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Inside The Kim Line

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You’re sick of his shit.

Don’t get you wrong, you love him, but you’re sick of his shit.

You’ve been together for two years and you’re in love. Like love love. Like forever love, like over the rainbow kind of love. Of that you’re sure and that’s why his unexplained absences piss you off so much. He says he loves you and you love everything about him… except for the week every month that he just up and disappears.

And you mean EVERY month.

Two years as a couple and 24 weeks out of those two years he has been gone.

Sometimes it’s a business trip. Sometimes it’s sick family. Sometimes it’s a work retreat. He’s had every viable excuse in the world, but 7 days out of every month he’s just gone and you’re supposed to believe it’s all this completely random, unrelated events?

Or is your Goddamn boyfriend having an affair with some bitch?

You don’t know, but you’re going to find out tonight, because you’re not going to let him out of your sight.

You unzip the garment bag and practically swooned over the sequined red Valentino dress you’d purchased just for this occasion, for trapping Kim Namjoon.

You also bought sexy lingerie in his favorite color, black, knowing how much he likes to pull a garter off you. You’re going to keep him here, all night, trapped between you legs. Unable to run away like he always does. That’s right. You’ve seen him get up in the middle of a date and literally run away. He runs and then hides himself away for a week then he comes back with flowers and apologies but never the truth of where he was.

You run fingers over the delicate material and imagine the look on Namjoon’s face when he sees you in this hot number.

 It still shocks you that he’s your boyfriend. He’s a guy you never in a million years thought you could get. When you first met you felt silly, foolish, how could he ever like you back? But he did and he does… except for his monthly disappearances.

Where does he go? Does he have a wife and kid hidden away somewhere? Does he have a side chick he meets monthly? Or, are you the side chick?

You don’t think so, but what else could possibly be going on?

Determined to get to the bottom of this you put on the lingerie and top it off with the red dress. You know that Namjoon will watch the clock, ready to make his speedy exit but your job is to make him forget the time, forget the date and frankly, forget his name. You want him so lost on you that he won’t disappear at midnight like your very own Cinderella.

When Namjoon arrives with his toolbox, you have a moment of doubt. He had a busy day, but here he is with a monkey wrench, because you called and said you needed him.

It takes twenty minutes tops for him to fix the leaking sink and turn to you with a triumphant smile. You don’t think, just kiss him.

And you keep kissing him as you lead him up the stairs to your bedroom. Namjoon kisses you back, wrapping his arms around you and lifting you up his body, you wrap your legs around his waist.

You stayed away from him for days in prep for this moment; he’s completely caught in a lust filled daze with you. You fall together on the bed and you know he didn’t see your surprise. You don’t tell him just keep going the way you planned to.

You strip him down and honestly he’s too caught, staring at the black lingerie, his hands caressing your body and slowly unwrapping you from the sexy underwear like you’re a Christmas present.

You’re naked, he’s naked, his body is hard and your pussy is wet, so you climb on top of him. Ready to get it on when suddenly Namjoon stops you. He looks up at you with sad eyes, “I have to go.”

He cannot be serious. You think as you stare down at your nakedness, his nakedness and his hard cock that is perfectly lined up with your pussy.

“No, you don’t.”

“Yes, I do,” he says, his hands going to your hips, ready to lift you off of him.

“No you don’t,” you say again, your knees bearing down on to the mattress, you grip his body between your legs. “I checked with your assistant. You’re all clear for the week, and you’re spending it with me.”

Namjoon looks shocked, stricken by the concept and your stomach falls to your knees. It never crossed your mind that Joon wouldn’t want what you were offering. That he wouldn’t pick up what you were throwing down.

“Is it over between us?” You ask in a small voice, terrified you overplayed your hand.

Namjoon freezes in the act of trying to lift you off his lap. He looks up at you and says, “no, never.”

“Then where are you going?” You ask, your voice is calm, because you can see that he’s panicking.

Panicking. Kim Namjoon, your boyfriend, is panicking at being alone and naked with you!

“I have a meet-“

“Checked with your assistant remember?”

Namjoon’s eyes widen, he looks frantically around the bedroom. Not sure what he’s searching for but you watch him hit with the realization that he is well and truly trapped. That you lured him to the middle of nowhere. That you undressed him so he can’t easily get away.

“What is this?” He asks. “What are you doing?”

“Trapping you,” you admit.


“Because you have lied to me once a month for our entire relationship,” you tell him.

He looks at you, shocked, as if he didn’t realize that you knew he was a goddamn liar. But you did know and suddenly you’re offended that he could think you’re so simple that you’d buy his bullshit excuses.

You use his distraction to wrap the ropes tied to the headboard, around one of his wrists. He pulls at it, but it doesn’t move.

“I have to go,” he tells you again and you hear an emotion in his voice that hurts you… Namjoon is scared. Afraid for you to see whatever he’s about to do.

You know that tying him to your bed is extreme, but you feel crazy. Here is a guy who claims to be committed to you, but keeps some kind of strange secret that he won’t share with you? It doesn’t make sense. You want answers.

Is he a hitman on a job? A soldier on an under cover mission? Seems unlikely.

“Tell me what’s going on,” you demand. “Just tell me and I’ll let you go.”

Namjoon doesn’t answer. He pulls at the rope trying to free himself. But he can’t. You’re basically a professional knot tier, so he’s going nowhere just like you planned. He strains, fights and bucks his hips but instead of freeing himself, when he thrusts up, his cock slips inside your soaking wet pussy.

You both groan at this happy accident and you watch Namjoon lose the fight. His expression blanks as you position yourself more comfortably on top of him and thrust down. He thrusts up to meet you, seemingly against his will and you know you’ve won this battle. He’s yours, well and completely caught by you.

Namjoon lies there trapped in you. Veins pop on his forehead and sweat forms on his brow as you ride him for all you’re worth. You’re disappointed in him, you’re mad at him but his cock is a perfect fit and the power you have knowing that he protested but never said no and did not put up a fight.

He can’t resist you. He didn’t even really try and that soothes your fears. He loves you and all that’s left between you is his secret.

As you ride his cock, the tension in the room rises and Namjoon’s face contorts. At first you think his face is just contorting due to the pleasure you’re giving him, but after a moment you realize something else is going on… something crazy.

Namjoon’s head tosses from side to side and as he does this his body starts to vibrate. You’re frozen in place watching the impossible… Namjoon is changing.

His body shifts beneath you. Still broad shouldered,and toned but you watch in shock as his body transforms into one slightly smaller. His head twists and impossibly turns before your eyes… shifting. Namjoon is shape shifting into someone else!

This is some sci-fi shit and you don’t know what to do or even what to think as even the cock filling your pussy seems to shift, lengthening inside you, pushing you even closer to an impossible explosion, as Namjoon’s body shape shifts.

You blink and suddenly the man beneath you is different. His head shakes, his face shifts and he thrusts up, inside of you, filling every inch.

You scream, your mind blanks and all you can think about is the pleasure building inside you as you stare down at the impossible.

You explode in a climax. You see stars, but so much more. Because now you get why he ran. Why Namjoon thought he had to hide whatever the hell this is because your boyfriend Kim Namjoon is gone and in his place is Kim Seokjin.

You both breath heavy, coming down from an epic and impossible orgasm and as you do, your brain clears.

You stare down at the man beneath you, in shock. Because you know Kim Seokjin. He’s Namjoon’s friend and roommate. One who you have spent time with. When you can’t hang out with Namjoon because he was gone for a week… and now you’re seeing that they’re the same person? You took Namjoon to your bed and somehow his friend Jin gave you the final climax…

You look around the room to see if maybe you teleported or something but there’s no sign of that impossible way of traveling. Yet somehow Namjoon has shape shifted into Jin.

You scramble off of his lap confused and feeling crazy. You had sex with Namjoon and he transforms into Seokjin? How is this possible?

But none of that comes out of your mouth. Instead you look down at the naked body of Seokjin tied to the bed.

Instead you ask the one thing that comes to your mind, “WHAT?”