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three times Seishu complains Kokonoi's visits to the bike shop and the one time he approaches Kokonoi himself

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Inui Seishu would not consider himself as a person whom people can place their trust upon, even with the smallest of things. And by that, he means, even the littlest and pettiest things.


Yet here he is, living a well-earned comfortable life all thanks to Draken who, for no reason at all, decided to trust him and welcomed him to work beside him in his bike shop. To this day, Seishu can't comprehend why Draken did everything he has done for Seishu, he had even pondered aloud while working on one fine day and nagged Draken to tell him why he trust Seishu so much.


The conversation ended with Seishu rubbing his head and Draken holding a wrench, trying nothing to hold back his irritation.


That fine day, however, ended with him receiving a pat on the back from Draken who told him that Seishu doesn't need to question everything and just accept that someone wants him to be happy without questioning if he's worthy of it or not.


Inui Seishu would not consider himself as a person whom people can place their trust upon and yet here he is, his delicate fingers carefully tending to a knife wound. This was definitely not his first time judging from the sighs he gave out once every five minutes and from the way his grip would suddenly tighten for the shortest seconds on the wounded arm making Kokonoi hissed in pain every time.


Seishu was clearly very done with this "routine" of theirs - with Kokonoi coming to the bike shop at least once in two weeks with either a fatal wound or a paper cut, no in-between.


"Inupi, you asshole. I came here to get the bleeding to stop, not to bleed to death." Kokonoi hissed in pain once more but this time due to the rubbing alcohol stinging sharply inside his wound. "If you're only here to complain and stall my work then why don't you go to the hospital." Seishu glared up to the man he is currently tending who clearly has no regrets coming here.


"You're only a few complaints away before I start charging you bills for this." Seishu blew carefully on Kokonoi's wound, afraid of hurting him more as if they weren't at each other's throats just seconds ago. "Does that help?" He asked. "Yeah." Kokonoi replied and if a small, contented smile tugged at the corners of Kokonoi's lips as he looked at Seishu, then that's only for him to know.


Later that evening, after the lights in the shop are out and Seishu is walking down the aisle of the mart, he spots a box of pokemon ban-aids with vibrant colors, outstanding all the other regular ones. If one thing Seishu is sure of, it's that Koko walks the streets like he's wearing an iron shield, like there's still someone to walk in front of him when in reality it's neither. So Seishu is certain that that man will be back soon.


Maybe it'd be easier for him to use these ban-aids to Koko's wounds, maybe their colors and the happy faces of pikachu and bulbasaur will help Seishu to suppress his anger towards Koko more, or maybe they'll make Koko smile too, maybe they will help ease his pain.


Seishu added the box into his cart leaving only the regular ones. If anyone questions why he has a Pokemon ban-aid then he'll blame Draken's non-existent clumsiness.




Seishu was unfortunately not built to endure cold weather. The beginning of every year is the time when he and his weak immune system would battle against the snow outside, 'snot fights' as he likes to call it.


Ah, snow fights. When was the last time he had played it with someone, Seishu cannot remember. Though he remembers that the last time he fought under the snow, two bloodied bodies laid cold in front of him. A fragment of him died that day too.


He would love to play in the snow today but it was Emma's death anniversary and Draken had gone to visit her grave with her favorite flowers so that adds one more point to the list of why Seishu can't play the stupid children's game. Maybe he'll settle with listening to the neighborhood kids playing, he's too old now anyway.


Raising his cup to take another sip of his peppermint tea only to find that he had drank it to the last drop, Seishu whined in annoyance as he sinks further down his blanket in which he had burrito-ed himself. "Stupid cold weather, stupid tea, curse all the snow and their nice sparkles." He muttered angrily glaring at everything. The new year vacation still hasn’t ended so there was not much work to do besides a few paperwork and engine oil refills.


"Care for another cup?"


Kokonoi stood in front of him, a brown paper bag and a metal flask in his hands. The tip of his nose and cheeks were red from the weather outside, making him look a little flushed and a little like a snowman. After all, Kokonoi's immunity strength wasn’t that too far from Seishu's.


"If that's an espresso, you may kindly leave." Seishu said through a chattered teeth and Kokonoi only smiled fonder to him. "How dare you accuse me to drink only such things!" He gasped dramatically stepping forward and taking a seat across Seishu, in front of the rather wide office desk. "That was not an accusation. I was simply stating the truth." Seishu frowns, "Do you have that much free time or is Bonten finally slipping off?"  He can't help but smirks a little at the end while Kokonoi's left eye twitches.


"Wrong and wrong. How could you make a mistake twice in a row? That’s embarrassing, Inupi." Seishu's eye twitches this time. "First of all, Bonten will never rot as long as I'm here both financially and in combat." Kokonoi pours in a cup of steaming hot peppermint tea from the expensive-looking flask he had brought into Seishu's cup. "Second of all, I was out of the country during Christmas so it’s normal for me to take a holiday before this year is no longer new." Seishu stared at Kokonoi, his monotonous expression remaining unchanged. "So you've come here only to disturb my work, again ?" Seishu questioned. "I was around the neighborhood with Mikey and fucking Sanzu, so I decided to stop by with your favorite winter tea. I'm a very busy man just to stop by people's shops any time." He stuck his tongue out with a teasing smile.


Seishu's grip tightened at the blanket when he hears the word 'favorite'. It almost makes his heart happy that Koko remembers how much Seishu loathes peppermint due to his fever making him drink the tea ever since they were children, it has become an inside joke at some point, and now it's making Seishu happy. The feeling feels so foreign to his heart, it took two beats too fast.


He cannot take this. He cannot make himself go through the same thing again. So instead of replying, Seishu took small sips of his very much hated cup of tea, and the fact that Kokonoi poured this for him doesn’t make anything better.


Kokonoi and the word 'money' come together in pairs so it's only natural for him to know his way around fashion. Hell, he might have even attended a fashion runway somewhere already. Twelve years is a long time. His glowing white double-breasted coat looks like it hasn't been touched by anything and this is the first time it's been worn. It almost seems like Kokonoi is keeping it clean so that the blood of his victims could color for him later when he leaves the shop, distorting the divinity of the pure white coat.


"Why did you dye your hair?" Seishu asked, his curiosity getting the best of him. Kokonoi sighs as he stretched his arms forward, one move and Seishu would have his face held. "To hide my identity and stuff, nothing important. Besides, I like making changes once in a while. It's only a matter of time before I start wearing blue eyeliner again." He quirks a brow, "Why do ya ask? You think it suits me?" Seishu rolled his eyes. "Fuck off Koko."


Kokonoi stood up abruptly taking Seishu off guard, stretches his arms above his head with a loud yawn then gave Seishu a small smile. "Man, the caffeine is kicking in, I think I have to take a quick nap to activate it to its fullest potential." With that, he strode over to Seishu's side of the desk and stood right in front of him with the same smile from before except it has a hint of the devil this time. "What do y-"


All happened at once.


There was a lot of defensive yelling, the sound of the faded mint blanket almost being ripped in half, fists were raised and finally the sound of Kokonoi's head hitting the desk in front of them. "Kokonoi Hajime you absolute wrecker, you ruined my burrito!" Seishu glared at Kokonoi who was laying contently on his lap like a cat taking an afternoon nap - expression completely opposite of Seishu's - his legs dangling over the armrest and his head resting on the other, smiling up to Seishu. The blanket was big enough for them to share but the desk chair was not so Seishu had to cross his legs for Kokonoi to fit. "You know, us normal people drink caffeine to stay awake." Seishu allowed himself to give Kokonoi a small smile as the said person was already closing his eyes. "I know." He replies, "Just ten minutes. Sleep doesn't come easy these days." Seishu knows what he means by that and decided to not push further to the topic. 


Seishu took strands of Kokonoi's hair one by one. "You're such a nuisance to this shop. You stopped me from working and now you forced your way under my blanket."


"Don't mind. This will be my last time here." Kokonoi closed eyes curved into a pair of crescents while snuggling closer to Seishu, his head resting on his chest.


Mentally, Seishu was on his knees praying to the gods that Kokonoi would not hear or feel his heart skipping a beat just now when he heard what Kokonoi said just before drifting off to sleep. But would it be so bad if he hear it? Either way, Seishu was happy that Kokonoi was here. It reminds him of winter in 2005, abandoned bike shop and the smell of blood and money lingering in the air as they shared their first kiss under the mistletoe they stole from the ornament store downtown.



So he held Kokonoi closer to him by his neck as he had done back then.



Seishu woke up to the sound of the front door slamming shut. Everything was hazy to his vision and sleep was still clouding his eyes but a voice from somewhere gave him back his focus. "Sorry 'was the wind, I forgot to close the door." Draken spoke closing the door then disappeared somewhere in the garage. Seishu was about to close his eyes to go back to sleep when his vision was blocked by the back of someone's head. It took him a while to process who the silver hair belongs to. Oh right, Kokonoi came and took a shameless nap on his lap.


"A whole 45 minutes." The person who is now sitting between his legs spoke. When he noticed that Seishu didn’t respond immediately, he continues, "I slept for a whole 45 minutes. That's more than half an hour." Kokonoi repeated himself standing up on his feet and fixed his coat. Seishu gave a low hum in response until he finally stood up while wrapping the blanket around him tightly.


"Gotta get going." Seishu heard Kokonoi walking across the shop towards the main door and he looks up, see the back of his coat and everything seems too familiar, not even a goodbye or any 'see ya's. So Seishu stood up suddenly making his head spin and his blood flow screaming in confusion. Kokonoi, hearing movements behind him stopped in his tracks and turned his head. "Something wrong, Inupi?"


Seishu knows Koko enough to understand that unlike the devious demeanor he has, surprisingly he has a soft side for the people whom he holds close to his heart (he was once a part of that). Even so, Seishu is certain without any doubt how Koko has it easy to put up a strong front if it means to protect himself. Twelve years is a long time and Seishu doesn't have any clue about what Koko had gone through during those years so as there is never a 10/10 probability of success, Seishu just can't believe that Koko might come back the next day or on other days to come.


He wanted to let him know that even though Kokonoi might be one of the most wanted people right now, that he is always beyond welcome to stop by. But instead, he says,


"Black suits you, Koko."


Kokonoi questioningly looked at Seishu first then slowly breaks into the fondest smile when he realizes what he meant by that, his eyes undeniably holding so much love people will call him crazy when Seishu tells them that he's in one of the most dangerous organisations in Japan.


And as quiet as he arrived, Kokonoi left the shop without any sound.


Seishu silently prays against his heart's desires that this will be not their last time together.




It was not their last time together.


The next day, Kokonoi showed up at eleven in the night at the bike shop carrying black hair dyes.


"Has it ever dawned upon you that you might annoy people - particularly me right now?"  Seishu was definitely not entertained by Kokonoi's sudden visit judging from the glare he holds in his eyes. "Oh am I interrupting something?" Kokonoi asked tilting his head to the side, feigning innocence and Seishu has never wanted to punch him so badly. "Yes, my sleep." Seishu shuts his eyes close clearly on the brink of exploding.


Seishu has two weaknesses in life, as far as he knows. One, he would easily trade his life for a cup of milk pudding. He had told Koko about this once who didn't believe him at all and said that Seishu will instead beat up the person who offered the pudding to him then forcibly take it from the person. Seishu obviously scoffed at this and claimed that he was not as evil as Koko had taken him to be. The same evening, Koko bought a cup of Seishu's beloved milk pudding to prove himself right and his best friend wrong. "You may take this pudding but you have to fight me for it until I'm hypothetically dead." Koko had challenged. Seishu jumped to his feet with a smirk then cracked his knuckles to dramatically thicken the tension around them. "Consider yourself hypothetically dead then."


No fists were raised and neither of them was harmed. That same evening was the moment Seishu realizes that he has more than one weakness in his life, one person he would happily trade his life for, die for. They shared the pudding later in the night and Kokonoi promised him to buy a tree that grows pudding which earned him a smack in the head followed by a small "yes please" and kisses on his knuckles.


"What do you want?" Seishu finally gave in and asked with a long sigh, rubbing the back of his neck. "Dye my hair black for me." Kokonoi replied, he had his pearly silver hair into a low ponytail with strands of hair cupping the side of his face. Kokonoi stepped inside the bike shop and stood by the stairs while Seishu turns on the lights. After finishing collecting the materials they will be needing, Seishu sat on his desk and pats the chair placed between both his long legs signaling Kokonoi to take a seat. Kokonoi took off his coat and sat down and a big unused cloth was instantly wrapped around his neck which reaches his ankles.


Seishu works in silence and Kokonoi doesn’t try to start a conversation either. Everything was calm and nothing about what they were doing hints uncomfortable. "If Draken wasn't sleeping, we could've played some songs." Seishu spoke, applying the cold paste on Kokonoi's hair which gives him shivers down his spine. Kokonoi remains silent for a moment before asking, "Draken slept over?"


"Both of us crashed upstairs. The motor engine we were working on dragged us and we were too tired by the time we finished."


"You must be pretty tired now, 'came at the worst time."


"You don’t fucking say." Seishu replied yet there wasn’t any annoyance hinted in his tone.


Finishing up with the last strand of hair, Seishu wrapped a dark shade of green shower cap which has been sitting on his lap on top of Kokonoi's head till it reaches the middle of his forehead. He then jumped down to the floor then stood in front of Kokonoi to take a look at him. "Now we just have to wait for around 30 minutes and you---"  Seishu's eyebrows rose high along with the corners of his mouth as he burst out into the most joyful laugh Kokonoi has heard for the first time in a decade. It was pure and filled with happiness unlike the maniacal laughter followed by gunshots Kokonoi had spent most of his life hearing it. As much as he was awed by Seishu's happy laughs, Kokonoi was extremely curious about what caused it.


"Just tell me!" Kokonoi yelled. Seishu had to close his mouth with both his hands to stop himself from laughing and was able to calm himself down then stood up straight and took deep breaths with his eyes closed, Kokonoi had never seen him being this dramatic. "You look like a broccoli." Seishu finally says with his eyes remaining closed and Kokonoi loudly scoffs, his cat-like eyes widening in disbelief. "I do not!" He attempts to look up to the shower cap sitting on his head as best as he could until his black irises were gulped up by the whites. Does he really look like a vegetable?


Kokonoi notices that Seishu's eyes were still closed with a small smile undeniably sitting on his lips. "Why are you still closing your eyes?" He quirks a brow. "Because if I look at you again I feel like I might faint," Seishu's smile twists, "Of laughter." He added quietly and Kokonoi can't tell what Seishu added was true because his eyes were closed and Kokonoi's were not, and he was able to tell every emotion of Seishu's.


So he took this as a chance to hold Seishu's face between his hands and Seishu took this as a hint to finally open his eyes. Strawberry blonde lashes fluttered open and look nowhere but into Kokonoi's raven ones. Slowly, those turquoise green eyes smiled again as Kokonoi feels Seishu's face shift beneath his palms.


Kokonoi can't decide if he wants to smile along with his best friend, cry or kiss him. He really can't. Outside the world was silent, and so was inside of the bike shop. But holding Seishu, Inui Seishu like this, Kokonoi hears all things come to life, colors around them humming sweet, sweet melody and none of them indicates tragedy.


Kokonoi has sacrificed his life to making money and has his eyes set only on those greens which could solve all the problems in his life, which makes life worth living in this monochromatic world where nothing has ever been good to him. But looking into Seishu's green ones, Kokonoi thinks 'Oh, so green has always been this beautiful.' then, 'Why did I spend all my days chasing after the wrong one?'


Two cold hands came up and held Kokonoi's warm ones then they were gently being pulled down. "I'll clean up this mess. Feel free to sit wherever." Seishu said then he disappeared somewhere.



An hour later, Kokonoi was sitting on one of the chairs where he had previously sat, drying his hair with a white towel. The clock has struck 12 AM not too long ago and with every tick of the second hand, the fluorescent lights hanging on the ceiling grew brighter. Seishu's yawns had also come quite frequent now too. He hands Kokonoi a table mirror, "I would've blow-dried it for you if had you come at a reasonable time." He narrows his eyes at him and Kokonoi just chuckled.


Seishu stood in place behind Kokonoi waiting for Kokonoi to finish so he could jump into his own sofa bed as quickly as possible. The soreness in his limbs was killing him and he feel like he could pass out anytime soon. He had let his hair down now, his scalps hurting from the tight ponytail he had on the whole day. Seishu looks at Kokonoi only to see him staring at Seishu from the mirror. His eyes doing the same thing as yesterday, looking at Seishu like he sees him, like he's not anyone else. However, Seishu knows this pattern all too well already just to fall for one of Kokonoi's delusions again.


"Careful, Koko. You're not looking at the person you're thinking about." Seishu says.


Kokonoi - as expected - slowly lowers the mirror until it sits on his lap. The towel hung on his head, covering the back of his head and most of his neck, his now black hair poking out. "You said that the last time also." He muttered under his breath, his words barely audible. "Why can't you understand?" Kokonoi turned around harshly, the towel on his head falling down to his neck. "There is nothing to understand, Koko." Seishu replied calmly, maintaining a cold stance.


"I don’t think I'm the one who is obsessed with your sister here." Kokonoi stepped closer to Seishu until they were directly face-to-face. "You know what," He clenched his fist and stared right into Seishu. "What do you see when you look at me?" He paused, "Seishu?" Kokonoi spat his name with venom, like it stung to mention his name.


Seishu feels the axis spinning under his feet, he can't tell if his head was spinning or if what he's feeling right now is the earth revolving with every fiber of his being. His body became heavier, too heavy for his legs to continue holding him up and gravity seems to not know when to give up, it has caught him by the legs, wrapping its fingers tightly around his ankles. Seishu looks down to his legs to see nothing but instead, he saw blood trickling out from Kokonoi's palm. Seishu feels tremendous guilt to see how Kokonoi was bleeding because of him when all this time, he has always been the one to stop the blood. He makes a mental note to use the ban aids for him later, if later will actually come.


"Whether it's Tenjiku or Bonten, everyone keeps me around all for the same reason and never because of another reason." Kokonoi spoke. "And you , you only see me as your way to revive the dead gang you're so utterly obsessed over. All because of one person you idolized."


Wrong. It has never been like that and Kokonoi knows. "You were so willing to help me like I was willing to help you forget my sis - " Seishu never got to finish his words. Kokonoi firmly grabbed him his collar with shaking hands, his anger raging through his veins. "Shut the fuck up Inupi!" His voice filled with anger and somehow mixed with questionable sadness roars throughout the shop, up the cement walls and down to the wooden floor under their feet till it reaches Seishu.


Neither Seishu nor Kokonoi was one to give up easily, both of them being wildly competitive with one another since they were kids so there was no way Seishu was letting Kokonoi get the upper hand. "Draken is sleeping upstairs. Keep quiet or leave." Seishu says through gritted teeth and the grip on his collar suddenly went loose as Kokonoi slumped his hands down.


"There is always one person before me, huh. I guess every time I'm a step too late." With that, Kokonoi grabbed his coat and left.


Seishu stood in his place and slowly but surely, the emotions he has been holding back came on to him overwhelmingly at once.



+ I



Seishu stood in front of the door with he had gone in and out so many times before. Multiple wooden planks were hammered on the door pointing to different angles and the sign 'NO ENTRY' written in red bold letters with the handwriting of a middle school kid was pasted in the top middle of the door. The place still has the same abandoned look as when Seishu had last visited it. The only exception this day was that he's not opening the door with blood in his hands or grocery bought with low budget or someone to follow him inside or someone who would be waiting for his arrival behind the door.


If their hideout had grown human mouth and could speak, it'd probably resent Seishu too, for not stopping by in such a long time. Seishu takes out the key from his pocket and unlocked the door.


"Kirby118." Seishu said to himself before turning the handle, smiling at the memories of their secret passcode. Seishu remembers playing rock-paper-scissors with Koko to see whether Kirby should be added in addition to their birthdays because according to Koko, 'Only number is a weak code and intruders will have easy access.' Seishu smiles at the memory. They were so naïve back then, making their own world in a little abandoned bike shop.


And now, Seishu is standing in the empty bike shop not because he had no other things to do but because he had no other choice and had no idea how to reach out to Kokonoi. It shows that he isn't Japan's most wanted for nothing. So here he is, somehow hoping that Kokonoi will come home, maybe have some talk with him over drinks and snacks or maybe not. Seishu hasn't thought of what he'll do if Kokonoi actually comes though the chance of that happening is exactly zero as well as Kokonoi remembering that this place exists.


The place is a lot cleaner than Seishu had thought it to be. There were no webs, chunks of dust and whatsoever. He was surprised that even the bulbs are still working after all these years. In fact, everything was a lot more cleaner than he had left. Seishu sat on the sofa but not before patting it clean and goes through the nearest book on the table within his reach. Seeing it was one of Kokonoi's "money-making" books, he grew bored instantly so he shuts the book close.


Seishu springs up from his seat when he hears the front door opening. He clenched his fist and he was ready to fight whoever has the nerve to come in here. Seishu stops in his tracks when he saw the person stepping under the glowing light of the fluorescent bulbs.


"Inupi?" Kokonoi asked, a genuine shock on his face.


The probability of success is never 10/10 as there are so many factors that can hamper the progress of something and vice versa, not everything can be at a zero either. And just like that, the chances of Kokonoi showing up to their place were never zero.


"What are you doing here?" Kokonoi asked again. Too shocked to comprehend that Kokonoi actually shows up and even more awestruck to see Kokonoi as the Kokonoi he remembers. Kokonoi's black hair shines brighter than any other inside the dim room and all the things Seishu wants to say died down his throat, leaving no traces behind as if they were never there at all.


"Beautiful." Seishu breathed. Koknoi seems to hear it and a small red tint colors his cheeks, matching his burgundy blazer. "Didn't think you'd remember this place." Kokonoi clears his throat and Seishu looks at him questioningly. "You do?"


"Yeah." Kokonoi scoffs. "I came here every once in a while to escape things. I even cleaned it on bad days too. 'helps a lot with stress."


Now Seishu feels extremely guilty. He thought that of the two of them, he'd be the only one to remember when in fact, this is his first visit in years while Kokonoi even cleaned this place. It explains everything. Seishu slowly goes back to the sofa and instead of sitting down on it, he sat in front of it, his back against the old sofa. Kokonoi follows.


Kokonoi sat down with two cans of beer in his hands and offered one to Seishu. "Did you just take these out from that old fridge?" Seishu asks and Koko takes Seishu's can, popped it open for him then handed it back to him. "Yeah?" This definitely did not put Seishu at ease. "Haven't they gone bad already?" He asked again, this time the uneasiness audible in his voice. "So what? We were never afraid of death right?" Kokonoi asked back, chuckles, and clinks his can against Seishu's before taking a gulp of the alcohol. "You're wrecked in the head." Seishu laughed under his breath and drank his as well.


"I didn't expect to see you here." Kokonoi focused his eyes on the can, "Had a really bad day." taking the silence as a hint from Seishu to go on, Kokonoi continues, "The guy we had a deal with on arms, screwed us over a billion cheque. Sanzu was angry but he was angrier that Mikey didn't think its that big of a deal so he started going apeshit over the guards." Kokonoi covers his eyes with the back of his arm, his head resting on the arm of the sofa. "I was even held at gunpoint when I told him that he's doing nothing but worsen the situation. Ran stopped him." Kokonoi let out a long sigh before taking another sip with his eyes remaining closed.


"You were never a money genius to me, you know," Seishu says after a moment of silence. He looks over to Kokonoi who still has his eyes covered and continued, "You were fucking wrong to accuse me of that. You were so much more than that and you know it." Everyone except Kokonoi has often claimed Seishu to be an emotionally numbed person and it's because Seishu has only shown his vulnerability to him.


So when tears shoved their way out from Seishu's eyes, he lets them without any shame. "You think that I only see you as a way to build Black Dragons again when," Seishu took a deep breath and turned his head to look at Kokonoi who was already staring at him, tears glistening in his eyes. "When I only see you."


Kokonoi moved from his seat to kneel. Slowly, he held Seishu's face with his delicate fingers, pulled him close, and kissed every tear away. "And I only see you." He whispered, afraid that he might break Seishu more had he been even a little louder, Kokonoi knows how fragile Seishu can get. "Everything's changing but it's always you." Kokonoi placed his head on the crook of Seishu's neck, sniffs escaping from him.


Seishu's heart rejoices in having the first person he has given his heart to back in his arms. Seishu's heart has always been owned by the same person. "We've been so stupid. All this time we thought we were by each other's side for different reasons when in reality it was the same reason." Seishu laughs and placed a soft kiss on top of Kokonoi's head. Kokonoi laughs along with him as he wrapped his arms around Seishu's waist and looked up at him.


 "Fine, I guess I'll deal with your whiney ass from now on again." Kokonoi stuck his tongue out and Seishu rolled his eyes. "Sounds like you cannot wait for it."


Seishu held Kokonoi by his face and take a last look at Kokonoi's face before kissing him. Kokonoi tastes of cheap alcohol and always of home. Kokonoi kisses him so good that Seishu feels like he could pass out right here and now. And when Kokonoi smiles into the kiss before licking Seishu's lips, Seishu feels his body melting and every part of him chants Kokonoi's name in bliss. He can't help but smile back and deepened the kiss.



Seishu was not build to endure cold weather but it's alright because Spring will come soon and before it arrives, he now has his own human heater.