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Pain Comes in Many Forms (and so does Comfort): Whumptober 2021

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The first time Razor’s wrists were trapped, one of the abyss creatures was dragging him away and his lupical died.

The second time Razor found his wrists trapped, he panicked.

He woke up slowly, struggling to see past the black spots in his eyes. Why was it so hard to wake up? His head hurt too. Razor tried to figure out what was wrong—to bring his hand to his head and hold it steady—but his hand was stuck. He froze, before tugging frantically at his wrists again.

Something—it wasn’t cold metal this time—was wrapped around his wrists tightly behind his back, keeping them in place. It was different but— He was trapped—dragged away—and he couldn’t… Not again…

No. No it wouldn’t be like last time. Razor could fight. With a fierce howl, Razor called the lightning, ready to break out of the trap and hurry to the aid of his lupical.

Nothing happened.

“Looking for this?” a bored voice asked. Razor stopped himself with a gasp and looked towards it.

It wasn’t one of the floating Abyss creatures—he could hear the creature laughing—but instead it was a tall human (he thought) with a red coat and white mask. It was holding a stick that wasn’t a sword, and in the other hand, his purple Vision.

The human tossed the Vision to another human, farther away. The lightning that was already gone from his grasp faded farther away.

He didn’t have his vision, his sword, his hands…but Razor still had his teeth. Feeling his feet free, Razor forewent the use of his hands altogether and scrambled upwards to rush the red-clothed human, teeth bared.

The human he aimed for startled, shouting a few curses, but Razor never made it to him. A heavy force rammed into his shoulder, and Razor hit the ground, face crashing into the dirt. A foot stepped on him, and he saw glimpses of a large purple human in the corner of his dizzy eyes.

“Damn,” the first human grumbled. “Figures that this kid would be trouble, but we need him in one piece to get close to Boreas.”


“Get his legs, too.”

Razor thrashed. He tried to kick out, to scream, to bite—anything—but the heavy human on top of him was not deterred. He just smashed Razor head further into the dirt—mud, there was mud everywhere and it smelled like blood—and wrapped tight ropes around his ankles.

He couldn’t move. He couldn’t move, he couldn’t call lightning, couldn’t fight, couldn’t do anything. His lupical were going to die. He couldn’t help them, and they were going to die—they were already dead—and he was going to get dragged away, through the mud and the storm—sunshine bore into his back—and his lupical were dead and it was his fault and—

“Let him go!”

Razor couldn’t see, but he heard the crashes. (The sounds of his lupical dying.) He struggled again, helplessly, to try and break the bindings—

And then they did. Arms free, Razor didn’t hesitate to lunge forward, clawing at the first person in front of him.

“H-Hey! Razor, wait!”

He stopped short—somebody was holding him back to—but he blinked and it was just the Clumsy One in front of him. Bennett—his name was Bennett. The boy held up his hands in a show of vulnerability, and the arms holding him back loosened, and Razor realized now that it was just the Traveler’s hand on his shoulder.

“It’s okay, Razor. It’s over, and your lupical is safe. We got you.”









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//first person listed is POV character



1. [prompt: bound] // [Razor; Razor & Aether & Bennett] // Razor has a run-in with the Fatui. 

2. [prompt: choking] // [Albedo & Klee] // Albedo learns an unpleasant limitation of the human experience.

3. [prompt: taunting, insults, "who did this to you?"] // [Morax & Guizhong; implied Morax/Guizhong] // Morax was a god of war, but not every battle was without...emotional investment. Certainly not this one.

4. [prompt: taken hostage, "do you trust me?"] // [Xingqiu & Chongyun] // Xingqiu had always been confident in his silver tongue, but confidence falters when the stakes are high and not his own.

5. [prompt: betrayal] // [Aether & Lumine] // Before reuniting, the twins have a choice to make.

6. [prompt: touch starved] // [Fischl; Fischl & Oz] // Fischl chose a lonely path. She wonders if she can bear it.

7. [prompt: helplessness, numbness] // [Diluc & Kaeya] // Diluc gets stranded on Dragonspine.

8. [prompt: "definitely just a cold"] // [Noelle & Lisa] // Noelle may not be feeling well, but she isn't going to let that stop her.

9. [prompt: presumed dead, tears] // [Ganyu] // Ganyu sees the body of Rex Lapis fall from the sky. She's not okay.

10. [prompt: flare-up] // [Kaeya & Jean] // Kaeya knew it was going to be a rough day.

11. [prompt: drowning] // [Childe; Childe & Aether & Paimon & Zhongli] // Childe was very familiar with death, but this was a little too close, even for his tastes.

12. [prompt: torture, made to watch, begging] // [Kazuha & Beidou] // Kazuha was already in a hopeless situation; he never wanted Beidou to join him there.

13. [prompt: cauterization] // [Yoimiya & Ayaka] // Yoimiya and Ayaka get caught by surprise.

14. [prompt: beaten] // [Eula; Eula & Amber & Jean & Kaeya] // Eula had always known that Mondstadt wouldn't welcome her as a knight, but it was worse in the beginning.

15. [prompt: delirium] // [Zhongli & Hu Tao] // Zhongli nurses Hu Tao when she has a brush with a malignant spirit.

16. [prompt: aftermath] // [Rosaria & Jilliana] // Rosaria is finally free of the bandits that took her, but she doesn't know what that actually means.

17. [prompt: dread] // [Diona] // Diona doesn't like uncertainty.

18. [prompt: doctor's visit] // [Bennett & Barbara] // Bennett goes to the church's infirmary. Again.

19. [prompt: bleeding, stabbing] // [Keqing & Ningguang] // Keqing intercepts an assassination attempt.

20. [prompt: trunk] // [Xiangling & Guoba] // Xiangling and Guoba have a bad run-in with Treasure Hoarders.

21. [prompt: bleeding through the bandages] // [Raiden Shogun & Sara] // The Raiden Shogun aids her General.

22. [prompt: cursed, demon] // [Chongyun & Xiao] // Chongyun sees his first demon.

23. [prompt: auction] // [Albedo; Albedo & Alice] // Homunculi are, incidentally, considered valuable.

24. [prompt: flashback] // [Yae; Yae & Ei; Yae & Kitsune Saiguu] // Yae Miko mourns for a second time.

25. [prompt: flight, hiding] // [Sayu] // Sayu gets spotted on the job.

26. [prompt: fallen] // [Amber; Amber & Eula] // Amber has an accident on the job.

27. [prompt: collapse] // [Beidou & Kazuha] // Beidou helps her newest crewmate.

28. [prompt: "Good. You're finally awake," panic] // [Dainslief & Venti] // Dainsleif wakes up in an unfamiliar place.

29. [prompt: too weak to move, "You're still not dead?"] // [Jean; Jean & Kaeya] // Jean gets ambushed.

30. [prompt: left for dead] // [Xiao; Xiao & Morax] // Xiao is left on the battlefield.

31. [prompt: disaster zone, trauma, prisoner] // [~ehe~] // Mondstadt has fallen. (Long one-shot)