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small bed not a problem

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Hyejin slowly opened her eyes, noting the familiar white curtains, the faint glow of the early evening visible. She’s home. She snuggled closer to Dusik on the small bed. They had spent the whole Sunday afternoon in bed making up for lost time after she spent three days in Seoul for a work convention. She hated being away from him, and showed him just how much she missed him as soon as she returned.

Judging from the sleeping form next to her, she must have worn him out. Hyejin giggled quietly as she reached up her fingertips to his chin, lightly kissing his lips. Dusik stirred slowly, and she felt him reach his hands to her backside, squeezing gently, as he responded to her kisses.

“Are you missing me again?” He said, his voice still low from sleep, as he continued to move his lips on hers, sucking her plump lower lip gently.

She giggled again, not caring that she’s acting like a lovesick fool. “Yes,” moving so she can bring herself on top of him, sliding closer to the hard length she can’t wait to feel inside of her again.

Dusik let her have her lazy way with him, anchoring her hips as she moved in a rhythm she loved, gently caressing her taut nipple, moving closer so he can taste, suck, earning him a long, soft moan from the woman in his arms.

They moved together in a familiar but fevered beat, each desperate to feel the other’s release. Breathless moments later, Dusik feels she’s getting closer, as her back arches and she cries out, her face in rapture. He pumps harder and deeper inside of her through her release, until he feels himself come undone, shuddering. Worn out and languid, she falls a bit ungracefully on top of him, their cheeks touching.

“Ow,” Dusik said, still breathless from their lovemaking, and she slaps him lightly on the chest.

“I’m not that heavy.”

She feels his chest vibrate as he laughed, “I told you your body is a weapon.” She laughs, too.

Dusik wraps his arms around her, squeezing her closer to him, and burying his face in her hair. “Want me to make you dinner?”

“In a bit.”

They lay like this for a few more minutes, savoring the feel of each other, until Hyejin hears her stomach growl softly.

“I guess it’s time for Mrs. Hong’s dinner,” Dusik said, kissing his wife’s forehead as he moves to get up, putting his clothes on, making his way to their kitchen. He still has not let her touch the kitchen since that porridge incident.