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My Another Half

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Cale woke up when heard someone knocking loudly. He groaning while getting up because his body feels too sore and some of the bruises is sting like hell. He is in a really bad mood and doesn’t want to deal with any kind of shit. What Cale saw when he open the door is a man in his mid-30s with black hair and wore butler clothes. The butler flinches when he saw Cale’s cold stares.

“What so important that you rudely knocks on my door.”

Cale asks with a very low voice that makes the butler flinch more. The butler handed Cale a potion while trying to gain his composure back.”

“Ehem.. this is a potion to heal your wounds young master.”

Cale close the door as soon as he received the potion. He goes to the bathroom to clean himself after drinking the potion, he can feel that some of not so deep bruises already healing.

‘Well, at least this shitty place still provides a heal potion.’

Time passes quickly and it is already been 2 years since his soul merging, his life is pretty much the same. The first years occasionally feel with violence and finally the second year Deruth slowly stops his unreasonable action. It is maybe because Deruth finally meet Violan. In the last 2 years, Cale still can’t find any information regarding his split soul.

And finally, the time has come, Deruth calls Cale to his study room. Cale already predicts what Deruth wants to tell him.

‘probably he will introduce Violan to me and will announce that they're getting married soon.’

Cale knocks on the door and announces his arrival. He opens the door and sees a lady with a neat hairstyle. Cale thinks that the description in the novel is right. And in her left side, a little boy is hiding behind his skirt and shyly looks at Cale.

“Father, you called for me?”

Deruth look now is different, it is not filled with anger nor hate gaze anymore. It is more like a guilty look but Cale didn’t care much. For Cale, it is good enough if Deruth stops abusing him.

“Yes, I want to introduce you to someone.”

Deruth feels so nervous and doesn't know how Cale will react after hearing what he wants to say. Violan is also nervous because what kind of child will accept this situation, not only Deruth neglected Cale, he also rejects his appearance and abuses Cale after the death of his mother. Violan is the one who knocks some sense to Deruth stupid brain. So to say that they are nervous is acceptable.

“Cale, this is Violan and her child Basen.”

Cale stare at them and introduced himself.

“Cale Henituse. And welcome to Henituse estate.”

“Ehem Cale... We're getting married soon, what do you think?”

Deruth can’t read Cale's emotion at all because Cale always has a stoic face. So, he waits for his son responds nervously. Meanwhile, Cale rejoiced that he can pass all the annoying territory things to Basen soon and maybe now Deruth will let Cale do whatever he wants.

“Congratulations on your married.”

Cale just nods his head to Violan and welcomes her once again. He left the room as soon as he congratulate them.

“I can’t believe he just accept that without a protest. I- Why the hell did I do that to that child.”

Violan consoles Deruth meanwhile Basen curiously looks at the door after Cale left. After Violan comes to the estate many things have changed. Many rude workers and the worker that neglected their duties to serve Cale are fire. Things flow more smoothly for Cale after Deruth married Violan. The estate atmosphere is also more lifely now. The three of them, No, it is now the four of them since Violan is already pregnant. They always spend their free time together, either have a picnic or doing other things. Cale always skips the gatherings because why would he join those burdensome events when he feels like he does not fit in the situation especially when it becomes more awkward when he join their gathering.

Now he is 12 years old and he began to regularly skip his class and push it to Basen. Many vassals protest that Basen also learns about territory management. Cale sees all of this and feels a little guilty because he put a burden on Basen's shoulder. And Cale dislikes the vassal treatment to that child. Even though Cale believes that he is not a good person, but he still feels that it is not right for them to treat a 10 years old child like that. Cale sigh when he saw Basen sitting down in a corner with a sad face.

“What are you doing in here?”

“Ah Hyung-nim”

“Basen listens, I will just say this one time.”


“Basen you are a Henituse, ignore whatever shit others said about you. Just study hard and as long as you enjoy it, it is fine. Be more confident in yourself and don’t worry they will accept you soon enough. I will make sure of that.”

“What do you mean by that Hyung-nim?”

“Don’t worry about that. Just remember what I said, got it?”

“Yes, Hyung-nim!”