jimin nodded in agreement, too busy moaning to manage a verbal reply. The slap of skin against skin echoed in the empty room, but Jimin couldn’t have cared less if they were heard. Getting his insides rearranged by the most popular guy in their college wasn’t something he was going to be ashamed of.

Chanyeol was strong enough to hold him up on his own, so Jimin stroked his hands down his bulging biceps and across his chest. Chanyeol muffled his own moans by sucking at Jimin’s neck, and Jimin briefly wondered if he’d leave a mark. Unbidden, he thought of Jungkook. Would he care?

“Ah, hyung, I’m gonna—gonna come,” Jimin moaned. Chanyeol moved even closer, trapping him between the wall and Chanyeol’s body, and the change in angle was enough to push Jimin over the edge. Jimin squeezed his eyes shut and it was too easy to imagine someone else fucking him like this, doe-like eyes and a bright smile there if he opened his eyes.

Chanyeol increased the pace of his thrusts before his hips stilled. Jimin dropped his head back against the wall and clenched around him. Panting heavily, Chanyeol detached his lips from Jimin’s neck and kissed him.

“I think I could use that shower now, hyung,” Jimin said and pecked him one last time with a smile. Chanyeol laughed breathily. He eased himself out and placed Jimin back on the floor, gentle and careful, then turned on the shower. He took the same soap he’d just used to fuck Jimin and lathered it in his hands before running them over Jimin’s shoulders.

“Everything okay? I didn’t go too hard on you?”

Jimin shook his head and shampooed his own hair, then Chanyeol’s.

“I told you I could handle anything. It was good,” Jimin tiptoed to kiss him before pushing his head under the spray of water. “You’re such a softie, hyung.”

“Yeah, well,” Chanyeol said with a laugh, “I don’t want to get on Jungkook’s bad side. Have to take care of you.”

Jimin hummed in reply and washed his hair. They left the showers in silence, but it was a comfortable one. Chanyeol really was as nice as everyone said. He shared his towel and even looked politely and completely unnecessarily away while Jimin got redressed.

“If you ever wanna do this again,” Chanyeol said when Jimin pulled his jacket on, “just let me know. I’ve got to pop in to say bye to Coach, but did you need a ride?”

“I’m good,” Jimin replied. He felt pleasantly sore, and he couldn’t wait to get home and crash into bed. Maybe Jungkook would want to come over and watch a movie or play a game. Jimin stroked his hair off his forehead and not wanting to give Chanyeol the wrong idea, headed toward the door without a kiss. “I’ll see you around.”

When Jimin exited the swimming hall, he found Jungkook sitting on the steps waiting. Jimin stopped out of surprise. It must have been at least half an hour since he’d left. Doing his best to hide his limp, Jimin walked over to him and touched his shoulder.

"Jungkook-ah, I thought you'd have gone home." 

Jungkook stood and turned to him with his jaw set in determination. His knuckles were white around the strap of his bag, and his troubled frown deepened when he gave Jimin a quick once-over. "You promised we’d get meat."

Jimin raised his eyebrows at his tone, but when Jungkook didn’t budge, Jimin readily gave in. He really did have a soft spot for Jungkook. A spot the size of his whole heart in fact. He didn’t want Jungkook to be upset, so Jimin nodded and fell into step with Jungkook.

They’d made it out of the parking lot when Jungkook spoke up.

"You had sex with Chanyeol." Jimin glanced at Jungkook, who resolutely kept looking down at his feet. Jimin nodded. "Why do you like him?" 

Jimin replied with a laugh, "Who doesn't like him? He's handsome and charming and captain of the swim team and he's nice."

"Yeah, but why do you like him?"

Jungkook still looked troubled, and Jimin couldn’t understand why. He was getting his meat, wasn’t he? His curiosity about Jimin’s taste in men was even more confusing.

"He's twice my size. He can hold me up against the wall and his dick is big. Do you want more details?" 

"No!" Jungkook looked a little horrified, and Jimin rolled his eyes. They walked in silence for a bit, before Jungkook broke it again. His tone was softer now, less demanding. "Is that… that's what you like?"

“Yeah, it is. Why are you asking?”

"Are you going to start dating now?" 

Jimin’s heart softened, his irritation gone in a blink. "Probably not. Despite all his accolades, he's a little too… gentle for my tastes. Besides, I need to actually like a person to date him. Sex is just sex." 

Jungkook was quiet for a while before his face broke into a grin. 

"You like me, right hyung?" 

For the first time since they’d left the hall, Jungkook looked him in the eyes. Jimin sighed and looped his arm around Jungkook’s. He couldn’t help but smile, too fond of this unattainable boy for his own good.

"Yeah, Jungkook-ah. I do."



Chapter Text


Yoongi was only half paying attention to the video playing on his laptop. He was lying on his bed, just the small lamp on the bedside table lit. It was raining outside. Usually, it was easy to get immersed in a cold-case murder mystery, but the sound effects and tense music were less compelling when he only had one earpiece in. He wanted to be able to hear the knock on the door when it eventually came.

They’d had a long day, but he still felt full of energy, impatient even while he waited. But when someone knocked on the door, he stilled his bouncing knee. He had just enough time to replace his anticipatory smile with a bored scowl before the door was gently opened.

“Hyung?” Jimin clutched the door with both hands, not entering the room yet. He had washed off his makeup and his hair was fluffy, soft like the oversized cardigan he was wearing.

“What is it, Jimin-ah?” Yoongi drawled, feigning obliviousness. 

“Do you have a moment?” Jimin stepped inside and closed the door behind him. Even in the dim light, Yoongi could tell that he was blushing. His voice was close to a whisper when he said, “I need you.”

Yoongi closed his laptop and put it away with his headphones. Jimin was chewing on his bottom lip, and Yoongi knew that he’d been waiting for this just as much as Yoongi had. They liked to act like this was a favor Yoongi was doing for Jimin, like Yoongi only hurt Jimin because Jimin begged for it, but in reality, Yoongi didn’t think he would’ve been able to handle the stress of an idol’s life without this either.

“Of course. Don’t worry. Hyung will take care of you.”

The way the tension left Jimin’s body was visible, and Yoongi had to consciously stop himself from smiling. He stood and gestured for Jimin to come closer. Boxer briefs peaked out below the hem of Jimin’s cardigan, its sleeves too long for him. He looked soft and innocent and pure, and Yoongi needed to ruin him.

He waited until Jimin was within reach, then grabbed him by his hair and jerked his head back. Jimin whimpered, hands clenched in front of him. Yoongi smirked, his cock throbbing already, and leaned down to bite one of the tendons on Jimin’s neck.

“I was waiting for you,” Yoongi murmured and licked over the mark he’d left.  He tugged just to hear Jimin whimper again. “You’ve been teasing me the whole day, acting up like an attention-starved child. What is it you want?”

Jimin swallowed before he said, “Need to be put in my place, hyung.”

Yoongi turned Jimin’s face toward him and with his other hand, slapped him across the cheek. It bloomed red immediately, and Yoongi did it again, his hold on Jimin’s hair tight to keep him in place. Jimin would squeeze his eyes shut when the pain registered, but then he would open them again and look at Yoongi, gaze desperate and devoted.

Yoongi backhanded him across the other cheek and this time, he let go. Jimin fell to the floor, gasping for air. Yoongi tapped his thigh with his foot and Jimin spread them immediately, obediently. He was hard too, precum staining his briefs. Yoongi wondered if he’d been hard since he’d knocked on the door or even long before that.

“Everyone’s always so careful with you,” Yoongi said and pressed his foot lightly onto Jimin’s cock. Jimin didn’t move, staring up at him with glassy eyes, chest heaving, cheeks a lovely red. Yoongi increased the pressure until Jimin keened. “Pretty, petite Jiminie. No one else knows what you really want, right?”

When the first tear escaped Jimin’s eyes, Yoongi let off. He pulled Jimin up by his hair, smiling as Jimin scrambled to stand and ease the pain on his scalp. Yoongi licked the tear off his cheek, then bit into the skin lightly, enough to sting but too little to leave a mark.

“No one else treats you the way you deserve to be treated.”

“No one else,” Jimin agreed breathlessly. Yoongi shook his head to remind him of his manners, and Jimin whimpered and swallowed down a sob. “Thank you, hyung.”

Yoongi kissed his cheek, tender for a second before he threw Jimin onto the bed. The cardigan bunched under his arms, but Yoongi ignored it and tore Jimin’s briefs off him. His ass and thighs were pale, absolutely flawless, a reminder of how long it had been since they’d had time for this.

No wonder Jimin was so desperate.

It was a shame they didn’t have much time now either. Yoongi pushed his sweats and boxers down enough to free his cock and climbed onto the bed behind Jimin. He had hidden a bottle of lube under the pillow, and he uncapped it while Jimin got onto his knees. Yoongi raked his nails up Jimin’s back then spread his cheeks.

“I don’t have time to throw you around today,” Yoongi said regretfully, both genuine and teasing. “Just going to get myself off if that’s okay with you.”

He pushed the nozzle of the lube bottle past Jimin’s rim and squeezed. Jimin gasped when the cool liquid filled his hole, hands clenching around the covers and mind probably racing to guess what Yoongi had in mind. Yoongi tossed the bottle aside and positioned the tip of his cock against Jimin’s hole. He stilled just long enough to let Jimin’s mind catch up and give him the chance to use his safeword.

When he didn’t, Yoongi pushed forward. The fit was almost painfully tight for Yoongi; he could only imagine how it felt for Jimin. Jimin clenched around him as he struggled to get away, and Yoongi grabbed his hips to tug him closer.

“H-hyung, please, it hurts, it hurts .”

“Good. It’s supposed to.” Yoongi bit down on his lip to keep quiet so that he could enjoy Jimin’s mewling better. Lube spilled out from around his cock, dribbling down Jimin’s inner thighs. Yoongi couldn’t hold back a deep groan when he bottomed out, Jimin’s ass flush against his hips. He leaned over Jimin and panted against his quivering shoulderblades.  “That’s why you come to me. Because no one else will make you feel like this.”

Jimin was outright crying now, but he’d stopped trying to get away. Yoongi couldn’t stop himself from stroking Jimin’s sides soothingly. He stayed still as much for Jimin’s sake as his own because he felt like he was one thrust from coming.

“You look the prettiest like this, Jimin-ah,” Yoongi murmured and smiled when Jimin relaxed into the pain. Jimin always needed compliments, even when they were doing this. Slowly, Yoongi pulled his hips back. “And you feel so good.”

When he thrust back in, Jimin’s sobs were interrupted by a moan. Yoongi repeated the motion, barely able to hold back his own moan. Without prep, Jimin was tighter than ever, but the generous amount of lube helped, and he was slowly getting used to the stretch. Yoongi dug his nails into Jimin’s hips and picked up his pace.

If there was a better way to destress, Yoongi had never found it. And having Jimin, who normally talked back to him and managed to charm even the toughest managers into obeying his every wish, sobbing under him, crying yet asking for more, made Yoongi feel invincible. Jimin’s wails were prettier than any song Yoongi had ever produced, and toying with him was as rewarding as a night spent in the studio.

Yoongi had stopped holding back. Jimin’s eyes were squeezed shut but his mouth was hopelessly hanging open. Yoongi scratched lines down Jimin’s back to coax a wail out of him.

“You need to be quieter,” Yoongi teased between heavy breaths. “Someone could hear. What if one of the others came in? They’d see you crying and squirming under me and get the wrong idea. They’d try to stop me. Would you want that?”

Immediately, Jimin shook his head. “No, no no no, don’t want that, please.”

“Or would you want them to join in? Instead of offering to help you, maybe they’d see how pretty you look all bruised and crying, and decide they’d want to help me. Would you like that?”

Jimin moaned loudly, the sound cut off by a sob, and Yoongi took pity on him. He shoved Jimin’s knees out from under him and pressed him properly into the mattress. Yoongi didn’t think he could hold out much longer, so he increased the force of his thrusts. Jimin couldn’t get away, trapped between him and the bed, so Yoongi let go of his hips to grab his hair and press his face into the mattress too.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to answer. You just have to make me come.”

Jimin was effectively muffled, and Yoongi dropped his forehead between his shoulderblades to chase his own orgasm. He fucked Jimin through it, the wet squelch of lube and cum louder than Jimin’s sobs. Yoongi was too hyperfocused on Jimin to miss the way he tensed, his ass clenching around Yoongi’s pulsing cock.

Yoongi tugged his head off the bed to let him breathe properly and enjoy his orgasm. When Jimin went boneless, Yoongi stopped thrusting. He felt like he’d run the 100-meter dash and won: full of adrenaline and dopamine and whatever else that made his heart pound and his mind euphoric.

“H-hyung,” Jimin sniffled, and Yoongi smiled and kissed his shoulder.

“I’m right here,” Yoongi said and took some of his weight off Jimin. “Do you want a cuddle? You can sleep in hyung’s bed tonight.”

Jimin nodded and nuzzled his face against the sheets to dry his tear-stained cheeks. It was absolutely adorable. Yoongi always felt so fond of the boy once they were done; his need to hurt replaced by the overwhelming need to take care of Jimin. But he didn’t mind. He eased out of Jimin and laid down next to him, then gathered Jimin in his arms. Jimin hugged him back tightly, still a little out of breath, and Yoongi could feel him press a kiss against Yoongi’s clavicle.

“Everything okay, Jimin-ah?”

“Mmh,” Jimin mumbled back, now nuzzling his face against Yoongi’s neck. “Need to get cleaned up soon. What about hyung?”

Yoongi smiled and kissed his forehead, holding him a little tighter. “Hyung feels perfect.”



Chapter Text


The typical sounds of a small cocktail party, the clinking of glasses, smooth jazz from the stereos, light conversation, and sporadic laughter filled the apartment. Somehow, the slap of skin against skin, the squelching of lube and spit, and the groans from the people taking advantage of the night’s main entertainment fit the soundscape perfectly. All the guests were wearing suits or neat dresses and had their faces covered with black masquerade eyes masks.

Only Jackson’s eyes were completely blindfolded.

Jaebum barely paid attention to the conversation he had joined. He sipped on his sparkling water occasionally even as everyone else held champagne flutes or cognac tumblers. He’d come twice already tonight, once before the guests arrived after he’d tied up his boyfriend, but he was still half-hard. He doubted his erection would go down before the night was over.

There was a woman straddling Jackson’s face, red nails on his chest to keep him in place while a man fucked his ass. They were talking to each other, both smiling and increasingly out of breath. The man came first. When he pulled out, cum dripped onto the plush carpet below them. He zipped his slacks and walked to the woman to kiss her. One of his hands came up to fondle her breasts, and Jaebum wondered whether they were a couple.

The woman’s thighs shivered when she came. The man kissed her through it. She stepped back and tugged her dress down before they headed toward the bar together.

Jaebum excused himself from the conversation and approached his boyfriend. He was bound, calves to his thighs, thighs spread, arms behind his back. The black rope spun around his waist and shoulders, fixed to the ceiling to keep him at the perfect height to be used.

Jaebum trailed his hand lightly over Jackson’s chest. Jackson’s chin was gleaming with the woman’s release, and his mouth hung open. His chest expanded with steady breaths, his skin glowing. After a thorough shower, Jaebum had helped spread a lotion that contained gold all over his body. It glimmered in the light of the chandeliers.

With his glass still in one hand, Jaebum unzipped his slacks. Jackson’s inner thighs and hole were gleaming from lube and cum, and Jaebum knew there was no need for more lubrication. Jaebum grabbed his hip and pulled Jackson onto his cock. Instead of thrusting into him, Jaebum languidly swung Jackson back and forth. His hole was loose, but the slickness and warmth and the eroticism of the display easily made up for it.

Jackson let out gorgeous small sounds as Jaebum fucked him slowly. He was completely relaxed; still and content, something rare for Jaebum’s vibrant boyfriend. His cock was in a golden cage, but he had still managed to leak a small pool of precum onto his smooth stomach. Jaebum smiled fondly. He’d make Jackson come so well he’d see stars once the party was over.

“Are you going to come again, Jaebum-hyung?”

Jaebum looked up, a little surprised. Jackson wasn’t supposed to talk to any of the guests, which meant that he was taking quite a risk. His voice was gentle, a little raspy, and lower than usual. Jaebum caught the smile on his lips.

“How did you know it was me?” Jaebum asked and took a sip of his water. He kept the pace steady and slow. He didn’t really feel like coming; he had just wanted a moment with Jackson.

“Of course I know it’s you,” Jackson replied and provided no further explanation. Jaebum understood. He’d know Jackson too wherever they were, even blindfolded. He hummed in reply and eased his cock out.

Jaebum zipped up and caressed Jackson’s thigh once, then walked away.



Chapter Text


"You look so pretty,” Taehyung murmured. He had one arm hooked under Jimin’s knee, the other supporting his weight so that he could lean over Jimin and speak directly into his ear while he fucked him. “Always so pretty, but especially like this, under me, taking my cock so well.”

Jimin moaned and clutched Taehyung’s shoulders. The hotel room was dark and the bed soft, and Taehyung’s embrace was always warm and safe. It had been a long day, and neither of them had the energy for anything rougher or more straining than this. But this was perfect, Jimin thought.

“You feel so good, Jimin-ah,” Taehyung groaned between thrusts, and Jimin nuzzled into his neck. He didn’t know if it was the fatigue or the intimacy of the situation that made him feel so affectionate. Taehyung always showered him in compliments because it made him blush and his cock twitch, but this time, Jimin felt compelled to return them.

“You always make me feel good, Tae-yah,” Jimin said and pressed kisses along Taehyung’s neck and shoulder. “Fill me up so well.”

“It’s because you were made for me. Absolutely perfect. Made to fit around my cock.”

“No, you are perfect.”

Taehyung stilled his hips and picked his head up to look down at Jimin, mouth pulled into a smile and one eyebrow raised. His cheeks were flushed too.

“Are you arguing with me, Jiminie?”

“No,” Jimin stroked a strand of Taehyng’s wavy hair behind his ear and pecked him on the lips. “I’m just complimenting you too.”

“I see,” Taehyung drawled and continued moving his hips with renewed vigor. He looked amused, but Jimin could see the fondness in his eyes. “But I’m not the one who gets off on being told how pretty and good they are. That’s all you.”

“Still,” Jimin argued and tightened his grip on Taehyung’s shoulders. Each thrust punched the air out of his lungs, but it wasn’t enough to stop him from speaking. “Everyone likes to be complimented. And you deserve compliments.”

Taehyung chuckled and mouthed along Jimin’s jaw to get to his neck. Jimin shuddered, toes curling with pleasure, breathy moans slipping past his lips. He closed his eyes, momentarily caught up in the pleasure Taehyung gave him.

“Let’s hear it then,” Taehyung said, tone still amused, and picked up his pace.

“You always take care of me,” Jimin had to swallow to clear his voice. “I know you think you don’t, but you do. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you. I love sharing a room with you. You fuck me so well, I’ll feel it for days, and then you hold me after. With you, I feel at—ah, at rest. You make me feel safe, Taehyung-ah.”


“You’re my best friend and I love you so much and—,”

“Jimin-ah,” Taehyung said gruffly and stopped thrusting. Jimin opened his eyes, confused and then worried when he felt Taehyung sob . “You’re supposed to make come not cry.”

Taehyung pulled back to look at him, and he had tears in his eyes and a wobbly smile on his lips. Jimin’s worries settled instantly, and he wiped his thumbs across Taehyung’s cheeks. There was so much love for this man in his heart that he felt like he might burst.

 “What are you crying for? I was complimenting you. Silly Tae-yah.”

“You’re wonderful at many things,” Tae whispered and brushed his nose against Jimin’s, “but apparently dirty talk isn’t one of those. So how about you let me take care of it?”

Jimin blushed. He tilted his chin up to catch Taehyung’s lips in a kiss and moaned into his mouth when Taehyung rolled his hips again.

“Gorgeous, sweet, kind Jimin-ah. The best best friend I could ask for. So selfless, sharing this flawless body with me. Giving me all your sweet moans and whimpers. Let me hear how good I make you feel, hm?”

Jimin couldn’t have spoken anymore if he’d tried. Taehyung’s abs brushed against his cock, and Taehyung’s words made his heart flutter and his cock drool. Taehyung snapped his hips forward and kept his cock pressed against Jimin’s prostate, massaging it until Jimin’s eyes rolled into the back of his head.

“But do you know when you look the prettiest? When you come. Breathtaking, sweet Jimin-ah. Let me see how pretty you are.”

Jimin moaned brokenly and came untouched. Taehyung leaned down to kiss him, and Jimin could feel him smile. Taehyung picked up his thrusts again and fucked Jimin through his orgasm, still murmuring sweet praise against his lips. Jimin held onto him as tightly as he could, and when Taehyung came, he held him even tighter.

Taehyung eased out of him gently and flopped onto the bed on his back. Jimin turned his head to look at him, smiling as they gathered their breaths.

“You look very pretty when you come too,” Jimin said with a laugh and rolled over to cuddle into Taehyung’s side. Taehyung wrapped his arm around Jimin’s shoulders and kissed the top of his head. His tone was soft when he said,

“Stop it or you’ll make me cry again.”



Chapter Text


Before they entered the café, San stopped walking and pulled Wooyoung by the hand to face him. He straightened Wooyoung’s mask and made sure his hood hid the leather strap around his head. Wooyoung thought it was unnecessary, but he knew San did it mostly to remind them both of the predicament Wooyoung was in.

As if he could forget.

“Good?” San asked, a smug grin permanently etched onto his face. Wooyoung glared at him, which only made San smile wider.  When he continued, his patronizing tone was both annoying and arousing. “I know. C’mon, I want a drink.”

They’d chosen to go out for a walk late in the evening because the dark provided some cover, and there were fewer people around. The café would close in an hour. Only a couple of the tables were occupied, and the girl behind the counter looked bored. There was no queue, so San walked straight up to her holding Wooyoung’s hand firmly.

“One Americano, please.” She tapped in his order, and Wooyoung dropped his gaze. He swallowed around the dildo in his mouth. Without the mask, everyone would have been able to see his flushed cheeks. And the gag, of course. He hoped the barista wouldn’t ask for his order as well.

She looked up with a polite smile, right at him. “And for you?”

Wooyoung met her gaze, hit by a wave of humiliation and arousal. She didn’t know, nobody knew. Except for San, who allowed the silence to stretch. He was doing a poor job of hiding his smirk. Wooyoung shook his head at the barista, then shot a glare at San.

“Nothing for him,” San said and pulled out his card to pay. The barista began preparing the drink, and San and Wooyoung moved to the end of the counter to wait. San turned to face Wooyoung and tilted his head.

“Are you pouting at me, Woo-yah?” he asked, too amused to play the innocence card well, and reached up to tug one of the loops of the face mask from behind Wooyoung’s ear. Wooyoung’s eyes widened, his heart pounding, as San moved the mask to the side, gaze dropping down to his mouth, stretched wide open. “Of course you aren’t. You’re a good boy tonight, aren’t you?”

San pressed a kiss right in the middle of the base of the plug and put the mask back so that it covered the lower half of Wooyoung’s face. Wooyoung wanted to tell him he was being mean, but all he could do was whine.

San stuck out his bottom lip in mock sympathy and wrapped his arm around Wooyoung’s waist to pull him closer.

“I know, Woo-yah, I know. You want to say something so bad. Let me guess. You want to curse me out? Or maybe you’d have wanted something sweet to drink? Even though you’ve already got your mouth full.”

San trailed his fingers along the edge of the mask, then pressed his thumb against the base of the gag. The dildo inched deeper making Wooyoung choke, and San held his chin, arm tightening around Wooyoung’s waist. For that, Wooyoung was grateful. He was so turned on he thought his knees would give out any second now.

The barista placed San’s coffee on the counter and returned to the register. San pecked Wooyoung’s temple, then picked it up so that they could leave. He kept his arm around Wooyoung’s waist as they walked down the street back toward their apartment.

Just because Wooyoung couldn’t say anything, didn’t mean that he couldn’t tease San. Wooyoung’s head felt dizzy with arousal, and he wanted San to know. He wanted to know if San felt the same. Seeing his self-satisfied grin wasn’t enough.

So when they stopped at a red light, Wooyoung grabbed his crotch. He would have smiled if he could. San was hard, and his cock twitched in Wooyoung’s grip.

“Woo-yah,” San growled in warning and tore Wooyoung’s hand away. He held his wrist while they crossed the street. Wooyoung was breathing heavier, noisy around the gag, and he could feel drool running down his chin. He licked at the bottom of the dildo just to have something to do.

One block away from their apartment, San pushed him into a dead-end alley and shoved him against the wall.

“You really can’t wait until we get home?” San said and tugged Wooyoung’s mask off. Wooyoung keened. San’s gaze was fixed on the gag, on Wooyoung’s lips stretched around it, and he huffed derisively before leaning in. Wooyoung held his breath when San licked his chin.

“So sloppy. You’ve got drool everywhere,” San admonished. He had Wooyoung trapped between his body and the wall, one warm and one cold. San’s erection was prominent against Wooyoung’s stomach, and Wooyoung bucked his own hips to get some friction to soothe his aching cock. He whined through the gag. “Do you want me to take it out?”

Before Wooyoung could nod or shake his head, San dug his fingers into Wooyoung’s cheeks to keep his head still. San was smiling again, tone condescending as if he was speaking to a child.

“You have to tell me if you do because I want to keep it in. I quite enjoy the silence for once.” Wooyoung could only look at him and whine softly. San smiled and kissed the corner of his mouth. “Good boy. We’ll keep it in then.”

Wooyoung only realized he was panting when San stepped back. His legs felt weak and unsteady, but San’s arm wrapped around his waist again to keep him up. Wooyoung leaned into his side and waited quietly while San put the mask back on him.

“I’ll fuck you when we get home. And after that, I’ll take the gag out,” San said as they left the alley behind them. Wooyoung moaned in reply, already drooling again. He couldn’t look away from San, so he didn’t miss San’s smirk when he added, “Maybe.”



Chapter Text


Yukhei unlocked the door and entered their new apartment first. He had his gym bag over his shoulder and two additional bags in one hand, all full of their essentials, but he hadn’t complained once, hadn’t even broken a sweat coming up the two sets of stairs. Jungwoo was carrying their only potted plant and he felt exhausted.

“We should order in tonight,” Yukhei called over his shoulder. “I’m not one hundred percent sure in which box all our plates are. Or pans. And our fridge is empty. I think we’ve deserved fried chicken, anyway.”

Jungwoo followed him into the living room. His old couch was against the wall where it was supposed to be, but it was probably the only thing he could say that about. The TV hadn’t been connected yet, and all of the moving boxes were unpacked.

“Hyung?” Yukhei called from the kitchen. Jungwoo placed the plant carefully on the floor next to a bundle of bubble wrap. He didn’t even know what the bundle contained. Their small one-bedroom apartment was a mess of Jungwoo’s old things and Yukhei’s old things, and things they’d bought over the weekend.

Most of the hallway was occupied by unopened boxes from IKEA. Jungwoo had never assembled furniture before, and one of those boxes contained the BEKVÄM which he’d heard horror stories about, not to mention the chairs for the dining room table and the shelves they needed to hang in the living room and—

“Hyung,” Yukhei said, interrupting Jungwoo’s spiraling thoughts. Yukhei walked over to him and cupped his cheeks. “Forget about the stress for a moment. I promised I’d take care of everything, yeah?”

Jungwoo exhaled and closed his eyes for a second. Change was terrifying and moving was hard, but he was moving in with his boyfriend whom he loved. It would be okay. When he opened his eyes, he managed to smile.

“Sorry. It’s just—we’ve still got so much to do.”

“We’ve got time. And our friends are coming over to help later. This will look like home in no time.” Yukhei leaned in for a quick kiss. By the smile on his lips, Jungwoo knew what he had in mind before even he spoke. “Let’s enjoy our privacy before they get here. Please, hyung. I’ll help you relax.”

“But our bed isn’t coming until tomorrow.”

The delivery had been delayed, so they’d be sleeping on the couch tonight. They’d had to buy a new bed, big enough for two. Yukhei grinned and slid one hand down to Jungwoo’s hip and backed him toward the couch.

“We don’t need a bed to christen our new apartment.”

Jungwoo smiled and allowed himself to be pushed onto the couch. Yukhei straddled his lap, and his shoulders were wide enough to hide the mess behind him. Besides, when he was smiling at Jungwoo like that, it was impossible to care about anything else.

“What did you have in mind, Yukhei-yah?” Jungwoo asked indulgently and stroked his palms over Yukhei’s strong thighs.

“I could eat you out. I could fuck you right here.”

“Do you even know in which box the lube is?”

“It’s in my gym bag,” Yukhei said with a satisfied smile, prompting a laugh out of Jungwoo.

“But we can’t make a mess. You always get sloppy when you get to put your mouth on my ass. Too excited, my darling Yukhei-yah.”

“Then…” Yukhei leaned in and brushed his lips along Jungwoo’s cheek. “Do you have a better idea, hyung?”

“Why don’t you get on your knees and suck me off? If you do a good enough job, I’ll return the favor.”

Yukhei’s breathing hitched and he pressed their lips together. Jungwoo kissed him languidly, Yukhei’s enthusiasm enough to make him forget about his worries for the moment. When Yukhei climbed off his lap, about to drop down on his knees, Jungwoo grabbed the front of his white t-shirt to stop him.

“We’re at home, Yukhei-yah. You are wearing entirely too much.”

Yukhei laughed and took a step back. “You want me to strip for you? But we haven’t put up the curtains yet.”

“Don’t pretend you care about the curtains.”

“You’re right, hyung, I don’t,” Yukhei said and rubbed his hand along his abdomen under his shirt, teasing Jungwoo with glimpses of his tan skin. “If you wanted a show you should’ve just said so. I’ll give you one.”

Jungwoo settled comfortably against the backrest, unable to stop smiling when Yukhei rolled his hips. He exaggerated the movements, totally comfortable despite the lack of music. Despite his smirk and the way he was playing with his shirt, pretending to tug it up only to pull it down, Jungwoo knew he was turned on. His neck was flushed, his pupils blown, and his half-hard cock was visible through his sweats.

When he finally pulled his shirt off, he did it with flair. Jungwoo’s boyfriend was hopelessly vain, but he had good reason to be. His body was flawless, the result of hard work at the gym and unfairly good genetics. Jungwoo could spend hours— had spent hours licking every inch of it.

Even now, Jungwoo longed to touch him, to trail his fingers down Yukhei’s abs, rake his nails across Yukhei’s pectorals, but he kept his hands in his lap. Yukhei spun around and looked over his shoulder at Jungwoo, thumbs hooking into the waistband of his sweats. He inched them down slowly and left them below the curve of his ass.

He struck a pose, bending over to drag his hand up along his leg, and Jungwoo tried uselessly to choke down his laugh. There really was no one that could calm him the way Yukhei could. Yukhei looked smug as he pulled his sweats down all the way and kicked them off, left only in socks and boxers. He was fully hard by now.

“You know, a lap dance will cost you extra,” Yukhei singsonged. Somehow, he managed to make pulling his socks off look attractive. He walked closer and stopped between Jungwoo’s spread legs. He reached for Jungwoo’s hand and brought it to the waistband of his boxers. Jungwoo took the hint.

He dragged Yukhei’s boxers down slowly. Yukhei’s gorgeous cock slapped against his stomach when it was freed, precum already beading at the tip. Jungwoo ignored it and dropped the boxers to pool around Yukhei’s ankles so that he could step out of them.

“Why would I pay for a lap dance,” Jungwoo said sweetly and raked his nails across Yukhei’s abs to make his thighs quiver, “when I can get a blowjob for free?”

Yukhei dropped onto his knees, smile blinding and eyes dark with arousal.

“You’ve got a point there, hyung.” He grabbed Jungwoo’s sweats and waited for him to raise his hips, then pulled them down to his ankles. Jungwoo spread his thighs and threaded his fingers through Yukhei’s hair. “And I suppose boyfriend privileges should include free lap dances too.”

Jungwoo guided Yukhei’s mouth to his cock. Yukhei was still smiling when he swallowed him down. Jungwoo patted his shoulder, body melting into the couch, absolutely relaxed, comfortable, for the first time in weeks.



Chapter Text


Jaemin was straddling Jeno’s lap, riding Jeno’s cock with his head thrown back. He’d gone into pre-heat the day before, prompting them all to request three days off from work to help him through his heat once it hit. It was a matter of hours now, Renjun could smell it.

He was lying next to them on his stomach, chin propped on his palm. He tried to stay calm, but it was a struggle. Even though he’d come twice already today, his cock was half-hard and the backs of his thighs were wet with slick. Another moan from Jaemin made more leak out of him. The room was stuffy with Jaemin’s heady scent and Jeno’s alpha pheromones.

“Such a good alpha,” Renjun murmured and smiled when Jeno turned his face toward him for a kiss. Renjun moved closer to indulge him. Jeno was handcuffed to the bed, but that wasn’t what made him pant so desperately. “Taking such good care of your omegas, letting us use you.”

Jaemin’s back curved prettily when he came, painting Jeno’s stomach and chest with his release. His nails left red crescent marks on Jeno’s abdomen. Renjun pushed himself up so that he could kiss Jaemin’s neck, tongue laving over the mating marks decorating it. One from Jeno, one from himself.

“Alpha,” Jaemin moaned and caught his breath. “He feels so good, Renjunnie.”

Jaemin raised his hips to pull off Jeno’s cock, and Renjun leaned back to give him space. The smell of slick was enough to drive Renjun dizzy; he couldn’t imagine how hard it was for Jeno to control himself. He was covered in it, his hard cock absolutely dripping, his thighs soaked.

“P-please.” Jeno was winded. He’d gone through his rut a month ago, but he looked almost as wild as he had then, eyes dark red and every muscle in his body straining. His hands were clenched into tight fists, and his legs quivered from the effort to stay still. “Wanna come.”

Jaemin spread out on the bed, chest still heaving. His erection had barely gone down, but it seemed he was sated for the moment. Renjun stroked his forefinger from the tip of Jeno’s cock, along a prominent vein down to the cage the omegas had put on Jeno in the morning. Three rings, one under his balls, one under his knot, and one above it.

“But you need to take care of Jaemin,” Renjun said and flicked the lock. “Can’t have you knotting him right away and then being useless.”

Jaemin hummed in agreement. They’d take the knot cage off when Jaemin was begging to be knotted and filled with Jeno’s cum, which would probably be sometime in the evening. It would be enough to get Jaemin to sleep a few hours before he’d grow too needy again.

Renjun drew his hand away and watched the string of slick that stretched between Jeno’s cock and his forefinger. He met Jeno’s eyes and shuddered when faced with the hunger in them. Jeno was an alpha like no other, but he was still an alpha. Instead of tilting his neck in submission, Renjun pushed his slick-covered finger into his mouth.

Jeno growled and with a snap, broke the chain linking the handcuffs. Before Renjun could do anything, Jeno was on top of him. Renjun moaned as his face was pushed into the mattress and Jeno entered him, cock sliding into his slick hole with ease.

“Alpha,” Renjun whimpered, tongue lolling out as Jeno pistoned his hips into him, futilely chasing his orgasm. Jeno caged him in with his body and snapped his teeth right in Renjun’s ear. Renjun leaked slick around his cock, tilting his neck to the side, but Jaemin’s voice managed to pull him out of his haze.

“Bad alpha,” Jaemin chided and without an ounce of fear, grabbed Jeno by the back of his neck. Jeno froze, buried deep in Renjun. “Selfish alpha, trying to take more than what we give you. Aren’t we generous enough?”

Renjun licked his lips and resisted the urge to fuck himself back on Jeno’s cock. He could feel it pulsing inside him. It had to be painful by now, having been unable to come despite being edged since Jaemin had demanded to be fucked over the breakfast table. Outside, the sun was already starting to set.

“Not selfish,” Jeno breathed. “‘m a good alpha.”

Alphas were all about control, always throwing their strength around to get their will, and many would have called Jeno weak for letting his omegas dominate him, but they were wrong. Renjun had never seen anyone with as much control as Jeno. It looked like it took every ounce of mental strength in him to pull his cock out and lie back down on the bed, his body shaking with the need to mount; to breed.

Renjun immediately crawled over to him to kiss him as a reward. He felt flushed, a fire simmering in the pit of his stomach that he knew one orgasm couldn’t take care of. For the first time, it appeared that Jaemin’s heat had managed to trigger Renjun’s. Jeno’s nostrils flared, and Renjun knew he could tell as well.

“I’m sorry, Renjunnie” Jeno said, corners of his mouth tugging down in shame. “I didn’t hurt you?”

“No, of course not. You could never hurt me,” Renjun murmured against his lips. “Good alpha. Best alpha.” 

“Our alpha,” Jaemin agreed, nuzzling into Jeno’s cheek, then stroking his nose along Renjun’s. Renjun tilted his face to meet his lips in a kiss. “So strong. Gonna take care of us both so well.”

“Anything you want,” Jeno said, and they pulled apart to look down at him. His eyes were still red, but he seemed a little calmer. “Everything you need.”

As if sharing one mind, Jaemin and Renjun both leaned down to kiss their respective mating marks, dark on both sides of Jeno’s neck. Between them, Jeno shuddered, but he didn’t make a move. The torn handcuffs were still around his wrists, but now he clutched the covers, patient despite his flushed cock.

“Jaemin?” Renjun prompted gently. He suspected his heat wouldn’t hit fully until tonight, maybe tomorrow morning, but the other omega was worse off. His gaze was unfocused, and he probably wasn’t even aware that he was rolling his hips against the bed. “What do you need?”

“Want you to eat me out,” Jaemin said, breathy, eyes fixed on Jeno’s lips. “I taste so good, don’t you wanna taste?”

“He does,” Renjun confirmed, the taste of Jaemin’s slick still sweet on his tongue.

Jeno groaned in agreement, expression ravenous, and Jaemin hurried to straddle his face. Renjun supported him until he’d found his balance, thighs on both sides of Jeno’s head, hands on his chest. Jaemin’s whines and the wet sounds of Jeno greedily licking his hole finally undid Renjun’s patience.

Renjun threw his leg over Jeno’s hips and reached down to position Jeno’s cock against his hole. He was big, on the bigger side even for an alpha, but Renjun was more than well-prepared. Renjun’s eyes fluttered closed when he sank down, at last perfectly full . He rolled his hips, simply enjoying the stretch before he raised them and slammed them down again.

“Renjunnie,” Jaemin moaned, and Renjun opened his eyes. Jaemin was facing him, thighs quivering as he shifted his ass back and forth over Jeno’s face. A flush spread from his cheeks down to his chest, and his cock was leaking. Jeno’s throat bobbed as he swallowed Jaemin’s slick to keep from drowning.

Sex with an omega in heat was always a messy affair. With two omegas in heat, well. Renjun was certain they’d have to burn the bed linen once they were done.

He ground his hips down, and with Jeno’s cock pressing against his prostate, he came. Jaemin pulled him closer by the neck and kissed him desperately, and Renjun knew by the stutter of his breath that he had orgasmed as well. They kissed until their breathing had settled. Renjun felt sated for now, but with the cloying scents of a desperate alpha and omegas in heat filling the room, he doubted he’d be calm for long.

Jaemin whined from oversensitivity, still rubbing down on Jeno’s face. Jeno’s hands were clutching his thighs. Renjun exhaled shakily when he got on his knees and shuffled lower to sit between Jeno’s thighs.

“Let him breathe for a while, Jaeminnie,” Renjun suggested, still catching his breath. Jaemin opened his eyes to glare at him, still able to look disgruntled despite his glassy eyes and flushed skin. “I wanna admire our alpha.”

That was convincing enough. Clumsily, Jaemin moved off Jeno and turned to admire the mess they’d made off him. He was panting, mouth open and lips swollen. His cheeks and chin were shining with slick, it was clinging to his hair and dripping down his neck and collarbones. He had cum all over his body, but none of it his own. His cock was as red as his eyes, and his muscles bulged as he fought to stay still and be good.

Renjun tugged at his cock cage and smiled at Jeno’s reflexive growl.

“Do you want me to take it off?” Renjun threatened lightly. “Let you pop your knot like this, with no one clenching around it.”

Jeno swallowed heavily and said, “No, please don’t.”

“Don’t worry. We don’t want to waste it. You’ll get to come so much there’ll be nothing left in you.” Renjun kissed the tip of Jeno’s cock. He’d be put through enough with two needy, demanding omegas to take care of without a ruined orgasm on top of it.

Alerted by his whining, Renjun glanced at Jaemin. Jaemin was staring at Jeno’s cock, pinching his nipples for some stimulation, clearly ready for another round. Renjun smiled and stretched out next to Jeno. “But right now, it looks like Jaeminnie needs you again.”



Chapter Text


Jungkook gazed out at the royal gardens and took a sip of his fruit wine trying not to show his excitement. It was a beautiful day, but the sun paled in comparison to Jimin’s smile. The pleasure slave entered, escorted by the guard Jungkook had sent to fetch him, crossed the terrace, and sunk gracefully to his knees in front of Jungkook.

All he was wearing was a sheer fabric draped over one shoulder and around his waist, and jewels, more jewels than most of the nobles at the palace could flaunt. Gifts, of course. The emeralds hanging in his ears were from Jungkook.

“Your Highness,” Jimin murmured. He looked Jungkook in the eyes, unlike the other slaves. Jungkook hadn’t bothered to call for anyone else since he’d met Jimin the first time. His eyes were lined with kohl, his lips painted, and his cheeks glimmered with gold dust. Even though Jungkook was surrounded by gorgeous things, the loveseat under him, the silver goblet in his hand, the silks he was wearing; he thought Jimin looked the loveliest.

Without needing an order, Jimin opened the sash around Jungkook’s middle and pulled his robe open to reveal his half-hard cock. Jungkook hadn’t called him for that, had only grown aroused once he knew Jimin was on his way, but this was what Jimin should have been called for. He wrapped his plush lips around the tip of Jungkook’s cock, and Jungkook allowed him to suckle on it for a bit before he gripped Jimin’s soft locks to pull him back.

“Not your mouth,” he said and smiled so that Jimin wouldn’t think he’d done anything wrong. “I want you to tell me about your day.”

Jimin didn’t show his surprise, if he even was surprised. It was hard to tell with him. But he smiled, the prettiest smile Jungkook had ever known, and wrapped his dainty hand around Jungkook’s length instead. His strokes were gentle but firm—practiced—and he pursed his lips in thought.

“I had those blackberries you sent to me for breakfast. I took a long bath. I wanted to be prepared for you in case you called for me. A girl from the kitchens brought us fresh honey pastries that were too ugly to be served to the royal family.”

“Do you like honey, Jimin?” Jungkook asked, eager to absorb any information about him. He’d taken to asking these questions lately. The fact that Jimin always chose his words so carefully only made him more intriguing. Jimin nodded and swiped his palm over the tip of Jungkook’s erect cock. “Then I shall call for you tonight and order the prettiest pastries they have. I’ll feed them to you.”

“Does Your Highness not enjoy honey?”

“I do. Once you’re satisfied, I’ll dribble it— ah, over your body and lick it off you. Come here.”

Jimin rose to his feet and settled into Jungkook’s lap. Jungkook caressed his hands down Jimin’s soft thighs while Jimin sank down on his cock. Despite being a man, he was always ready for Jungkook, wet and stretched out to accept his cock.

“If it—if it pleases Your Highness,” Jimin said breathily once his ass was flush with Jungkook’s thighs.

“It does,” Jungkook said, eyes on Jimin’s face to catch even the smallest shift in his expression. Fucking Jimin was always satisfying. He was unlike the other pleasure slaves, who faked the appropriate sounds or worse, just lay still until it was over. But Jimin enjoyed getting fucked, as if sex was what he’d been specifically created for on this earth.

“It would please me if you called me Jungkook.”

“I couldn’t,” Jimin murmured and began rolling his hips, movements fluid like a dancer’s, “Your Highness.”

Jungkook frowned, not used to being denied things. The fact that Jimin had refused this particular request many times before didn’t make it any easier. He stroked his palms to the tops of Jimin’s thighs and left them there, not restricting the undulation of Jimin’s hips.

“Do you love me, Jimin?” Jungkook had to ask, even though it was useless, even though Jimin would reply the same as any of their other slaves or servants.

“Of course I do, Your Highness.”

“Then do you like me? As a person.”

Jimin’s hips stilled for a second, and Jungkook caught the confusion in his eyes before they turned hooded again. Jimin bit his bottom lip and continued massaging Jungkook’s cock with languid rolls of his hips. Jungkook tried to focus on his words over the warmth of his body.

“You are kind. Your Highness treats me well. So I suppose I do.”

Jungkook’s heart sang with joy. He caressed his hands higher to cradle Jimin’s hips, rucking up the shawl that did a poor job of covering his pretty little cock. It was pierced, and Jungkook decided to coat it in honey later that night and lick it all off.

“I’m in love with you, Jimin.”

Jimin’s hips didn’t still this time, but his smile dimmed.

“You shouldn't say that. Your Highness only thinks so because I feel warm and tight on his cock.” Jimin clenched as if to drive his point home, and Jungkook moaned even as he shook his head. His grip on Jimin’s hips tightened enough to bruise.

“That’s not true. I mean, you do feel better than anyone else I’ve had, but that’s not why.”

The tenseness was gone from the corners of Jimin’s lips. Jungkook thought he could see genuine amusement in Jimin’s gaze, but he wasn’t sure if it was out of fondness or if Jimin was laughing at him. Jimin leaned in to brush his lips along Jungkook’s jaw, easing his irritation.

“Then tell me why.”

Jungkook was the one unable to hide his surprise this time. It was bold of anyone, let alone a slave to demand things of him. But he loved Jimin, so he let it go.

“No one else would dare to challenge me. Only you. And despite your status, you carry yourself with as much grace as any of the nobles.” Jungkook removed the brooch holding Jimin’s shawl and pulled the fabric off him, letting it fall to the ground and leaving Jimin bare. His nipples were pierced, as was his belly button, and a delicate chain connected the three. Jungkook tugged at it to coax a whimper from Jimin. “You’re the most beautiful thing in the entire palace.”

Jungkook glanced at his face, and Jimin’s smile was fond now, he was sure of it.

“Those are sweet words, Your Highness,” Jimin said, “but they are not enough.”

Jungkook frowned. His heart clenched in a way he wasn’t familiar with, and irritation or humiliation made his cheeks heat up. He tugged sharply at the chain when he let go of it. He wrapped his hand around Jimin’s delicate neck instead.

“I could have you killed.”

“You could,” Jimin agreed, expression impassive. Jungkook squeezed a little tighter and used his grip to urge Jimin up and down on his cock, thrusting to meet him and punching soft gasps from his lips.

“I could chain you to my bed and keep you there for my pleasure until I grow bored of you. I could have you warm my cock through every boring meeting and audience.”

“Yes, Your Highness.” Jimin was struggling to get his words out, but there was no fear or anger in his eyes. Jungkook could feel his frantic pulse under his palm and tightened his grip. He wrapped his other hand around Jimin’s cock and began stroking it in time with his thrusts.

“I could take you to the barracks and offer you to our soldiers as a reward for their hard work. Let all the guards and their horses take you as they pleased.”

“That is your prerogative,” Jimin whispered before Jungkook cut off his breathing completely. Jungkook forced him down on his cock when he came, filling Jimin with his cum, his eyes on Jimin’s reddening face. Jimin clenched around him, and Jungkook tugged at Jimin's cock fast enough to hurt. When he felt it twitch in his hand, he let go of Jimin’s throat.

Jimin gasped for air, but he still brought his hand down to join Jungkook’s, spilling into his own palm so as not to dirty Jungkook. He was panting, the jewelry on his chest glimmering in the sunlight as he heaved. Despite it all, he looked composed, but he didn’t look as unattainable.

Jungkook waited until Jimin’s breathing had evened out before he spoke, unable to keep the confusion and the sadness out of his voice.

“You would let me do all those things to you, but you would not let me love you.”

Jimin made to lick his own release off his fingers, but Jungkook grabbed his wrist and brought them to his lips. He held Jimin’s gaze when he pushed them into his mouth. Jimin’s fingers tasted like honey. Jungkook pulled them out and turned Jimin’s hand to kiss the back of it.

“The other pleasure slaves already whisper and shun me,” Jimin said, voice a little hoarse, and placed his hands on Jungkook’s chest. Jungkook had managed to make him smile again. “They call me your favorite.”

“They are right,” Jungkook admitted readily and wrapped his arms around Jimin’s waist. “When I make you my first concubine, you won’t have to listen to their whispers ever again.”

Jimin’s eyes widened and his lips parted. Someday, Jungkook would marry for politics, but he could choose concubines for love. And being the first meant real status and influence; a life any pleasure slave dreamt of. Jungkook couldn’t ever remember seeing something so honest on Jimin's face, and he grinned. It was expected when Jimin got his expression back under control, that familiar, demure smile on his lips, but Jungkook didn't mind. He'd gotten the glimpse of the real Jimin that he had yearned for.

“And what will happen when you bore of me? When you find someone younger, more beautiful.”

“That is impossible. I adore you,” Jungkook pulled him closer and kissed his neck. The skin was red, it would surely bruise, and Jungkook thought it was right. Jimin was his and everyone should know it. “You might not believe me yet, but you will someday. I will make you happy, and someday, you will love me too. And when you do, you shall call me Jungkook and I will know.”

That fondness was back in Jimin’s eyes when he stroked Jungkook’s hair off his forehead. “If it pleases Your Highness.”

Under the gold dust shimmering on Jimin’s cheeks, Jungkook thought he could see a blush. If Jungkook’s resolve had needed strengthening, that would have managed it. He’d make Jimin his, and he would make Jimin happy. Once he became king, there would be no force on earth or in the heavens that could stop him.



Chapter Text


Jungkook was kneeling on the floor, hands behind his back. They didn’t have a collar for him, and Jimin’s collar was Jimin’s , so they’d stabbed a hole in a belt so that they could buckle it around his neck. Otherwise, he was completely nude.

Jimin entered their bedroom from the ensuite bathroom and took in the sight. He had taken his time styling his hair just to make Jungkook wait. Jimin always hated waiting, but it helped him get into the right headspace. He hoped it would do the same for Jungkook.

Jimin was wearing a leather jacket, oversized with bedazzled shoulders, and leather booths that matched with heels that clicked against the floor. He’d bought a new garter belt, black, and black lace stockings that looked as pretty as his usual ones. These, though, made him feel powerful. Strong.


Jimin walked across the room. He knew he wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face, so he didn’t try, a sly smile on his lips instead. Jungkook was looking up at him with a mix of anticipation and adoration, and Jimin wondered if Jungkook’s heart swelled as much as his now did when the situation was reversed.

“Good boy,” Jimin murmured and stroked the back of his hand down Jungkook’s cheek. He grasped Jungkook’s chin and tilted it up. “Waiting for me so patiently. Tongue out, puppy.”

Jungkook obeyed, opening his mouth and offering his tongue for Jimin’s use. All of him was for Jimin’s use tonight. His beautiful big eyes glimmered with amusement, but Jimin didn’t mind. He felt giddy as well.

He kept his grip on Jungkook’s jaw and held his cock with his other hand, rubbing it against Jungkook’s tongue before pushing it inside his mouth. Jungkook closed his lips, not taking his eyes off Jimin’s face, and Jimin let go of his cock to stroke Jungkook’s hair off his forehead.

“I want you to make me come like this, puppy,” Jimin said, tone gentle yet—hopefully—authoritative. He tugged on Jungkook’s hair to pull him off his cock. “Keep your hands where they are. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Owner,” Jungkook said.

They’d settled on Owner, because Sir was Jungkook’s title, and Master and Daddy just had felt wrong to Jimin. Jungkook had suggested Mommy, half-joking, which had sent a surprising flash of arousal through Jimin, followed by embarrassment so strong he didn’t think he would have been able to keep his composure during a scene if Jungkook called him that.

But it was possibly something to bring up later.

“Good puppy,” Jimin said with a fond smile and guided Jungkook’s mouth back on his cock. Jungkook took him effortlessly, tongue licking along the underside as he hollowed his cheeks. Jimin wasn’t big enough to gag him, so when he started thrusting, carefully at first before getting more comfortable with it, Jungkook remained calm.

Jungkook’s mouth was warm, his tongue talented, and Jimin’s breathing grew shallow quickly. He’d been brimming with anticipation for hours, and he knew Jungkook felt the same. Jimin glanced down at Jungkook’s cock hanging heavy between his thighs. Jimin shifted his foot forward and stroked to the tip of his shoe along it, smile widening when Jungkook’s hips bucked in reaction.

“Do you like being good for me that much?” Jimin asked. Jungkook moaned in reply and sucked harder. His cheeks were flushed and eyes closed, wholly focused on his task. Jimin grabbed a better hold of his unruly locks and let his head fall back, generous with his own moans. Jungkook always wanted to hear the effect he had on Jimin, no matter the scene.

Because of the anticipation, it didn’t take long for Jimin to be teetering on the edge of an orgasm. He knew Jungkook could tell too, because he groaned around Jimin’s cock and bobbed his head faster than Jimin had been thrusting.

“Going to make me come, pup, going to—” Jimin bent forward, sentence cut off by a moan and cock fully buried in Jungkook’s mouth. Eagerly moaning, tongue lapping frantically at Jimin’s cock to coax his orgasm out of him, Jungkook grabbed Jimin by the hips to swallow him even deeper. With Jungkook’s nose pressing against his abdomen, Jimin came.

He had closed his eyes, but he opened them when the peak of pleasure passed. Jungkook was still swallowing and breathing heavily through his nose. Jimin let go of his hair to touch Jungkook’s hands, instead.

“Oh puppy,” Jimin crooned, tone laced with disappointment. “What did I say about touching me?”

Jungkook’s eyes snapped open and he looked up, shoulders sagging. If he had had puppy ears, they would have drooped in shame. He let go of Jimin’s hips and slowly, brought his hands back behind his back.

Jimin shook his head with a pout. He moved the sole of his shoe on top of Jungkook’s cock, heel still on the floor, and shifted his weight forward. Jungkook’s eyes widened, and when Jimin moved more weight onto the ball of his foot, flattening Jungkook’s cock against the floor, he keened.

“Will you disobey me again?” Jimin asked, tone still kind.

Jungkook pulled his mouth off Jimin’s cock and shook his head. His lips were shining with spit and cum, and Jimin squeezed a little harder until his eyes were shining too.

“I won’t, I’m sorry Owner, I won’t disobey you again.”

“Good.” Jimin raised his foot and took a step back as Jungkook slouched forward, hands clenching by his sides before he interlaced them behind his back. His cock was red where Jimin had stepped on it and hard as ever. “If you behave I’ll let you fuck me tonight.”

“I’ll behave,” Jungkook promised, out of breath, and looked up to meet Jimin’s eyes, regret mixed with determination in his. “I’m sorry. I got… too excited.”

“It’s okay, pup. Just don’t let it happen again,” Jimin picked up the end of the belt decorating Jungkook’s neck. “On the bed, then.”

When Jungkook tried to get on his feet, Jimin touched his shoulder to keep him down. Jungkook glanced up at him, then proceeded to crawl on all fours over to the bed. Jimin watched him with a satisfied smile and only approached when Jungkook was laid out on the bed on his back.

“Hands under the pillow,” Jimin ordered, and Jungkook obeyed quickly. The position accentuated his chest and arms, and Jimin took his time admiring him while he toed out of his boots. Jungkook’s lips stretched with an anticipatory smile when Jimin joined him on the bed and straddled his thighs.

Jimin reached for the lube on the bedside table and uncapped it. He ignored Jungkook’s eager gaze while he squeezed lube onto his hand, tossed the bottle to the side and spread lube over his fingers. When he rose up on his knees and reached behind himself, Jungkook grumbled in protest.

“You touched me without permission before, puppy,” Jimin said and pushed two fingers inside himself. He worked them in slowly but surely, arching his back to make a show of it. “You need to learn some self-control. So now, you get to watch.”

“You look so beautiful,” Jungkook said, and Jimin had to smile. To stop himself from showing mercy, he pushed a third finger into his hole and turned his wrist to reach his prostate. He moaned, and Jungkook's breathing grew heavier in response. “I’m so lucky to be yours.”

Jimin hummed in reply, mouth curved in a smile. He tilted his head back in pleasure and closed his eyes. There was something thrilling about opening himself up like this, with Jungkook yearning to touch him yet not doing so because Jimin had told him not to. If Jimin had had more patience, he would have dragged it out, just to see how long Jungkook could hold back.

But when he felt ready, he removed his fingers and crawled over Jungkook to be able to kiss him. He reached back to place Jungkook’s cock between his cheeks, then grabbed Jungkook’s wrists to press them against the bed.

“Do you want to fuck me?” Jimin whispered against his lips, smiling when Jungkook whined in reply. “Okay, pup. Just remember, no touching.”

Jimin raised his hips until Jungkook’s cock caught against his rim, then sank down with a shuddering exhale. His exhale turned into a moan, perfectly harmonized with Jungkook’s lower tone. Jimin kept Jungkook’s gaze, caught the flutter of his eyelashes when Jimin bottomed out. Jimin rolled his hips and watched how Jungkook’s biceps flexed, but his hands stayed where they were.

“Such a good pup,” Jimin praised and raised his hips, enjoying the drag of Jungkook’s cock against his walls; taking his time when he sank back down. With one hand on Jungkook’s thigh for support, the other on his taut stomach, Jimin began riding him as leisurely as he had the patience for. It was obvious that Jungkook would have wanted more: faster and rougher, Jimin whining and shaking and falling apart on his cock, but Jungkook would get what he wanted next time.

“You’re so beautiful, my precious pup,” Jimin murmured, already getting out of breath. His cock had grown hard again. Jimin stilled for a moment, a smile pulling at his lips when Jungkook whined, and swiped his thumb over the tip of his cock. He spread the drop of precum over Jungkook’s lips, then leaned down to kiss him. “Do you want to come?”

“Y-yeah, please, Owner. You feel so good. Look so pretty. I love you so much.”

Jimin smiled and pecked Jungkook’s lips before straightening his back.

“Love you too, pup. Let me make myself come on your cock first. Then, I’ll let you fuck me like you want to.”

Jimin caught Jungkook bobbing his head in agreement, excited and determined to last, before he closed his eyes and threw his head back. Jungkook’s cock always felt so good in him, big enough to massage his prostate with every thrust, curved just right to reach deeper than anything Jimin had ever felt before him, and as he rode it with a faster pace, he found himself careening toward another orgasm.

Jimin wrapped one hand around his cock and thumbed at the head of his cock. Jungkook’s moans were louder than the squelch of lube or the slap of Jimin’s ass hitting Jungkook’s thighs, and hearing how good he felt was enough to make Jimin cum again. Jimin slammed himself down and stayed there, Jungkook’s cock buried to the hilt, throbbing with need, and circled his hips to massage his prostate as he spilled all over Jungkook’s straining abs.

When Jimin opened his eyes, Jungkook was looking at him so hungrily, his stomach swooped. Jimin was still out of breath, panting and thighs shivering from the exertion. Jungkook’s need was evident in his blown pupils, in his clenching fists, in his teeth digging into his bottom lip, and Jimin smiled, proud and so in love with his obedient pup.

“Fuck me then, pup. Show your Owner how good he made you feel.”

Before Jimin could take another breath, Jungkook had flipped them around without pulling out. Jimin dug his heels into Jungkook’s back as Jungkook started fucking him, chasing his own release with his face buried into Jimin’s neck. Small breaths were punched out of Jimin with every thrust, and his toes curled from oversensitivity, hands stroking Jungkook’s back.

“Come for me, pup,” Jimin whispered, and Jungkook moaned in acknowledgment. His harsh pace faltered, but he fucked Jimin through his orgasm, too wound up to stop until every drop was spent. Jimin kept stroking his back, moved to his shoulder, and then to his chin to tilt his head up. He smiled when Jungkook kissed him, uncoordinated and out of breath.

“That was—that was…”

“Yeah,” Jimin agreed with a fond smile, “That really was.”



Chapter Text


Daniel was waiting on the corner outside the campus main entrance like Seongwu had asked him to. Despite the chilly fall weather, he was wearing a t-shirt and ripped jeans, his hoodie peeking out from his open backpack. More eye-catching, however, were the perky ears too big to be hidden by his windswept hair, and the fluffy tail at the small of his back. With his kind eyes and broad shoulders, he managed to be both sexy and cute at the same time, and the best part: he was all Seongwu’s.

Daniel’s face broke into a wide smile when he caught sight of Seongwu, and Seongwu barely had time to say hello before he was enveloped in a warm hug. No, a hot hug. Daniel felt like a whole damn radiator.

“Hyung,” Daniel breathed out, nosing along Seongwu’s neck. Scenting was common with dog hybrids, and though Seongwu didn’t get anything biological out of it, he enjoyed it anyway. Knowing that he smelled like Daniel to anyone with a sharp enough nose made his heart feel funny in a good way. “Missed you.”

“It’s been like six hours,” Seongwu teased and reached up to scratch Daniel behind one ear. It felt like longer, but he wasn’t about to admit that. He didn’t have an oncoming rut to use as an excuse.

When it didn’t seem like Daniel was ever going to let go, Seongwu extracted himself from his overheated embrace and took his hand.

“Let’s go home. We have the rest of the week, just the two of us.”


Seongwu slammed the door shut behind himself, dropped his backpack, and kicked his shoes off. He was ready. He was so fucking ready for Daniel to just take him and—

Daniel was walking away?


Daniel returned from the kitchen with an open water bottle. He raised his eyebrows before drinking, big gulps that distracted Seongwu from his desire to be ravished. Daniel’s throat worked as he swallowed, his skin gleaming with sweat, and Seongwu briefly wondered if maybe he did have a little dog—or vampire—in himself because he definitely felt the urge to take a bite.

“Hyung? Are you okay?”

“I thought you’d want to fuck me,” Seongwu blurted out. Daniel had emptied the water bottle, and he chuckled before walking closer. Seongwu wrapped his arms around Daniel’s waist, fingers brushing against his tail as he closed the last inches between them. He could feel Daniel’s hard-on against his thigh, so why , “aren’t you fucking me yet?”

“I want to,” Daniel replied, leaning in to brush his lips along Seongwu’s neck. “Could barely think about anything else today. But I’m trying to hold back.”

Why ?”

“Don’t want to hurt you, hyung.”

“Stop being such a softie, Niel-ah,” Seongwu huffed, both endeared and exasperated. People had all sorts of preconceived notions about hybrids given that they were partly animals, but Daniel was the sweetest and most gentle person Seongwu had ever met. Seongwu always had to push and coax to rile him up. “We’ve had sex before. If I remember correctly, you ’re the one who couldn’t walk properly after last time.”

“Yeah, but,” Daniel said, and when Seongwu grabbed his chin to be able to look at him, Daniel was blushing. “Usually, we don’t… I’m going to need to—a lot of sex. And during a rut, I’m not as in control, I get more…”

“Rough? Feral ?” Seongwu suggested and bit down on Daniel’s plush bottom lip. “I want that. That turns me on so fucking much. Between lectures today, I locked myself in a bathroom stall to stretch myself out for you.”

Daniel groaned, eyes squeezed shut, and his grip on the water bottle tightened making the plastic crackle.

“You fingered yourself in the college bathrooms? That’s so hot, hyung.”

“Actually, it was profoundly unerotic. I tripped over my jeans at least three times, and I got lube everywhere, and the peeing sounds around me were just—” Seongwu cut himself off. Going into more detail would work against his own interests. “I mean, yeah, super hot. Wanna see?”

Daniel exhaled shakily. Seongwu barely caught the sound of the bottle hitting the floor before his back collided against the door with a thud. Daniel kissed with such hunger it made Seongwu moan; teeth and tongue and spit everywhere, and when Daniel pulled back, Seongwu was panting.

“Hyung. Are you nervous? I can hear your heart pounding like crazy.”

“Yeah. But not scared-nervous. Excited-nervous.”

“Are you sure?” Daniel brushed his nose along Seongwu’s cheek, an action so gentle in contrast to the way he was caging in Seongwu. His arms bulged as he held himself back, palms flat against the door. Seongwu pushed his hands under Daniel’s shirt and realized he was practically shaking with restraint. “I can still get a room at a center, like before, it’s oka—”

“No,” Seongwu interrupted and dug his nails into Daniel’s back, “I will break up with you if you do that; if you do that because you think I want you to. I know what I’m in for, okay? I’ve watched a ridiculous amount of rut porn, professional and amateur, I’ve read all the books and blog posts on the topic, and I can take your knot like no one else can, so just put it in me already .”

Seongwu scratched his nails down Daniel’s back and at the same time, surged forward to kiss him. A growl made Daniel’s chest vibrate. He pressed in closer, trapping Seongwu between him and the door, and kissed back with such ferocity Seongwu knew he’d won.

“You sound like a bitch in heat, hyung,” Daniel murmured and yanked Seongwu’s belt out of its buckle. The shift in his tone made Seongwu shiver. “Want my knot that much, huh?”

“That’s what I’ve been telling you,” Seongwu said and tugged Daniel’s shirt up, insistent enough that Daniel helped him get it off before shoving Seongwu’s jeans down. Seongwu shuffled out of them as he continued talking. “During the next three days, I want you to fuck me against this door, over the kitchen counter, on the bed, on the couch, in the shower, on the floor, against the window—”

“Should I be making a list?” Daniel said, chuckling, and slipped one hand behind Seongwu. Daniel always ran warm, but right now his touch was scorching. Seongwu spread his stance to encourage Daniel as he ran his fingers between Seongwu’s cheeks to his hole. Daniel pushed in one finger, and Seongwu clutched at his shoulders. “You really did prepare for me.”

“Yeah. It was very sexy of me, as established.” Seongwu scraped his teeth over Daniel’s throat knowing the effect it would have on him.

“Hyung.” The word was half a growl and definitely a warning. “It’s like you’re trying to get me to ruin you.”

“I am. There’s lube in my bag. Fetch.”

Seongwu could never resist a dog joke. Daniel snapped his teeth by Seongwu’s throat, then pulled away, and Seongwu was so aroused his knees almost gave out. Daniel rummaged through the backpack until he found the tube, then tossed the bag away before crowding close to Seongwu again, and Seongwu wrapped his arms around Daniel’s bare shoulders immediately to make sure he didn’t leave again.

They were standing so close that Seongwu couldn’t see Daniel remove his jeans, but he could hear him unbuckle his belt and pull down his zipper, the rustle of the coarse material when he shoved them down to his thighs. Daniel’s cock, hard and hot, left streaks of precum on Seongwu’s hoodie.

To hurry things along, Seongwu shimmied out of his own boxers while Daniel lubed up his cock. It was red at the tip, leaking already, and Seongwu’s mouth watered at the sight of it. Sure, he’d taken it before. Sure, he’d taken Daniel’s knot before. But never like this, never when Daniel needed to go again and again and again , instincts telling him to breed whether Seongwu could take him or not. Daniel wasn’t quite there yet, but the way he’d called Seongwu ‘a bitch in heat’ told him that it was only a matter of time.

Daniel grabbed Seongwu by the ass, one hand sticky with lube, and at his urging, Seongwu wrapped both legs around Daniel’s hips. Daniel pushed two fingers, his forefingers, inside Seongwu, hooked them around his rim and fucking pulled to open his hole, and Seongwu lost his breath when he felt Daniel’s cock between them.

“Aren’t you going to stretch me out first?”

“You said you already did that for me,” Daniel replied, teeth a hair’s breadth from Seongwu’s shoulder. He pushed the tip of his cock in, and Seongwu moaned, dropping his head back against the door. “Besides, you’ll stretch around my cock soon enough.”

With that, he snapped his hips upward, lowering Seongwu down at the same time, and all air escaped Seongwu’s lungs. Daniel felt huge , throbbing and hot and wet, and Seongwu scratched at his shoulders and back again, swallowing down a string of curses that would fail to capture just how good he felt.

With his length fully sheathed inside Seongwu, Daniel stilled to give him a moment to adjust. Seongwu felt out of breath. He clenched around Daniel, eager to get him to move. Because of his rut, Daniel was biologically compelled to be horny, but Seongwu had been voluntarily horny the whole day too, and at the moment, he didn’t think there was such a huge difference between the two.

“Hyung,” Daniel groaned and barely inched his cock out before slamming back in.

After that, they didn’t say much. Each thrust slid Seongwu higher against the door before gravity and Daniel’s hands pulled him back down. His hoodie that he hadn’t even removed yet bunched up behind his back uncomfortably, but Seongwu didn’t care, too focused on how full he felt. He threaded one hand through Daniel’s hair to guide him to his neck, and Daniel set about marking his skin with tongue and teeth, spurred on by Seongwu’s loud whimpers and moans.

“C’mon, Daniel-ah, give me—give me your knot, give your mate your knot,” Seongwu urged him on, breathless and cross-eyed from pleasure. Daniel growled, teeth digging into one of the tendons straining on Seongwu’s neck, and Seongwu dug crescents into his shoulders.

The base of Daniel’s cock started to swell, tugging on Seongwu’s rim with every thrust. With a wail, Seongwu came between them, splattering Daniel’s stomach and his own hoodie with cum. Daniel’s growls made his whole body reverberate. Seongwu untangled his fingers from Daniel’s hair to scratch his ears and muffled his own moans against Daniel’s temple when Daniel shoved inside for the last time, knot too large to pull out.

Daniel rolled his hips, knot pressing down on Seongwu’s prostate until Seongwu felt like he’d pass out from pleasure. He slumped forward and latched his mouth to Daniel’s neck. Just above the crook of it, there was a spot that always made Daniel shiver, and as Seongwu worried his teeth into the skin, Daniel started coming with a growl.

Seongwu could feel Daniel’s cum spilling into him, filling him up impossibly more, and Seongwu clenched around him to milk out every drop. Not that it would keep Daniel satiated for long, he thought gleefully and licked over the bruise he’d created on Daniel’s neck.

“My hoodie’s ruined,” Seongwu said, not because he really cared but because he’d always been bad with silences. Daniel laughed, still breathless, and nuzzled against Seongwu’s neck before leaning back just enough to kiss him.

“You’ll wear mine for the rest of the weekend. Want you to smell like me, hyung.”

Seongwu nodded with a smile and scratched Daniel gently behind the ears. Despite still holding him up, Daniel was steady, his grip firm. Only his tail was wagging languidly, a clear sign of how satisfied he was. Seongwu reached down to stroke it, sure that Daniel could maintain his balance, satisfied as well. Still excited for what was to come, but definitely one-hundred-percent satisfied with how they’d started their rut-staycation.

“We can scratch off ‘against the door’ from your list,” Daniel said with a breathy chuckle. He tightened his grip around the backs of Seongwu’s thighs and stepped back from the door, knot still locked firmly in Seongwu’s ass. “I think we’ll do the shower next.”



Chapter Text


San turned his computer on before even getting out of his coat. His last lecture of the day had ended less than fifteen minutes ago, and he was still slightly out of breath after running home from the subway station. He logged in, changed into a pair of comfortable sweats, opened up an internet browser and clicked the bookmarked site, got a glass of water from the kitchen, and then finally, sat down in front of his computer.

By the time he logged in, the stream had already started. San put his headphones on and breathed out, automatically smiling at the sight of Wooyoung. San clicked the stream to full screen and leaned back.

The camera was angled slightly from above, framed to show just the bed covered in satin sheets and the mountain of pillows and plushies Wooyoung was lounging against. He was wearing a red collar and a matching harness attached to it with a metal ring. The leather straps framed his pecs and highlighted his waist, tight enough around his thighs to make their fat bulge around them. No underwear, his flushed cock already hard against his stomach. He was reading the chat, and San—a paying subscriber—hurried to type.

Hi pretty.

His message was lost among dozens of similar ones.

“Let’s get started then,” Wooyoung said and looked straight at the camera with a smile that was too eager to be demure. “I’ve been waiting for so long, I can’t stand it anymore.”

He reached just outside the frame. The leather straps of the harness dug into his ass cheeks, and San palmed himself. It had only been a couple of minutes, but he was hard already. Wooyoung settled back on his knees, eyes spread in fake innocence.

“I’ve got a new toy that I wanna show you.” Wooyoung held up a glass dildo to the camera. He pressed it against his cheek to show how big it was, and San swallowed down a groan. “Isn’t it pretty? It was a gift.”

Suck it.

Put it in ur mouth bb.

wanna see it destroying ur slutty ass.

The corners of Wooyoung’s eyes crinkled as he smiled reading the comments. Teasingly, he looked right at the camera when he brought the dildo to his lips. He ran the glass tip along his bottom lip, then the top. He licked the whole length of it, then pushed it into his mouth. It came out shining even more, coated with spit.

So beautiful , San typed with one hand.

“I actually got started without you guys.” Wooyoung pouted in mock regret, and even though San knew it was an act, it still worked. He pushed his hand inside his sweats. Wooyoung held the tip of the dildo against his bottom lip when he said, “I got so excited thinking about this, I just couldn’t help myself. I’m such a slut.”

The chat went wild when Wooyoung degraded himself. San smiled and pushed his sweats down to his thighs. The truth was, Wooyoung had other things to do tonight and he wanted to get the stream done quickly.

“Should I go slow or fast for the first thrust? Tell me your wishes now before I fuck myself too stupid to understand them.”

Ram it in there.

Go slow and nice.

wanna hear u scream.

Tease urself slut.

Wooyoung huffed. “How am I supposed to make up my mind if you can’t decide either?”

San stroked his own cock leisurely. He didn’t feel the urge to weigh in on the heated debate going on in the chat. He kept his eyes on Wooyoung, on how his tongue occasionally peeked out to lick the tip of the dildo, and squeezed the base of his cock. It was ridiculous how quickly Wooyoung could turn him on.

“How about a compromise? I’ll start slow and then I’ll ruin my slutty little hole.”

Wooyoung settled with his back against the pillows and stuffies, thighs spread to give the camera a clear view of his hairless crotch and glistening hole. He hummed while he uncapped the lube and squeezed a generous amount onto the dildo. He spread the lube with his palm, eyes fixed on the camera and a pleased, even teasing smile on his lips.

“I already fingered myself a little, but it’s so big I don’t know if it will fit,” he said, and the chat screamed at him to make it fit . Wooyoung reached between his thighs and stroked a lube-slicked finger over his rim. “Wish there was someone here to help me. Would you show me mercy, hm?”

i’d make u take it bb

just shove it in already

Tease yourself more.

Wooyoung slipped one finger inside easily. His lashes fluttered as he exhaled in pleasure, and the chat praised him and demanded more. San barely glanced away from the stream to type his answer: I’ll give you what you deserve.

Wooyoung removed his finger and placed the tip of the dildo against his hole instead. The glass wouldn’t budge an inch, and San wished he was there so that he could see it even better and maybe, be able to see inside Wooyoung through it.

Wooyoung moaned when he pushed the tip past his rim. San realized he was holding his breath and exhaled. Wooyoung looked gorgeous; smooth and glistening and pink around the expensive toy. He inched it inside slowly, sometimes pulling it out a bit before pushing in further, until it was all the way in.

“It’s so big,” Wooyoung whined through a moan. His free hand was gripping his thigh as if to keep himself spread open, red blooming under his fingertips. “It feels so good. Does it look pretty?”

He didn’t stop to read the chat, eyes cast down when he slowly pulled the dildo out until only the tip remained inside him. It slid in easier this time, and Wooyoung adjusted to the stretch with smooth thrusts that coaxed airy moans from him.

“I don’t know if I can take it any harder,” Wooyoung said and looked at the camera. His pupils were blown with arousal, and his tone didn’t match his words. It was the essence of his charm, San supposed: he played at being shy, but anyone could tell how shameless he really was. “But I’ll do it for you. I’ll ruin my slutty hole for you.”

He twisted his wrist to angle the dildo better and pushed it inside faster this time, groaning when it brushed against his prostate. The chat slowed down a little when everyone else, just like San, focused on the show, on jerking themselves off.

The mic picked up the wet squelch of the lube, and Wooyoung’s whimpers and stuttered moans. He let go of his thigh to thumb at his nipple, and San had the urge to tell him to squeeze it harder, pinch it until it was red and sore. But Wooyoung’s eyes were closed, so San held back. Later.

“I don’t think I c-can last,” Wooyoung groaned. He shoved in the dildo to the hilt and pressed his palm against its base to keep it in when he leaned forward. His cheeks were flushed, and his gaze dark, a little dazed. “Can I come? I know it’s fast, but I’m so needy. Please.”

You can come.

not until u cry whore

San’s cock throbbed in his hand. He met Wooyoung’s begging eyes through the screen and almost moaned out loud. His hand was shaking when he typed out, Go ahead.

“Thank you, thank you,” Wooyoung exclaimed and fell back down on his back. He fumbled for a dog plushie from the pile behind him and hugged it to his side. With his other hand, he began ramming the dildo inside himself. San matched his pace with his strokes, knowing neither of them would be able to last for long.

Tears sprang into the corners of Wooyoung’s eyes. He bit down on the plushie’s ear, but it wasn’t enough to muffle his moans. His thighs shivered, and the lube gleamed around his hole. His cock was leaking precum on his stomach, twitching each time he hit his prostate.

“C’mon, Woo-yah, come for me,” San muttered, and he knew Wooyoung couldn’t hear him, but as if he could, Wooyoung arched his back and shot streaks of white across his abs. San spilled into his fist, panting in time with Wooyoung. He stroked himself through the aftershocks while Wooyoung’s pace slowed.

His chest was heaving, and the dog plushie’s ear was wet when he let go of it. His hair was tousled, his skin glowed with a sheen of sweat, and the flush reached from his cheeks down to his neck. San held his breath to be able to hear the whine Wooyoung let out when he eased the dildo out. His rim fluttered around nothing when it was placed to the side.

“I came so good thanks to you. Did I make you come too?” Wooyoung leaned closer to the camera again to read the comments in the chat, corners of his eyes crinkling when he smiled at the praise. “Thank you for spending this time with me. I’ll see you next week.”

San was still smiling at the screen when the stream cut off. His thighs felt like jelly, and his cum was drying on his hand. His afterglow was interrupted by a text message. He picked up his phone with his clean hand, smile widening.

I’ll be over in twenty minutes, u better have snacks ready, i’m starving. hope u enjoyed the show.

Keep the harness on. See you soon woo-yah.



Chapter Text


They were the only two people inside the big top. The show had ended a couple of hours ago; the crowds had gone home and the other performers had retired for the night. They had another show in this same town the next day, which meant that there would be a party after it before they packed up and left. But tonight, Ten and Taeyong could be just the two of them.

Ten threw the knife. It twirled through the air, then sank into the scarlet red target board behind Taeyong with a soft thud . Inches from his bound hand, right where Ten had aimed it. The fairy lights above them provided a soft light that made the wide, empty tent feel intimate. 

"One day, my hand could slip. I could hit you," Ten mused. He didn’t have to raise his voice to be heard. He gripped a second knife, raised his arm, and aimed. The knife embedded itself next to Taeyong’s neck.

Taeyong was still wearing the white tights from his performance. That was usually all he wore as he twirled around with his silks high above the ground. He was still wearing his makeup too, silver shimmer on his collarbones and his cheekbones, black ink around his eyes. He had put on a shirt, but it hung off his frame, somehow simultaneously both too big and too short for him.

"I trust you."

The last knife lodged itself between Taeyong's thighs, right below the crotch of his tights. Taeyong's eyes fluttered briefly shut, and Ten could see his chest move when he exhaled. He didn't take his eyes off Taeyong when he walked up to him.

"See? I almost nicked you." Ten reached for the knife stuck to the board by Taeyong's neck. He could feel Taeyong’s dark gaze on him, but he kept his eyes on the blade and yanked it free. He caressed the flat side of it along Taeyong’s neck, lips curling into a smile when Taeyong shivered. “You hate that word, don’t you? Almost .”

Ten tilted the knife so that its tip caught on the skin just above Taeyong’s delicate clavicle. The cut was shallow, barely drawing blood, and Taeyong’s inhale turned into a whimper. Ten leaned in and licked up the scarlet droplets.

“Let’s get you out of your shirt. Wouldn’t want to get blood on it.”

Taeyong was cuffed to the target board by his wrists and ankles. Ten cut through his shirt down the middle, cool blade grazing Taeyong’s skin the whole way but never breaking it. Ten splayed his palm over Taeyong’s stomach and pushed the fabric to the side to reveal his unmarred, perfect skin.

“Ten-ah.” Taeyong’s voice was shaky. Ten pressed the flat of the blade against a hardened nipple and looked up at him. “More.”

“Of course,” Ten murmured. He turned the dull spine of the blade against Taeyong’s skin. Like this, he could press harder safely, leaving only red lines behind as he trailed it over Taeyong’s torso. “Is it the pain you like? Or the danger?”

“B-both,” Taeyong answered. His breathing was slow and loud. Shivers ran down his elevated arms, and his eyes were squeezed shut. In his tights, his erection was obvious.

Ten flipped the knife around and cut the sharp edge of the blade across one nipple, then the other. Taeyong cried out, hands jerking against their binds.

“You should thank me then,” Ten said, eyes on the cuts. Blood bubbled to the surface, but only one drop was heavy enough to run down Taeyong’s chest. They’d been doing this for years, ever since Taeyong had offered to help Ten practice, and there wasn’t a single scar on him. “Since I’m giving you both. Look at me.”

Taeyong opened his eyes and fixed them on Ten. His pupils were blown wide with arousal. Ten thumbed over one of the cuts on his chest, then pushed his thumb against Taeyong’s bottom lip, coloring it even redder.

“You look so beautiful, hyung,” Ten said and kissed Taeyong without giving him a chance to reply. Taeyong moaned, lips falling open to allow Ten to devour him. Ten nipped at his bottom lip and licked up all his whimpers, smirking when they turned louder as Ten’s empty hand slipped lower.

“So hard, Taeyong-hyung,” Ten teased and squeezed Taeyong’s cock until tears sprung into his eyes. It was surprisingly easy to ignore his own erection in favor of making Taeyong fall apart. Taeyong nodded with a trembling exhale.

Ten shoved his hand into Taeyong’s tights. He kept the flat side of the blade pressed against Taeyong’s throat. Taeyong’s cock, warm and sticky with precum, twitched in his grasp when he wrapped his palm around it.

“Wish you could be a part of my show,” Ten said. “Instead of twirling around in your silks, you’d be spread out just like this. No other assistant of mine ever… enjoys it as much.”

Ten tugged Taeyong’s cock out of his tights. The back of his hand brushed against the handle of the knife still stuck to the target between Taeyong’s thighs, and Ten glanced down. He pushed Taeyong’s cock down until it was flat against the blade. Precum dribbled onto the metal, making it gleam even more.

“Look, Taeyongie,” Ten prompted.

The whine Taeyong let out was almost enough to make Ten lose his concentration. He’d been half-hard since he threw the first knife, throbbing ever since Taeyong’s eyes had lost their sharpness. But he was good at waiting; at taking care of Taeyong safely first. Taeyong always made it worth it afterward, diligently sucking Ten’s cock in their cramped sleeping compartment until Ten came with a whisper of his name.

So Ten ignored his own erection and began stroking Taeyong’s cock, mindful of the blade so very close. He held the other knife against Taeyong’s throat. Whenever he swallowed, Taeyong’s adam’s apple caught against its spine.

“Pain and danger, hm? Isn’t it dangerous enough to spin above everyone else while you perform? I’ve seen the bruises those silks leave on your thighs, I know it can be painful too. So why do you need this?”

“I don’t,” Taeyong managed. His breathing had picked up, almost matching Ten’s strokes. The slide of Ten’s palm against his cock was wet with precum, the sounds obscenely loud in the empty tent. “I n-need you. Only you can make me feel this way.”

Ten hummed in reply. He brought the knife down from Taeyong’s neck and stroked it over his chest. A line horizontally, then one down from its middle.

“Someday, I’ll give you what you want.” Another vertical line, then three smaller ones horizontally. “I’ll dig my knife into you and leave something that lasts. Scars that will remind you of that. Of me.”

Three connected lines. Ten flicked his wrist as he finished the last one, drawing another drop of blood. Taeyong moaned, body going taught as he came, soiling both Ten’s hand and the knife. Then he slumped forward, only held up by the cuffs. Ten leaned back to look at his own name, scratched into Taeyong’s chest. It would fade by the next evening, but right now, it looked beautiful.

“Here,” Ten said and pulled the other knife out of the target with his left hand. Cum dripped off it, and Ten’s cock twitched in his pants. He brought the blade to Taeyong’s lips. “Say thank you.”

Taeyong took a deep breath. When he opened his eyes, Ten could see that they were still glazed over, but he managed to meet Ten’s gaze anyway. He pressed his lips against the flat side of the blade, tongue peeking out to lick up the cum.

“Thank you.”



Chapter Text


San lounged on their bed with a book in his lap, doing a pretty good job at keeping his eyes on its pages rather than on the contraption set up on the other side of the room. The whirring of the machine provided a pleasant white noise in the background, and the squelch of the dildo as it was mechanically rammed into Wooyoung’s sloppy ass was steady enough to almost pass for an uptempo EDM beat. But Wooyoung’s cries had started growing louder again, and San’s ability to concentrate on his book waned.

Of course, if San had really wanted to focus on The Design of Everyday Things , he would have gagged Wooyoung.

San gave in to temptation and flickered his gaze toward Wooyoung. He was lying on his stomach on the padded bench, thick straps around his chest and waist keeping him still. His shins and ankles were bound to lower platforms, as were his arms and wrists. The machine itself was behind him, working a sizable dildo in and out of his ass at a pace that had no care for how overstimulated he was. His cock hung between his legs, struggling to get hard. There was a puddle of cum on the floor under it.

Wooyoung wasn’t looking at him, face hidden by the u-shaped headrest. His body was covered in a sheen of sweat, trembling, jostled with each thrust of the machine as much as his restraints allowed.

San palmed his own erection through his sweatpants and watched as Wooyoung’s body grew taught when he came. His cock twitched pathetically with barely any cum left to add to the puddle on the floor. But Wooyoung’s wail, tired and interrupted by sobs, was what broke San’s self-control.

He dropped his book and got on his feet. Wooyoung didn’t react, couldn’t probably hear San’s approaching steps over the continued assault of the fucking machine. San crouched down in front of him.

“Oh baby,” San crooned and stroked his fingers through Wooyoung’s sweaty bangs. Wooyoung leaned into his touch, so San scratched his scalp once before grabbing a hold and tugging his head back to get a better look at him. “You’re a mess.”

Wooyoung’s eyes fluttered open, but his gaze was vacant. His cheeks were flushed, his lashes wet with tears. His mouth hung open, drool dribbling down his chin. San felt a rush of pride and arousal. He had done that.

“Do you even know how long it’s been?” San asked, unsurprised when all he received in reply was a gargled whine. “I’ve almost read my whole book. Even though you’ve been trying so hard to distract me.”

San pushed two fingers inside Wooyoung’s slack mouth. He massaged Wooyoung’s tongue, enthralled by how pliable Wooyoung was for him. When he pushed his fingers into Wooyoung’s throat, Wooyoung didn’t even gag.

“Where’s my mouthy brat now, hm? Reduced to a set of holes.”

Their friends were all out at a club, drinking and dancing to shake off the stress of the past few weeks and celebrating the start of the holidays. Wooyoung and San had found that this worked better for them. The minute their exams had been over, Wooyoung had started pushing all of San’s buttons, begging to be punished.

 And San loved few things better than reducing his boyfriend to a mindless wreck.

“Let’s put this hole,” San said and tapped Wooyoung’s tongue before pulling out his spit-slicked fingers, “to use as well.”

He stood and tugged his sweats down, other hand still gripping Wooyoung’s hair to hold his head up. He had to bend his knees a little to get the angle right, but San couldn’t have cared less when he slid his throbbing cock inside Wooyoung’s warm mouth.

Wooyoung remained lax, tongue lolling out of his mouth as San dragged his cock back and forth. His eyes were half-lidded, breathing heavy, and the noises pushed out of him constant. When San had strapped him to the bench, he had been vocal, demanding for San to fuck him, insulting him when San refused.

But he hadn’t struggled. When San stretched him out, Wooyoung had complained, egging him on, and even when the dildo started fucking him and San retreated to their bed, Wooyoung had kept running his mouth. After the first orgasm, his words had become fewer, replaced my moans and whines. After the second, he had started slurring. He had still had enough energy left to scream when he’d come the third time, but the fourth had pushed him into incoherency.

“Why do you insist on talking back to me,” San panted, “when this is what you should be using your mouth for?”

He was close, but Wooyoung was too out of it to tease him for it, and San was too turned on to care. He snapped his hips in pace with the fucking machine, the wet sounds of Wooyoung’s throat complemented by the squelch of his ass.

“Such a perfect cocksleeve,” San stumbled over his words as he started coming. He pulled his cock out of Wooyoung’s throat and wrapped his hand around its base to press the tip against Wooyoung’s bottom lip, aiming right into his mouth. He kept his eyes glued on Wooyoung’s mouth and moaned as it was filled with cum. He wrung out the last drops and let go, grabbing instead a hold of Wooyoung’s chin.

“Swallow for me, cocksleeve,” San said with a smile and crouched down. It took several seconds, but Wooyoung managed to close his mouth. His throat bobbed, but when his jaw dropped, there was still white coating his tongue. San’s spent cock twitched. “Did I break my favorite toy?” 

San waited, but there was no safeword, no fingers raised to signal that Wooyoung had had enough. His chest filled with warmth and pride, and he couldn’t stop himself from kissing Wooyoung. Wooyoung didn’t reciprocate, lips pursed only because of San’s fingers digging into his cheeks, but he whined quietly, making San smile.

“You’ll come once more for me,” San said. Wooyoung’s head slumped against the headrest when San let go. San stood and stroked his hair one last time. “So that maybe next time you’ll think twice before throwing a tantrum.”