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It was slow when he reached the top and was recognized.
He felt very happy but he still fondly remembers the first cookie he stayed to hear him play.








His dreams were trampled on many times, he only played in the streets, the cookies complained about the "horrible" sound his violin produced, when he played sometimes he got lost in his thoughts.
Should he give up?


"Beautiful just beautiful."


"You are still a beginner but the sound is beautiful and full of emotion and feelings it is so warm to listen to it, you could become a recognized musician if you put your mind to it"

The unknown cookie had blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes that are mixed with green tones, a light but beautiful color


"I'll keep playing until I do it no matter how long it takes"

The cookie of a few inches smaller approached.

"When you do, promise me you'll play a song for me, promises?"


I promise

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The streets were cold, snowy and windy the kind of weather that would make you wear warm clothes to go out and have hot chocolate while watching the snow fall through the window, but for a certain passionate cookie what she wanted most was to touch, Mint was playing in the cold but the sound was lingering and melodious.

"You seem to be very passionate about music"

Mint stopped his melody to see the cookie that was talking to him, he had a low ponytail, gold glasses and blue eyes that were watching him carefully.

"I'm glad you enjoyed the melody ...

"Earl gray, but you can call me gray"

Mint did not know how he felt, for some moments the cold no longer mattered, that it snowed no longer mattered that his violin began to weigh for all the time he played it no longer mattered, the only thing that mattered was that someone was happy with his music .

“I wish I could stay longer to listen to you play but I have to go back to my work, I hope you keep playing your violin, don't give up.

With this said, gray ran off Mint he only regretted not having told him his name, maybe the next time he would tell him, the next ... he has seen him only once and he wants to see him again, is it because he was the first to take a drink? time to hear it?



Another day, another tune being outside playing in the streets was charging Mint, he felt a little dizzy and chills so he stopped playing until he suddenly felt something warm on his cheek.

"Ah!" Mint had fallen sitting on the cold sidewalk, at least there was no snow there so he didn't get so dirty.

"Forgive me, it was certainly not my intention for you to fall, I just wanted to bring you a tea so that you will warm up" someone said in a tone that denoted concern.


He really did not expect that he would bring him a tea, a few days had passed and Mint was beginning to think that he was not going to return, it was a pleasant surprise to know that he returned to see him, lost in his thoughts he realized that he was still on the floor and got up.

"If the same flock you know, I couldn't come to see you every day since I have a busy job so as an excuse I brought you some tea, I also think you should take better care of yourself"

"Take care of me? Don't worry about that I'm used to that-

From one moment to another he felt something soft settle on his neck and he stopped feeling cold, it was a scarf.

"If you want to continue playing the violin you must rest, now take this money and go to you each to rest and if I see you again here I will drag you back"

Mint felt like arms were pushing him, gray was a little smaller than him but only a few inches did not think he would be that strong ...

After resting for a few days Mint felt much better and returned to his usual place to play the violin, when he arrived at the place he felt motivated to continue playing.

"Greetings violinist, did you rest well?" Gray had arrived with what looked like a bag and a glass with a lid.

“If I can't deny that I feel better after resting, are you going to eat?

Mint watched as gray's smile grew little by little until he felt a bag in his hands.

"Food is not for me, you should know that eating is also important"

Mint just started to eat it was a sandwich made in a very elegant way, you could say that the same gray made it just that he got to listen to it made the cold go away.