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My Another Half

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Kim Rok Soo is a pitiful soul who lost his parents because of an accident when he was still a child. He is the only survivor and that is the beginning of how his life turns upside down. He lives in an orphanage with a lot of irresponsible adults. They all are a bastard who neglected the children and embezzled orphanage fund for their own. Some of them will use the money to get drunk and then hit the children or they will just hit the children for fun. To make it worse, the children who are stronger begun to copy the adult and hit the weaker children. Kim Rok Soo always becomes a target because he is weak and will always protect the other weak children hence he become an easy target.

Every day is a pain for Kim Rok Soo, every inch of his body always covers in bruises. Because the orphanage lack of fund, Kim Rok Soo can only eat once every three or four days. This situation force rok soo to become an adult, he endured all of this until he is 14 years old. At that time, he already have enough power to run away. After he left the orphanage, he works his ass off day and night to cover his daily necessities bill.

One day when he was working in a café, the world was attacked by a monster. Rok soo once again becomes the only survival in that café because he is trapped in a building ruin. It has already been 3 days since rok soo trap in the ruin, he is starving and dehydrated. His vision is getting blurry.

‘Damn, am I going to die like this? How annoying’

But fate is something that God even can’t predict. Rok Soo faintly can hear a voice from outside and that is how he survives from death once again.

5 years later, the monster is still there and many humans already lost their life. But everything needs a balance that is how the world work. To prevent all human demise, somehow humans now can awaken a power that can help them defeat the monster.

Rok soo always thinks that survival is the best even if life is nothing but a pain. But once again he saw someone die in front of his eyes. 2 precious people, Choi Jung Soo and Lee Soo Hyuk, both of them killed by a monster because they try to protect him. Even after all of that, he still chooses to live. Maybe he is selfish or maybe he is afraid of death but he still pushes through even though now his heart is completely frozen and his eyes fill with an emptiness that is not suitable for someone who is barely 20 years old.

1 month has passed since their death, he has becomes a team leader to carry Lee Soo Hyuk's legacy. He works hard to saves many lives and finally he has a day off. He spends his day reading a novel left by his death teammate. He read the book to volume 5 until he fell asleep. When he opens his eyes, he saw a strange room and his hand become small but also full of bruises, which also reminds him of his childhood. Rok Soo is someone who can’t forget that is why he clearly remembers all his childhood. He gets up and looks at his reflection, what he saw is not a barely 20 years old person but a child with beautiful red hair.

‘.. what? What the hell happened?!’

Many questions running through rok soo mind.

‘.. aghhh!’

‘What the hell, my head is so damn hurt it feel like it will burst’

Kim rok soo endured the pain while gritted his teeth and a fragment of memory flash before his eyes.

‘Uh? Cale Henituse? This is Cale memories but it feels strange. It feels like these memories are also mine. What the hell happened?!’

The pain slowly disappears so he began to adjust the memories that he see just now.

‘First of all, I am Cale Henituse and I think I am 8 years old now.’

‘…ha are you kidding me!’

From the reflection in the mirror, Rok soo no it is Cale now, Cale can see his body full of bruised. Cale is no different from Kim rok soo, both of them live their childhood in a violent environment. Based on the memories fragment, Cale is deemed as a cursed child by all the workers in this territory. Not only that, Cale father, Count Deruth also hated Cale appearance because he looks like just his mother. His father's grieves turn him into an unreasonable father. He blamed Cale birth, which he deemed to be a cause of his mother's weak body. And the worse is, in Cale memories, he clearly accepted all of that bullshit. Cale head is so hot because he is using his power to sort the memories quickly and because of how weak Cale body is, the toll of using this power is greatly felt by Cale. His body began to lose consciousness.

‘..What the, where the hell am I now.’

Kim rok soo can feel that even in this weird darkness, the appearance he is now is Cale Henituse.

“Can u hear me child?”

There was a sound from the void. Cale began to feel wary.

“Who are you? Where am I?”

“I am God of death, Kim rok soo no Cale Henituse what an interesting person you are.”

“What the hell do you mean by that? And why am I Cale? No, it feels weird but why the hell Cale memories feel like mine?!”

“Now, now slow down let me explain first. Kim Rok Soo is a fragment of Cale Henituse soul. So yes, you are Cale Henituse, that is why you can feel every memory that you see are so real. That is because it is your memories from your main soul.”

“Then how my soul can split between a different timeline and different dimensions? No, is this place even a real place? I read Cale story in a book even though there is no mention at all about Cale childhood.”

“Well, I can’t explain why, you will learn when the time comes. That is your fate that even God can’t meddle with. But the important thing is your main soul needs his split fragment back. As you can see, your main soul is broken and is in a danger to perish completely. So, to protect himself he needs part of his soul back. That’s how you can come back in your original timeline. And to answer your second question, Yes, this place is real, and the place where you live before is also real.”


“You who are the one can escape the hand of death several times. I am curious what kind of stories you show me again.”

“What?! Wait!”

The connection is already cut off and Cale wakes up from the floor where he is faint before.

‘What the hell is wrong with that motherfucker bastard.’

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Cale began to write down all the main events in the novel and connected with his situation now. He wrote in Korean language afraid that someone accidentally read it. Cale concluded that this place is a different place from the novel. Based on the memories he saw, there are a lot of different situations in this place.

First, Ron Molan is not working in this estate as Cale butler, naturally, his child, Beacrox Molan also not in this estate.

‘Hm... I wonder where there are right now. Well not that I care, it is much better for me if I don’t associate with them.’

Second, even though the situation where Cale's mother died is the same but Deruth demeanor is completely different. In the novel, even though Deruth still neglected Cale but he didn’t abuse Cale and let him do whatever he want. But in this place, Deruth is filled with hatred every time he sees Cale and it will lead to unreasonable punishment to Cale.

‘Ha... in the end, I go back to this hellhole called abuse.’

‘What the fuck is wrong with my fate! Why both of my soul must suffer like this.’

Third, mostly all of the workers on this estate are rude to Cale or they just ignore Cale, they don’t care and didn’t even serve Cale properly because Deruth doesn’t even bother to check on Cale. There a gossip among a worker that Cale is a cursed child who killed her mother.

‘I don’t know why they say I am the one who killed mother, there are no bad memories or any kind of accident when I am with mother. Aside from mother health become weaker every time we see each other, there is no other thing.’

‘Hm... maybe they are right that I am a cursed child. I mean, why else both my soul situation have a similar sad life, probably because I am cursed.’

The world is never a kind place from the beginning, especially to both of Cale's souls. He has a red string to every annoying and bad thing in this world. It is like fate is toying with Cale and want him to suffer. There is always a price someone needs to pay to keep the world in balance.

‘Probably all the main events in the novel will occur, I should prepare for that. Also, even though I feel like I will not get beaten by Choi Han, but there is nothing wrong with a little protection because this body is too weak.’

‘But first, I need to collect a lot of money and decide either still live in this estate until the main events take place or I run away somewhere safe. I should also find out the reason my soul split, probably that book is supposed to be my fate. But I can feel that something is twisted. Ha.. what an annoying situation’

Cale is a unique variable and a rare case. His two souls that merging makes the soul stronger yet fragile at the same. Originally both of the souls are already broken, and the main soul is in danger situation but even though it is broken, the other soul has a strong will to live. Even God can’t predict what will happen to Cale's future.
The next day, Cale is woken up because he feels hungry, and based on his memories the worker often does not prepare his food, and obviously, he will not go to the dining room afraid that he will meet his father. Unlike before, he can live and eat just find without worker help, Cale now that mentally is nearly 20 years old is used to cook and taking care of himself. Also, later that day he still need to study for territory lord education regardless of his situation he is still a legal successor. Even though it will become Basen's job later.

Cale sneaks to the kitchen and takes some fruit to eat because there is no time to cook a full meal since he will late for his class. And that is the last thing Cale wants because Deruth will use that reason to punish him harder. Everything proceeds smoothly until night. Cale that already in bed abruptly gets up because Deruth harshly opens his chamber room and looks at Cale with an angry and clouded with a grieving look.

Deruth then grabs Cale's hair and drags Cale to the underground, Cale knows what will happen next. He is someone who has already get used to being beaten up by adults without a clear reason, but still, he found this situation annoying especially when he hates pain.

‘Ha… here we go again, I hope that this will end fast.’

Deruth throws him roughly to the floor and Cale just looks coldly at Deruth.

“Ho... how dare you look at me with that expression! I am sure we will have fun tonight right my dear son.”

“Whatever, just do it fast.”

“I will make sure you regret this attitude!” Deruth says while gritted his teeth.

‘Ha... I shouldn’t provocate him further, it will be bad for my situation. But still, I want to rebel a little bit for how much I suffer.’

Cale now is someone who already gets rid of unnecessary emotion, he is not a naïve 8 years old child that needs father love anymore. Cale is someone who through so much that his heart is already frozen. It is just his will to live a peaceful life that he keeps endure every shit in his life.


Caught off guard because of a sudden hard slap in his face, Cale falls to the floor. It can’t be helped since Deruth is a strong man and he is just an 8-year-old child. He can feel a metallic taste in his mouth, his lip burst just from a single hit. Today will be a long night.

“How dare you blankly stand in there. Take off your clothes!”

The moment Cale takes off his clothes, hard blow land in his bare skin. Somehow his hand was already chained to the ceiling and the hit landed over and over again, Cale try his best to keep quiet. It is Cale's habit because he refused to give any satisfaction. Seeing this, Deruth hit Cale harder.


Cale groan with every hit he received. It is extremely painful to Cale's weak body but still, Cale endures as long as he can. Even though Cale's body already fill with angry purple welt, Deruth doesn’t care and doesn’t plan to stop soon. Cale can feel some of his bruises already bleeding.

Deruth finally stop after some time, broke the chain, and left Cale to fall to the floor. Not have any strength left Cale just lies down on the floor. After he feels that he can stand without fall, he slowly drags his body to his bedroom.

‘I prefer to sleep in a comfortable bed while in pain than sleep on this cold floor.’

He crashed his tired body into the bed. With how tired his body is, he soon falls asleep.

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Cale woke up when heard someone knocking loudly. He groaning while getting up because his body feels too sore and some of the bruises is sting like hell. He is in a really bad mood and doesn’t want to deal with any kind of shit. What Cale saw when he open the door is a man in his mid-30s with black hair and wore butler clothes. The butler flinches when he saw Cale’s cold stares.

“What so important that you rudely knocks on my door.”

Cale asks with a very low voice that makes the butler flinch more. The butler handed Cale a potion while trying to gain his composure back.”

“Ehem.. this is a potion to heal your wounds young master.”

Cale close the door as soon as he received the potion. He goes to the bathroom to clean himself after drinking the potion, he can feel that some of not so deep bruises already healing.

‘Well, at least this shitty place still provides a heal potion.’

Time passes quickly and it is already been 2 years since his soul merging, his life is pretty much the same. The first years occasionally feel with violence and finally the second year Deruth slowly stops his unreasonable action. It is maybe because Deruth finally meet Violan. In the last 2 years, Cale still can’t find any information regarding his split soul.

And finally, the time has come, Deruth calls Cale to his study room. Cale already predicts what Deruth wants to tell him.

‘probably he will introduce Violan to me and will announce that they're getting married soon.’

Cale knocks on the door and announces his arrival. He opens the door and sees a lady with a neat hairstyle. Cale thinks that the description in the novel is right. And in her left side, a little boy is hiding behind his skirt and shyly looks at Cale.

“Father, you called for me?”

Deruth look now is different, it is not filled with anger nor hate gaze anymore. It is more like a guilty look but Cale didn’t care much. For Cale, it is good enough if Deruth stops abusing him.

“Yes, I want to introduce you to someone.”

Deruth feels so nervous and doesn't know how Cale will react after hearing what he wants to say. Violan is also nervous because what kind of child will accept this situation, not only Deruth neglected Cale, he also rejects his appearance and abuses Cale after the death of his mother. Violan is the one who knocks some sense to Deruth stupid brain. So to say that they are nervous is acceptable.

“Cale, this is Violan and her child Basen.”

Cale stare at them and introduced himself.

“Cale Henituse. And welcome to Henituse estate.”

“Ehem Cale... We're getting married soon, what do you think?”

Deruth can’t read Cale's emotion at all because Cale always has a stoic face. So, he waits for his son responds nervously. Meanwhile, Cale rejoiced that he can pass all the annoying territory things to Basen soon and maybe now Deruth will let Cale do whatever he wants.

“Congratulations on your married.”

Cale just nods his head to Violan and welcomes her once again. He left the room as soon as he congratulate them.

“I can’t believe he just accept that without a protest. I- Why the hell did I do that to that child.”

Violan consoles Deruth meanwhile Basen curiously looks at the door after Cale left. After Violan comes to the estate many things have changed. Many rude workers and the worker that neglected their duties to serve Cale are fire. Things flow more smoothly for Cale after Deruth married Violan. The estate atmosphere is also more lifely now. The three of them, No, it is now the four of them since Violan is already pregnant. They always spend their free time together, either have a picnic or doing other things. Cale always skips the gatherings because why would he join those burdensome events when he feels like he does not fit in the situation especially when it becomes more awkward when he join their gathering.

Now he is 12 years old and he began to regularly skip his class and push it to Basen. Many vassals protest that Basen also learns about territory management. Cale sees all of this and feels a little guilty because he put a burden on Basen's shoulder. And Cale dislikes the vassal treatment to that child. Even though Cale believes that he is not a good person, but he still feels that it is not right for them to treat a 10 years old child like that. Cale sigh when he saw Basen sitting down in a corner with a sad face.

“What are you doing in here?”

“Ah Hyung-nim”

“Basen listens, I will just say this one time.”


“Basen you are a Henituse, ignore whatever shit others said about you. Just study hard and as long as you enjoy it, it is fine. Be more confident in yourself and don’t worry they will accept you soon enough. I will make sure of that.”

“What do you mean by that Hyung-nim?”

“Don’t worry about that. Just remember what I said, got it?”

“Yes, Hyung-nim!”

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It is a rare sight to see Cale join breakfast together with his family. Cale often skips breakfast and eats a brunch in his chamber. But today is an exception. It is time for Cale to lay a foundation for his plan. The first and the most important things. Money.

Cale eats the juicy meat in silence while Deruth awkwardly tries to have a conversation with Cale.

‘Come to thinks of it, soon it will be 9 months and little Lily will be born. Perfect! At that time they will completely forget about me. Soon I have to go out and prepare for my plan.’

Cale unconsciously smiles, Basen who saw this drop his spoon out of shock. It is extremely a rare sight to see Cale smile. Even though Cale always has a cold demeanor, Basen knows that deep down Cale is a good person. He always takes care of his sibling in his own way. Sometimes he even quietly sorts out Violan's work to reduce her workload.

“Ehem... How is the food Cale?” ask Deruth after he saw Cale's rare smile.

“It's Delicious.”

“… Do you need anything Cale?”



“A lot of money.”

“Yes, sure. I will prepare a lot of it and deliver it to you later.”


Deruth doesn’t care about Cale's cold demeanor, well, Deruth thinks that he definitely deserves the cold treatment. And because this is the first time Cale asks anything, Deruth will definitely fulfill it. Money is never a problem for a wealthy estate like Henituse. Probably Deruth will give Cale allowance that can fill mountain with gold. It was Deruth way to make amends.

Cale shock when he received the check from Hans, a new competent deputy butler, and is personally assigned by Deruth to take care of Cale, make sure that Cale eat every meal. Not like he is complaining, but to Cale it is a funny situation. Family warm, love and care is something that Cale is not familiar with. After all of the shit both of his souls endures, his heart are bound to frozen. Deruth probably already lost his chance to melt Cale heart. In the first place, Deruth is the reason why Cale soul is almost perish.

Later that day, nobody notice that Cale already sneak out. Even though he is weak, but he is pretty agile. Maybe that is because of his other soul effect. He enters a shop called ‘The Fragrance of Tea with Poetry’, the owner of this shop, Billos, the bastard son of the ‘Flynn Merchant’s Guild’ in the original story, Billos will help Choi Han and become the owner of the merchant guild.


Billos know what kind of treatment Cale received when he was a child. He feels like he can relate since he is also someone that can’t get along with his family. Cale looked at a pig-like man who welcome him in the counter. A wealthy bastard that his round face and full body resemble a piggy bank.
Cale took out a gold coin and put it on the counter as he ordered.

“I plan on staying on the third floor all day today and keep it a secret that I come here today.”

Billos smile while stared at Cale whose hide his appearance with a cloak. Cale pretend that he didn’t see this and pointed at the bookshelf.

“Any tea that is not bitter. Do you have novels or just poems?”

“Of course, we have a lot of novels as well, young master Cale.”

“Then bring me the most interesting book and remember to keep it a secret that I come here.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Cale’s put the gold coin onto Billos's hand. Cale turns away when Billos try to give a change.

“Just keep it, consider it as a tip.”

“…But it is still too much.”

“I have a lot of money. Ah! I just remember, do you have any spatial bag?”

“Yes, I have a few.”

“Perfect! I would like to buy one.”

“I can just give it to you, young master. The money you give me is more than enough.”

“Suit yourself then.”

It is already dawn when Cale goes out from Billos shop, It is much safer for Cale to roam around because most of the people already go back home. Cale record all the layouts in the Henituse territory and found out that there is an antique book shop in a small corner.

'Tomorrow I will check that store. Maybe I can find any clue or information.'

The sky was already dark when he finishes walking around the territory.

‘I should go back now before Hans realize that I was gone.’

Cale goes back in hurry and accidentally bumps into two-man. Cale flinches when they look at each other. The old man smiles benignly while the other just stare viciously at Cale that makes him flinch more.

‘The old man's gaze is really scary. The other one is no joke either.’


Cale quickly mumbles an apology and running away without looking back. He manages to come back home safely after that small incident. Little did he know that it will not be the last time they encounter each other.

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For the first time after Cale's soul merging. He dreams of his life as Kim Rok Soo. No, to be more precise, his records ability activated and show him his memories like a movie. The last thing he saw before woke up is his face as Kim Rok Soo in the mirror.

He gets up and walks to the bathroom with a strange feeling. Cale stops walking as soon as he passes the mirror. His expression changes from stoic to confused after looking at his reflection. It is not Cale Henituse's face like it is supposed to be.

“Kim Rok Soo.” Mumble Cale while touching his face.

He feels nostalgic while touching his black hair that sparkles under the light.

After staring long enough and come back to his sense. He started to panic looking at his appearance.

“Shit. How do I explain this situation if somebody saw me. Nobody will believe me if I say I am Cale Henituse.”

As soon as he thinks about his original face, his appearance shifts back to normal.


Strangely, Cale feels like all his energy has been sucked up and drain. It is like he stays awake for a night with a slight fever.

‘This is strange. Is it an after-effect caused by my appearance changing? Can I change again tho? How does it work anyway?’

A lot of questions fill Cale's mind. Then something just pop up in his mind. It is a similar situation, like how Kim Rok Soo naturally can use his ability as soon as awakened. Cale also knows how to use his new ability. It is pretty easy to use actually. He can change his appearance if he activated his record ability while longing for Kim Rok Soo appearance. Dreaming his life as Kim Rok Soo somehow awakened his ability. A new ability that appears because of the merging soul's effects.

But every ability always have a price to pay. Like how his body will be full of injuries when he uses instant ability. This ability also has something to pay. The longer he change his appearance the more drowsy he will be. Also, his body temperature will increase every time he uses the ability. With how weak Cale's body is, naturally, the ability will put a burden on his body.

‘…Vitality of heart. I need that ancient power. It will help me maintained Kim Rok Soo appearance and reduce the effect on my body.’

Besides his plan to gain vitality of heart ancient power later. Today he plans to take another ancient power that resides in this territory. It is easier for Cale to sneak out now especially when he can change his appearance.

‘Perfect. I can change my appearance and buy all the bread in town today.’

Even though Cale can still feel the side effect from earlier. But still, it is a good opportunity to use his ability now. In case someone will recognize his face later. A rumor definitely will be going around if someone saw the first son of Henituse going around sweeping all the bread in the town. Imaging that situation makes Cale's head hurt. Cale is someone who hates annoying situations.

‘Feeling a little tired is not something new to me. I will be fine.’

Cale sneak out wore a simple attire and a cloak. He successfully bought all the bread stock in the town and shove it into his spatial bag.

‘See, money is the best. Why would I do all the labor work to carry all the heavy bread bags my 12 years old body can’t bear. This way is more practice.’

The Indestructible Shield.

An ancient power located on the slum in the west. The slums were on one side of a small hill.

As soon as he arrived at the slum, an unknown stench filled his nose. The tipped of his shoes started to become dirty from the dirty water. Frowning. Cale started to walk faster. The other reason why he needs to hurry up is that he is afraid someone will try to attack him. Cale is extremely weak now because he still activated his changing ability. His body already reaches the limit.

“Shit. So drowsy and hot. Feels like my skin is burning.”

Finally, he arrived at the top of the hill. Well, it is still lowered than his estate but still, he can see all the western town from the hill. A large black tree resides on that hill. There was nothing in the area except dirt. Even grass or weed cant grow in this area. The rumor is, if someone hangs themselves on this tree, they will become mummies overnight. Even blood that lands on this tree instantly disappear.

Cale quickly opens the bag. Taking a loaf of bread out of the bag and put it in the hole. His hand quickly disappears in the darkness along with bread. Cale feels a cold sensation when the bread disappears.

“More! Give me more!”

According to the novel, the tree owner is an excommunicated priest that starved to death. The hole darkness is the result formed by the grudge. It will become lighter when the grudge is fulfilled. Cale smirk and pour all the bag content in the hole.

“Eat all you want.”

Soon enough the darkness disappears and the colors become lighter.

“Delicious! This is my present for you. My power will protect your heart until your soul perish.”

A bright silver light surrounds Cale. The warm light was slowly absorbed by his body. After his body absorbed all the light, a small shield with a wings tattoo showed in his skin where his heart had been. Satisfied with this situation. Cale touched his heart where the shield tattoo can be found. He can feel it. The power is protecting his heart.

Chapter Text

Cale deactivated his power. His appearance changes back to normal. He is beyond exhausted. It feels like he can fall asleep right here right now. His sight also is getting blurrier. He staggering tries to find his balance. The hotness in his body also didn't help. Cale tries to maintain his consciousness. It will be trouble if he faints in the middle of the town. But his body is really at the limit now. Cale can’t control his body anymore. But then someone catch his body before it hit the ground.

He can't resist anymore. He closes his eyes and hopes that the one who catches him will not bring trouble later.

Cale regains his consciousness when the sun is already set. He opens his eyes and sees unfamiliar places. It is not luxurious like his room but still, he can feel the coziness coming from this room. The door opens follow by the vicious old man he saw last night. Cale's eyes shook when he recognized the man in front of him.

“I see you are awake young master. I will tell my son to prepare a light meal for you.”

Cale hiccups as soon as the vicious man is out.

‘Shit. I don’t know which situation is better. Woke up in the middle of the town or save by yesterday vicious man.’

This time the door open again followed by a delicious smell. Yesterday old man smile benignly when he see Cale's wariness.

“I am sorry for my late introduction. My name is Ron Molan. You should eat something first since you have a high fever a moment ago.”

‘What? Did he just say his name Ron Molan?!’

Ron Molan and his son Beacrox Molan. In the original stories, both of them is a runaway assassin and professional torturer. Both of them hide in Henituse's estate while working directly under Cale. As soon as Cale ass is beaten up by Choi Han, both of them left the estate and follow Choi Han journey. Cale got goosebumps as soon as he remember the original stories.

“…Ron Molan?”

“Yes, young master Cale.”

“I see you know who am I.”

Cale tried to calm his heart and answer nonchalantly.

“Of course I do, young master. Even though I am old now but my eyes sight is still very clear.”
The truth is, everyone in this territory will recognize Cale since his red hair is a pretty rare color to find. That’s why Cale disguise himself.

‘Old my ass, this assassin is toying with me. He will not kill me right?!’

“…Where am I?

“You are at my house now. I figured out that you don’t want others to know that you go out so I brought you here. Hope you won't mind staying at my humble place.”

“It's comfortable. First of all, thank you for not bringing me home. But, how do you know that I don’t want my family knows?”

“It's obvious young master. Didn’t you sneak out tomorrow as well?”


‘Wait, isn’t this a chance for me as well. If my future is already different from the book then I can use Ron's help to erase my presence. Maybe learning some stealth too?’

Cale's train of thoughts interrupts when Ron handing him a spoon.

“Here young master, you should eat when it is still warm. Don’t worry my son is a pretty decent cook.”

Cale quickly takes the spoon and takes a bite after looking at Ron smile benignly at him.


‘This is the most delicious food I ever eat. Even all the food that I can eat decently can’t compare to this so call light meal.’

Cale then quickly finishes his light meal without realizing that the old man and his son in front of him are staring at him softly.

“Thank you for the meal. I think I should go now before someone realize I sneak out. Please keep a secret today's incident and I will pay you back for your help.”

“There is no need to pay us back, young master.”

“After all we are the ones indebted to you and your mother.” Mumble Ron.

“What?” Cale didn’t quite catch the last part.

“Nothing young master. Please be careful on your way.” Ron smile benignly at Cale.


“Here young master, some cookies that I made earlier.”

“Oh! Thank you.”

Cale looks at the cookies delightedly and smiles excitedly. This is the first time Cale act properly like the child he is supposed to be.

They part away but the three of them know that today will not be the last time they saw each other.
The next day, Cale finally has a chance to visit the antique book store that he sees the day he bumps into Ron.

Kling. The bell sound indicating that someone open the door. Cale walks in and froze when he saw who is the one behind the counter.

“Welcome young master. I see we met again.”

‘What the..! I mean I have a feeling that we will meet again, but I didn’t think that it will so soon!’

“…Are you the owner Ron.”

“That’s right young master. I didn’t think we will see each other so soon.

“Yes, I thought the same too.”

“Feel free to look around young master.”

With a simple nod, Cale walks deeper into the store. There is no one else in the stores besides Ron and him. The stores and all the books are so clean, Cale can't find any speck of dust which is weird for a store that has a lot of old books.

“What kind of book do you want to find young master? I will help you find it”

Ron asks while handing a lemon tea to Cale. Cale frown when the sourness hits his buds. He actually dislikes something bitter. But poor Cale didn’t dare to hand back the glass without finishing all the content first.

‘Shit, should I tell him I didn’t like a bitter drink?’
Cale flinches as soon as he glances at Ron. Cale decided to empty all the content in one gulp and handed the glass back without looking at Ron.

‘Ho.. this young master looks like a puppy. He clearly dislikes bitter taste but he drinks it all. Did he know something about me?’

“Do you have any book regarding a soul, Ron?”

The room temperature drops as soon as the question has been asked.

‘What, why is he looking at me like that?’

“…Yes I do. But the book is pretty old so some of the content is unreadable.”

“It's fine. Where is the book?”

“I will bring it to you young master.”

“Here young master. Also, I bring you another tea to accompany you.”


Cale carefully opens the book. Like Ron said before, the book is pretty old. Some sentences are unreadable. But some parts are still readable and that is the most important. For Cale, even one line of information regarding the soul is a new lead.

A soul is usually born along with the body. A body is just a shell for the soul. If a soul rejects its body or something happened to the soul that lead it to perish then the body will die immediately. But there is a rare variable that can happen.

Cale's eyes tremble when he read the next line.

A split soul. Originally every soul can only live in one body. But a rare case might happen. The originally one soul split into two and the soul fragment will fill in the most suitable body. In another world, before the body dies from an empty soul, the other soul fragment possessed that empty body. It is an extremely dangerous situation for the original soul and lucky for the other body.

What it mean by dangerous for the original soul is, when the soul is splitting, the lifeline also splitting. If one of the soul fragments perish then the other soul will be greatly affected and the worst possibility is the other soul will die sooner or later. Not only that, the chance the other fragment can get a new body is also close to zero. If the wandering soul can't get a new body of course it will perish. That is why if this case can happened it is very lucky for both the soul and the new body.

Cale read all of this and feel dizzy.

“I see... so I can die by Deruth hands at that time.” Mumble Cale unconsciously.

Since Cale's main soul are in danger of perishing. Kim rok soo also might die without knowing anything if their soul is not merging back at that time. Ron's eyes shook after hearing Cale mumble. Because he is a trained assassin, Ron can hear everything very clearly. Ron knows the rumor about Cale being neglected but he doesn’t know the situation is this bad. Even though he is a cold-blooded assassin, he is still very angry and disgusted with someone who can abuse a child. Cale that didn’t know Ron hear his mumble continued to search soul information.

Actually, almost all the book content is unreadable. Cale tries to look more for a line that he can read. There is only one line left.

Beware! Trying to split soul is extremely dangerous, use the method wisely.

Sadly, that is the last line that Cale can read because the next page is missing. It looks like someone ripped the book content.

‘Tck. Missing in the most important part!’

Chapter Text

Cale closed his eyes and sorted all the information he just got. He decided to learn stealth from Ron. He will need help to erase all his existence as Cale Henituse soon enough.


“Yes, young master? Do you need anything else?”

“Teach me.”

“…I don’t understand what do you mean by that.”

“You know what I mean Ron. I know who you are. I know what you and your son are capable of.”

“Ho. Mind to tell this old man how you know about us?”

“Is that important now? Help me and I will help you find your home back.”

For these past few years, Cale found a lot of things regarding Ron. Some of that is because he read in the book. But the rest is because when he looks for the soul information, he gets some information about the organization that forced Ron and Beacrox to run away. One thing leads to another and that is how Cale finds out a few things about Ron unintentionally.

‘If the situation is already like this, why not just get rid of that organization.’

Cale decides to get rid of that organization for his peaceful future. It’s a win-win situation for both of them. If that organization is gone, Ron and Beacrox can go back to their home and he can live his slacker life peacefully. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. Also, Cale is someone that never has a real home, so he kinda wants to help both of them get their home back.

“…You are really a mysterious child young master.”

Cale's expression didn’t change just shrug even though his inside is actually in chaos.

“Very well, how can I and my child assist you?”

“Stealth. I want to master that and maybe learn some dagger skill that I can use to protect myself.”

“Very well then.”

“Good. Help me erase Cale Henituse's existence and after that, we should go to Puzzle City.”


“Why? You don’t need to stay at Henituse for you to manage your underground job don’t you?”

Ron is still active in his underground job. But most of the time he just gathers information about arm, the organization that attacked his family. He doing it all in secret so he doesn’t attract arm attention. Indeed, Ron doesn’t need to stay in Henituse territory since he already fakes his and his son's death for Arm to stop chasing after them but that is not what he is concern about.

“Well, Yes, I do not need to stay in this place.”

“Good, then we can just do as I said.”

“…May I ask why you want to get rid of your existence?”

Ron wants to know more about his puppy young master background. What happened to his childhood that make him want to erase his existence. He is indebted to Cale's mother, Jour Thames. 10 years ago, when Ron still been chasing by Arm, he and Beacrox manage to get into Henituse. When he is hiding, Jour accidentally found him. Jour then helps them in secret and gives them the bookstore for him to manage and settle down. One day Jour comes to find him with a really pale face. At that time, Ron doesn’t quite understand what she wants him to do.

Please help my son, Cale Henituse, and keep him safe. But you don’t need to come and find Cale. When the time comes fate will bring you guys together.

That is the last time conversation Ron have with Jour. A month after that, Jour Thames died.

Not long after Jour died, finally Ron found out a clue about the organization that attacked his family. He becomes busy and doesn’t have time to pay attention to the Henituse estate rumor. He plan a lot of things and put a fake death track to trick the arm. But Ron always remembers his promise. He will help Cale and keep him safe. The day when Cale bump into Ron is the day when he can finally keep his promise to Jour.

“…That house is suffocating me. I am a cursed child in that house and I don’t have any lingering feeling left for that house. Just create a rumor I run away or something. Not that Count Deruth or anyone else in that manor will care.”

‘Cursed child huh… I think I will need to dig more information regarding his childhood.’

“So you want to escape to Puzzle City?”

“For now yes, I have a business in Puzzle City anyway. Let’s meet tonight, I need to take a few things that I left first.”

“I understand.”
Cale goes back to his room and packs a few clothes and things that he will need. He also takes his mother's heritage that she left for him. Cale remembers that when his mother hands the box to him. That is the last conversation Cale has with his mother.

Honey, Keep this box safe. You will need it when the times come. This will be something that can help you. Remember that I always love you.

Cale opens the box, there are several land documents in there, a spatial bag fills with gold coins and a necklace. Cale wore the necklace. He closed the box and put it in his spatial bag.

He left a note in Basen's bedroom as a farewell.

That night, Cale Henituse disappear from the estate without notice.

Chapter Text

‘Fuck. Shit. The hell am I thinking. This is a mistake!’

Right now, Cale is running away from Ron who chasing him while throwing a dagger. Cale quickly duck when he saw the dagger flying through his head. Most of the dagger Ron throw is already tipped with paralyzing poison. One year ago, Beacrox trained Cale by using poison. Cale learns a lot of knowledge about poison and how to use it efficiently and properly while in a fight. The result of the training is also helping him immune from most of the poison. But if the poison is a strong one, then the effect on his body is greatly reduced. That’s why if Ron's poison dagger scratches him it will only slow him down.


Cale breath is a mess. He tries to trick Ron by creating a fake footstep. To say that Ron surprised is understandable. He is a professional and trained assassin but then a mere teenager manages to last this long. Besides Cale manage to lost Ron for a while.

‘Oho what an interesting young master. He has a talent. Should I make him my successor?”

Molan household already has Beacrox as a successor. But then Beacrox is using a completely different style. He chooses to follow his mother's style by using a great sword. But isn’t it perfect for Cale who has not a lot of strength to learn Ron's style?

Cale suddenly gets the chill.

‘Shit I am going to die. I don’t have any strength left to run.’

Cale didn’t manage to avoid the last dagger that Ron throw. He doesn’t have any strength to defend anymore. As soon as Cale closes his eyes as a surrender sign. Ron throws another dagger to bend the first dagger's direction. Cale plops down to the ground and glares at Ron.

Ron smile as he is amused.

“Are you trying to kill me, Ron?! Why each session is getting harder and harder!”

Cale is a pretty fast learner, that’s why Ron raise the training difficulty.

“Ohoho is that so? But you are doing pretty well. If you want to hide well, you just need to control your breathing.”

Cale doesn’t want to admit it. But the training did actually work. He has become more agile and his hearing become sharper. Now, if he met another trained assassin whose skills weren’t as good as Ron’s, his presence wasn’t easy to be detected.


Cale surprise when he saw Ron lower his back.

“I will take you home young master. You don’t have any more energy to walk don’t you?”

‘To ride on a vicious assassin back! But then why would I decline when I can have an easy way to go home.’

Currently, the three of them are living in a small abandoned house near Puzzle city. Beacrox shakes his head when he saw his father come home with a sleeping young master behind his back. Beacrox doesn’t want to admit it but he already considers Cale as his little brother.

“How the training? Seeing your expression I bet it went well”

“Young master has a natural talent. His learning pace is really fast. Even he managed to lose me a few times.”


‘He manage to lost father? A few times at that?!’
Beacrox is surprised but at the same time, he is also proud of Cale's achievement.

“What a surprise, he is a unique person isn’t he.”

Ron agreed with Beacrox's statement. It was the first time Ron saw his son interested in someone. Losing his mother at a young age makes Beacrox's heart frozen. That is why Beacrox can relate with Cale more. After all, both of them lost their mother at a young age. But Beacrox knows Cale is more than losing his mother. Regardless of the situation, Beacrox still has his father who tried his best replacing his mother's love and care. But Cale never has someone genuinely care about him, even his own father neglected him. No, to say neglected is even too good.

Beacrox and Ron are furious when they first saw Cale whipping mark that is deep enough to scar the child's skin. Beacrox remembers clearly the time when they saw his scar.


It was raining hard that day. The three of them are still training when rain suddenly pours hard. They decide to end the training before Cale catches a cold. Cale that already shivering when come home takes off his damp clothes. Usually, Cale never takes off his clothes when Beacrox and Ron are there. But that day, maybe Cale forgot or he is too cold to care he take it off in front of them.


“Yeah hyung?”

Sometimes Cale will call Beacrox, Hyung, when he is exhausted or when he is sick.

Beacrox cant bring the word out so Ron is the one who asks Cale.

“…Mind to tell us where you got that scar young master?”


‘Ah shit, I forgot about the scar. Should I tell them or not?’

Cale failed to saw Ron and Beacrox's vicious expression when he deliberate whether to tell them or not. Both of them have a hunch but they want to hear the details. Even though Cale doesn’t want to admit it, but Cale feels safe with them, and maybe a tiny bit of his heart considers them as family.

“Sigh. It’s not a big deal now. My father drowns in his grieve at that time that makes him cant think rationally.”

“…So, he abused you?! Because he is grieving?!”

“That time there was also a rumor about me being a cursed child that kill my own mother. So, every time he saw me he is filled with anger. The more grief and anger he has, the more he hated me.

Cale faces become emotionless and his gaze goes blank.

“… When does it start and how long?”

“Hm... not long when my mother died. When I was 6 years? Then the punishment stopped when my father met Countess Violan. That’s is when I am around 10 years I think.”

Ron and Beacrox are beyond furious now. They feel disgusted. For 4 years Cale endures and lives in a violent environment. And not only that, the so-called punishment starts when he is only 6 years old. A grieving child that just lost his mother!

‘Punishment?! That is not a punishment. That is just abuse! Torture for a 6-year-old child! Violence environment for more than 4 years!’

“…Are you forgiving him, young master?”

“…Maybe. He is grieving and I understand that. It's true that I am a cursed child. But that’s not mean that he never scar me… physically or mentally. Anyway, it passes now, let's stop talking about that. I want to take a bath”


Beacrox sigh when he remembers those memories. They want to pay Deruth a visit and repay what he did to their young master, but they know that’s not what Cale wants. So, that day Beacrox and Ron vow to take care of Cale and always protect him. The father's love that Cale never has, he will gift it to him. They swore they will make Cale happy.

Chapter Text

Its been nearly two years now since Cale disappear from Henituse estate. Cale is almost 14 years old now. The disappearance of the firstborn of Henituse become a hot topic. Deruth deploys most of Henituse's knights to find his child. But then, every deployment always ends with a failure. No one knows where Cale Henituse's existence is right now. Many rumors are going around. Some said maybe Cale Henituse already die. But Count Deruth refuses to believe that rumor. He punish all the people who spread that rumor.

Count Deruth want to blame all the worker in his household that failed to notice Cale disappearance. But he knows, the most person right now that need to be blamed is himself. His heart broke when he saw the note his son left for Basen. In the note, his son has no regret leaving this house.

Deruth remembers clearly that day.

“Father! Mother!”

Basen bark into Deruth's office room frantically.

“What happened?” It's unusual for Violan to see Basen this panic.


“What? What happened to Cale?” Deruth pays full attention now as soon as Cale's name is mention.

“Hyung left home! He left me this note!”


“Let us see the note.”


Remember what I said. You are Henituse.
Ignore all the useless gossip. I know you are capable and suitable to manage this territory.
I leave it all to you. Take care of your family and our little sister.

Don’t worry this is not because of you.


-Cale Henituse-


Basen remembers clearly the day when Cale says to him that he is Henituse. And now Basen finally understands what Cale means by the vassals will accept him. Now that Cale is gone, the vassals will have no choice but to accept him as a successor. But like Cale can tell that Basen will blame himself, Cale told him not to worry. It's like Cale consoled him.

Deruth trembled after he read the message. The way Cale emphasis the word your family, Deruth knows that Cale never thinks that he is included in the family. Deruth plops down to the chair don’t know what to do.

“First, let's deploy our knight to search him. He will not go that far yet. It’s only been half a day since Cale left this note.” Violan quickly order.

Deruth sigh. All their attempt to find their son always come back with empty hands. Deruth promises to himself he will be a good and proper father this time. But will fate allow Deruth to make a redemption?


In the past two years, Cale involved in many underworld incidents. He become one of the most feared people in the underworld. No one knows his identity, so people began to call him ‘Moon Light’. They called him that because they always see Cale's at night and it is very difficult to catch his glimpse. Some of them manage to saw a silver light, but as soon as the light dies down, Cale already disappears from the scene leaving all the mess behind.

Cale has many connections, from Billos to his uncle, Odeus Flynn, the man who had taken control of the northwest region’s underworld. All the remaining Molan assassins that manage to run away also become his subordinate. Now, he has control over 85% of the underworld. Many new assassins also become his subordinate. Not to mention that Bud Illis, the Mercenary King, and Sword Master from the Eastern continent also become his slav-secretary after losing in a drinking competition to Cale.


“Yes, Young master Kim?”

Right now, Cale has activated his changing ability. That’s why Ron called him Kim and not Cale. They are currently at Henituse territory, more specifically, there are at the bookstore that Ron owned. Now that Cale already possesses Vitality of heart ancient power, he can maintain Kim Rok Soo's appearance for 1 day if he didn’t use his other ability at all.

Cale will sneak into the estate and drop a present for Basen and Lily. Currently Lily is nearly three years old now. Even though he doesn’t really care about his family, but still Cale feels guilty leaving a burden to Basen. And for Lily, Cale just genuinely wants her to have a happy family.

“Wait here. I will be fast.”

“I understand.”

Cale quickly drops the neat box wrap in a simple ribbon with a simple note on each box in Basen's room and Lily's room. Cale prepared a fountain pen for Basen and a toy sword for Lily. Cale got information that Lily loves seeing a sword more than a doll. It is fascinating for Cale that a girl around Lily's age will love a sword more than a doll.

It is raining hard when Cale walks back to the bookstore.

‘Sigh… What a rotten luck I have.’

In a corner Cale saw two shivering kittens, they are currently being harassed by a bunch of thugs that have nothing to do.

“Tck. How annoying.”
Cale quickly knocks one of the thugs down.

“What the… Who are you?! How dare you attacked us do you want to die?”

Cale just looked at them without emotion. A thug like this he can handle in the blink of an eye. But then he is beyond pissed looking at the kitten condition. It reminds him of when he is weak. That’s why Cale doesn’t want to end the fight quickly, he wants to pay back a little bit what they do to the kittens.

“You don’t need your hands and legs if you use it for harassing a weaker existence.”

“Who do you think you are. You look just as weak as this damn animal.”

“You are right. I am indeed weak. But my strength is enough to make all of you cripple.”

Cale thinks that he is not a good person. But still, he will not step that low like these thugs. He hated it the most if someone are in the same situation like he did. Especially children.

The kittens looked at Cale. The two kittens are beast people, they are capable enough to kill the thugs. But currently, they don’t have any left power to defends themselves after they run away in a poor condition from their clan. So the silver kittens that are bigger than the red one try their best to shield his brother. Until Cale come and knock one of the thugs. The silver kitten saw how the man in front of him attacked all the thugs. He slashes all their tendon and ligaments. All of the attacked is so accurate that will make them can't use their arms and legs for the rest of their life.

“W-we are sorry, please don’t kill us.”

“Do something like this again and I will make sure you will lose that neck. Got it?”


Cale breath becomes hard. Since his stamina can't improve that much even after all Ron's hell training he went through. Plus currently, he still activated his changing ability, his energy is reduced faster.


Cale picks up the two kittens and will ask Ron to tend the wound. After that, he will just let the kitten go. He is not someone that fond of cats anyway.

“You are late young master Kim. I thought somet-“

Cale cut Ron by giving him the two kittens.

“Here. I am fine. Just found some thugs harassing the kitten. Tend the wound.”

The two kittens stare at Cale's real appearance. Cale de-active his ability as soon as he walks in.

“What happened to the thugs then.”

“What do you think will happened?” smirk Cale.

“Well, If it is you, I believed it is already been handled.” Beacrox look at Cale amused.

Cale shrugs and takes out the clean clothes from his spatial bag. The damp clothes started to annoyed Cale. The kittens widen their eyes as soon as they saw the scar on Cale's backside.


“Now, now let's tend your wound shall we.”

Chapter Text

Cale tapped his finger on the table. They’re currently still in the Henituse territory.

‘While I am here, should I go to Harris Village and show Choi Han way out of the forest of darkness?”

Forest of Darkness is one of the Five Forbidden Region of the Western Continent. According to the book that he read when he is Kim Rok Soo. Choi Han is someone that lived at Forest of Darkness for 10 years before he manage to found a way out. But then the village that finally shows him home obliterate by some organizations when he is out in the mountain. But many things have changed. The place where he lives right now is a different place from the book. The book is not his future anymore.

‘Even if the main story has changed, but I am sure that the main event still will flow.’

Tuk. Tuk. The sound of Cale tapped his finger on the table gains the kitten's attention.



Cale looked at them. Cale knows who is the identity of these two kittens. There is a rumor in the underworld that the cat clan loses their prisoner. Cale hunch says that the two kittens in front of him are the prisoner he heard about.

“What do you two want to do from now on?”


“I know you two can speak human language.”

The two kittens eyes trembled.

“…How do you know about us nya?” The silver cats ask Cale warily and hide the red kitten behind her back.

“Wind always brought a lot of information. A prisoner of a cat clan. Runaway 1 week ago. And let me guess, both of you try to hide in Henituse Territory.”


“I don’t care what you do from now on. But don’t say anything that you ever saw me in this territory.”

On and Hong have a hunch that if they travel together with Cale is safer than hide in this territory.

“Then let us tag along nya.”


“You also runaway didn’t you? and the fight earlier, you are someone who is using a shadow as your fighting style right?”

“We can help nya. Our power is perfect for fighting in shadow!” The red kitten chimed in.

“…Ha, do whatever you guys like. Just remember to be careful when saying my name in public. What’s your name?”

“I am On. Don’t worry we will be careful!” Said the silver kitten.

“I am Hong nya.” Said the red kitten.

“How old are both of you?”

“I am 7-years-old and Hong is 5-years-old.”

“I see… I am Cale Henituse. What makes you guys become prisoners then?”

On and Hong's life feels like hell until today. The day they meet Cale is the turning point in their life. In the future, they will not regret running away from the clan and sneak into Henituse territory. For them, the decision to run away is the best decision they ever make.

“One day our parents die leaving us. We are supposed to be a successor of a Fog Cat Tribe at one point. But then somehow we are mutated. The elders that learn about this began locking us. They believe we are weak and don’t have any abilities. They said they don’t want to waste food to a useless being like us.”

“Then 1 week ago, we heard that they will finally eliminate us. We know that they will do it sooner or later. Naturally after hearing that, we runaway.”

“…What a damn bastard. Look like I need to pay them a visit huh.”

‘What is this feeling nya... So weird’

On looking at Cale's vicious expression. On doesn’t understand why Cale was mad even though it is not his business. But On feels weird in her chest. On doesn’t know the weird feeling she feels is a warmness that soon she will learn about.

Cale knows what it feels like to be abused and starved. After all, both of his life is being messed up by an adult. Adult that is supposed to protect children turn out to be abusing and neglected them. That’s why Cale hated it and have a soft spot for the children who are facing the same situation.

Soon Beacrox comes in and serves the three of them foods. On and Hong's eyes sparkle looking at the delicious steak in front of them. They look at Cale asking permission to eat the food. Cale understands seeing their gaze. Their gaze is similar to Kim Rok Soo's gaze when he still living in the orphanage.

Little Kim Rok Soo has never had a full meal. Even one slice of bread is bliss. But little him know that everything has a price. Eat without permission will lead to heavy punishment. He learned that the hard way. Seeing On and Hong's gaze reminds Cale of his other life.

“Just eat. You don’t need permission for that.”

The kittens quickly devour the meat leaving a lot of sauce in their mouth. Cale chuckles seeing the little kids in front of him. Cale takes the napkin and cleans their mouth. The three of them don’t say anything but Beacrox can see that they enjoy each other company.

“Ron, after they were done eating let's go to Harris Village.”

“Very well young master. I will prepare our departure.”


The five of them arrived at Harris Village that evening and sneak into the Forest of Darkness. Before they come here, Cale already briefs them enough about the plan. First, they will roam around in a safer area according to Choi Han's map that he remembers from the book. If there is no other existence besides the monster then they will go deeper into the forest. Cale learns that On ability is to create a fog and Hong creates a poison. Both of the abilities are pretty useful in their situation. Also, these will be good opportunities for Hong to grow stronger since Forest of Darkness fills with a lot type of poisonous plans.

They slipped into the stone gates easily. The stone gates are the only access to cross into the Forest of Darkness. Of course, there are other ways, such as jump over the 10-m tall wall. All of them including Cale who have been trained by Ron are capable to jump over the wall. But then Cale is a lazy person. His motto is to do everything efficiently but waste the energy as minimum as possible.

‘Why would I jump when I can easily slip in through the ground.’

What they saw after crossing the gates is pretty ordinary. It looks like a regular forest, no one knows the reason but it is forbidden because all the plans in this forest somehow mutated, and there are a lot of monsters too. It was easy to tell the mutated monsters apart but it was difficult for plants. Although they look similar, a mutated version of an herb used for healing could end up being poisonous.

Cale let go of Hong from his arm. Let him roam around and taste some of the plans. Currently, they are in the center of the safer area. Some monster trying to attack them, but it is still a pretty weak monster. Ron and Beacrox manage to kill all the monsters that attack them in the blink of an eye. They all can’t feel any other human life force. That’s why Cale decides to go deeper into the forest.

‘Tck. Where the hell are you.’

On the outside, Cale looks calm and collected like he is just walking around in a garden. But on the inside, he is pretty anxious. After all, the deeper Cale and the group is, the more dangerous for them. But then like a fate Cale feels someone eying him from the back. In the corner of Cale eyes, he saw someone hiding his presence in between trees and bushes.

‘Finally. I found you.’ grin Cale.

“Oi. Stop hiding and come out.”

The five of them can see someone come out from the shadow and approaching them. Cale can see the eyes of the man that are full of emotions. Relieve and glad, but still warily looking at them.

Chapter Text

Choi Han doesn’t know how to feels. He is glad when he found another human in this forest. He doesn’t even remember how long has it been since he can talk to another person. But still, he feels wary toward them. One of them is strong and reeks of blood smell, while the person who carries a silver and red kitten looks kinda strong too. But the most interesting person in this group is the red hair person that found him hiding earlier. This person looks weak but strong at the same time. And the most unbelievable situation for Choi Han is when he finds them roaming around casually in the forest that is full of danger like they are taking a walk.



Meanwhile, at the same time, Henituse's estate is turned upside down since the young master and young lady found a present and a note that come from Cale. The fact that Cale is coming to the estate without anyone noticed makes Deruth realized that he didn’t know Cale that much.

Basen is happy and relieved at the same time. The present and note that Cale left them mean that Cale is still alive and living well. Basen feels touched when he saw the fountain pen when he opens the box. Basen knows that Cale is actually a caring person.


Good job.


It was a simple message but it was enough for Basen.

Lily knows she has another half-sibling. His parents and brother always tell her about him. Lily knows a bit about Cale Henituse's story. After all, her father blamed himself the most after Cale left the house. Not long since Lily was born and everyone's attention is on the little Lily, Cale disappear. The fact that her brother is neglected and deemed as a cursed child by the rude estate staff is enough for Lily to understand her brother's decision to leave the house.

Lily is happy because even though their brother was not here, but still her brother knows what she likes and interest in. The proof is the present and notes that she received.


Even if I am not there, you are always my little sister.
Be happy and take care.


Even if they never meet at all, Lily knows that Cale is a caring older brother. Lily hopes that she can meet her brother in person one day.


“Are you going to keep quiet and staring at us?”

“…I- who are you?”

“Is that important now? Don’t you want to go out from here?”

“…Of course.”

“Good. Then follow me, I will show you the way out.”


Forest of Darkness is a dangerous place. Naturally, that makes no one want to explore the place. For a normal person, even walk closer to that place bring an eerie feeling. That’s why no one will know the layout of this forest, except for Choi Han in the future. But right now, the only person who knows how to go in and go out with the safest route is Cale.

Since Cale goes deeper into the Forest, his ancient power are in a chaotic state. Cale becomes uneasy. His plate now is unbalanced since he managed to possessed 4 ancient powers with a different affinity. Wood, Human power, Wind, Fire, and a necklace that contains a little bit of water ancient power.

‘Are there another ancient power in here? Should I check first?’

Cale tempting to go deeper into the forest to find out, but since Choi Han is his priority, he chooses to ignore the matter first.

‘It’s not like I will die soon or something, I will be fine as long as I don’t use much my power. I don’t plan to use it that much anyway.’

Cale leads them back like a guide while Ron and Beacrox protecting Cale from the monsters that approaching them. On and Hong are supporting Ron and Beacrox. Choi Han that not sure what to do in the end follow them and help them fight the monsters.

Cale and the group successfully escape the forest and are currently in Harris Village. Choi Han can’t stop staring at the village in front of him. It’s been a long time since Choi Han saw a place where people can live peacefully without worrying about a monster's attacks.

Cale noticed that many Henituse knights are wandering around.

‘Maybe they already found my note. This will be bad if they found me.’

Choi Han widened his eyes while looking at Cale changing his appearance. Cale looked at Choi Han, shrug his shoulder and answer nonchalantly.

“I have my conditions. First, follow me. I know you have a lot of questions.”

Cale wants to go back to Puzzle city. But since there are not enough teleportation scrolls at the moment. They have no choice but to stay at one of Harris Village inns. Cale just leisurely sits down like it was his house and tells Choi Han to sit.

“Spit out your mind. I know you want to ask me something.”

Choi Han doesn’t know what should he ask first. He is curious about many things. But then whoever this person and his group identities are, he feels like he should thank them first for showing a way out. Stuck in that forest for who knows how long, Choi Han becomes more and more desperate and loses hope. He thought that he will never be able to escape that forest. That’s why he will pay back Cale's kindness that shows him light in the darkness.

“… I- I don’t know what should I ask first but I think I should thank you first for showing a way out.”

Cale just waves his hand with a stoic expression.

“What's your name?”

Naturally, Cale already knows Choi Han's name from the book, but still, to avoid annoying matters later, he chooses to pretend it was a coincidence and doesn't know about him.

“…I am Choi Han.”

Cale wonders if he should tell Choi Han his real name. But then, Cale needs Choi Han power. If Choi Han is willing to help him then it was no use to hide his identity.

“I see… my name is Cale Henituse. But please be careful when saying my name especially in this territory.”

“…Which one is your real appearance Cale-nim?”

Cale deactivated his ability and now his face and hair are back to normal.

“This one. And please call me Kim when I used the other appearance.”

“May I know why you change your appearance?”

“…Hm. This place is called Harris Village. It is under Henituse territory and I am the firstborn of Henituse. It's a long story but right now everyone doesn’t know my whereabouts, whether I am still alive or not, since I disappear from the estate 2 years ago.”

Choi Han wants to know more. But it feels like he will intrude on Cale's privacy that’s why he chooses to ask how he can repay Cale for showing a way out.

“I see… Then how can I repay you for your kindness Cale-nim?”

“You don’t need to. But then I would like to make a deal.”

“What kind of deal?”

“Simple. Lend me your power. I know you are strong enough if you can survive in the Forest of Darkness. After everything is done, I can give you a place to settle down. You can refuse if you don’t want to.”

Involving in a lot of underworld jobs. Cale right now is as rich as Billos. Also, Cale has a lot of information that will help him earn more money. Giving a place for Choi Han to settle down is not a big problem.

“May I know what you want to do with my power?”

“Protect. Are you capable to protect a person?”

“…I am not sure.”

“Then what about kill?”

“..I- “

Cale is aware that Choi Han is not the same person in the book he read. He is not someone that has killed a human before. Choi Han's despair right now was not enough for him to be able to kill a person without hesitation. The moment his second home is obliterated by the organization, that is when Choi Han began to lose his rationality. Choi Han has not yet felt the village warmness, therefore Choi Han right now is not someone that fills with hatred nor has a business with the organization.

“There is an organization that I want to obliterate. You just need to protect my back.”


“That organization does a lot of bad deeds. A lot of people will die if they are still around.”

“…I assume that many people are not aware of this organization yet?”

“Correct. Right now, they stealthily build their power. I manage to acquire a little information, such as, what are their plans, and what they will do soon.”


Right now, Choi Han is a random seed that Cale tries to grow. Whether that seed will become a beautiful flower that he will keep or a plant that he will pull out later.


“If you are not sure what to do, follow me and observe by yourself. Decide by yourself what kind of person am I and what kind of thing that organization will do.”

“…Very well, I will follow you for now.”

Chapter Text

In the past year, Choi Han experienced and saw many new things while traveling with Cale. Choi Han chooses to trust Cale completely. How can he not when he saw what kind of thing the organization did and will do in the future. And Choi Han believes that Cale is a good person, even though Cale always denied and believes that he is a cursed person. Choi Han growth attached to Cale. To him, Cale is his savior and his home. Choi Han swore to protect Cale with his life. Especially when Cale is someone who always puts the safety of the others above before his own. He is so dense when it comes to his own health.

Cale is a lonely person, he knows well what it feels like to lose someone dear to him. Cale strangely has affection for the people under him. Maybe that is because the other people always protect him. That is why he always makes sure everyone under his care is safe because he doesn’t like someone dying in front of him or worse died because of him.

Choi Han remembers the day when Cale asks him and the kitten's protection while Cale freeing the baby dragon in the cave. His blood is boil when he saw the baby dragon state. Cale says that this is the deed of one of the nobles that side with the organization. Choi Han saw Cale's eyes tremble when he saw all the blood and injuries in the baby dragon's body. Choi Han saw the dragon glaring at them when Cale is approaching the dragon.


“Good. I like your eyes. After all, you and I are different.”


Unlike Cale that gives up, the baby dragon's eyes are still alive and scream that he wants to live freely even though the dragon is living in hell since the day he was born.

Choi Han feels sad after he hears Cale's statement. Choi Han knows a little bit of Cale's childhood from Ron. He saw all the documents that Ron gather regarding Cale's childhood. Ron said that Cale is a pitiful child who lost his mother when he is still young and has been abused by his father for at least 4 years. The rumor around Cale is not a good one either. Ron also says that he accidentally hear Cale mumble that he can die from the abuse at his father's hand at that time.

Cale carries the baby dragon in his arm while they are escaping the cave while the kittens are jumping into Choi Han's arm. Choi Han's eyes never leave Cale. He is curious about the reason why Cale does all of this. After all, what happened to the dragon is not Cale's business.

Cale brings the baby dragon to the forest far enough from the cave. Cale cut the mana restriction collar from the dragon neck and heal all the dragon injuries.


“What do you want to do now?”


“I know you can speak human language, you are smart. After all, you are a dragon.”

“I want to live freely, I don’t want to be tame by a human.”

“Good. You should live like a dragon. After all, you are great and mighty.”

“…Liar! Humans always lie!”

Cale understands that the baby dragon will not trust someone easily. But then it was the truth that he doesn’t want to tame the dragon. The dragon is a child after all. He wants the dragon to live his life fully and not die in the future because of despair.

“Indeed. In fact, I am a pretty good liar myself.”

After Cale said that, he carried the kittens that keep tapping his leg and walk away. But the dragon stops them and asks one last question.


Cale looked at the dragon confused.

“If you don’t plan to tame me like the other humans. Then why troubled yourself saving me?”

“You are still young. I know pretty well what it feels like to live in a violent environment. I am in no different situation after all. And I sincerely hope that you don’t lose that light in your eyes.”

Cale walks away with the kittens. The kittens know from the look of the dragon that the dragon will follow them later.

“Will we get a new little brother nya?” ask Hong wagging his tail.

“No, the dragon is tortured by the human. Naturally, the dragon will not follow another human.”

On look at Cale and think that what their guardian thinks will not come true.


That night Cale have a nightmare. Maybe because he feels like someone keeping an eye on him or because the dragon incident triggers his past memories that he is trying to bury deep down. Even though he is mentally older but it is still fragile and his body can't handle the broken soul.

‘This human is strange. He is weak yet feels dependable. Did he get hurt or something while saving me?’


The dragon watches the human groaning and tossing around. He decides to wake the silver kitten.

“Hei. Wake up.”

“Hm..? Oh! Do you decide to join us?”

“… I don’t know, I will watch this strange human first. But first of all, do something with him. He is groaning and tossing around.”

On that realized Cale's situation, quickly change back to human form and call for grandpa Ron.

Meanwhile, Cale feels like he is trapped in his dream. He knows that this is a dream but then he feels like every pain in the dream is directed to his body. Cale feels his body get hit harder and harder by his so-called father. The hatred he saw and the coldness on his heart can be felt clearly. Every hit feels so real and every cursed word stabs into his heart. And what hurts the most is the hatred that his father's eyes directed at.

‘Life surely loves to fuck me around huh.’

The scene change from the first time to the last time he gets abused. It is a ridiculous situation really. The last time he is punished is because he is protecting Basen from bullying. At that time, many vassals kids are making fun of Basen because he doesn’t have Henituse blood. Some of them even beat Basen severely until he is nearly faint. Cale that saw all of this shield Basen's and fight back. The vassal's kids are running away but then they dare to lie about the situation. They blamed Cale and say that Cale go crazy and attack all of them. And the funny thing is, Deruth believed all that bullshit. Deruth was enraged when he saw Basen's condition and dragged Cale to his office.

“Basen's will not threaten your position as an heir! Why are you doing this?!”

“…What? I don’t-“

“Stop. I don’t want to hear your reason. Take off your clothes and hold the table.”

Cale remembers that is the last straw his mind can handle. His eyes are completely empty now. Even with Kim Rok Soo's mentality, he gave up. That day is the last day he saw Deruth as his father. He doesn’t need a father if every time he saw his father is only pain that he can feel. His father doesn’t even want to hear from his side and blindly believes all the bullshit.

Cale trembled with every hit delivered in his body. His father hit him with every force he can muster. Purple welt quickly shows up in his body, some of them even bleeding now. Deruth finally stops after Cale can’t handle it anymore and fall to the ground.

“Go back to your room. You are grounded.”

The next day, after Basen woke up then Deruth finally knows the truth. Violan's that currently not in the estate because she is on vacation with her friends in one of her friend's mansions hurriedly coming back after hearing the incident. Violan is angry and disappointed with Deruth's harsh punishment to Cale without even verifying the truth behind the incident.

“Father! It was not Hyung-nim fault. Hyung-nim even helps and shields me from the bully. He even get hit a few times because of that!”


“They said that I am not a Henituse. They want me to know my place while beating me. Hyung-nim that accidentally saw all of this fight them back.”

“Alright. Rest. We will handle this.”

“Yes, mother.”


Violan looked at Deruth's shocked face and decide to knock some sense in his husband's head.

“They all that involved in this incident should be punished harshly! We can’t let this matter go. They dare to mess with Henituse.”

“…Yes, I will give harsh punishment to all the vassals and their kids.”

Violan glared at Deruth. She is enraged with Deruth's way of punishing Cale that even is not his fault.

“And you should have to ask Cale first what happened before you punish him! The hell is wrong with you?! He is your child and you choose to believe others bullshit before asking your child?”


“You better ask for his forgiveness. And did you already see Cale's condition? Is he already been healed?”


“God Deruth. You are really the worst father to Cale. I will check his condition now.”

Knock. Knock

Cale just blankly looks at the door, he is tired of whoever he needs to deal with.

“Cale, can I come in?”


Cale saw Violan on the door and decided to approach her. Violan saw Cale bite his lip while his face showed that he is in a lot of pain. Violan eyes widen when she saw the injuries in Cale's back while she is propping Cale up.

“…Cale! I should bring a priest with me. Wait a moment, I will call a priest.”

Cale stopped Violan from walking out.

“It’s fine. You don’t need to.”

“What are you talking about! Your injuries are this severe.”

“I already get used to it. How Basen?”

“…He is alright. His injuries also have been healed”


“…Thank you and I am sorry this all happened because of my son.”

“It’s fine. It's not Basen's fault and it is my decision to butt in.”

“Your father already knows the truth, they all will be punished severely and you are no longer grounded. But first, you need to treat the wound. I will send a lot of high-grade potion to your room.”

“…Yes, thankyou.”

Violan saw Cale's eyes become colder after he mention Deruth. Violan knows that this time they mess up real bad.


Ron quickly went into Cale's room and saw Cale's situation. Hong and On meow sadly at Cale and the black dragon looked at the strange human in front of him with a complicated gaze. Cale is still tossing around and groaning. Cale looked like he is in a lot of pain. Ron whispers a lot of comfort words and avoids physically touching Cale. After some time the groaning and tossing die down. Now Cale looks like he is sleeping peacefully. Ron quickly gets a towel to wipe all the sweat on Cale's face. Ron stays the night and watches Cale in case the nightmare comes back while the kittens curls around Cale. Cale subconsciously hugs the kittens. That’s how their night goes by.

Chapter Text

The next morning Cale woke up feeling grumpier than ever. Cale decided to take a walk to calm down his mind. He walks mindlessly until he reaches the Forest of the Darkness border. Cale blankly looks at the wall then remembers the ancient power he faintly felt before.

‘Should I go check it out?’

Cale decided to slip into the Forest of Darkness once again. The dragon that follows Cale around looks at the forest astonished. It was his first time looking at a lot of strange creatures in his 2 years old life. Cale looked at most of the monster strangely. Naturally, the monster will attack him but then most of the monsters that have a little bit of intelligence cower in fear.

One of the monsters that were overly brave saw Cale unfocused and tried to attack him. Cale that not pay enough attention, doesn’t have time to use his shield or dodge. But then Cale saw another shield that was not his protecting him from the monster attack. The monster then explode and left nothing behind.

Cale that saw the monster explode, realized that the dragon follow him and protect him from the monster's attack. Even though the dragon is still a 2-years-old child but dragon is still a dragon. The aura they emitted is different and shows dominance.

“Thank you. I can avoid big injuries because of your protection.”

“…You are weak. Why did you even come to here without the others.”

“I want to check on something. Do you want to come along? In exchange, I will tell you what I know about this place.”

“…Hm, okay. Because I am great and mighty I will protect you for now.”

“Yes. Yes indeed, you are great and mighty” Cale just smiles looking at the baby dragon.

The ancient power in his body, as well as the ground on his feet, were telling him where to go. After turning left and right, Cale finally stops. He and the black dragon were near the Northern boundary of the inner region. The ancient power in Cale's body now is running wild after he comes to this place. The fire that was floating on top of Cale’s right palm started to fly toward the boulder.


The boulder started to shake as soon as the two make contact. Cale could feel the rumbling underneath his feet.

‘There really another ancient power here.’

The boulder started to crack and at that moment Cale can hear a foreign sound in his mind. It was a profound voice that seemed to belong to a righteous person.

“My friend of fire! You have finally arrived. My eternal enemy and fri- hm?”

The voice sound confused and nervous at the same time.

“Why is the cheapskate with the thief, the crybaby, and even the glutton-“

‘Hm, the cheapskate he is talking was probably the Fire of Destruction. Crybaby is Vitality of Heart. The thief was the Sound of the Wind and the glutton was the Indestructible Shield.’

“Who are you?”

“My name is Cale Henituse.”

The black dragon looked at Cale weirdly. He doesn’t understand why this human running around with his power earlier and now he is introducing himself to a boulder. He chooses to observe the strange human first.

The voice in his mind becomes shocked and full of disbelief.

“…There are a human who earned all four of their powers.”

Cale ignore that and just focused on the cracking boulder. He could see darkness through the crack in the boulder. The darkness was headed downward and led to an underground area. Although it could have been difficult to take a step into the pitch-black darkness, Cale didn’t hesitate and walk inside. Cale disappears into the darkness while the black dragon are not sure what to do.

Cale was not having any issues inside the darkness. He feels like the earth is showing him the way. It was an interesting experience. He walks further into the darkness. After walking for some time, he can finally see a faint light at the end of the darkness. He started to walk faster and finally, Cale could see once again.

“This is what I have left behind. They’re the belonging of my friends. It is all yours now.”

Cale smile happily, not only because he gains a new luxurious hideout but also there are a lot of treasure inside the grand villa. The villa itself is made with marble pillars. The walls, pillars, and roof were simple, but they were placed in a way to make it look cool. The window frames, doors, and doorknobs all looked like an expert had spent numerous nights carefully carving them. It was fancier than Henituse Estate. There was a garden in front of the villa as well. Although there were no trees, there were many eye-catching sculptures. There was also a fountain made of marble, even though there was no water flowing through it.

Cale's smile disappear as soon as he saw something at the side of the villa. It brings an ominous feeling. There was a large stone pillar surrounded by metal chains. Furthermore, there were papers that looked like talismans all around the pillar. Not only that but there was also a magic circle surrounding the stone pillar in the middle and glowing dark red.

“…What is that?”

“There was a mysterious path in this cave that connected to the Eastern continent. The monsters that accidentally entered into that path ended up crossing over to this Western continent. They mutated and became stronger and more violent along the way. But the path would not let humans, Elves, nor even Dwarves through it. Only monsters were able to go through this path.”

Cale frown and brushed his face with his hands while learning something annoying again.

“My friends and I were unable to decipher the mysteries of this path. All we could do was barricade the entrance on both sides in order to prevent the stronger mutated monsters from crossing over. I protected the Western entrance. It is a strong seal that should last at least 100,000 years. Only someone in possession of my power is able to remove the seal prior to the scheduled deadline.”

Cale finally smiles again when he hears that the seal could last until 100,000 years. Cale began to enter the villa to look once again. He enters the fifth floor. There is only one room, including a study, a bedroom, and an office, which were all connected without any wall between them. Cale could see the marble altar at the center of the room. It was about as tall as Cale’s waist. The altar was straight with many beautiful images inscribed on it. Furthermore, it was decorated with many jewels.

On top of the altar, there was a small rock that was smaller than a baby’s fist.

“That is my power”

‘I can gain the power easily?’

“Do you wish to gain my power?”


“Then chew the pebble!”


“It is easy to earn my power. However, my power only activates when you are protecting something. Chew it! And you will gain the power.”

Cale pick up the rock and debated should he really chew it. However, Super Rock is giving him more reason to gain the power after he hears what he said next.

“I will give you this villa if you take my power. The person who inherits my power will become my heir.”

Cale started to chew the rock. Cale thought that it will be hard to chew but the truth is he feels like he is eating a potato chip. Cale felt a vibration under his feet before the power started to rise up inside of him.

“My power can only be used in a certain situation.
Guard. Protect. Sacrifice.
That is the power of earth that gave its everything to the lifeform that exists upon it.”

It has been a while since the strange human walked into the darkness. The black dragon is debated whether he should destroy the boulder or follow the strange human. But before he can decide, he saw someone walking toward him within the darkness. The black dragon instantly flew toward the human.

“Are you okay? What take you so long?!”

“I am sorry. I need to gain something. Thank you for waiting for me.”

“…You smell stronger now. But you are still weak. You can’t even compare to these great and mighty toenails!”

“Yes. Of course.”

Cale smile looking at the baby dragon. Cale regrets not rescuing the baby dragon sooner. 2 years ago the baby dragon location is not in that cave. He tried to find information but can’t find anything until he saw them move it into the original location that the book state. Regardless, he is still glad that he managed to rescue the dragon. The innocent in the dragon's eyes are still there.

“Hey, black dragon. Do you intend to follow me around?”


“You are free now. You can go anywhere you want. If you still can’t decide where to go then follow me. I will take care of you until you can decide where to go. Of course, the decision is in your hand.”

“…You are weak. The weak existence like you needs this great and mighty protection. I will do what I want while observing you.”

“Very well then. Come follow me, I have something to show you.”

The black dragon eyes sparkle when he saw the grand villa. He was never saw something grand like this. What he saw the moment his egg crack is the darkness in the cave. Every day is a pain. But this human not only frees him from the pain but always shows him something new. Even though it is just been a day since he has been rescued. He is curious about what kind of thing this human will show him in the future.

“It looks nice, right? This is our house.”


“Yeah, it also can be your lair. I already said I will take care of you. Naturally, you need a house too. But if one day you decide to leave, remember, you always have a home to come back.”

Hearing this the black dragon felt warmness spreading in his heart. This was the first time he heard a nice thing come from a human. He wonders if he can really trust this strange human.

“I will stay on the fifth floor. You can pick any floor and any room you like.”

“Then I will stay in your room.”

“…Do whatever you like.”

Chapter Text

Cale decides to walk around in the forest with the dragon. It was a great opportunity for the dragon to learn new things. Cale tells him all his knowledge that he knows about dragons. How they are at the top of the chain and why the monster is behave strangely after seeing a dragon. How the dragon doesn’t need to dominate things because its existence itself is a symbol of dominance. Also, he tells him the basics of the human system. What continent they are in, the nobles, and the bastard background that tries to tame him.

“I will have my revenge! I will kill all of them.”

Cale understands the baby dragon's feelings. He, himself also thinks that what they are doing is unforgivable. Therefore, Cale swore that he will help the dragon to have his revenge.

“The best revenge is not about killing.”

“Then what is it human?”

“Make them suffer double from what you receive. Make them remember it for the rest of their life. That way is more satisfying than killing them.”

“…I see.”

Cale patting the dragon head.

The dragon subconsciously flinches when he sees Cale hand near his head, it can't be helped since just a day ago he is beaten up badly. But then he feels something strange. It is warm and he can't describe what feeling is this. This is the first time he enjoys being touched by a human. He likes this human.

“Don’t worry, I will help you with that revenge.”

“Ah! By the way human, there is a strange smell around this area. It is also felt familiar. Don’t you feel it human?”

“Hm.. no? Maybe it is poisonous plant smell or.. maybe because we are around that swamp?”

In fact, Cale can't smell anything because they’re using a mask and body protection. The plant and the smell in the Forest of Darkness are dangerous. Cale doesn’t know whether that also will affect a dragon or not. But for precautions, Cale also gives the mask to the dragon.

There are only two swamps in Forest of Darkness. One is in front of them right now.

The black dragon takes off his mask and looks oddly at left and right. Cale started to get the chills. He saw the black dragon point his short front paw to the swamp.

“It was a familiar scent of mana.”

Cale started to frown and the dragon confidently add.

“There is a scent of dragon mana in there.”

Cale urgently looked toward the black swamp. This extremely vast swamp was massive, but Cale was thinking about the size of an adult or ancient dragon.

“Of course, there is no sign of life in the mana. It is just a very weak trace.”

These words were the final blow. The unbelievable thought in Cale’s head quickly became the reality. Cale finally understands how the mermaid is getting stronger. Running around in the underworld naturally makes you know a lot of information. The war between the Whale clan and the Mermaid clan is getting fierce.

Even Pasenton, one of the Whale King children are nearly died because of the mermaid. Cale accidentally found Pasenton when gains the Sound of Wind ancient power. Pasenton at that time is in the dead door, he was hit by the mermaid poison. But someone like Cale naturally knows how to handle that poison. Even though the timeline is different from the book, but most of the events still process like the original story.

‘Should I blow away the swamp? This will help the whale and they will become more in debt with me.’

“How can you feel the scent of dead mana?”
Cale immediately asks the dragon.

Mana. That symbolized a power that existed in nature. In some senses, it was similar to an ancient power that was created in a specific location. However, the two were very different. The difference was between whether or not it could be left behind.
Mana disappeared as soon as the person who controlled that mana died, while ancient powers could be left behind.

The Black Dragon easily answered.

“I think it is because of the swamp. The swamp is dominating the mana and preventing it from dissipating.”


“I am certain. It is similar to the power that you possessed.”

‘Ha! There was ancient power in the swamp! How lucky am I to encounter two ancient power on the same day.’

Cale started to smile and the dragon who saw this also began to smile. Cale has already made up his mind to blow up the swamp.


The black dragon receives two strange-looking things that fill with a lot of mana.

“What is this thing human?”

“It was a magic bomb. You can feel the mana right? I am sure you know how to do it since you are a dragon.”

Even though the dragon is still young. Because of his nature as a dragon, he will know by himself how to do it.

“We will destroy the swamp. But let me take a few of the water first.”

“… Interesting. Very well, I will do as you say human.”

After Cale gathers all the things that will benefit him later. He tells the dragon to start.

“Run wild but make sure I don’t get hurt.”

Cale saw the dragon already cause a fluctuation of mana to show how much he wanted to use his strength. The Black Dragon started to smile.

A gust of wind started to run amok with the Black Dragon at the center. Natural power. The mana was triggering the air in the vicinity.
Cale quickly summoned the Indestructible Shield after feeling like he was going to be pushed back. At the same time, he could see three layers of shields being created around him.
“I need at least this much to make sure you don’t get hurt.”

The confidently speaking Black Dragon’s eyes were sparkling. Dragons really had completely different personalities. Rather than loving peace, dragons preferred to rule with fear and destruction. They were selfish and violent beings.

Cale pointed toward the black swamp once the Black Dragon had finished preparations for the bombs and looked toward him.

“Destroy it.”

The mana in the black swamp and the air around them was fluctuating. The Black Dragon was in the sky looking down. He was a dragon in the end.

A violent and ominous aura was dominating the swamp region. Cale turned around to look at the boundary of the black swamp and the forest region. Since that violent and ominous aura was controlling the boundary, the forest was not shaking.

Booom! Boom! Booooom!

Cale turned his gaze back up to the sky. Multiple strands of mana were crashing against each other as they gathered around the Black Dragon. The Black Dragon looked down at the swamp calmly.

A two-year-old dragon that used to get tortured. That same dragon could no longer be found.

The forest started to cry. The monsters that had not feared the Black Dragon earlier were all so scared that they were screeching at the top of their lungs.

-so loud.

Cale looked toward the Black Dragon after hearing it speak in his mind. The Black Dragon was looking down at Cale as well. The two magic bombs were already floating in the air.

There was just emptiness in the Black Dragon’s eyes. All of this was just trivial to him.

“It was loud for me too! Do it fast will ya.”

-I know you would say that human.

The black dragon unique black mana started to surround him. Cale could feel the ground vibrations underneath his feet. The black mana finally disappear, but in exchange, there was a large bright orb. The wind started to roar as the black dragon black mana enter the two magic bombs. The two bombs started the countdown.

-It starts.


Cale covers his ear and stumbles from the ground. The moment Cale can see clearly, the black large swamp in front of him has already disappeared.

“Good work. You did really well.”