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Kagemoto's Writober 2021

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Date: October 4, 20xx
Location: Ritsuka Fujimaru’s Bedroom, Fuyuki, Japan

“A school-wide costume party, huh?”


Ritsuka Fujimaru found herself murmuring as she looked herself up and down in her bedroom mirror as her fingers roamed across each and every line and scar that littered across her body.


“I wonder if I can ask some of the casters in Chaldea to make me an outfit or maybe have them send over a copy of one of my mystic codes?” Ritsuka mumbled absently to herself as she twisted herself around to examine the scars on her back, wincing at a rather large mark that ran diagonally across her back, “A costume that doesn’t show that at least… There is no way I can explain any of these scars.”


“Why bother? It looks good on you.” came a familiar voice from behind her, causing her to jump as she whirls around and come face-to-face with the impish smirk of Da Vinci as she continued to speak, “Honestly, It’s a wonder you were able to hide them for this long at all in the first place.”


“Da Vinci!” Ritsuka cried out with a wheeze, with one hand flies over to her chest and the other clutching against her bedpost as she heaved and tried to steady her racing heart. “You shouldn’t just appear behind me like that,” she admonished, pouting at the unrepentant inventor before returning their impish smile with one of their own. “But it’s good to see you, Da Vinci. How are things in Chaldea? Is Mash alright? Do you need me for something? It must be important if you called, right?”


Ritsuka winced to herself at the rapid set of questions that excitedly spewed from her mouth, she tried to not make herself sound too eager with the prospect of a potentially world-ending issue, but she was apparently a bit more stir-crazy than she thought.


Or maybe she was latching on to any excuse she could to not attend the costume party.


“No, no, it’s nothing too urgent, Ritsuka. No need to worry.” Da Vinci giggled, amused by Ritsuka’s excitement as she waved her hand dismissively in the air, “I’m just here to invite you to our Halloween party on the 31st. Everyone here misses you, even the grumpy group, though they won’t admit it.”


“Aww,” Ritsuka coos in response, her heart warming at the thought of her friends, “If that’s the case, then I can’t disappoint them, can I? So, when and how are you going to take me to Chaldea? And do you have a costume for me? I figured you have one ready for me since it’s Halloween and all...”


“Oh, don’t worry about any of that.” Da Vinci dismisses with a glint in her eye, “I’ve handled everything, from permission from your parents,” Oh whoops, Ritsuka flinched she’d forgotten about them with all her sudden excitement, “to transportation and costumes.” she announced with a proud huff as a radiant smile on her face before finishing off with, “So, really. I’m just here to ask for permission after arranging everything!”


“And peer pressuring me with guilt if I refuse.” Ritsuka jokes with a faux-serious nod, “What a genius plan, Da Vinci. I didn’t stand a chance.” she praised the inventor with a round of applause.


“Of course, it’s only natural after all.” came the expected prideful reply, punctuated with a playful toss of hair as Da Vinci played along before she and Ritsuka fell into amused giggles at their little byplay.


And after a few more moments of laughter, Da Vinci lets out a happy sigh and wipes a tear away from her eye, “Oh, how I’ve missed talking to you like this, Ritsuka,” she admits as she composes herself, “Thankfully, we can catch up soon.”


“Just wait at the airport at 7 pm on the 30th for someone to pick you up and take you to the base, okay? See you soon~.”


And with one final wink and before Ritsuka could get a word in, Da Vinci disappears, leaving Ritsuka alone with a smile on her face, happy and waiting for the days to come.


“Man, she never changes, huh?” Ritsuka sighs with a fond smile on her face as she turns towards her mirror once more, eyeing her scars one more time before turning away from her mirror and walking towards her bed, falling into it face first with her smile still firmly on her face.


“Gosh, I really can’t wait.” She murmured before closing her eyes, willing for the days to go by faster as she fell asleep, excited for the days to come.

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It was late into the night when Amelia Watson found herself stumbling into her apartment, clutching tightly at her side and wincing as white-hot flashes of pain flowed through her every time she moved.


“Damned boars, see if I’ll do anything for you again,” she muttered to herself angrily as she braced herself against a wall, taking a few deep breaths before forcing herself to move deeper into the halls of her home, maneuvering herself around slowly as to not aggravate her wounds. 


“Oh, I’m really gonna look forward to collapsing on the couch and sleeping through the afternoon,” Amelia groans as she finally turns a corner and staggers into her living room, “Thankfully, I left my babies with Gura to babysit. I don’t think I could handle any of them fussing over me right now...”


“Am I included in that them, Watson? Because I don’t think I appreciate being lumped in with your pets.”


Flinching at the sudden and unexpected voice that cuts through her thoughts, Amelia starts, winces, and turns towards the unamused face of her Atlantian friend, Gawr Gura, with a shaky grin that was more akin to a grimace.


“Hello, Watson.” Gura greets dryly, crossing her arms and eyeing Amelia’s bleeding side with half-lidded red eyes, “How are you? Besides that new hole carved into your side? You holding up well?” 


“Yeah, actually,” Amelia tried to chirp as she attempted to pass off her injury by standing up straight, only to hiss sharply in pain as her wounds flared up with a red-hot pulse of pain, causing her to sway and stagger against a wall as her hands flew right back towards her injured side.


“See?” she croaks, feeling tears well up in her eyes, “Totally fine.”


If it were possible, the flat look on Gura’s face became even flatter as she rakes a hand through her white hair with red highlights and lets out an explosive sigh, “Jesus Christ, Watson.” Gura growls, her eyes flashing with unrestrained emotion, “I’m stupid, not blind. What the fuck happened?”


“... I got gored by a boar,” the detective whispers quietly, her head tilting downward as her face burned with embarrassment.


“So you got cocky and careless, typical,” the Atlantian huffs as she lets her arms fall to her sides and begins striding out the room, “Go and sit down on a chair you don’t mind being ruined and take off your top,  Watson. I’m going to get the Medical Kit so I can stitch you up.”


“Huh? Wait, hold on,” Amelia protested, looking at her friend with wide eyes, “You don’t need to bother,” she starts, trying and failing to stagger to her feet, “I can do it just fine by my-” 


“Finish that sentence, Watson,” Gura growls warningly, interrupting Amelia as her eyes flashed with an unreadably hungry emotion, “And I’m going to throw you down that chair, and then do something other than patching up your wounds.”


“...Meep,” Amelia squeaks quietly, her previously red face now turning tomato red at the Atlaintian’s threat, combined with the smoldering look in her blood-red eyes, caused her to scramble towards a nearby wooden chair and plop herself down with enough force to aggravate her wounds, making her wince once more as she tried to use the pain in an attempt to ignore the electric tingling that crawled across her skin at her friend’s words.


‘It probably wasn’t a good idea to make her too angry right now,’ Amelia reflected as she groaned and pressed a hand to her side, ‘it would be best to listen to her while she still holding on to her self-control.’


‘Hopefully, she does doesn’t lose it and attack me... that would be the last thing I need.’


And before Amelia could sink herself in denial any further, Gura comes rushing in with the medical kit held above her head, “I found it,” she announced with a grunt, walking over to Amelia’s side before pausing as she catches sight of Amelia’s still clad in her dress shirt.


“Watson.” Gura says dryly, rubbing the bridge of her nose, “I’m pretty sure I remember telling you that I expected your top off by the time I got back, or is the blood loss getting to you?”


“Uh- well, I... ” Amelia sputters, her head whipping around to try and find an excuse, to not remove her dress shirt, “I mean, do you really need to? Maybe we can just-”


“I can’t treat your wounds with it in the way, Watson.” Gura interrupts bluntly, glaring straight into Amelia’s eyes to press her point, “It’s also really bloodied, so we can’t just tie it over with a tourniquet, or you’ll risk getting an infection. So stop being difficult and take off your fucking top, or I’ll call Kiara here to cauterize your goddamned wounds.”


“Urk- fine...” Amelia sighs, acquiescing to Gura’s point before slowly beginning to unbutton her clothes and shrugging them off with one careful motion, flinching at the wet sound it makes when it hits the ground.


“Finally,” Gura grumbles as Amelia raises both of her arms to cover her chest, giving the shark girl clear and obstructed access to her injuries as she crouches beside her friend to begin her treatment. 


“I hope you’re not a screamer, Watson,” she murmurs as she starts tending to the detective’s wounds, “or it’s going to be really awkward to explain to the neighbors.”


“Wha-” Amelia sputters, trying not to squirm or hiss as Gura disinfects her wounds, “Do you really have to say it like that, Gura? That’s really embarrassing!”


“Good, then maybe it’ll help you think twice before being so difficult next time,” Gura scoffs in reply, her nostrils flaring as she eyes a particularly bloody wad of cotton, continuing to clean her friend’s wounds, “Or better yet, it’ll be enough to remind you not to get so injured next time.”  


“Oi! It’s not like I wanted to get injured!” Amelia protests with a whine, burying her face against the crook of her arm as she tries to defend herself, “I just got distracted, that’s all!”


“And look where that got you,” Gura grumbles before tapping at Amelia’s thigh, causing the girl to jump, “All right, Watson. I’ve cleaned your wounds. Now, I gotta apply the sutures, so you better get something to bite down on so you don’t scream.” 


“And I swear to God that if you use your arm for this and give me another wound to clean up, I’ll make you regret it.”


“... Got it,” Amelia swallows thickly, quickly lowering her arm, before reaching over to grab a nearby pillow to use.


“Good, no fight this time,” Gura huffs as she grabs the needle, driver, forceps, and thread to begin suturing Amelia’s wounds before shuffling over to lean in closer to Amelia’s side, “Now this is really going to hurt, so close your eyes and relax, and you better hope to God that I don’t lose it.”


“...I really hope you know what you’re doing, Gura,” Amelia murmurs, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, biting down and burying her face into her pillow, forcing herself to relax as she feels the needle begin to enter her skin, punctuated by the puffs of hot breath caressing her side.


“I hope so too.”


And with that, the two go silent, both of them falling into a lull as Gura devotes all her concentration to meticulously tend to Amelia’s wounds, deep into the night.

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If Weiss Schnee were the sort to admit weakness, she’d likely confess her newness to the concept of roommates.


Granted, she was expecting it; she did do her research of Beacon’s practices, after all. No sense in getting blindsided by something so easily preventable. 


What she didn’t expect, however, was the amount of space they were going to be provided or that they were going to have to juggle it evenly between themselves. 


...In hindsight, that was probably an issue she should have foreseen when she was packing her belongings. Though thankfully, it really hadn’t been an issue in the end. Even if they had to resort to more… unusual methods of solving them.


Suppressing a grimace that threatened to form across her face as she gave a small prayer, Weiss Schnee took a moment to come out of her musings to sneak a glance at the ominously shifting ‘makeshift’ bunkbed that formed both her and her partner’s bed, mentally making a note to herself to ask for better supplies to stabilize them before the ropes broke and crushed her underneath. 


But other than the constant and heart-stopping threat the literally loomed over her every night, it really wasn’t as bad as it could be, Weiss mused, her eyes sweeping across their meticulously arranged living space. Her teammates were surprisingly more organized than she could have hoped for, and she really didn’t need to push too hard when it was time to clean up their shared living space.


‘Shared’ living space, being the emphasis, Weiss sighed, turning her gaze towards her Leader, Ruby Rose’s, table, clicking her tongue as she watched her friend snore away on her messy desk, face resting against the drool-stained paper that was their homework from Professor Doctor Oobleck. 


“Ugh, no way is Oobleck going to accept that,” Weiss muttered to herself as she stood up from her own desk to go over and poke Ruby’s shoulder. 


“Ruby,” she calls, watching her friend stir, stifling an amused smile as she receives a dazed blink in response, “Ruby, wake up. You’re drooling on your homework,” she says gently before pausing as she looks over at what the noirette had written, “... A homework that’s filled with a lot of mistakes.”


“Wh- Really?!” Ruby yelps, jolting at Weiss’s words, looking down frantically at her stained paper with a wince, “Oh, no. I was so sure that I got it all right,” she whines before turning towards the heiress with sad shiny eyes. 


“Can you please help me, Weiss?” Ruby begs as Weiss physically recoils from the force of her puppy-dog eyes, “I really need to get this right so I can pull my grades up, or I’ll get my allowance cut again. So can you please, please, pleaaaase help me?” Ruby pleads before clasping her hands together in front of her face, “I swear I’ll make it up to you, like doing your share of chores or something! Just tutor me just this once?”


“... That’s what you said the last time you asked for help,” Weiss harrumphs, crossing her arms as she recovers from Ruby’s assault, “You said ‘just this once’ that time too.”


“Urk-” Ruby chokes, flailing backward as if struck by a physical blow, “I mean, uh, I…” the girl babbles, trying and failing to come up with a rebuttal before giving up and looking at her partner once more with wide eyes, “Please, Weiss?” she pleads, “I really need help.” 


At the sight of her Leader’s adorable begging face, Weiss stands her ground for a few solid seconds before buckling to her Leader’s request with a sigh, “Fine,” she huffs, moving her hands atop her hips, “why don’t you grab us a couple cups of hot coffee? Just don’t forget to not put sugar in mine, alright?”


“Aye, aye!” Ruby affirms with a salute before rushing over to open the door with a wide grin and bright eyes, “Be right back!” she calls as she disappears in a burst of petals, disappearing down the dormitory halls in a flurry of wind


“Seriously, that girl...” Weiss murmurs, shaking her head with a fond smile on her face as she walks over to lean out the door to yell, “Don’t run back with the drinks, Ruby!” before leaning back in and closing the door behind her, hearing a distant and muffled affirmative as she did so. 


“Now,” she says authoritatively to herself, “Why don’t we clean up a bit? A clean workplace is a clean mind after all,” she tells herself as she turns back to Ruby’s desk to begin arranging the messy table before her, making sure to avoid touching the drool-stained homework that was practically stuck to the desk and putting aside the books they would need as a reference to answer said homework.  


“This is going to be a challenge,” she sighs, eyeing over the homework once more and wincing at all the mistakes, “Ruby better bring more than one cup of coffee, I’m pretty sure we’re going to need it.”

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As she bodily throws herself to the side to dodge the fist of a Lawachurl, Hu Tao grins as she feels the sensation of hard stone whiffing past her hair.


“Sorry, you missed!” she coos with a mocking voice as she uses her hands to spring further away from the snarling giant, landing into a battle stance with a faux-sweet smile and a giggle.


And as she lands, Hu Tao takes a moment to glance at the field around her and sigh, spying a lawachurl, four hilichurls with clubs, two with crossbows, and a samachurl who was currently whipping up the air around them with glee.


“Aiyah, this is so troublesome. All this trouble just to get to Wuwang hill,” she moans, twirling her spear deftly between her fingers as she begins to invoke the power of her vision, causing her body to spark and smolder before the sparks burst into ethereal orange butterflies as Hu tao sighs, “Well, let’s just get this over with...” she mumbles as she charges forward, meeting the incoming hilichurls and lawachurl head-on with a thrust of her spear.


“Chi!” she grunts as she swings her spear to knock back two hilichurls before using the momentum of her spear to spin on the ball of her foot to just dodge a bolt of frost, a scythe of wind, and an overhead swipe from another hilichurl that was taken out with a simple swing of her spear that still held all her momentum. 


“You’re gonna have to do better than that,” Hu tao chuckles and jumping deftly to the side to graze by the lawachurl’s slam before parrying the monster’s haymaker by kicking the last hilichurl into their path, effectively removing the smaller creature from the fight permanently, wincing sympathetically as the poor monster ragdolls across the field and falls limply on the ground. 


“Whew, that’s four down,” Hu Tao says with some relief before quickly wiping her brow and peering out at her remaining opponents, “but there’s still four more to go...” she sighs with a pout.


“Oh, well. Let’s just finish this quickly!” The girl cheers before jumping back into action.


Or tries to, at least.


Because as she tries to leap forward to attempt to dash past the lawachurl, she is immediately pulled back by a vortex of wind formed by the samachurl below her feet.


“Oh no!” Hu Tao yelps, struggling to jump out of place as she blocks four successive ice bolts with her spear, wincing as the anemo of the vortex caused the cryo of the bolts to swirl and linger around her fingers.


“Oooh, that hurts,” the Wangsheng funeral director whines as she tries to flex her fingers in a futile attempt to ward off cold, “I really have to start taking this seriously, or Grandpa is going to get really mad,” she whispers, her eyes shining as distant echoing whispers begin to sound out in her mind.


And so, with another burst of flame and a swarm of ethereal butterflies, Hu Tao disappears in a flash of light and reappears right outside the circular vortex of wind, just in time once more to avoid the fist of the lawachurl that would have crushed her flat. 


“That was close!” Hu Tao chirps, unable to help herself as she weaves around a howling whirlwind and a bolt that veered dangerously close to her eye and neck before skidding to a halt right between the gathered pair of hilichurl archer and shaman. 


“Now,” the girl says primly, eyes sparkling as the trio of monsters freeze up in horror as if sensing the attack to come, “it’s time for you to go!” she says cheerily, drawing out a pyro infused spirit from… somewhere, before swinging it around her in a wide circle around her, striking all three opponents in a whirl of pyro that sends them flying through the air and crashing limply into the ground, unmoving.


“And that’s that,” Hu Tao breathes before turning to the snarling lawachurl, “except for you, of course,” the girl groans as she straightens herself with a sigh-


-Before letting her weapon fade into ether, pivoting quickly on her heel, and running away from the, now stunned, monster.


“Not!” Hu Tao laughs, quickly taking her chance to abscond away from her last opponent, “Let someone else be your problem!” she declares, thanking her lucky stars that the lawachurl hadn’t snapped out of its stupor to give chase yet, “There is no way I can handle such a rowdy customer like you, so it’s a farewell from here!”


And as she manages to run further and further away from the hulking stone monster, Hu Tao lets out a sigh of relief and takes a moment to calm the thrumming howl of blood that was running through her veins.


“Whoa, I almost bit the dust there,” she gasps, slowing down to a walk, judging herself safe from the monster behind her, “I really need to be more careful next time.” she murmurs to herself with a sigh, “Really, now, I- oh? It looks like I’ve arrived at my destination,” she murmurs to as she around at her current area, which was a dark and familiar forest that seemed crawled with all sorts of spirits and ghosts.  


Wuwang hill.


“Wonderful, I’m finally here!” Hu Tao claps to herself with a chuckle, “Now, it’s time for me to go and do my duties!”


And with that cheery announcement, Hu Tao takes a moment to compose herself and continue on her way into Wuwang hill, going on to fulfill her role as a guide to the afterlife.

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“Ugh, I don’t know why I agreed with this,” came the exasperated sigh of a red-eyed girl with short brown hair as she fidgeted with the cover of a beat-up looking couch in the attic of a cafe called LeBlanc, “Do we really have to do this, Ren? I really don’t feel like it’s necessary at all...”


“And why not?” Ren Amamiya, a messy-haired boy in glasses, asked with a playful smirk, “Come on, Makoto. It won’t be that bad,” He soothes as he reaches over to rub comforting circles into the brown-haired girl’s back, “Besides, think about it as facing your fears. And I’ll be right here to help, so you won’t have to face this alone either.”


At those words, and the much-appreciated backrub, Makoto Nijima lets out another sigh before opening her mouth to respond- only to be interrupted by the simultaneous chime of both their phones.


“...Futaba,” Makoto mutters, stifling back a third sigh, “Well, let’s see what she has to say,”


Opening up her phone and rolling her eyes fondly as she spies a newly created chat between her, Ren, and Futaba, Makoto clicks on the group icon (which happened to be the logo of Featherman) and reads the hacker girls message.


Futaba : ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀ And I’ll be here too (with Mona, but he’s asleep) providing Moral support! 


“At a distance, in the safety of your own home, with at least two degrees of separation,” Ren says blandly with a chuckle, knowing that he didn’t need to type his answer to get his reply across.


And he immediately was proven correct as in an instant the words leave his mouth, both of their phones pings once more to receive Futaba’s indignant message. 


Futaba : Booooo! (≖ ︿ ≖ ✿) 


Futaba : That’s just semantics, Ren! (。+・`ω・´) Don’t trivialize my help!


“Hey now. Don’t get angry because I’m right, Futaba,” her boyfriend chuckled, the thought of the word warming her cheeks as she continued to watch Ren squabble with his honorary little sister. 


“-And I’m saying that that wasn’t the point.” Ren interrupts, causing Makoto to blink and crawl out of her thoughts to see a slew of messages that she had missed during her distraction, “the point is that this was supposed to be a private date, Futaba, that’s why Morgana is with you tonight.”


Futaba : Oh? ∑(; °Д°) Is someone about to put the moves on our Queen?! 


Futaba : That’s so scandalous! What would Sojiro think? Doing the dirty in the attic of his restaurant?


“Wh- Futaba!” she hears herself yelp with a jolt, causing her phone to fly out of her hands, forcing her to scramble forward and catch the phone moments before it hits the ground, “that’s so inappropriate!” she fumes, typing it out in tandem with her words, glowering at the screen as she receives a (: 3) in response.


“I think he’d be proud, actually,” Ren says blandly, leaning forward to wrap an arm around her waist and pull her close as the flush on the face goes atomic. “Though her sister would kill me if she found out,” before swiftly blanching so quickly that she actually felt the world swim for a brief moment, causing her to swoon against her boyfriend for stability. 


Futaba : Yeah, that would be bad. 


Futaba : Although…


“Futaba,” Ren glowers cutely, to Makoto at least, down at his phone, “No pranking Sea Nijima as Alibaba again,” Wait, what? “Sojiro doesn’t need trouble with two of his kids going delinquent.”


Futaba : Boo! We’re both already delinquent, Ren. What does it matter if I do another crime?


“No wait, hold on, what’s this about my sis-.”


“Phantom thief work technically isn’t a crime,” Ren points out logically, causing Makoto to click her mouth shut with a sigh, knowing that she wouldn’t be getting an answer right now and that it would be better to hold off her questions for another time, “The police are just after us because someone up top wants to stop us,” he growls, eyes flashing as she nods in agreement with Futaba who sends an angry emoticon.


“How goes the- wait,” Ren begins before stopping himself abruptly, “No Phantom Thief work on date night,” he says with an admonishing tone tinged with embarrassment as Makoto also feels her cheeks go warm once more, whoops.


“Anyways,” her boyfriend continues with a cough, “We’ll talk to you later, Futaba. We need to get started on movie night before it gets too late.”


Futaba : Roger.


Futaba : Enjoy your movie, lovebirds! I’ll be still watching the movie, of course, but I’ll leave you two to your alone time…


“Will do,” Makoto says with a smile, “Thank you for your support, Futaba. I think… I’m willing to try and watch that movie now, just for a bit.”


And with one last chime that notified a reply from Futaba, Makoto locks her phone and puts it aside before snuggling deeper into her boyfriend’s side for comfort and stability.


“Alright, Ren.” she mutters with a shaky tone, “I’m ready, let’s get this over with...”


“Of course,” Ren says soothingly, squeezing her shoulders before nuzzling his chin atop her head and murmuring, “Tell me if it gets too much for you, okay? We can stop anytime.”




“No problem, Makoto, anytime.”

Chapter Text

As soon as the movie started and the strings began to play a slow, haunting tune, Makoto knew deep in her bones that deciding to watch was a terrible idea.


Feeling her limbs begin to jitter, Makoto takes a deep breath to forcefully calm herself before intertwining her palm around her boyfriend’s, receiving a squeeze of reassurance that settled her jitters.


“The movie just started,” Ren teased, whispering and chuckling as she gave him a pinch of warning, “Relax, Makoto, I’m right here.”


“Thanks,” Makoto mutters, settling down as she begins to focus intently on the movie.

“... That doesn’t look smart,” she points out after a while, tensing as she eyes the ghost shadow a character, who was unwisely off on their own, exploring the haunted mansion with reckless abandon. 


“Yeah, we should probably take notes just in case we come across a haunted house palace.”


“...Do you think that’s possible?” Makoto whispers with a quivering tone, tearing her eyes away just in time to avoid seeing a jump scare that still startled her and forced her to bury her face into her boyfriend’s side, ”Eek!”


“Oof!” Ren grunted, curling as he allowed his girlfriend to burrow deeper into his side, “M-maybe...” he wheezed, idly using his free hand to rub his side.


“Who knows how a heart can distort?”


“Well, hopefully, it never happens,” Makoto prays, briefly closing her eyes to banish the image of a horror-house palace from her mind before returning her attention back to the tv screen-


-Just in time to see the horrible face of the ghost.


“E-mph!”  Makoto starts to yell before Ren moves his hand to muffle Makoto’s yell, causing her to look at her boyfriend in confusion.


“Sorry,” Ren sheepishly smiles, moving his hand back down to her waist, “you were about to scream, and I don’t think Sojiro would appreciate getting a noise complaint this late at night.”


Makoto feels her face grow warm with embarrassment at this as she turns her head down towards Ren’s side.

“M-my apologies,” she says, mumbling into her boyfriend’s side, “I was just really… sc- startled.” she finished lamely, her face burning hotter at her near flub.


At those words, Makoto could feel Ren press his arm tighter to her side as he puts a gentle kiss on the top of her head, “We can stop if you like,” he murmurs into her scalp, his hot breath tickling her head, “There’s still time to pick a different movie.”


 “...No,” she says resolutely, basking in Ren’s warmth, “I’ve started this trial, so I need to finish it.”


“Besides,” she adds, peering up at her boyfriend with a smile, “You’re here with me, right? Then I don’t really have anything to be afraid of.”


For a moment, she sees the moment where her words hit their mark, his eyes widening and his cheeks dusting with a pink hue that was accentuated by the glow of the tv’s screen. If she were being honest, it brought a thrill to her heart to see her boyfriend react this way. It was really rather adorable.


Of course, it sadly didn’t last.


Because after that startlingly brief moment passed, a teasing smirk flashed across his face before he leaned away from her ever so slightly and shot back with his witty response.


“Except for all those times you screamed bef-yowch!” Ren yelps, jerking away from his pouting girlfriend with a chuckle. 


“Ren!” Makoto fumes, pulling herself away from her boyfriend and glaring as she unleashes a barrage of pokes at his side, “That wasn’t the time to be making jokes! I was trying to say something heartfelt!” 


“Wait! Haha, no! Mercy! Mercy!” Ren guffaws, trying to scramble away from Makoto’s assault.


“Not until you apologize properly!”


“But I-haha, can’t do that,” Ren protests, tears in his eyes as he tries to scramble away from his girlfriend, “you’re ti-haha, tickling me!”


“Oh, that sounds like a ‘you’ problem,” Makoto smirks as she moves forward to continue tickling her boyfriend, raising an arm high into the air before declaring, “Now, It’s time for an all-out attack!”


“No! Mercy!” Ren begs, his desperate words contrasting with his smiling face.


“It’s time for punishment!”



And with a vicious battle cry, Makoto descends upon the hapless Leader of the Phantom thieves to administer her justice.

Futaba : I can’t believe you two just flirted your way through the entire movie!


Futaba : I mean, you didn’t miss much but-


Futaba : … Do you guys have your phones on silent or something? 


Futaba : Hey?


Futaba : Hey!


Futaba : You- Oh? You’re asleep… You two really went at it, huh?


Futaba : Well, sleep well, you two.


Futaba has gone offline.

Chapter Text

It was late into the night when Albedo found himself waking up beside the bed of his honorary little sister Klee, head resting on her beside tucked underneath her small palm.


Smiling gently at his little sister, Albedo takes a moment to carefully ensure that she is comfortably tucked in before quietly leaving the room without disturbing her sleep.


“Now, what to do?” he wonders to himself once he walks outside of the room, wandering down the dark corridors of the knights of favonious dormitory.


“Maybe I could get in some last-minute research?” He murmurs, a hand coming up to rub his chin in thought as he speaks, “I have many experiments that would benefit from being conducted at night after all...” he says with a hum before pausing to look out a nearby window into the night sky.


“Hm, then it’s decided,” he nods with closed eyes and a smile, “time to do some late-night research. Hopefully, the traveler doesn’t find out about this. They certainly wouldn’t be pleased.”


And with a brief, self-deprecating chuckle, Albedo takes a moment to summon his clipboard from the ether before proceeding to make his way towards his laboratory, sketching all the way.


It takes a while to arrive at his destination, but as Albedo reaches the wing where the Alchemy room is located, he notices a light emanating from the doorway of his workplace. 


“Oh? Sucrose must be rearranging the ingredients again,” Albedo mutters idly, wasting no time before entering the room, lips quirking up once he spies his green-haired college mechanically arranging numerous jars and bottles with a fastidious expression. 


“Good evening, Sucrose,” Albedo greets the girl once he enters the room, receiving a hum in response as he eyes all the marked jars and bottles surrounding her. “Rearranging ingredients so late at night again?” he questions, making his way to the other side of the room to let her continue working undisturbed, discarding his plans to experiment for the night, “This is the fourth time this week.”


“...Just taking stock of our ingredients, mister Albedo,” Sucrose answers after a short while, pausing from her counting to briefly flash the master alchemist a tired smile and push up her glasses, “Just needed to make sure that everything was in order, that’s all.” 


“I see,” said alchemist hums before rubbing his chin in thought, “and do you any need help with the arrangements?” he offers rhetorically, not making any effort to move despite his offer, already knowing Sucrose’s answer, a polite, yet firm refusal.


“No thank you, mister Albedo. I can handle this all myself,” Sucrose answers, smiling demurely before her attention returns to the jars and bottles around her, “I think I’m almost done, in fact. I’m just going to make sure I got my counting and organization right.” 


”...And how many times would this make it?” Albedo questions with a fond smile, chuckling as his assistant hums at his question before murmuring her answer, “Seven,” which was said in an absent tone that contrasted with her usual demeanor due to her being extremely engrossed with her current task. 


“Ah, then let me make some tea. Even if this would be your last time recounting, it will still take a while,” Albedo offers once again, this time moving before receiving a response, making his way to one end of the room filled with various containers filled with tea leaves and both a stove and a kettle. 


“Is Lavender fine?” he asks, receiving another hum in response before he pours water into the kettle, which makes him respond with a pleased: “Wonderful!” as he begins his preparations to make tea, “Lisa just brought in a new batch that is said to increase concentration and relieve fatigue. I’m interested in trying it.”


“Mm.” comes the third hum from Sucorse as Albedo puts the kettle on the stove to boil and pulls out his clipboard once more to begin sketching, waiting for the water to boil.

Chapter Text

Date : January 15, 2011

Location : Brockton Bay


Taylor Hebert snaps open her blood-red eyes with a sharp gasp, jolting up from her bed and clutching her arms tightly, choking back a scream.


“God damn it! I failed again!” she hisses with venom, clenching her arms tightly, drawing blood as the young girl takes several deep breaths to calm herself down before hastily turning around to bury her face into her pillow and muffle her screams.


“I wasn’t even able to see the goddamned golden bastard this time!” she seethes, running a hand through her hair in frustration.


“Well, maybe you would get further if you didn’t insist on trying to save your oh-so-precious friends.” a voice cuts in from her side, causing Taylor to twitch with agitation as she glares off to the side at a dark-skinned woman standing with red eyes similar to hers in front of a pure white portal with an appearance of a doorway, dressed in a doctor’s garb as she looks at Taylor with a bland smile.


“Clearing eyes...” Taylor says with an equally bland done, “Possessing the Good Doctor outside of hours again?” she says with derision, “You really are a snake, aren’t you?” 


At the young girl’s venomous words, the woman feigns a hurt look before shaking her head mockingly with a sigh, “Oh, was that supposed to hurt? Is that really all you have?” the woman sneers, “That’s just pathetic,” she scoffs, rolling her eyes as she tuts at Taylor, “you’d think that after living through a thousand loops, you’d be able to do better than that pathetic insult.”


“But then again, we wouldn’t be in this situation if you could, hm?”




Taylor feels herself stiffen at the woman’s biting words, the words echoing in her mind before red hot rage surges through her, causing her to leap out of her bed to tackle said woman and-.


-fall through the white portal behind her, crashing into the floor with a hard grunt, red eyes burning blood red before fading to a soft brown as the woman walks in behind her.


“Wow, you really fell for that, huh?”


“Fuck you,” Taylor mutters, picking herself off of the floor and wordlessly meeting the eyes of the members of Cauldron as she takes a seat on a nearby unoccupied chair. 


“...Is this really her?” says a hooded man wearing an opaque helm with skepticism, “Looks a little young, don’t you think?”

“Of course she’s young,” mutters a man in glasses, “the being possessing Doctor Mother did mention a time loop, after all.”


“A Thousand loops...” a woman in dark spandex says with a tired tone, rubbing at her temples as another woman in a fedora gently rubs her back, “We’ve already failed a thousand times?”


“More than that actually,” the woman known as Doctor Mother answers bluntly, “Technically, I’ve been trying to shut down that Golden Bastard for about… A hundred loops or so? Queen here is a more recent development.”   


“A recent as a thousand years can be anyway,” Taylor mutters with a roll of her eyes, huffing as ‘Doctor Mother’ shoots her a look.


“Anyways!” ‘Doctor Mother’ says loudly with a clap, causing all the occupants in the room to jump, “Now that Queen is here, why don’t we get this meeting started?” 


“It’s time for us to discuss how to defeat Scion.”

Chapter Text

The moment Calliope Mori opened her eyes, she knew that something was wrong as a bone-deep ache permeates from her bones.

“Ugh, I feel like crap,” she groans, blearily blinking up at the ceiling with a sniffle as she shifts uncomfortably on her bed, “What the hell is wrong with me?” She grumbles as she lifts her hand, places it against her forehead, and grimaces. “Am I… Sick?” she sighs before sliding the hand on her forehead to cover her face, “God damn it, I didn’t need this.”

“Well, maybe if you took better care of yourself and stopped overworking, you’d be in better shape.”

At the sound of another voice, Calliope lifts the hand covering her face and tilts it to the side to meet the eyes of a disapproving Takanashi Kiara.

“...Hi, Kiara.” Calliope greets with embarrassment, lips quirking up into a smile as her hands slide back down to cover her face, “How did you know I was sick?” she asks tiredly, despite having just woken up, “Did I miss a collab or something?”

“...Yes, actually,” comes the disgruntled sigh from Kiara, walking closer to Calliope as the reaper jolts up from her bed in surprise, “Missed it completely, in fact. Don’t worry about it though, management explained it to our fans, and thankfully, they seemed to understand,” she says with a relieved sigh before adding, “They send their well-wishes, by the way.”

“Oh, that’s sweet of them,” Calliope giggles as she lays back down before looking up at Kiara, “so, you’re here to take care of me then, Kusotori? Thank -ow!”

“Don’t be rude, Calli,” Kiara huffs with a roll of her eyes, retracting the finger she used to flick Calliope’s forehead as she puts both hands on her hips with an indignant look before softening into a gentle smile, “But yeah, I’m here to nurse you back to health.”

“Oh, sorry,” Calliope says sheepishly, looking off to the side in embarrassment with a blush, “Just a habit, I-…” she says, cutting herself off with a brief pause before trying again with a mumbled: “...Thanks, Kiara, I really appreciate it.”

“Aw, no problem, Calli,” Kiara says brightly, chuckling as she gives Calliope’s forehead a gentle pat. “I know you don’t really mean anything by it. It’s just that- oh wow,” Kiara blinks before gasping, pressing the back of her hand against Calliope’s forehead as she frets, “You’re really burning up!”

Calliope makes a discomforted noise at this, nodding with a grumble, giving Kiara a pitiful look as she moves one of her hands over her friend’s palms to intertwine their fingers, “Yeah, I really do feel like crap. Don’t you have something to make me feel less like crap?”

“Of course!” Kiara says with a bright smile, squeezing their fingers together before pulling hers away, cooing as Calliope shoots her a pouty frown, “Aw, just give me a moment to get the porridge. I can hold your hand while I feed you if you later,” she chuckles, giving a blushing Calliope a wink before leaving the room.

“Guh,” Calliope moans as she moves both of her hands to cover her face in embarrassment, “I really don’t know how to handle her,” she mumbles, using her thumbs to rub circles on the side of her face as she sits herself up once more from her bed and attempts to get comfortable, waiting for Kiara to return.

Chapter Text

It was through the cover of a beautiful, starry night that Amelia Watson walked under as she made her way through numerous rows of decrepit and ruined buildings, a gentle smile on her face as she looked up towards the sky.


“Man, the moon really is beautiful tonight, isn’t it? Watson?”


Pausing at the voice that cuts through the cold air of the formerly still night, Amelia feels a smile crawl on her face as she lets out a misty breath. 


“Yeah, it is,” she chuckles, turning her gaze towards two beautiful azure eyes, her smile evolving into a grin as she shrugs out of her heavy brown coat, shivering slightly in anticipation as the cold air caressed her skin.


“Glad to see you doing well, you dumb shark.”


“Hey now, you ruined the moment,” comes the teasing retort as a smile mirroring her’s forms on the face of Gawr Gura, who lets her arms swing freely at her sides as her eyes crinkle. 




At this, giggles cut through the air as both Amelia and Gura begin slowly approaching each other, eyes dancing more and more as they get closer and closer with each other until they stand at arm’s length.


“Are you ready?” Amelia breathes with a whisper, looking so closely at Gura that she could see her misty breath, the sight of which makes her tense and jittery, her body ready to move and react as she watches her dear friend smile and nod.


“Good,” she mirrors, holding her hand out with a hum, “then let’s get started.”   


And with that, the pair take one more small step closer together.


Before Amelia ducks away from a swiping fist that whipped through the air.


“Ha! You missed!” Amelia chirped, thrusting out a palm that met hard, resisting flesh. 


“And you tickled,” Gura fires back, smirking as her hand just barely catches Amelia’s arm, who immediately jumps back once her attack whiffed. 


“Hey, I’m just a human!” Amelia retorts as she bounces up to get feet, jumping from one foot to the other. 


Gura snorts at this, rolling her eyes as she gets into a low stance, arms curled at her sides, nails sharpening, “Like a normal human can time travel!” she says, rushing forward with a rising swing of her arm, which was easily dodged with a side-stepping twist that led to a counter in the form of a momentum-fuelled kick that connects with the shark girl’s side. 


“Ack!” Gura grunts as she stumbles, clutching her side, glaring at a smirking Amelia with narrowed eyes.


“What’s wrong, Gura?” Amelia smirks, putting both hands behind her head as she laughs, “Not feeling up to it today?” 


“Oh, shut up,” Gura grumbles as she stumbles onto her feet with a grunt, “Just a little surprised that you’ve gotten faster than last time. Usually, I’d have at least gotten a graze by now.” 


“That just sounds like excuses.”  Amelia points out with an impish grin, causing Gura to grit her teeth and blur forward.


“Oh shi-”


A loud, meaty thud echoes through the air as Amelia crosses her arms and blocks Gura’s fist.


“You saw that,” Gura comments, pushing her fist forward against Amelia’s arm before her other arm snakes under Amelia’s arms and grabs her shirt, “That shouldn’t have been possible for a normal human, so that means something fucky is going on.” she declares, balling Amelia’s shirt tighter around her fist as she continues before the detective could speak.


“Too bad that won’t help you, Detective.”


With a grunt of effort, Gura ducks and draws her fist back, pulling on Amelia’s shirt and disturbing her balance as the shark girl’s fist lances forward and heads for the detective’s face.


A fist that was dodged by inches as Amelia tilts her head with a frown, her eyes glowing a bright and eerie blue.


“You- fuck!” Amelia starts before yelping as Gura hooks the arm of her fist around the detective’s neck and pulls her down.


And as Amelia loses her balance once more, she pitches forward with a yell before stopping cold as Gura drives a fist into her stomach, causing the blonde to retch and heave at the pain. 


But she wasn’t done just yet, because as the white-haired shark girl begins to twist her body, Amelia takes a deep breath, hooks one of her legs around Gura’s, and swings a fist of her towards the side of the Atlantian’s head, causing the said girl to flinch and stagger out of her grapple.


“Gah!” Gura yells, swaying on her feet unsteadily before regaining her footing and using her palm to wipe a trail of blood that flowed from her lip.


“That actually hurt, Watson. Glad to see that getting an upgrade didn’t dull your skills... ” the white-haired girl compliments with a grin, as the blue highlights of her hair begin to bleed red, “It ain’t going to help you, though,” Gura chuckles before stomping a foot on the ground, causing a crater to form as her foot impacts the earth.


“I hope you can regrow teeth like I can, Watson. Because you’re going to need it!” 


“Fucking bring it, sharky,” Amelia says with a mirroring grin of her own as she crouches down low, keeping her arms loosely at her sides.


And with that, the pair fall quiet once more, staring at each other with a growing, palpable intensity, waiting for the other to move fist and break the silence that formed between the two of them underneath the beautiful moon.

Chapter Text

In the world of Remnant, deep within the heart of the city of Vale, on one of the many rooftops within Beacon’s prestigious halls, sits Ruby Rose sitting on a ledge with a thoughtful frown on her face, her feet swing in the air to an unheard melody.

“A lien for your thoughts, Miss Rose?”

Jumping at the unexpected voice behind her, Ruby takes a moment to steady her breath before she turns around and meets the amused eyes of Beacon’s headmaster, Professor Ozpin.

“Oh, it’s you, Professor!” Ruby yelps, scrambling to stand properly greet her headmaster, only to stop her tracks as the silver-haired man smiles genially and waves her down.

“No need to be so formal, Miss Rose,” Ozpin says with a chuckle as he walks up to stand beside Ruby near the rooftop’s edge, “I’m currently on my break, so there is no need to call me professor.”

“Oh, okay then,” Ruby nervously hums, turning back to stare out into the distance with a fidget before swinging her gaze back to her headmaster, “So, um… did you need something?” she stutters, laughing weakly at the questioning gaze she receives before she steels herself and charges forward, “I mean, you’re on a break, right? And you took some time out of that to come up here and talk with me… Unless this is you go here when you take your breaks, I mean. Not that there is anything wrong with that-.”

At Ruby’s nervous babbling, Ozpin fondly shakes his head with a chuckle, “It’s fine, Miss Rose, I understand. I’m not insulted,” he interrupts, taking a moment to adjust his shades, “And as for why I’m here… Well, I just thought it would be a good idea to take some time to talk to one of my students. I find that they can give fascinating insights at times.”

“Really? That’s it?”


“Huh,” Ruby murmurs, leaning back to look up at the sky, “Well, what do you talk about then, Professor?”

“What makes a hero,” comes the immediate reply, one that leaves Ruby blinking as she turns towards Ozpin questioningly, who only looks back with an even stare.

Squirming at the intensity of the headmaster’s gaze, Ruby takes a moment to collect her thoughts before answering with a simple, “A hero is someone who saves people from the bad guys.”

“Oh?” Ozpin questions with a raised brow, his shades covering his eyes as he tilts his head to the side, “And what does saving people entail?”
“By beating up the Grimm and the bad guys,” Ruby answers immediately before adding on, “and making the world into a better place,” she says with a smile, one that Ozpin returns after a moment of silence.

“Ah, simple and concise,” Ozpin praises, taking one last look up at the sky before turning around, “you really are a simple soul, Miss Rose,” Beacon’s headmaster says with a chuckle, “Beacon is lucky to have you.”

“Th-thank you,” Ruby stutters, ducking her head at the praise before clenching both of her fists and declaring, “I promise to make Beacon proud!”

“I’m sure you will, Miss Rose,” Ozpin nods gently, “Now if you excuse me...”

“Oh! Bye, Professor!”

“Goodbye, Miss rose, enjoy the rest of your day.”

And with his piece said, Ozpin gives a small wave towards Ruby and quickly leaves the rooftop, leaving the girl alone.

Chapter Text

“Hey! Watch the teeth!”


Blinking at the snappish tone, Nanashi Mumei takes a moment to carefully mull the words in her head as she stares with dewy eyes at the Ouro Kronii, the Warden of Time.

“Oh,” she said after a lengthy moment’s pause, leaning away from the bluenette as she chews, “Sorry, just got a bit too excited.”

“Well, why don’t you go get a cold shower before trying again,” Kronii grumbles, wincing as she rubs her fingertips together before using her knuckles to push a bowl of red berries across the table and towards the pouting brown-haired Guardian of Civilization, “Better yet, feed yourself. You’re a big girl.”

“Aww, but I don’t want to,” Mumei whines as she crouches behind the table’s lip, peeking herself over its edge to huff at her bluenette partner, “I want you to feed me, Kronii. Berries taste better coming from your hands.”

At this, Kronii feels her face go warm as she sputters, embarrassed at the demand and flustered at the sight of her friend cutely peeking at her with begging eyes on the edge of the table.

“Wha- No! You’ll bite my fingers off!”

“Please?” Mumei repeats, widening her eyes as she hunches in herself, making her appear smaller at the other end of the table, “I’ll be more careful this time, I promise!”

“So please, Kronii? Please?”

Kronii jolts at the sudden assault of cuteness, staggering with a grunt as she forces herself to look away from the sight, “God damn it, that’s not fair,” Kronii grumbles, raising a hand to cover the side of her face to block her view of Mumei, who whines.

“Aw, come on, Kronii. I already promised, so what’s the problem?” Mumei pouts before standing up and walking around the table to continue her attack.

“...It’s because I can’t just roll over and give you what you want every time you ask,” Kronii says after a moment, the hand on the side of her face moving to block Mumei’s from view, “You can’t just expect to do whatever you want every time you flash me those cute puppy-dog eyes of yours.”

“Oh? You think my eyes are cute?” Mumei asks with a smile as she stops in front of the Warden of Time, leaning forward and using both of her hands to move the one that was covering the bluenette’s eyes so that she would be able to meet them, “Well, I think your eyes are cute too, Kronii. I really like looking at them too.”

“Especially when you’re feeding me berries.”

Kronii blinks, thrown at the sudden addition of the last line, even as her face burns crimson, “Hah, you really do have a one-track mind, don’t you?” she sighs, raising her other hand to cover her face, only to be thwarted as the Guardian of Civilization moves it out of the way, causing Kronii to have both of her arms be held away from her head, “...This is a really embarrassing pose.”

“Then just give in already,” Mumei says simply, maneuvering herself to sit on Kronii’s lap as she places both of Kronii’s hands on her shoulders, “I mean, it can’t be that bad, can it? Besides,” she adds, leaning in closer and placing her own hand’s on the shoulders of the Warden of time, forcing the bluenette to lean back until her back hits the back of the chair, “since when have I ever broken a promise?”

“I can think of a few times,” Kronii absently says as she composes herself, staring into Mumei’s honey-colored eyes deeply, “But you really aren’t gonna stop, are you? Not until I say yes?”


“Fine then, I give in,” she sighs, pushing the Guardian of Civilization back as she reaches for the bowl of berries that lay neglected on the other side of the table, “Now, get off my lap and grab your chair. It’s going to be hard to feed you like this.”

“No.” the brunette chirps, only leaning back away enough to make space for the bowl of berries between them, “I like it here. It’s comfy.”

Kronii pauses at this, rolling her eyes with another sigh before pushing onward, “...Alright, sure, fine, whatever,” Kronii says, rolling her eyes as Mumei giggles, “Just make sure that you don’t bite my fingers or I’m pushing you off, got it?”

“Got it,” Mumei nods with a happy hum before tilting her head with a blink, “Though if you feed me berries with kisses, you-.”

“Oh wow,” Kronii breathes, looking at the Guardian of Civilization with wide eyes, placing a finger on her soft lips, “You’re really going all out today, aren’t you? Geez. ”

“Also, ew, kinda gross, don’t you think, Mumei?” she remarks as she passes a berry from her free hand to the one holding a finger against the brunette’s lip before using said finger to press a berry into Mumei’s lip.

And as Mumei happily chews on the berry, she plants a small kiss on Kronii’s finger, giving her a grateful smile.

Before licking her entire finger, causing Kronii to recoil.

“Teehee~” she smirks, smiling innocently at the bluenette.

“’re lucky you’re cute,” Kronii grumbles, wiping her finger on Mumei’s skirt.

“Aww, thanks,“ the Guardian of civilization chirps before blinking at the Warden of Time and tilting her head, “...another?”

And with a put-upon sigh, Kronii wordlessly feeds another berry to Mumei, pushing it into her waiting lips once more with a finger.

“Spoiled.” she admonishes, jerking back her finger to avoid another lick, only to be met with a brilliant and unabashed smile.


“That’s nothing to be proud about, you know?”

“Yeah, I know.”

Chapter Text

Looking out at the sunset skies that stretched endlessly over the russet horizon from her seat, Ayano Tateyama lets herself get lost in thought as the cold winds from nothing that flowed through the classroom’s window and brushed against her face.

“Ah,” she shudders, turning her gaze away from the window and adjusting her scarf so that it covers her face, “No matter how long I stay here, I can never get used to how cold it can get here,” she says to herself with a sigh.

“Come to think of it, how long have I been stuck here?” she wonders as her red eyes gaze through an empty classroom filled with nothing but desks and chairs, decorated with vases of chrysanthemums, “I’ve completely lost count.”

“Is it almost time for Shintaro to come back, I wonder?”

Ayano felt her face burn brightly at the thought, her gaze turning towards the desk beside her as she imagined a dark-haired boy with sharp eyes sitting on the desk beside her, giving her a charming smile.

“Wh-whoah,” she stutters to herself, patting her cheeks with a gasp, “That’s a dangerous image. I can’t imagine things like that out of the blue, or I’ll be in real trouble.” she chides herself, shaking her head to dispel that mental image.

And once she does, she lays her head on her desk with a sigh, “Ah, I really do hope Shintaro will come back soon,” she whispers once she regains her composure.

“I really do miss him… I miss all of them.” Ayano mumbles, resting her forehead on the cool surface of her table, “I wonder what they’re doing now? Are they happy?” she wonders with a sigh, “I really hope they are, or at least, I hope they’re supporting each other...” Ayano says wistfully, trailing off with a groan and thumping her head on her desk.

“Man, who knew that a world of Kagerou Daze could be so boring. It’s making me all sad.

Chapter Text

Letting out a pleased hum that bounces off the rocky walls of the cave, Asmodeus, one of the seven Demon Princes of Gehenna, coos as they crouch to pick up a ceramic bowl, peering at the contents within.

“Oh, this looks quite yummy~” the Demon Prince coos as they sweep a hand through their white hair and lean in to give the bowl a sniff, “It smells yummy too,” they sigh, clutching the bowl tightly to their chest, “Ruffy will really like this! I just know it!”

“Do I even want to know what in the world you’re talking about?”

At the sound of the voice suddenly cut through their cooing, Asmodeus takes a moment to gently set the bowl down before turning around to leap at the being that stood at the edge of the cave, staring at them in disdain.

“Ruffy!” Asmodeus cries, wings and arms outstretched in an attempt to wrap them around the being nicknamed Ruffy.

Only to be sent flying back as a veritable wall of chains slam into them, preventing them from approaching, “Stay back, you heathen,” the being, an archangel of Justice named Rufael, snaps, their hand outstretched as if physically pushing the Demon Prince back despite their distance, “you will not sully this God-given form with your hands.”

“Oh boo,” Asmodeus whines, hand outstretched and wiggling as the chains begin to snake and coil around them, “you’re so boring, Ruffy. You won’t let me touch you at least once?”

“And risk you groping me?” Rufael scoffs, clenching his outstretched hand, causing the chains around Asmodeus to tighten, “No.”

“How cruel,” Asmodeus chokes, wheezing before going slack against his bonds with another whine, “I thought angels were supposed to be virtuous and giving…? Aren’t you supposed to grant Miracles and Wishes?”

Rufael grunts at this, gesturing upwards and causing Asmodeus to be rise to the ceiling as he walks deeper into the cave, “Did my chains hit your head?” he asks blandly, giving the bound Demon Prince a confused look, “I thought you were aware that none of the domains I preside over include neither Miracles nor Wishes.”

“I know,” comes the amused reply, “that was just a joke.”

“Oh.” Rufael blinks before turning his gaze down towards the innocuous-looking bowl, ignoring Asmodeus’s jeering remark of: “Are you really just going to ignore that? You really are boring.”

“And what is this?” Rufael asks, squinting his eyes down at the bowl to examine it, “It looks like mud and slop. What do you mean when you say that I would enjoy this? Do you think me as some manner of swine?”

Blinking in surprise at the blunt tone that the archangel used, Asmodeus reels for a second before pouting, “Hey!” They cry, trashing in their chains before they tighten, leaving them unable to move, “I made that with love for you, and this is how you repay me?! It’s chocolate! Chocolate!”

“Chocolate?” Rufael blinks before turning their gaze to one of the walls of the cave, eyes distant and all-seeing, “Ah, that indulgent mixture created in the far west, its purpose certainly suits you.”

“Doesn’t it?” Asmodeus preens, wiggling their eyebrows suggestively, “That’s why I made it especially for you, Ruffy. I’m sure you’ll like it, so-.”

“I am not drinking it.” comes the blunt reply, causing Asmodeus to freeze.


“I am not drinking it.” Rufael repeats, turning his gaze back towards Asmodeus’s teary eyes, “It is clearly part of your plan to tempt me into falling. So, therefore, I will not drink it.”

“But it’s not like that! I swear!” Asmodeus whines, sniffling and trashing harder within their chains, “I made it just to let you taste it! It’s an expression of my pure love! I even made sure to do no wrong while I was making it! It aligns with Kashrut and everything!”

“... I see,” Rufael says after a moment, eyes looking searchingly at the Demon Prince and finding no lie within their words, causing his gaze to go back down on the bowl of chocolate, “Then you have my apologies,” he says inclining his head before bending down to pick up the bowl, “as an apology, I will be consuming this meal you’ve created.”

And with a lengthy prayer that caused Asmodeus to wail in pain and pleasure, Rufael bows his head in thanks towards both God and Asmodeus as he takes a deep drink from the bowl, finishing it in one go.

“Hm, It’s not as bitter as I expected,” Rufael comments as his chains gently drop Asmodeus to the ground. “it is quite good actually,” Rufael nods as Asmodeus squeals in happiness, going in to leap at Rufael once more before the rattle of chains at their feet stops them cold.

“Oh, I’m so glad you liked it, Darling,” Asmodeus with a shaky laugh, straightening themselves as they eye the inert chains on the ground nervously, “I just wanted to do something nice for you once in a while, without doing the whole song and dance we normally do.”

“But we don’t dance,” Rufael points out as he sets the bowl back down, squinting at Asmodeus in confusion, “We fight.”

Asmodeus snorts at this, shaking their head with a fond smile, “I don’t know if you’re being obtuse on purpose or not sometimes,” they sigh, “but I did mean Fight when I said Dance, Ruffy. It’s more romantic that way.”

“Oh, I see.” Rufael nods, ignoring the last comment as he swipes his hand in the air, dismissing his chains that litter the floor. “I will be sure to keep that in mind for next time,” he promises as he turns around and begins leaving the cave. “Farewell now, Asmodeus. Hopefully, you continue on behaving. I will be very displeased if I have to come down and discipline you twice today.” he grunts before pausing to give the Demon Prince one last nod.

“Thank you for the meal, by the way, it was most excellent.” He whispers before disappearing,

Leaving a stunned Asmodeus who sinks to their knees in shock.

“...” Asmodeus gapes, turning from the entrance of the cave to the empty bowl that was previously filled with chocolate, which the Demon Prince reaches for with a shaky hand, cradling it gently in their arms.

Before burying their face inside the bowl with a squeal, taking deep sniffs as they lick at the edge of the bowl where the archangel’s lips touched.


Suddenly, a chain flies through the entrance of a cave, shattering the bowl in Asmodeus’s hands and sending the Demon Prince sprawling back with a bloody cut on their face.

“...I deserved that,” Asmodeus giggles before rolling themselves upright and bending over to pick up the shards of a bowl with a warm smile on their face.

“I guess he doesn’t totally hate me after all...”

Chapter Text

Date : October 30, 20xx

Location : Fuyuki Airport, Fuyuki, Japan


Fidgeting with the long sleeves of her sweater, Ritsuka Fujimaru takes a moment to scan her environment as she absently hums along to her mother’s frantic fussing, smiling all the while.


“Don’t worry, mom,” she soothes, grabbing her mother’s worried hand and giving it a reassuring squeeze, “I’ll be fine. My friends over at Chaldea will protect me. I won’t be hurt this time, I promise,” she says with a bright smile before cheekily adding, “Besides, it’s going to be a Halloween party in  Antarctica, I think they should be more worried about the Yurei and Oni that live there!”


At this, Ritsuka visibly sees her mother sag in relief as she receives a chastising flick on her forehead, leaving her reeling from the sudden hit, “Oh, you cheeky child,” her mother chuckles, wagging her finger as Ritsuka pretends to cry out in pain, “I was mostly worried because your tongue has gotten sharper during your time there, I fear that it may get sharper still if you return and visit them.”


“And is that so wrong, dear?” a voice rumbles from behind her, causing her to turn and meet her father’s amused gaze as he lovingly musses her hair with a firm hand, “Our child is witty and clever! Why not let her express it? That way, we could gain grandchildren sooner!”


Ritsuka feels her face color at that, her father’s words embarrassing her as she jolts backward with a hiss, “Dad!” she whines, covering her head as she tries to restyle her hair the way it was before, “I am way too young to be thinking about that! I’m still in high school!”


“Hoh?” Her father breathes before locking eyes with her mother and gestures wordlessly as both of their expressions change into impish smirks. 


“That really is a shame,” her father says slowly, eyes dancing with mirth, shaking his head in disappointment as her mother lets out a sad sigh, “Mashu-chan will be disappointed to hear that, isn’t that right? Mashu-chan?” her father asks, looking over her shoulder.


Jumping at her father’s words, Ritsuka quickly turns around with a bright smile on her face, “Mashu! I-... huh?” she blinks, seeing no one behind her, “She’s not here? I-” she pauses before her face colors in embarrassment as she hears the stifled giggles of her parents.


“Mom?! Dad?! Why?” she asks, whining as she gives them a pout, a pout that only intensified into puffed cheeks as both of her parents begin to break out into laughter, “Hey! Stop laughing at me!” she cries, stomping her foot angrily.


“Sorry, dear,” her mother says, wiping tears from her eyes as her father bends over from the force of his laughter, “you were just-” she starts before pausing to jab an elbow at her husband’s side, “stop laughing dear, people are staring- just making it too easy, where in the world do you think you got your wits from? ”


“Ugh!” Gudako winces, covering her face to hide her embarrassment, “Well, you two better watch out!” she warns, pointing dramatically at her mother, “because I swear, I’ll get my revenge and restore my honor!”


“Hah! Just try it, kid,” her father challenges as he recovers from his fit of laughter, standing back up to full height to grin at his daughter, “You’re a billion years too young to try and get one up on your old man, much less your incredibly youthful mother.”


Gudako scowls at this, crossing her arms with a huff, “You don’t know that,” turning her gaze away to avoid the sight of her mother jumping to pull her father’s face down for a kiss, “-ew-... I have many skilled friends in Chaldea who’ve taught me all sorts of things! I’m pretty sure I can run circles around the both of you old geezers.”


“Oh? Are you sure about that?” her mother asks with a chuckle, eyes glittering with something Ritsuka couldn’t identify,




“Then why did we manage to distract you long enough for your friends to sneak up behind you?” her mother wonders innocently, tapping a finger on her chin as her father chortles. 


“I’m not falling for that again,” Ritsuka grumbles with a roll of her eyes, “You’re going to have to do better than-.”


“Um... Senpai?”


“...that.” she finishes with a defeated sigh before turning around with a sheepish grin, greeting a bemused lavenderette and an amuse bluenette, “Hey Mashu… Sherlock,” Ritsuka nods, waving weakly as a blush forms on her face, “So, uh, what’s up?”


“Oh, nothing much, Ritsuka,” the bluenette, Sherlock Holmes, cuts in smoothly, a perfectly shaped brow raised in amusement, “Just watching you make a fool of yourself.”


“Urk- Ritsuka chokes, staggering with a hand over her heart, taking wobbly steps to drape herself over the lavenderette, Mash Kyrielight’s shoulders, “How cruel!” she cries dramatically, draping an arm over her face as they bodily lean against the squeaking lavenderette, “My Parents! Mr.Holmes! I have no allies other than you in this cold and cruel world, Mash!”


Blushing brightly at Ritsuka’s close contact, Mash takes a moment to compose herself before gently patting her Senpai’s back, “There, there,” Mash gently soothes as Ritsuka sees Sherlock shake his head fondly, “I’m here for you, Senpai. I’ll make sure to protect you from their mean words.”


“Uuu, Mashu! You’re such an angel!” Ritsuka swoons as wraps her arms around the bespectacled girl, “My shining knight in armor! Please, take me away to your Castle Camelot and make me your queen!”


“Wha-?” Mashu reels, face reddening even further as she begins stuttering, causing her parents and Sherlock to chuckle, “Senpai. I um, Sure I-.”


“Oh? You’re not going to say goodbye first?” her mother interrupts with a gasp, “You find love so quickly and forget about your dear parents? What a cruel child we’ve raised,” she moans as her father wraps an arm around her shoulders and gives it a comforting squeeze. 


“...Bleh,” Ritsuka merely replies, sticking her tongue out as she slowly removes her arms from Mash’s waist, “Bleh!” she loudly repeats as she flounces over to her parents to give them a big hug, “BLEH!” she says firmly one last time before childishly blowing a raspberry with a wave. 


“See ya after Halloween mom, dad.”


“Have fun, honey,” her father nods as her mother captures her face to give her forehead a kiss, “And don’t forget to bring souvenirs home this time,” he chuckles, giving Ritsuka’s hair one last ruffle. 


“Stay safe, dear,” her mother murmurs with a gentle smile, “And do be sure not to have too much fun, especially with Mashu-chan.”


And with one more shared chuckle between them, her parents bid them one more goodbye before beating a hasty retreat, leaving a flustered and embarrassed Ritsuka and Mash with a chortling Sherlock.


“Ah, how delightful, I can see why you turned out as amusing as you did, Master..,” Sherlock says airly before clapping his hands as he turns towards Ritsuka and Mash, causing them to jump, “Now then, I believe it’s time we leave,” he says firmly, smirking as he receives two nods.


“Excellent, then let us depart.”

Chapter Text

‘It’s cold.’


That was the first thought that went through Ninomae Ina’nis’s mind as a shrieking sound tore through the morning air. 


“Ugh,” Ina groans as she is forced to rise from her bed, reaching forward to grope for the source of the annoying sound, an electronic alarm that screeched and howled with a sharp and piercing sound, “Stupid plastic devil, you don’t have to be so loud.” the girl grumbles, slamming her palm down with more force the necessary to silence the alarm.


And once Ina finally hits the snooze button, reverting the alarm back into a quietly ticking clock, she sits up from her bed with a sigh, stretching one hand high into the air as the other attempts to scratch the gunk from her eyes.


“Man, maybe I should wear a sweater to school today,” Ina mumbles, slipping out of her bed daintily, jolting with a hiss as her bare foot touches the ground, “Yowch!”


Wincing at the low temperature of the floor, Ina hops towards her closet, located on the other side of the room beside a large mirror hung on the wall, one that reflects a fair-skinned petite girl with long dark hair bouncing on one foot across the room. 


“Man, I just woke up, and I already can’t wait for the day to be over.” Ina mutters as she puts her other foot down with a wince, opening her closet to reach for her uniform, “I just hope this day doesn’t drag out for too long,” she sighs as she begins changing into the blue-and-white sailor-like ensemble.  

Once Ina had finished her preparations, dressing into her uniform (plus a sweater and scarf) and grabbing breakfast, waving a brief goodbye to her family as she headed out to school.


“Oh whoa,” Ina flinches as a cold wind strikes her face, “Glad I decided to wear a sweater and scarf today. This chill is nasty…” she grumbles, lifting her scarf to better hide her face from the chill as she takes a peek up at the pure white sky and rubs her hands together, “might even turn into a snowstorm if it gets any colder.”


“Hey! Ina! Over here!”


At the sound of her name being called, Ina blinks before turning and smiling as she spots a short white-haired girl approach to greet her.


“Oh hey, Gura,” Ina greets warmly, nodding at her friend as she slows down enough to allow both of them to walk side-by-side, “what’s up?”


“Oh, nothing much,” her friend shrugs, fiddling with the strap of her schoolbag, “with me, at least. I hear Calli caught that cold that was going around the school, so Kiara texted me that she’s skipping school to take care of her girlfriend.”


“Oh? That’s nice of her. Glad to hear that their relationship is going well… I-” Ina smiles before shuddering at another cold breeze, her mind pausing in a brief moment of confusion that she couldn’t discern as she shakes it off and pushes forward, “Uh, got any other gossip to share?”


“Oh, girl, do I?” her friend huffs with pride, drawling her words before leaning in to whisper conspiratorially in her ear, “Now you didn’t hear this from me, but I hear-.”

At the sound of a door sliding open, Ina gives a start before clearing her throat as she stands, “Everybody,” she starts as the classroom around her falls silent, “please stand and bow to greet our teacher,” she announces, her words causing everyone to lethargically follow her direction as they all bow in unison to greet a silver-haired teacher shuffling into the room. 


“Mm, thank you, Ninomae,” her teacher says absently, gesturing them to sit down. 


“Now, first things first,” her teacher begins with a severe frown on their face, red eyes scanning over each and every one of her classmates before eventually landing on her, “I have an announcement from the school.” they rumble, slapping the table to ensure the classroom’s attention, “As I’m sure you all know, the cold is making the rounds in our school. So the Council is asking all students to be aware of the health and safety protocols we will be implementing to combat its spread.”


“First off,” her teacher begins, their silver hair swaying in the wind as their gaze stayed on Ina, much to her discomfort, “you must be aware that your environment is nothing but a fabrication.”



“Hm? Is there something wrong, Ina’nis?” the teacher wonders, pausing from his speech as he turns to face her, “Did you need any clarification for what I just said?” he presses with a huff, a blast of mist flowing out in front of his face as he spoke. 


“O-oh, no sir,” Ina stutters, swaying as she presses a hand to her forehead with a frown, “Just got a bit dizzy,” she says sheepishly as the teacher grunts.


“Well then, Ina’nis,” the teacher says slowly with a shake of his head, “as I just mentioned, you should go see the nurse if you’re feeling unwell.”


Ina flushes at this, ducking her head in embarrassment as she stutters, “Oh, yes, of course, Sensei,” she says, rising from her seat with a short bow, “I just got a bit distracted, sorry.”


“Oh please, Ina’nis,” the teacher snorts, waving his hand in the air, “it’s not your fault. You probably either got that damned cold going around or got a dizzy spell because of the weather.”


“So go ahead and gather your things before you get yourself checked,” he shoos, waving his hand dismissively, “they’re probably going to send you home anyway, so it should be fine.”


“Oh, thank you, Sensei,” Ina bows before quickly gathering her things and walking out the door with a bow towards her class, “I apologize for my interruption. It won’t happen again.”


“See that it doesn’t, Ina’nis. Now go, you’re looking as pale as a sheet.”


“Yes, sir,” she says, giving one more bow before quietly leaving the room to head for the nurse’s office.

As it turned out, Ina was indeed allowed to leave school early once she got herself checked out by the school nurse, who diagnosed her with a mild case of fatigue and scolded her for not taking care of herself better.


“Well, at least I’ll have time to sleep,” Ina chuckles to herself as she plods her way through her house and towards her bedroom, “If I can sleep... I’m not even tired,” Ina grumbles, entering her bedroom with a sigh. 


Closing the door behind her, Ina takes a moment to remove both her scarf and jacket, tossing them in a hamper beside her closet as she grabs her books from her school bag.


“Well, since I have some free time, I may as well get some studying in before the school lets out in the meantime,” Ina says as she makes her way over to the other side of her room to sit on her desk, setting down all her school books with a thump before pausing as something catches her eye.


“Huh? What’s this? I don’t remember seeing this anywhere,” she blinks as she notices a book with a red eye in its center lying innocently on the table.


“Did mama get me a new book or something?” Ina hums, tilting her head to the side before shrugging dismissively, “well, whatever, it looks interesting at least,” she says with a smile, eyes glittering with anticipation as she reaches for the red-eyed book, pushing the ones for school aside, “maybe, I can put off studying till later.”


‘It’s cold.’


That was the first thought that went through Ninomae Ina’nis’s mind as a shrieking sound tore through the morning air. 


“Oh man,” Ina groans as she is forced to rise from her bed, reaching forward to grope for the source of the annoying sound, an electronic alarm that screeched and howled with a sharp and piercing sound, “did I not sleep well,” she sighed, reaching her arm to shut off the alarm. 


And once Ina finally hits the snooze button, reverting the alarm back into a quietly ticking clock, she sits up from her bed with a tired sigh, scratching her side as she yawns.


“How the hell is it even colder than yesterday?” Ina grumbles, slipping out of her bed daintily, jolting with a hiss as her bare foot touches the ground, “Yowch!”


Wincing at the low temperature of the floor, Ina hops towards her closet, located on the other side of the room beside a large mirror hung on the wall, one that reflects a fair-skinned petite girl with long dark hair bouncing on one foot across the room. 


“I wonder if I can call in sick for today,” Ina mutters as she puts her other foot down with a wince, opening her closet to reach for her uniform, “It’ll probably reflect really bad on my attendance,” she sighs as she begins changing into the blue-and-white sailor-like ensemble.  

Chapter Text


Rolling her eyes at the boisterous yell, she leans her head to the side to dodge a fist that grazed her hair.

“How boorish, you really just swing your limbs and fists around, don’t you?” Kujou Sara taunts, letting out an exhausted sigh as she charges forward and slams her fist into the hard stomach before her, “Know this, Arataki Itto. You will never beat me with pure strength alone.”

“Gwah!” yells the gigantic man in reply, jolting back from the hit, both hands cradling his stomach in pain and hunching as he looms over Sara to catch his breath, “Ha! You’d think so, Kujoh Sara. but the truth is,” he says as he grins, recovering with impossible speed before grasping Sara’s wrist before she could retract it, twisting her wrist to unbalance her, “I do learn, ya know? And now that I’ve got you where I want you-”

“Damn it,” Sara growls, eyes widening and trying to pull herself free as she feels the Ogre begins to pull.

“IT’S OVER!” Itto yells gleefully, stomping his foot on Sara’s to stop her from pulling back as he uppercuts her with a palm to her chin, sending her reeling before getting pulled back as Itto lets go of her wrist, grabs her shirt, and drives a fist into her stomach.

Sara gasps at the impact, grunting as she fights for breath, “Damn it,” she spits, glaring into Itto’s smug eyes, “I got careless, I can’t find a way to escape your hold without escalating this spar into a lethal battle… So I-” she starts before pausing with a pained wince and then pushing on with a low hiss, “Surrender… You have finally bested me… Just this once. Don’t expect it to be so easy the next, Itto.”

“Fuhaha!” Itto merely replies, letting Sara’s wrist go as he puts two fists on his waist and releases a boisterous laugh, “Finally, I have proven my strength to you, Kujou Sara!” he declares with a roguish grin on his face as he holds out his hand to her.

“Now, I can finally ask for your hand in marriage!”


“What,” Sara asks blankly, stilling at the Itto’s words, “What in the world are you talking about, you stupid Oni?”

Itto reels at Sara’s words to his declaration before bristling at the insult, “Stu- you’re the dumb one here, Kujou Sara!” he says, pointing his finger at her, “What do you not get? I finally proved my strength to you! I proved that I was a worthy husband! That’s how it goes, doesn’t it?”

“Wha- No! For you brutish Oni, maybe,” Sara says hotly, her face burning hot in embarrassment, “But I’m a noble tengu warrior! I don’t just marry anyone that beats me. Because unlike you, I have actual standards!” she rages shaking her fist angrily at a gaping Itto, “And besides,” she adds, turning her head away as she clicks her tongue, “you used an underhanded tactic... Is that really the way the Oni do it? No wonder you’re such a menace.”

“U-underhanded?” Itto gasps, reeling at the insult as he balls his fists in anger, waving them angrily in the air, “That was skill, skill! I thought you would be impressed! ...And don’t insult us Onis, Kujou Sara!”

“Oh, be quiet, you dumb Oni,” Sara hisses, curling her own hands into fists, “Grappling wasn’t allowed, you brute. Or did you forget that?”

“It would have been if we were doing proper sumo,” Itto pouts, crossing his arms with a huff, “You wouldn’t even wear the Mawashi.”

Sara colors at this, gritting her teeth as she growls out, “That’s because I am not wearing something so revealing just for a spar, you pervert! I have an image to uphold as the general of the Shogun’s army!”

Itto sputters at this, stomping his foot in denial, “Oi! I ain’t a pervert! Don’t say lies like that, Kujou Sara! You take that back.”

“...Make me,” Sara says with a hiss as a bow materializes in her hands.

“Maybe I will!” Itto barks, swiping his hand in the air and materializing a greatsword that falls into his palms.

And with a roar, Itto leaps high into the air and swings down his sword, a wide grin on his face all the while.

Chapter Text

Awareness swam to her in a city of fog and pure white, one that mirrored her home of Paris but bathed in deep sterility that scorched the eyes.

“Where am I?” Her thoughts echo, words passing into the world despite her closed lips, “What happened here?”

“Why is it all so familiar?” she wonders as she begins walking, her footsteps ringing out against the hard floor from the weight of her steps, even though her limbs felt like cloud and cotton.

“Where is everyone?” she asks, looking around to see nothing but a pure white around her, seeing nothing except an eerie serene stillness where not even air moved through the open streets.

“It’s as if everything the life was sucked out of everything,” she muses as she halts in her tracks to look up at the clear blue sky, squinting at its brightness despite the lack of any visible sun.

“What in the world happened here?”

Lowering her head quietly, she blinks in surprise as she looks around at her surroundings, finding it had changed while she was staring up at the sky, the solid ground turning into clear blue water that ran too deep to see the bottom of.

[Careful now, the water runs deep. If you fall, you’ll never be able to see the bottom.] A voice calls out from behind her with a teasing tone, pressing a hand to her back gently as she jolts in shock and almost loses her balance.

“Who are you?” she asks, turning her head with a curious tilt at the source of the voice but sees nothing except a white figure that was somehow even purer than the white of their surroundings.

[Hm? Who am I?] the white figure echoes with a laugh, tilting to the side, [I’m your prince, of course. Did you forget?]

A shudder passes through her at those words, tasting sweet on her lips as she whispers, “My Prince? You are… my prince?” she asks haltingly, stepping closer to the figure as it holds out his hand, taking it after a brief moment of hesitation.

[Yes!] the figure happily asserts, gripping her hand gently as it pulls her close, the water below them rippling at their movements, [I am your prince, and you are my Princess. We are destined to be together, don’t you remember? You always did promise that we would always be together, after all.]

“O-oh,” she stutters, feeling the warmth of the figure pressing close to her before blinking at the figure as it begins to hum and sway, “What are you-?”

[Oh, don’t worry, Milady,] the figure soothes as it gently began to prod and push her around in a dance, guiding her by the hand, adjusting its grip so that they’re fingers intertwined, [Just taking the chance to dance with you.]

And dance they did, gliding through the city streets in time to the figure’s wordless tune, swinging, swaying, and swerving across all around the water and fog, dancing through the city’s streets under the light of the sunless sky, parting fog and rippling water as they did.

[I’m happy that I got to dance with you, Milady. You’re an amazing dancer.] the figure says, interrupting its humming as it twirls her around with a grand spin, catching her in its arms in a low pose that put each other in very close proximity, [Thank you for taking the time to dance with me,] it says as it gently releases her from its arms.

[but I think it’s time for you to wake up, Marinette. You don’t want to be late for class, don’t you?]

Marinette Dupain-Cheng wakes up with a gasp, her chest heaving as she wakes up abruptly from her dream.

“What was that?” she whispers, looking down at her hands, still imagining the warm hand still intertwined with hers, “Did I dream of… Chat Blanc?”

“Wh-why was I? Eep!” she stutters before erupting into an atomic blush as she begins to recall the details of her most recent dream.

“I can’t believe I thought of Chat like that! I’m in love with Adrien, and yet-” she wails, cutting herself off as she buries her face into her pillow and rolling around on her bed, “And it was even Chat as Chat Noir! It was Chat Blanc! What’s wrong with me?” she groans with a sigh.

“And why am I so upset that it didn’t go any longer?”

Chapter Text

“Hey. Yuu, Do you ever wonder what the world was like before the Aragami? Beyond all the pictures, I mean.”

Blinking at the sudden question, Yuu Kannagi, the leader of Fenrir’s first division, takes a moment to mull over a question, placing his god arc on his shoulders in thought before answering with a succinct, “I dunno, I never really thought about it.”

“Wha-? Really?” exclaims his best friend, Kota Fujiki, as he jerks backward in exaggerated surprise, causing Yuu to sidestep the barrel of Kota’s god arc as it nearly clips his waist, “Not even once, seriously? Why?”

Yuu nonchalantly shrugs at this, “Dunno, just never crossed my mind, I guess?” he says sheepishly, scratching the back of his head, “Never had a reason to be too interested in the past, after all. No use to be too invested in what we can’t get back, you know?”

“That’s true,” Kota nods, face scrunching up in thought, scratching his chin as he does so, “But you gotta admit,” he says with a sheepish grin, “all those pictures that Dr.Sasaki shows us has gotta make you curious, right? Especially about the trends and shows they used to have. I mean, imagine all the lost bugarally episodes that could have been around that time!”

Yuu lets out a chuckle at this, covering his mouth with a hand as his shoulders shake, “you really do have a one-track mind, Kota.” he says fondly as his friend sputters, “but you do have a point,” he nods as he shifts the god arc on his shoulders, “some pictures do seem interesting, like the pictures of festivals they used to celebrate. When I look at them, I just wonder what the atmosphere of those is like… especially all the food they have there.” Yuu drools, wiping his cheek discreetly as Kota chuckles.

“Look who’s the one with a one-track mind,” he teases, causing Yuu to blush and jerk away as Kota pokes his side, “but yeah, I get what you mean, whenever a festival episode of Bugarally, I really get lost in the atmosphere. Those episodes really feel like something else...”

“Yeah,” Koata breathes, slowly picking up steam as his hand begins to wildly gesture in the air, “Like the food they eat, the games they play, not to mention what the ladies wear… those Yukatas are something else!” he declares, throwing a fist with his free hand up in the air as Yuu nods.

“Mmm,” Yuu nods, tilting his head as he begins to get lost in thought, “Hmm, I wonder if I can commission for one from Likka, our wardrobes could use an upgrade.”

“Wh- ours?” Kota blinks, taking a step back as an incredulous look forms over his face, “wow, you’re really just gonna change our outfits on a whim without asking us?” Kota asks, pausing before a sly look forms on his face as he impishly continues, “Or are you just including the rest of the team because you wanna see Alisa in a yukata? You sly dog.”

Yuu flusters at Kota’s teasing, blushing brightly as images of a certain white-haired girl wearing a Yukata flashed through his head, “Gah,” Yuu grimaces before he takes a deep breath and tries to compose himself, “Damn it, Kota, don’t stay stuff like that,” he hisses at a chuckling Kota as covers his face in embarrassment.

“Man, Yuu, you really are so innocent,” Kota snickers, shaking his head, “she’s your girlfriend, dude. There’s no need to be embarrassed thinking about her like that.”

“Easy for you to say,” Yuu grumbles in reply once he regains his composure, “You know how she gets when she’s embarrassed. Besides,” he continues with a smirk, “you don’t get to lecture me about what I can or can’t be embarrassed with… Considering you don’t have a girlfriend yourself.”

Kota winces at this, stumbling back and feigning hurt, “Ouch, low blow man,” he moans before sighing, ”But yeah, I guess I went a bit too far. Did you really have to bring up my relationship status, man? You know I’m trying.”

“Sorry, but you started it, man,” Yuu laughs, reaching over to clap a hand on a despondent Kota’s shoulder, “But let me make up to you, I’ll be your wingman next time we go out. Does that sound good?” Yuu asks, flashing a reassuring grin at Kota, who perks up at the offer.

“Hell yeah, that sounds good!” his friend whoops, throwing a fist up in the air as he cheers, “Let’s go out tonight! With you as my wingman, I’d definitely score!”

“Sure, sure,” Yuu chuckles, shaking his head before a distant roar gets both of their attention, “...But first, let’s get this mission over with, then we can talk about where we’d go later. Ready, Kota?” he asks, looking over at his friend as he swings his god arc through the air.

“Hell yeah, Leader!” Kota grins, gripping his god arc in response, “Let’s mow them down!”

“Well then,” Yuu barks, mirroring Kota’s grin, “Then let’s begin the mission!”

Chapter Text

When I came to, I found myself floating in a sea of darkness, unable to move and unable to breathe, trapped within my own mind as I lay adrift at this void-like sea.


Where was I? I numbly wondered as I saw the world around me like one would a dream, able to see the sea of darkness around me without turning my head. Was this all some sort of dream? 


The last thing I remember doing was sitting down and-.






[Your consciousness has returned to you.]


[For surviving in the void with your mind intact, you have gained the trait <Void touched>.]


Ah, I blinked as my awareness narrowed towards the bright blue boxes that appeared before me. 


“This is… the Gamer’s interface?” I say to myself incredulously as I flex and clench my fingers to chase the numbness away before raising a finger to poke the blue notification box, watching it flicker away with a quiet chime.


“Oh wow, it is,” I breathe before closing my eyes in a brief prayer, “I hope to God this isn’t a dream.” 



“...Or, at the very least, it lasts as long as it possibly can. Hell, I wouldn’t mind falling into a coma just so this doesn’t end,” I whisper, eyeing the new notification box that appeared. 




You have been selected to receive a brand new system!]


“Pog,” I smile before flinching at the word the slipped out of my mouth, “I should really get that under control,” I admonish to myself before shaking my head and reading on. 


[This new system is titled <The Life-cycle system.>


<The Life-cycle system> has similar functions to the systems you have read about in various fanfiction; Including levels ups, Skill acquisition, and world jumping, just to name a few.]


“Alright, good,” I say with relief, “it would have been a pain to figure out how to manage a whole new system… Wait,” I blink, pausing from my reading as a thought strikes me, “I’ve read a ton of stories with different kinds of systems.”


“Although it mentions world jumping,” I think, tilting my head and flicking my fingers, “and I’ve really read one version of a jumpchain gamer system… So it must be that.”


“Anyways, let’s not waste time,” I say, turning my attention back to continue reading.


[The only new feature that we have added to this system is the ability to incarnate and mature as a native character of any world you choose to jump into, giving both the ability to interfere with the story of the world without gaining the immediate attention of any possible higher level being present. 


This feature also provides the Gamer with a safe growth period that lasts until the canon of the story begins, where one can gain and develop various skills and abilities native to that world with no interference.]


“That sounds pretty tedious,” I blink, eyes focusing on the details of the new feature as I read it repeatedly, “I mean, it’s pretty cool to have some sort of grace period to learn the basics skills of the world, but I’m not exactly looking forward to going to school over and over.”


“I guess I’m just going to have to suck it up and deal with it,” I grumble, sighing as I click the box away, only to be greeted by another, bigger box.


[Now, to begin, please select your class!]


<Swordsman> <Lancer> <Archer> <Mage> <Assassin> <Supporter>


“Oh, hell yeah,” I grin as I read over the words of the box, “Now that’s what I’m talking about.”

Chapter Text

Taylor Hebert opens her eyes to the quiet of a familiar wooden ceiling.

“Good morning,” she says to nobody as she rises from her bed, her hand fumbling to the side for her glasses, brushing aside something else on her bedside table before finding what she needs.

“Oh, there it is,” she hums to herself with a pleased tone to her voice as she gently slides her glasses onto her face before rising out of her bed with a stretch, her feet landing on the soft plush carpet without a sound.

“Alright,” Taylor sighs, once she finishes with stretching, rolling her shoulders as she begins to stride out of her room; “No sense in wasting time. Let’s get the day started,” she declares before pausing as she catches sight of herself in the mirror, still dressed in her Alexandria Pajamas.

“...After I get dressed,” she says sheepishly, pivoting to walk towards her closet and change into more appropriate clothes for the day.

After shrugging on a loose, long-sleeved dark sweater, a white-and-green dress, Taylor takes a moment to tie her long, curly hair into a bun before examining herself in the mirror.

“Alright,” she nods, hands on her hips as she examines her reflection, “Now I’m ready to roll.”

And with another pivot of her foot, Taylor begins making her way out of the room once again without stopping this time, navigating her way past the various rooms and corridors of her home to descend down the stairs, walking down just in time to meet her parents as they step out of the kitchen, causing them to converge in their foyer/living room.

“Good morning, Taylor,” her mother greets as she shrugs on a dark suit coat, smoothing out the creases before approaching Taylor to lean down and wrap her in a warm embrace.

“Right on time as usual,” her father continues with a nod as he walks up and crouches to ruffle Taylor’s hair in greeting, laughing as Taylor scowls.

“You mean, you’re the one who is right on time as usual,” Taylor says, extricating herself from her mother’s hug to transfer over to her father’s, “I swear, either you two are always about to step out when I come down to eat breakfast or are just about finished making it, how do you two do it?” she questions, squeezing her arms around her father’s waist to emphasize the question.

At her question, Taylor watches as her parents turn to each other before moving as one to ruffle her hair, making her whine and hiss as she feels her carefully styled hair come undone.

“Hey! Stop that!” Taylor demands, jerking away with a whine as both of her parents’ laugh.

“It’s a life skill, kiddo,” her father says, running a hand through his blond hair as his face takes a distant tone in his voice, “your mother and I had to learn it very quickly at a young age. Hopefully, you don’t have to learn it as we did.”

“Is it that bad?” Taylor asks with concern, catching on to her father’s tone of voice as she watches her mother places a comforting hand on his shoulder.

“Yes and no...” Her father says after a moment, “But maybe I can tell you about it some other time,” he says as he looks down on his watch, “your mother and I are almost late for work, so we’ll need to get going before your grandmother throws a fit.”

Taylor giggles at this as her mother gently slaps her father’s shoulders with a shake of her head, “You know she doesn’t like it when you call her that, Kurt,” her mother chides as she reaches for a fedora that hung on their coat rack, ”But you do have a point,” she acquiesces with a nod, “we have a lot of work ahead of us today, a lot of steps need to be accomplished soon.”

“Well, then let’s not waste time then,” her father nods before he pulls Taylor into a hug and gives her a kiss on the forehead, “We need to get going now, kiddo, duty calls.”

“Yeah… Don’t worry. I understand, Dad,” Taylor smiles, snuggling into the hug, “those accounts and clients won’t maintain themselves, after all. Paperwork really is a terrible beast.”

“Tell me about it, not even the path can keep it down,” her mother grumbles as she puts on her hat and reaches for the door, “By the way, honey,” her mother says, pausing as she opens the door, “Breakfast is on the table, lunch is in the fridge, and we’re also bringing chicken wings and lasagna home for dinner. We might also be bringing home some guests.”

“To eat?” Taylor asks jokingly, causing her parents to chuff.

“You won’t be able to eat your Aunt Rebecca, Taylor. She’s too much of a hardass,” her dad snickers, dodging a swipe from her mother by stepping out of the door.

“Honestly!” her mother huffs, laughing as she follows him out the door, “You should be more mature! You’re setting a bad example for Taylor! She’s just 12!”

Her father shakes his head at this, approaching their family sedan with a tut as he shakes his head, “Maybe she wouldn’t learn from my bad example if you’d stopped laughing at my jokes!”

“Then maybe you should stop being so funny!” her mother snipes back, entering the passenger seat of their car, dropping the banter by waving at Taylor as she buckles in her seatbelt.

“Bye, honey!” her parents say in unison, waving their goodbyes as they enter the family car and drive off, waving all the while.

And once Taylor sees her parents drive out of sight, she lets out a hum as she closes the door.

“Guess I’ll be alone again today,” she says to herself as she turns and walks for the kitchen, only to stumble once she walks through the doorway of her kitchen, causing her to flail and throw her hands out to balance herself.

“What in the world?” she breathes once she manages to stop her fall, her hand catching itself on something wet and squishy, something that looked very much like a mushy facsimile of a human had, but very much did not feel like human flesh.

“Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore,” she quips as she slowly lets go of the squishy hand and shakes it in the air to remove the fluid, very unwilling to wipe it on her clothes for fear of ruining it.

“Though, I don’t think that the Land of Oz looks like this either,” Taylor mumbles as she examines her surroundings, frowning in thought as she sees nothing but a landscape filled with dead grass and mountains of limbed-shaped not-human flesh and a dark sky filled with purple lights.

“Not unless wonderland invaded and conquered the place at least.”

Taking a moment to brush aside a lock of hair that stuck to her face, Taylor looks around her surroundings one more time before letting out a huge sigh, “the books did not fully prepare me for this.” she grumbles, slouching over, “But then again, the books don’t really tell you how to handle being suddenly kidnapped by a cape in your own home.”

“Well, no time to mope, if whoever took me here hasn’t appeared yet, then I might have time to escape,” Taylor says with a shake of her head before taking a deep breath for courage and subsequently winces at the pungent smell that touched her nose, “Oh, gross, smells like wet meat and bad cheese! What in the world is this place? Other than another reason to find a way out of here, I mean...”

“No, wait, focus,” Taylor snaps to herself, scowling as she looks at the landscape ahead of her, “move now and complain later. I need to get out of here ASAP.”

And so, with another shake of her head, Taylor steels herself and gathers her courage before forcing herself to move forward, beginning to move through the grass and flesh-filled landscape around her.

Unaware of the shifting mounds of flesh that moves around as she walks past them, the palms and soles of the limb-like not-flesh turning as if to regard her.

Watching her as she passes by.

Chapter Text

“Man, this place is a lot bigger than I thought,” Taylor breathes as she hikes up her skirt and skips over a mound of flesh that resembled an outstretched hand, not noticing its fingers twitch as she hops over them, its fingers brushing against the hem of her dress as she passes over. 


“Hup!” Taylor grunts as she lands, one foot bending as she wobbles, overbalanced from her jump, “Wh-whoa!”


Taylor windmills her arms as she tries to regain her balance, her unground foot swinging through the air before she manages to plant her foot firmly on the ground and regain her balance.


“My, that could have ended badly,” she sighs in relief, placing a hand on her chest as she takes a moment to calm her heart, “Still, I’ve been walking for a while. You’d think I’d see something other than grass and human-like hands already,” Taylor grumbles, giving the ground below her a kick as she glares her surroundings, scowling at the walls made out of the hand-like flesh that flank her on both sides, “the only thing that’s changed is the fact that all these flesh mounds grew bigger! Seriously, it’s turned into a maze in here!”  


Taylor lets out a loud yell of frustration, holding the sides of her head as she lets herself vent.


“I haven’t eaten breakfast yet! Seriously, how rude can someone be? I’m pretty sure it’s against some sort of rule to mess with matters relating to food, you know!” Taylor shouts, shaking her fist up at the sky as she continues to yell as she stomps her foot to punctuate her words. 


[My, My, so childish, are you really their child? But then again, you are still young, so some immaturity is to be expected...]


Taylor pauses from her ranting at the sudden and unexpected voice, blinking as a chuckle reverberates through the air, one that caused every hands-like flesh around Taylor to begin swaying to and fro before bending as one down the path before her.


“Well, that can’t be good. There is no way that this isn’t a trap,” Taylor whispers with a fidget as she nervously looks at her changed surroundings, focusing on the hands as they sway serenely, “but I doubt I’d be able to move anywhere other than where whoever owns all these hands wants me to go.”


[You’re half right,] the voice speaks up once more, sounding amused as Taylor squeaks and takes a few steps back at its sudden reappearance, [You can get out by yourself, but it would be easier for you to just follow the path I have set for you. Besides, I have a proposal for you that would benefit both of us.] the voice hums, causing the hands to flutter as one.


[...But that is for when you get here.] the voice says airily, once the hands finish fluttering and settle into an open-palmed gesture that all pointed in one direction, [Please do not dally, I am sure you want to get back to your breakfast soon… Taylor Hebert.]


“Well, that isn’t creepy at all,” Taylor gulps, bunching up the sides of her dress as her fists clench in anxiety, “but I’ve got to admit, they do know how to motivate someone,” she whispers, closing her eyes as her stomach rumbles. 


For a few moments, Taylor stands still, her mind racing as she considers her options, before being distracted as her stomach rumbles, “Well, nothing for it, I guess,” she sighs with a frown, taking a deep breath to steel herself, and subsequently wincing at the disgusting smell, and begins to move through the path before her, accompanied by the hands that guide her to where she needs to go.


“I hope I don’t regret this.”

Chapter Text

“Hey, Ame!”


Trying very, very hard to keep a smile plastered on her face, Amelia Watson takes a deep breath as she turns around to return the greeting, locking eyes with her glowing friend Gawr Gura.


A friend who apparently commanded the seas and the oceans.

“You’re kidding me, right?” Amelia blurts out, fidgeting as the gaze of Omega turns to her, “This has to be some kind of joke, a dumb prank or something.”


“I mean,” she chuckles, scratching the back of her head as she continues, “It’s a bit fantastical, isn’t it? You appearing suddenly in my room, telling me that my friends are the Grim Reaper, the Priestesses of outer gods, the Avatar of life, and the Ruler of the seas? Do you even have undeniable proof of what you’re saying? Other than suddenly being inside my room without opening the door, I mean.”


Tilting their head in consideration of Amelia’s words, Omega gives Amelia a nod before waving their hands through the air, “Very well,” they say as magenta screens appear before Amelia, causing her to jump at their sudden appearance, “Here you go, proof.”


“What-” Amelia starts, leaning away from the screens that appeared before her, even as she eyes the, somehow familiar, pictures depicting her friends; Of Mori Calliope swinging a scythe across a crowd of people as a mist made out of darkness flows out of their mouths and clings to her like a dark cloak; Of Ninomae Ina’nis, dressed in the robes of a priestess, kneeling before a floating open book that had tentacles coming out of it; Of Takanashi Kiara caught in the state of half-transformation with bright wings of flame that trailed from her arms and talon-like feet, falling high above the sky; and Of Gawr Gura possessing shark-like features, lying on a bed of sea anemones and surrounded by numerous schools of sea life.


“It’s your proof,” Omega says bluntly, blinking as they watch Amelia examine the screens with intensity, “they are moments captured in time, of moments where your friends have displayed their extraordinary abilities.”


“Okay,” Amelia nods as her eyes move back and forth between the four pictures, “I’m convinced, but quick question,” she says, turning to Omega, who tilts their head as they await Amelia’s question.


“How is Gura sleeping on the seabed-” Amelia pauses to smirk at her pun as Omega’s lips quirk in amusement, “-supposed to show her as a Ruler of the sea?”


“Well,” Omega patiently smiles, humming a pleasant note as they enjoy Amelia’s joke, “to answer your question. Please, look closely at the Atlantian’s screen once more and tell me what you see.”

Acquiescing, Amelia turns her attention back to Gura’s screen and squints, examining the picture closely, “Well, I see her sleeping underwater with some fish as if she pissed off the mafia or something. What does that have to do with anything?” 


“Because the sea life you see is all a mix of predator and prey, all happily coexisting as they attend to their mistress,” Omega answers, causing Amelia to blink and examine the picture once again.


“Oh yeah, I see it now,” Amelia breathes, eyes focused on her friend’s sleeping face, “so she’s like Aquaman then?‘


“Essentially,” Omega nods, causing Amelia to snicker.


“Fine, I’m convinced,” she says, watching as the screens in front of her flicker away in response, “what do you need me for then?” she asks, turning to Omega with a questioning look, “why did you tell me about all of this?”


“Because we need you to stabilize them, Amelia Watson.”

Shaking her head to regain her focus, Amelia raises a hand to wave back at her glowing friend as she returns Gura’s greeting, “Hey there, Gura,” she greets, her voice cracking as she watches her white-haired friend approach her with a cheery wave, “How’s it going?”


“Doing good, unlike you,” her friend teases as she swaggers over and wraps an arm around Amelia’s shoulder, “your voice cracked a bit there chief, are you going through a second puberty or something?”


“No, just got a little light-headed from your fumes, stinky,” Amelia blurts out before she could think, wincing at her automatic response as she watches Gura’s face goes flat.


“W-wait, hold on-”

“Whaddayamean stabilize?” Amelia questions, face screwing up in thought, “don’t they have like, a thousand years of experience or something? Why do they need to be stabilized?’” 


Omega shakes their head at this as a complicated expression danced across their face for the briefest of moments, “Normally that would be the case,” Omega says delicately, slowly pacing their words as they seem to fall deep in thought, “But to make the long story short, an incident happened a bit before you were born. As a result of this incident, several powerful beings were forced to incarnate into human forms, with their power and memories associated with such being locked away as their souls recover from the damage.”


Amelia gulps at this, shivering at the grave tone Omega’s voice took at the end of their sentence, “Do I have to handle those other beings too?” she questions, sighing in relief as Omega shakes her head in response.


“We have other people more compatible for that. No need to worry,” Omega shrugs, “Just focus on your attention on your four friends. You can worry about the other beings when they become relevant.” 


“Well, that isn’t ominous at all,” Amelia snarks before letting out a sigh, “I am going to ask about this when I get the chance. But that’ll be for later… So, what do I need to do, exactly?”


“As I have said,” Omega shrugs, “you will need to stabilize them, their moods to be specific,” Omega cuts in as Amelia opens her mouth to ask for clarification, causing her to click her mouth shut as it was answered before she could ask, “you need to be careful and ensure they don’t get too emotional and lose control of their powers. Else their seals would break early and will irreparably damage their souls.”


“But you don’t need to worry,” Omega soothes as Amelia’s face twists into a horrified expression, “the threshold for the loss of control is very high, and I will be casting a spell on you to warn if such loss is imminent.” 


“That’s still pretty worrying,” Amelia whispers as Omega wavers their hands over her head, “So how will I know if they’re about to lose it?” she asks, feeling a tingle in their eyes as Omega casts their spell, “is it like a special vision mode or something? Something that lights them up and tells me where they are?”


“Very astute, Amelia Watson,” Omega smiles, nodding to confirm Amelia’s words, “Yes, to clarify, if someone is about to lose control, they will appear as a red marker in your vision. Also, in the case of the event where the one who is about to lose control is too far for you to reach without supernatural means, I will provide said means when needed.”


“Okay,” Amelia nods, concentrating on Omega’s words to engrave them into her memory, ”Is there anything else I need to know?”



Gura lets out a bark of laughter as Amelia sputters out an excuse, her glow remaining steady as she laughs at Amelia’s retort, causing Amelia to sag in relief. 


“Man, you really are out of it today, huh?” Gura snickers, jabbing at Amelia’s side, “Well, don’t worry, Ame, I’m here to help ya if you need it. So don’t be afraid to ask for help, alright?”


“Of course,” Amelia nods, smiling in response as she returns Gura’s jab with a grateful nod, “Thanks, Gura.”


“No problem!” Gura grins with hands on her hips, “You can count on me!” she declares before dashing past Amelia with a wide grin still plastered on her face, “but later, right now, I need to find Marine-senpai and help her with a project she’s been working on. So I’ll see you later, stupid!”


“Yeah, sure, whatever you say, stinky, catch you in class!” 


Amelia yells as Gura speeds off into the distance before letting out a tired groan as she slumps in exhaustion, “God, since when did my life turn into a dating sim?” she groans to herself as her forehead tiredly, “just one normal interaction has me walking on eggshells around my best friend...”


“I hope it’ll get easier soon.”

Chapter Text

As a cool wind blows gently against her face, Ceres Fauna, the Keeper of Nature, lets out a pleased hum as she tucks a lock of her hair behind her ear and lets her eyes roam across her surroundings, eyeing a verdant plain filled with flowers that surrounded the small yet lush hilltop as her thumbs danced across the tines of the Kalimba in her hands, filling her surroundings with fairy-like sounds.

“Hey, that tickles!” a voice of the other person giggles behind her, making Fauna smile as she listens to the tinkling laughter of Nanashi Mumei, the Guardian of Civilization, who leans and presses her back against Fauna’s as she exclaims, “Your hair went over my face and tickled my nose, Fauna! I can’t read my book!”

“Oh? Did it?” Fauna gasps as she pauses her playing, “I’m sorry, Mumei,” she apologizes before using a hand to sweep her hair over her shoulder, “There, is that better?” she asks gently before laughing once more as she feels the back of Mumei’s head thump against her back as the Guardian of Civilization nods.

“Mmhm, all better!” Mumei chirps, nodding, “though to be honest, I really didn’t mind too much.” the brown-haired girl continues as she turns through a page, the soft rustle of paper echoing through the, now quiet, plain, “your hair smelled nice, like apples and honey. It’s very soft and silky too.”

Blushing prettily at those words, Fauna giggles as a surge of warmth enter her heart, “My,” she breathes, “How charming,” she giggles as her thumbs begin gliding across her Kalimba once more, “You really do have a way with words, don’t you, Mumei?”

“Of course!” Mumei hums, bumping her head against Fauna’s back to punctuate her words, “Words are important, after all. That’s how you speak.”

“True,” Fauna nods, closing her eyes, “But you’re super good with words, Mumei. I guess it comes with being the Guardian of Civilization, right?”

“Yeah, probably,” Mumei answers absently, turning another page, “But honestly, I think you’re good with words too, Fauna. I like the way your voice sounds when you say words; It’s very nice.”

Fauna shakes her head at Mumei’s words, even as her cheeks flush an even deeper shade of red and her Kalimba playing hitches, “There you go again,” she sighs, placing a hand on her cheek, “saying words like that outright, you really are incorrigible. ”

“I don’t know the meaning of the word,” Mumei answers back immediately, giggling.

“Liar,” Fauna shoots back as fast, shaking her head, “you totally know. Heck, you know more words than I do.” she continues before blinking as she suddenly stops feeling Mumei’s back against hers.
“What are you-” she starts before yelping as Mumei suddenly leans against her once more, this time by putting her arms on Fauna’s shoulders, with one of her hands holding a book titled The Life of PI, and resting her chin on the Keeper of Nature’s head.

“Then why don’t we fix that?” Mumei says with a bright tone as she opens her book and holds it open with two hands, effectively trapping the Keeper of Nature in her almost embrace, “Come on Fauna.” she says with an innocent hum, “Read with me! You can play your Kalimba while we read. Here, I’ll even start at the beginning so we can start and end it together!” the Guardian of Civilization chirps, turning to the beginning of the book.

“Oh, Mumei, always so forward,” Fauna laughs, shaking her head fondly, giggling as she feels Mumei’s chin scratch against her head, “but very well, let’s read this book together,” she says, fidgeting to make herself more comfortable, “I hope you’re patient, Mumei, I’m kind of a slow reader,” she sheepishly admits as she resumes playing her Kalimba a third time.

“Oh, I don’t mind,” Mumei murmurs as she presses herself closer to Fauna with a hum before sneakily kissing the top of the Keeper of Nature’s head, “take all the time you need, Fauna. Don’t worry about taking too long. I’m just happy to be reading with you.”

“Oh,” Fauna breathes, whispering as she also leans back to press closer against the Guardian of Civilization, “Thank you, Mumei...”

“No problem! Now, let’s get reading!”

Chapter Text

“Man, you’d think that fusing my soul with you would get me more changes than magic, Paimon,” Aether states, checking his appearance as he shrugs on his school uniform, eyeing his body before shifting his gaze to the being floating above his head. 


“Paimon thinks you’re just setting your expectations too high,” the fairy-like being shrugs as she munches on a bag of chips, kicking her feet up in the air as she responds, ”You’ve already got magic and super strength, Aether. Asking for more is just greedy.” 


“Although,” she says, pausing as a sly look slides on her face, “if you widen our connection a little bit, you can-”


Aether rolls his eyes at this, waving his hand through the air to cut off Paimon’s words, causing the floating being to pout, “And have you go hog wild again? No thanks, I’d rather not have those hunters come back for round two.”


Paimon huffs at this, even as she and Aether simultaneously wince at the memory of a red-haired man with a blade of flames bearing down on them with wrath in his eyes flash through their heads, mulishly chewing on a potato chip before opening her mouth to retort. Only to jerk her head towards the door and dive for Aether’s shadow, sinking into it just in time to avoid being seen by Lumine, who throws open the door with a yell of-


“HEY! Don’t fall asleep on the toilet now, Aether! We still have school!”


Aether yelps at Lumine’s sudden action, jerking away from the door in surprise, causing the young lad to trip over his foot and bang the back of his head on the tile of the bathroom floor. 


“Ow,” Aether groans, going limp from the pain, “Geez, Lumine, try and give me a heart attack,  why don’t you. Can’t you enter the bathroom more quietly?”


“And give you more warning when you’re potentially doing something embarrassing? Ha! No way!” Lumine snarks, grinning as she stands over Aether with her hands planted on her hips, “Now, stop being such a baby and get off the floor, bro. We need to get going now if we don’t wanna be late for school.”


“Not until you back up, Lumine,” Aether groans with eyes closed as he simmers in pain, trying not to react to the snickering he hears within his shadow. “I don’t wanna see something indecent.”


Lumine rolls her eyes at this, scoffing, “Prude.” even as she acquiesces and steps back, “You really need to to be more hot-blooded, bro. I mean, we’re in our springtime of youth! Why don’t you live a little? Get a girlfriend (or a boyfriend I won’t judge), go do some crimes (Don’t get caught though), or get lost in the city again, or something (seriously, what happened last week, you need to tell me)!”


“‘Springtime of Youth?’” Aether echoes with an incredulous voice as he kip-ups himself back up to his feet with a “Hup!”


“What are you, 89?”


“Oh? If I’m 89, doesn’t that make you 89 too?” Lumine snickers, “We’re both the same age, so should I get the walkers first before we get going?” 


“Nah,” Aether groans, rubbing at the back of his head and wincing as his fingers touch a bump on the back of his head, “Let’s just go. Zhongli Sensei is going to be really angry if we’re late again, and I don’t wanna face that,” he murmurs as both he and Lumine wince at the thought.


“...Yeah, let’s hurry before the old man gets mad,” Lumine sighs, nodding in agreement.

After quickly grabbing their lunches and saying their goodbyes to their mother and little sister, Aether shares one quick nod with his mother before rushing out to follow Lumine to head to school.


“Hurry up, slowpoke, or we’ll really become 89!” Lumine calls, holding her back over her shoulder and impatiently tapping her foot on the sidewalk as she waits.


Aether rolls his eyes as he closes the door of their modest two-story home and jogs over to his sister, “Yeah, yeah, hold your horses,” he sighs as they begin walking, “seriously Lumine, you need to learn to slow down once in a while, you don’t need to rush.”


“Psh, and let life pass me by? No way!” Lumine exclaims, walking with her head up in the air and hands locked behind her head, “You gotta take every chance that comes your way, get the rewards and the consequences of every action. That’s what it means to be young!”


Aethers huffs at this, shaking his head with a chuckle, “There you go again, talking like an old woman- But your words scream reckless youth. Seriously, take every chance you get? No wonder you’re going through significant others like dresses.”


“Geh,” Lumine staggers, holding a hand to her chest and groaning at Aether’s words, “Th-that’s true, but-” she grins, turning to her brother with a grin, “that’s better than being a dateless, kissless virgin,” she drawls, jabbing her finger into Aether’s chest to emphasize her words. 


Aether freezes at that, tripping over as the words strike deep into his core, causing him to hunch over in pain. 

“I-IT’S NOT MY FAULT!” he bellows, glaring at his shadow, seeing the faintest outline of Paimon hunched over up uproarious laughter, “I-I JUST HAVEN’T FOUND SOMEONE I LIKE YET! THAT’S ALL!”

“That’s a lie!“ Lumine rebuffs gleefully, “Xinyan, Xingling, Hu Tao, Xingqiu AND Chongyun, Noelle, Kazuha, and...” she pauses, cackling as Aether sobs, “Amber.”


“S-stop it! Shut up!” Aether hisses, rubbing the tears from his eyes dramatically, kneeling dramatically as the pair come to a stop before a crosswalk with a red light blinking on the sign ahead, “Don’t remind me of that! My Maiden’s heart won’t be able to take it if you keep going.” he sobs once more, covering his face.


“Fine, fine,” Lumine chuckles, wiping her own tear from her eye, “But you gotta admit, you went through a lot of crushes in a short time. I especially like the part where you confessed your crush to Xingqiu AND Chongyun at the same time… While they were dating, that takes guts, bro.”


“Made it a lot funnier to see you get rejected.”


“So cruel,” Aether sobs out, rubbing his eyes to clear away his sorrow, “what a cruel sister I have, so merciless and terrible,” he whines before throwing an arm up to the sky and pretending to cry out to the heavens, “what did I do to deserve this fate?!”


Lumine rolls her eyes at this, shaking her head at Aether’s response, “Like you aren’t just as bad, bro.” she snorts, folding an arm under her chest, “don’t think I don’t know about you giving the shovel talk to my boyfriends when I leave them around with you, or you looking the other way when Klee pulls a prank on them.” 


“I don’t know what you mean,” Aether replies instantly, standing up quickly as he gives his sister a smile that radiated innocence, “My and your boyfriends are bros, amigos, best mates, why would I ever threaten them, dear sister?”


“Sure, bro, whatever you say,” Lumine sighs, rolling her eyes before looking over at the pedestrian sign as it lets out a sound as it changes lights. “Oh, finally, let’s get-” she starts before pausing as she squints at something at the other side, prompting Aether to blink and follow her gaze.


And gulping at the sight of a cyan-haired girl walking on the other side of the sidewalk.


“Eula,” he breathes, feeling his heart flutter and his feet begin to move, “We don’t usually see her walk this route. Do you think she commutes this way daily?” 


“Mm, I don’t know,” Lumine hums, her voice amused, “Maybe you can talk to her about it? Who knows, you might have some luck thawing the heart of the ice queen.” she teases as they finally reach the other sidewalk, consequentially putting them behind the cyan-haired girl.


A cyan-haired girl who gives them a glance from over her shoulder before speeding up her walk, proceeding to put some distance between them. 


“...Or maybe not,” Aether sighs, slumping, “Maybe next time...”


“Psh, what did I just say, bro?” Lumine scoffs before darting behind her brother and drawing her foot up, “TAKE EVERY CHANCE YOU GET!” she bellows before kicking Aether in the small of his back, the force of which causes the young blond to stumble forward and skip several times to try and regain his balance.


Causing him to crash right into Eula, who turned to look at the commotion, consequentially bringing them down into face-to-face proximity to each other as they fall to the floor.


For a moment, everything was silent as Aether’s eyes widened, his body shivered as he felt her breath touch his lips, the words on his lips froze as he looked into her eyes.


It was a magical moment, to be sure, but despite everything, the only thought that went through Aether’s mind as he was pressed by gravity against Eula Lawrence was-




And as he was pushed off without a word, looked at with a glare so frosty that he felt ice form in his bones and summarily ignored as she walked away with a huff, the next thought that went through his head was-




“Wow,” Lumine quietly breathes as she walks up behind Aether and holds out her hand, “that was worse than your usual attempts, bro. Congrats.”


“Yeah,” Aether distractedly nods as he pulls himself up and watches Eula walk away into the distance, “But I think that was mostly her,” he murmurs.


Discretely brushing off the layer of frost that formed on his clothes.

Chapter Text

“Why in the world did we have to meet here?”

Rufael scowls as he stares at the door of a homely-looking cafe before taking a deep breath to steel himself and entering it, feeling his scowl deepen as all conversation ceases as his presence draws the eyes of every occupant in the room.

“Over here, Rufael. Don’t just stand there while you’re being stared at like a mannequin,” a voice calls before the blonde angel could say a word, sighting a hand waving in the air as the other occupants in the room jolt as if coming out of a trance before they sheepishly return to their previous actions.

Rufael rolls his eyes at this, wasting no time as he walks over to the source of the voice, “There are better places to meet for a conversation than this place,” he grunts, taking a seat across a blue-haired, heterochromatic woman, who lowers her hand and snorts, “there are too many humans around, sinning with every second that passes.”

Rufael growls, twitching as he eyes the humans around him with flinty eyes before his gaze turns to two steaming mugs on the table in front of him.

“Still so disdainful to humans after all these years, Rufael?” she sighs, amused as she leans back against her seat and crosses her legs, ”Well, it’s not like I don’t understand, but you could be less strict on them.”

“Less strict, Phanuel? They’ve had thousands of years to learn. If anything, we should be even more strict with them now,” Rufael growls as he picks up his mug and takes one big gulp of his drink before frowning, “mediocre.”

“Well, they can’t all be made by Asmodeus, Rufael,” Phanuel drawls, eyes dancing with intense emotion as Rufael glares at her in response, “Besides,” she continues, lifting her own mug to take a long swig herself, “I think it’s fine, it could be a little sweeter, though.”

“Please,” Rufael grumbles, rolling his eyes as he sets down his mug with a loud clack, “Sugar is a luxury we could do without. Craving for it is asking for an excess we don’t need.”

Phanuel nods at this, “true,” she sighs as she puts her mug aside, “But these days, the standard of sin has been broadened a little bit, so you do know we can afford a bit of indulgence, yes?”

Rufael growls at this, crossing his arms as he huffs, “even so,” he presses, “we are angels. We should hold ourselves to a higher standard than humans! Even if the standards have loosened with the changing times, we shouldn’t let ourselves be lax, let we Fall from Sin.”

“And yet being too uptight led so many to fall the moment they tried to bend the rules,” Phanuel retorts, tracing her finger around the rim of her cup, “All I’m saying is that letting ourselves loosen up a little while being mindful of the limits wouldn’t hurt, Rufael.”
“You’re just biased.” the blonde angel accuses as he grits his teeth, glaring at the blue-haired angel across him, “Just because you were able to skirt around the rules so often just to eliminate that heathen, Belial, doesn’t mean you should be doing so often, Phanuel.”

“Besides,” he continues, snorting, “you’re not the one who has to stay in Gehenna to ensure our ceasefire.”

“Doesn’t that mean you’re biased as well?” Phanuel counters, smirking in victory as Rufael huffs in response, turning his gaze to the side to avoid answering, “I do understand your point, though,” she continues with a nod before her eyes turn frigid and ice-cold, “But we know that we can’t risk that demon, any demon running free on this surface.”

“You know that, Rufael.”

“But that doesn’t mean you can just bend the rules to take them down,” Rufael states bluntly, raising a brow, “otherwise, you’d be playing at their level, literally, if you ever fall. And if you do fall,” he says, voice trailing off as his voice turns flinty, “they’ll win. And I’ll be forced to end you myself.”

“So be careful, Phanuel.” Rufael says, glaring at his sister, “Do not make a mistake.”

Phanuel stays silent at this, blinking at the Rufael with a nod before disappearing without a trace.

“She never changes,” Rufael sighs, looking off to the side before grunting as he reaches for his mug to take a sip from it once more.


Chapter Text

Waking up to the sound of birdsong, Takanashi Kiara lets herself stretch and twist around on her bed without opening her eyes, still trying to catch a bit more sleep while she could.

And as the orange-haired girl stretched and moved, she felt her fingers brush against something smooth and soft, causing her to smile as she heard a voice mumble softly at the touch of her fingers.

“Good morning, Gura,” she whispers as she snakes her arms around the white-haired girl to pull her close, “Did you sleep well?” she asks before giggling as she receives a groan in response.

“Mrgl,” Gawr Gura replies, curling to a ball as she is pulled into Kiara’s embrace, pushing herself closer to the other girl with a grunt, “Mgh.”

“Aw,” Kiara coos as Gura rests her head on the crook of her shoulder, “Did I wake you up, Gura? I’m sorry,” she sighs with sincerity before kissing the top of the white-haired girl’s forehead.

Gura hums in response at this, puckering her lips and kissing the air as she does so, “chu.”

Kiara feels her heart melt at this, the sound of the kiss causing her to squeal as she presses her forehead against Gura’s, “ooh~ Thank you for forgiving me, Gura. You’re so kind!” she exclaims as she gives Gura’s forehead a flurry of kisses.

“Are you comfortable like this?” she asks in between bouts of kisses, “I can adjust myself as much as you need, Gura,” Kiara coos as she moves to the white-haired girl’s cheeks, “just say the-”

Kiara stops as her words are cut off by Gura’s hand gripping her face, causing her to open her eyes to meet Gura’s irritated blue eyes.

“Too early to be so noisy,” Gura huffs as she squeezes Kiara’s cheeks, causing them to pucker out as her cheeks came closer together, “let’s keep quiet for a bit while we sleep in for a bit, yeah?” the white-haired girl says before giving a peck to the orange’s girl’s lips, causing said girl to freeze at the action.

“Hm,” Gura triumphantly smirks as she smugly lays her head back down on Kiara’s arm and immediately goes back to sleep, quiet snores erupting from her small form after a few moments.

Kiara owlishly blinks as she feels her lips tingle from the kiss, her eyes unseeing from the shock before her brain kicks into gear, causing her to scowl at the slumbering Gura once the white-haired girl’s words finally registered in her head.

“How in the world am I supposed to sleep after that?!” she demands before letting out a sigh as she closes her eyes.

“God damn it, it was too short.”

Chapter Text

Frosty the snowgirl : I’d like to thank you once again for accompanying me today, Aether. 


Frosty the snowgirl : I had a lot of fun.


Frosty the snowgirl : Thank you, For being my friend.


Smiling softly at the message displayed on his screen, Aether takes a moment to laugh as he imagines the (likely embarrassed) face of his friend Eula Lawrence before typing out his response.


Magic Boi : No worries, I had fun. So it was no biggie. 


Magic Boi : Let’s hang out again soon.


“No biggie?” Aether mouths, face curled in consternation, as he stops to stare at his phone’s screen, “What am I? A relic from the ’80s?”


Frosty the snowgirl : I’d like that.


Frosty the snowgirl : Goodnight, Aether.


Magic Boi : Goodnight.


Aether tucks away his phone after sending out his reply, letting out a relieved sigh as his words go uncommented, “though I doubt she even knew what I said was cringy, it’s a relief that she didn’t say anything,” Aether mumbles, patting his side to ensure that his phone stayed safely in his pocket, “I would have died of embarrassment if she did.”


“That would have been a sight to see,” a voice snickers, revealing itself to be Paimon, who flows out of Aether’s shadow and rises up to float around his head, “if you die from embarrassment, even my power protecting you, wouldn’t that mean you would have achieved something no one else has ever done before?”


The fairy-like being shrugs at this before their face twists into smug amusement, “Who knows? You might even become a new type of supernatural creature~.”


“Can that even happen?” Aether says nervously, feeling his hackles rise at the thought.


“Maybe?” Paimon tilts their head, tapping their chin in thought as they circle around Aether’s head, “You’re a weird one, Aether. So I can’t say for sure.”


“So that’s a no?” Aether asks hopefully, looking up at Paimon with glittering eyes, only to deflate and slump as he receives a shrug. 


“Oh, there, there,” Paimon laughs, patting Aether’s back consolingly, “It wouldn’t be so bad if you become a supernatural being you know, you get all sorts of benefits, like super-strength, or magic!” 


“But! You also have to be aware of all the dangers that can come with it!” Paimon claps as she moves to float in front of Aether, who jolts back as Paimon thrusts a fist in his face.


“Like the threat of Monster hunters who want to erase you from existence!” Paimon starts, raising a finger as Aether jolts, paling at the thought as the image of a red-haired man flashes through his mind, causing him and Paimon to flinch. 


“The possibility of your embarrassing origin story being revealed to everyone unless you erase it,” she continues after composing herself, raising another finger as Aether chokes, face paling even further at the threat. 


“The issue of other beings who want to beat you up for the hell of it,” she says, raising a third finger, “and, most importantly,” Paimon pauses, shuddering as she leans in closer to peer into Aether’s dilated eyes, “any possible dietary restrictions you might get once you become a supernatural being!”


“Which means you might not be able to eat yummy food ever again!” Paimon dramatically cries, hands to the sides of her face as she yells, her face pained as if relieving a terrible memory. 


Aether staggers back at this, hand over his chest as he sinks to his knees at the thought, his head imagining all sorts of scenarios wherein he was unable to eat all his favorite food, “That’s terrible,“ he gasps, hands clutching the sides of his head, “No fried chicken, hamburger steak, sticky honey roast, or pie!” he wails before turning to Paimon with a sympathetic look in his eyes and a question on his lips, “Paimon, you...”


“Yeah,” Paimon nods, a sorrowful look on her face before it turns thankful as she bows to Aether with deep sincerity, “It was like that until I bonded with you at least. Now, I can eat lamb and angel cake thanks to you.”


“No problem,” Aether nods, rising with a resolute expression on his face, “But Paimon,” Aether says, giving Paimon a steely look, “the next chance we get, we’re going to get ourselves stuffed to bursting with angel cakes and lamb, just to make up for lost time.” 


“Aether,” Paimon breathes, hands covering her mouth as tears form in her eyes, “You really are the best, partner!” she sobs, “Let’s talk it over! Once we drive off that sneaky rabbit that’s been watching us from the very start!”




“Oh, so you were playing it up because you knew I was here all along, huh? And here I thought you were secretly a drama queen, Aether.”


As a voice speaks from high above him, Aether freezes, feeling his hackle rise as he hears someone leap off the streetlight above him, maneuver through the air (with a flip, Paimon told him later) before landing in front of him with a thump.


Revealing that someone to be Amber, grinning widely with her hands placed on her hips and possessing the appearance of a red-furred bunny girl, complete with realistic red bunny ears and red fur that covered her neck, arms, and legs.


“Heya, handsome~” Amber coos as Aether chokes and turns his head away to avoid looking at Amber, only to yelp as said girl strides forward, presses herself close to him, and forcefully turns his head to face her. 


“Oh wow, has anybody ever told you that you have beautiful golden eyes?” Amber breathes, her hot breath tickling his chin as she holds Aether’s head in between her hands, the fur on her arms tickling his cheeks.


“A-Amber- I-” Aether starts, only to be silenced as Amber moves her thumb to push it against his lips, tracing circles around it.


“Shh,” Amber whispers, pushing Aether back down to his knees so that she could loom over him, “as much as I like hearing your cute voice, Aether-” Amber purrs as the streetlight above them illuminates her outline into an ominous halo, causing her eyes to take a deeper more primal looking red as she stared down at Aether. 

“I’d much rather hear it moan .”

Chapter Text

Marinette tried to ignore the way her heart dropped as she tripped forward and felt her transformation drop, her knees scraping against the floor as her head impact hard against the stair’s edge, causing her to lay slumped against them, stunned as she saw stars. 


Hazily, Marinette raises her head as the echo of feet against the stone floor reaches her ears, the sound causing a surge of fear to run through her, causing her to reach out a hand to try and pull herself away from the danger only to go limp as a pulse of pain from her head robs her of the energy to move. 


“Please, you need to get up and run, Marinette!” Tikki pleads above her as the hapless god-like being flies down to push the girl’s face to rouse her to rise, “Or Nightmoth will get you!”


“I can’t,” Marinette slurs as her head lolls from the push, tongue heavy on her mouth, “B-body won’t move,” she wheezes as her eyes shift to stare at Tikki pleadingly, “so take earrings and run,” she forces out, eyes hardening as the Kwami begins to shake her head, “Nightmoth c-can’t get th-them, p-please.”


“Marinette, I-” Tikki starts, tears forming in her eyes as they shift between Marinette and Nightmoth, who was taking his time to walk over to the prone superheroine, face smug as he relished in his victory.


“Please, T-T-Tikki,” Marinette wheezes, tone quivering as Nightmoth lets out a dark chuckle, “T-take them, Now.”


“I- I-” Tikki quivers, eyes now leaking with tears, “I’m sorry, Marinette,” Tikki sorrowfully whispers as she darts forward and snatches the earrings from her chosen’s ears, trying not to wince as the girl barely reacted to the pain, “I’ll- I’ll get help. We’ll get through this, I promise.”


“Y-yes,” Marinette wheezes as she smiles shakily at her Kwami, “we will. N-now go.”


Tikki gives Marinette one more nod before darting away, choking back a sob as she leaves her friend helplessly behind, alone against their nemesis with no way to defend herself.  


“Ah, how exquisite,” Nightmoth purrs, watching the Kwami of creation fly away as he approaches the glaring superheroine lying at his feet, “The hopelessness in your heart right now, the despair, you are ripe for the picking, Marinette Dupain-Cheng.”  


“Tell me, how does it feel to know that you have failed, despite your best efforts?”


“Kind of g-glad actually,” Marinette snaps back angrily, her rage returning some vigor into her eyes, even as her head lolls to the side, “Th-thankfully you were d-dumb enough to let T-Tikki get away so that she could f-find another L-ladybug to stop you.”


Marinette tries to project with more confidence than she actually felt, an act that shatters immediately as Nightmoth chuckles and looms over her.


“Oh?” Nightmoth drawls with leering eyes, voice dripping with malice, causing Marinette to cower, “And do you think they would be able to stop you before they get to me?” he asks with a mocking tone as Marinette jolts at his words, feeling ice flow through her veins as her mind parses what he says. 


Marinette whimpers, attempting once more to try and scramble away from the supervillain, only to cry out in pain and stop cold as said supervillain stomps on her leg to prevent her from moving.


“Duussu, Noorro, Unify,” Nightmoth simply says as he slips off a black ring on his finger and palms it, speaking the magic words to transition into Shadowmoth, unfurling a fan that appeared in his hands as he transitioned.



“Marinette Dupain-Cheng,” Shadowmoth begins, ignoring the squirming girl as he beckons for his nearby Akuma, Ephemeral, to come over.


“For too long, you have prevented me from creating my perfect world, trying foolishly to preserve this one to the bitter end,” the supervillain intones, voice dropping into an angry growl as he calls out the butterfly that powered his Akuma, steadfastly ignoring the blonde-haired victim that falls unconscious to the ground.


“As Punishment, I sentence you to be the agent who will bring about its destruction.” 


Beckoning the butterfly to land at the top of his fan, Shadowmoth lets a swirl of darkness burst out and envelope the butterfly before he flicks his fan, sending the butterfly to rest into the Black ring accompanied by a Blue Feather. 


A ring that Shadowmoth eyes with a vicious, victorious grin on his face as it rested on his palm.


Turning the ring around in his fingers, Shadowmoth reaches down to grab a struggling Marinette’s hand before forcefully inserting the ring into her finger, watching with satisfaction as his nemesis gasps and goes still, the symbol of his power flickering on her face.


“I dub thee Chat Palug,” Shadowmoth coos, stepping back as darkness begins to bubble across her form, bathing Marinette head to toe with black, corrupting muck, “Rise and Command forth your army of the Wild Hunt and turn this world into ash!” 


Shadowmoth’s voice thunders at the end of his declaration, his voice filled with wicked glee as he watched the girl who had stopped him time and time again trash and writhe as the muck began to bubble and froth before bursting out with a splash and covering the floors, walls, and ceilings as Marinette goes still.


“...With pleasure,” the girl replies after a few moments of silence, her voice distorted as she responds, a mix between the growl of a beast and the sound of nails against chalkboard.


“Why don’t we start with you, Shadowmoth?”


And before Shadowmoth could even blink or process the words that were spoken, the girl who was previously Marinette Dupain-Cheng leaps forward, eyes a poisonous green and slit like a cat’s as she swings a dark claw down against the villain, gouging deep into the man’s chest and sending him staggering back with a choke before he slowly begins disintegrating into dust, unable to even scream.


Leaving the being who was once Marinette Dupain-Cheng the only one standing, green sparks of energy dancing across her fur-covered skin as she growls and heaves as the black muck that littered all over the room formed into Amoks of various shapes and sizes.  


“One down,” it breathed, voice crackling as black smoke trailing from its lips, “7 Billion to go.” 

Chapter Text

Power flowed through her veins, causing her to feel like she was vibrating in place, even as she stood totally still.

Chat Palug flexed her fingers and let the ears on her head flick about, letting out a heavy breath that left the smell of rot to hang in the air as she felt sparks dance between the fingers of her hands.

Balefully, she eyes the Amok that were aimlessly wandering around her, doing whatever at the current lack of orders, and takes in the parade of different forms each of them have taken.

From tiny pixies that were darting through and fro in the air with mischievous laughter to stoic Centaurs who keep a wary eye on the entrances and exits of the room they were in, Satyrs who prance around the room with pitched laughter as they play on their pan pipes to Changelings who constantly shifted into various shapes and sizes until Chat Palug put her total focus on their beings, and much more monsters in-between.

In all honesty, it was a scene that felt like it came out of a picture book, and despite their urban location, she couldn’t help but want to take a moment and appreciate the scene before her.

But that could come for later, Chat Palug decided before shifting into a more solid stance, her action causing every Amok around her to freeze and turn their attention to her.

“My Wild Hunt,” she begins, her voice somehow carrying throughout the room without her raising her voice, “tonight we ride,” she says simply before her eyes harden as she watches her Amok begin to cheer, causing them to stop in their tracks mod cheer at the sight of her glare.

“...but we will not be following the orders of the pissant Shadowmoth,” she continues, spitting the name out as if expelling something foul from her mouth, “At least, not in the way he wants us to do it,” she says simply, folding her hands across her chest as her eyes begin flashing it’s bright, poisonous color.

“From this moment forward, my wild hunt, we will not be mindlessly destroying everything in our path,” she declares as a wispy aura begins to dance around her, “From this moment forward, my wild hunt, we will be pursuing a more noble cause.”

“From this moment forward, my wild hunt,” Chat Palug rumbles as the ground around her begins to wear away and her fingers clenched, “our goal is to eradicate all evil in this world.”

“And we will start with Paris,” she whispers, her voice booming nonetheless as a shockwave of decay blasts out of her body, passing harmlessly over her Amok and eradicating everything around her to rubble.


“Beginning with the new Ladybug who will stand in our away.”

Chapter Text

When I opened my eyes, I immediately knew something was wrong.

My chest felt heavy like a large stone was placed upon it, preventing me from moving, breathing, or screaming.

I tried to move, tried to make even a finger or toe twitch, but found that I couldn't move a single muscle.

But all I could do was lay there helplessly, unable to move even a single inch, and I was forced to lie totally still as I listened to the echoing silence of the room around me.

Eventually, though, I realized that I was still somehow able to see the room around me, still able to move my vision in an unnatural way that allowed me to see all over my room that, in the dark, were only blurry figures and shapes.

Up, down, left, right, forward, and back, my gaze danced across my room, able to see only hazy outlines of all the furniture through the darkness of my room.

As well as the dark figure that lay beside me in bed, staring at me with an intensity that I just can’t find the words to describe.

I felt everything inside me stop as I saw the figure from my thoughts to the very movement of my blood, all of it ceased when I saw the figure; a figure that made me feel as if the world around me fell away, the moment we locked our eyes.

It had shining yellow eyes, filled with malice, ones that looked at me gleefully as they slowly looked up and down my prone form over and over, with an intensity that felt like they were staring into my very soul. Its body was completely bare, pale modesty barely saved by its long dark hair and patches of mud that littered a feminine-looking body.

“Oh, how interesting,” the figure says simply, their eyes unwaveringly trained on my form, “You really are so interesting.” They breathe as I whimper before I slam my eyes shut and begin reciting every prayer I knew, starting with the daily bread in hopes of driving off what I perceived to be a demon.

But alas, it was for naught, because as I mentally reached the part where I beseeched the Lord’s kingdom to come.

They laughed.

“How cute,” the figure coos, leaning forward to pat my arm condescendingly, making me shudder as I feel a wet sensation in my arm, forcing me to clench my eyes tighter as I tried to soldier on with my mental prayer, wincing as I stuttered over declaring the glory of the Lord’s kingdom.

“You’re praying to him,” they sneer with derision in their voice before their tone transitions into something so overly pleasant that it sent chills down my spine as they lean in close to whisper in my ear, “But let me tell you something, ****.”

“God. Isn’t. Listening.” they breathe before letting out a giggle as my prayer halts in its tracks, “He was never listening, never has, and never will.”

“So stop your praying; it won’t do you any good.” they coo as I desperately begin to mentally recite the apostle’s creed before flagging as the succeeding portions of my prayer never came to mind, the words falling through some sort of mental gap like sand through open fingers, causing me to halt mid-sentence as all thoughts wash away in my mind.

The figure laughed mockingly at this, filling me with despair as I desperately tried to dig deep into my memory to find the words for prayer, any sort of prayer at all, only to sink as my mind failed to come up with anything.

“See? Nothing,” they sneer as I attempt to trash and yell, mentally begging for someone to save me, only to cry internally as the words failed to even form in my throat.

Despite this, however, it did not stop me from trying to move, trying to get away from the figure that had draped itself over my body, further weighing me down and choking me as it restricted the expansion of my chest.

As the air began leaving my lungs due to the weight of the figure on my chest, I desperately begged the figure to get off me, to leave me alone, to not hurt me, over and over, repeated in a mantra that would echo in my head for days.

But the manta would never be able to compare to the words the figure spoke, said in a matter-of-fact tone that would haunt me for the rest of my days.

“Besides,” the figure says, peering down at me with their gleaming yellow eyes, “You belong to me. Your soul is mine, after all.”

That declaration leaves me floored, silencing my internal yelling as my mind reels, trying to parse what the figure was saying.

“I’ll be looking forward to seeing what you do from now on,” the figure laughs, laying their head on my chest with a sigh, “how you’ll turn out from here.”

“And when the time comes,” they continue breathily, their words tickling my chest as tears started leaking in my eyes, “I look forward to having you in my grasp.”

“You’re mine, ****, you belong to me, never forget that,” the figure smiles as they give me an uncomfortably intense look with their yellow eyes, even as they lay on my chest and speak their words with an increasingly breathy fashion, “your soul is mine, your mind is mine, your body is mine.”

“Soon, your everything will be in my grasp.”