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father and son outing

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"I'll see you both later okay~? Byebye~" Hiyori smiled before waving goodbye to his family. It was a weekend, however with a change of schedule he would now be spending it at work rather than with his family.

Jun and Nagisa did not complain though, it’s an opportunity for them to have their weekly father-son bonding. After all Nagisa had been busy with work recently, leaving all the caretaking to the maids and Hiyori.

“Papa,” Jun turns to his father and tugs at their shirt as Nagisa looks down. 

“..Hmm..?” Nagisa responds before Jun continues.

“Can we go to the mall..? My classmates are all saying there's a sale at the bookstore,” Jun asked as Nagisa smiles.

“...Of course, I was hoping to get a few things too..” they pat Jun’s head as the bluenette grins. Nagisa watches as he enthusiastically runs to his room to change. 

It would surely be a fun trip.


Their first stop at the mall was the desert store. They had eaten a light breakfast and a sweet treat wouldn't hurt. Nagisa getting the chocolate cake and Jun with his strawberry parfait like usual. The only thing different was the absence of Hiyori.

“..Hmm.. Is anything wrong Jun?” Nagisa asked their son who looked distracted. 

“I just wish Momma was here.. Usually it would be the 3 of us here together..!” Jun frowns as Nagisa lets out a soft sigh before patting their son.

“...Sadly Hiyori-kun has work.. We can always come again another time..” Nagisa reassures as Jun nods, seemingly still uncontented with the absence of his father.

“Can we at least get something for him..? Or else Momma would be jealous and nag at us,” Nagisa nods at Jun’s suggestion. Leaving the little one to go up to the counter to order something for Hiyori.

It warmed Nagisa’s heart, they liked that Jun still thought of Hiyori even when he wasn't there. Hiyori surely did raise their son very well. To be honest if Hiyori was here he’d say the both of them equally did an amazing job, but Nagisa believed Hiyori has done more than them.

Watching their son all grown up and being able to order something by himself was really an amazing experience in Nagisa's mind. It only just felt like yesterday when Jun was still a baby and Nagisa was holding him for the first time at the hospital. The fact that 10 years have passed still felt surreal to them. 

“Papa ‘m back,” Jun sits back down at the table before placing the box of cake on it.

“...That’s great.. Finish your cake and we’ll make our way to the store,” they smile as Jun nods and finishes his cake.


Once he’s done the pair begin to make their way to the bookstore, the main goal of this trip.

“...Which section do you want to go to..?” Nagisa asked as Jun excitedly pointed to the manga section. Nagisa nods as they walk there.

Jun began searching all the shelves to find any manga that he enjoyed or wanted to start reading. After all, Nagisa and Hiyori tend to spoil Jun when it comes to these things, wanting their son to enjoy whatever he wants as long as it's safe. 

“Papa don’t you wanna go find any new books?” Jun turned to his father and asked. 

“..Oh.. I still have a lot to read before I can get any new ones.. Hiyori-kun would complain if I did…” Nagisa answers before they let out a small sigh. Hiyori’s tempers are really harder to deal with than the lack of time to read, they didn’t mind that though. Nagisa could hear Jun chuckle before looking back at his manga, satisfied with the answer. 

“...Hmmm… Jun if you need me I will be browsing some books…” Nagisa informs as their son nodded before they walked away.

Now they were standing in front of rows of books about love and relationship advice. They felt like he went back a few years when they were in high school only learning from books. 

The realisation that Jun was getting older and how they seemed to be drifting away from him and Hiyori had scared Nagisa. The only trustable source of information on this they had was from their trusty books. It was embarrassing of course but they didn’t want to be a terrible partner and parent.

“Eh? Why are ya looking at romance books,” Jun asked his father with a basket full of manga in his hands.

“...Oh.. Since we were at the bakery I realised how fast you grew up.. And I was afraid I’d drift away from you and Hiyori-kun so-” Nagisa’s words were cut off by a hug from Jun.

“You’re a good papa, I’m sure mama also agrees you’re a good husband,” Jun assures. “I love you and mama a lot, don’t worry” Jun smiles as Nagisa pats his head.

“...Thank you, son..” Nagisa smiles too as they share a hug for a while longer. Maybe Nagisa really was overthinking everything after all.

“Now can we go pay for my books?” Jun asks as Nagisa nods as they make their way to the cashier.

Before they made their way home they made a quick stop to the jewellery store to buy something for Hiyori which the both of them picked out together.

“Nagisa-kun~ You seem happier than usual today,” Hiyori hums as he looks at his husband.

“..Hmm? I just had a lot of fun with Jun..” Nagisa smiles as Hiyori nods.

“Our boy surely has grown up hasn’t he~! I miss it when he was a tiny little baby~” Hiyori lays his head on Nagisa’s shoulder.

“..Me too, but the current him is a sensible child..” Nagisa places a kiss on Hiyori’s forehead. The blonde distracted by the new bracelet on his wrist.

“...Thank you Hiyori-kun..” Nagisa thanks as Hiyori looks up at them. 

“Hmm~? For what?” he responds.

“...For being a good wife, for taking care of me since we were kids and for giving me Jun..” Nagisa’s words were too sweet for the flustered Hiyori.

“A-ah… No problem..” Hiyori says with his face a bright shade of red from the heartfelt words as Nagisa giggles.


But most importantly, they thank their father. If he had never brought Nagisa into this world ( despite him leaving early. ) Nagisa would not be here to experience the joy of having his own family.