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I woke up on a table, a cold, hard, metal table. I tried to move, but my arms were strapped down, and so were my legs. I turned my head to try and see something and my head began to ache, it was like my brain was trying to escape my head, by continually bashing on my skull.

Then blinding lights flashed vibrantly on, aiming towards my face, blinding me and making my head hurt even more so. Then all of a sudden the rest of the lights flashed on. I was unable to see anything for at least a minute.

When my eyes finally adjusted to the harsh light I could see I was in a room that was completely white, the walls, ceiling, floors, and even my cloths were white. I was still wearing my favorite jacket and my converse, but now they were white. The only thing that wasn't white in the room was me. My skin was still normal, my hair was still blonde, and my nails were still painted green. (My favorite color.)

Then the room began to shake and the wall in front of me began to break apart. The ringing returned to my ears as a man wearing a black suit, walked into a room with his head down to hide his face, is not there to help you.

If I had learned anything from T.V. it's that any man who walks into a room with his head down to hide his face, is NOT there to help you.

"What do you want with me?" I asked with a shaking voice. "Take a wild guess." The mysterious man answered. I decided not to answer, for fear of what he would do if he knew what I did to those boys
After a few moments he started to speak when another man walked into the room. He stood at the end of the table and stared at me. I felt like he was staring into my soul.

"How you feeling?" He asked. "Why would you care?" I responded with anger in my voice. "Lets just say, I'm invested in your future." He responded, while walking out of the room as the other man followed. What did he mean by that? Does he know what I did at school? Why is he holding me here? Where am I? All of these questions replayed over and over again in my head, until finally I fell asleep.

I woke up to a beeping sound, The lights where still on and the room was still white, but now on my wrist was a bracelet. All though it looked more like a watch. As if I could escape with my arms and legs tied down. I looked at my restraints and to my astonishment's they were off.

I don't understand, yesterday it seemed like I was surly going to die, but now I was being released! It just doesn't make add up. Then it hit me the bracelet I was new wearing is a tracker, If I run away they'll sure capture me and anyone I came into contact with, like my family. I then I knew that I could never go home.