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It's Just Sex

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It’s been days since the function, and still, Draco can’t stop thinking about Granger, pregnant. Can’t stop thinking about her swollen with his child, naked in his bed. About her heavy, beautiful tits bursting with milk.

He starts salivating.

His cock grows and stiffens beneath his blanket, and he’s throbbing.

He twists and turns in his bed, but the image of Granger riding his cock, pushing her breasts against his face won’t leave him in peace.

His hand sneaks underneath the covers and relieves the pressure with a few pumps. There’s some moisture, a little bit of precum, and he spreads it around his cockhead with his thumb.

In his mind, Granger’s playing with her nipples as she grinds on his cock, holding with her other hand onto one of the columns of his four-poster for balance. He can see how much she wants it. She always wants it, but pregnant Granger is a greedy witch ready to go at any given moment. Her cunt is rose-red and glistening in the candlelight as she rotates her hips on him, her juices, thick and creamy, running down his length and dripping onto his bollocks.

She’s a goddess.

It’s nothing new. But pregnant Granger has the glow of life-force; of elemental magic. Her face is radiant with the knowledge of the secret of life. He wants to worship her; touch every inch of her sacred body and show her the depth of his adulation. He pulls her close and buries his face into her ample breast. Lust spikes through his body as she smothers him with her flesh, muffling his moans. Draco licks her skin, touches her everywhere while searching for her nipples.

There they are, stiff and ripe, and his eager lips close around them and suck. His cock throbs as he does and Granger moans, her head falling back because she can’t help but shudder as a stream of sweet liquid pours into his waiting mouth.

Draco sucks greedily, his tongue toying with her hardened nubs as he does, and Granger loses her mind. She ruts against him, the rhythm of her hips faltering because, like him, she’s drowning in the sensation that they were made for each other. This primal dance, it’s theirs, and it can’t be stopped. Her movements grow erratic and volatile as she loses control; loses control of her voice, too, because she’s moaning complete nonsense in his ear, while Draco can’t help but keep sucking.

Her cunt flutters around his cock, and Draco groans around her nipple, a desperate noise so he won’t embarrass himself by coming too early.

He wants her to keep fucking her.

He wants to keep sucking her.

He wants this never to stop.

But as he keeps doing what he’s doing, the more her pussy clenches around him; tight like a vice, she’s gripping him—until a long, desperate shudder escapes her; a shudder that runs through the length of body and bursts out in an orgasm. It erupts wet and sticky against his balls.

Draco licks his dry lips. He can almost taste the sweetness of her milk on his tongue as he gives himself a few last pumps with sticky, cum-stained fingers, luxuriating in the fleeting vestiges of a fantasy that’s still far, too far away.