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She lunged. Gideon drew, because despite her brain’s long droning white noise, her nervous system was still full of adrenaline. She slipped her hand into her gauntlet and was cautious when she met Corona’s shiny Third blade with her own — was surprised at the force behind the blow, at the manic energy in the other girl's eyes. Gideon pushed down, forcing Corona’s blade aside — and Corona moved with her, sliding her blade down with the pressure, her footwork taking her into a beautiful disengage. She pressed, and it was only a hasty parry on Gideon’s part that kept the Princess at bay.

Watching her closely, Coronabeth stilled — though her shoulders were still heaving with the force of the oxygen pushing in and out of her lungs. Her sword clattered to the floor, along with the knife in her other hand. Then she lifted her arms above her head and pulled out her hair tie. Gideon watched, half-shocked, half-hypnotised, as she shook her thick golden curls free. They bounced as she started to walk towards Gideon, and Gideon knew she shouldn’t be there — that Harrow might actually kill her if she lost their keys because she left herself alone with a Third House necromancer.

Suddenly, Coronabeth was in her face, her giant shiny curls blocked out the rest of the room, and god, she was stunning. The kind of stunning that made your eyes hurt, like staring at the sun for too long. Gideon’s mouth had gone bone-dry in the space of a second, and as she licked her lips subconsciously, Coronabeth leaned in and pressed that perfect mouth against hers.

Warm, soft, pressure, hot, hot, hot, so fucking hot! Gideon’s brain was melting out of her ears; she was half-expecting to hear the hot drip of it splattering the floor at any second as the whole long line of Corona’s body pushed into hers.

Just as quickly as it had begun, it was over. Coronabeth pulled back to regard her thoughtfully, while Gideon resisted the overwhelming urge to touch her ears and make sure she wasn’t actually bleeding due to too many emotions in a single day. Was that even possible? Probably. 

“You’ve never done this before, have you?”

Gideon flushed under her face paint, embarrassment rolling down her spine like cold sweat. All those lonely years of practice making out with her hand, just for the Princess of Ida to call her bluff in the first ten seconds. Was her technique so bad that she radiated stone cold virgin?

She flashed the princess a nervous smile. “It’s that obvious, huh?”

“I don’t mean to cause offence,” Corona smiled gently, leaning in again to brush her lips over Gideon’s jaw while the cavalier held her breath, “but I’d be interested in- shall we say, ‘lending a hand in your education’?” 

Gideon clenched her thighs together on impulse. “Holy shit.”

Corona laughed musically - nothing like Dreahburh church bells and everything like the tinkling wind chimes at the entrance to Canaan house - and continued to press up against her. “Would I be right in taking that as a yes?”

“God, yeah.” If certified royal bombshell Coronabeth Tridentarius was offering, who the hell was Gideon Nav to refuse? Harrow had no say in it, and she clearly didn’t give two shits about what her cavalier did unless it affected her glorious path to lyctorhood.

The Princess planted her warm lips against Gideon’s neck, and she belatedly realised that her hands were still in a vice grip around her weapons. Corona touched her fists, and she let the Princess draw the weapons from her hands and slowly place them on the training room floor. “Good. I’ve soooo been looking forward to this.” 

Gideon’s ego may have taken a brutal beating that day already, but the thought of the Third house Princess eyeing her up was almost enough to forget it all. “You’ve been checking me out?”

“Who isn’t?” Coronabeth drawled. Her hands found Gideon’s arms again, and her nails dragged gently up her biceps. “You truly are a specimen, Ninth.”

Unaccustomed to open compliments, no matter how much she craved them, she stumbled for words.

“And don’t think I haven’t noticed you lay those lovely eyes on me from time to time. You can’t hide behind those glasses of yours.” Coronabeth teased, dragging her teeth up the hard line of Gideon’s neck muscle. “You are awfully generous with your gaze when your adept isn’t nearby.”

Gideon tensed at the mention of Harrow, though to her credit, Coronabeth was quick to take the cue. 

“But enough about all that,” she rolled on smoothly, “I want to show you exactly how to make a girl scream.”

Gideon held back the grunt that threatened to rise with her arousal. Her hands curled around Corona’s waist, and she could feel the dipping curve of her spine. 

“That’s it. You can touch, Gideon Nav. You have my enthusiastic permission.”

“Are we gonna— I mean, where are we gonna— Um, you know?” 

“Right here.” Corona smiled.

Gideon looked around them blankly, and belatedly remembered that they were on the side of the training room with benches. Not exactly what she’d had in mind — a beautiful Third house, four-poster bed had been a distinct part of it — but truthfully, she would settle for the floor and they both knew it.

Coronabeth pulled away from her and went to sit down, leaning back on her palms and stretching her back out. Her breasts pulled up with her shoulders and Gideon was transfixed on the sliver of golden cleavage beneath her cami.

“Something on your mind?”

“Uh… um... uhhrh…”

Corona laughed again. “It’s been so long since I’ve had a sweetheart like you. Come on, down here.”

Gideon would not wait to be asked twice. She settled on her knees before the princess, and as Corona parted her unbelievable thighs, she suddenly felt every bit the dutiful cavalier. She almost considered sending a prayer to the Emperor Undying, but this was her score and she was taking all the credit for it. 

“Can I touch?”

“I said you could, didn’t I?”

Gideon shivered, before taking a second to pull off her gloves. She ran her bare hands from Corona’s knees to upper thighs, the softness of her bare skin a luxury within itself. 

“Tell me what you would like to do, Gideon.”

“I want to take these off.” Her fingers gripped the skin-tight training shorts. 

Coronabeth just raised her eyebrows and sat back expectantly. Gideon took the encouragement for what it was, and got to work quickly removing the Princess’ soft leather training boots. Her feet and ankles were wrapped in crisscrossed white tape for joint support, something that seemed distantly strange for a necromancer, but perhaps it was just some Third House preference. 

Gideon looked up at the Princess, determined now not to succumb to the blush that threatened to rush through her again. Coronabeth was simply watching her intently, as if she was the most interesting thing in the whole world. Gideon was starting to feel like she was in some sort of elaborate dreamscape, but if she was, she was going to make the fucking most of it. 

Gideon leant forward, her long torso making her tall enough to kiss Coronabeth even with her legs folded under her. Corona hummed happily into her mouth, and her eyes stayed open. 

“Open your mouth a little, Ninth. Yes, like that, just slowly.”

Gideon did as she was told, and was rewarded with the wet slide of Corona’s tongue against the entrance of her mouth. Her fingers dug into Corona’s thighs, and she was trying extremely hard to think beyond the litany of holy fuck, holy fuck, holy fuck! playing in her head. 

Corona hummed in approval, then pulled back again. “That was nice.” She purred, licking her lips. “You’re a fast learner.”

Gideon was going to have spank bank material for the rest of her life at this rate. Before she could delve too far into that fantasy, her fingers slipped under Corona’s camisole and found purchase on the waistband of her shorts.

“Lift up a bit.” She directed, making eye contact again to check in. Reassurance came in the way Corona’s hips rose smoothly from the bench, and Gideon made quick work of dragging the material down past her ass. And god, what an ass it was. 

Unable to spend long on that particularly peachy line of thought, Gideon pulled the shorts down the Princess’ impossibly long legs, and pointedly avoided the bright red underwear trying to steal her attention at the apex of Corona’s thighs.

Her legs were just as regal as the rest of her, with baby-soft blonde hairs dusting them as if even the skin of a Princess required a velveteen coating. Coronabeth pointed her toes so Gideon could pull off the last little bit and placed the shorts neatly folded on the bench beside her.

“What a gentleman you are, Ninth. A true sweetheart. How has no one snatched you up yet?”

Gideon had no answer, and Corona didn’t seem to expect one. Instead she spread her legs wide and hooked her fingers under Gideon’s chin. 

“Tell me, what would you like to do now, Gideon?”

“Pretty sure I’m here to make you scream.” Gideon let her eyes drift all the way down to that red silk now, bravado coursing through her veins like adrenaline. “I’d like to give it my best shot.”

“Good girl.” Corona praised, and Gideon distantly thought about saying that herself, saying it to someone else, saying it to H—

Gideon suddenly pulled off the tattered scarf-hood she wore, leaving just a tight black muscle tee beneath. Corona wolf-whistled and fanned herself dramatically, and Gideon couldn’t resist a grin. Then she wiped at the makeup on her face with the back of her hand - it had mostly worn away, but she wasn’t going to be responsible for giving the Princess of Ida a yeast infection. 

“Don’t wanna get any Ninth grease on you.” She said by way of explanation.

“Oh?” Coronabeth leaned in until lips brushed her ear. “Gideon Nav, I want all of your Ninth grease on me.”

That was the final straw. Gideon’s mouth was watering like the first time she’d smelt real food at Canaan house. She didn’t even know how long she’d been fantasising about eating pussy, God knows it had been so many years, and here she finally was. 

She curved her hands around Corona’s lower back, and pressed a hot kiss to the inside of her thigh, edging closer and closer, mouth dragging wetly along her skin. Then she caught the scent of her; the warm, spiced scent of her core. 

“Oh my God, you smell fucking amazing.” She choked out. 

“I know.”


Gideon let her hands slip down to cup Corona’s ass, then pressed her mouth and nose into the moist red silk and took a deep inhale. Corona sighed above her and Gideon thought she could happily live like that for the rest of her days, buried in pussy and surrounded by soft golden thighs. 

A hand came to rest on the base of her skull, and Corona’s nails lightly scratched the shaved nape of her neck. Gideon could no longer resist, and her tongue pressed flat against hot wet cloth. 

Coronabeth gasped a little, and if that wasn’t the most beautiful sound Gideon had ever heard. She had made her do that, the princess was gasping for her

“Gideon Nav! You are a tease.”

“I could never tease you, Princess.” She said, all the while licking at the thin cloth until it was sopping wet and clinging to the folds beneath. 

Corona’s voice was becoming uneven. “I think you’re a liar, Ninth.”

“Then let me prove it to you.”

Gideon released one perfect ass cheek to pull Corona’s panties to the side. Coronabeth’s pussy had to be some kind of biological marvel - her hair was curly and light and dusted all over, her labia shiny and pink and just peeking out from within her thick outer lips. Gideon begged her memory to suddenly become photographic, and then dragged her tongue along the slit from bottom to top.

It tasted everything and nothing like what she’d imagined. It was human and raw. Musky, wet, and vulnerable. She dipped her tongue down into Coronabeth’s entrance, and lapped at the viscous fountain that was leaking from her. She tasted like desire. Sweet, tangy, desire. 

Gideon was so lost in her own mind that it took her a good moment to realise just how much Coronabeth was moaning and gasping above her. Nails dug into her scalp and she groaned into Corona’s pussy, hot spikes of arousal pulsing between her legs, and her heart hammering inside her chest. 

“Stop teasing,” the princess demanded shakily.

Gideon responded by using the tip of her tongue to search out Corona’s clit. It took her a few seconds to make sure she’d found it; it was so tiny and hidden, nothing like Gideon’s when she was horny. It seemed Corona made up for size in sensitivity though, because her thighs clamped around Gideon’s head the moment her tongue flicked under the hood.

“Oh yes, right there.”

Gideon thought about the way she masturbated, and began to flick her tongue quickly. Coronabeth shuddered around her. 

“Less— less direct stimulation.”

Gideon changed tactics and started to circle the clit with her tongue, flicking up with every slow rotation. That was when Coronabeth started moaning in a way that would probably haunt her sexy alone times forevermore. A low, burning ache began between her legs as she ate Corona out with the kind of focus she reserved for one thing only — her longsword. 

She gathered Corona closer, unable to stop drinking her in now she’d had a taste. Her world had narrowed down to the soft folds against her face, the firm nub under her tongue, and the sharp drag of Corona’s nails against her scalp.

“Don’t stop,” Coronabeth moaned above her. “Don’t you stop.”

Gideon wouldn’t have stopped if the stone foundations of Canaan house had begun to fall apart around them. She wouldn’t have stopped if someone had told her there was a one way shuttle to the Cohort front lines right outside. She wouldn’t have stopped if the Reverend Daughter herself had marched right in. She wasn’t going to stop until Coronabeth screamed .

The princess was getting close now, she was grinding her hips into Gideon’s face, and releasing quick, high-pitched sighs of pleasure. Gideon thought this had to be the hottest thing in the entire Dominicus system. There wasn’t a single skin mag that could compare to doing this for real. 

“Oh my, oh, Gideon!”

Gideon made a quick prayer as Corona’s thighs threatened to end her life right there and have her final legacy be of glorious sexual bliss. Corona moaned with abandon, shuddering in Gideon’s arms, and Gideon held her firm, mouth working till her tongue started to cramp, determined to let her ride it out all the way. Eventually, the beautiful sounds got slower and breathier until she was panting from the exertion, and gently pushed Gideon’s forehead away.

When Gideon pulled back, the entire bottom half of her face was dripping with Corona’s pleasure. The Princess looked at her with pupils blown so wide there was only the thinnest waning crescent of violet irises left.

“What a sight for sore eyes you are.” Corona breathed heavily, pink flush high in her cheeks. “Praise the Emperor Undying, you are a natural.” 

Gideon felt the compliment bypass her ego and go straight to ground-zero of whatever was currently happening between her legs.

“Um, how do you feel? I mean, are you… done?” Gideon blushed trying to search for the right words.

Corona smiled lazily. “If you’re asking if I can go another round, the answer is yes, several. However, I think we may have lingered a little too long already… But if you’re asking if I’m satisfied, then yes I am, Gideon Nav. Very much so.

“Could I— Sorry, I just need to— I’ll be quick.”

“I think we have just enough time for that. Go on.” Coronabeth encouraged.

Gideon’s hand shoved down her pants before she could have a second thought. As she brushed over her clit, neglected, engorged and pulsing, Gideon felt like she was seconds from bursting into flames. She rubbed at herself furiously.

“My, you look gorgeous like this. Working hard. Tense as a coiled spring.” 

Gideon’s head was spinning. She wanted to kiss Corona’s sinful mouth again, but the princess was being distracting enough as it was and she currently needed to focus on orgasming as fast as humanly possible. Coronabeth seemed determined to keep her attention though, leaning forward to catch the sweat dripping from Gideon’s temple with her tongue. All Gideon could do was stare down the front of her camisole at her cleavage helplessly, until a question bubbled up without her permission.

“Could I see your—“ Big Beautiful Boobs. Prize-Winning Titties. The Only Twins That Matter In The World. “Your chest.” 

A windchime laugh. “I thought you’d never ask,” was the last thing Gideon remembered before she somehow found herself with a blush pink nipple in her mouth. For the second— third? — time that evening, Gideon found herself rethinking everything she’d ever known.

Titty in mouth? Mouth on titty? all seemed like deliciously complex and important thoughts at this moment. She groaned around the soft skin, and sucked with abandon. Corona sighed.

Her arm was starting to ache as she pushed herself to get over the edge with an intense singular focus. She wondered if she was so used to masturbating alone that her clitoris had decided she was shy in front of distinguished guests. 

“So hungry,” Coronabeth interrupted her thoughts. “So desperate.” Somehow she spoke of it in a way that made it sound like the sweetest thing in the world, and not a cold dousing of humiliation. “But what are you really hungry for, I wonder.” She carded her fingers through Gideon’s hair, and fuck, it felt good.

“What is it you need?” Coronabeth asked. “Is it something more? Did you think about fucking me into my bed when your mind wandered?”

Gideon was unable to stop her shuddering moan. 

“I bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you, darling? Pressing down into me and giving me all you’ve got. All the power in that beautiful strong body of yours.”

“Perhaps you weren’t thinking of me at all.” The Princess whispered, her breath hitting Gideon’s ear in hot puffs. “Perhaps you were thinking of someone smaller. Someone you could serve and protect. Someone you could take apart piece by piece.”

Gideon’s brain had barely enough power to keep up. All she knew was that it was hot as hell. And she was really, really close. Corona’s glistening wet nipple had fallen from her lips and she panted open-mouthed against her chest, feeling the wave crest up within her.

Perhaps you were thinking of bedding your necromancer.

Gideon came with a broken shout. Her whole body jerked as she curled over and buried her head in Coronabeth’s lap.

It felt like 100 years had passed before Gideon finally lifted her head up in a sex-drunk daze. Delicate hands brushed through her hair soothingly, and out of nowhere she felt the prickle of tears behind her eyes. She cleared her throat, surprising Coronabeth, and proceeded to blink aggressively as the delicate hands were removed and the Princess started fixing up her cami. Under no circumstances, was Gideon Nav going to cry after cumming her heart out in front of a beautiful woman.

Gideon gripped the bench to stand, and her joints protested with an audible crack. She held out a hand for Corona and let her cheeks warm at the knowing smile she got. “The Ninth House Cavalier…” She said, but it was barely more than a murmur.

Coronabeth replaced her shorts and shoes with more grace than should have been possible, and Gideon quickly put her gloves and hood back on too. By the time Gideon turned back to Corona she was wearing her necromantic robe as well.

“I shan’t think we’ll have this opportunity again.” Coronabeth said wistfully, her eyes fond. “But it was fun , wasn’t it?” 

“That’s one way of putting it.” Gideon replied sheepishly. If fun was an abbreviation for (fu)cking i(n)sane.

“Thank you, Gideon. I needed something good.”

Gideon looked away. “Yeah. Me too. It’s been an absolutely shit day.”

“Not anymore I hope.” Corona smiled, patting Gideon’s cheek. “Go on, get some rest. I think we’re all going to need it.”

“You too.” Gideon returned, watching Coronabeth adjust her hair, before giving Gideon a final eyeful of ass as she strode out of the training room doors.