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Secure (Day 1)

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I'm not sure what I did to deserve this.

Not that Eliot hasn't done, y'know, plenty which could be the karmic trigger, or whatever, but some days his mind can't help but try to pinpoint exactly which misdeed caused him to end up here: hinge-cuffed to a metal chair bolted to the floor. The mark's goons certainly weren't dumb enough to leave his legs loose; no, they're tied, ankles to knees, to the legs of the chair.

The mini-Hardison in his brain snipes back with, "Do you want the contenders chronologically, alphabetically, or in order of least fucked-up to 'hot damn, no wonder you didn't want Parker to ask'?"

Fuck. Eliot wishes he were here; then maybe he wouldn't have ended up in this position to begin with. And then I could have one of those amazing hugs when I get out of here, he adds, rolling his shoulders to relieve some of the strain on them.

Not that Breanna isn't good at what she does, but you can't replace over a decade of working together, with pure brain power and moxie, much as she tries.

Eliot can't help but crack a smile at that thought, reopening his split lip. She really is brilliant and tenacious, and Eliot can't wait to see her grow into herself as a world-class criminal do-gooder.

But right now, he just needs the team to show up and get him out of here. He's not even close to worried that they won't be able to do so; Parker by themself could get him out of here, and with the rest of the crew- ah, here they come!

Eliot hears the electric crackle of a taser - no, two different models of taser - and the distinctive thumps of bodies hitting the floor. Finally he hears the click of the door unlocking, and soon Parker and Breanna rush in, tasers held aloft.

He chuckles when he sees their gleeful grins turn to pouts.

"Aw, come on. I wanted to tase another one; Harry got the one I was going for," Breanna huffs.

"Next time," Parker promises, as they hop into a squat behind him. "Here, come look at these cuffs," they instruct.

"Sure, take your time," Eliot grumbles as Parker walks Breanna through picking the hinged cuffs. "Not like I've been sitting in this position for hours, or anything."

Parker just snorts at him. "And now we're here to save your butt, so quit complaining," they admonish as they come around to cut his legs free while Breanna finishes uncuffing him.

"Yeah," is all he says, smiling at them as he stands up. "You are."