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Their arrangement had started with a simple request.


Take your clothes off.


After that it had been an evening of rough, almost punishingly vigorous sex that Kara had never been able to experience.


She had been wary of the new-to-town CEO at first, intimidated by her icy demeanor and killer makeup. Kara had even been frightened, having arrived at L-Corp one night as Supergirl to help assist in an attack only to find the thugs torn to pieces and Lena Luthor with fangs . There had been raised voices about not committing murder, explanations about why she had committed murder in self defense , and then a scuffle that got Kara pinned to the floor behind the CEO’s desk. Fear had leapt to attraction, to lust, to her pulling her thoroughly wrinkled supersuit back on two and a half hours later with a different understanding of Lena Luthor.


It was just Lena now. Just Lena, who happened to be a vampire that could keep up with her kryptonian invulnerability and constitution. Just Lena, who was ravenous and taught Kara how to embrace that part of herself without fear of hurting her, to enjoy the pleasure she had been denied out of safety. Kara had learned to give just as thoroughly as Lena had shown her, ruefully content in the knowledge that unless she fell in love with someone else who could physically and emotionally keep up with her-she would never be sated. Lena had spoiled her through and through with new carnal desires and debaucheries under the guise of fuck buddy .


Tonight was no different, but there was an undercurrent of near-manic energy.


Lena was panting hot and heavy into her ear, her manicured black nails digging into the back of her shoulders as she ground her hips down onto Kara. She could feel her pent up energy shivering through her with her arm wrapped tightly around her waist. Kara snapped her hips up into Lena’s, bracing herself on the mattress and hissed when her nails bit into her skin. A deep, dangerous moan rumbled through Lena’s chest and Kara repeated the action, the thick strap-on sliding into Lena with a sticky sound.


“How ‘bout now?” She panted, the force of her hips jostling Lena against her.


There were two other dildos somewhere in the sheets, already used and smaller than the one currently fitted into her harness. The first one had been nice, but not what Lena was looking for. The second was thicker with a pleasing texture, but it still wasn’t enough. A playful Goldilocks joke on her end had earned her a dangerous and frustrated snarl-and she had rushed to pull out Lena’s girthiest dildo to placate her. For a little bit she had thought that finally this is what she had wanted. Kara had discovered Lena could be a little bit of a size queen, but she was having extra trouble scratching that itch tonight.


Lena whined in frustration and straightened up in Kara’s lap, her lipstick and eyeshadow from the day smudged. “No, I-” Kara interrupted her with another firm thrust and her eyes fluttered. “-n-no. Not. I don’t know .”


Kara watched her flushed face for a moment, trying a few angled rolls she knew Lena liked, but nothing seemed to really ignite that final spark. She could feel Lena’s frustration mounting and she paused, pulling her down until she was fully seated inside her. Kara ground her hips gently into her, angling for less mindless fucking and more subtle close movements. Lena moaned pitifully and pressed her mouth into her cheek, wriggling her hips onto her with little luck.


“Should we stop? We can try again later.”


NO .”


Razor sharp teeth flashed in Lena’s mouth in a half-snarl half-whine, her hips grinding down almost recklessly onto Kara.


“I want to come and I can’t .”


“Stress can do that-” Kara soothed, her mind racing. “-um-”


She didn’t want to tell Lena to calm down , that would have the opposite effect. Kara had only seen her like this once before and it took blood and multiple orgasms to level her out again.


Warm, live blood. Not that synthetic or donated stuff she had in her freezer from designer suppliers.


Well… Stopping wasn’t an option, clearly. And calling a discreet service would unbalance their already delicate situation in Lena’s luxurious bed… which only gave them one choice.


Kara stilled her hips and flipped her messy hair over her shoulder. She tilted her head to expose the left side of her neck. She felt incredibly reckless, but it would be a lie to say that she hadn’t been thinking about it for a while now. 


Bite me .”


Lena froze in her lap.


Kara had never actually asked Lena to bite her before, it had been just sex-and yeah maybe a couple dinner and coffee dates. The vampire had actually been the one to deflect whenever the topic was in danger of coming up. Something about trust and intimacy and she was damaged and a whole slew of tangled emotions that Kara completely understood… but she had been thinking about it for a long time. Giving a real piece of herself to Lena, that is. It was a dangerous step and would open their fuck buddy arrangement up to some much needed discussion, but Kara wanted her to feel good. She wanted to please her. To nourish her. To be hers… if she would have her.


She tried not to think about it too deeply.


She often failed. She was okay with that.




“We’ve been doing this for how long now? I trust you.” She breathed, pinning Lena to her with a firm curl of her arm.


“Eight months-” Lena admitted, “-but Kara, we’ve talked about this.” She warned her, nails biting dully into the top of her shoulders again.


Kara looked out of the corner of her eye and swallowed thickly, floored by Lena’s expression. Her warning may have been in the tone of her voice, but her face said otherwise. Frustration, awe, fear, and hunger . Neediness. A flash of vulnerability. Kara could see her fangs fully extended now, the lateral and canine incisors pearly white and razor sharp. Kara rubbed her thumb over her cool skin and wriggled her hips up into her in a slow teasing grind. Lena gasped softly and her eyes locked on the spot of skin where Kara knew she could see her pulse fluttering in her vein.


“It’s okay. Just bite me.”


Lena’s grip relaxed and she smoothed her hands up to where Kara’s neck joined her shoulders. It was achingly tender and Kara wanted to kiss her again.


“If you insist- but -just a little. I don’t want to hurt you.”


“You won’t. I want you to feel good.” Kara punctuated her reassurance with another subtle grind of her hips, not bothering to point out that her superior healing would keep her from taking much blood in the first place.


Lena gently turned her head and kissed her until her head spun, then started dragging her lips across her cheek to the curve of her jaw. Kara loosened and adjusted her arm around her waist, then carefully restarted the motion of her hips. She could feel her heart leaping into her throat, bouncing around the top of her rib cage as adrenaline spiked through her veins in anticipation. Her stomach was doing loops and it felt almost weird with the heavy pulse of arousal between her legs. But she wanted it.


“Will it hurt?”


Lena sighed a moan and licked messily over the soft underside of her jaw right over her pulse point, the hard warm ball of her tongue piercing a curious sensation. She left a sucking kiss and curled her arms around Kara’s neck to support her head.


“Not if I do it right. Go slow, I’ll tell you.”


Kara murmured an okay and let her head rest on Lena’s bicep, her mouth smushed against her skin. She kept her hips moving with steady controlled thrusts, sinking deep into her endurance as Lena kept her mouth on her skin, licking and sucking as if she were attempting to mark her. It felt really nice and heat coiled in her belly, an excited whine caught in her throat when she felt the pricks of her teeth.


“Not yet-aphrodisiac.” Lena murmured, kissing the spot again.


Kara remembered she had told her about that, but didn’t know what to expect-until her skin started tingling. She sighed against Lena’s bicep when her mouth started feeling better and better on her neck, and that same warm tingly feeling started creeping out into her body. It felt similar to submerging herself into a warm bath, except if that bath was arousal. It concentrated in more sensitive areas and Kara wished she had put something on her end of the dildo to rub her clit against. She tried to compensate by slightly changing the angle of her hips and moaned when she found a little extra pressure. It wasn’t exactly what she wanted, but it would do.


“How do you feel?”


Whatever Lena had done-it was working quickly. It was full-bodied and quickly consuming the foundation of her control, driving a mounting urge to seek pleasure. Kara wanted to follow it down the rabbit hole. She wanted Lena to do something about it.


“So good, baby.” She sighed, mouthing into her bicep. “Want you on my clit.”


She could feel Lena grin against her skin. “If you think this feels good, I can bite you on the inside of your thigh next time. You’ll cum so fast.”


Kara just moaned lowly and let her head loll to the side a little further, unable to form many more words as she let that scenario race across her mind. Had Lena not reassured her, Kara would have thought she had been drugged. She kept rolling her hips up into Lena, letting herself be soothed by the weird chemical magic into a state of carnal euphoria.




“Yes, please-oh-


Her exclamation bled into a thin high pitched whine as Lena sank her teeth into her.


Kara had thought it would hurt. Thought she would feel her teeth puncturing her with at least some sort of discomfort. No, that wasn’t what she felt. There was the prick of her teeth, some gentle pressure, and heat . Heat that felt like a hot tongue running over her neck, all over her body. Heat that landed heavily in the pit of her stomach as a chill raced down her spine. Heat, arousal spiking so heartily she could feel the ache in her clit. The pressure relented and Lena sealed her lips to her skin and Kara licked messily across her bicep.




There was a gentle pulling sensation in her neck and Lena whimpered against her as if she could physically taste Kara's arousal. Maybe she could. Kara’s eyes rolled when she took another gentle pull, heat spiraling out in tingly waves from her neck that threatened to buckle her supporting elbow. She could hear Lena breathing noisily through her nose as her long fingers flexed against her skin. Another pull and they both moaned with a dizzying solid surge of pleasure. It took most of Kara’s control not to thrust wildly up into her in an attempt to get some sort of relief on her clit.


Lena whined again as if she were pouting and pressed her tongue flat to where she had bitten Kara. She stayed there for a long moment grinding her hips a little more vigorously and panting wetly onto her damp skin. Her flat tongue became greedy licks and sucking kisses and Kara knew she had sealed her teeth marks even though her healing would have taken care of it. It was another tender gesture and her heart did a funny flutter in her chest.


Kara blinked her eyes open as Lena pulled back and cupped her hands around the back of her neck. Her eyes were dark and her cheeks were the prettiest blush she had ever seen. She was wildly gorgeous and Kara almost cut her lip on Lena’s teeth with the force of her kiss. Lena gasped against her mouth and tugged, tipping them to the side and pulling Kara on top of her. She tasted metallic.


Want you -“


Long cool fingers hooked into the leather belt around her waist and pulled . Kara scrambled to rearrange her limbs, which proved to be a little more difficult than expected under the effects of the aphrodisiac. 


“How?” She managed in between pants.


Lena tugged roughly on the belt again and Kara heard the leather creak in warning.


Hard .”


Arousal swooped heavily in her belly and she adjusted her weight onto her forearms and knees, then snapped her hips into Lena. The extra pressure on her clit threatened to leave her slumped onto Lena, but she twisted her hands in the sheets and set a quick rhythm of powerful thrusts. Lena moaned throatily underneath her and drug her nails down her back in a stinging scrape. She found purchase under her shoulder blades to hang on as Kara fucked into her. The dirty slap slap slap of her connecting with her spurred her on, chasing some kind of pressure for her clit while still giving Lena what she wanted.


Lena was moaning in her ear, slurred praise of feels good and other things about how she tasted like sweet sunshine and melting . Her thighs were loose around Kara’s waist, wanting to squeeze and fall open at the same time. Kara tucked her face into the crook of her neck and fixed her blunt teeth into her skin just as she rolled her hips into her again. Lena’s groan reverberated into her chest and she felt her shiver and tense, her hips jogging messily into Kara in a tell tale sign of release.


More .”


More ?


Kara kept moving but tried to pull her head up above the pleasure Lena had sunken her into. She took her teeth off of Lena’s neck and propped herself up on her elbow, trying not to pant directly into her face. More ? Kara couldn’t think.


“I don't know-“


Lena reached down in between them and circled her fingers and girth of the dildo Kara was still thrusting into her. Her hand was only there a moment, then she was reaching for Kara’s dominant hand. Kara unclenched her fingers from the sheets and let Lena circle her sticky fingers around her hand at the knuckles-


Your hand .” 


Kara’s brain did a fine impression of an error noise and her hips stuttered. “My what ?!”


Lena pinned her with a wild look. “I want you to use your hand .”


“I-” Kara’s hips stilled, half pulled out. “-I’ve never done that.”


“I’ll teach you. Please?” Lena wriggled under her. “ Please .”




Lena grabbed her hand again and looked at her nails. They were fairly short but she still frowned.


“Trim and file. Quickly. There’s a purple bottle under the sink that will make it easier.”


Rao help her . She didn’t even feel an ounce of hesitation.


“Y-yeah. Yeah okay, hang on-”


Kara slipped from her and pushed up to her knees, eyes locked on Lena’s slick deep pink folds while she fumbled with the straps around her hips. She had used her fingers in her before. Three, to be precise. But her whole hand ? That seemed like too much, but she knew some people enjoyed it. Kara just hadn’t really given it much thought until now.


The buckles loosened and Kara struggled out of the harness, immediately missing the pressure that had been on her clit. She left it in the sheets and stumbled across the bedroom and into the large marble bath. Her arousal was slick and her pulse thick between her legs, an incessant ache that she wanted to quench-but Lena was waiting for her.


It only took her a few moments to find the label-less purple bottle and take care of her nails. She did both hands just to be sure, and took the file with her just in case after thoroughly scrubbing her hands clean. The woman may be undead, but she refused to be careless about cleanliness.


Lena was still stretched out on the rumpled sheets where she left her with her thighs spread wide. In Kara’s absence she had picked up the thickest dildo and was slowly fucking herself with it, the metal buckles clinking quietly with the movement. Kara swallowed down a moan and climbed up onto the bed with her eyes trained on where delicate pink stretched and clung to dark silicone.


“Go ahead and put some on me. A lot.”


Kara shuffled closer and popped the plastic lid open. Lena didn’t stop the steady pulse of her hands so she held the nozzle close and squirted what she would deem a lot directly onto her clit. The lube was thick and viscous, slow to ooze down and onto the dildo still sliding into her.


“More. Around the sides.”


Kara heeded her breathless request and squeezed two more generous dollops out onto her, watching it slick along the dildo and slide into her. Lena sighed and gave the toy a few twisting thrusts, spreading around what Kara had put on her.


“Let me see your nails?”


It took all of Kara’s strength not to sit there and watch Lena fuck herself with the thick toy. The vampire inspected her outstretched hand for a moment, and then nodded.


“Good-fingers first.”


Lena withdrew the dildo with a soft moan and left it in the sheets out of the way, thin sticky strings of lube stretching across her thigh. Kara watched her situate herself with a few pillows supporting her neck and shoulders until she got an encouraging nod. With a deep breath and her head still loopy with distracting arousal, Kara seated herself between Lena’s spread legs and rubbed her fingers over her. The strong muscles in pale thighs jumped as she made a point to make sure the lube had gotten everywhere, with a few generous rubs to her clit. The moan that sighed from Lena’s lips was one of anticipation as she pressed two fingers into her, and then almost immediately three. She was curiously warmer than she was expecting. Kara had slept with her after feedings before, but she felt almost human now.


“You’re warm.” She curled her fingers into her, watching her digits slide into pink.


“‘S'your blood.” Lena slurred, smoothing her hands over her stomach. “You warm me up.”


Kara curled her fingers more firmly into her and leaned down awkwardly to press a messy kiss into her abdomen, unable to put into words the weird feeling that blundered into her chest. She heard Lena hum a chuckle above her as she worked her fingers into her, a hand smoothing briefly over the back of her head tenderly. Kara could feel her flutter around her, squeeze as she pulled out and relax as she thrust in. She spun her fingers around to change how she stretched her open, tempted to tuck her tongue into her at the same time.




Kara glanced up at her and rearranged her hand. This time Lena’s moan was a little more steeped in pleasure as she bunched her four fingers together and slowly wriggled into her.


She was tight .


Kara hadn’t let go of the purple bottle yet and squirted a little more lube onto her hand-just to be safe. She had an inkling she would need it again and tucked it securely into the small space her leg made folded in front of her. Kara placed her free hand flat on the crease of Lena’s thigh and used her thumb and forefinger to gently spread her open. Lena’s hips shifted at the touch and she stilled again when Kara paused, hesitating out of caution. Logically she knew that she would probably be okay if she was accidentally a little rough, benefitting from similar magical-based powers like what the yellow sun granted Kara. She wouldn’t have been fucking into her so roughly just a few moments ago if she knew she couldn’t take it. But still-she didn’t want to cause any unnecessary discomfort. And she wanted to do this correctly. Ever the student, even during sex.


There wasn’t really a special technique as she had thought. Just patience, firm thrusts with tight fingers, and curling strokes once she was snug inside her. Kara knew what Lena felt like. Soft velvet and strong muscle. But like this? Her heart was in her throat, thick with anticipation. To be this close to her was mind blowing and frightening. The high she was still experiencing made her feel even better. She wanted to feel Lena around her hand, to experience such a full envelopment. Kara tested pressing in a bit further until her fingers were stroking inside her and the knuckles of her pinky and ring finger were stretching her open. 


Lena moaned, low and rough in her chest with a hissed yes. Her fangs were still fully extended and the wild look in her eye was that familiar fierceness she had seen only once before. Long fingers were pinching and rolling her pierced nipples in an uneven rhythm. Kara almost shivered under her heavy gaze, her eyes dark and flashing with a whorl of emotions. She was still so tight around her fingers even while slick from the lube and her own arousal. It took a good portion of her self control to break eye contact so she could focus on what she was doing. Kara could tell there was a fraction of her still not quite relaxing enough.


“Can I do this?” She mumbled around the aphrodisiac and bent over, making Lena’s hips twitch as she licked over her swollen clit.


Lena garbled a definitely yes, as well as other phrases that would make a nun burst into flame. The lube tasted like, well, chemical lube. But she could still taste Lena too. Kara erred on the side of precision so she could be as observant as she could. She used the tip of her tongue to stay directly on top of her, saving her more broad licks for later. It took her a few moments, but she managed to get Lena to unwind completely. If she rotated her hand a few degrees she could press in her middle knuckle as well. It was only a matter of time until she could stretch her wide enough for all of them.


The pads of Lena’s fingers pressed into the hand Kara was using to spread her open. She paused and looked up, and nearly lost her breath with how wild she looked. Lena held her hand up and pressed all five of her fingertips together. It looked a little bit like a duck and she had to bite her lip from saying so.


“Start like this. Go slow.”


Kara could feel herself actually sweating, her heart going crazy in her chest. The heavy pulse of arousal in the apex of her thighs wasn’t helping either. She licked her lips with Lena still heavy on her tongue, and took a moment to make sure her hand was slick all the way up to her wrist. Once she started, she hoped she wouldn’t have to stop until Lena was sated. Kara used her free hand to spread her open again, and gently started working her fingertips into her.


Lena was nearly vibrating with need now that they were almost there. She worked her hand rhythmically into her, starting small up to the first joint of her fingers and slowly pressing more and more into her. Her knuckles reached warm pink and pressed-




Kara looked up, ignoring the slow burn in the muscles of her arm. Lena looked wrecked, flushed and white knuckled as she squeezed her own breasts.




Lena made the same duck shape with her hand. “Yeah, like-“ She rotated her wrist, her thumb sliding down into her palm as she straightened her hand into a spade shape. “ Twist .”


Kara breathed a sympathetic moan, she couldn't help it. Her mouth didn’t want to work so she just nodded and leaned a little closer. She smoothed her sticky fingers over her for a moment to spread her open and give her clit a few slippery swipes. Lena whined and her thighs jumped, but she relaxed them open again. 


No keep going-”


Kara rubbed her clit again, the little bundle of nerves so stiff and twitching she knew she must be about to cum. “I don’t want to hurt you.”


“I’ll tell you. Just. Just do it. Please . So close.”


Kara scrambled up clumsily and pressed a few hungry kisses into Lena’s mouth, nipping at her lip and running her tongue over sharp fangs. Lena moaned into her mouth and skimmed her hands over her shoulders and chest. She had kept her hand heavy on her, cupping and rubbing until Lena was pushing her back down between her legs.


A few more kisses were messily planted to the inside of her thighs while she pressed her fingertips together and massaged at her entrance. She was so slippery and so warm . Kara steadied her arm and used her left hand to spread her open again.


Kara pushed her fingers into Lena in a steady controlled thrust, twisting at the end. Lena took all of her fingers up to the knuckle and sobbed a gasp of pleasure. Kara kept thrusting, kept pressing, until she was gently trying to slide her middle knuckle in. She kept that up with Lena’s moans spurring her on with each twisting thrust until she was pressing-


- pressing-


Heat clenched around Kara’s whole hand and Lena could only say different iterations of fuck in a high voice.


Kara stared, her face burned bright red and her heart flopped around in the sheets as she watched Lena stretch deep pink around the widest part of her hand. She gave her hand a gentle nudge forward and gasped as she slipped in a little further. Lena almost screamed as she clenched firmly around her, a tight ring around her wrist.


Kara was in awe.


“Oh my god… my hand is inside you -”


“Kara, please -” Lena begged, her voice high and thin as she jogged her hips onto her.


Fuck , sorry, I’m sorry-”


Warmth squeezed and fluttered around her. Kara’s brain fizzled a little, and she gently stroked inside her, pulsing her hand in a delicate slide. The muscles in Lena’s thighs jumped and she tangled her fingers with the hand Kara was using to spread her open, a breathy hah all she could manage.


“Okay, baby.” Kara murmured and squeezed back, slowly withdrawing her hand until Lena was stretching around the widest part of her. “Tell me if something feels wrong.”


The only answer the vampire was able to give her was a guttural moan as she pressed her head back into the pillows. Kara gave her fingers a squeeze and slowly started pressing back in. She took a few long moments to get used to the feeling of being buried in her like this. To learn the best way to press in and reorient herself to be able to touch where she knew it would make Lena’s toes curl. Kara learned quickly and listened to the noises she made-and payed attention to how she squeezed around her.


Eventually she worked into a slow rhythm. The slippery, sticky, sucking sound her hand made thrusting into Lena sent her pulse to lay heavy between her legs-and had her hand not been tangled with Lena’s she would have been doing something about how her clit ached. She was hot. Tight. Sinfully soft. Kara leaned down and closed her lips around her deep pink clit and started sucking on it, massaging the little firm bundle of nerves with her tongue. Lena whined and fluttered around her, hinting that she was finally close-but not quite.


More -”


Kara leaned back up after one more strong suck to her clit and looked around, feeling a little desperate to help her cum-


Her eyes landed on the thickest dildo close to Lena’s hip.


Her brain spun for a moment, and then supplied her with an idea that had her blushing so hotly she felt like she was sticking her head into an oven. But… it wasn’t a bad idea. Lena wanted something bigger but she didn’t have more. She needed quantity to coerce Lena into thinking her hand felt bigger than it was.


“I need my hand-”


Lena reluctantly let go of her and twisted her fingers into the sheets. Kara stilled her hand and stretched, careful not to jostle her and plucked the sticky dildo from where it was half buried. Lena’s hazy eyes went wide when she saw her pick it up and bring it between her legs. Usually more preparation would take place for anal, but she knew Lena had cleaned herself up before she had arrived that evening, and she would be gentle and slow. She had also seen the generous plug on the counter of the bathroom ready to be cleaned, so she knew that Lena was at least somewhat prepared. Kara watched her closely as she slicked the toy back up again, and then pressed the tip of it just below her hand. She rubbed the rounded head of it against her anus and looked Lena straight in the eyes.


“Gonna put this in you too.”


Lena breathed for a moment, and then nodded with a croaked yeah . Kara breathed an okay and refocused. She withdrew her hand completely and immediately missed having Lena snug around her. To compensate for the loss for both of them, she slipped three fingers into her and started pressing with the dildo.


Slowly, slowly she gradually added more pressure as she stroked into her with her fingers. Lena whined and inhaled deeply, hissing a curse as the flared head of the thick dildo slipped in and pressed snug inside her ass. Kara kept it there for a moment, watching her thighs shake and massaged her fingers as she rotated the slick toy inside her. An impatient whine from the pillows spurred Kara into motion with her left hand gripped tightly around the base of the toy. She started thrusting it into her, listening closely for any sign of discomfort and gaining bit by bit until her fingers were touching her skin, earning herself more panted moans. Kara glanced back up Lena’s body and caught her eye just as she stilled the toy half-inside her and twisted her fingers. She started pressing her pinched fingers back into her.


Lena’s eyes rolled back and she slumped dramatically into the covers as Kara slid her hand back into her. Her moans were high and breathless in her chest as her body nearly went limp. Kara could feel the firmness of the silicone against the heel of her hand and gave the dildo an extra nudge until her fingers were pressed into her skin. A loud moan tore from Lena’s chest and her thighs started to shake again. She was tight . Kara rubbed gently with the pads of her fingers inside her and Lena garbled something unintelligible.


“Does it hurt?”


Lena shook her head and roughly shoved the pillows out from behind her so she could lay flat. Kara had never seen her face and chest so flushed, but she believed her and started alternating her hands. It wasn’t very often that Kara was glad Lena’s loft was two floors and had no downstairs neighbor. With how loud her curses and moans were growing she was thankful only she was allowed to hear her.


Lena was fully relaxed now, easily taking Kara as she sped up her thrusts. Kara could barely breathe as Lena moaned high and thin and breathless in the top of her chest, her fingers pinching firmly at her pierced nipples as if they were the only thing keeping her grounded. Kara dropped her eyes again and watched pink stretch around her hand.


It was, by far, one of the dirtiest things she had participated in.


She swirled her fingers inside her and Lena’s moan caught in her throat, choked, as her chest started to arch up to the ceiling. Kara did it again and Lena slapped her hands down into the sheets, white knuckled. She swallowed thickly and kept doing it, fighting through the haze of her heady aphrodisiac-induced arousal high to speed her hand up to something more moderate. A curved thrust in, and a swirled withdrawal.


Kara couldn’t comprehend why they hadn’t tried this before. She felt so close to Lena right now, vulnerable and humble-and so turned on. Kara rocked up onto her knees and turned her hand inside her so that her fingers were curling up and looking for that little spot that made Lena scream.


She found it.


Lena cried a moan that went straight to Kara’s clit, and then she froze and tensed. She squeezed and fluttered around Kara in strong contractions, an extra surge of wetness squirting and coating her wrist as she came breathlessly. Kara buried the dildo in her with a muttered fuck and kept her hand moving, her fingers stroking as Lena shook silently through her orgasm.


Eventually Lena’s chest started heaving and her body started going slack. Kara stilled inside her and bent down again, licking broad and flat over her twitching clit. Lena’s thighs jumped with each lick and she whimpered and came again, another smaller pulse of cum dribbling around her wrist. Still, Kara wanted to be sure. With as much control as she could muster, she used her powers to vibrate her hand and kept a continuous sucking pressure on her clit until Lena was orgasming a third time with a sobbed moan of her name.


Kara could hear it in her voice that she was close to done, and gently pulled the dildo out of her ass. Lena whined her name again when she slowly withdrew her hand, licking over stretched pink around her as she did so. When her fingers were free she replaced them with her tongue. Lena’s thighs shook weakly as she buried herself in her, eager to taste her while she was still so warm. Long fingers raked through her hair as she thrust broadly into her, answering by putting her thumb on her clit.




Lena was so sensitive she lasted barely a moment and squeezed weakly and rhythmically around Kara’s tongue. That was hopefully enough, for now, and she gave her clit a few last sucking kisses before she started crawling up her body. She was mindful to keep her sticky hand out of the way and moved up next to her. Lena’s body was slack and her expression was purely blissed out, just cracking her eyes open long enough to see Kara lean down and accept her kiss.


“You are incredible.” Kara murmured into her lips, settling down next to her.


Lena hummed something that sounded like you are and clumsily wiped her cheeks dry of the tears that had leaked out during her intense orgasms. She curled tiredly into Kara’s body and pressed her face into her neck with a sigh, molding herself to her like a lump of putty.


“I did okay?” Kara asked, still self-conscious even with her positive results.


Lena’s deep chuckle vibrated into her and she pressed a few lazy lingering kisses to her skin before answering.


“That can be in our normal rotation.”


Her slurred and sex-drunk comment sent heat spiraling in her belly and Kara was acutely reminded of her own arousal.


Kara laid there and stared at the wall over Lena’s shoulder in an attempt to calm herself. Her sticky hand was resting on her hip and she could feel Lena’s arousal and the lube drying on her skin. She didn’t want to move, not when Lena was resting and snuggled so tightly into her. But the ache between her legs had all of her attention. Through the heated haze of the chemical glamour still coursing through her body, Kara could feel that she was beyond ready. It wouldn’t take much.


Lena sighed against her skin and brushed her lips against her.


Pleasure twanged in her hips and Kara couldn’t stand it any longer.


“I-I’m-I need to- sorry -“


Kara wriggled onto her back and tried not to jostle her barnacle-imitating fuck buddy too much. She reached down between them with her cleaner hand and smoothed the pads of her fingers over her clit. The relief was immediate, sizzling out in red gold spirals through her body. Kara moaned softly and slumped into the sheets, still registering that Lena was next to her but couldn’t stop and started a quick circling pattern. Her hips jumped as pleasure jolted through her-but it wasn’t quite enough.


Her fingers were still sticky when she looked at her other hand. She could ask Lena to help. She was right there. Warm lips kissed her shoulder and a warm hand molded itself flat to her ribs in a comforting gesture. It made up her mind for her but she was too impatient. Kara reached down and pressed two of her already slick fingers into herself. The tingling stretch helped and she curled her fingers quickly, easily letting herself fall into a rushed release. There was some relief in cumming, but she still ached for stimulation. Kara realized with an impatient moan that her orgasm had actually increased the desire for more-and she turned her head to the side to give Lena a bewildered and almost pitiful look of help . Lena took one look at her and gave her a sympathetic kiss to her shoulder before tiredly rolling away to find one of the toys in the sheets.


Kara started her fingers again while she looked and quickly fell apart again, breathless and dizzy. It didn’t help . She whined and worked another finger into herself, slick with Lena’s arousal and was about to start a third time, fire skittering under her skin with her pulse racing and roaring in her ears when Lena rolled back and held out the dildo they had first started with.


“It’ll wear off soon, I’ll help you.”


Kara garbled a thank you and reluctantly took her fingers from herself. Lena gently nudged her other hand off of her clit and replaced it with her own fingers, dropping more kisses onto her shoulder and chest. She was already slick enough that she didn’t need any extra help, and started working the toy into herself. The extra stretch helped a little more and Kara melted into the bed again as she set a quick pace. Lena’s warm fingers massaging her clit were a welcome addition that had her almost immediately falling into another quick succession of shallow releases. Each new orgasm didn’t seem to help slake her arousal even with Lena’s attention as she watched her, and Kara could feel herself starting to get on edge. Frustrated. That same manic energy that she had help curb Lena away from.


“Can I have th’other one? Please?” She asked, pulling the slick toy out of herself.


Lena smoothed her fingers down and curled into her, the heel of her hand squishing deliciously against her clit. “The textured one? Or do you want me to get something else?”


Kara’s eyes rolled a little at her touch, but Lena leaving the bed was the last thing she wanted right now. “ NO -stay-”


The rest of her comment was lost in a moan as Lean curled her fingers shallowly into her and kept the pressure on her clit. Lips pressed into the corner of her mouth in a reassuring kiss. Kara dropped the used toy and started feeling around when Lena murmured just to your right . Her hand bumped into the textured dildo as her higher cognitive function quickly dwindled to the single-minded urge to do something about the greedy ache for pleasure she couldn’t shake. A whine hung in her chest as she clumsily picked it up and brought it between her legs-cursing colorfully when Lena took it from her and rubbed it against her lengthwise. The rippled texture tripped over her clit and sent her thighs shaking.


“I’ll take care of you, sweetheart.” Lena murmured, and pressed the toy into her.


Lena helped quench her thirst until the aphrodisiac wore off nearly an hour later.