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Barbarella drifts weightlessly in that cushioned room of hers, every wall as soft as a cloud as she floated in a blissful sleep, doing so in the nude, save for her communication bracelet.

She’s a dazzling young blonde woman, her figure and features perfect in almost every way.

Some could almost call it quite patriotic of her to be drifting in merely her birthday suit, one which was well formed, as if made by a lovely pair of elegant hands on glistening wet clay.

She was lucky the whole of that room was cushioned, especially once she suddenly dropped.

Barbarella knew exactly what this meant, and would proceed to grab at a blanket laying on the floor as the screen ahead of her showed her the presidential seal of the planet Earth…

“Please stand by for a message from the President of Earth” her ships AI would inform her

“Shoot” she said as she did her best to look fashionable when the seal was replaced with the President of Earth, a rounded, curvy woman, curved in all the right places really, her hair was dark and fizzy, and her figure was hugged in lovely, almost royal looking robes and scarfs “Barbarella” she said holding up one hand

“Madame President” Barbarella said holding up her hand

“Love” the two women would say “Oh, just give me a second to slip something on” Barbarella tells her “Don’t trouble yourself”

“So what brings me the honour t’see you?”

“An unidentified alien spacecraft” the president tells her “It’s entered close to Earths orbit”

“So you want me to investigate this ship?”

“For the most part, yes” said the president, who would go on to further explain to Barbarella

“We’ve been unable to make contact with the ship or it’s crew, all we do know is that the ship is captained by someone called ‘The Black Queen’, we don’t know who she is, and we’ve only been given this message in a small declaration, other than that we’ve got nothing at all…”.

The truth is, Earth was a peaceful, liberated planet, one that was a stronger and loving world.

And in truth, Barbarella was a patriot of love, of freedom and of liberation, a living, perfect representation of the human race, and what this stronger, loving world had to offer the stars

“That, and because you’re highly rated amongst Earth’s space adventurers” she’d be told by the President of Earth, who told her that she was to meet with the Earth Protection League to cooperate with them on her little mission.

“And Barbarerlla?” the President of Earth said, holding up her hand again she said “Love”

“Love” she responded as their call ended.

Barbarerlla would tell her ship “Set a course to Earth, we have a mission to go accomplish”.

The ship would dart off into the direction of Earth, meanwhile Barbarella walked unfazed by the speed it was travelling, instead she’d make her way to her large, walk in closet, hundreds of clothes and a 3D printer, one that gave her the latest in terms of practical, stylish fashion.

She’d pick a mainly white, rubbery, sleeveless dress with black leggings and a pair of boots.

By the time she was fully dressed, the ship had arrived in Earth’s orbit, where she’d enter an Earth Protection League satellite, where she met with an agent, one by the name of Lennox.

Barbarerlla was well renowned all across the known and mapped galaxies for her exploits, though you wouldn't have guessed that by her interaction with Lennox, who didn't appear to have too much faith in her, treating her as if she was just a tourist or just a common thrill seeker, which wasn't too far off from the facts, after all that was one of the reasons she chose this unique, exciting and dangerous line of work, though there were plenty of moments that she missed the blue marble called Earth…

Barbarella met with Agent Lennox on a station floating in Earth’s orbit, he was this lean and pretty looking young man in a suit, one whom she would greet with a warm smile saying “Love” with a raised hand, he looked at her for a second before he too would raise his hand

“Love, now if I may have your attention, we’ve an unidentified vessel in orbit… Right there” her attention would be directed towards the spacecraft in Earth’s orbit, that being this jet black blade that had streaked its way through space like a dagger, hot to the touch like some instrument of destruction in the vacuum of space

“Now, your mission is to board the vessel”

“Well how d’you expect me to get aboard?”

“Our scientists have developed a gadget to assist you boarding it, a molecular fazing device”.

Barbarella would be handed this strange looking, almost cumbersome looking watch, one that slightly resembled a blooming flower.

“There is of course the slight chance that your molecules aren't properly fazed back” he said, much to the surprise of Barbarella, who’d look at him with a confused expression before he told her casually “…It’s a fifty fifty chance”.

Equipping her with the experimental molecular fazing device, Agent Lennox explained that

“The President of Earth has already informed you of your mission, am I correct?” he asks her

“For the most part” Barbarella admits “Just go in and tell them not to be hostile against us”

“Glad to hear you that you remember the basics” Agent Lennox said in this deadpan tone.

Barbarella prepared for the mission, equipping herself with this small weapon, among the few that she figured she’d be able to carry into the ship without it getting damaged by the molecular fazing, it looked like a white, elongated egg or a pill, small and able to fit in the palm of her hand, yet one could have just been able to have identified a button on the pill…

Putting on a domed space helmet, she would tap a couple buttons on her stainless bracelet, slowly a shimmering glow made its way over her, protecting the stylishly dressed Barbarella as she made her way outside of the spaceship, ever so slowly floating her way toward the jet black jet, she could almost feel the heat against her skin as she slowly approached the vessel “Alright” she said “Here we go” activating.

Throughout her body Barbarella felt a very abnormal vibration throughout her entire body, the molecular fazing device numbing the warmth of the spacecraft, ever so slowly she would come closer and closer to the ship, before putting her hand against the ship, and through it.

Slowly she drifted through the ship, feeling as if she was pushing through a thin, unmoving, yet she’d move through the ship with ease

“Easy does it, easy does it” she said before finally, she was floating inside of the spaceship.

The good news is, the molecular fazing device worked like a charm, only she hadn't placed her feet on the ground when she turned it off, the vibrations stopping suddenly, as does her weightlessness, sending flat to the floor…

Barbarella could have only imagined what Agent Lennox would have said if he had seen her.

“Well at least nobody saw that” Barbarella said, just before she heard footsteps approaching.

At the end of that hallway stood this pair of armed machine men, standing tall with domed heads and heavy burly appearances, a pair of red eyes shining through down towards her.

Fumbling around with her communication bracelet, Barbarella would manage to translate what the soldiers were saying to her

“Greetings” she said to the alien soldiers with a smile.

One of them ever so slightly tilted his domed head to one side as the message is translated, they keep their guns trained on her

“So, take me to your leader” she said with a wide smile, she raised her hands to show that she had no weapons, spinning on the spot to show this…Of course, she still had the small weapon on her belt that they couldn't properly identify, the aliens didn't seem to care too much, and would instruct her to follow the directions carefully. She was lead into a large, round room, bathed in a red glow like the rest of the ships interior “Lennox to Barbarella, what’s your status?”

“Fine for the most part, I think I’m in the bridge… Hang on, I think I’m in a large bedroom” she hears the sound of a door, and she tells Lennox

“I think that I’ll be meeting their leader”.

The Black Queen enters the room, fittingly cladded in black with long, straight hair to match.

Funny that ‘Straight’ should be used, as that was among the few things straight about her, as with her one good eye, the other cladded in an eyepatch, she stared sinisterly, lustfully upon Barbarella, who’d sit upon that bed of pillows and cushions

“Hello pretty pretty” she said with a smile on her thin, pointed face, that smile a sensual and enticing one, the kind which could send an icy cold chill up ones spine and numb the knees “Greetings” Barbarella would tell her “On behalf of the planet Earth, I am here to negotiate”

“Negotiate?” the Black Queen asked her, an eyebrow raised

“Yes, you see your vessel’s entered Earth’s perimeter, and doesn't match with any of our u—“

“It should not” the Black Queen tells her “I don’t believe I’ve visited this… ‘Earth’ of yours”

“Oh you would love it” Barbarella said to her “Either way, it is my job to gain your intentions”

“My intentions?” the Black Queen asked Barbarella “Yes your… Isn't my translator working?” she checked, and yes, the translator was working, she was just repeating back what she said

“So… Do you come in peace?” Barbarella asked her

“Depends really” said the Black Queen

“You see… They don’t call me the Black Queen because I’m a pretty little angel, pretty pretty. They call me that because across the stars I am seen as a queen, I am made it, and I do so, by conquering those who dare stand in my way, understood?”.

Barbarella looked at her funny, tilting her head to one side “Uh… Yes?” before telling her

“Well, I wouldn't recommend invading or trying to conquer us, we’ve gotten over that part of our history for the most part, so I’d rather you not attack”.

The only thing funnier than the way Barbarella looked at her was the way that she looked at Barbarella, funny the same was a vulture looking at a starving man in the desert was funny.

Black rubber fingers tapped rhythmically on her legs as she suggested they “Play a game”

“Pardon?” she asked her “The alternative will be a ruthless invasion… So choose carefully”

Barbarella was silent for a bit, this all seemed a little surreal to her, she tapped on the small earpiece she was wearing, it looked a little bit like an earring

“I just gotta make a quick call” the Black Queen smiled

“I’m waiting” she said before Barbaella made a call to Earth and the Earth Protection League, who she would inform of the ultimatum that she was just handed.

They didn't quite know how advanced the weapons on her ship were, all they did know was that it managed to get pass some of their defences undetected, and could hold its own in a fight, cutting through their defences like a red hot knife through butter, and that there was only what the Black Queen was willing to show, the truth is they were playing a game, and only the Black Queen knew whether or not it’s Poker or Uno

“If the alternative’s a fight, then I suggest you take this ‘Game’ option” said Lennox “…Fine”.

Ending the call, Barbarella fixed up her hair and would put on this proud face “Alright then”

“So you’ve made up your mind?” the Black Queen asks her

“Yes I’ll… I’ll play your game” the Black Queen looks at her smirking

“Good… Very good”.

Suddenly Barbarella’s hands are restrained just above her head, both magnetised together by the stainless metal restraints she had unwitting placed on

“Hey! Stop that!” she would complain to a smiling Black Queen, who simply smiled

“Like a pitiful fly in a spiders web…” she would muse as she came in closer to Barbarella as she snarled

“About to be eaten alive”.

At this the Black Queen planted a kiss upon her lips, a long and passionate one which would pull at the plump and lovely looking lips of dear Barbarella

“Hey!” Barbarella told her “If you want to do that kind of negotiating, can you at least ask?” the Black Queen leaned back a little, licking her lips

“Fine… So, can I fuck your brains out?”

“If you wish” Barbarella tells her, pouting just a little bit, before those gloved hands pull her in to another deep and sensual kiss, one that caused a smile to slowly twitch more and more as the two of them proceeded to make love, the black rubber of her hands cold and chilling.

“Your lips” the Black Queen moaned

“So plump and so… So tasty” she smiled as she lowers herself ever so slowly, her gloved hands gently caressing Barbarella, streaking every crevice, her jet black fingers linger their way gently up and down her arms among her other parts…

Barbarella winces as she feels a sharp sensation or two, three… Ten, like those fingertips are sharper than they appear, and feel as if they are cutting right through her suit with ease, and with the simple flicking of her wrists, she feels her shirt disconnected from the collar holding it up, feeling the sudden coldness as her warm, bare breasts suddenly popped from her shirt

“Oh my!” she said in shock, meanwhile the Black Queen mused “So plump and so… Tasty”.

Barbarella was holding it all together, that was until she felt the teeth against her breasts, biting her, she tells the Black Queen to stop that, but in truth, she was powerless to get her to stop her and her advances, not that she wanted it to stop just yet, she is however annoyed.

Barbarella feels her arms being pulled even more, and she finds her feet dangling in the air as once more, the Black Queen dragged her fingers down, proceeding to slowly slice apart the pretty white suit she wore, to the point that her black leggings and her white boots were the only clothes that she had on which were not sliced up…

“Do you mind?” Barbarella asked her

“I frankly don’t care” the Black Queen said before she proceeded to gently drag her pointed fingers against her crotch, stroking it again and again. She felt as if she was slowly being lowered upon a needle, one that ever so gently grazed it.

And with a single drag she had managed to cut her pretty white, rubber panties wide open.

Burying her face in her crotch, her tongue was like a serpent as it laps at her vagina over and over, her tongue was like that of some serpentine beast between her legs, one lathering her

“Oh… Oh my!” Barbarella cried out “Oh yeah” she trembled as those cold, jet black hands linger their way up and down her legs and ass, spreading Barbarella open as she laps at her.

Barbarella wondered how she didn't grow tired, then she went numb with red hot pleasure.

Seeing colours, Barbarella arched back as she came, feeling something cool make its way up her body, one of the gloved hands of the Black Queen, who would smile sinisterly, asking “Did pretty pretty enjoy that?”

Barbarella nods “Yes… Yes…” as she tried to catch her breath

“But we’re not done here” she told Barbarella, before she pressed on something on her wrist

“What do you mean?” Barbarella managed to ask, before noticing the Black Queen’s crotch.

The rubbery material began to change, starting as a liquid before hardening to a far more solid object, materialising as a long and jet black member, one that Barbarella looked at with an open mouth a little surprised to’ve seen it, though at the same time a little excited…

It’s glistening black as it’s thrusts in and out of her lovely, plump lips, her breaths just barely able to stream in from her nostrils, among the few holes that the Black Queen didn't enter…

Barbarella hadn't been so ravaged by another woman before, oh she had sex one before hell, she lost her virginity to one…


Okay it’s hard to get the exact numbers, it was an orgy and human parts were all around the place, you couldn't tell where one ends and the other began, the point is the Black Queen knew how to make her scream and make her light as a feather, how to lift her with merely a serpentine tongue

“Take it!” the Black Queen would hiss “Take it all my pretty pretty! Take it all like a whore!”

Barbarella was actually trying to say “Okay! Okay!” though it was hard for her to talk with an artificial and technically liquid metal dick inside of her mouth, one that fills her warm cheeks with her every thrust, she winces a little as the grip on her golden hair tightens ever more…

It wouldn't be long before Barb felt that off and near fittingly alien warmness in her mouth.

Once they were done, the Black Queen stretched, a kind of glee in her tone as she admitted

“That was funner than expected” she admits this to dear Barbarella, whose legs were sore, her knees still weak, her everything numb.

Barbarella asked the Black Queen if she still had intentions to rain hell on the planet Earth

“No” the Black Queen said “I don’t think I will” this smile on her face as she observed Earth.

Almost mesmerised by the planet whose colour reminded her of the woman she ravaged…

“Well… Mission accomplished” Barb said.