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My Another Half

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Kim Rok Soo is a pitiful soul who lost his parents because of an accident when he was still a child. He is the only survivor and that is the beginning of how his life turns upside down. He lives in an orphanage with a lot of irresponsible adults. They all are a bastard who neglected the children and embezzled orphanage fund for their own. Some of them will use the money to get drunk and then hit the children or they will just hit the children for fun. To make it worse, the children who are stronger begun to copy the adult and hit the weaker children. Kim Rok Soo always becomes a target because he is weak and will always protect the other weak children hence he become an easy target.

Every day is a pain for Kim Rok Soo, every inch of his body always covers in bruises. Because the orphanage lack of fund, Kim Rok Soo can only eat once every three or four days. This situation force rok soo to become an adult, he endured all of this until he is 14 years old. At that time, he already have enough power to run away. After he left the orphanage, he works his ass off day and night to cover his daily necessities bill.

One day when he was working in a café, the world was attacked by a monster. Rok soo once again becomes the only survival in that café because he is trapped in a building ruin. It has already been 3 days since rok soo trap in the ruin, he is starving and dehydrated. His vision is getting blurry.

‘Damn, am I going to die like this? How annoying’

But fate is something that God even can’t predict. Rok Soo faintly can hear a voice from outside and that is how he survives from death once again.

5 years later, the monster is still there and many humans already lost their life. But everything needs a balance that is how the world work. To prevent all human demise, somehow humans now can awaken a power that can help them defeat the monster.

Rok soo always thinks that survival is the best even if life is nothing but a pain. But once again he saw someone die in front of his eyes. 2 precious people, Choi Jung Soo and Lee Soo Hyuk, both of them killed by a monster because they try to protect him. Even after all of that, he still chooses to live. Maybe he is selfish or maybe he is afraid of death but he still pushes through even though now his heart is completely frozen and his eyes fill with an emptiness that is not suitable for someone who is barely 20 years old.

1 month has passed since their death, he has becomes a team leader to carry Lee Soo Hyuk's legacy. He works hard to saves many lives and finally he has a day off. He spends his day reading a novel left by his death teammate. He read the book to volume 5 until he fell asleep. When he opens his eyes, he saw a strange room and his hand become small but also full of bruises, which also reminds him of his childhood. Rok Soo is someone who can’t forget that is why he clearly remembers all his childhood. He gets up and looks at his reflection, what he saw is not a barely 20 years old person but a child with beautiful red hair.

‘.. what? What the hell happened?!’

Many questions running through rok soo mind.

‘.. aghhh!’

‘What the hell, my head is so damn hurt it feel like it will burst’

Kim rok soo endured the pain while gritted his teeth and a fragment of memory flash before his eyes.

‘Uh? Cale Henituse? This is Cale memories but it feels strange. It feels like these memories are also mine. What the hell happened?!’

The pain slowly disappears so he began to adjust the memories that he see just now.

‘First of all, I am Cale Henituse and I think I am 8 years old now.’

‘…ha are you kidding me!’

From the reflection in the mirror, Rok soo no it is Cale now, Cale can see his body full of bruised. Cale is no different from Kim rok soo, both of them live their childhood in a violent environment. Based on the memories fragment, Cale is deemed as a cursed child by all the workers in this territory. Not only that, Cale father, Count Deruth also hated Cale appearance because he looks like just his mother. His father's grieves turn him into an unreasonable father. He blamed Cale birth, which he deemed to be a cause of his mother's weak body. And the worse is, in Cale memories, he clearly accepted all of that bullshit. Cale head is so hot because he is using his power to sort the memories quickly and because of how weak Cale body is, the toll of using this power is greatly felt by Cale. His body began to lose consciousness.

‘..What the, where the hell am I now.’

Kim rok soo can feel that even in this weird darkness, the appearance he is now is Cale Henituse.

“Can u hear me child?”

There was a sound from the void. Cale began to feel wary.

“Who are you? Where am I?”

“I am God of death, Kim rok soo no Cale Henituse what an interesting person you are.”

“What the hell do you mean by that? And why am I Cale? No, it feels weird but why the hell Cale memories feel like mine?!”

“Now, now slow down let me explain first. Kim Rok Soo is a fragment of Cale Henituse soul. So yes, you are Cale Henituse, that is why you can feel every memory that you see are so real. That is because it is your memories from your main soul.”

“Then how my soul can split between a different timeline and different dimensions? No, is this place even a real place? I read Cale story in a book even though there is no mention at all about Cale childhood.”

“Well, I can’t explain why, you will learn when the time comes. That is your fate that even God can’t meddle with. But the important thing is your main soul needs his split fragment back. As you can see, your main soul is broken and is in a danger to perish completely. So, to protect himself he needs part of his soul back. That’s how you can come back in your original timeline. And to answer your second question, Yes, this place is real, and the place where you live before is also real.”


“You who are the one can escape the hand of death several times. I am curious what kind of stories you show me again.”

“What?! Wait!”

The connection is already cut off and Cale wakes up from the floor where he is faint before.

‘What the hell is wrong with that motherfucker bastard.’