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My Another Half

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Choi Han doesn’t know how to feels. He is glad when he found another human in this forest. He doesn’t even remember how long has it been since he can talk to another person. But still, he feels wary toward them. One of them is strong and reeks of blood smell, while the person who carries a silver and red kitten looks kinda strong too. But the most interesting person in this group is the red hair person that found him hiding earlier. This person looks weak but strong at the same time. And the most unbelievable situation for Choi Han is when he finds them roaming around casually in the forest that is full of danger like they are taking a walk.



Meanwhile, at the same time, Henituse's estate is turned upside down since the young master and young lady found a present and a note that come from Cale. The fact that Cale is coming to the estate without anyone noticed makes Deruth realized that he didn’t know Cale that much.

Basen is happy and relieved at the same time. The present and note that Cale left them mean that Cale is still alive and living well. Basen feels touched when he saw the fountain pen when he opens the box. Basen knows that Cale is actually a caring person.


Good job.


It was a simple message but it was enough for Basen.

Lily knows she has another half-sibling. His parents and brother always tell her about him. Lily knows a bit about Cale Henituse's story. After all, her father blamed himself the most after Cale left the house. Not long since Lily was born and everyone's attention is on the little Lily, Cale disappear. The fact that her brother is neglected and deemed as a cursed child by the rude estate staff is enough for Lily to understand her brother's decision to leave the house.

Lily is happy because even though their brother was not here, but still her brother knows what she likes and interest in. The proof is the present and notes that she received.


Even if I am not there, you are always my little sister.
Be happy and take care.


Even if they never meet at all, Lily knows that Cale is a caring older brother. Lily hopes that she can meet her brother in person one day.


“Are you going to keep quiet and staring at us?”

“…I- who are you?”

“Is that important now? Don’t you want to go out from here?”

“…Of course.”

“Good. Then follow me, I will show you the way out.”


Forest of Darkness is a dangerous place. Naturally, that makes no one want to explore the place. For a normal person, even walk closer to that place bring an eerie feeling. That’s why no one will know the layout of this forest, except for Choi Han in the future. But right now, the only person who knows how to go in and go out with the safest route is Cale.

Since Cale goes deeper into the Forest, his ancient power are in a chaotic state. Cale becomes uneasy. His plate now is unbalanced since he managed to possessed 4 ancient powers with a different affinity. Wood, Human power, Wind, Fire, and a necklace that contains a little bit of water ancient power.

‘Are there another ancient power in here? Should I check first?’

Cale tempting to go deeper into the forest to find out, but since Choi Han is his priority, he chooses to ignore the matter first.

‘It’s not like I will die soon or something, I will be fine as long as I don’t use much my power. I don’t plan to use it that much anyway.’

Cale leads them back like a guide while Ron and Beacrox protecting Cale from the monsters that approaching them. On and Hong are supporting Ron and Beacrox. Choi Han that not sure what to do in the end follow them and help them fight the monsters.

Cale and the group successfully escape the forest and are currently in Harris Village. Choi Han can’t stop staring at the village in front of him. It’s been a long time since Choi Han saw a place where people can live peacefully without worrying about a monster's attacks.

Cale noticed that many Henituse knights are wandering around.

‘Maybe they already found my note. This will be bad if they found me.’

Choi Han widened his eyes while looking at Cale changing his appearance. Cale looked at Choi Han, shrug his shoulder and answer nonchalantly.

“I have my conditions. First, follow me. I know you have a lot of questions.”

Cale wants to go back to Puzzle city. But since there are not enough teleportation scrolls at the moment. They have no choice but to stay at one of Harris Village inns. Cale just leisurely sits down like it was his house and tells Choi Han to sit.

“Spit out your mind. I know you want to ask me something.”

Choi Han doesn’t know what should he ask first. He is curious about many things. But then whoever this person and his group identities are, he feels like he should thank them first for showing a way out. Stuck in that forest for who knows how long, Choi Han becomes more and more desperate and loses hope. He thought that he will never be able to escape that forest. That’s why he will pay back Cale's kindness that shows him light in the darkness.

“… I- I don’t know what should I ask first but I think I should thank you first for showing a way out.”

Cale just waves his hand with a stoic expression.

“What's your name?”

Naturally, Cale already knows Choi Han's name from the book, but still, to avoid annoying matters later, he chooses to pretend it was a coincidence and doesn't know about him.

“…I am Choi Han.”

Cale wonders if he should tell Choi Han his real name. But then, Cale needs Choi Han power. If Choi Han is willing to help him then it was no use to hide his identity.

“I see… my name is Cale Henituse. But please be careful when saying my name especially in this territory.”

“…Which one is your real appearance Cale-nim?”

Cale deactivated his ability and now his face and hair are back to normal.

“This one. And please call me Kim when I used the other appearance.”

“May I know why you change your appearance?”

“…Hm. This place is called Harris Village. It is under Henituse territory and I am the firstborn of Henituse. It's a long story but right now everyone doesn’t know my whereabouts, whether I am still alive or not, since I disappear from the estate 2 years ago.”

Choi Han wants to know more. But it feels like he will intrude on Cale's privacy that’s why he chooses to ask how he can repay Cale for showing a way out.

“I see… Then how can I repay you for your kindness Cale-nim?”

“You don’t need to. But then I would like to make a deal.”

“What kind of deal?”

“Simple. Lend me your power. I know you are strong enough if you can survive in the Forest of Darkness. After everything is done, I can give you a place to settle down. You can refuse if you don’t want to.”

Involving in a lot of underworld jobs. Cale right now is as rich as Billos. Also, Cale has a lot of information that will help him earn more money. Giving a place for Choi Han to settle down is not a big problem.

“May I know what you want to do with my power?”

“Protect. Are you capable to protect a person?”

“…I am not sure.”

“Then what about kill?”

“..I- “

Cale is aware that Choi Han is not the same person in the book he read. He is not someone that has killed a human before. Choi Han's despair right now was not enough for him to be able to kill a person without hesitation. The moment his second home is obliterated by the organization, that is when Choi Han began to lose his rationality. Choi Han has not yet felt the village warmness, therefore Choi Han right now is not someone that fills with hatred nor has a business with the organization.

“There is an organization that I want to obliterate. You just need to protect my back.”


“That organization does a lot of bad deeds. A lot of people will die if they are still around.”

“…I assume that many people are not aware of this organization yet?”

“Correct. Right now, they stealthily build their power. I manage to acquire a little information, such as, what are their plans, and what they will do soon.”


Right now, Choi Han is a random seed that Cale tries to grow. Whether that seed will become a beautiful flower that he will keep or a plant that he will pull out later.


“If you are not sure what to do, follow me and observe by yourself. Decide by yourself what kind of person am I and what kind of thing that organization will do.”

“…Very well, I will follow you for now.”