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Ghostober 2021 Collection

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It was 9 o’clock on a Saturday as Mike collapsed onto the sofa, his laptop on the table next to him. Alison was busy having a shower upstairs, leaving him alone in the main living room. Mostly. Mike didn’t know if any of the Ghosts were present in the room with him. After all, the potion and the pentagram didn’t work after all of the effort Mike put into making them. Guess he wasn’t cut out to seeing ghosts after all.

Now, what did Mike want to do whilst he was waiting for Alison? He could… access his Steam account and play something, or watch YouTube videos. Maybe even look and see if anyone had wanted to book an event at Button House. 

Click. Click. 

 Mike sat up startled, looking around to see the source of the clicking sound, before he looked at his laptop. Strange… he didn’t remember opening up Microsoft Word… or typing the letters he… oh, it was Julian typing, wasn’t it? He was the one who could touch things. Mike watched as his spectral housemate continued to type, until the message was complete: hey mike. whatcha doing. 

“I dunno. Sitting here, I guess.” Mike said quietly in response, before he said with a smile, “You know… I’ve actually never had a conversation with any of you before. Guess that’s why I wanted to see you all.” Mike then fell quiet, as he listened to Julian type, until he got a response.

you don’t want to see lady b. she is irritating at times. Mike had to stifle a laugh, before he continued, “Yeah, from what Ally’s told me, she can be…. A handful at times. Still, life at Button House wouldn’t be the same without her. Or unlife? Afterlife?” 

More typing. yeah. you’re right about that. Mike chuckled a little, excited that he was having his first conversation with a ghost, even if it was the ghost of a corrupt politician who died in a sex scandal. Eventually, he quietly asked, “So, what’s it like? You know, being a ghost and all?” 

Silence. A few moments passed. Mike watched as Julian began typing out random letters before deleting them. Mike was worried that he’d overstepped a boundary, and was about to change the subject when Julian finally wrote out a response. can be fun. lonely though. you get used to it after a while. 

Mike stared at the laptop, thinking about what his dad had told him over Christmas. He said quietly, “Must be hard to not have the ability to leave the house or see other people.” Julian typed out a response to Mike’s statement quickly, was harder before you came here. 

Mike didn’t know what to say in response. Saying something like ‘I’m sorry to hear that’ or ‘That sucks’ wasn’t enough to undo… 27 years of being stuck in the same place, unable to do anything except haunt these grounds as the world moved on without you. Mike couldn’t even imagine what it would be like. At least Alison would be able to see him if, you know, he died. Except, eventually Alison would die as well. Eventually Mike said quietly, “You know, I think I understand why you did the thing you did with my line manager.” 

you do. Julian typed in response. Mike muttered, “Yeah. Must get boring living in his house and seeing the same things everyday, so being able to affect even the smallest thing in the world is entertaining, innit?” 

More silence. More attempts to type out a response, before Mike was left with just a blank word document. Mike added, “Plus, in hindsight, Anal review was funny.” Julian typed out another response after that. told you. 

Mike snorted at Julian’s response, “Yeah, and you got me promoted and helped me with the promo video so… you ain’t as bad as you were when we first moved here.”
Julian typed out another response now i wish the other ghosts could come around and see your perspective :p 

It was at this point that the door opened, and Alison walked into the room and gently kissed Mike on the forehead. She turned around and then said, “I trust that you’ve been behaving Julian?” 

“Oh yeah!” Mike said enthusiastically, surprising Alison, “I actually had a conversation with Julian over Microsoft Word.” Alison looked at Mike, and then at presumably where Julian was standing with a sceptical look on her face. Mike added, “We were actually getting along.” 

“I’m glad to hear that.” Alison replied warmly, “Now, do you want to do anything, or do you want to continue chatting?” 

“I want to continue chatting, if that’s ok with you Julian?” Mike replied. Presumably, Julian agreed as well as Alison continued, “Ok, I’ll leave you both. Kitty wants to watch High School Musical with me.” 

“Ok, have fun!” Mike said, before Alison walked out of the room. Once she’d gone, Mike said, “So, what do you want to talk about?” A few seconds passed, before Julian typed out so, what’s your thoughts about footie eh. Mike groaned, knowing precious little about football, before he continued chatting with Julian.