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Kinktober 2021 : Kamari333 Edition

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The influx of bitties in the castle was an almost unanimous delight, but no one was more delighted than Falsi. Falsi fell in deep, fathomless, fanatical love upon first seeing the tiny Pippins, and reached to claim them all so they would never know a moment of being cold and unloved. His cold, crusty, dried-up heart broke to jagged pieces when he learned he could only keep one. It pained him to remove the precious treasures from his coat, but at least he was left with his own, his precious little moonbeam, a living fragment of his godking to carry in his pockets always.

The later surprise of the Pazazz that Dream presented him with was just icing on an already perfect cake, letting him have a perfect complementary set. Falsi adored his bitties, loved them endlessly, and was determined to spoil them.

Falsi was also the local doctor, and bitties were terribly fragile subcategories of monsters. His hasty but detailed research made him all the more certain that they would need regular checkups. Monthly, at least. Definitely. It would be remiss of him to let the tiny darlings go neglected. They had no idea what living in a pseudo liminal space would do to them, after all, or what environmental factors might need accommodated. Falsi absolutely had to take responsibility and sacrifice some of his busy schedule to see them all personally.

And for the convenience of everyone else involved, why not have it all at once? A Bitty Doctor Visit Day was definitely necessary. For science. For good health. For Falsi to have a play date with all the bitties and love and spoil them because that is literally doctor recommended. Four out of Five doctors agree that Falsi was entitled to swim in a puddle of happy bitties.

"Come here- come here, you mischief-" Falsi tittered, chasing a skittering little Pizazz with his hand as it scaled up his opposite arm. The golden imp flapped its tiny wings for extra propulsion, climbing all the way to his shoulder and then jumping off to slide down his back like it was some leather-upholstered slide. "Come back here, I need- I need to check your burns, sunspot." Goodness, did Kink spoil his little pet in ways Falsi wouldn't have the stomach for, but he had to make sure it healed clean and healthy!

The Pazazz just giggled, darting under Falsi's coat again to hide in the crowd. Falsi sighed, looking down at himself and his predicament. He supposed his idea wasn't particularly efficient, but he was... very happy. The Pippins had all crawled into his clothes and found his secret pockets, all of which he had emptied just for them to be able to comfortably sleep in. Falsi hated to disturb them, so he was focusing on the little mischiefs climbing him like some great big jungle gym. The Pazazzes were energetic, playing games on his legs and climbing up him to feel tall.

It was no time at all before Falsi could pinpoint Kink's Pazazz again, the little dear already playing another round of its climbing game. Acting more swiftly this time, Falsi deftly plucked the bitty off his pantleg and held it up to examine. Sure enough, the burn work was clean and healing well. Kink was diligent at aftercare, so Falsi wasn't honestly worried, but checking was his job. "Is it tender at all?" He asked the giggling bitty.

"NO!" The Pazazz fluttered its wings, gold as honey, as sunflowers, as the gleam of morning. "SEE? DADDY IS GOOD TO ME!"

"Of course he is," Falsi agreed. He gave the little dear a few gentle pets and nuzzles. It had a healthy scent, if a bit musky by comparison to others. It was fascinating how the bitties started to smell faintly like their bonded.

Kink's Pazazz wiggled, excited to get back to playing. Falsi cuddled it a little longer before tying a little ribbon around its neck (proof of being checked for the day) and letting it back to its fun. It went right back to its energetic antics, joining the others in his lap to wrestle and chase.

Pleased with his work so far, Falsi went about doing another headcount. He counted the Pazazzes first: Falsi's, Blue's, Cross', Kink's, Dust's, Killer's, Hiphop's- all seven seemed to be present, accounted for, and already assessed. He admired them, his soul full of rainbows. Next, he had to start seeing to the Pippins. He reached into his pockets, grasping for one at random.

The little Pippin he found first was half asleep, making the cat-activation-noise as he pulled it from the warmth of its hiding place.

Falsi cradled the shard of moonlight with all the reverence he could muster, inspecting them for any sign of mismanagement. This one was Cash's, by the smell, and other than a little excess nectar production, seemed well tended..? "How are you feeling, moonbeam?" Falsi asked, stroking its little head.

The Pippins were quiet by nature, shy things that took great trust to speak their mind. Falsi feels even more rainbows in his soul when he hears it speak. "...'m just tired. master's always working me..."

"Working you?" Falsi asked, suspicious.

The bitty closed its sockets, relaxing even further into Falsi's hands. "...master really likes sugar..."

Falsi squinted, even more suspicious. He would have to investigate that, but for now, the little darling deserved to rest. He tied a ribbon on it, gave it plenty of kisses and nuzzles, then tucked it back into it's chosen pocket. His hands were sticky, but Falsi didn't mind. Samples were valuable after all, and he was meticulous about gathering them before picking up the next Pippin.

The next Pippin was Kink's. When Falsi picked it up, it trembled, turning a soft, plush pink in mere seconds. It's tiny, helpless whimpers broke Falsi's metaphorical heart. "Oh, moonbeam... Does it hurt?"

The Pippin looked up at Falsi with teary eyelights, it's breathing labored. "help..?"

How could Falsi ever turn it away? He brought the Pippin closer, cradling its tiny, quivering body in both hands as he showered it in kisses. "Of course, lovely. Relax, I'll take care of everything~" It was Falsi's utter delight to be of service! With special care, he shifted his grip to the bitty's legs up and out of the way, sliding his thumb up and under its clothes to stroke the soft, wet folds of its ecto. The Pippin let out a soft, broken little cry as Falsi found it's tender, sensitive nub, and played with it as gently as he was able. Sweet sugar scents flooded the air, and even more sticky nectar coated Falsi's fingers as he worked.

It was a delight to watch that face contort through the many stages of pleasure until finally breaking with a whine, falling into bliss. Kink's Pippin arched its back, grinding into Falsi's finger and chasing its high until it had worked through every spasm, going limp in the afterglow. Poor thing, poor sweet little moonbeam, must have been terribly pent up. Falsi would have to thank- correction: scold Kink later for 'neglecting' his precious responsibility~

It was a few seconds after the Pippin's cries had gone silent that Falsi noticed that the other bitties had also gone silent. He looked down to see seven pairs of bright pink eyelights staring up at him and his valuable handful.






Kink's Pazazz climbed quickly up and over Falsi's arm to sit close to its paired Pippin, nuzzling it. "LEMME DO IT! I WANNA-"

"Now, now, mischief," Falsi interrupted the little brat, giving it a smooch. "This one is all tuckered out. You'll have to wait for him to rest~"

The Pazazz pouted a little, reaching to take the Pippin away from Falsi. Falsi booped him in the face, very gently, and, after tying a little ribbon on the Pippin, tucked them both back into his pocket. The Pazazz curled up with the Pippin, the two tangling together to rest, uncaring of the mess.

Falsi turned back to the other Pazazzes, feeling their tiny, predatory gazes pinning him from their places in his lap. His Pazazz in particular had that look of true mischief and hunger, the one that usually meant Falsi would be getting no work done that required the use of his mind or his legs. He reached to stroke its head and back, trying to pacify the demanding, adorable tyrant. "A little more patience, sunspot. Just let me finish looking over the others."

His Pazazz bit his fingers, nuzzling them and clinging. "NO. MY TURN."

"But I already looked you over?"

"MY TURN." And then that little mischief surged forward, crawling under Falsi's shirt to settle in his pelvis. The next thing Falsi knew, there were several tiny tendrils laced through his sacrum, his Pazazz secured to his tailbone by magic zipties. Falsi sucked in a breath, going rigid just to keep from squirming so violently it might jostle the other bitties. Another Pazazz tried to follow (Hiphop's), but Falsi's bitty let out a hiss, as well as a strong territorial scent that Falsi thought was a warning of some kind. Hiphop's Pazazz hissed back, climbing in anyway, and he could feel them wrestling there, in a place it was very hard to even think of pulling them out.

Falsi accepted his fate, and reached instead for the next Pippin. He'd suffer in as much silence as he could manage, and let the little empaths feed on his emotions, the bliss and suffering both.