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Kinktober 2021: Whatever the hell I want

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The table was overflowing with food that both looked and smelled delicious; every main course and side dish and even dessert the restaurant served had been brought out for them, and yet the only thing San wanted to eat was Wooyoung’s ass.

“Stop staring,” Seonghwa said and picked up a piece of fried eel. “Your boyfriend isn’t on the menu.”

“Not for you,” San replied and tried hard not to sound like he was sulking. They had the whole place reserved for them, and the rest of their group, their managers, and staff were loud and in good spirits. They were celebrating the end of a successful round of promotions, and normally San would be all for it. He’d just had a different sort of celebration in mind for tonight.

“Nor you, I’m guessing, based on Wooyoung’s self-satisfied smirk.”

Seonghwa was right. Wooyoung was sitting on the other side of the table, talking with Yeosang and laughing as if he didn’t have a care in the world. As if he wasn’t wearing the jeans that San had specifically complimented when he bought them because they made his ass look phenomenal. As if he hadn’t had his hands wrapped around San’s cock when Hongjoong had knocked on their door to let them know they were all going out.

He appeared unaware of the torment San was going through, but San knew him better. He caught the looks Wooyoung kept throwing his way and didn’t miss how frequently Wooyoung squirmed in his seat.

So when he stood up and walked around the table, San knew he wouldn’t be denied.

“Woo-yah, come with me to the bathroom, now.”

Wooyoung looked up, a wide grin on his lips, while Yeosang pointedly turned toward Mingi who was sitting on his other side.

“You can’t manage by yourself?” Wooyoung teased faux-innocently, his expression not changing when San placed his hand on Wooyoung’s neck. “Or do you just want my company?”

“Yes. Let’s go.”

Wooyoung laughed and emptied his water glass. Even when he got on his feet, he kept running his mouth. “What are we, teenage girls?”

“Whatever makes you happy,” San said and grabbed Wooyoung’s hand. He led them through the packed restaurant to the back and into the single-stall bathroom. Wooyoung locked the door behind them, still grinning when he turned back to face San.

San wanted to kiss that smug smile off his face, so he did. He held Wooyoung’s head in his hands as he shoved his tongue into Wooyoung’s mouth. Wooyoung kissed back eagerly, hands clutching at San’s shirt hard enough to untuck it.

“You are such a tease,” San growled and pushed Wooyoung against the vanity. Wooyoung threw his head back with a laugh, and San took the opportunity to turn him around. He stayed still, hands on the countertop, while San unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down together with his underwear and tugged them off for good measure.

Through the mirror, San caught Wooyoung’s eyes before dropping down on his knees.

“You really couldn’t wait until we got back to the dorms,” Wooyoung said, his tone equally teasing and fond.

San spread Wooyoung’s ass cheeks with his thumbs and forgot all about replying when he caught sight of the plug nestled in between. The skin around it glistened with lube. San looked up, and his surprise must have been evident on his face because Wooyoung’s smile turned smug again, maybe even a little expectant.

“You’re unbelievable,” San exhaled. He leaned in to press a kiss onto the plug and when he licked his lips, he could taste strawberry. Not only had Wooyoung come prepared, but he had also used flavored lube.

Just like San knew Wooyoung, Wooyoung knew San.

“Did you think I spent ten minutes choosing a shirt?” Wooyoung’s laugh had turned a little breathless already.

“I didn’t think about it,” San admitted and ran his finger over Wooyoung’s rim, along the edge of the plug. “I was too busy trying to force my erection down.”

“Knew you’d be impatient.”

“Mmh,” San agreed and grabbed the base of the plug. He removed it carefully, attentive to Wooyoung’s steady breaths. When it slipped out, before Wooyoung could open his mouth to tease him again, San licked over his hole. Blindly, he reached up and dropped the plug onto the counter before really getting down to it.

Stretched out from the plug, Wooyoung’s hole gave way to San’s tongue easily. San didn’t hold back, out of patience and starved and intent on wrecking Wooyoung after all the teasing. 

“Is this what teenage girls do when they go to the bathroom together?” Wooyoung asked between heavy breaths. San removed his tongue and replaced it with two fingers that he curved against Wooyoung’s prostate. He was panting too.

“I don’t know, never been one,” he replied with a chuckle. “Now keep quiet and just admire how pretty you look while I have my dinner.”

And San dove back in. He spread his fingers so that he could better lick into Wooyoung’s hole, determined to remove all traces of the strawberry lube before he’d quit. Wooyoung didn’t say anything else either, whether because of San’s orders or because he was too busy moaning to get a word out.

San was hard, throbbing in his jeans, but he couldn’t bring himself to let go of Wooyoung long enough to touch himself. The noises Wooyoung was making weren’t helping him either, sweet moans that he tried to choke down on but failed to every time San sucked on his rim. When San lightly grazed his teeth over it, Wooyoung keened, and San wished he could see him fall apart.

And well, San didn’t go to the gym for nothing.

He got to his feet without pulling his mouth away from Wooyoung’s ass, hands still clutching Wooyoung’s hips. He used that grip to push Wooyoung further onto the counter. Wooyoung’s heavy breaths were cut off by a yelp as his feet lost touch of the tiled floor, all his weight on his forearms and chest.

“San-ah, wha-what are you—,”

San let go of Wooyoung’s hips to wrap his arms under his thighs instead. Through the mirror in front of them, he could see the flush on Wooyoung’s cheeks and the dazed look in his eyes. He straightened his legs and with a grunt, hoisted Wooyoung’s thighs up onto his own shoulders.

“Want to see you,” San replied, eyes locked on Wooyoung’s reflection. Wooyoung was panting. He had one hand pressed against the mirror, the other on the marble countertop for balance. His back curved oh so prettily, neck craned to be able to see San too, and his thighs were shaking on San’s shoulders.

“Don’t worry, Woo-yah,” San murmured and stroked his thumbs over the swell of Wooyoung’s ass, “I’ve got you.”

San pulled his ass cheeks apart and fucked his tongue into Wooyoung’s glistening, malleable hole. But now he kept his eyes open and fixed on their reflections in the mirror. Wooyoung’s chest was heaving, his lips parted and each breath briefly fogging up the mirror. Sweat was glistening on his brow, and a blush reached from his cheeks down to his neck.

He wanted to tell Wooyoung how beautiful he looked, but with his mouth otherwise occupied, all he could do was suck harder, shove his tongue in further. Wooyoung’s thighs had a death grip of San’s head, but he could still hear Wooyoung’s whines rise in pitch indicating that he was about to come.

So San pried Wooyoung’s thighs off him and lowered him back fully onto the counter. He ignored Wooyoung’s protests and unzipped his own jeans to pull out his cock. It throbbed in his hand, and San only had to jerk it a couple of times before he felt his orgasm approaching. He positioned the tip of his cock against Wooyoung’s hole and pushed it inside just enough not to spill a single drop.

He came with a low groan, cock twitching in his hand when he filled Wooyoung’s hole. San kept him still with a hand on his lower back and kept it there when he tucked himself back into his boxers and reached for the plug. It slipped in effortlessly, and San stroked the red marks his tight grip had left on Wooyoung’s ass cheeks with a satisfied smile.

“Sannie-yah,” Wooyoung whined. San looked up from his ass to meet his desperate eyes. He had considered leaving Wooyoung like this, unsatisfied until they made it back to the dorm so that Wooyoung would suffer in the same way San had, but he was too weak for his demanding boyfriend.

“Shh,” San whispered and reached around Wooyoung for his cock. “Didn’t I say I’ve got you?”

He wrapped an arm around Wooyoung’s waist and reached under him to tug at his cock. Mouthing at Wooyoung’s neck, eyes on him through the mirror, all it took was pressing against his ass to lodge the plug in deeper, and Wooyoung came.

San cupped his cock to catch his release. He held Wooyoung close until Wooyoung slumped against his chest, a satisfied smile on his face. San rinsed his hand under the faucet before wrapping both arms around Wooyoung.

“My impatient Sannie-yah,” Wooyoung murmured, head tilted back against San’s shoulder. “You know, ten minutes more and I would have asked you to come to the bathroom with me.”

San chuckled and pecked his shoulder.

“I know. Maybe we’ll get through the rest of the dinner now.”

San only had to zip himself up again so he leaned against the vanity while he waited for Wooyoung to get redressed. The blush on Wooyoung’s cheeks had barely faded, and San’s lips were swollen, and they both had satisfied grins on their faces. It was quite obvious what they’d been doing.

“I think teenage girls got it right,” Wooyoung laughed and glanced at his own reflection before reaching for San’s hand. “It’s way more fun to go to the bathroom with a friend.”

“Boyfriend,” San corrected automatically and was rewarded with a kiss. Wooyoung was still looking at him fondly when he unlocked the door.

“Especially then.”