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It was slow when he reached the top and was recognized.
He felt very happy but he still fondly remembers the first cookie he stayed to hear him play.








His dreams were trampled on many times, he only played in the streets, the cookies complained about the "horrible" sound his violin produced, when he played sometimes he got lost in his thoughts.
Should he give up?


"Beautiful just beautiful."


"You are still a beginner but the sound is beautiful and full of emotion and feelings it is so warm to listen to it, you could become a recognized musician if you put your mind to it"

The unknown cookie had blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes that are mixed with green tones, a light but beautiful color


"I'll keep playing until I do it no matter how long it takes"

The cookie of a few inches smaller approached.

"When you do, promise me you'll play a song for me, promises?"


I promise