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Anakin leaped from the transport and disappeared into a cloud.

“You’re up, Commander,” Rex told her.

He and Ahsoka stood side by side in the open doors, the wind whistling around them. Clutching the handguards to keep them from blowing out before they were ready to jump. Behind them stood the Torrent Company, ready to follow their CO’s into battle. A few checked their brand new Jet packs or the ties on their blasters. The two Jedi in the group were the only ones without them.

She sighed. “He’s such a show-off.”

He glanced at her affectionately. Rex didn’t need to be force sensitive to see that she was nervous to make the drop. “It takes one to know one.”

Ahsoka sighed, squinting at him. “What would I do without you?”
Thankfully, his helmet hid the warmth he felt from her gaze. “I think you’d survive.” He told her lightly.

Releasing the handguards, Ahsoka slipped her arms around his neck. Before he could register her movements, she pulled his helmet down to her level and lightly headbutted him.

Did she just?

He had to be dreaming.

“Oh fek,” A trooper, likely a shiny, blurted out into the comns. Rex heard a scuffle behind him as one of his friends silenced him.

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t a dream. A real Ahsoka had just headbutted him. In front of everyone. All of the Troopers knew what it was. A Keldabe kiss. Used between Mando warriors as a sign of affection. A gentle head butt between helmets. Something they saw on old holovids on Kamino, but never in real life.

Maybe she didn’t know the significance? She pulled back, looking back up at him grinning. “See you on the other side, Rexster.”

“He even has a pet name....ow!”

“Shut up, he can hear you!”

Ahsoka released him, darting away, firing up her twin sabers as she leaped from the transport. He’d have to question her later. And reprimand his men.

“Captain and Commander sitting in a tree….” Jesse muttered into the comns.

“Move out Troopers.” Rex barked. He fired up his jet pack and leaped out after her. He heard his men behind him, powering up their own packs.

“K... I... S... S... I... N..G…”

“Shut up Jesse.”