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My Another Half

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The next morning Cale woke up feeling grumpier than ever. Cale decided to take a walk to calm down his mind. He walks mindlessly until he reaches the Forest of the Darkness border. Cale blankly looks at the wall then remembers the ancient power he faintly felt before.

‘Should I go check it out?’

Cale decided to slip into the Forest of Darkness once again. The dragon that follows Cale around looks at the forest astonished. It was his first time looking at a lot of strange creatures in his 2 years old life. Cale looked at most of the monster strangely. Naturally, the monster will attack him but then most of the monsters that have a little bit of intelligence cower in fear.

One of the monsters that were overly brave saw Cale unfocused and tried to attack him. Cale that not pay enough attention, doesn’t have time to use his shield or dodge. But then Cale saw another shield that was not his protecting him from the monster attack. The monster then explode and left nothing behind.

Cale that saw the monster explode, realized that the dragon follow him and protect him from the monster's attack. Even though the dragon is still a 2-years-old child but dragon is still a dragon. The aura they emitted is different and shows dominance.

“Thank you. I can avoid big injuries because of your protection.”

“…You are weak. Why did you even come to here without the others.”

“I want to check on something. Do you want to come along? In exchange, I will tell you what I know about this place.”

“…Hm, okay. Because I am great and mighty I will protect you for now.”

“Yes. Yes indeed, you are great and mighty” Cale just smiles looking at the baby dragon.

The ancient power in his body, as well as the ground on his feet, were telling him where to go. After turning left and right, Cale finally stops. He and the black dragon were near the Northern boundary of the inner region. The ancient power in Cale's body now is running wild after he comes to this place. The fire that was floating on top of Cale’s right palm started to fly toward the boulder.


The boulder started to shake as soon as the two make contact. Cale could feel the rumbling underneath his feet.

‘There really another ancient power here.’

The boulder started to crack and at that moment Cale can hear a foreign sound in his mind. It was a profound voice that seemed to belong to a righteous person.

“My friend of fire! You have finally arrived. My eternal enemy and fri- hm?”

The voice sound confused and nervous at the same time.

“Why is the cheapskate with the thief, the crybaby, and even the glutton-“

‘Hm, the cheapskate he is talking was probably the Fire of Destruction. Crybaby is Vitality of Heart. The thief was the Sound of the Wind and the glutton was the Indestructible Shield.’

“Who are you?”

“My name is Cale Henituse.”

The black dragon looked at Cale weirdly. He doesn’t understand why this human running around with his power earlier and now he is introducing himself to a boulder. He chooses to observe the strange human first.

The voice in his mind becomes shocked and full of disbelief.

“…There are a human who earned all four of their powers.”

Cale ignore that and just focused on the cracking boulder. He could see darkness through the crack in the boulder. The darkness was headed downward and led to an underground area. Although it could have been difficult to take a step into the pitch-black darkness, Cale didn’t hesitate and walk inside. Cale disappears into the darkness while the black dragon are not sure what to do.

Cale was not having any issues inside the darkness. He feels like the earth is showing him the way. It was an interesting experience. He walks further into the darkness. After walking for some time, he can finally see a faint light at the end of the darkness. He started to walk faster and finally, Cale could see once again.

“This is what I have left behind. They’re the belonging of my friends. It is all yours now.”

Cale smile happily, not only because he gains a new luxurious hideout but also there are a lot of treasure inside the grand villa. The villa itself is made with marble pillars. The walls, pillars, and roof were simple, but they were placed in a way to make it look cool. The window frames, doors, and doorknobs all looked like an expert had spent numerous nights carefully carving them. It was fancier than Henituse Estate. There was a garden in front of the villa as well. Although there were no trees, there were many eye-catching sculptures. There was also a fountain made of marble, even though there was no water flowing through it.

Cale's smile disappear as soon as he saw something at the side of the villa. It brings an ominous feeling. There was a large stone pillar surrounded by metal chains. Furthermore, there were papers that looked like talismans all around the pillar. Not only that but there was also a magic circle surrounding the stone pillar in the middle and glowing dark red.

“…What is that?”

“There was a mysterious path in this cave that connected to the Eastern continent. The monsters that accidentally entered into that path ended up crossing over to this Western continent. They mutated and became stronger and more violent along the way. But the path would not let humans, Elves, nor even Dwarves through it. Only monsters were able to go through this path.”

Cale frown and brushed his face with his hands while learning something annoying again.

“My friends and I were unable to decipher the mysteries of this path. All we could do was barricade the entrance on both sides in order to prevent the stronger mutated monsters from crossing over. I protected the Western entrance. It is a strong seal that should last at least 100,000 years. Only someone in possession of my power is able to remove the seal prior to the scheduled deadline.”

Cale finally smiles again when he hears that the seal could last until 100,000 years. Cale began to enter the villa to look once again. He enters the fifth floor. There is only one room, including a study, a bedroom, and an office, which were all connected without any wall between them. Cale could see the marble altar at the center of the room. It was about as tall as Cale’s waist. The altar was straight with many beautiful images inscribed on it. Furthermore, it was decorated with many jewels.

On top of the altar, there was a small rock that was smaller than a baby’s fist.

“That is my power”

‘I can gain the power easily?’

“Do you wish to gain my power?”


“Then chew the pebble!”


“It is easy to earn my power. However, my power only activates when you are protecting something. Chew it! And you will gain the power.”

Cale pick up the rock and debated should he really chew it. However, Super Rock is giving him more reason to gain the power after he hears what he said next.

“I will give you this villa if you take my power. The person who inherits my power will become my heir.”

Cale started to chew the rock. Cale thought that it will be hard to chew but the truth is he feels like he is eating a potato chip. Cale felt a vibration under his feet before the power started to rise up inside of him.

“My power can only be used in a certain situation.
Guard. Protect. Sacrifice.
That is the power of earth that gave its everything to the lifeform that exists upon it.”

It has been a while since the strange human walked into the darkness. The black dragon is debated whether he should destroy the boulder or follow the strange human. But before he can decide, he saw someone walking toward him within the darkness. The black dragon instantly flew toward the human.

“Are you okay? What take you so long?!”

“I am sorry. I need to gain something. Thank you for waiting for me.”

“…You smell stronger now. But you are still weak. You can’t even compare to these great and mighty toenails!”

“Yes. Of course.”

Cale smile looking at the baby dragon. Cale regrets not rescuing the baby dragon sooner. 2 years ago the baby dragon location is not in that cave. He tried to find information but can’t find anything until he saw them move it into the original location that the book state. Regardless, he is still glad that he managed to rescue the dragon. The innocent in the dragon's eyes are still there.

“Hey, black dragon. Do you intend to follow me around?”


“You are free now. You can go anywhere you want. If you still can’t decide where to go then follow me. I will take care of you until you can decide where to go. Of course, the decision is in your hand.”

“…You are weak. The weak existence like you needs this great and mighty protection. I will do what I want while observing you.”

“Very well then. Come follow me, I have something to show you.”

The black dragon eyes sparkle when he saw the grand villa. He was never saw something grand like this. What he saw the moment his egg crack is the darkness in the cave. Every day is a pain. But this human not only frees him from the pain but always shows him something new. Even though it is just been a day since he has been rescued. He is curious about what kind of thing this human will show him in the future.

“It looks nice, right? This is our house.”


“Yeah, it also can be your lair. I already said I will take care of you. Naturally, you need a house too. But if one day you decide to leave, remember, you always have a home to come back.”

Hearing this the black dragon felt warmness spreading in his heart. This was the first time he heard a nice thing come from a human. He wonders if he can really trust this strange human.

“I will stay on the fifth floor. You can pick any floor and any room you like.”

“Then I will stay in your room.”

“…Do whatever you like.”