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Kagemoto's Writober 2021

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Date: October 4, 20xx
Location: Ritsuka Fujimaru’s Bedroom, Fuyuki, Japan

“A school-wide costume party, huh?”


Ritsuka Fujimaru found herself murmuring as she looked herself up and down in her bedroom mirror as her fingers roamed across each and every line and scar that littered across her body.


“I wonder if I can ask some of the casters in Chaldea to make me an outfit or maybe have them send over a copy of one of my mystic codes?” Ritsuka mumbled absently to herself as she twisted herself around to examine the scars on her back, wincing at a rather large mark that ran diagonally across her back, “A costume that doesn’t show that at least… There is no way I can explain any of these scars.”


“Why bother? It looks good on you.” came a familiar voice from behind her, causing her to jump as she whirls around and come face-to-face with the impish smirk of Da Vinci as she continued to speak, “Honestly, It’s a wonder you were able to hide them for this long at all in the first place.”


“Da Vinci!” Ritsuka cried out with a wheeze, with one hand flies over to her chest and the other clutching against her bedpost as she heaved and tried to steady her racing heart. “You shouldn’t just appear behind me like that,” she admonished, pouting at the unrepentant inventor before returning their impish smile with one of their own. “But it’s good to see you, Da Vinci. How are things in Chaldea? Is Mash alright? Do you need me for something? It must be important if you called, right?”


Ritsuka winced to herself at the rapid set of questions that excitedly spewed from her mouth, she tried to not make herself sound too eager with the prospect of a potentially world-ending issue, but she was apparently a bit more stir-crazy than she thought.


Or maybe she was latching on to any excuse she could to not attend the costume party.


“No, no, it’s nothing too urgent, Ritsuka. No need to worry.” Da Vinci giggled, amused by Ritsuka’s excitement as she waved her hand dismissively in the air, “I’m just here to invite you to our Halloween party on the 31st. Everyone here misses you, even the grumpy group, though they won’t admit it.”


“Aww,” Ritsuka coos in response, her heart warming at the thought of her friends, “If that’s the case, then I can’t disappoint them, can I? So, when and how are you going to take me to Chaldea? And do you have a costume for me? I figured you have one ready for me since it’s Halloween and all...”


“Oh, don’t worry about any of that.” Da Vinci dismisses with a glint in her eye, “I’ve handled everything, from permission from your parents,” Oh whoops, Ritsuka flinched she’d forgotten about them with all her sudden excitement, “to transportation and costumes.” she announced with a proud huff as a radiant smile on her face before finishing off with, “So, really. I’m just here to ask for permission after arranging everything!”


“And peer pressuring me with guilt if I refuse.” Ritsuka jokes with a faux-serious nod, “What a genius plan, Da Vinci. I didn’t stand a chance.” she praised the inventor with a round of applause.


“Of course, it’s only natural after all.” came the expected prideful reply, punctuated with a playful toss of hair as Da Vinci played along before she and Ritsuka fell into amused giggles at their little byplay.


And after a few more moments of laughter, Da Vinci lets out a happy sigh and wipes a tear away from her eye, “Oh, how I’ve missed talking to you like this, Ritsuka,” she admits as she composes herself, “Thankfully, we can catch up soon.”


“Just wait at the airport at 7 pm on the 30th for someone to pick you up and take you to the base, okay? See you soon~.”


And with one final wink and before Ritsuka could get a word in, Da Vinci disappears, leaving Ritsuka alone with a smile on her face, happy and waiting for the days to come.


“Man, she never changes, huh?” Ritsuka sighs with a fond smile on her face as she turns towards her mirror once more, eyeing her scars one more time before turning away from her mirror and walking towards her bed, falling into it face first with her smile still firmly on her face.


“Gosh, I really can’t wait.” She murmured before closing her eyes, willing for the days to go by faster as she fell asleep, excited for the days to come.