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My Another Half

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In the past year, Choi Han experienced and saw many new things while traveling with Cale. Choi Han chooses to trust Cale completely. How can he not when he saw what kind of thing the organization did and will do in the future. And Choi Han believes that Cale is a good person, even though Cale always denied and believes that he is a cursed person. Choi Han growth attached to Cale. To him, Cale is his savior and his home. Choi Han swore to protect Cale with his life. Especially when Cale is someone who always puts the safety of the others above before his own. He is so dense when it comes to his own health.

Cale is a lonely person, he knows well what it feels like to lose someone dear to him. Cale strangely has affection for the people under him. Maybe that is because the other people always protect him. That is why he always makes sure everyone under his care is safe because he doesn’t like someone dying in front of him or worse died because of him.

Choi Han remembers the day when Cale asks him and the kitten's protection while Cale freeing the baby dragon in the cave. His blood is boil when he saw the baby dragon state. Cale says that this is the deed of one of the nobles that side with the organization. Choi Han saw Cale's eyes tremble when he saw all the blood and injuries in the baby dragon's body. Choi Han saw the dragon glaring at them when Cale is approaching the dragon.


“Good. I like your eyes. After all, you and I are different.”


Unlike Cale that gives up, the baby dragon's eyes are still alive and scream that he wants to live freely even though the dragon is living in hell since the day he was born.

Choi Han feels sad after he hears Cale's statement. Choi Han knows a little bit of Cale's childhood from Ron. He saw all the documents that Ron gather regarding Cale's childhood. Ron said that Cale is a pitiful child who lost his mother when he is still young and has been abused by his father for at least 4 years. The rumor around Cale is not a good one either. Ron also says that he accidentally hear Cale mumble that he can die from the abuse at his father's hand at that time.

Cale carries the baby dragon in his arm while they are escaping the cave while the kittens are jumping into Choi Han's arm. Choi Han's eyes never leave Cale. He is curious about the reason why Cale does all of this. After all, what happened to the dragon is not Cale's business.

Cale brings the baby dragon to the forest far enough from the cave. Cale cut the mana restriction collar from the dragon neck and heal all the dragon injuries.


“What do you want to do now?”


“I know you can speak human language, you are smart. After all, you are a dragon.”

“I want to live freely, I don’t want to be tame by a human.”

“Good. You should live like a dragon. After all, you are great and mighty.”

“…Liar! Humans always lie!”

Cale understands that the baby dragon will not trust someone easily. But then it was the truth that he doesn’t want to tame the dragon. The dragon is a child after all. He wants the dragon to live his life fully and not die in the future because of despair.

“Indeed. In fact, I am a pretty good liar myself.”

After Cale said that, he carried the kittens that keep tapping his leg and walk away. But the dragon stops them and asks one last question.


Cale looked at the dragon confused.

“If you don’t plan to tame me like the other humans. Then why troubled yourself saving me?”

“You are still young. I know pretty well what it feels like to live in a violent environment. I am in no different situation after all. And I sincerely hope that you don’t lose that light in your eyes.”

Cale walks away with the kittens. The kittens know from the look of the dragon that the dragon will follow them later.

“Will we get a new little brother nya?” ask Hong wagging his tail.

“No, the dragon is tortured by the human. Naturally, the dragon will not follow another human.”

On look at Cale and think that what their guardian thinks will not come true.


That night Cale have a nightmare. Maybe because he feels like someone keeping an eye on him or because the dragon incident triggers his past memories that he is trying to bury deep down. Even though he is mentally older but it is still fragile and his body can't handle the broken soul.

‘This human is strange. He is weak yet feels dependable. Did he get hurt or something while saving me?’


The dragon watches the human groaning and tossing around. He decides to wake the silver kitten.

“Hei. Wake up.”

“Hm..? Oh! Do you decide to join us?”

“… I don’t know, I will watch this strange human first. But first of all, do something with him. He is groaning and tossing around.”

On that realized Cale's situation, quickly change back to human form and call for grandpa Ron.

Meanwhile, Cale feels like he is trapped in his dream. He knows that this is a dream but then he feels like every pain in the dream is directed to his body. Cale feels his body get hit harder and harder by his so-called father. The hatred he saw and the coldness on his heart can be felt clearly. Every hit feels so real and every cursed word stabs into his heart. And what hurts the most is the hatred that his father's eyes directed at.

‘Life surely loves to fuck me around huh.’

The scene change from the first time to the last time he gets abused. It is a ridiculous situation really. The last time he is punished is because he is protecting Basen from bullying. At that time, many vassals kids are making fun of Basen because he doesn’t have Henituse blood. Some of them even beat Basen severely until he is nearly faint. Cale that saw all of this shield Basen's and fight back. The vassal's kids are running away but then they dare to lie about the situation. They blamed Cale and say that Cale go crazy and attack all of them. And the funny thing is, Deruth believed all that bullshit. Deruth was enraged when he saw Basen's condition and dragged Cale to his office.

“Basen's will not threaten your position as an heir! Why are you doing this?!”

“…What? I don’t-“

“Stop. I don’t want to hear your reason. Take off your clothes and hold the table.”

Cale remembers that is the last straw his mind can handle. His eyes are completely empty now. Even with Kim Rok Soo's mentality, he gave up. That day is the last day he saw Deruth as his father. He doesn’t need a father if every time he saw his father is only pain that he can feel. His father doesn’t even want to hear from his side and blindly believes all the bullshit.

Cale trembled with every hit delivered in his body. His father hit him with every force he can muster. Purple welt quickly shows up in his body, some of them even bleeding now. Deruth finally stops after Cale can’t handle it anymore and fall to the ground.

“Go back to your room. You are grounded.”

The next day, after Basen woke up then Deruth finally knows the truth. Violan's that currently not in the estate because she is on vacation with her friends in one of her friend's mansions hurriedly coming back after hearing the incident. Violan is angry and disappointed with Deruth's harsh punishment to Cale without even verifying the truth behind the incident.

“Father! It was not Hyung-nim fault. Hyung-nim even helps and shields me from the bully. He even get hit a few times because of that!”


“They said that I am not a Henituse. They want me to know my place while beating me. Hyung-nim that accidentally saw all of this fight them back.”

“Alright. Rest. We will handle this.”

“Yes, mother.”


Violan looked at Deruth's shocked face and decide to knock some sense in his husband's head.

“They all that involved in this incident should be punished harshly! We can’t let this matter go. They dare to mess with Henituse.”

“…Yes, I will give harsh punishment to all the vassals and their kids.”

Violan glared at Deruth. She is enraged with Deruth's way of punishing Cale that even is not his fault.

“And you should have to ask Cale first what happened before you punish him! The hell is wrong with you?! He is your child and you choose to believe others bullshit before asking your child?”


“You better ask for his forgiveness. And did you already see Cale's condition? Is he already been healed?”


“God Deruth. You are really the worst father to Cale. I will check his condition now.”

Knock. Knock

Cale just blankly looks at the door, he is tired of whoever he needs to deal with.

“Cale, can I come in?”


Cale saw Violan on the door and decided to approach her. Violan saw Cale bite his lip while his face showed that he is in a lot of pain. Violan eyes widen when she saw the injuries in Cale's back while she is propping Cale up.

“…Cale! I should bring a priest with me. Wait a moment, I will call a priest.”

Cale stopped Violan from walking out.

“It’s fine. You don’t need to.”

“What are you talking about! Your injuries are this severe.”

“I already get used to it. How Basen?”

“…He is alright. His injuries also have been healed”


“…Thank you and I am sorry this all happened because of my son.”

“It’s fine. It's not Basen's fault and it is my decision to butt in.”

“Your father already knows the truth, they all will be punished severely and you are no longer grounded. But first, you need to treat the wound. I will send a lot of high-grade potion to your room.”

“…Yes, thankyou.”

Violan saw Cale's eyes become colder after he mention Deruth. Violan knows that this time they mess up real bad.


Ron quickly went into Cale's room and saw Cale's situation. Hong and On meow sadly at Cale and the black dragon looked at the strange human in front of him with a complicated gaze. Cale is still tossing around and groaning. Cale looked like he is in a lot of pain. Ron whispers a lot of comfort words and avoids physically touching Cale. After some time the groaning and tossing die down. Now Cale looks like he is sleeping peacefully. Ron quickly gets a towel to wipe all the sweat on Cale's face. Ron stays the night and watches Cale in case the nightmare comes back while the kittens curls around Cale. Cale subconsciously hugs the kittens. That’s how their night goes by.